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					        Elm Street Neighborhood Advisory

                                                          Phone: 610.685.8854
              Committee Members
Elm Street Neighborhood Advisory Committee Meetings
are held on the third Thursday of each month, at 7:00PM
in the West Reading Borough Hall - 500 Chestnut Street.

                                                                                                        West Reading, PA 19611
                                                                                                        500 Chestnut Street
                                                                                                        Neighborhood Advisory Committee
                                                                                                        West Reading Elm Street
    Lori Weidenhammer, Chair - Elm Street Resident
         Kelly Longaberger - Elm Street Resident
           Mark Marcrina - Elm Street Resident
           Scott Scheirer - Elm Street Resident

                                                          Fax: 610.685.9061
           Frank Struble - Elm Street Resident
          Maureen Struble - Elm Street Resident
       Suzanne Thompson - Elm Street Resident
      David Weidenhammer - Elm Street Resident
        John Woodward - Third and Spruce Café

     Elm Street Neighborhood Improvement
               District Authority
   Shane Keller, Chairman - Mayor of West Reading

                                                          Email: elmstreet@westreadingmainstreet.org
John Woodward, Vice Chairman - Third and Spruce Café
       Carol Wells, Secretary - Sweet Surprises
       Caitlin Degler, Treasurer - Berkshire Bank
Kevin Conrad, Member - West Reading Borough Council

          West Reading Elm Street Office
         Dean L. Rohrbach, Elm Street Manger
     500 Chestnut Street, West Reading, PA 19611
      Phone: 610.685.8854 Fax: 610.685.9061
    Email: deanrohrbach@westreadingmainstreet.org

         West Reading Main Street Office
      Melanie B. Weidner, Administrative Assistant
       Phone: 610.685.8854 Fax: 610.685.9061
        Email: info@westreadingmainstreet.org

              Elm Street District Map

                                                                                                        US POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                          PERMIT NO 15
                                                                                                           READING PA

                                                                                                           NON PROFIT
MESSAGE FROM NAC CHAIR:                                                 KNOW OF ANY PROBLEM RENTALS?                                                            tions. People either have good credit or bad credit. Good credit
                                                                                                                                                                means you pay your loans in full and on time. Good credit quali-
LORI WEIDENHAMMER                                                                                                                                               fies you for loans with the best terms, including interest rates.
                                                                        A nuisance property is one that police get a lot of calls about. It’s usually in
                                                                        poor condition and over-crowded too. One of the goals of the Elm Street                 Lower interest rates can result in tens of thousands of dollars in
Despite this winter’s unseasonably warm weather it seems every                                                                                                  savings. A single percentage point can make a big difference. For
time the Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) wanted to                Five-Year Revitalization Plan is aimed at reducing density. We need your
                                                                        help to identify some two- or three-unit nuisance rental properties that origi-         example, the difference between a 6.2% and 7.2% 30-year fixed-
meet there was a storm. Something we have been able to do is                                                                                                    rate $200,000 mortgage is a savings of $133 a month, $1,592 a
write grants. Our Elm Street manager, Dean, is “a grant-writing         nally were single family homes. Working with the Berks County Community
                                                                        Development office, the property will then be acquired, converted back to a             year and $47,751 in total cost. Bad credit means you have to
machine.” Recently, we have received checks totaling $15,450 for                                                                                                settle for higher interest rates and larger down payments on car or
the following projects:                                                 single family home and sold to a new homebuyer. The project will also be
                                                                        used as a demonstration project to showcase “Green Technology" which                    home loans. You may be turned down entirely. Next month:
                                                                        reduces waste and pollution. Funding comes from a state $125,000 Residen-               Causes of Bad Credit.
1. Gateway Planters                                   $1,772.85
   For expenses incurred but never reimbursed.                          tial Reinvestment grant and will be matched with $100,000 from the County's
2. Gateway Signage                                    $4,000.00         federal HOME Program.
   For 10 street banners w/Ten Points logo.                                                                                                                     NEIGHBORHOOD JOB BANK
3. Neighborhood Tool Shed                             $4,802.25
   For a shed and 100 assorted tools to start a neighborhood            BUT THEY’RE NOT MY KIDS!                                                                Do you run a business from your home or have a hobby that can
   Tool-Lending Library.                                                                                                                                        generate some spare cash? If so, we want to hear from you and
4. Elm Street Newsletter                              $535.00           It’s said that nothing is often the right thing to do and always a clever thing to      post your service in our free Job Bank.
   For paper and postage for one year.                                  say—but not always. If you see kids or teenagers doing something wrong
5. Sidewalk Accessories                               $4,340.00         ask them “Do your parents know you’re doing that?” Don’t do anything dan-               1. Pam Herzing has a hobby of tie dying. If anyone needs any-
   For 14 pole-mounted trash receptacles and 1 park bench.              gerous like confront them, just a subtle reminder our streets are under resi-              thing dyed (t-shirts, onesies for babies, or any material with
                                                                        dent surveillance. Back in October our Annual Elm Street Survey showed                     natural fibers) you can contact her at 240 Chestnut or call
We were also approved for a $9,214 Maintenance Equipment                that what 30% of respondents liked least about our neighborhood were unsu-                 610.898.0058.
grant for a snow thrower, lawn mower, leaf blower, garden tiller        pervised kids. Some people feel it’s solely the parent’s problem when kids              2. Suzanne Thompson of Franklin Street has a home business
and a 4x2 utility vehicle w/winch but haven’t got the funds yet.        misbehave. Truth is everyone pays. Young and old suffer the emotional,                     called Simply the Best specializing in high quality health, nutri-
Soon as the weather warms you’re going to start seeing a lot of         financial and physical injuries. People withdraw from civic life out of fear and           tion and skin care products. Contact Suzanne at 484.331.6695
activity around here. There are still a lot of prospects were we        concern. Some kids need to be locked up. Some are victims of abuse or                      or suzanne@simply-thebest.net.
submitted proposals but haven’t heard back yet and we’re con-           neglect themselves. Early, smart community action might have stopped them
tinuing to put out proposals. We’ll keep you informed of our suc-       from becoming criminals. Factors that strengthen children, even those from
cesses, their source, the use and how they’ll benefit you and our       difficult situations, against becoming delinquent include: Three or more,                       This month’s Elm Street Happenings
Ten Points neighborhood. Let us know if you have any good ideas         positive, responsible, non-parent adult relationships; a caring neighborhood;                    newsletter is brought to you through
and we’ll try to find funds to implement them.                          a sense of safety at home, at school and in the neighborhood; and neighbors
                                                                        who take responsibility for monitoring young people’s behavior. Finally, we
                                                                                                                                                                        a generous gift from your neighbors at
                                                                        all need to lead by example and show kids we care about our neighborhood                          Berkshire Bank in West Reading.
VOLUNTEER OF THE MONTH                                                  by getting involved with NAC activities.

This month Shelia Scott of the 300 block of Chestnut Street, was
nominated to be the NAC Volunteer of the Month. Shelia is often         YOUR CREDIT HISTORY
seen with her friend Elizabeth Heckler attending NAC or Borough         AND WHY CREDIT MATTERS
Council meetings. She wants to know what’s going on in her
neighborhood and what public officials are up to. Shelia isn’t          A car loan, utility bills, overdraft protection, in today’s world credit is essential
afraid to publicly voice her opinion either, especially if she thinks   to every financial decision you make from buying a home to buying lunch
her rights are being neglected or her taxes are being squandered.       with a credit card. Credit can also impact your ability to rent an apartment,
What’s unusual about this public watchdog? Shelia is blind, yet by      obtain insurance or even find a job. This is the first in a new monthly series
her participation in the public arena she watches out for all of us.    to help make you a more astute and aware consumer of credit. Future arti-
                                                                        cles will include: Five Rules of Good Credit Practice; How to Access & Read
Nominations for the Volunteer of the Month can be made by any-          Your Credit Report; Understanding Your Credit Score; Credit Cards & Good
one. The nominee must live in the Ten Points neighborhood and           Credit; How to Improve Credit By Banking; and Tips for Staying On Top Your
be involved in community work including Boy Scouts, PTA, Elm            Bills.
Street, Borough Committees, etc. Just contact us and say why                                                                                                          For a listing of upcoming events visit
you think the resident deserves recognition. All winners get a free     The phrase “your credit” refers to your trustworthiness or reputation as per-
T-shirt with the Ten Points logo.                                                                                                                                  www.westreadingmainstreet.org/calendar.htm
                                                                        ceived by a lender. It’s a measure of their confidence in you and your inten-

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