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					                                  “Epro v2.0”

• Liebert‟s “ePROCUREMENT v2” is now
      playing on a desktop near you!!

  Navigate the slides your favorite way- the 3 methods used here
  are: (choose your method, either “Pg Dn / Pg Up” or your
  mouse scroll wheel. There are also hyperlinks to click on (?)
  [return] The new LIEBERT Epro 2 website is user friendly and
  indestructible, so we encourage you to go on in and just check
  things out.
About your browser: Internet Exporer v7.0 (recommended)
                              About your browser: Internet Exporer v7.0 (recommended)

                                             “tabs” feature of IE7

This is a screen shot of a page in the
new ePRO2 supplier portal, using the
latest version of Internet Explorer f rom
MicroSof t [ IE V7.0] One new f eature
is “tabs”, which allows multiple pages
within one instance of the browser.
The blue circle is worth a look: it
“twirls” when the webpage is
“thinking”. This f eature alone
eliminates most conf usion when
wondering about your latest “click” (did
it take? Is it doing something?). If it is
spinning, the browser is “thinking”. If it
is not spinning, the browser either is
done thinking, or your click f ailed.
Internet Explorer; it will work with V.6
also, but you will miss the TABS
f eature.
       Liebert‟s “Epro2” is now playing on a desktop near you!!
1.   Liebert has completely revamped its “e-procurement supplier portal” , to improve the content and workflow
     of Purchase Order and Supplier management. We call it Liebert Epro2.
2.   This new site is ready for prime time- you can begin using it at your discretion; the old site
     ( will be available for a few weeks, after which it will be dismantled (planned for mid -
     October. (
3.   HOW TO USE THE SUPPLIER PORTAL: please review the site tools and coordinate with your Liebert
     contact for the most compatible way to use the site. Most supplier at minimum will Acknoweldge and
     Confirm Liebert PO‟s and often (not always) use Webnotes to update PO status‟.
4.   HOW TO USE this file:This PowerPoint tutorial is NOT a substitute for dilligent discovery** or lack of
     knowledge of basic internet browsing or competance with email or spreadsheets. If you need assistance
     with more fundamental operations and concepts, we‟ll be happy to help you as best we can. Send us an
     email with your question (include your phone and we‟ll call you). (** learn by doing: we have tried to make
     the site user friendly enough that most will be able to figure things out quickly with no assistance)
5.   The following Power Point attempts to summarize new, as well as revised, features and tools, and also
     reminds some basic “best practices”.
6.   NEW IDEAS AND FEATURES: The website has been designed to be “obvious” and “intuitive”, without
     being too redundant or clever. Again, improvements can be made and your ideas are solicited….if you
     have a comment or suggestion, please share it. Send to:
7.   MISTAKES: Alas, we have constructed this PowerPoint file as carefully as practical, but sharp eyed users
     will undoubtedly find stuff to correct; again we solicit your input and are greatful if you take the time to
     correct us, either with this tutorial- or with the website itself!
                        New Epro2 Features
•   SUPPLIER STATISTICS: Each Vendor number now can be queried f or a „statistics‟ page, using the menu. This page is designed f or a
    quick thumbnail status review of the supplier, showing open orders, invoices, pref erred parts list, and outstanding tasks (returns, ECN.s ,
•   PO ACKNOWLEDGEMENT (header): Suppliers MUST acknowledge PO header upon 1st viewing of PO; once opened f or viewing, a PO
    header cannot be closed until an acknowledgment has been posted and submitted
•   PO CONFIRMATION (each line): as bef ore, each PO line gets CONFIRMED by a checkbox…which tells Liebert that supplier is agreeing
    to the terms of the PO in general, and to the details of the line in particular.
•   PO LOOK UP: entering the PO number gets the Vendor and a quick view (TIF) of the PO graphic (nothing like this on old site)
•   PARTS DATA LIST: view and download a complete list of active parts f or any supplier, with improved content; supplier can now „see‟
    their prices and leadtimes as stored in L.E.S, as well as the assigned SM and MAS (along with their contact inf o), and even t he Mf r‟s and
    Mf r Part No!! Suppliers can see/download this too (only f or THEIR parts that they are listed in L.E.S. as pref erred Vendor)
•   WEBNOTE entry: Is now automatically „TAG‟D)users no longer need to „sign / date‟ their PO line comments; it is done f or you when you
    „save/close‟ the WEBNOTE box.
•   CHANGE/SELECT SUPPLIER “DROP-DOWN” LIST: f or Liebert suppliers who have more than one “alias” in Liebert system, all Vendor
    numbers can now be view in the „drop down‟ box at top of screen (right under your name) No more chasing down Supplier Ven.
•   Email CHANGE audits Setting „yes‟ to PO change audit emails is now done thru “your settings” def ault. This is a change f rom previous
    site, where you had to ask f or a conf irming „change audit‟ email each time
•   Session Expire: your session will time-out f or non use, counting down f rom 20 minutes, and bottom lef t of browser window shows time
    remaining. Your session time clock restarts to 20 minutes everytime you do something to the site (a “hit”) as in clicking or submitting.
•   SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE- selectable “ALL SUPPLIERS” and “ALL PLANTS”: this query is now available by setting the f ilters
    accordingly. It rolls up the various months and plants into one big the viewer can see the big picture f or all supp lier at a PLANT
    level, or choose to see (via f ilters) a rolling 12 months worth of supplier perf ormance rankings.
•   PO line $$ value is extended amount (price x qty), not the “used to be „each piece‟.
                    New Epro2 Pages
•   PO Header Summary List: displays Open Orders, each on a line, for a „compressed‟
    view of open orders; important features are columns for “Acknowledged” and count of
    “Unconfirmed lines”.
•   PO line list: showing a legacy view of Open Order data, arrayed by Liebert pt no
•   SUPPLIER STATISTICS: Each Vendor number now can be queried for a „statistics‟
    page, using the menu. This page is designed for a quick thumbnail status review of
    the supplier, showing open orders, invoices, preferred parts list, and outstanding
    tasks (returns, ECN.s , etc).
•   PO LOOK UP: entering the PO number gets the Vendor and a quick view (TIF) of
    the PO graphic (nothing like this on old site)
•   PARTS DATA LIST: view and download a complete list of active parts for any
    supplier, with improved content; supplier can now „see‟ their prices and leadtimes as
    stored in L.E.S, as well as the assigned SM and MAS (along with their contact info),
    and even the Mfr‟s and Mfr Part No!! Suppliers can see/download this too (only for
    THEIR parts that they are listed in L.E.S. as preferred Vendor)
•   SUPPLIER PERFORMANCE- filter now also can be set for universal data, I.E.,
    “ALL SUPPLIERS” and “ALL PLANTS”: this query is now available by setting the
    filters accordingly. It rolls up the various months and plants into one big the
    viewer can see the big picture for all supplier at a PLANT level, or choose to see (via
    filters) a rolling 12 months worth of supplier performance rankings.
             ePRO2 features (Existing-revised)
•   Format of pages is improved and conf orms to ENP web standards; many will be almost identical to old site, but new “look”.
•   Website page Coding used was changed f rom .ASP to .NET- again, to conf orm to ENP standards. (this required a total re-write of the
    whole ePRO site, and will explain why there is still much content layout f rom the old site, but with new f ormat.)
•   MENU is simplif ied and more intuitive; HOME; LINKS; PURCHASE ORDERS; SUPPLIERS; INFORMATION.
•   E-mail links are now icons (yellow envelopes)
•   PO line item listing: This is simply a dumbed-down version of the legacy Open Order screen; this screen retained mainly f or use of
    Liebert MAS group during sytem planning reviews. The def ault order of sort is BY LBRT PART NUMBER (columns sorting not avail able,
    but there is basic f iltering of the view.
•   CONFIRMING PO‟S (PO line level status): The „conf irming‟ status of a PO is now def ined to be (-only) at the PO line item level. When
    the PO line is checked “conf irmed”, Liebert assumes supplier is indicating that the key „line item‟ metrics are agreed to and supplier
    commits in good f aith to delivery and price and part identity along with the general terms and conditions of the PO. (i.e., conf irm „trumps‟
    acknowledgment !!)
•   Improved logic on handling PO header and line status: “acknowledgements” and “conf irmings”: PO‟s are now managed at the header
    level with a “supplier acknowledgment”, and at the line level with a “supplier conf irmation”. This should end once and f or a ll the conf usion
    between acknowledgments and conf irmations. Also should allow quick audit of PO status by all users.
•   CHANGE SUPPLIER (a.k.a, select a new V#):--this is now simpler f or supplier. There is a „drop -down box where the supplier can “see”
    their V#‟s (Liebert associates multiple vendor no‟s f or a suppier with that supplier‟s common DUNS number (applies only to su ppliers with
    more than one vendor ID in Liebert‟s mainf rame).
•   Webnotes: character count up f rom 160 to 500; should allow webnote creation in whole sentences now instead of cryptics, and more
    likely to capture a whole dialog exchange. (this unf ortunately is a limitation of our mainf rame sof tware, not our website)
•   Email “audit” copies to yourself ; old way- had to tag each SUBMIT to request a copy of email….new way: set as a user default
•   LATE PO logic: now compares recpt date to EVAL DATE!
•   Line item cost: is now extended (was the “each” price in old view); if you want UOM pricing, it is in the little eyeglass icon, along with
    some other part metadata shown (hover over the icon to see the detail).
•   The DOC VAULT (on home page) is more intuitive layout; this takes you to –f or example- the NEW SUPPLIER FORM Sets, etc
•   EVAL DATE is now visible to supplier (read only, just like the REQ DATE); and as bef ore, supplier can update only DOCK date.
    Key elements of a Liebert PO
•   Header: includes information that applies to ALL lines on the PO, including the
    „Supplier Acknowledgment‟ flag (text box) (see actual PO image for more….)
•   Sub-header: displays contact and boilerplate info (see actual PO image for more….)
•   Body / Line Items: metrics unique to the item being ordered; examples include:
     –   Flag (check box) for supplier confirmation (
     –   Liebert and supplier part number (
     –   Quantity of items (
     –   Dock date (due on Liebert‟s dock) (
     –   Drawing and revision level of part (
     –   Line amount in $$‟s (from the LES 1 ea price x qty) (read     more….)

•   Footer: amount total in $$ (sum of “amounts” plus any added header costs) (read more)
•   WebNotes : short cryptic text informing status or issues pertaining to specific line, regarding the qty or
    specificatin or inventory / shipping status, etc. Can be entered by either Liebert or Supplier, and is now
    automatically „stamped‟ with name and time of SUBMIT action (to answer WHO and WHEN was the note done).

                                                                                     Jump to next topic…
                                            PO layout discussion: HEADER
Back to Key Elements of
PO slide…

                                                                                 PO NUMBER / DATE today / DATE opened/ Vendor #

                                                                     BILL TO: this comes from             OTHER meta-data:
                                      SHIP TO: this is L.E.S.        plant default, and the various       YOUR ACKN NUMBER is for
                                      mainframe again, and comes     addresses for Liebert SHIP TO        supplier to enter content online in
      INSTRUCTIONS: this refers
                                      from plant default under       are stored in LES under              VIEW / SUMBIT CHANGES.
      to the supplier, often by the
                                      B00000001 in UPDADDR,          B00000001 in UPDADDR..               TERMS: comes from the A/P LES
      cust svc persons name, and
                                      and the various addresses                                           record default for V00008300.
      is stored in suppliers V
                                      for Liebert SHIP TO are                                             DELIVER terms: set as a PO
      record in UPDADDR, in this
      case X1 or B address for        stored in LES with their own                                        header default in UPDVENPO ON
      V00008300 has been              unique alias.                                                       V00008300.
      modified to read as this box                                                                        SHIP VIA: link to Logistics PDF
                                                                                                          guide on preferred shippers for
      shows This default is set at
                                                                                                          inbound traffic.
      the MODPOHDX command
      on the vendor number. (this                                                                         FREIGHT: is set in UPDVENPO
      field is the old “mail to”                                                                          as vendor level default [can be
      address, made obsolete by                                                                           overwritten during ADDPOHDR or
      our faxPO and Epo options)
Back to Key Elements of
                            PO layout discussion: sub-header
PO slide…

                           PO sub Header: This data is hardwired at the LES level, or by the
                           FAX graphic engine. Contact info (names etc) come from the LES
                          record for the supplier and/or the part. In most cases where there is
                            more than one MAS involved, that info is taken from the very first
                           part, and the rest of the parts may or may not be that MAS. (LES
                          PO layout discussion: line item (Body)
Back to Key Elements of     PO “LINE ITEM(s)” BODY [this PO is for 12 lines]: This is the „line
PO slide…
                          item content‟ of the PO, where Liebert spells out what is wanted and
                           when. The detail is taken from LES records, and the only variables
                           are QUANTITY and DATES. All else is fixed on this site (price, dwg
                            reference, UOM, description) and comes from LES, based on the
                             Liebert part number. The direct „system‟ input from suppliers is
                          CONFIRMED and DOCK DATE. All other changes must derive from
                          Liebert (the MAS). [note: when comparing this GRAPHIC view of a PO to the
                            online “open order” view, if there is any item(s) that are satisfied (completely
                                   recvd), those will show on the graphic, but NOT on the VIEW.]
                                   PO layout discussion: footer
Back to Key Elements of
PO slide…

 PO FOOTER: $40,285.46 is the total amount for this PO; this is the
 sum of line amounts, PLUS (generally confined to non-stock PO‟s)
  any amount(s) from MODPOHDX,UPDPOITP,UPDPOITX (misc
   items such as tax, setup, freight, tooling, etc etc.) that might be
                        tacked onto the PO.
                                            PO layout discussion: WebNotes
Back to Key Elements of
PO slide…

         WebNote(s) These work as bef ore on old site, which is to say you can add a webnote to any PO
       line. There are two enhancements to know about: f irst [1] is the increased character capacity (up
         f rom 160 to 475 !!) characters… (you don‟t have to be quite as cryptic now), and [2] with every
       SUBMIT action, a tag is appended with your name and date/time of entry (you don‟t‟ have to „initial‟
         the note now). You access this f eature by using VIEW in the PO Header Summary pages, and
                                       click on EDIT under column WEBnote.
        Liebert “Epro2” QuickStart
                                        Using the Open Order log

•   The next series of slides will –hopefully- orient you and get you comfortable with the
    new layout of Liebert‟s new supplier portal “Epro 2” by leading you thru the OPEN
    ORDER MANAGEMENT screens. It is not intended to be a comprehensive „how to
    do everything” knowledge-base. It is assumed that once the user is schooled on a
    few basic tasks, the rest of the site‟s features and tools will be intutive enough to be
    easily discovered and used. If you are willing, you may go directly to the new site
    and begin teaching yourself, and bypass this „QuickStart‟.
•   Navigate the slides your favorite way- the 3 methods used here are: (choose your
    method, either “Pg Dn / Pg Up” or your mouse scroll wheel. There are also
    hyperlinks to click on (?) [return] The new LIEBERT Epro 2 website is user friendly
    and indestructible, so we encourage you to go on in and just check things out.
    intend to send an update our mainframe open order database!! THIS IS LIVE, now.

• The next pages will talk you thru a typical PO management session,
  where the supplier can acknowledge, confirm, and notate (on
  WEBNOTE and on DOCK DATE) a freshly received Liebert
  Purchase Order.
                      For next slide, use your pg dn key, or
                      your scroll wheel)
                                  The login page

                                                     [NOTE: navigation thru this TUTORIAL: you
                                                     can use page down pg up keys, or try your
                                                     mouse scroll wheel.

                                                     This is the first page anyone will
                                                     see..the LOG IN page. You can
                                                     enter with your login, or you can
                                                     click on any of the 6 links without
                                                     logging in. (a „public‟ page) The
                                                     links and login are explained in
                                                     next slide.
                                                     Use “pg dn” to go to next slide
                                                     **Internal “Liebert” users do not have to click
                                                     thru the disclaimer.


                                           The login page

                                                       [NOTE: navigation thru this TUTORIAL: you can use page down
                                                       pg up keys, or try your mouse scroll wheel.

                                                       Use your same login. Suppliers must also click
                                                       the “I will comply…..” checkbox on our user
   Links to both
                                                       disclaimer each time**. Then click on Login (or just
Liebert Corporation                                    hit Enter)
home page, and to
   a PowerPoint                                        Use “pg dn” to go to next slide
 tutorial on using
  the site (the file                                   **Internal “Liebert” users do not have to click thru the disclaimer.
    you are now



    Doc vault                                                             Links:
                                                                          Need Access? (new supplier login request)
                                                                          Have Question: (goes to ePRO admin email)

                                                                             Link: allows pw and
                                                                             ID retrieval if f orgotten
        The   Home Page (copy)
                                          Back Help Logout
                                                             Enter new text here…..

                 Supplier CSR name here

                 The   Home Page
                                                                            Page BACK; go to previous page
                                                Back Help Logout            Help; opens F.A.Q. page
                                                                            Logout; sign out & go back to login page

Menu bar
                                                                                  „people‟ icon shows all users for this
                       Supplier CSR name here                                                    supplier

                                                                         opens SITE MAP page

                                                                   Collapses the header and
                                                                   expands page upwards, to
                                                                    show more working page

                                                                   This page comes up af ter you successf ully
                                                                   login…this is the HOME page. Using the
                                                                   MENU bar at top, you can „step of f ‟ to the
                                                                   various pages and tools of our site. Also on
                                                                   this page is a brief overview of Liebert‟s
                                                                   suggested best practices a summary of our
                                                                   basic site purposes.
                                                                   Let‟s take a look at PO management, so use
                                                                   the MENU “drop down box” by moving your
                                                                   mouse over Purchase Orders.
                                                                   The result should be an expanded menu,
                                                                   showing the „drop-down‟ menu with all the
                                                                   SUB MENU items (see red arrow)
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  On MainMenu bar, mouse hovers over
                                                  Purchase Orders and it expands to reveal
                                                  the SUB MENUS; now select (click on)
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  View PO Header Summary List. This will
                                                  take you to the main PO page, f or purchase
                                                  order work. [please go to next slide]
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  View Consign „U‟ Orders: this is where
                                                  MRP type “1” parts can be viewed f or
                                                  OpenOrder status.
      Supplier CSR name here
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  PO Lookup: this is new page, where you
                                                  can enter a PO number by itself (no V#
                                                  needed) and get the vendor #, or simply call
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  up the PO graphic to read the PO.
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  PO Archive: This link is f or Liebert only: it
                                                  takes you to another website URL, where
                                                  basic PO and recpt / invoice inf o can be
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  ref erenced.
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  Epo LOG: Takes you to page where 12
                                                  months worth of Epo‟s are listed, and can
                                                  be ref erenced. Main purpose is a backup to
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  the ubiquitous email f ails. (there will be
                                                  nothing in this log if supplier is set f or
                                                  f axPO‟s)
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  INVOICE HISTORY: takes you to page
                                                  where the supplier invoices are ref erenced,
                                                  with respect to their invoice number. This is
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  mainly to prevent CREDIT HOLDS!! The
                                                  idea being if supplier‟s AP can see invoice
                                                  entries, along with payment inf o, they‟ll be
                                                  much less likely to slap us on CREDIT
                                                  HOLD with no warning, Also makes it
                                                  easier f or us (procurement) to f ix things.
The   Home Page
                               Back Help Logout
                                                  View PO Lines List: An “alternative open
                                                  PO view”……this will display all “open” PO
                                                  lines f or this supplier‟s V#, in Liebert „part
      Supplier CSR name here
                                                  number‟ order. (very similar to present
                                                  website array on Open Order)
Unconfirmed lines will be shown in parenthesis (?),
after total PO lines. Both numbers refer to OPEN
lines; closed lines are not counted. [The value (0) is
                                                         The OPEN ORDER page(s) (View PO Header Summary List)
good; indicates supplier has confirmed all lines!!]

                                                                                                                   This is the VIEW PO Header Summary List. THIS
                                                                                                                   IS THE MAIN PURCHASE management, or OPEN
                                                                                                                   ORDER, PAGE for suppliers!!! This view has no
                                                                                                                   SUBMIT function, it is a “summary” review page
                                                                                                                   only. To see PO detail, click on VIEW. The PO will
                                                                Supplier CSR name here
                                                                                                                   explode to reveal all detail. There are filters to
                                                                                                                   reduce the list; but you cannot sort columns on this
                                                                                                                   page.. Now process the PO lines with CONFIRM /
                                                                                                                   EDIT / SUBMIT.
                                                                                                                   FILTERS: you can filter the page up to 3 ways (use
                                                                                                                   drop-downs and click on button), and you can
                                                                                                                   download the open order book into an EXCEL
                                                                                                                   spreadsheet- including the filtered results.

                                                                                         Purposely left blank
                                                                                                                    E-mail links: hover with mouse to show Liebert and
                                                                                                                    supplier contacts for this PO; click on to bring up
                                                                                                                    your client e-mail and begin composing your mail

                                                                                                                Note: SESSION TIMER: once you have gotten this far into
 Un-acknowledged PO‟s: need attention!?
                                                                                                                our portal, your session is being timed; if you are inactive
                                                                                                                (don‟t go to another page or SUBMIT something within 19
                                                                                                                minutes) you will be “timed-out”; you‟ll have to sign back
                                                                                                                in. The bottom left of page shows a “countdown till lock-
                                                                                                                out”, or how much time you have left before time out. (it
                                                                                                                reset‟s everytime you “do something” to the page)

Your web-session expires in xx minutes!
The   VIEW screen is gathering data (standby…)

                                                                   MAINFRAME QUERY is gathering data: Af ter
                                                                   clicking on an action link or button (in this case we
                                                                   clicked on VIEW), you might have to wait a f ew
                                                                   seconds f or the system to query the mainf rame and
                                                                   gather all the open order data and bring it to the next
                                                                   page; you have a „GATHERING DATA” banner
                                                                   af ter you hit VIEW on this page; soon it will respond
                                                                   and „OPEN‟ the PO, while staying on this page. This
                                                                   particular excersize is gathering data to dispay the
                                                                   contents of PO LBR205815 (the f irst one at top of
                                                                   Click on the PO number link to see a “fax graphic” of the PO
                                                                   (this comes in handy if you wish to email a copy of the PO
                                                                   to someone, or refer to a closed line…etc) The format will
                                                                   be TIFF file.

                                                                       Next slide….

             Un-acknowledged PO‟s (on the header…see next slide)
The VIEW-EDIT screen (PO is exploded)
                   When the query is finished, the PO is expanded to show everything.
                   Now we are looking at contents of PO LBR205815……and ready to log
                   responses or enter notations…

                   Supplier is expected to READ THE WHOLE PURCHASE ORDER!
                   There are 4 (four) DATA ENTRY points on a PO line-item for
                   suppliers to SUBMIT responses.
                   “YOUR ACKN NUMBER” […read more]                  In this box, please enter significant text-
                   your sales order number, or your initials- whatever is appropriate and expected. You may
                   finish with this PO now -simply click on SUBMIT and the CLOSE VIEW button will
                   become available- or you may continue to the line item details. (req* means this is a
                   mandatory entry)

                   “Pls Confirm” check box […read more]
                   “Due on Liebert Dock date” […read more]
                   “Web Note” (EDIT)         […read more]

                   Any input to the page content by you must be followed by a final Submit
                   C hange action (see results of a Submit on next slide)

                   A word about Un-acknowledged PO‟s: This PO (LBR205815)
                   has a „de-facto‟ acknowledgment via a posted receipt (comes
                   from the Liebert LES record) against one or more lines.
                   If the box has nothing in it (I.E., “Unacknowledged”), we must
                   assume the supplier has NO KNOWLEDGE of this PO !! This
                   should be cleared up quickly by resending the PO or (better)
                   calling the supplier.
                                         Purchase Orders:                  discussion: Acknowledgements ? )
                                  •   [return Go Back]
                                  •   PO header acknowledgments: This is a required entry (you can‟t leave the PO VIEW until you
                                      have entered content in the box!) A properly acknowledged PO header tells Liebert that the
                                      supplier has possession of the purchase order- that it‟s “known”, or “yes we have
                                      received this order”. It does not denote intent to comply, thus supplier commitment is
                                      not inferred from a Header Acknowledgment. ( see conf irming )
PO expanded by clicking on VIEW

                                                                                          In this example of a PO header
                                                                                          ACKNOWLEDGMENT, the content is
                                                                                          “RECPT” – indicating parts have
                                                                                          already been recvd against the PO – a
                                                                                          “def acto” acknowledgment.

                                                                                          The “normal” f or this process would be
                                                                                          to have the supplier enter something
                                                                                          here; it‟s a „scratch pad‟ f any
                                                                                          appropriate content is correct. (specif ic-
                                                                                          as in supplier‟s sales order no. ; or
                                                                                          generic, as in someone‟s initials)
Webnote: add or append to….

                     A Webnote can be added or
                     updated to any PO line by
                     clicking on the EDIT button and
                     entering text in the popup box.
                     Change from old site: your
                     entry is now „tagged‟ when you
                     SAVE CHANGES
change 'proof' screen (after
screen will refresh to
something like this):
we added webnote, clicked
clicked on SUBMIT
CHANGES, and screen
refreshes with results (green
font). If there had been
trouble with the SUBMIT,
there would be feedback in
(red font), and you would
have opportunity to correct /
change your SUBMIT
Notice also the 'time stamp'
and the email audit trail(s).

                       the 'new' Webnote content
                       is previewed now using the
                       "magnifying glass" which
                       give you 'pop up' box with
                       new content AND the time
                       stamp/initials of user who
                       made last entry.
               Purchase Orders: (discussion: acknowledge vs confirm)

•   [back]
•   There can be considerable confusion and opinion on the topics of PO acknowledgments and confirmations. It can
    be simplified to the following (the new Liebert Supplier Portal conforms to this):
      –      A PO header gets acknowledged: (a supplier “must do”, on f irst “view” session; they can‟t close view until the ackn
             window has content; This tells ePRO that the PO is „known‟, I.E., “yes we have received the PO”.) An acknowledged PO
             does NOT imply a supplier commitment . [mandatory “header ackn‟s” will enhance the „new‟ Open Order Summary Page,
             making un-acknowledged PO easy to spot!!
      –      A PO line gets confirmed: this tells ePRO (us) that the content of the line/item entry is agreed
             upon, and does imply a supplier commitment to perform-as requested or modified. Price,
             dock date, part number and dwg revision are inferred to be binding upon a supplier‟s line -item
             confirmation. [Note: a „de f acto‟ PO conf irmation/acknowledgment can occur when a line item is received, as of ten happens
             with “rush” or “local” deliveries]
•   This simplification is arguable, based on established conventions between -for example- the words “acknowledged‟
    and „acknowledgment‟, or between the words „confirmed‟ and „confirming‟.
      –      An order is acknowledged [less binding] when the supplier indicates receipt or knowledge of the order; a receipt against the order
             is a def acto indication of the supplier‟s knowledge of the order, so „acknowledged‟ can be inf erred.
      –      An order acknowledgment (on paper) [more binding]
      –       usually contains perf ormance details and the usual „boilerplate‟ (small print) on the back; this usually means a commitment ( I.E., the
             order and all lines conf irmed) This must be compared with the original PO to be sure supplier has not modif ied the request.
      –      A confirming [less binding] order is simply a „repeat‟ of a previously communicated request (usually by phone the f irst time, and in
             writing the second time) and begs the recipient to avoid duplicating the order.
      –      A confirmation [more binding] should be a commitment to perf orm on a particular PO line, much the same as an acknowledgment
             is a commitment to perf orm on the whole order (all lines).
•   The OPEN ORDER screens on ePRO2 are designed so that UN-ACKNOWLDGED and UN-COMFIRMED PO‟s
    are easy to spot visually!!
•   Change Orders: anytime a PO is modified, a “re-confirm” is expected. Our website has provision for this, where
    the “confirming” checkbox reverts to “un checked shadow box” after a date or qty change by us. This should tag the
    line for easy visual audit showing a “re-confirm” is requested.
•   [most binding !! ] Regardless of any discussions about acknowledgment and confirming, a Liebert Purchase Order
    that has BOTH acknowledgment AND confirmed status is fairly beyond dispute. (the best of both worlds, and a
    BEST PRACTICE) [back]
    Purchase Orders:           discussion: Confirming a line-item ( ? )

• A PO line gets confirmed: by checking the box on the line. This is
  independent of “acknowledgment”, and may or may not be
  completed upon first viewing. However, when it is finally checked,
  the supplier is accepting the line as it reads at that time, so that the
  content of the line/item entry is agreed upon, and constitutes a
  supplier commitment to perform-as requested or modified. Price,
  dock date, part number and dwg revision are inferred to be binding
  upon a supplier‟s line-item confirmation. (Note too, that a „de facto‟
  confirmation and acknowledgment can occur when a Po line item is
  shipped and received- ahead of the formal and customary
  transactional confirm and acknowledgment)

                                                    Return to Key Elements of PO
       Purchase Orders:                               discussion: Due on Dock DATE ( ? )
•   [return-GO BACK]
• This date can be modified (within the rules) by the supplier. It can be
  modified (no rules) by Liebert. In either case, it will UPDATE L.E.S.
  as soon as the SUBMIT button is clicked and the page refreshes.
• A PO Dock Date is equal to the date the supplier will put the line-
  item's) on Liebert‟s dock. (there is a window of evaluation that accepts as “on time” any delivery
    that hits our dock up to 4 days early; there is no tolerance for late deliveries (0 days late).
•   RULE: The original version of the PO shows Request Date “same as” Dock Date;
    however, a supplier may confirm a different dock date provided it‟s within suppliers
    leadtime (as stored in the Liebert database) and not sooner than Liebert‟s request date
    (unsolicited early shipments not encouraged).
•   The other two dates, REQUEST and EVALUATION, are managed by Liebert only.
    Request Date is the date Lieberf thought it needed the part; Evaluation Date is the final
    “report card‟ date; the supplier performance logic looks only at EVALUATION date for
    purpose of determining ontime delivery status.
            Purchase Orders:                      discussion: WebNotes ( ? )
•   [return-GO BACK]
•   A PO WebNote documents any pertinent dialog about the line-item, such as request for special
    handling, or a deviation from spec, change in box quantity or unit of measure..pricing…or any other
•   After you SUBMIT CHANGES, your WebNote gets tagged by the system with your name and a
    time stamp automatically. YOU NO LONGER NEED TO APPEND YOUR INTIALS AND
    DATE/TIME when making a webnote!!! ITS DONE FOR YOU!
•   Appending the WebNote: please try not to delete previous content, but add your note to the
    content already there. If the 500 character limit is reached during your attempt to make a note, try
    to abbreviate, and if that fails, you may delete the oldest text in the note.
                   Purchase Orders:                                                 discussion: Due On Dock date
•   [return-GO BACK]

•   Every Liebert PO line has three date fields associated: REQUEST, DOCK, and EVALUATION dates!
•   REQUEST DATE: The optimum schedule for Liebert‟s requirements (as of date the date of the PO creation); who can modify it? Liebert only .
•   The „working‟ date is the DOCK DATE ( shown as “due on Dock Date”)
•   The PO line “DUE ON DOCK” date is the most current information available as to when Liebert can expect to see the parts on th is line show up on our
    dock. It starts out being the same as Liebert‟s REQUEST DATE, but may vary due to circumstance.
•   (due on) DOCK DATE: who can modify it? Liebert and the SUPPLIER. Note: SUPPLIER can modify this date within limits, and ac cording to rules:
      –    New date must not be sooner than the REQUEST DATE
      –    New date must not be later than the suppliers lead time- as defined in the Liebert system
•   EVALUATION DATE: regardless of DOCK or REQUEST dates, the EVALUATION DATE is the one that supplier is measured against for ON -TIME
    DELIVERY purposes. Who can change it? Only Liebert
•   The various EVALUATION date is rolled upEach evaluation period (usually monthly basis) is computed for supplier OTD (OnTimeDe livery) performance,
    and ranked and graded, to track supplier performance horizontally (month to month trends, etc) and tracked vertically (agains t competitors)
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           When viewing this format (PO graphic), you can send
           image of PO via email: Click on “file / send to” to email a
           copy of this PO using your resident desktop email client
           (Outlook should pop up, etc)
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       Summary of Epro 2
• ePRO2, the next gen version of Liebert‟s
  SUPPLIER PORTAL, is ready to serve suppliers
  as well as Liebert procurement and materials
  groups. We think it‟s a distinct improvement
  over the old site. We know its also far from
  perfect. As we proceed, there will be
  opportunities to update and revise the site,
  mainly as a result of feedback from users.
  Please make a note of anything you wish to
  discuss or change, and we‟ll put it under
  consideration. Thanks.