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									             Editor: Dr. Rhonda Furr / Assistant Editor: Chanda Dancy ’01                                     Vol. 2 Fall, 1999

Dean’s Letter
Dear Friends:
     It is a delight to be able to greet all of you
for the second year through the HBUpbeat!
There has been such enthusiastic response to our
first publication from so many of you, and we
look forward to continued communication with
you for many years to come. I encourage all of
you to respond to the opportunity to let us know
where you are and what you are doing by means
of the information form in this newsletter. We
also have an e-mail address:, and
you can reach our superb editor, Dr. Furr at
     This year is a year of considerable transition
for the School of Music. We have a new director
of the Choral Program, Dr. John Yarrington, about whom you will learn in an article in this newsletter. We also have a
new adjunct professor/affiliate artist in voice, Mr. Thomas McKinney (also introduced in another article), and a new
adjunct professor in Theory/Composition, Dr. Ann Witherspoon. They have brought fresh perspectives, considerable
enthusiasm, and new expertise to the School of Music, and I hope that all of you will have an opportunity to meet them
at some performance or event this year.
    This is also a year of search for us. Three long-term members of our faculty family will be leaving at the end of the
year, and it is difficult to imagine what the coming years will be like without their personal presence, experience and
invaluable abilities as teachers and mentors. Eugene Talley-Schmidt, Jeanette Lombard and Robert Reid will be moving
on to other mountains and ministries. They will go with our sincere and genuine good wishes and appreciation for all
they have done here and for their friendship and camaraderie — they will be missed! As a result, we are searching for two
persons in the vocal area and one music educator. We certainly encourage all of you to spread the word and to encourage
persons you know who might be interested and who would qualify for the positions to apply. The announcements of the
positions appear elsewhere in this newsletter.
     There is an article about the Society of Friends of the Arts in the newsletter also. I would encourage you to become a
member, to help support our present students and faculty in special ways. This past year the Society made possible the
first two named scholarships in the School of Music:
        The Manuel Chavez Award in Violin Performance
        The Kuisk-Scheuch Vocal Performance Award
   There is a third award in the planning stages, and the Society also helped with the travel arrangements for Tre Voci to
China this past summer.
   Again, greetings, and please come back to campus to see us now and then! Best wishes to all of you as we begin a
new millennium.

    Dr. Ann Gebuhr, Director of the School of Music
    Associate Dean, College of Arts and Humanities

     Houston Baptist University — School of Music

The Houston Baptist University School of Music fully supports,
reflects and is bound by the statement of purpose adopted by the
Trustees of the University.
Houston Baptist University is a coeducational, independent,
comprehensive institution of higher learning related to the Baptist
General Convention of Texas. The University is committed to
educational excellence, the Christian faith, personal growth, respect
for all persons, a sense of community, career preparation, and service                              Dr. E. D. Hodo, President
to its various constituencies. The University emphasizes a supportive                    Dr. James Taylor, Dean, Arts & Humanities
atmosphere for students, employees, alumni, and visitors from all
backgrounds. Therefore, the University affirms the importance of:                         Dr. Ann Gebuhr, Director, School of Music
• an environment which promotes academic freedom and                           HBUpbeat is published each Fall by the HBU School of Music.
    objectivity, fosters the development of moral character, and               It is sent (free of charge) to alumni and friends of the School of
    enriches spiritual growth based on the Christian faith and
    message;                                                                   Music. If you wish to be placed on our mailing list, write to:
• education which promotes the development of critical and                                     HBUpbeat, School of Music
    creative thinking, compassion, responsibility, and continuing
    interest in learning;                                                                      7502 Fondren Rd.
• programs and services which promote excellence within an                                     Houston TX 77074-3298
    academic community that fosters intellectual and social
    interaction in the teaching-learning processes;                            Rhonda Furr, editor
• faculty who acknowledge teaching as a primary responsibility;
• students who are committed to high standards of personal and
    professional development;                                                  From the Editor:
• a responsive attitude to the many constituencies it serves through           Dear Alumnus:
    an attitude of willingness to change while remaining faithful to
    the original nature of the University.                                          What a joy it was to hear from so many of you during
The School of Music faculty believes and recognizes that musical               this past year. We obviously have a very active group of
talent and ability are gifts from God and that the School of Music
has the responsibility of stewardship with its students. It is also true
                                                                               alumni! This year I received correspondence or updates
that the student has responsibility for stewardship of his/her gift, and       from 67 of you. In addition to the 86 music alumni that
that the educational experience at Houston Baptist University must             were included in the 1998 edition of HBUpbeat, we heard
be a mutual effort to develop God-given potential as far as is possible
in the time available. The regulations and requirements of the varying
                                                                               from 40 new alumni this year, bringing our total alumni
curricula are intended to help in development of self discipline, an           contacts to 126.
absolutely necessary skill for all musicians which is necessary to the
development of potential and mature stewardship of gifts.                           The purpose of our music newsletter is twofold. First
                                                                               of all, the newsletter is to keep you informed of the
It is the nature and position of the School of Music to offer
traditional training methods, as well as current technologies so as to         activities of your classmates and to help you keep in touch
present a challenging, fundamental education that will serve each              with each other. Secondly, we want to keep you informed
student in whatever musical career each is called to pursue. The               of the events and activities of our School of Music.
curricula emphasize enduring styles while equipping students to
function in a wide variety of professional musical situations.                     Please help us with this newsletter in the following ways:
Additionally, the School offers exposure to music that is functional or
entertainment-oriented in nature (the purpose and use of these types           (1) inform us of any change of address (new e-mail
of music are not questioned or negated, but their limited applicability            addresses, too);
is recognized).
                                                                               (2) if you graduated, include the year you received your
As its means of realizing the above University Purpose Statement in
and through its curricula and programs, the School of Music offers                 degree;
training and experience to its majors that:                                    (3) include the name you used while at HBU (maiden name
• present literature, theory, history and information about the art of             and/or nickname);
  music that reflects the development of music over past millennia
  as well as current trends;                                                   (4) keep us informed about your professional and personal
• challenge majors to develop performance, analytical, aural, and                  activities (i.e., new marriages, babies, special events); and
  leadership skills that will serve them as musicians in multiple
  areas of service and opportunity;                                            (5) encourage your former classmates to do the same.
• offer the opportunities to develop research, compositional, and                   Again, thank you to each of you that have mailed in
  writing skills that will stimulate and make possible continued               or e-mailed information for publication in this newsletter.
  study and learning for a lifetime;
                                                                               If you have not contacted us about your activities, please
• encourage healthy competition and cooperative learning in an
  environment of support and encouragement from both faculty                   let us hear from you. I keep a file all year, so it is never too
  mentors and peers;                                                           late to update us.
• offer opportunities for solo and ensemble performance with close
  personal guidance by professionals.
                                                                                                                   Rhonda Furr, DMA
                                                                                                                   281-649-3000, x2306
                      Unanimous faculty adoption, 19 February 1996
Dr. John Yarrington joins HBU faculty
                                                                                — by Chanda Dancy, Assistant Editor

                                       With the              led church music workshops and festivals in the
                                   arrival of a new          United States and Canada, including University of
                                   school year, the          Iowa Children’s Festival, Oklahoma United
                                   choral depart-ment        Methodist Conference, AGO Children’s Choir
                                   welcomes a new            Festival, and the Houston Chapter of Choristers
                                   faculty member,           Guild. He has also been conductor for several
                                   Dr. John                  All-State and honor choir ensembles.
                                   Yarrington,                  He is a prominent composer with works
                                   Professor of Music        published by Chantry Press, Augsburg-Fortress
                                   and Director of           Publishing House, Cambiata Press and Art Masters
                                   Choral Activities.        Studios. He is also the author of Building the Youth
                                        After grad-          Choir, Choir Crackups, and Somebody’s Got My
                                    uating from the          Robe.
                                    University of                Yarrington is married to Frances Diane Neaves,
                                    Oklahoma with a          and they are the parents of six children: Patrick,
                                    Bachelor of Music        Julie, Christopher, Barbara, Ryan and Megan.
                                    Education Degree,
                                                                 The culmination of such qualities as great
                                                             musician, loving family individual, and warm
                                    completed the
                                                             personality indeed make Dr. John Yarrington an
Master of Sacred Music Degree at the Union
                                                             exciting and valuable addition to the HBU School of
Theological Seminary in New York City, studying
                                                             Music, and under knowing his baton, the choral
with Sergius Kagen, Madeleine Marshall, Abraham
                                                             department is sure to shine brightly.
Kaplan, and William Gephart. Yarrington continued
his higher education at the University of Oklahoma              In a recent interview with the editor, Dr.
completing the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree under           Yarrington responded to the following questions.
Dr. B. R. Henson and                                         1. You have made major contributions to church
Dr. Dennis Shrock.                                              music during your career as a church musician.
    Yarrington has been in full-time church work since          What factors caused you to make such a dramatic
1965 at McFarlin United Methodist Church, Norman,               career change at this point in your life?
Oklahoma, First United Methodist Church, Dallas,                My work at Perkins Seminary, SMU, as Adjunct
Texas, and Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church,             Professor kindled my desire to work with
Little Rock, Arkansas. While in New York, Yarrington            students on a university campus. During all the
was assistant to Dr. Austin C. Lovelace at Christ               years of my satisfying church music career, I
Methodist Church. In Dallas, he was Adjunct                     harbored this desire. The notion of more than
Professor of Church Music at Perkins School of                  one rehearsal a week seemed very inviting. I had
Theology. In Arkansas, Yarrington was the founding              always pursued my interest in score study,
director of the Arkansas Symphony Chorus and                    working with instrumentalists, and performing
interim conductor of the Arkansas Symphony                      small to larger works for orchestra and chorus so
Orchestra. For the past four years, Yarrington was              that I wouldn’t get stale in the daily pursuits of a
musical director of the Arkansas Chamber Singers, an            church music existence. I began work on the
auditioned ensemble of forty-eight voices. During his           Doctor of Musical Arts for much the same
career, Yarrington has prepared and conducted major             reasons. I really didn’t need it to keep my job, but
choral works, often working with prominent                      I wanted to see what was involved. Most of all, I
composers such as Eugene Butler, Alice Parker, John             wanted to work on a degree which involved
and Helen Kemp, Jane Marshall, Austin Lovelace,                 making music, not just talking about it. Thus, the
Carlton Young and Dave Brubeck. Dr. Yarrington has
                                                                                                   continued on page 4
degree program encompassed several recitals as               4. What person or persons have made the greatest
   well as a dissertation. Luckily, I loved my                  impact on you as a musician and as a
   dissertation topic, “The Church Operas of                    conductor?
   Alice Parker.” Still alive, Alice is a close friend
   and a valued colleague and teacher. The                      I’ve already mentioned Alice Parker. So much
   teaching aspects of the many weekend                         of what I do is directly attributable to my work
   workshops and summer music weeks also                        with her, my love for her approach to music,
   fueled my desire to teach on a university                    and her “taking my hide off” from time to
   campus. When the call from HBU came, I was                   time. Austin Lovelace is my father-in-law in the
   more than a little bit interested. I came. I loved           faith — the one from whom I formed so many
   it. Here I am!                                               of my ideas about church music. He and I still
                                                                keep in contact. Bev Henson is another one
2. What are your goals for the choral                           who had such an influence on me, particularly
   department?                                                  with regards to work with orchestra and
                                                                chorus. Bev and I had a great professional and
   a)   Enhance the environment in the choral                   personal relationship, and I will always be
        rehearsal room, visually and acoustically.              grateful to him for what I learned. He died last
        (Look for that dratted ceiling to go if at all          year. Finally, so many owe so much to Robert
        possible!)                                              Shaw, and while I was never a part of an inner
   b)   Address the needs of the wonderful choral               circle, I made it my business to “get where he
        library with an up-dated catalog and new                was.” My students will probably get weary of
        music cabinets.                                         my referring to “Mr. Shaw,” but his recordings,
   c)   Sponsor at least one weekend workshop                   writing on music, and my wonderful weeks at
        with a nationally-known clinician speaking              Carnegie Hall for the choral institute when he
        to the needs of the church musician.                    was alive, stamped me indelibely. May he truly
   d)   Sponsor a summer vocal camp for high                    rest in peace.
        school students on the campus.
   e)   Begin a commissioning project to foster              5. Please tell us about your family and your
        new choral work; add a publishing                       hobby?
        component with the HBU Music School                     Now here’s a tale. We have six children: two
        imprint.                                                “biological,” two adopted, and two permanent
   f)   Fund an Artist-in-Residence program                     custody. Our eldest is 31, an artist, married,
        bringing to campus a prominent musician,                lives in San Antonio. Next in line is our
        composer, conductor to teach and interact               daughter, 29, a wonderful mother of two (two
        with students.                                          grandchildren, don’t ya know) who lives in
   g)   Dedicate efforts toward recruitment of                  Keller. Son number two is 27, works and lives
        singers both on and off campus.                         in Dallas, but really wants to be a pro golfer.
                                                                There are three still at home: Barbara is 20,
                                                                working, going to school in Little Rock, Ryan
3. In addition to your national reputation as an                is 17, Megan is 14 and both are READY to
   outstanding choral conductor and clinician,                  move to Houston as soon as the house sells.
   what other contributions do you hope to bring
   to our University and School of Music?                       I love to read and to run (jogging, not really
                                                                marathon quality). I am passionate about
   I hope to become part of campus life and to be               college football (OU Sooners, Arkansas
   seen as one interested in the broader picture. I             Razorbacks) and college basketball. Can hardly
   would like to become involved in student                     wait to see the Huskies (men and women) in
   activities, sports (as an observer!), and make               action. My real joy is that what I do “for a
   some contribution to the spiritual life of the               living” is also a favorite pastime. I enjoy
   campus. Thirty-four years of full-time music                 different types of music, especially jazz, and
   ministry dies hard!                                          have gotten caught up in the frenzy over
                                                                “ethnic” music. You will probably hear some of
                                                                both on our concerts here.

Tre Voci Tours China

Rodica Weber, violin
Min Cao, cello
John Hendrickson, piano

     Houston Baptist University’s faculty trio, Tre Voci, was
fortunate to perform at four major conservatories in China
on a concert tour last June. Thanks to their cellist, Min
Cao, who graduated from the Shanghai Conservatory,
arrangements were made to play in Beijing, Shanghai,
Chang Chung, and Guanzou, four major cities in four very
different parts of China (the smallest city being 7 million
people, the largest over 20 million). The trio was
accompanied by spouses and the Hendrickson’s two
daughters, Celeste and Krysta, ages 11 and 8.
Performances were enthusiastically received, and Min and
his wife, Julie enjoyed the added benefit of family
reunions. The trip lasted 17 days and capped a successful
year that included a compact disc recording completed just
prior to their trip. CD’s are available in the campus
bookstore or at performances.
                                                                                         Tre Voci

                        Beijing Conservatory Recital Hall (building where the last emperor
                        was born), part of the Forbidden City.

                                                           MUSIC ALUMNI                 UPDATE

Note: “Update” indicates students who      as perform with excellent Cuban          After being at home for 12 years,
were included in the 1998 issue of         musicians. Eldest son, Nathan, will      became math instructor for Round
HBUpbeat. Addresses & phone                attend Naval Academy on full             Rock ISD, this fall will be at Round
numbers may be found in the 1998           scholarship, and younger son,            Rock Middle School teaching 8th
edition. If you did not receive the 1998   Mathew, will attend Stephen F. Austin    grade, also teacher of college
edition of HBUpbeat, contact the editor    University on scholarship.               mathematics at local culinary college.
and a copy will be sent to you.
                                           VICKI RUTH WILSON                        1975
1967                                       Update: Address change:
                                                                                    ELIZABETH RUTH BEESON
                                           139 Meek Hall
ELIZABETH PRICE TURNER                                                              Update: Play piano for the Margo
                                           University, Mississippi 38677
Update: New job as an                                                               Marshall School of Ballet and for
Elementary Music Teacher,                                                           Modern Dance at University of
Torrance Unified School District                                                    Houston.
                                           Visiting Assistant Professor of choral
1970                                       music education, University of           1976
                                           Mississippi, for one-year post.
LEW KING                                                                            BELINDA LARTIGUE CANTU
Update: Eldest daughter, Laurel, to be     1973                                     Update: New address:
wed in Germany in the fall. Lew and                                                 P.O. Box 353,
wife, Linda, will be flying to                                                      Chiang Mai 5000, Thailand
                                           HELEN BATES SHERMAN
Germany for wedding. Son, Landon,          713-695-7785
is entering the US Navy in July.                                                    IMB missionary, now working with
“Anchors aweigh! We will have an                                                    an unreached group of people in East
empty nest after 25 years of                                                        Asia.
                                           Other Degrees: MM-Southwest
children!” New email:                      Theological Baptist Seminary Current                  Position: President,                     1977
                                           Life with Music
1972                                                                                DAVID L. DYESS
                                           HBU Auxiliary President, May ’97-        8201 Richmond 38
TODD R. BRUN                               May ’99, Houston Flute Club,             Houston, Texas 77063
432 Breezy Dr.                             Tuesday Musical Club, Phi Beta           713-977-5919
Marietta GA 30064                          Fraternity-Professional Artist-Flute,                        Member of First Baptist Church
                                           Choir.                                   Current Position: Piano
EDWARD F. FLORES                                                                    Instructor, HBU Preparatory
9001 Jones Rd. # 1208                      1974                                     School and Music Director,
                                                                                    Bellaire Christian Church
Houston, Texas 77065
281-477-7632                               SANDRA LOWELL
                                                                                    Parents celebrated 50th wedding
                                           2620 Oak Meadows
Other Degrees: Master of Science                                                    anniversary, June 4, 1999.
                                           Round Rock, Texas 78681
Education, University of                   512-218-1807
Houston-Clear Lake                         sdlowell52@                      1981
Current Position: Bilingual Instructor,
Spring Branch ISD                          Other Degrees: MS-North Texas            JEAN M. RADER
                                           State University (Math)                  2626 O’Day Rd.
Currently a part of the Christ             Current Position: Teacher,               Pearland, Texas 77581
Covenant Church of Houston                 Round Rock ISD                           713-661-6553
worship team. Participated in mission                                               fax: 713-796-2645
to Cuba where had chance to                                               
evangelize at various churches as well
Other Degrees: South Texas                DEBBIE DOERR TAYLOR                        1985
College of Law                            Update:
Current Position: Law Office of           1701 Cross Point Rd.                       KEVIN McBETH
Jean M. Rader                             McKinney, TX 75070                         1113 Edward Terrace
                                          972-562-3192                               St. Louis, Missouri 63117
Recently, Texas Criminal Court               314-644-5436
upheld decision by the First Court of
Appeals and published (1988) the          DEBORAH WALKER VERMILYA                    Current Position: Director of
opinion of Yarborough vs. State of        Update: New address:                       Music, Manchester United
Texas. Yarborough was represented         1835 Briarcrest Cove                       Methodist Church
by Ms. Rader.                             Carrollton TX 75006
                                          972-245-3358                               Will be making Carnegie Hall
1982                                                                                 conducting debut in January 2000.
                                                                                     Leads several Honor Choir Festivals
                                          Married, 2 children, homeschooling.        each year. Accepted a one year
BOBBY MARTIN                              Active in church’s music ministry at       appointment as the Assistant
2403 Rolling Glen                         Valwood Park Baptist Church.               Conductor of the St. Louis Symphony
Spring, Texas 77373
281-355-8863                        1984
                                                                                     DEBBY McELROY
                                          ANGELLA CHRISTIE                           9537 Trails End Rd.
Current Position: Pastor of
                                          P.O. Box 361888                            Knoxville, Tennessee 37931
Worship and Music,
                                          Decatur, GA 30036                          423-769-2611
Spring Baptist Church
                                                           Currently working full-time with
Recently chosen as one of the top 100
                                                    husband, Jeff, in a ministry using
Music Ministries in America.
                                                                                     drama and music called “Forever
Contributor to new book The
                                          Additional degrees: HBU BS in Social       Families, Inc.”
Ultimate Idea Book for Music
Ministry.                                 Work

                                          Nationally recorded Christian female       JEFF NELSON
                                          saxophonist. Founder/CEO - Angella         6714 Redwood Falls Dr.
6714 Redwood Falls Dr.
                                          Christie Sound Ministries. 12 years in     Pasadena, Texas 77505
Pasadena, Texas 77505
                                          full-time music ministry. Debut            281-988-7339
                                          national release, Eternity (1996).
Current Position: Richly Blessed          Nominated for Best Instrumentalist of
                                          the Year, Stellar Awards (1996),           Current Position: Territory Manager,
                                          nominated for Best New Artist,             Bartke and Associates of Dallas,
                                          Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards               Texas. (Represent top gift/collective
Children include: Angela-9, and
                                          (1996), nominated for Artist of the        line in Houston area.)
Timothy-5. Also teaches piano
lessons, directs adult handbell choir     Year — NAACP Regional Awards
                                          (1996).                                    Minister of Music at Clear Lake
and children’s K-1 choir. Has the
                                                                                     Baptist Church. 13th year in
privilege to lead ladies Bible study in
                                          RUDY W. LANEY                              Bivocational music ministry.
her neighborhood.
                                                     Performed “God for Us” with the
                                                                                     combined mass chorus in Clear Lake
                                          RITA R. LaRUE                              Area.
7879 Kendalia Dr.
Houston, Texas 77036                      Update: New job position as Paralegal,
                                          Shell Oil Company. Was presented with      HOLLY WOSTAL
                                          the HBU 1998 Meritorious Alumnus at        1135 Tahitian Dr.
                                          the ’98-’99 Spirit of Excellence Dinner.   Bastrop, Texas 78602
                                          Traveled to Spain with the Bert Coble      512-332-0913
Current Position: Charge
Nurse, Methodist Hospital in              Singers. Toured Madrid, Toledo,
                                          Cordoba, Granada, Seville. the             Other Degrees: Master of
Medical Center
                                          Torremolinos on the coast, Arcos de la     Music-Conducting, U of H
                                          Frontera, and Gibraltar. Have been         Current Position: Choir Director,
Married on June 14, 1997 to
                                          attending Tallowood Baptist Church         Bastrop High School
Troy Browne, Jr.
Enjoys Polka Dancing and traveling.       since last September.

                                         Currently working as Liability           Events Coordinator, Cypress Bible
Houston Symphony Assistant Choir
                                         Manager, Cardon Healthcare               Church. Expecting to decorate a
Director 1988-90. Conducted
                                         Network, Inc. Married November 21,       church in Lebanon for Druze muslims
Baytown Symphony Orchestra and
                                         1998 to Ted Dixon.                       that converted to Christianity. (The
Chorus 1993 in Vaughan Williams
                                                                                  first ever muslim believer church.)
Sea Symphony.
                                                                                  Also helping to lead a Bible study for
                                         1988                                     new believers. Facilitating an
1986                                                                              accountability group for young
                                         ELAINE DE ALMEIDA                        women. Chasing after Thani (4) and
DEIDRA YOUNG BROWN                       Update: 713-953-0926                     Annalee (18 months)
Update: Phone: 913-681-2478    
Email:                                                    STEVE EVANS
                                         B. J. MCDOUGAL                           1705 Copperdale Dr.
Attended the Sweet Adelines              3732 Dominic Dr.                         Rapid City, South Dakota 57709
International Competition in             Erie, Pennsylvania 16506                 605-341-0374
Nashville. Competing with Kansas         814-833-3080                   
City Chorus in Atlanta, GA this
September. Currently in the Young                                                 Other Degrees: MM, Southwest
Women in Harmony, coordinator for        Current Position: Pastor of Worship      Baptist Theological Seminary Current
the Kansas City Metropolitan Area,       and Music. First Alliance Church, Erie   Position: Pastor,
coaching Jr. and Sr. high girls in the   PA.                                      Calvary Baptist Church
art of barbershop music. Celebrated
10th wedding anniversary w/husband       Birth of twin sons, James and            ANGELE LAURENTS ROGERS
Lynn.                                    Michael on February 22, 1999             Update: Daughter, Rose Marie Lucille
                                                                                  was born, November 19,1998
MARK LUNSFORD                            DUSTIN RADABAUGH
Update: Relocated to the Woodlands       10812 B Pinehurst Dr.                    CINDY TAIT
last year. Enjoying rearing two          Austin, TX 78747                         9303 Twin Hills Dr.
children and serving in their new        512-291-8367                             Houston, Texas 77031 713-995-6917
church.                                              cindytait@

HUGH POLAND                              Current Position:                        Current Position: Research
4317 Murphey                             Music/Education Minister,                Coordinator, MacGregor Medical
Corpus Christi, TX 78413                 Hays Hills Baptist Church                Association
361-853-4203                       PAMELA SMITH                             Worship team leader for church
                                         10812 B Pinehurst Dr.                    singles. Volunteer staff for ministry
Other Degrees: M.Div.,                   Austin. Texas 78747                      called Art Reach, which holds 6-day
Southwestern Baptist                     512-291-8367                             annual conferences for the performing
Theological Seminary, 1991                           and visual arts.

                                         Current Position: Teacher,
Current position: Minister of
                                         Del Valle ISD
Praise & Worship at Yorktown
Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, TX
                                         Married Dustin Radabaugh. Children       JAN RIDDELL ARNOLD
                                         are Joshua-10, and Tyler-7.              Update: Director of Children’s Music,
Birth of daughter, Allyson Grace
                                                                                  First United Methodist
Poland, May 3, 1999. Other children:
                                                                                  Church Downtown.
Kayse, Jayme, Hugh                       1989
                                                                                  Other Degrees: MM, U of H
1987                                     JENNY SHEPHERD ABUHAMAD
                                         Update: Email address:                   MARY ENA KEAN
LISA DENTON DIXON                               Update: Celebrated 50th wedding
Update: New address:                                                              anniversary on April 30, 1999.
35 North Lakeridge Circle                Baby on the way (Jan. 2000). Special
The Woodlands, Texas 77381                                                        1991
                                                                                  CHRISTINA MILLER SNELL
                                                                                  Update: Gained new position as a 2nd
                                                                                  grade ESL teacher, Aldine ISD.
                                         Son, Jacob Allen, was born              Married September 13, 1997 to Julie
1992                                     February 7, 1999.                       Anne Kappenko.

MARCY WILLIS BAYLIS                      Stay at home mom & choir director at    1994
Update: New address:                     Ashford Baptist Church.
3012 Oak Creek Dr.
                                                                                 LYNN BROWN
Pearland, Texas 77581 281-412-3976       RHONDA HALL GREER                       Update: Now works as the
                                         587 Campbell St.                        purchasing agent for United
MICHAEL ANDREW GAINEY                    Jackson, Tennessee 38301                Steel Structures, Inc.
2801 “A” Ave. Apt. 7151                  901-427-2357                            New email address is
Fort Lee, Virginia 23801                    
804-863-5747                          Current Position: Owner                 ERIC MAXWELL RYE
                                         (w/husband) Premier                     Update: email address is
Current Position: Member of the          Products/Advertising Company  
United States Army                       <>
                                                                                 Now works for the State of Florida
Worked 3 years with HISD. Member         Children are Jonathan-3, Emily          Department of Business and
of the Army band, starting second        Anne-2, and one on the way (due         Professional Regulation.
year of graduate work (MME) at           12/99). Also serve on a chamber         W: 850-414-6804
Virginia Commonwealth University.        board and involved in local politics.
                                                                                 Other degrees: MME Florida State
SCOTT SNYDER                             JOE MACDONALD                           University, 1998. Engaged to be
Update: New address                      711 Fawn Ct.                            married.
16354 Ginger Run Way                     Houston, Texas 77015
Sugar Land, TX 77478                     713-450-1422                                   1995
Current Position: Associate Worship      Current Position: Choir Director.       MELANIE HANCOCK KAHLEH
Pastor, Sugar Creek Baptist Church       Spring Woods High School,               7430 Beechnut
                                         Spring ISD                              Houston TX 77074
Daughter, Molly Elizabeth was born       Currently working on Masters            281-649-3485
November 12, 1998.                       Degree in Vocal Performance at
                                         Lamar University                        Married Saleim Kahleh in June.
3019 Broadmoor Dr.                       Vice president of the Gulf Coast        SHARLA L. ROGERS
Sugar Land, Texas 77478                  Chapter of the National Hemophilia      1524 DeWalt St.
281-491-2835                             Foundation, Married to wife,            Houston, Texas
                                         Casandra, for 6 years and has son,
Current Position: Elementary             Julian-3.
Music Teacher, Taylor Ray, LCISD                                                 Current Position: Music
                                         CHARLES REID                            Specialist, Reece Academy,
SYDNEY HEALD YARBROUGH                   Update: Metropolitan Opera,             Aldine ISD
Update: New address:                     Glimmerglass Opera, Spoleto Festival
1010 Lawrence
Houston, Texas 77008 713-861-8490
                                         USA, Lincoln Center’s Mostly Mozart     1996
                                         Festival, Princeton Pro Musica,
                                         Maryland Handel Festival,
Started small business called “Deux                                              GARY M. BROWN
                                         Washington Bach Consort, Paul Hill
Ex Machina Productions.” Involves                                                5927 Gum Grove
                                         Chorale, Columbia Pro Cantore,
lighting, set design, consultation and                                           Houston, Texas 77088 713-227-8900
                                         Brazos Valley Symphony, Richard
work.                                    Tucker Competition, Connecticut
                                                                                 Current Position: Director, Star of
                                         Opera Competition, Loren L. Zachar y
                                                                                 Hope Men’s Shelter
1993                                     Competition, Marian Anderson
                                         International Vocal Arts Competition.
                                                                                 Dale Carnagie graduate.
Update: E-mail:       Other Degrees: MM, University of
2800 S. Dairy Ashford St., Apt. 2101     Maryland.
Houston, TX 77082

                                        MARK ELI RIOS                            Current Position: Student, University
                                        Update: New address:                     of North Texas in piano/jazz studies.
3007 Villa Lane
                                        10623 Chapel Hill                        Pianist, Memorial Baptist Church and
Missouri City, TX 77459
                                        Houston, Texas 77099 281-564-5106        Holland America Cruise Lines.
                                                                                 JOHN DE LA FUENTE
                                        TAN TRAN TANG                            1425 Hwy 98 East
Works accepted for publication by
                                        Update: New address:                     Columbia, Mississippi
“Voice of the Rockies” include: Piano
                                        10410 North Shadowdale Dr.               601-736-6610
Sonata No. 1 in C Minor A Little
                                        Houston, Texas 77041           
Afternoon Rain, Prelude for a
Snowfall, Ice Dances, Variations on
an Original Theme, Fugue in A flat,     Married March 8, 1997. Daughter,
                                        Hope Tang, born April 22, 1998           Degrees: Associate of Arts, San
March of the Russian Children,
                                                                                 Jacinto College
(piano), Goblins (woodwind quintet),
Two Sacred Songs (baritone/piano),      1998                                     Current Position: Director of
Rainbow man (soprano/piano), and
                                                                                 Evangelism Woodlawn United
Fanfare for brass Quartet.
                                        ALEXIS REED DELVALLE                     Pentecostal Church
                                        2410 S. Kirkwood #281
                                        Houston, Texas 77077 281-597-9604        Advanced voice clinician, National
1800 Rivercrest Drive #822
                                                Music Ministry Conference; guest
Sugar Land, Texas 77478
                                                                                 soloist for two live recordings for
                                        Current Position: Music Staf f           Jackson, MS-National Music Ministry
                                        Assistant, Kingsland Baptist Church      Conference; vocal coach/adjudicator,
Current Position: Private vocal
                                                                                 Mississippi All State Youth Choir;
instructor, First Colony Middle         Married Luis DelValle January 16,        member of NATS, Violin instructor;
School                                  1999.                                    founder of the De La Fuente School of
Opera Singer, Macaroni Grill
                                                                                 Violin; member of the “4 the Cause”
                                        JAMES (JIMMY) C. HALL                    men’s quartet; author of “The Letter
Daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, born
                                        714 Erie #4                              Ministry Library,” Woodlawn Press,
February 5, 1998. Will start graduate
                                        Takoma Park, MD 20912                    1995. Married to Leah Wallace.
studies at Rice University. Will
audition for Houston Grand Opera in
                                                      DARLENE COX JAMES
November 1999.
                                                                                 Update: Roles in the Houston Grand
                                        MISTY CARROLL RUTH                       Opera include: “Warder” and
1997                                    Update: New Address:                     “Euphemia Bochkova” from
                                        4747 Burke Apt. 171                      Resurrection, and “Mother” from
LINDA JAMES                             Pasadena, Texas 77504                    Madame Butterfly. Was a guest artist
5342 Leeland #1                                                                  in the Bangkok Music Society in
Houston, Texas 77023 713-923-7627       Will be teaching 1st grade in Pasadena   Thailand, July, 1999.                  at Young Elementary.

Current Position: Substitute Teacher,
HISD                                           NON-GRADUATE

Director of music at First Colony       ALEX NAVARRO
Christian Church, member of the Fort    P.O. Box 306302
Bend Symphony Orchestra, teaches        Denton, Texas
the recorder at Palmer Memorial
Episcopal Church.
                                        940-369-8242                               In Loving

                                                                                    DAVID ALLAN DELANEY ’82
                                                                                    Passed away on September 13,

Whatever happened to . ... ?
If you know a current address (postal or e-mail) or phone number on any of the following alumni, please let us
know. ( or 281-649-3000, x2306 or HBUpbeat, 7502 Fondren Road, Houston TX 77074)

1967                                       1974                                         1987
  Jon A. Green                                Janet Van Eaton (Tekell)                    Judy J. Hults
                                              Kathleen R. Nordell                         Kathryn W. Jones (Williams)
1968                                          Harriett Zeigler (Langston)               1989
  Margie E. Arnold (Goeitzey)                                                             Diedre R. Horne (Collins)
  Diane L. Dicks (Laverty)                 1975
  Judith S. Lindloff (Short)                  Patricia A. Jinks                         1989
                                              Tully F. Mills II                           Sarah K. Kim
1971                                          Edward H. Wittner                           Scott W. Shaunfield
  Gary Corbin
  Linda D. Heath                           1976                                         1990
  Darlene C. Hebert (Cortez)                  Julie M. Lee                                Mario Y. Gonzales

1972                                       1977                                         1992
  Frances A. Cogswell (Ford)                  Allison R. Gobbons                          Kimberly S. Lindsey ( Hiett)
  George R. Gwin                              Clinton C. Thornburg
  James R. Needham, Jr.
  Frankie C. Scott                         1980                                           Steven P. Yoes
                                              Patsy R. Habashy
  Judy L. Alford (Clymer)                                                               1995
                                           1982                                           Jeffry H. Moser
  Sandra J. Williams                          Sheila S. Hooper
  Jeannette Wvellner (Barker)
                                                                                          Jason T. Brown

                   Bulletin Bloopers

       A    t the evening service tonight, the
       sermon topic will be “What Is Hell?”
       Come early and listen to our choir practice.

       T    he Senior Choir invites any member of the
       congregation who enjoys sinning to join the choir.

 Used by permission. Yarrington, John. Choir Crackups: The Church Musician’s Book of Humor. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1999.


                                   THE BIRTH OF AN OPERA

     HBU is anxiously awaiting the world-premiere of                    The opera plot is based upon the last few years of the
Bonhoeffer, an opera in two acts by Ann K. Gebuhr, with            life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Lutheran pastor, theologian
libretto by Robert S. Hatten, planned for the 2000 concert         and university professor who became involved in the plot
season. A concert reading on October 22 at HBU gave the            to assassinate Adolf Hitler. The opera in two acts, with a
campus a taste of the opera to come and has stirred                total of five scenes, focuses on Bonhoeffer’s struggle with
excitement at all levels of the                                                              the ethical and moral dilemma of
University. Bonhoeffer will also                                                             the perceived necessity of “doing”
be performed as part of an                                                                   evil (participating in a violent act)
international conference,                                                                    in order to stop a greater evil
“Bonhoeffer and the Dilemma of                                                               (Hitler). The personal ordeal he
Resistance to Violence” at Penn                                                              went through during the
State University.                                                                            development and consequence of
   Bonhoeffer is the second                                                                  his decision to participate in the
work to be created by Robert                                                                 plans to kill Hitler and overthrow
Hatten and Ann Gebuhr. The first                                                             the Nazi government is central to
work, Brian Boru, also an opera,                                                             the unfolding of the story.
was completed and premiered in                                                                  According to Dr. Gebuhr,
1991 in Houston.                                                                           neither she nor the librettist,
    Dr. Gebuhr first became                                                                Robert Hatten, have viewed the
interested in Bonhoeffer when she                                                          opera as primarily an academic or
was introduced to his writings by                                                          artistic endeavor. “It is a call to
a Catholic nun during her                                                                  discipleship — not as disciples of
undergraduate studies at Indiana                                                           Bonhoeffer, but of Christ, using
University. Research for the opera                                                         the wonderful, surprising, and
was enhanced when Dr. Gebuhr                                                               grace-filled gifts given to us
traveled to Germany to visit the churches, university, and         during a somewhat unusual and surprising life’s journey
concentration camps where Bonhoeffer worked and was                leading to the completion of the opera. Neither of us
held prisoner. In 1995, HBU held a symposium on                    claims ownership — we offer it as a task which has been a
Bonhoeffer, that included among the guest speakers                 blessing in the doing.”
Ruth-Alice von Bismark, the sister of Bonhoeffer’s fiancée,            The world-premiere production of this opera will
as well as Dr. Larry Rusmussen, Dr. Barbara Green, and             continue the tradition the School of Music has formed of
Dr. Charles Marsh, all members of the International                producing operas of the Twentieth Century, giving
Bonhoeffer Society Editorial Board. Dr. Gebuhr has also            performers and production personnel the unique and
maintained written correspondence with Eberhard Bethge,            valuable opportunity to “birth” a new work.
a close friend and the biographer of Bonhoeffer.

Departmental News

                                                        — Dr. Richard Spitz, Director of Instrumental Activities

     Since January of 1996, many changes have occurred            spring with the Houston Civic Orchestra, with Dr. Spitz
in the instrumental area. As this is only the second issue        leading the orchestra. The program consisted of
of HBUpbeat an overview of activities over the last three         Mendelssohn’s Symphony No. 3, Rimsky-Korsakov’s
years might be of interest. The Symphonic Band has                Russian Easter Overture, and Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije Suite.
featured Dr. Grady Hallman as euphonium soloist as well           The jazz ensemble and string orchestra combined have
as Florent Siewert, clarinet and Kristi Sealy on flute.           taken five recruiting tours in area schools over the last
Student conductors that have taken the reigns of the band         three years.
have included Christina Williams, Florent Siewert, Eve                Dr. Spitz founded the HBU Faculty Brass Quintet in
Woodard, Armando Rodriguez, Phillip Hintze, and Brad              January of 1997. Members are Randy Adams (TUTS
Harper. The ensemble was honored by performing for                Orchestra) trumpet, Rick Reeves bass trombone (Houston
“Lady Margaret Thatcher” at the gala hosted by HBU at             Ballet Orchestra), Dr. Spitz
the Doubletree Hotel                                              trombone, Kevin McKintyre
     The jazz ensemble has come into its own as a                 French horn (Houston freelancer), and
“concert” ensemble. The ensemble now has a very full              George Chase, trumpet (Houston freelancer).
performance schedule. It has appeared, by invitation, as          The quintet has performed three recitals and
the featured ensemble at festivals at Sharpstown H.S and          at other campus functions. They conducted
Lee College in Baytown, TX. At the Sharpstown festival            their first clinic at H.S.P.V.A in May 1998
they also played as the back band for guest artist Thomas         and took their first recruiting tour in
Hulten of Sweden. The jazz ensemble participated in the           January of 1999 to area high schools.
inaugural U of H Jazz Festival in February of this year.               Another first for Houston Baptist
World class guest artists have appeared with the group            University occurred last spring. In
over the past three years such as Blues Hall of Fame              February, six students participated in
singer Gloria Edwards, Dennis Dotson (trumpet), Tom               the National Honor Band assembled
Cummings (vibes), David Womack (trombone, HBU                     by the Christian Instrumental
alumnus), Ricky Diaz (piano) and Mike Nase (guitar).              Directors Association (CIDA) in
The jazz ensemble has also been invited to participate in         Cleveland, Tennessee. Denise Butler
many high profile campus functions such as the yearly             (clarinet), Candice Garcia
Banking Conference, Baugh Center opening, and “black              (saxophone), Quincy Collins
tie” events such as the “Spirit of Excellence” dinner and         (percussion), Brandon Hayes
the “Lady Margaret Thatcher” dinner. We were also                 (clarinet) and Suzanne Switzer
invited twice to perform at the First Baptist Church              (French horn) all returned inspired by the experience.
Metro Bible Fellowship Celebration (1997, 1998).                  David Holsinger, who is a nationally renowned composer,
     The addition of the HBU student chamber orchestra            was guest conductor and clinician. The students expressed
is another first for the University. The orchestra has had        high praise for the experience on both musical and
three or more performances as well as guest artist                spiritual levels.
concerts each year. Artist in residence John Hendrickson              Dr. Hallman has continued his gracious sponsorship of
and affiliate artist Rodica Weber performed                       the Rafael Mendez Brass Conference Scholarship. This
Mendelssohn’s Concerto in D for violin and piano with             year, freshman trumpet player Brain Moreno attended the
the orchestra in Spring of 1998. In January 1999, for the         conference in Ohio. Brian took trumpet lessons and was
first time ever, a student orchestra accompanied a full           generally awed by the number and caliber of the clinicians.
length opera, Purcell’s Dido and Aneas, produced by the
opera workshop. The HBU string players performed last

Faculty Update

DR. RHONDA FURR, Associate Professor                                DR. ROBERT REID, Professor
     Dr. Furr performed organ recitals for                              Dr. Reid taught two sessions for the
the dedication of the new instruments at                            Houston Choral Society Vocal Workshop:
Christ Lutheran Church, El Campo and at                             “Understanding Pitch Center” and
First United Methodist Church, Westchase,                           “Preparing for Auditions.”
Houston. She served as worship organist                                 World Vision International
for the “Baptist Women in Ministry”                                 commissioned an anthem by Dr. Reid for
National Convention held in Houston. Dr.                            the Youth Ambassador choir. Titled My
Furr also performed in “An Evening of Favorite Hymns:               Neighbor, the anthem was sung on the YAC annual tour in
The Keyboard Artistry of Barbara Bamberg, piano, and                North and South America. It may be viewed on the World
Rhonda Furr, organ” at First United Methodist Church in             Wide Web on <> (Seattle concert). Dr.
Houston.                                                            Reid used the Good Samaritan parable as inspiration for
   She was a contributor for the book Worship: A                    the work for SATB choir, piano, violin (or flute), narrator
Symphony for the Senses, by Welton Gaddy and Don                    and actors.
Nixon, published by Smyth & Helways, 1998.                              Dr. Reid adjudicated for three choral festivals in the
                                                                    Spring, including the Heritage Festivals (San Antonio) and
                                                                    Music in the Parks (Houston). This was his 10th year to
DR. ANN GEBUHR, Professor                                           judge for the Heritage Festivals. He was invited to present
    Dr. Gebuhr completed a commissioned                             three workshops for bi-vocational music ministers at the
work, Arcane Vistas, for violin and piano.                          Baptist General Convention Regional Church Music
The work was premiered by Rodica Weber                              Workshop.
(violin) and John Hendrickson (piano). The
Houston Composers Alliance presented the
work in concert at the Museum of Fine                               DR. RICHARD SPITZ, Associate Professor
Arts. The Deviene Trio from Texas Tech                                  Dr. Spitz served as conductor for the
University performed Gebuhr’s Portrait: Colorado, at the            Houston Civic Symphony in February
TMEA Convention in San Antonio. Her piece, 2.73C for                performing Vaughan Williams’ Variations
solo flute was performed at Penn State University by                on Greensleeves, Strauss’ Blue Danube
flautist Eleanor Armstrong, and a concert reading of her            Waltz, Faure’s Pavanne, and opera arias. In
opera, Bonhoeffer, will be performed as part of an                  March he led the orchestra in a
international conference, “Bonhoeffer and the Dilemma of            performance of Mendelssohn’s Symphony
Resistance to Violence” at Penn State University. The HBU           No. 3 Scottish, Rimsky-Korsakov’s Russian Easter
Opera Workshop will perform scenes from Bonhoeffer in               Overture, and Prokofiev’s Lt. Kije Suite.
February 2000, and plans for a full production later in                 This summer Dr. Spitz conducted the Texas Baptist All
2000 are being confirmed.                                           State Jazz Ensemble in performances in Brownwood and
                                                                    Austin, Texas. He also conducted the Gulf Coast Concert
MR. JOHN HENDRICKSON, Assistant Professor                           band in a “John Phillip Sousa Memorial” Concert,
                                                                    including von Suppe’s Poet and Peasant Overture, marches,
     Mr. Hendrickson performed four                                 novelties, and a solo for euphonium recently commissioned
concerts in China with the University trio,                         by Dr. Grady Hallman.
Tre Voci. Concerts were given in the major
conservatories of China, including                                       Dr. Spitz’s trombone activities have been quite diverse.
Guanzou, Shanghai, Chang Chung, and                                 He performed with the Houston Grand Opera orchestra in
Beijing.                                                            Montiverdi’s Orfeo. He performed with the Houston
                                                                    Ballet Orchestra at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in
    The trio, Tre Voci (Mr. Hendrickson,                            a tribute to the Houston Ballet artistic director Ben
piano, along with affiliate artists Rodica Weber, violin and        Stevenson. The HBU Faculty Brass Quintet performed both
Min Cao, cello), recorded a CD now available in the                 fall and spring recitals and toured public schools in
campus bookstore. The recording includes Brahms’ Trio               January. He also performed with the Second Baptist
No. 1 in B Major, Opus 8 and Ravel’s Trio pour Piano,               Church Orchestra in nationally televised Christmas
Violon et Violoncelle. HBU’s Steinway concert grand was             productions.
used for the recording, which was produced by Sugarhill
Studio in Houston.

    Other free lance activities have included The Best              roles at many of the world’s opera houses and festivals. His
Klezmer Band in Texas and Alpine Express (national                  credits include 25 leading operatic and more than 50
tours). Jazz and pop free lance activities have included the        musical theater roles. During this time, he has been
Ricky Diaz Jazz Orchestra, Richard Brown Jazz Orchestra,            teaching voice and theater. He is now fulfilling a long term
and the Toomey-Sarks Band.                                          dream to return to Texas, so that he may give back to the
    He has served as festival judge for the San Jacinto             profession that has so richly blessed his life.
College Band Festival, Music in the Parks Festivals,
Performing Arts Consultants Festivals at Sea (held on               DR. ANN RIVERS WITHERSPOON
Carnival Cruise Ship), and the Sharpstown High School Jazz          DMA/MMA, Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
Festival.                                                           BS, University of Texas at Austin
                                                                         Dr. Witherspoon’s compositions have been performed
                                                                    and/or commissioned by the Houston Symphony,
                                                                    Galveston Symphony, Die Jungen Further Streichhoizer,
          NEW ADJUNCT FACULTY &                                     chamber ensembles, and soloists. Her work has been
                                                                    performed in Europe, Canada, and the United States and is
                 AFFILIATE ARTIST
                                                                    published by Alliance Music Publications, Inc. Composing
                                                                    musical theatre and opera, she is completing Barbara
THOMAS MCKINNEY                                                     Edine, a contemporary American opera based on the life
                                                                    of Barbara Jordan. She has taught at Rice University, Tre
     Mr. McKinney is a native of Lufkin, Texas, where he
                                                                    Voci Chamber Workshop, Texas Music Festival
began his performance career at age 14 in local
                                                                    Preparatory String Institute, Chamber Workshop
productions and concerts. After graduation, he was a
                                                                    (Germany), and currently teaches piano performance,
member of President Kennedy’s White House Navy Band
                                                                    composition, and theory in her private studio. After
in the early 1960’s. In 1963, the band was assigned to
                                                                    graduate studies at Rice University, post-doctoral research
entertain with Bob Hope in Vietnam. Tom worked in
                                                                    has focused upon opera with Carlisle Floyd and musical
musical theater and cabaret in Houston and Los Angeles
                                                                    theatre with Stuart Ostrow. Numerous awards,
until 1971, when he won the National Metropolitan
                                                                    scholarships, and fellowships have been received from
Opera Auditions, receiving a performance contract at the
                                                                    ASCAP, American Music Center, Houston Composers
Met. He won several other national vocal competitions
                                                                    Alliance, Rice University, University of Texas/Austin, and
that year, including the Opera America Auditions. The
                                                                    others. Active in many organizations, Dr. Witherspoon is
Vienna Volksoper in Austria offered him a principal
                                                                    currently President-Elect of Houston Music Teachers
contract, and from there, he was invited to sing leading

                                                                                             Bulletin Bloopers

                                                                                     T     he Pastor will preach his farewell
                                                                                     message, after which the choir will
                                                                                     sing “Break Forth into Joy.”


  Used by permission. Yarrington, John. Choir Crackups: The Church Musician’s Book of Humor. Nashville: Abingdon Press, 1999.

Three full-time faculty positions open in School of Music
for Fall Quarter, 2000

     The School of Music is currently conducting a               HBU is a private university supported by the
search for qualified candidates interested in a              Baptist General Convention of Texas. With more
full-time position in the School of Music. If you            than 2,300 students at the University, the School of
know of qualified candidates that might be interested        Music enrolls approximately 120 music majors. The
in a teaching position at HBU, please share this             University grants the Bachelor of Music in
information with them.                                       Performance, Church Music, Teacher Certification, or
                                                             Theory/Composition, and the Bachelor of Arts or
                                                             Science degrees with a music major. The music
                                                             faculty numbers eleven full-time and twenty part-time
MUSIC EDUCATION (1 position)                                 Affiliate Artists drawn from the major professional
    Houston Baptist University announces a full-time         ensembles in the Houston area.
junior level position in Music Education with an
emphasis on instrumental music. The position                     Interested applicants should send the following
includes teaching undergraduate Music Education              items:
classes, student teacher supervision, and curriculum
development in Music Education. The candidate                    1) a letter of application
needs teacher certification, at least three years of             2) a current resume
public school teaching experience, and an earned or              3) three (3) current reference letters
nearly complete Doctorate in music. Experience in
                                                                 4) supporting materials (please do not send
marching band techniques, jazz methods, string
                                                                    audio/video tapes at this time)
pedagogy, or music technology in the classroom
would be helpful.
                                                                Mail (please, no e-mail or fax applications) the
                                                             above items to:
VOICE (2 Positions)
                                                                Prof. Eugene Talley-Schmidt, Chair
     Houston Baptist University announces two
                                                                Vocal Search Committee
full-time positions in the voice department:
  1) Senior level to serve as chair of the Voice                Dr. Richard Spitz, Chair
     Department and to teach studio voice and                   Music Education Search Committee
     vocal cognate courses                                      School of Music
                                                                Houston Baptist University
                                                                7502 Fondren Road
  2) Junior level to teach studio voice and vocal               Houston, TX 77074-3298
     cognate courses as well as some work with the
     Opera Workshop                                             For further information:

    A master’s degree in vocal performance or its
equivalent is required, and a doctorate is desirable.
Both positions require extensive performing
experience and collegiate teaching experience. Public
performance and student recruitment are integral
components of both positions.

                   Homecoming 2000 Belongs to yoU
                           HOMECOMING 2000 EVENTS

FEBRUARY 4, 2000
  Husky Baseball Doubleheader - 12:00 p.m.        Bonfire - 8:00 p.m.
      HBU vs Louisiana College                    Retro 2000 Social -
  Alumni & Students Cookout - 6:00 p.m.               Hilton Southwest - 9:30 p.m.

FEBRUARY 5, 2000
  Lady Husky’s Basketball - 1:00 p.m.    Dinner with special guests - 5:30-7:00 p.m.
      HBU vs Langston University         Husky Basketball Game - 7:30 p.m.
  Walk of Honor - 3:00 p.m.                   HBU vs Langston University
  Alumni Receptions -
      Hinton - 3:30-4:30 p.m.

            For more information, call Don Anderson at 281-649-3428

   What memorable event do you have
      planned for the year 2000?
              Join HBU for an Academic Tour of
                               June 1-11, 2000
                   Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Bayreuth, Nuremberg,
                  Rothenberg, Dinkelsbuehl, Munich, Neuschwanstein,
                  Lindau, Dachau, Freiburg, Black Forest, Heidelberg
                    Optional Extension: Passion Play in Oberammergau

                            $2,936 (based on two per room)
                         Contact Rhonda Furr, Faculty Director
                               281-649-3000, x2306
Society of Friends of the Arts

    The Art Department and School of Music at                 Goals
Houston Baptist University have enjoyed a
considerable period of growth over the past few               •   To assist in development of named and
years. We presently have nearly one hundred and fifty             anonymous scholarships for Music and Art
students enrolled at the University as Art Majors and             students.
Music Majors, and our alumni numbers have                     •   To participate in special projects and programs
blossomed as well. Art alumni are serving in a                    of the Society and the Art Department and
number of public and private schools, as well as for              School of Music.
numerous businesses and corporations in the graphic           •   To assist in donor identification in cooperation
arts departments. Music alumni offer an impressive                with the Office of Advancement.
presence in the church music community, the public            •   To aid in the recognition of students, alumni and
schools, and as professional performers.                          faculty.
    As we move toward the next millennium, we                 •   To serve as liaisons for the Arts with the greater
hope to develop a strong support base for our                     Houston community.
students and for the Fine Arts programs at Houston            •   To occasionally interact with the activities of the
Baptist University. The Society of Friends of the Arts            Alumni Association.
seems to be a perfect vehicle for developing that
support base. The initial goals of the society will be        Benefits
to raise funds to support student and faculty needs in
the areas of scholarships and travel (to student              •   To occasionally interact with the activities of the
competitions and for faculty performance tours).                  Alumni Association.
                                                              •   Invitations to concerts, exhibits, and other events
                                                                  sponsored by the Art Department and School of
Dr. Ann K. Gebuhr, Director                                       Music.
School of Music                                               •   Opportunities to interact with students and
                                                                  faculty on a personal level.
                                                              •   Participation in the growth and development of
Purpose                                                           the Arts programs at the University.

•   To be involved with the goals, activities and             Membership: $30
    educational environment associated with the
    creative arts at the University.                          Join the Society of Friends of the Arts. Please send a
•   To support various aspects of the multi-faceted           check payable to Society of Friends of the Arts to:
    arts program through personal involvement.                    Society of Friends of the Arts
                                                                  School of Music
                                                                  Houston Baptist University
                                                                  7502 Fondren Road
                                                                  Houston, TX 77074

                                                   The School of Music
                                         HOUSTON BAPTIST UNIVERSITY

                                     Fall Quarter Concert Schedule
 10 SEPTEMBER, FRIDAY                  24 OCTOBER, SUNDAY                      29 OCTOBER, FRIDAY                         9 NOVEMBER, TUESDAY
Guest Recital                         Tre Voci Trio                           Junior Voice Recital                      Symphonic Band Concert
Mannheim Woodwind Quintet             Rodica Weber, violin                    Suzanne Norman, soprano                   Dr. Richard Spitz, director
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater             Min Cao, violin/cello                   7:30 p.m. — Mabee Theater                 7:30 p.m. — First Baptist Church,
                                      John Hendrickson, piano                                                           Bellaire
  2 OCTOBER, SATURDA      Y           8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                 5 NOVEMBER, FRIDAY
Junior Voice Recital                                                          University Jazz Ensemble                  12    NOVEMBER, FRIDAY
Donna Rae Fender, soprano              26 OCTOBER, TUESDAY                    Dr. Richard Spitz, Richard Wilkie,        Fall Choral Concert
5:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater             Voice Recital                           directors                                 University Singers and
                                      National Association of Teachers        7:30 p.m. — Glasscock Center              University Chorus
 22 OCTOBER, FRIDAY                   of Singing Student Competitors                                                    Dr. John Yarrington, director
Opera Workshop presents                8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                6 NOVEMBER, SATURDA     Y               8:00 p.m. — St. Luke’s Methodist
Bonhoeffer Reading                                                            Guest Piano Recital                       Church
opera by Ann K. Gebuhr                 28 OCTOBER, THURSDAY                   Denis Azabagic, guitar
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater             Senior Recital                          8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater
                                      Kevin Klotz, piano
 23 OCTOBER, SATURDA     Y            8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                 8 NOVEMBER, MONDAY
Junior Voice Recital                                                          Junior Piano Recital
Sandra Brewer, soprano                                                        Armando Rodriguez, guitar
6:00 p.m.— Mabee Theater                                                      8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater

                                    Winter Quarter Concert Schedule
16    DECEMBER, THURSDAY              21    JANUARY, FRIDAY                     8 FEBRUARY, TUESDAY                      18 FEBRUARY, FRIDAY
Christmas Convocation                 Faculty Recital                         Symphonic Band Concert                    Tre Voci Trio
University Singers and Chorus         Rodica Weber, violin                    Dr. Richard Spitz, director               Rodica Weber, violin
Dr. John Yarrington, director         John Hendrickson, piano                 7:30 p.m. — Mabee Theater                 Min Cao, violin/cello
10:10 a.m. — Sharp Gym                8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                                                         John Hendrickson, piano
                                                                               15 FEBRUARY, TUESDAY                     8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater
 13 JANUARY, THURSDAY                 6&7 JANUARY, SUN. & MON.                Winter Choral Concert
Senior Recital                        Opera Workshop presents                 Dr. John Yarrington, director
Eve Woodard, guitar                   Bonhoeffer                              7:30 p.m. — Grace Presbyterian
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater             Student performers                      Church
                                      3:00/8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater

                                    Spring Quarter Concert Schedule
16    MARCH, THURSDAY                  25     MARCH, SATURDA      Y             4 APRIL, TUESDAY                         5     MAY, FRIDAY
Honors Concert                         Senior Composition Recital             Senior voice Recital                       Tre Voci Trio
Students Nominated by the Faculty      Phillip Hintze                         Keith Eason, tenor                         Rodica Weber, violin
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater              8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater              8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                  Min Cao, violin/cello
                                                                                                                         John Hendrickson, piano
23    MARCH, THURSDAY                   31 MARCH, FRIDAY                        39 APRIL, SUNDAY                         8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater
Next! Student Composers Recital        Senior voice Recital                    Sacred Choral Concert
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater              Delma Boronkai, soprano                 Dr. John Yarrington, director             9     MAY, TUESDAY
                                       8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater               TBA — TBA                                 Symphonic Band Concert
24    MARCH, FRIDAY                                                                                                      Dr. Richard Spitz, director
Senior Composition Recital                                                    2     MAY, TUESDAY                         7:30 p.m. — Glasscock Activities Center
Luke Dahn                                                                     Jazz Ensemble Concert
8:00 p.m. — Mabee Theater                                                     Dr. Richard Spitz, director
                                                                              7:30 p.m. — Glasscock Activities Center


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