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For Non-Technical Professionals

24-25 October 2010
Grand Hyatt Hotel, Hong Kong SAR

Benefit from a practical and comprehensive understanding
of the satellite communications industry and master the
concepts, technologies, applications and services in just
two information-packed days

 What Every Satellite Professional Needs to Know!

                                              Satellite Communications Fundament

The Essential Satellite Seminar You Cannot Afford to Miss
                                                                                            Who should attend
Whether you are new to the industry or simply looking for a thorough, easy-to-        ● Executives new to the satellite
understand overview of satellite communications, then this seminar is for you.          industry who need to gain a thorough
This intensive structured, two-day series will examine the core principles and          understanding of satellite communications
dynamics of satellite communications including satellite orbits, launches,
                                                                                      ● Executives with a few years experience
earth stations, satellite technology, applications, commercialisation,
                                                                                        needing to catch up with the latest in
finance,regulation, insurance, terrestrial competition, forecasting future
                                                                                        satellite communications
trends and much much more! This seminar will provide a fast track of
information essential in enabling today's non-technical executive keep abreast        ● Senior Executives looking at fine-tuning
of the current and changing marketplace.                                                their understanding of the industry and
                                                                                        updating themselves on current and
In addition, you will also receive a comprehensive seminar reference manual             emerging technology and market trends
that will serve as a permanent reference source during and after the
                                                                                      ● Business Development and Strategic
seminar, including extensive bibliography, graphs, glossary and full
                                                                                        Planning Executives
explanation of terms and acronyms.
                                                                                      ● Sales, Product Managers and Marketing
Nowhere else will you gain such a practical and comprehensive overview                  Executives
of where satellites fit into the Global Information Infrastructure. Don't miss out,
                                                                                      ● Financial Analysts, Investment and
on what promises to be the 'must attend' event of the year. Places
                                                                                        Banking Executives
are strictly on a first come first served basis, so book early to avoid
disappointment!                                                                       ● Insurance Brokers and Underwriters
                                                                                      ● Attorneys and Accountants
In–House Training
We will come to you! Tailor this seminar to your company's individual needs           ● Human Resource and Public Relations
and corporate issues. If you have ten or more colleagues who would benefit              Executives
from this seminar, it may be more cost-effective to hold it in-house at your          ● Non - Technical Managers
For additional information and a customised proposal please e-mail:                   ● Anyone whose business is involved or                                                                    affected by satellite communications

                                  Presented by your Seminar Leader: Jeremy Rose
                                  Jeremy Rose is in charge of space segment consultancy at COMSYS (Communication
                                  Systems Limited) and specialises in strategic planning, financial and marketing due
                                  diligence, training and regulatory work. His clients are mostly satellite manufacturers
                                  and operators, legal firms / attorneys, financial institutions and governments. Some of
                                  his recent work includes:

   ● Global market forecasts for transponder services, conducted as part of the due diligence exercise for the purchase of a
     satellite operator.
   ● Due diligence study conducted on behalf of a satellite operator planning to finance a follow-on satellite project .
   ● Marketing training provided to Satélites Mexicanos (Satmex) on behalf of Hughes Space and Communications. This was a
     week long programme, conducted in Mexico City, involving a comprehensive review of global FSS, BSS and MSS satellite
   ● Advice provided to the US State Department on the development of the global telecommunications market. Our analysis
     was used in the department's testimony to the US Congress and in Vice President Al Gore's speech to the ITU
     Plenipotentiary Conference.
   ● Expert witness assistance on satellite-related litigation.
   ● A competitive analysis of mobile and broadband multimedia projects.

   Mr Rose founded Communication Systems Limited in 1982 and is a member of the Society of Satellite Professionals, the
   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the International Institute of Communications. He has written more
   than fifty journal and conference papers on subjects such as the future for satellite communications in the 30/20 GHz
   band, the prospects for private satellite networks in various parts of the world and the potential for hand held satellite
   communications terminals. In 1991 and 1992, Mr Rose was named by Via Satellite Magazine as one of its "Top 100 Satellite
   Industry Executives" worldwide.
   Mr Rose began his career with Marconi Space and Defence Systems in 1979, where he was involved in system engineering,
   research and analysis for UK Ministry of Defence projects. He graduated from Westminster University, London, in 1979.
tals For Non-Technical Professionals
                                                                                                             13. The Developing World
 Day One:                               - Dual feed antennas for DTH
                                        - Applications
                                                                          Day Two:                           • Teledensity levels
 Seminar Overview                                                         Seminar Overview
                                      • Specialised applications                                               - Urban vs rural
                                        - Maritime and aeronautical                                          • Definitions of universal service
 1. Introduction                      • Subsystems and components         10. Applications
 • What is satellite                                                      TV Broadcasting                    • Affordability and payment
                                        - RF and baseband description
    communications?                                                       • Typical operators                  methods
    - Types of satellite:             6. The Technical Bits                                                  • Service requirements
                                                                            - DirectTV, BSkyB, Canal
    - Communications,                 • The link budget                                                        - Basic telephony, telemedicine,
                                                                              Plus, Multichoice, Echostar
      broadcasting, government           - EIRP and G/T, bandwidth,                                              e-commerce
                                                                            - Business models
      and military, weather,               beamwidth,propagation, fade
                                           countermeasures, analogue        - Bouquets and tiering
      scientific, earth observation
                                           and digital transmission,      • Interactive services             14. Regulatory Issues
 • History of satellite
                                           footprints,frequency bands,    • The neighbourhood                • The ITU
 • Terms and acronyms                      link margins, modulation         /Hot Bird concept                  - frequency and orbital
    explained                              schemes (PSK/QAM),             • Applications                         filings, coordination, GSO
 • Sources of information                  multiple access schemes          - Pay TV, VOD, IP delivery           orbital congestion,
                                           (TDMA, FDMA, DAMA),            • Subscriber growth                    conflicts, paper satellites
 2. What is a Satellite?                   error correction               • Typical service costs                and administrative due
 • Spacecraft descriptions               - Typical data rates
                                                                          • Digital TV, HDTV, MPEG,DVB           diligence
    - Bus and payload                    - Higher order
    - Stabilisation                                                       Trunk Telephony                    • Regional and national
                                           modulation schemes
    - Three axis / spin stabilised       - DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS             • Typical users                      service regulators
 • Payload description                     / DOCSIS / IPoS                   - PTTs, carriers                  - European Commission, FCC,
 • Transponders                          - Multi-carrier operation,       • Competition from submarine           Indian DoC
    - Bent pipe vs on-board                transponder backoff,                                              • Service regulation
      processing                           intermodulation                                                   • Frequency regulation
                                                                          • Corporate networking, VSATs
 • Antennas
                                      7. Typical Applications                - Typical users, network        • Earth station type approvals
    - Fixed, steerable, phased
                                      • Video distribution                     topology and applications     • The GMPCS MoU
      array, unfurlable (umbrella
      and frame),digital beam            - Bulk telephony                    - Shared hub vs dedicated hub     - Free movement for GMPCS
      forming and scanning spot          - Video backhaul                 • Equipment providers                  equipment
      beams                              - Corporate data services        • Market size                      • Export controls,
 • Footprints                            - Cellular extension and         • Trends                             security issues
    - Global, regional, spot beams         complement
                                                                          Mobile Satellite Services          • Safety and radiation hazards
 • FInter-Satellite Links                - Rural and thin route
                                           telephony                      • History / Inmarsat               15. Insurance
    - Radio and optical
                                         - Internet access                • New players and ex-players       • The satellite, space
 • Mission
    - Fixed services, mobile, TV                                            - Iridium, Globalstar, ICO         insurance market
                                      8. Operators
    broadcasting, audio                                                       Global, Ellipso                • Failure scenarios
                                      • Global
    broadcasting and DARS,               - Intelsat, SES Global,          • Inmarsat BGAN / Global Xpress
                                                                                                               - Launch, transfer orbit, in-orbit
    multimedia satellites,               Intersputnik, Inmarsat.          • Network level operators
                                                                                                             • Historical failure rates for
    navigation, GPS, low              • Regional                            and regional serviceproviders
                                                                                                               launch and in-orbit cover
    data rate messaging.                 - Eutelsat, Arabsat,             • Terminal size and cost,
                                                                                                             • Recent trends
 • Satellite Control                       Asiasat                          service cost, data rates
    - Telemetry and tracking /        • National                          • Trends / what went wrong?      16. Terrestrial Competition
      telecommand                        - DirecTV, Echostar,                                              • Submarine cables
    - Attitude control                                                    Broadband / Multimedia
                                           Palapa                                                            - Global Crossing, FLAG,
    - Stationkeeping                     - The new private equity         Satellites
                                                                          • GSO                              - SE-ME-WE
    - Satellite lifetime / fuel            owners
                                                                            - Spaceway / Viasat / Ka-Sat /   - Capacity and pricing
                                      • FSS industry consolidation:
 3. Satellite Orbits                                                                                         - Complementarity with satellites
                                         - Private equity / global            Avanti / Yahsat / Wildblue
 • Basic orbital mechanics                                                                                 • Fixed Wireless Local Loop
                                           consolidation                  • NGSO
 • How do satellites stay in orbit?
                                                                            - Teledesic, SkyBridge         • Application Efficiency
 • Launch / transfer orbit            9. The Global Marketplace
                                                                          • Typical applications             - ATM, Frame Relay
    / GSO insertion                   • Satellite operators
 • Geostationary (GSO)                                                    • Ka-band vs Ku-band             • Latency
                                      • Spacecraft manufacturers
    - inclined orbit operation                                            • Trends / what went wrong?      • Speed vs instant infrastructure
                                         - Boeing, EADS Astrium,
 • Non-geostationary Orbits                Lockheed Martin, Space
                                                                          12. Financial Aspects              17. Forecasting Future Trends
    - LEO, MEO, elliptical, polar          Systems/Loral, ISRO,
                                                                          • Cost issues                      • Increasing penetration of fibre
 • Space Debris                            Russian and Chinese
 • Radiation belts                                                          - Satellites, launchers,           - competition or complement?
                                                                              insurance, earth stations,     • Cost and pricing trends
 4. Launches                             - (NPO-PM, CGWIC)
                                      • Broadcasters                          services                       • Content delivery via IP
 • Reusable / expendable
                                      • Content providers                 • Cost and pricing of services       - Technology trends
                                         - The service value chain        • Financial services               • Higher frequencies (Q/V/W
 • Launch sites
                                      • DTH / FSS / broadband               - Stock market performance         bands)
 5. Earth Stations                       (broadcast and interactive)        - Financing options (debt        • Higher order modulation
 • Fixed satellite services              - Service providers                  vs equity)                     • Antennas
    - Gateway earth stations,            - Services                                                          • Pushing the limits for band
                                                                          • Due diligence / Project
      IBS, SMS, VSATs, DTH               - Legal and regulatory,
                                                                            assessments                        width efficiency and digital
 • Mobile services                         insurance, market research,
                                                                            - Market research                  video coding
    - Luggable, briefcase size             financing
      and handheld                    • Market size                         - Business plans                 • Globalisation of satellite
 • Earth station antennas                - Spacecraft, launch services,     - Management                       operators
    - Typical sizes, geometry,             service provision                - Financial markets              • The role of satellites in 10,
      applications, cost              • Market growth forecasts             - Debt vs equity                   20 and 50 years
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