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					Improving Schools, Improving Communities
              Our journey …

• Millfields Community School became the school it
  now is because of the needs of the whole school
• The priority is to raise pupils’ attainment and
  achievement and support lifelong learning.
                       It is about …
•   Having a vision and being able to share it (corporate responsibilities
    and benefits)
•   Lifelong learning - empowering and inspiring learners
•   Empowering people to do their job effectively
•   Plan, implement, monitor, evaluate, plan …
•   Informed decision making and secure information flow and
•   Creative thinking on premises management, tolerance and corporate
    sharing, safety & security and personnel issues,
•   True inclusion - an integral aspect of everything we do.
•   Constant effective reflection, consultation and communication

• ‘Catching’ the whole school community being successful.
Great children, great learning! Special children, special
   people! Healthy children, happy, safe children!
             Local characteristics
• Hackney is ranked as second most deprived area in the country.
  All 23 wards in Hackney are in the worst 10 %
• 41% of the population of Hackney are of BME origin.
• Hackney has one of the highest birth rates in the country. This is
  increasing. Infant mortality is approximately 2.5% above the
  national average.
• Crime is significantly higher in Hackney than the average for
• Nationally, less than one child in 200 is looked after or on the child
  protection register. In Hackney it is roughly one in 70
• The proportion of lone parent households with dependent children
  is 10% compared to the England and Wales average of 6%
  (Census 2001)
• (Government index of Multiple Deprivation -2000)
      Millfields in context……….
A large inclusive primary school with 665 pupils
on roll:
• situated at the heart of the local community
• not isolated from the many deprivations and
complex problems that exist for many families in
an area renowned for crime, drugs etc.
• 50+% on poverty index
• 65+% English as an Additional Language
• 30+% SEN
• 30+% Mobility
• many in over-crowded living accommodation.
It has had a very interesting history!
    What does this mean for Millfields?

     All parents want the best for their children, many have not got
    the capacity or capability to make it happen because of their
    own history social issues/ factors etc. Research shows key
    factors that affect a child’s future are:
•   Daily hassles
•   Living conditions
•   Mental Health, Criminality
•   Supportive relationships
•   Own upbringing
•   Intellectual ability
    What does this mean for Millfields?
All parents want the best for their children, many have not
   got the capacity or capability to make it happen because
   of their own history social issues/ factors etc. Research
   shows key factors that affect a child’s future are:

•   Daily hassles
•   Living conditions
•   Mental health
•   Lack of relationships
•   Own upbringing
•   Intellectual ability
          What were the needs?
Education for all – true inclusivity
School as a community resource
Establishing the ethos of lifelong learning
Developing confidence and self esteem
‘Classless’ opportunities (awareness that Middle class experiences
are not the preserve of middle class children - basic right to
expect quality whichever class you come from…..)
Clarity , honesty and trust from all sides
Zero tolerance of excuses from all sides
Mutual respect by and for the whole community
       What every school can offer…
• A WELCOME the first step in making a difference – opening
  doors, raising aspirations
• parents would prefer to come into school than anywhere else
• extended day childcare increases employment opportunities
• literacy, numeracy, e-learning – ICT – new skills, new
• support – health, parenting, social network, guidance in
  educating family
• in school training – childcare to teaching
• information, signposting and access to local FE / HE / training
  targeted help for specific issues
• sports and fitness facilities
• role models
• Knowledge and sharing the discourse of learning
• ability to support families at points of crisis with advice and
• the acknowledgement and celebration of achievement
              Day to day
The understanding that this is an integral part of the
school day – for all
( learning takes place in different ways, different
times through different experiences)
Having clear educational outcomes -integral part of
the SDP
Planning for sustainability.
Being prepared – updating Development Plan ( and
now the SEF)
Being flexible and creative with time, premises,
personnel profile and finances.
•   Opened September 2001
•   Saturday school (10am-3pm)          • Always happy in
•   30 weeks a year                        their learning
•   Special subject each term
•   Smaller classes, more support
•   Additional and different to
•   Innovative, accelerated and
    experiential learning
•   Underachieving and
    underprivileged children
•   Monitoring and evaluation
•   A community resource
                This year at a glance
                                 Highlights each term
    • .
                                                            Sport and Technology
  Science – Space Camp                Carnival
                                 History of Carnival      David Beckham Academy
     Our solar system
                                      Calypsos             How to make a football
 Visits from an astronaut
                               Samba band workshop          The Mouth that Roars
 Space Flight and rockets
                              Proverbs and Storytelling        - Video making
                                  Costume Design             Time – and Clocks
      A Mars Landing
                                 Dance workshops          Technology Challenge Day
       Space Station
                                  Costume Making           Sports logo and t-shirts
   Inside a planetarium
                                Carnival Celebration         Local Sports Event
      Into the future
                               Community health day           IMAX fun movie
Missions Control Challenges
       What can be measured?
• Self evaluation against personal or teacher set targets
• Progress across one year in small scale tests (eg: reading
    tests or staff-administered in spelling, numeracy etc)
•   Value added (comparison of Year 6 SATs against school
    baseline (e.g: /TA / Cats for SHINE and non-SHINE)
•   Assessment within the project from SHINE tutors (recap
•   And assessment from school data (teacher assessments,
•   Qualitative data – perceived improvement in attitude to
    learning, social skills, emotional literacy, behaviour
• Quantitative
                Level 4+ results achieved:
                           % 2000      Actual    Actual   Actual    Actual    Actual       Actual
                           baseline    % 2001    %        %         %         %            %
                                                 2002     2003      2004      2005         2006
     English                  52         56        76        84       83       82           82
     Maths                    61         65        85        78       68       71           68
     Science                  62         65        92        87       93       92           88

                Level 5 results achieved:
                % 2000     Actual     Actual    Actual    Actual   Actual    Actual
                baseline   % 2001     % 2002    % 2003    %        %         %
                                                          2004     2005      2006

      English      10        15         35        22       26       27                16
      Maths         4        7          30        32       16       21                11
      Science      14        16         42        25       44       44                25

Note: intervention of SHINE is included within figures from 2002 – 2006
   Year 6 -      Number   Not met   Met   Exceeded
 Comparison –
SHINE and Non-


SHINE            12       0         58%   42%
School           53       9%        55%   36%

SHINE            12       0         33%   67%
School           53       13%       64%   23%

SHINE            12       0         58%   42%
School           53       17%       62%   21%
Year 6 - Individual Improvement Comparison –
            SHINE and Non- SHINE

2006      ENGLISH     MATHS       SCIENCE

SHINE         83%        92%         100%

School        64%         51%        66%
Impact – making a difference
• Pupils feel valued and it increases value of
  education and re-motivates learners
• Spiral effect - reinforces learning, lays foundations
  for learning
• Accelerated approaches – learning to learn
• Social cohesion across years 3 to 6
• High profile in local community
• Collaborative project – schools working together
• Another way in to support a disaffected /
  disadvantaged / underachieving pupil
• Proven raising of achievement
1.General Rationale:                                                        A. Strategic Rationale:

The following structure promotes:                                            Ovals identify the teams
• Flexibility                                                                In the inner circle is the Central Strategic
• It focuses the work of the school on key                                    Team
  levers for improvement                                                     The Leaders/Managers of the outer rings
• It ensures shared responsibilities                                          are Strategic Managers in their own
• It promotes innovation                                                      expertise and feed this into the Central
• Responsibility is shared across a wider                                     Team, on a needs basis (These are the
  group                                       Super / Teaching                ‘Operational Managers’)

                                              Assistants Team

                                                                        Training School
                               ARB. Team                               Development Team

                                              Governors / Head
                                                                            Extended Day / School
                   School Business             Pupils / Community
                                                                            in the Community Team
                       Team                                                    & Children’s Centre
                                              Director of Learning &

                               Age Phase
                                                                       Strategic Learning
                                                                        & Teaching Team

                                              Senior Managers
                                              Lead Learning &
                                               Teaching Team
2.General Rationale continued:                                              B. Operational Rationale:

• Information flows between all groups                                      • Operational Managers

• Links & partnerships between agencies and                                       ensure that decisions are actioned
  other schools enhanced
                                                                                  are strategic in their own field of
                                                                                   responsibility & expertise
• Enhanced sharing of wider methodology
                                                                                  advise in their own field and feed
                                                                                   into the Strategic Team
Extended Day (pupils) Timetable
MONDAY            TUESDAY              WEDNESDAY           THURSDAY             FRIDAY

Breakfast Club    Breakfast Club       Breakfast Club      Breakfast Club       Breakfast Club
Play Club         Play Club            Play Club           Play Club            Play Club
Spanish - All     Tap dance – Y R-     Circus Skills       Music Y 1-2          Cricket – Y3-6
                      3                Y 3-6
Turkish - All     Street Jazz –Y 4-6   Maths Y1-2 /Y3      Traditional crafts   ICT- Y4-6
                                          Free                 Y3-6
Maths Y4-5        Games/Chess -All     Girls Netball Y3-   Homework Y1-6        Art - R-Y4
   Free                                     6                 FREE
Speed Stackers Basketball – Y 5-6      Football team       Tae-Kwando Y2-6      Football YR-3
   -All                                    Y5-6
Arsenal Double    Art - R-Y4           Drama Y3-6          Art - YR-4
    - All
Play Plus – All   Play Plus            Play Plus – All     Play Plus            Play Plus
5pm -6pm          5pm -6pm             5pm -6pm            5pm -6pm             5pm -6pm
                       Key points
Access: to everything offered in school for each family: e.g. play club
, extended day activities, summer schemes, respite care for parents,
training, job opportunities, communication flow.
Premises: accessibility, space, correct furniture, school keepers on
board, medical / changing facilities, rescue plans, food etc.
Personnel: Lead expert, structures, suitability of support , Job
Descriptions, CPD, flexibility, performance management, matched
support., knowledge, governors on board.
Working with: protocols, clarity in communication and information
flow time to liaise other agencies: clarity of what each has to offer,
agreed with teachers, support staff and professional carers.
Millfields Children’s Centre

Our intention was to create 60 additional childcare
places (0-3+ years) and a community centre to
better meet the needs of our community, offering
targeted health and social care services.
    A children's centre is a place where a range of
    high quality services for children under 5 years
     old and their families is available from 8pm –
     6pm throughout the year. These services will
         meet identified local need, including:

•   Early education integrated with childcare
•   Family support and outreach to parents
•   Child and family health services
•   A referral point to specialist services
•   A base for childminder networks
•   Links with job centre plus and children’s information
    The initiative is driven by the Sure Start Unit (SSU) in
    the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) and is
    central to the Every Child Matters agenda.
             Every Child Matters
• Change for Children is a new approach to the well-being of
  children and young people from birth to age 19.
• The Government's aim is for every child, whatever their
  background or their circumstances, to have the support they
  need to:
   –   Be healthy
   –   Stay safe
   –   Enjoy and achieve
   –   Make a positive contribution
   –   Achieve economic well-being
• This means that the organisations involved with providing
  services to children - from hospitals and schools, to police and
  voluntary groups - will be teaming up in new ways, sharing
  information and working together, to protect children and young
  people from harm and help them achieve in life.
We demolished a school keeper’s house to make
space for our new children’s centre - March 2006
Changing places, creating spaces
Millfields Children’s Centre was opened on 28th
November 2006 by the Minister for Education.
               What happens now – Full Service          Extension through Children’s Centre
               Extended School                          Open 7.30 – 8.00pm plus Saturdays 48 weeks
               Open 7.30am – 8.30pm Mon – Fri plus      of year
               9.00am – 5.00pm on Saturdays
               38 weeks of year

Support for    Parenting skills training (eg PCT       Advice surgeries and drop-ins from a
families and   Webster Stratton 12 week courses         range of agencies eg Job-Centre Plus
parents        run by PCT)                              Establishment of childminder network
               Counselling – eg: in partnership        More training opportunities -
               with DYP and CYP projects                qualifications eg: ECDL, NVQ,
               Weekly Exercise classes                 Benefits workshops (eg: finance, tax
               Twice weekly Yoga classes               credits with Job Centre Plus and CAB)
               Basic skills classes – literacy, ICT,   Strengthening Families, Strengthening
               ESOL                                     Communities course
               Family Learning classes – Special       Family services information board
               needs, Fathers group, Literacy,          Access to Sure Start family support
               Numeracy;                                workers and other specialists through
               Short-stay crèche facilities            direct referrals (eg dietician)
               Support in referrals to other           Dads and Lads / Pops and Tots
               agencies                                 Music and Movement sessions
               Kids Company support services           Baby Massage course
               (Art therapy, mentoring,
               Drama therapy
               Residential visits for children with
               Autistic Spectrum Disorders
               Residential visits for all pupils in
               Years 5 and 6
                What happens now – Full             Extension through Children’s
                Service Extended School             Centre
                Open 7.30am – 8.30pm Mon – Fri      Open 7.30 – 8.00pm plus Saturdays 48
                plus 9.00am – 5.00pm on Saturdays   weeks of year
                38 weeks of year
Quality play,
learning and    Toy Library Service                 60 new day care places
                Some short stay crèche              Wraparound, sessional and
                provision                           holiday provision including
                Breakfast Club – 40-60              short stay crèche facilities
                places                              a dedicated outdoor play
                After school clubs (25+             area with outdoor play
                clubs each week until               schemes of work
                5pm; Play club daily until          Stay and play sessions in 0-
                6.00pm) – 160 places                5 years provision
                Range of lunchtime                  Stay and play clubs or
                activities                          similar to support parents
                (sports, music and play)            and childminders network
                SHINE Saturday school               Training and advice drop-ins
                (30 days per year)
                Holiday play schemes
                Adult Volunteers
Standards – Raised Achievement – at all ages.
Lifelong Learning:
     The Local Community – stability, involevement
     Loyalty and support for the educational offer.
     Empowers clients – enables choices to be made
Sports and the Arts, Healthy Schools, Initiatives
Recruitment & Retention
Job Prospects for the Community and for school staff
Carol Byrne – ESOL tutor at Millfields Community
          School and Hackney College

I have worked at Millfields School for over 5 years now
   as an ESOL tutor. I work with mothers from all walks
   of life, from different places with different interests
   and varying needs. However, what unites all these
   women is the desire to further themselves through
   education. Millfields facilitates this by providing the
   space for these women to come together, to learn
   and to share existing skills. Millfields is invaluable as
   a resource for community education, it provides a
   comfortable and welcoming environment where we
   can feel at home and open to learn.
This process of empowerment has benefited many
   women in Hackney and they have gone on to further
   education and employment therefore helping their
   families to progress in a positive way.
         Lessons learnt ( so far…….)
Need for :
a corporate ‘vision’ with a detailed plan
clearly understood and agreed philosophy incorporated into all
that involves the school and community
everyone to be on board
creative management /use of the premises/ personal safety
and H&S
big thinking! – ‘ Nothing succeeds like success’
full support of Governors
to like children and have total commitment to them
belief in ‘lifelong learning’
Sharing & understanding different agency agendas (CPD)
Good listening and communication
Clarity in the expectation of standards of behaviour
               Need to…………
•be courageous
•plan for sustainability
•always bargain / negotiate
•be flexible
•be accountable – how do you monitor and evaluate?
•celebrate success and progress
•the more evidence of commitment & success there is
- the more you can attract.
(Agencies ask to work with us: they are welcomed, valued and
their contribution is planned and regularly assessed)
      More lessons…..
It doesn’t just happen!
The seamless offer takes time, effort, listening to
people, a sense of humour, creativity, common sense
thinking and a back as broad as a bus!
Not all schools can generate this level of support etc.
Millfields needs were and are enormous.
Each school must know what the needs are,
what they can support and develop, then they must go
for it – but watch out –
   School Plus seems to take on a life of its own and
just grows and grows!
Theory of Change            • Main strands of action

The situation               Children and families – early and
• Poverty                         targeted interventions

• Wide socio-economic mix
• High level of crime          Parental involvement in
• High BME and EAL               children’s learning
• Safe haven for all         Community engagement and
• Achievement                     adult learning
• Developing life chances
• Empowering children and
                                Extended curriculum and
  families                        activities for children
= Innovation for Children, Parents and
  the Community

• ‘ Creating a successful Extended Day
         Many thanks

            Kim Price
  Millfields Children’s Centre
        Elmcroft Street
             E5 0SQ

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