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					                              Handcart Trek Training

                           Why Use Company Captains
Using Company Captains is useful for several reasons.

Order in trek progression – eliminates jockeying for position and racing

We trekked in honor of the 1st five companies to cross the plains: Ellsworth, McArthur,
Bunker, Willie, & Martin. We gave each company captain a flag representing one of the
countries the pioneers came from. At the trailhead, we announced the company captains,
gave a bit of history of his company and issued the company flag to the captain. This
ended up being a really fun part of the trek. And the kids really like having a flag.

There were 3 families per company and the company captain looked after each family in
his company. If a family had trouble, the captain would assist.

Trek companies proceeded in the order the companies actually crossed the plains. This
was an important factor in maintaining order as the trek progressed. There was never
any worry about jockeying for position or racing.

Each company was assigned to present a vignette which represented an experience the
pioneers encountered on their journey. The vignettes were assigned prior to trek, but
because we didn’t want to divulge who is in what family, vignettes were more of an
impromptu. The impromptu concept work out well because the vignettes were not
intended to be the focus of the trek, nor were they intended to be skits. They were
intended to depict actual pioneer experiences and lend to the authenticity of the activity.
Vignettes were very informal and only lasted a couple of minutes each. The vignettes we
assigned were:
       Giving life on the trail.
       Death on the trail
       History of Come Come Ye Saints
       Crossing the Sweetwater
       October General Conference

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