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					      Fru Ndi’s Latest Bafia Dance

      Petals of Pristine
      Greed & Primal
                                        By Ntemfac Aloysius
                                           Nkong Ofege
                                     Update: Even while pretending
                                     that he has given the so-called
                                     National     Coalition    for   the
                                     Reconciliation and Reconstruction
                                     one week to settle the difference
                                     over the presidential candidate
                                     imbroglio, Fru Ndi has triggered
                                     the mechanism for his designed-to-
                                     fail campaign for presidentials
                                     2004. SDF District chairmen in the
                                     North West province have been
                                     given their orders to start
                                     campaigning for Mr. John. The fact
                                     now stands that come rain come
                                     sunshine Mr. John of Ntarinkon
                                     will be a candidate. Head honcho
                                     Mbah Ndam is in the South West
                                     to trigger Fru Ndi’s campaigns to
                                     nowhere. ‚You cannot emerge
                                     from the bush and expect to lead a
state,‛ said UPC member Hogbe Nlend of John Fru Ndi’s latest goof, Hogbe
            Nlend is a member of the selection committee that voted for Ndam Njoya as
            the single candidate of the opposition. We foray into a fine mess.

             The Thorny Road to the Impossible Single
             Candidate of the Opposition
                                               Those who have been
                                               reading insights and
    Follow the Money                           meaning       into     the
In 1997, Mr. Fru Ndi of Ntarinkon refused      publications     of   this
to go for the presidential elections           website could see it
because:                                       coming. We had warned
Mr. Paul Biya of Etoudi had rigged the         that the main reason Mr.
process by not creating an Independent         Biya is still lording it
Electoral Commission                           over Cameroon today is
                                               simply that it is yet to
    1. Mr. Biya was not offering any
                                               sink into Mr. Fru Ndi’s
        money to candidates running
                                               head that he is the
        against him.
                                               problem. Way back in
    In 2002 Mr. Fru Ndi of Ntarinkon and       1997 a collective of
    the SDF went for parliamentary and         diplomats      based    in
    council elections because:                 Yaounde told Fru Ndi to
    1. Without creating an genuinely           his face that his was not the right face to replace Mr.
        Independent Electoral Commission       Biya. The Chairman was told to groom a candidate.
        and without halting his tendency to    That time Mr. Fru Ndi typically got start raving mad.
        rig elections Mr. Paul Biya of         When the SDF created a so-called coalition for
        Etoudi had offered circa 500 Million   Reconciliation and Reconstruction of Cameroon and
                                               gave it a three year mandate to set up democratic
        FCFA to bring out the SDF and
                                               institutions for the country, long rangers mistakenly
        similar unprincipled fronts led by
                                               thought Mr. Fru Ndi had seen the light and was
        their avarice;
                                               actually grooming a candidate even if only for the
    Conclusion. Despite the obvious fact       transition. Wrong. Now the fact stands that having lost
    that Mr. Paul Biya of Etoudi will still    woefully in the 2002 joint parliamentary-municipal
    rig the October 11, 2004 elections this    elections in Francophone Cameroon the SDF and Mr.
    scribe will posit that Mr. John of         John wanted to pull a fast one on the Francophones. At
    Ntarinkon has now transformed into         the same time, the Francophones still mistakenly think
    Ivan the Hurricane and is sweeping all     that Fru Ndi is indispensable to any bid to wrest
    in his path (even Ndam Njoya, the          power from Mr. Biya. He is not. As one time SDF
    democratically elected candidate of the    provincial chairman for the North West, martin Yembe
                                               wrote in the latest edition of his NEW Frontier
    opposition) to run for the 2004
                                               newspaper. ‚75% of those who initially believed in the
    elections with the hindsight and now
                                               SDF have since left,‛ thanks mainly to the cavalier,
    foresight that Mr. Paul of Etoudi will
    provide some money. Simple logic.
dictatorial, temperamental, blind, etc. manner in which Mr. John has mismanaged the party.
Unlike Awolowo, John Fru Ndi may never even be the best president Cameroon never had.

         The LIBERAL Single Candidate
        Simulation – Djeukam Tchameni
Mr. Fru Ndi’s latest flip-flop has a long history. On the 12th of February 2004, a group calling itself the
Ligue Belgo-Africain pour le Rétablissement des Libertés Fondamentales en Afrique (LIBERAL) based
in Bruxelles, Tel : 0477 13 00 31 invited media practitioners in Douala for an
exercise with significant intellectual and political ramifications.
Operating on the premise that journalists were best suited to tell who would make an excellent
presidential candidate the political correspondents of the following news organs were invited to
say who they thought would make an excellent presidential candidate for the 2004 presidential
Reporters, especially those covering the political desks of their respective organs, came from the
following news organs:
    1. Aurore Plus
    2. Cameroon Tribune
    3. DDC- Douala (The City Council’s Communications Unit);
    4. Global
    5. La Nouvelle Expression
    6. La Missive
    7. Le Messager
    8. Le Miroir
    9. Mutations
    10. CBN Radio
    11. Radio Equinoxe
    12. Radio Television Siantou
    13. Star Headlines
    14. Sweet FM
    15. The Herald
    16. BBC’s Douala Correspondent
    LIBERAL had forwarded to the journalist a list of what it perceived as ‘objective’ criteria
    (profile) to determine the best candidate to challenge incumbent Paul Biya for the 2004
    presidential elections.
    The criteria included:
    1. Party Structure (whether the candidate’s party was local, national, international or all of
        the above);
    2. Education (the candidate’s level of education i.e. candidates with PhD or the doctorat
        d’état had 4pts; those with Third Cycle or Masters had 3points; those with First Degree
        2pts while those while those below that had 1pt);
      Profession (those with international jobs
      had 4pts, those in the liberal profession
4.    civil servants 2pts and the others 1pt)
5.    Entry in Struggle (against the neo-
      colonial state) Candidates who entered
      the struggle before 1982 had 4pts, those
      from 1082-189 3pts, those from 1990-1995
      2pts and those after that 1pt)
6.    Bilingualism (the perfectly bilingual
      candidates scored 4pts, the averagely
      bilingual candidates scored 3points, those
      who could just make it 2pts and those
      who were zero score 1pt)
7.    Marital Status (with the argument that
      candidates with stable marriages were
      better able to manage the state); Those
      who were married with children scored
      4pts; those married without children
      scored 3pts, those divorced but with
      children scored 2pts and the bachelors
      scored 1pt)
8.    Spectacular action against the regime; (Exceptional action against the regime was 4pts,
      spectacular action against the regime was 3pts, notable action against the regime was
      2pts and ordinary action against the regime was 1pt)
9.    Age; (those between 35-45 years scored 4pys, those between 46-55 years scored 3pts,
      those between 56-65 years scored 2 points and those between 66-75 years scored 1pt)
10.   Party Ideology (with the argument that candidates with a vision were best suited for
11.   Collaboration with Neocolonialism (regime hands past, present or future could not
      change Cameroon so they received low scores);
12. Morality. Homosexuals, chronic adulterers, liars and folks known to have swiped public
    funds received low scores.
13. Health. Candidates with cancer, hypertension, and diabetes received low points.
To this list the reporters added other criteria like temperament, eligibility
(ELECTABILITY) and financial capacity. However, these new categories did not feature in
the final report as presented by the reporters. Little did the journalists who participated in
this exercise know that these same criteria would be used seven months later by the CNRR
Electoral College to produce Adamou Ndam Njoya as the singe candidate of the
Some of the criteria in the above list had a higher coefficient, for example Party structure
and implantation, bilingualism, action against the regime, party ideology, and morality
were maximum coefficient (10). Education was coefficient 8 while the others were
coefficients 5 each.
The list of potential candidates fielded by LIBERAL included:
1. Djeukam Tchameni
2. Samuel Mackit
3. Ekane Anicet
4. Christian Cardinal Tumi
5. Yondo Marcel
6. Hameni Bieuleu
7. Christopher Formunyoh
8. Bernard Muna
9. Garga Haman                  The detail scores of the candidates can be read in the
10. Jean        Jacques            result sheet. The following candidates scored the
11. John Fru Ndi
                                          following points: FRU NDI was 12th!
12. Adamou Ndam                 1. Mr. Djeukam Tchameni      286pts
    Njoya                       2. Mr. Samuel Mack-Kit       265pts
13. Kodock Augustin             3. Mr. Ekane Anicet          247pts
14. Bello Bouba                 4. Christian Cardinal Tumi 215pts
The journalists added           5. Mr. Yondo Black           210pts
Sanda       Oumarou,            6. Hameni Bieuleu Victorien 193pts
Boniface Forbin, and            7. Christoper Formunyoh      176pts
Ngoh Pierre Fritz
                                8. Bernard Muna              160pts
Maitre Baleng Maah
                                9. Garga Haman               158pts
Celestin, a Douala-
                                10. Boniface Forbin          153 pts
based Bailiff (342-10-
37) duly observed the           11. Ekindi Jean Jacques      149pts
authenticity        and         12. John Fru Ndi             149pts
sincerity    of      the        13. Adamou Ndam Njoya        146pts
exercise while the              14. Sanda Oumarou            123pts
Chairman            and         15. Ngo Fritz                108pts
Delegate of United              16. Kodock Augustin          1006pts
Media Incorporated              17. Bello Bouba              90pts
and Chairman of the
                                18. Paul Biya                24pts.
Cameroon Business
Network Radio. Mr.              While it is most obvious that the criteria set
Ntemfac       Nchwete           provided by LIBERAL could only produce the
Nkong             Ofege         above results it is also obvious that and expert at
Aloysius      presided
                                manipulative communication could produce a
over the exercise.
Based on a list of              different set of criteria to invent a different set of
criteria similar to             outcomes.
those used by the
CNRR       Committee,
Fru Ndi came 12th out of 18th candidates. The Proces-Verbal of the findings as delivered by
the journalists is herein attached.
This process-Verbal was never published for several reasons;
1. The above exercise was very illegal for it violates the rights of citizens to run for public
   office by making those rights subordinate to their level of education. It is most
   astonishing that the SDF with its bevy of AIRHEADED lawyers (Mbah Ndam) allowed
   Mr. Fru Ndi to first take part in a similar exercise only for the SDF to turn around and
   repudiate the results. Stolen Victory, Ndam Njoya must be screeching.
                   2. Representatives of some presidential hopefuls who had somehow smuggle themselves
                       into the Arcade Hotel where the simulation took place threatened to sue the journalists
                       because their candidates had not been presented in favourable light;
                   3. Representatives of some media houses objected a posteriori to the exercise on the claims
                       that they might be fired by their bosses if they took a stand that was judged political;
                   4. Cameroon law proscribed opinion surveys ahead of elections;
                   5. Some politicians calmly smuggled militant-reporters into the collective of reporters;
                   6. The result of the exercise was deemed unscientific because the ‘eligibility and electability
                       criteria’ were never taken into consideration;
                   7. The reporters also demanded to know who exactly the members of LIBERAL were and
                                           who exactly was behind the exercise. It is alleged that an arms of the
The following report on a
                                           French government was behind the exercise.
simulation of presidential
candidates based on the
same criteria used by
Cameroon’s Coalition for            The CNRR Single Candidate
Reconciliation and
Reconstruction, CNRR,
executed by a collective of
Cameroonian journalists
was censored because this          On the night of September 11th, Cameroon’s the SDF sat down in the CPDM
reporter who had the               Congress Hall in Bamenda to elect its candidate for the candidature of the
privilege of presiding over        2004 presidential elections. Candidate for the candidature because the SDF
the selection committee            candidate had to face other candidates from the CNRR for the lone ticket to
made up of journalists was         then challenge the CPDM candidate, Paul Biya. Believe it or not the SDF
threatened with a court            election was rigged! Those suspected of harbouring anti-Fru Ndi sentiments
action if the results were
                                   were never invited to Bamenda while those within the Congress hall like
released. We acquiesced
                                   Orlando Monju, a onetime Fru Ndi stooge now turned opponent, who
because Cameroon’s law
                                   ventured to request that Fru Ndi be called to order for campaigning ahead of
actually prohibits opinion
surveys ahead of major             time had his mandibles broken by Fru Ndi’s thugs.
elections!                         Pro-Fru Ndi hands like a certain Pierre Kwemo of Bafang who even retained
                                   his seat in parliament under dubious circumstances (the lone SDF seat in East
                                   Cameroon) organized charters only for FRU Ndi’s delegates from the three
               Northern provinces. The press, Le Messager No. 1710, has reported that Kwemo went about
               bribing and corrupting the delegates to vote Fru Ndi. The press has even insinuated that the
               bribe money came from the CPDM. Recall that Mr. Fru Ndi has never refuted press reports that
               he received 150 million FCFA bribe money from Kwemo some years ago when the Western
               provincial coordination of the SDF wanted to get rid of Kwemo.
               Other agitators like Awudu Mbaya, Mbah Ndam and Yoyo also finances only pro-Fru Ndi
               delegates to the SDF extra-ordinary Convention. Armed with a hall-full of delegates specially
               screened to handclap him to victory, Fru Ndi recorded a moon slide victory over his two rivals
               – Bernard Muna and Noucti Tchokwango.
               The scores were as follows:
               Accredited Delegates: 1470
Voters                 1204
Valid ballots          1185             The CNRR Criteria for Determining
Fru Ndi                994 or 83.8%
Noucti                 132
                                                   the Single Candidate
Muna                   59                   1. Must be a member of a political party
Null Ballots           19                   2. Must have a good knowledge of
All members of the CNRR who had                 Cameroon
hope that Bernard Muna would                3. Party Implantation in at least 6 provinces
emerge victorious from the SDF              4. Must have representation in council in
convention so that the speedily                 National Assembly
make him the single candidate of            5. Must have participated in the fight for
the opposition left Bamenda
                                            6. Must be a Nationalist and an anti-
Way ahead of the SDF Convention,
the Coalition including Mr. Fru Ndi
had set up an agreed on the                 7. Must be accepted by the two colonial
modalities     of    selecting    the           powers – France and Britain
opposition single candidate. That           8. Must have a basic Education background
selection process was to be based on        9. Must have the financial clout
15 points published herein. Despite         10. Must be bilingual
the highly illegal nature of these          11. Must have been a state functionary
criteria because they violated the          12. Must be open to dialogue
law governing presidential elections        13. Must be tolerant
in Cameroon, Mr. Fru Ndi agreed to
                                            14. Must be morally upright
these terms of reference.
                                            15. Must be resistant to corruption
So it was that on September 15th the
CNRR gathered at the SDF locus in Yaounde to select its candidate. Those running were Dr
George Nyamdi, Hon Yondo Marcel, Mr. Sanda Oumarou, Dr Adamou Ndam Njoya, Ni John
Fru Ndi and, strangely, Edouard Akame Mfoumou, proposed by Dr Sinjoun Pokam.
The Electoral Commission was made up of the following;
1.      Issa Tchiroma Bakary (Dynamique du Nord)           President
2.      Moukouri Maka (MDP)                                Member
3.      Antar Gassagaye (UPR)                              Member
4. Hogbe Nlend (UPC)                                       Member
5. Tazoacha Asonganyi (SDF)                                Member
6. Pierre Mouafo (SDF)                                     Member
7. Zamboue Pascal (SDF)                                    Member
8. Yimgaing Moyo (UDC)                                     Member
9. Bebbe Njoh (SDF)                                        Member
10. Jean Pahai (PPC)                                       Member
Note that the SDF had 04 (FOUR!) members in the Electoral College!
The ‘voting’ process proper had to be by consensus in the following seven stages:
1. Examination of candidatures.
2. Negotiating withdrawal of some candidates. Dr George Nyamdi, Marcel Yondo withdrew.
The candidature of Akame Mfoumou was also pulled back because he was not present to sign
the 03 year Transition programme defined by the CNRR.
3. Screening of Candidatures based on 15 points. Ndam Njoya’s files fulfilled all 15 conditions.
He had 15 points. Sanda Oumarou’s party was present only in 3 provinces and the man did not
have representation in parliament and the councils. He scored 12 points. Fru Ndi was deemed
untrustworthy, incapable of keeping his word, not bilingual, intolerant, capable of bringing a
civil war, incapable of respecting the constitution. The heavy presence of SDF members in the
Commission gave Fru Ndi 11points.
4. Negotiating withdrawal of those who did not meet the 15 points. Three candidates now
remained. Ndam Njoya, Sanda and Fru Ndi
5. Elimination of one candidate based on party implantation.
6. Withdrawal of One candidate. Sanda Oumarou was eliminated.
7. Meeting with facilitators to negotiate withdrawal of last candidate. While the negotiations
were going on Fru walked out of the session
Mr. John of Ntarinkon is now on a foray into the wild sea on a leaky canoe. The critical fact
remains: Fru Ndi cannot beat Paul Biya. Ndam Njoya cannot beat Paul Biya. Fru Ndi and Ndam
Njoya combined cannot beat Paul Biya and his infernal rigging machine. There are about
4.800.000 Cameroonians registered today. More than 70% of them are exclusively CPDM
militants. If Fru Ndi can win his party’s nomination by creating a selected electorate why blame
Mr. Biya.
The fact now stands that our insights into Mr. Fru Ndi’s character; motives, greed and flip-flops
have been vindicated. The mask has now been uncovered and the face behind it is as hideous as
we suspected. Greed. The fact now stands that having lost the West province and Francophone
Cameroon in the 2002 elections, Fru Ndi and the SDF wanted to bolster their ebbing fortunes by
leaning on a bunch of dubious Francophone leaders. At the same time the Francophone leaders
wanted to use whatever remains of the SDF to frog-leap to Etoudi. For a time these strange
bedfellows gave some semblance of hope to the prisoners of hope in Cameroon. Then greed, the
forensic ideology of the SDF Chairman, rose in might and the coalition came unstuck. Now Mr.
Biya can safely claim another 90% moon slide victory and SEVEN MORE YEARS.