SE MANAGEMENT by SanjuDudeja


									       Ch2 Introduction to
Software Engineering Management

            N.L. Hsueh


 Why software is delivered to late?
    The programmer did not tell the truth about the actual
     status of their code;
    Management grossly underestimated the time needed to
     complete the project
    Management did not allow sufficient time to carefully plan
     the project
    The real status of the project was never made clear
    The    programmers’ productivity turned out to be
     considerably lower than expected
    The customer did not know what he wanted


 “software development project” is a misnomer
     We develop system, not software
     Software is important ingredient, but not the only one
         Technical  and user documentation, the hardware, the
          procedure that govern the user of the system
 Example: library automation
    Database component, interaction component
    Barcode
    Hardware for scanning
    Setting up a scheme to provide all books with the new
     identification code
    Education of library employees
    User-friendly documentation for the library customer

Figure 2.1 The system view of a software development project

Planning a Software Development Project

   Introduction
   Process Model
   Organization of the project
   Standards, guidelines, procedures
   Management activities
   Risks
   Staffing
   Methods and Techniques
   Quality assurance
   Work packages
   Resources
   Budget and schedule
   Changes
   Delivery

Controlling A Software Development Project

  Time                                                Ch7
      90% of the code has been written
      Adding people to a late project only makes it later
  Information
      Documentation             Ch4
  Organization
      All members of the development teams must understand
       their role in the tram and what is expected of them
  Quality
      Is not an add-on feature, it has to be build in
  Money
      Estimate the manpower required to build the software


The following factors must be considered when selecting a
  software project team structure
     the difficulty of the problem to be solved
     the size of the resultant program(s) in lines of code or function
     the time that the team will stay together (team lifetime)
     the degree to which the problem can be modularized
     the required quality and reliability of the system to be built
     the rigidity of the delivery date
     the degree of sociability (communication) required for the


 Software development starts to become a capital-intensive
  activity, rather than a labor-intensive one
     Tool and reuse
 Continuous assessment
 In order to be able to adequately control a project, we need
  quantitative data which is collected while the project is being
     Very little data is is ever gathered
     By identifying key factors that affect the controllability of
      the software development process, we may find ways to
      improve it
         Capability Maturity Model (CMM)

          4P in Project Management

 People — the most important element of a successful project
 Product — the software to be built
 Process — the set of framework activities and software
  engineering tasks to get the job done
 Project — all work required to make the product a reality


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