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1) Substitutions: unlimited substitutions, however, a substitute must replace the
   server when the ball is dead.

2) Length of game: all games are to be rally point sets to 21 best 2 out 3. If time
   expires (45 minutes) before the match is complete and each team has won the
   same number of games, then the team leading wins the match.

3) Number of players: a team shall consist of 6 players. A team may not start or
   finish with less than 5 players.

4) The referee’s decision is final. Protests cannot be made on judgement calls.
   Arguing with officials may result in expulsion from the game and/or league.

5) For coed play, there may be no less than 2 females or 2 males (i.e. 4:2 or 2:4)

The play begins with a serve by the right back who continues to serve as long as
   she/he scores.

The server stands with both feet anywhere behind the rear base-line. The serve must
not touch the net or any player on the serving side. The team on the other side of
the net, known as the receiving team, must return the ball back before it touches
the floor. The ball is played back and forth until one team or the other fails to return
it, a point is scored. If the serving team makes the error, it loses the serve, and the
other team serves.

No one player may hit the ball twice in succession. A maximum of two passes are
permitted to a team before returning the ball over the net.

1. Six players to a team.

2.   When the ball is served, each player must be in his own position.

3.   A substitute must replace the server when the ball is dead.

4.   The choice of which team is to serve first at the start of a match is determined
     by a toss of a coin.

5.   The serve is made by the player in the back position.

6.   Each member of a team which receives the ball for service rotates clockwise
     and holds his new position until "side out" has been called on an opponent's

7.   In serving, the server stands outside the court anywhere behind the rear line
     until he strikes the ball. With one hand the server must serve the ball clearly
     over the net. A serve is "good" if it clears the net end and is touched by an
     opponent regardless of whether it might have fallen.

8.   A return may be played in any direction and the player may use any part of his

9.   A return which passes over the net between the side lines is in play even if it
     touches the top of the net while in flight.

10. Providing a player avoids contact with the net, a return may be recovered
    from the net.

11. After contacting the ball once, a player may not touch it again until it has
    been touched by some other player.

12. A player may not catch or hold the ball. There must be clear batting of the

13. A player may not contact the net or each over it. A player is not considered to
    have contacted the net if a hard driven ball causes it to touch him/her.

14. A player may not touch the floor on the opposite side of the centre line or the
    centre line extended.

15. A player may not reach under the net and touch the ball or an opponent while
    the ball is in the opponent's court.

16. May play with no less than 5.

17. Blocking the serve results in the loss of a point.

18. The following contacts with the ball will be called by the referee:

19. Multiple Contact - when an individual is in contact with the ball using more
    than one part of the body.

20. Lifts - when the ball's motion is momentarily ceased while performing a "bump"

21. Carry- when the ball's motion is momentarily ceased while performing a "set"

22. No open handed tips over the net; must be closed handed.

23. Coed - A player of the opposite sex must play the ball before it is returned to
    opponent's court (unless the ball is returned in less than 3 hits).

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