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					                     City of Oakland Banned Bats List
Updated 4/09/2009
MANUFACTURER                         MODEL
Anderson              Techzilla Reborn                          Nike       Aero Athena
Anderson              Rockettech Reloaded                       Nike       Fuse
Boombah               Cannon
Combat                Anaconda original
Combat                B1 Da Bomb (ALL)                          Nokona     Tomahawk
Combat                C4
Combat                Gear Virus
Combat                Signature Series                          Rawlings   ACL
Combat                SX3 (ALL)                                 Rawlings   Silverback
Combat                Uncensored                                Rawlings   Plasma (ALL)
Combat                VIRSP3 Lady Virus                         Rawlings   Fusion (ALL)
Combat                Virus (ALL)                               Rawlings   Rush 120
DeMarini              Dark (ALL)
DeMarini              DXEVO- Yellow Barrel EVO                  Rip-It Elite REAP1 Rip It Reaper 120 BPF
DeMarini              EVO (ALL)                                 Rip-It Elite Senior RESR1 (SP Only)
DeMarini              F2 (ALL)                                  ALL SCHUTT BATS
DeMarini              F375
DeMarini              Geezer
DeMarini              Juggernaut "OTC"
DeMarini              Juice (ALL)                               Toledo     Katana (ALL)
                                                                Toledo     Tiger
Easton                Synergy (ALL)                             Toledo     Dragon
Easton                Synthesis
Easton                Synergy Extended                          Toloso     Maximus
Easton                Synergy Flex CNT & Plus (ALL)
Easton                * Stealth COMP (ALL)                      Worth      PST (ALL)
                                                                Worth      WIC 123
Louisville Slugger    Genesis (ALL)                             Worth      MAX 123
Louisville Slugger    Catalyst (ALL)                            Worth      XEST9X
Louisville Slugger    SB304
Louisville Slugger    Warrior XXL (SB 305 Balanced)             Worth      QEST9X
Louisville Slugger    Warrior XXL (SB 405 Maxload & End Load)   Worth      SBWK
Louisville Slugger    Nexus (ALL)
Mattingly             Beast Unleashed                           Worth      Wicked (SP)
ALL MIKENS BATS                                                 Worth      XWICKX (SP)
Miken                 Edge                                      Worth      EST9
Miken                 Freak (ALL)                               Worth      Mayhem (ALL)
Miken                 HHD                                       Worth      Asylum (ALL)
Miken                 Maniac 282                                Worth      Max 120
Miken                 Maniac 484 & 484 Camo                     Worth      Insanity (ALL)
Miken                 Maniac 585                                Worth      AMP (ALL)
Miken                 MSTC T22C6                                Worth      Launch 510
Miken                 MXB (Balanced & Maxload)                  Worth      M7JH
Miken                 NRG600 PRO Maxload (MSNRGM-6)             Worth      MAX 120
Miken                 NRG PRO-SERIES 600 (MSNRG-6)              Worth      Mutant 120 & JH120
Miken                 Orange Recoil DFR (180 & 250)             Worth      PST 120
Miken                 Psycho (Balanced & Supermax)              Worth      PSTOC(PST)
Miken                 Super Freak Maxload                       Worth      QESTFP
Miken                 Velocit-E Ultra (Balanced & Maxload)      Worth      SBMRES Resmondo Muntant 120
Miken                 Velocit-E II                              Worth      SBMTJ Muntant JH 120
Miken                 Viper (ALL)                               Worth      SBMTU Mutant HD 120
Miken                 Ultra (II, & II Advanced                  Worth      SBTRES Resmondo Mutant 120
Miken                 Ultra (Balanced & Maxload)                Worth      SBTTJH TITAN JH 120
                                                                Worth      SBWK (Wicked)
MIZUNO BATS                                                    Worth   SBWKA
Mizuno                  Frenzy (120 & 120 RB 500)              Worth   WIC 120 (Wicked)
Mizuno                  Tech Fire Classic (Black)              Worth   WSRRH LAUNCH 510.
Mizuno                  Tech Fire Rage (Blue)                  Worth   WWSC WICKED COMP. (SP Only)
Mizuno                  Tech Fire Fury (Red)                   Worth   WWSCA
Mizuno                  Tech Fire Crush (Orange)               Worth   XEST9X
Mizuno                  Blur (Yellow) (ALL) & Advacne Series   Worth   Xgold
Mizuno                  Crush 2 (Orange)                       Worth   XPST4
Mizuno                  Crush G3 & G4 (Black)                  Worth   XRED
Mizuno                  Envy (Lime Green)
Mizuno                  Wrath (ALL)

* Only Stealth bats that have the word COMP are illegal.