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									                                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

             Custom Software under the Shade of Cloud
     Sheikh Muhammad Saqib1, Muhammad Ahmad Jan1, Bashir Ahmad1, Shakeel Ahmad1 and Muhammad Zubair Asghar1
                  Institute of Computing and Information Technology Gomal University, D.I.Khan, Pakistan

Abstract— A thing which is fruitful for every one, who will not           stored on third party space and database. DBCS can be easily
use that? Cloud computing is such shaded tree, where any one              converted to Cloud Based Custom Software (CBCS). CBCS
can sit. Each automated organization has its own custom                   requires a same development framework as of DBCS; only
software which is the replacement of manual work. Custom                  difference is that CBCS can be uploaded on third party space.
software is installed on each organization’s machine and                  Here we are exploring DBCS which are developed in VB.Net
connected with database server. Server may be crash; simple               framework. In such framework DBCS can be easily converted
fault in local network can occur or complexities about                    to CBCS with the help of Now this dedicated service
maintenance can hang whole custom application. So                         (WebPages and database) can be easily uploaded on any third
organizations can run their custom software in cloud computing            party space. Now this CBCS for particular organization can
environment and run their application on smooth way without               take all benefits of cloud computing. As users of CBCS can
any tension or confusion. Here author suggest a strategy how
                                                                          access this service out the organization, so here authors suggest
Desktop Based Custom Application (DBCS) can be converted in
to Cloud Based Custom Software (CBCS). Since CBCS will be
                                                                          a concept of Tinny Application (TA). TA will restrict the
uploaded on FTP so organization’s users can access outside the            access of CBCS outside the organization.
organization. Here authors also provide the concept and
implementation of Tinny Application (TA), which will work as
barriers. By using TA, organization can take advantages of cloud
                                                                                             II.     CLOUD COMPUTING
computing, but CBCS will not work outside organization as
DBCS.                                                                         Maintaining data and application through central remote
                                                                          server and internet is known as cloud computing. Without
Keywords- Cloud Computing, Custom Software, CBCS, DBCS, TA,               installation, consumers and businesses can use applications and
FTP                                                                       can access their private files on any compute any where with
                                                                          internet. His technology allows for much more efficient
                                                                          computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and
                                                                          bandwidth. Yahoo, Gmail, Picturetrail etc are the examples of
                      I.     INTRODUCTION                                 cloud computing [3]. Utilizing the hosted services over internet
                                                                          comes under the umbrella of cloud computing. It means we can
                                                                          work on hosted document, different applications that can look
    Fundamental change in information technology that have
                                                                          like a services and can be stored on any service provider from
emergence of phenomenon known as cloud computing. In
                                                                          any place. Cloud computing includes different services such as
cloud computing services are invented, developed, scaled,
                                                                          SaaS (Software as a service): with the help of front end tool,
deployed updated and paid for. Applications containing such
                                                                          users can interact with it, PaaS (Platform as a service): by using
services are used for general purpose and provide wonderful
                                                                          infrastructure of providers users can create their applications,
economies of scale if they are consolidated supplied. A cloud
                                                                          IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) it provides virtual server and
provides resources on demand their charges depends on the use
                                                                          memory. Applications based on cloud computing are usually
of services. These services may be dedicated services and
                                                                          optimized, simple and easy to use. It reduces learning curve
based on large farms of inexpensive [5] [6].
                                                                          which is required for new staff and increases efficiency and
    Delivery of storage resources and computing to customer
                                                                          communication capacity between packages of various software
on demand is the major theme of cloud computing. It is
excellent alternative for educational institution which has short
budget. Such institutes can operate their systems efficiently by
hiring some services for computers and network devices.
Universities can take all benefits of available cloud’s
applications for enabling users or students to perform different
tasks [7].
    Any application based on cloud concept can get all                                      III.     CUSTOM SOFTWARE
advantages of cloud computing. Custom software for particular
organization which is known as Desktop Based Custom
Software (DBCS) can get all benefit of cloud computing and                    The main intention of custom software, bespoke software,
can run away from flaws associated with desktop application.              is to fulfill the goals of an organization. The ultimate
CBCS will be a dedicated service for an organization and                  responsibility of its development lies either on the shoulders of
                                                                          a software development group or independent developer. And

                                                                                                      ISSN 1947-5500
                                                               (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                                   Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

it is there to fulfill all possible preferences and expectations of
intended audience. Custom software exists to serve companies
ranging from small size through medium size and ultimately by
large organizations for their core and vital functions.
     Large companies commonly use custom software for
critical functions such as content management, inventory
management, customer relationship management and human
resource management [1]. Mostly these applications are
desktop based. Successfully installation of custom software
requires different equipments such as:
     Switches: Use for connecting all clients (4 port switch, 8
port switch, 16 ports switch, 24 ports switch etc).
     Database Server: A System for storage purpose is required
(RAID or Core I3 or Core I7 system, database software,
operating system, ant viruses).
     Backup Devices: External storage devices such as compact
disk, external hard disks, tap devices; logical backup devices
etc are required.
     Compatible framework i.e. (Microsoft .NET Framework
v3.0 or higher) must be installed on the client’s machine.
     A database administrator is required for backup & recovery
and others database issues.
      Successful reinstallation is needed after crash of server.

              IV.      REPLACING DBCS TO CBCS
Custom software for any organization is just like a desktop
application which is developed in VB.Net. For getting different
advantages of cloud computing we can easily convert such
software as a service. VB.Net supportable features also merged
                                                                                      Figure 1. Replacing Desktop form to Cloud Based Form
in ASP.Net such as textboxes, labels, button, grids, data storage
and even reports. ASP.Net web pages can be remotely
accessed. We can easily convert whole desktop custom                             V.        WHY WE WANT TO REPLACE DBCS TO CBCS
software into ASP web pages (CBCS). ASP web pages can be
easily uploaded using FTP. There are many companies which
                                                                            CBCS does not require all requirements which are necessary
will provide the FTP spaces and database for storage purpose.
                                                                            for DBCS as mentioned in above such as (database server,
Now through single URL, all clients can access CBCS. And
                                                                            backup devices). But in CBCS some switches can be used for
such work will be done through web browser instead of
                                                                            providing and expanding internet. With the help of CBCS there
desktop based forms. All clients in an organization can use
                                                                            is no need of daily backups, no fear of lights off, if client
CBCS only by connecting their machine with internet. Each
                                                                            machine is affected then CBCS will require only reinstallation
user can login through password. Fig-1 shows that desktop
                                                                            of operating system. There will also no need to install any
based form is converting into web based form.
                                                                            compatible frame work for customized software. CBCS require
                                                                            annual cost for FTP and database storage while DBCS requires
                                                                            maintenance cost. We can not say in this cost DBCS is better,
                                                                            because besides maintenance cost, maintenance procedures is
                                                                            also some time becomes more complex, technical and over

                                                                                                           ISSN 1947-5500
                                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

             VI.      MAJOR DRAWBACK OF CBCS                            login interface of CBCS. These provisional passwords will be
Since CBCS is only for a particular organization so it should           deleted after login on CBCS. If user gets provisional password
not be accessed outside the organization i.e. if software for           from TA and can not be login on CBCS then, this provisional
library is made up of CBCS then relevant user can issue the             password will be removed from database after 30 seconds. Any
book to any person at his home. Although it is work or                  one (even organization member who have their original
responsibility of that user but issuing a book at home leads to         password) out side the organization can not be login because
mismanagement. Book must be issued at library, when issuer              they can not get random provisional password. Tinny
has a book in his hand. Besides this issue CBCS can get all             application will also be connected with hosted database so
benefits of cloud computing. Such type of matter can not be             there will be no need of local database.
occurred in DBCS because desktop application is install only
on client machine at organization or office, so users can not
access the application outside organization.

CBCS should not be accessed at outside the organization, this
issue must be handled by the organization authority not any
third party member. So it can be done by using password
handler application. Tinny Application (TA) a small
application which will handle the password policy of CBCS.
CBCS will be uploaded on ftp while TA will be installed on
each machine in relevant organization. Every one in an
organization can work on CBCS because TA will be installed
over here while at out side organization CBCS can not be
worked because TA will not be installed at out side the
organization. Following figure is showing that organization’s
clients can work on CBCS by using TA while clients other than
organization can not work on such type of CBCS.

                                                                                            Figure 3. Working of TA

                                                                        Steps shown in figure will be described as
                                                                        1. Organization Member will enter user name and original
                                                                        2. After Step-1, user will click on ‘OK’ button.
                                                                        3. After Step-2, random provisional password will be generated
                                                                        in third textbox and stored in hosted database. Now user will
                                                                        copy this provisional password and past on provisional
                Figure 2. Accessing CBCS using TA                       password text box of CBCS.
                                                                        4. Now on CBCS, organization member will enter the user
              VIII.    IMPLEMENTATION OF TA                             name, original password and
                                                                        5. paste provisional password in next text box.
Since each user in an organization have his own password, by            6. User can click on login button for work on CBCS.
using such password he can login on CBCS. Login interface of            7. When user name, original password and provisional
CBCS will have username, original password and provisional              password will be compared with stored entries, if all are
password. Original password will be the permanent password              matched then user can work on CBCS.
and provisional password will be randomly generated through             8. After login, provisional password will be deleted from
TA with the entry of original password. Then user can copy              hosted database.
this random provisional password from TA and paste it on

                                                                                                  ISSN 1947-5500
                                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                              Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

                                                                          DBCS       After system crash, efforts on complete
                                                                                     installation of operating system & DBMS,
              IX.     RESULTS AND CONCLUSION                                         proper handling of personal database
Technology expert assumed that in 2020, every thing will be                          creation of supportable routines for custom
worked on cloud environment through cyberspace based                                 software i.e. DSN etc will be required.
applications on network devices [8]. This time is like a road             CBCS       After system crash, only installation of
where every one is going to 2020 with taking the luggage of                          operating system will required for
cloud computing. Now it is time for automating each                                  connecting with internet.
organization under the shade of cloud computing. CBCS
concepts will move the organization to environment and they               DBCS       A new system can not be easily replaced.
will leave the DBCS at their organization due flaws associated            CBCS       A new system can be easily replaced at once
with DBCS. CBCS will have many advantages over DBCS.                                 and CBCS will work properly on spot.
                                                                          DBCS       DBCS requires its supportable framework.
           Comparison of CBCS and DBCS                                    CBCS       CBCS does not require any supportable
DBCS       Development for DBCS is mandatory.                                        frame work, just internet connections.
CBCS       Development for CBCS is also mandatory.
                                                                          DBCS       Database server is required (Core I3, Core
DBCS       Database administrator for DBCS must be                                   I7 etc).
           technically sound. He must have knowledge                      CBCS       No need of database server.
           about all securities issues about DBMS.
                                                                          DBCS       DBCS requires technical securities on local
CBCS       Database administrator for CBCS just has                                  area network i.e. network cable should not
           knowledge about setting permissions.                                      be crossed over sensitive area with respect
                                                                                     to electricity, entrance place etc. because
DBCS       Database software is required i.e. DBMS.                                  fault in single place of local area network
CBCS       No need of Database software.                                             can stop the DBCS.
                                                                          CBCS       No need of technical securities on local area
DBCS       Devices for Backup is required i.e. compact                               network even without local area network,
           disk, external storage devices, flash sticks                              CBCS can work properly with the
           etc.                                                                      connection of internet.
CBCS       No need of Backup devices.
                                                                       Since custom software is installed on organization’s computer,
DBCS       Efforts on backup and recovery is required                  so they can access only on those computers not outside the
           i.e. setting time, if backup is generated                   organization. But CBCS are web based, so they can be
           automatically. Light must be available on                   accessed outside the organization with its own user’s
           time of backup. After taking the backup,                    authentication. This may leads to security issues. Here author
           backup devices must be kept in safe and                     gives a concept of TA which will allow CBCS to be accessed
           secure places.                                              over the organization’s computers and restrict the outside the
CBCS       No efforts require on backup and recovery                   accession of CBCS.

                                                                                                 ISSN 1947-5500
                                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

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                                                                       About Author
                                                                       SHEIKH MUHAMMAD SAQIB is with Gomal University,
                                                                       D.I.Khan, Pakistan. (E-mail:
                                                                       His research interest is in RUP, SOA and Cloud Computing.
                                                                       Some of his papers were presented in some conference such as
                                                                       9th National Research Conference at SZABIST – Islamabad
                                                                       PAKISTAN,2009, ISCS (International Symposium on
                                                                       Computer Science) at Namal College Mianwali PAKISTAN
                                                                       an Associate College of The University of Bradford, UK, 2011
                                                                       and Ten (10) are published in international journals.

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