Concentration on Business Values for SOA-Services: A Strategy for Service’s Business Values and Scope

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					                                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

        Concentration on Business Values for
    SOA-Services: A Strategy for Service’s Business
                  Values and Scope
   Bashir Ahmad1, Sheikh Muhammad Saqib1, Muhammad Zubair Asghar1, Muhammad Ahmad Jan1 and Shakeel Ahmad1
                 Institute of Computing and Information Technology Gomal University, D.I.Khan, Pakistan

Abstract—Markets simply buy that what industry produce.                 be determined. But SOA based projects are not for just
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) enrolment in market                 single organization, so architects can make the global view
works on this formula. Produced services in SOA work for                of business value for a service.
many organization. Is it possible to incorporate business                   Since SOA application is of enterprised, so different
values of different organization in same service? Different             users from different organization can use this service. Two
authors suggest different business value’s practices. But still         questions arise here:
confusion is in same place that “people fail to explain SOA
                                                                                 • A service for specific purpose for all
business value”. Although SOA business values is some time
                                                                                     organization can have same business values?
very hard to find because there will no a particular user of
service. Here author evaluated the different business value’s                    • Can a service contain the different business
practices and suggest a strategy for extracting SOA business                         objectives from all organization to specific
values. Proposed strategy can help users to get themselves                           purpose?
familiar with upcoming new services. Hence with proposed                    Different author suggest different approaches for
strategy, architect can design the service according to user            business value in SOA. Now we determine whether their
needs.                                                                  approaches can lead to solve these two questions.
                                                                             A bridge is required between business and technical
   Keywords- SOA; Business Values; Service;                             world for enterprise applications. Business needs can
                                                                        easily carry out if IT infra structure should follow the
      I.    INTRODUCTION AND PROBLEM DEFINITION                         business structure. Through SOA, this goal is possible if
    For designing any service, designer must have                       organization adopts methodology and processes specific to
knowledge about what target they want to achieve?                       SOA structured design and analysis. Analysis means a
Without business values, how this target can be achieved?               process that often begins with information gathering. Here
Since in SOA mostly are enterprise level applications, then             author suggest that SOA will be started within an
how these values can be determined and from where?                      organization with an objective of business. Through
Suppose we take the services for an antivirus.                          analysis, these Services are classified into Service Layers:
    If architects design an antivirus for different users then          Service Entity (Product, Customer, Service, Invoice ...)
without knowing following some questions, how they                      Service Task (Order Management, Business processing)
design different services for antivirus. How computer was               Service Utility (Non Business Centric,) [2]. If we consider
affected? On what time computer was affected? Affected                  service entity, service task, service utility as business
computer was connected with internet, intranet or                       values and these are carried out from an organization then
network? Computer was affected by the execution of any                  question is arised that this service with the said business
file? How you executed such type of file voluntarily or                 values can be plugged-in with other applications for other
involuntarily? If yes, then which was the type of file?                 organization?
There are some types of questions for antivirus services.                   The discussion sessions about the business values of
Designer can explore these questions, but their answers                 SOA has been made between audience and the group of
can be carried out from business values. From where these               architects. These sessions have been very informative for
business values are determined because there are different              those groups of architecture. But there was not any good
organizations which can use these services. And also                    answer that can satisfy everyone [4]. Many points are
architect must design these services by keeping the fact in             concluded from those discussions but major point is. “-The
mind that these should be loosely coupled. In Service                   underlying IT infrastructure which supports those business
Oriented Architecture, Services are served on end point in              processes needs to be flexible and capable of adapting to
the network and communicates different messages                         change” [4].
according to its specification. This specification is                   Concluded points are very beneficial for SOA business
described its constraints. The user of the service has little           values, but still problem is arised how these points can be
or no knowledge about how the service is implemented or                 achieved?
how it is provided [3]. It is almost right, then how architect              Business Process Management BPM can solve some
can design a service for an organization without capturing              issues about SOA business values [6]. BPM is a logical
business value. Because business values contain all those               approach which can improve business processes of
parameters through which health and wealth of a firm can                company. For greater business agility, SOA enables

                                                                                                  ISSN 1947-5500
                                                           (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                                               Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

different services for recombining business processes. If                 III.   STRATEGY TO DETERMINE BUSINESS VALUES FOR
SOA is considered as road then BPM will be considered as                                    SOA-SERVICES
a car that can take something for a business from registry.
                                                                            With the greater collaboration between business users
“SOA by itself can be a hard sell since it can be difficult to
                                                                        and IT, development efforts can be more effectively. The
explain the value in concrete, understandable terms, and
                                                                        best approach for business values is center of excellence
thus makes it difficult to convey its value”. BPM can solve
                                                                        (COE). "The COE should have representatives from the
this limitation because it can convey SOA values to
                                                                        business side and the IT side, but the business needs
specific business process [5]. Since BPM can determine
                                                                        should be addressed first. What problem really needs
specific service according to user needs. So SOA buying
                                                                        solving? Then figure out how." [1]. Business values can
process problem can be solved with BPM, but for
                                                                        easily point out if business addressed first, But when
architecting new service how business values can be
                                                                        architect design a new service for many organization, then
carried out from different dimensions.
                                                                        from where they can extract these values? Since these are
         II.     SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHETECTURE                          global services for all organizations (just like antivirus)
                                                                        then a survey must be conducted from some organizations
    Basically SOA is a combination of collected services,               to carry out some business values and their scope. Whole
where each service can communicate with other services.                 procedure is shown in figure below.
This communication can be simple data passing or
coordinating some activities with other services. In SOA,
service is an independent unit for deployment.
    SOA enhances reuse and linked with computational
resources. SOA has flexibility and makes cost effective
changes according to current situation of market. It
recommends the use of existing assets and interconnection
between the assets. SOA contains different characteristics:
        •      By adopting XML-Schema, these services can
               communicate with each other.
        •      Applications can take a service from pool of
               services’ repository with help of SOA
        •      Each service contains quality with respect to
               security recruitments, policies, authentication,
               authorization and reliability.
                                                                                    FIG-1: EXTRACTING SOA BUSINESS VALUES.
    As services in SOA are loosely coupled, then it                         Above figure is showing that business side users can
requires some techniques for forwarding the services to                 send a request for their own service through COE or BPM.
consumers. Share out some simple and small interfaces                   But when IT-side wants to design new services after
between the participating software agents. These interfaces             exploring some issues, they should conduct a survey from
should entertain to all providers and consumers globally.               different organization to get out its business values. After
Loosely coupled features can be easily adopted by using                 conducting this survey, market can have how know about
the above technique. Many people focus on development                   new services. So before coming, new
                                                                        service can take a place in market container.
of flexible system with the combination of loosely coupled
                                                                        Survey will determine business values and scope of
services and systems should be higher in quality and                    different services. Following table will be used to
cheaply. This can be done by getting the business values                determine business values.
from business [7] [8].

                                                                                                  ISSN 1947-5500
                                          (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                              Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

                                          TABLE-1: BUSINESS VALUES FOR SERVICES
                                                                                       SOA Business Values
           Pre filled by Designer             Filled by                       Pre filled by Designer    Filled by
                                              Organization                                              Organization
           Service NOs     Service Name       Service       General          Designer Observations      Client’s
                                              Category                       Requirements               Requirements

                                                                           After getting the above information from
    In above Table-1, IT side will filled the                          different business sides, IT side will check three
services name and designer observation                                 conditions to determining scope. Table-2 will be
requirements. Business side will filled the                            used for determining the scope of different
different requirements according to their needs                        services. Following three points can be helpful
and will confirm the service category. Service                         for exploring the scope. 1. Use in Only single
category contains only one value from general,                         Organization: Means Services can not be used
specific or more specific. Meaning of these                            besides single organization. 2. Use in Same type
options is: General: Service can be used for all                       of organization: Means Service can be used in
users of an organization. Specific: Service can be                     same type of organizations. 3. Use in other type
used only particular category of users. More                           of organization: Means Service can be used in all
Specific: Service can be used for Specific only                        type of organization.
one user.
                                                TABLE-2: SCOPE OF SERVICES
            Service      Scope of Services
            No           Use in Only single         Y    Use in Same Type of          Y     Use in other Type of    Y
                         Organization?              N    Organization?                N     Organization?           N

            Service-1    YES or No (No means             If Yes Then Total                  If Yes Then Total
                         service can be used here        Organization??                     Organization??
                         and other)

    After getting the scope of service for using in
different type of organization and business values
about services, architect can easily design the
structure of a service in loosely coupled manner,
which will be easily plugged-in in any business

                                                                                                       ISSN 1947-5500
                                   (IJCSIS) International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security,
                                                                                       Vol. 9, No. 5, May 2011

                                                                               V. REFERENCES:
              IV.   CONCLUSION:
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                                                                                      ISSN 1947-5500

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