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									E-book (Last update 03/26/2011)
Check for weekly updates in this E-book!

Every Member can achieve same results without reading an E-book only it takes a little bit longer.
Member that reads E-book starts earning from first day to the full potential and Member that
searches his/her own way needs two to three Months.

Every Member can read this book and we trust you to pay us for it $29.95 once you are done
reading or earn it with Points or with 10 referrals that activate and setup their accounts. It means
referrals that did whole package and not just wannabes signing up with “give me all but I’ll do
nothing” attitude. Once you purchase or earn this E-book which you already have now at this
moment, we will activate for Free your 6pck.com and setup for free Advivid.com account with
$100 deposit in your Promo account.

You can decide not to Purchase this book which you are reading now, but don’t ask why you are
limited in activities because mutual trust goes both ways. No book, no activation or setup!

Why is required to Activate and Setup the Account?

Answer is very simple, because it’s a small price to pay to cash out thousands of dollars!

Members that paid $29.95 will simply transfer any amount $1.00 or $1,000,000 from
6pck.com to Auction website and cash it out. There will be several options to cash out and
several options to purchase Merchandise. Members will decide what they want to do with
their money.

Period from now to April 19, 2011 is so called golden Period, and smart Members will refer as
many Members as they can and get for each referral $500. They will advise other people that
didn’t get paid at other websites to come to 6pck and transfer their funds to 6pck and they will
earn from these transfers too.

If you are totally new signup at 6pck, Advivid and Celoy, upgrade immediately for $29.95
and start referring. Learn from this E-book and from others ask questions in Celoy.com.
You can easy make from now to April 19, 2011 over 10,000 and cash it out on or after April
19, 2011.

These Members will be able to earn more and more money with their activities. Every Active
Member MUST learn the simple procedures that he/she knows what to do and every Member
should refer other people, not just to get paid for referrals but to get more profit from mass of

This activity separates serious people from people with “give me everything I won’t do anything”
attitude. If person don’t want to spare enough time to activate and setup the account either
through Points or through Referrals for free than he/she should Purchase E-book and get free
activation and setup. If all that is too much to sacrifice than this is not the right kind of work for
such person.

Every job requires at least $30 per bus or train each month to come to work with whole bunch of
other expenses, here is required just a little bit of work. If you don’t want to pay than don’t, you
can work for it, but if you don’t want to do any of three options than you will have to find
something better. Everybody else that will comply with minimum requirements will be able to cash
out each month their earnings and earn each month more and more.

Transfers from other websites under such conditions will be available until April 19, 2011. After
April 19, 2011 every Transfer will require activation and setup for $29.95 and transfer from 6pck
to Auction website after April 25, 2011 will cost $19.95.

So to make it clear all Transfers from other websites to 6pck are absolutely free until April 19,
2011. Transfers from 6pck to Auction website are absolutely free between April 19, 2011 and
April 25, 2011.

In first five days were over 7,000 Transfers from other website. Representatives should recruit
Transfer Agents faster and more aggressive, Transfer Agents should recruit people that want to
transfer funds from other websites to 6pck for cash out much faster and much more aggressive.

It’s practically money they would never get and they can cash it this way. After these dates under
no circum stances any Transfer will be done without charge. End of April Transfers from other
websites stop forever.


Points are the option how Members can earn with their work minimum for payout or Activation.
Member that purchased activation doesn’t get Points and Member that earned 10,000 Points or
more will first get Activation from this Points (as explained in Terms) and than when another
10,000 Points are gathered Member will get matching amount in Bonus paid out with minimum
amount of Points required for payout.

Points are not the fastest way to cash out, that’s why 6pck.com on suggestions of Members went
into agreement with Advivid.com and (probably end of this month) with Auction website. This way
6pck.com can offer faster cash outs through Advivid.com and almost immediate cash out through
Auction website (soon).

Suggestions, requests, demands and threats

Suggestions are always welcome and even if there is no answer from 6pck.com it doesn’t mean
suggestion won’t be considered.
Requests were possible when Members still had to request payout now it’s automatic every
Demands are not acceptable and won’t even be dignified with an answer.
Threats will be “rewarded” with account activation and loss of all funds in account.

Easy step to earning and receiving payment

Most important part is to activate your 6pck.com account and setup your Advivid.com account
first. Especially when promo is running at Advivid.com where they set you up immediately with
Corporate (C) Account. As Pro Member you will always have access to updated E-book.

If $29.95 is a problem than just forget about our website, because we offer enormous earning
potential and huge business opportunities.
Don’t forget to read at the bottom how to earn $1,000.00, $3,000.00 and more per month without
investing a penny. If you are activating 6pck.com account you need 10,000 Points, if you want
6pck.com account activation and Advivid.com setup than you need 15,000 Points. If you do them
separately than it’s 10,000 Points for 6pck.com activation and 8,000 Points for Advivid.com setup.
You get immediately $100.00 deposit in Advivid.com which can be used for Intern Advertising.

This E-book is more informational, specific steps how to do it are in details explained in E-book
Internet Millionaire which explains how to accomplish $6,000 and more monthly income. Internet
Millionaire purchased for $29.95 comes with free 6pck Activation and free Advivid setup. Internet
Millionaire also guaranties that if Member don’t earn in second month at least $1,000.00 following
the instructions he/she will get $1,000.00 deposited in the Advivid earning account.


Signup at 6pck.com and at Advivid.com


Activate 6pck.com account and Setup Advivid.com account Free or with E-book purchase
(for now are available only 3 options soon we’ll add more options) $29.95:

a.) Free option is available by gathering 4,000 Points for 6pck.com Activation and for Advivid.com
account setup (separate 6pck.com activation – 10,000 Points and Advivid.com setup 8,000

b.) Purchase E-book for $29.95 and get free Activation of 6pck.com and free Setup of
Advivid.com (separate is $19.95 for 6pck.com and 15.95 for Advivid.com)

c.) Refer 10 referrals that did either option A or option B and prove it to 6pck admin and you’ll get
fill $29.95 package for free (this option expires April 15, 2011).


a.) Connect in 6pck.com at Connect site 6pck.com with Advivid.com so that Advivid Banners will
show with your ID in 6pck Classifieds.

b.) Post with multi post classified ad in English in over 500 cities with one click and get increase
revenue each day and visit other classifieds and browse banners of Advivid in Classifieds.

c.) Connect Social Network with your 6pck account and connect Social Network Account with
Advivid by submitting your Advivid client ID in your Social Network Account. This way you will be
earning with Advivid banners also in Social Network.


Use your Bonus and Deposit you got when setting up your Advivid.com account for Intern
Advertising and gain up to 50% increment on your deposit. Visit Advivid.com banners and click on
them to earn.

Social Network is available to ask your Country Representatives if something is unclear. Social
Network protected Pro Members from mass of irrelevant questions and abuse this way that only
Pro Members from 6pck can post blogs, forum postings and questions. It was necessary to do
that because of too many irresponsible Members that want all but don’t want to do anything for it!


You can advertise your advertisers and sponsors and gather the difference. You don’t need to
depend on us. You can get your sponsor’s link and submit it for advertising. You can use Bonus
for Advertising or deposit you get by setting up account. As long as your sponsor pays $0.02 or
more per click you can advertise in our system for $0.01/click without paying any money. This
way you can double, triple or quadruple your Bonus. The best part is you don’t have to wait for us
but get paid by your sponsor. There are many options you can use your Bonus and deposit
without ever paying any money from your pocket.

Your Sponsor pays per click           $0.02       $0.03     $0.04    ….      $0.10

Your expense (bonus)                  $0.01       $0.01     $0.01    ….     $0.01

Your Profit                           $0.01       $0.02     $0.03    ….     $0.09

$1,000 Bonus delivers                $1,000       $2,000    $3,000          $9,000

Everyone that follows these steps is guarantied to earn at least $1,000 in second month and we
guaranty to deposit $1,000 cash in account to anyone that follows our instructions and doesn’t
gain promised amount. Members with Bonus should gain on Bonus at least 50% in one circle and
even more at Auction site.

Our Representatives will deal with Members that complete first two Steps! We are not asking for
any money you can accomplish all with work but you have to show some effort to get the benefits.
More egger Members can generate over $100/day through Advivid plus additional $100 for each
referral that setup the account in Advivid.com. In 6pck.com they can get daily another $100
through referrals and all this is actually available to cash out at 6pck.com, Advivid.com and soon
at Auction site.

Members that complete first 2 steps will have all benefits; others won’t be getting any
attention from our representatives. We require just a little effort which can be
accomplished without any money to pay. Those that don’t have time for gathering Points
can Purchase E-book, but no one should say that they have to pay to get something.
Everyone from any part of the world can do it absolutely free!

Referrals (6pck.com)

Referrals are important because you are getting for every referral $10 or $20 dollars and $1 or $2
dollars from referral’s referrals in 6pck.com. You can make with referrals $100 or more per day
after you learn how to attract the referrals and how to teach them to work in the same way as you
do and generate for you even more revenue.

6pck will run short Promo until April 19, 2011 end reward $100 for each referral to Regular
Member and $500 for each referral to Pro Member. Accounts creating bogus referral accounts
will be terminated of course.
Smart Members will go immediately with Package $29.95 and get $100 deposit in Advvid plus
both accounts upgraded. Pro Members will get for each referral $500 only in this period until April
19, 2011. All bonus will be available to cash out at Auction Website after April 19, 2011 and
Transfer will be free from April 19, 2011 – April 25, 2011.

All referrals referred in this period will need Transfers from other sites, Members can earn on the
Transfers too, they can get either $100 or 5% from transferred amount which ever is bigger.
Every Member can earn in this period easy over $10,000.00 dollars.

Some individuals have already over $30,000 in their accounts ready for cash out.

Step by step how to make a fortune with Referrals in 6pck.com

Never pay for advertising online, you can get all for free!

Check your referral URL which you find in your account and looks like this:


Test it if it works signup as a new Member through your own referral URL.


Prepare classifieds ads which you can post in different categories each day. For example:

We are looking for online Manager
Manager Wanted
Co worker wanted for online work

Create different titles and different text for different ads. Don’t try to explain everything in the ad.
Ad should be short (if it is long people get bored and don’t follow up) and right to the point.

Online work from your home office, flexible hours, good and steady pay. Please contact us with
resume at your@email.com


When you get a response send prepared text with explanation to applicant’s email.

We are offering online work which starts at first as part time job and later becomes full time job. If
you are interested in this kind of work you can start with 1 hour per day and increase as you like
it. No, there is no charge to start and you can read more about this in Company Forum to be sure
it’s for real. (Social Network forums and blogs)

Tutor newcomers that signed through your referral link. If they didn’t ask them to resign, because
you’ll be investing your time in their future tutoring them. Ask them to sign through 6pck and
Advivid referral links of yours.


When they ask why they have to purchase the package, explain them they don’t need to
Purchase the package, they can get it free with their work. Either they gather enough Points or
Refer 10 Referrals that Activate and setup their Accounts.

More referrals can be referred in different Social Networks, groups, forums, etc. with appropriate
ads and your referral link. It’s very important to stay in touch with referrals and teach them how to
benefit from the system

Become a Sub Category, Category or City Manager in 6pck.com Classifieds

Manager earns four to five times more than Active Members. Manager usually manages a Sub
Category, Category or even a City Classifieds. All ways to his Management area are enabled with
his/her banners and all that posted ads and visitors activate at these banners visits and/or clicks.
All these revenue benefits Manager’s account.

Step by step how to become a Sub Category, Category or City Manager in 6pck.com

Every Active Member in 6pck.com can apply at desired Category, Sub Category or City as
Manager. Once Member is approved his Advivid.com client ID (which is Member’s user name in


Choose desired Category, Sub Category or City and Apply as a Manager clicking on link Apply
for Manager


If you didn’t yet than connect your 6pck.com ID with Advivid.com client ID. If you go in Classifieds
to the page where you applied and it’s showing your name as a Manager and you scroll down to
Advivid.com rectangle and go mouse over the link in the banner you should see at the left side
below in browser (Explorer) link where it’s linking and that link should have your user name in it.

If you can’t find in that long link your user name from Advivid.com go to connect page in your
6pck.com account and reconnect 6pck.com ID with Advivid.com client ID (your user name) again.


Promote your Category, Sub Category or City and recruit new Managers for your Categories if
you are a City Manager or for your Sub Categories if you are Category Manager. If you are a Sub
Category Manager promote your Sub Category in other classifieds, social networks, groups,
forums, etc.
For example if you are Manager of Acting & Entertainment in Jobs in Abilene, Texas you will use
this URL which you can get from explorer while at this page:


Post your Sub Category link everywhere you can especially in sites like these:



Keep your Sub Category clean. All posted ads that don’t belong in your Sub Category; wrong
category, wrong language, inappropriate ad, etc. should be marked for removal. Just click on
“Report Abuse”.


Keep checking on your statistic in Advivid.com and compare your visits (impressions) with clicks.
If your click through rate is worse than 3.8% that means you have to tutor your referrals and
inform visitors how to do their jobs when they visit.

Click through rate is percentage of clicks made from visits. If you get 100 visits and 4 clicks that’s
acceptable – it’s still OK, but below that point you won’t be generating to a full potential.


Make sure that at least in 3 month time you can accomplish at least 10,000 daily visits to your
Sub Category which is minimum if your Sub Category is getting at least 5 postings (ads) per day
and at least 5 visits per ad.

With such minimum you should be generating $22.50 from visits per month and approximately
$171.00 from clicks per month. This is a minimum and it means that with little work you can at
least double amounts above if not quadruple. Longer time you are running your Sub Category
more money you are generating.

Category should generate at least $60.00 from visits per month and approximately $600.00 from
clicks per month. City Management should generate much more depending on the city. Leader
board (big banner at the top) generates revenue for a visitor and rectangle at the bottom
generates the revenue for the one that posted the ad. Managers are getting paid only from
websites where their name is showing (usually one website) and all visitors go mostly through
that page to visit ads.
Referrals (Advivid.com)

Referrals are important because you are getting $100 for each referral that sets up account in
Advivid.com. This is very easy money which requires protection from cons and that’s the reason
why Companies made such a system which separates scams from real deal.

You can make in one day over $200 or more money with referrals if you promote your referral link
right. Some people get 10 or more referrals per day. First you should read how to get more than
10 referrals per day and start practicing that, it’s an easy money once you know how to do it.

Step by step how to make a fortune with Referrals in Advivid.com


Log in to your account as Affiliate. When you log in as Advertiser you can see on the left side
Affiliate – link; click on it, login page will open and login again as affiliate. On the left side you’ll
see links and click on Referral you will see at this page a referral link and below the link statistic
how many referrals you got and how many of them are serious and actually setup their account.


Stay in touch with your referrals (those that you know) and keep them informed. Teach them how
to work because from their work you benefit too.


Check on referrals how many of them actually activated their account and become Pro or
Corporate. When is any promotion running to offer Corporate status you should take advantage
of it because Corporate status is very hard to get and it makes your account unlimited. You can’t
run Internal Advertising if you are not Corporate and Internal Advertising is the easiest way to
make money.


Recruit for referrals through classifieds ads (not 6pck.com but all other classifieds), groups,
forums, Social Networks, etc.

The easiest way to recruit new people is with latest activity run by 6pck.com and Advivid.com
combined. All people that have money at other websites like paybox, millioncircler and other site
that will never pay out because they can’t, can be invited to 6pck.com to cash out the money they
have there.

For example:

If person has $2,000 dollars in millioncircler, this person can contact 6pck.com Transfer Agent
and tell him/her to arrange a transfer. That money will be deposited in this person 6pck.com
account where it can be cashed out. Person will not be allowed to access account at for example
millioncircle after he/she cash out the whole amount of $2,000 in 6pck.com.

There are many such pages offering amazing amounts of money which will never be paid off. In
6pck might take up to 3 months for amounts bigger than $20,000 to cash out. They will have
chances to cash out in few different ways; 6pck.com (takes time and a lot of effort with Points),
Advivid.com (faster cash out) and Auction site (almost immediate cash out).
$1,000 per month (Advivid.com)

Every one can without investing a penny earn $1,000 per month as Member of 6pck.com,
Advivid.com, Celoy.com and Auction site. We are talking about generating the revenue, earning
the money and cashing out.

Thousands of Members are doing it already! The hardest possible way, to cash out is gathering
the Points and get paid out matching bonus with Points.

Better way is to transfer bonus to Advivid.com and use it there for Internal Advertising. It’s easier
to reach Advivid.com required minimum for Payout than 10,000 Points if your location is not USA,
Canada or some Western European Country.

You can make 50% on any amount you transfer to Advivid.com with Intern Advertising. If you
have $1,000 in 6pck.com Transfer them and increase the amount few times for 50%. Keep in
Advivid.com certain amount of money which will circle around all the time and make money for

Visit classifieds and post classifieds, they bring you money too.

Step by Step how to accomplish over $1,000 monthly earnings


Activate 6pck.com and Setup Advivid.com this way you’ll get 100 deposit and chance to Transfer
your entire Bonus to Advivid.com.


Once you have entire bonus with $100 deposit in P Account activate Internal Advertising which is
the easiest way to gain 50% and in some cases even more on any amount in your account.


Repeat this as many times as necessary to earn at least $2,000.00 in your account. Once you
have this account you can use all that’s more for advertising Sponsor Links and generate revenue
from your Sponsor Links. Sponsor Links are links you get from your Sponsors that pay per click.
Minimum charge for Pay per Click Advertising in Advivid.com is $0.01 so all Sponsors that pay at
least $0.02 or more per click can be advertised. You can create own web page where you place
Sponsor Links and advertise your own website in Advivid.com.


Internal Advertising is guarantied as long as you have Corporate status (best way to get it when
the Promo is running which offers this status in the Package). If you have Professional status or
even Regular status your earnings will be limited and you might spend more than you earn.

$3,000+ per month (Advivid.com)
Separate amount of $2,000 from Bonus and transfer it to Advivid.com. Setup Intern Advertising
and let it run. You don’t need own website or anything else; all you need is funds in account and
click on Run button. Make sure that your account is Corporate which means without limits.

Regular account is limited on 30 clicks and 100 impressions daily, Professional account is limited
on 100 clicks and 1,000 impressions daily and Corporate account is unlimited. With $29.95
Package or 15,000 Points you get Corporate status now for a limited time.

Step by Step how to accomplish over $3,000 monthly earnings


Activate 6pck.com and Setup Advivid.com this way you’ll get 100 deposit and chance to Transfer
your entire Bonus to Advivid.com.


Once you have entire bonus with $100 deposit in P Account activate Internal Advertising which is
the easiest way to gain 50% and in some cases even more on any amount in your account.


Apply as Manager in 6pck.com Classifieds and as Editor in Advivid.com Directory.


Follow up the duties for Managers and Editors described in this book.

Editors make more

Every client with setup account can become and Editor. Editor generates revenue from
impressions and clicks on a behalf of visitors visiting his/her category. Editors at Advivid.com can
generate as high as six digit number per year.

Read step by step how to generate six digit number as Editor


Editor is managing all submissions in his/her category. Inappropriate submissions must be erased
or corrected if possible.


URL of Editors category must be advertised by Editor in other online media for free to attract new
visitors and potential Members that want to submit their websites in directory,

Internal Advertising

It’s the easiest way to generate money. All it’s needed is transferred bonus to P deposit and click
on Run button. Advivid.com system advertises ads in client’s account without client doing
The best part is client can activate Internal Advertising with any amount he/she wants. If client
has $3,000 bonus in 6pck.com and he/she transfers it, Internal Advertising will generate in certain
period of time $1,500 of profit, if the bonus is $5,000 than will be generated $2,500 of profit on
that amount.

Client can use the profit with basic amount together for further Internal Advertising and make
more profit.

Read step by step how to generate any amount with Internal Advertising


Log into your Advivid.com account and click on affiliate, type in user/pass again and click on link
Internal which you can find on the left side in left column.


When you come to next page click on button Run and it will start running. You must check if your
account status is C – corporate or you might be loosing instead of gaining money.

Internal Advertisng generates 50% of profits. If your funds ar in amount $1,000 it will be once
Internal Advertising is finished about $1,500 or maybe more.

Use sponsors and advertisers form other networks for profit

You can advertise your advertisers and sponsors and gather the difference. You don’t need to
depend on Advivid.com payout. You can get your sponsor’s link and submit it for advertising. You
can use Bonus for Advertising or deposit you get by setting up account.

You can setup in your account admin the parameters how often and how many clicks you’d want
to receive from same IP. Which means if you set it up on 1 click from same IP in 12 hours it will
be OK or 1 click in 24 hours from same IP. This way advertiser can’t complaint about fraudulent
or repeated traffic because even if visitor to advertiser’s website has intentions just to spam and
earn he/she won’t see it more than once per day.

You can setup your own website with sponsor links and send traffic to that website. Sponsor -
Advertiser that pays you 0.02 or more per click can be added in such campaign and you’ll make
out with 100% of profit. Sponsors that pay more will bring you more profit.

Read step by step how to generate any high amount with Advertising in Advivid.com


Get enough funds in your P Account at Advivid.com


Find Sponsors, Advertisers as Adsense or Adsense Alternatives like Adbrite, Clicksor,
Bidvertiser, etc. If they request submitted domain where ads can be you can place them at your
domain and submit URL of your domain to send traffic there.

Check is sponsors really pay as they say. You can send clicks and/or Impressions – visits to
sponsor Banners to your website.


Search for more sponsors that pay better, all you need is sponsors that pay at least $0.02 per
click, because at Advivid.com you can advertise as low as $0.01 per click.

Advivid.com has P Deposit and A Deposit which serves similar purpose but has different
advantages. It’s necessary to explain the difference between Advivid.com and other similar so
called Adsense Alternatives. Advivid is not a pathetic clone from Google Adsense but unique
merger of contextual advertising, Pay per Click Search Engine (PPC SE) and brand advertising
which uses usually CPM or pay per visits.

Adsense is the most brutal, lying, cheating system of them all, Yahoo is fair but picky, and others
like MIVA, Kanoodle, 7search and Ask are more in category of PPC SE than Contextual

They all have one habit; they penalize you for repeating clicks and clicks without conversion.
Adsense uses affiliates for first 2 months and cancel accounts before payout usual one day
before or in some nasty cases 2 hours before payout. It doesn’t help “if they pay so well per click”
because they don’t pay at all.

Advivid.com created the system which gives opportunity to Advertiser/Affiliate to earn and spend
funds for Advertising at the same time. Affiliates get automatic payouts from A Earnings each
month and each time Advertiser makes a deposit gets deposit in A Deposit and same amount in
P Deposit. Advertiser gets each deposit matched with equal deposit dollar for dollar.

Affiliates get credited invalid, repeated and clicks without conversion in P Earnings and these can
be used for Advertising or cashed out when transferred to 6pck and than to Auction Website. A
Earnings are paid out automatic each month and P Earnings can be cashed out through Transfer.

Best way to get A Earnings is to do as much Internal Advertising as possible. Every Member can
get funds pretty easy in thousands of dollars. Set a goal for 10,000 in your P Deposit and switch
on Internal Advertising. Internal Advertising generates 50% increase. P funds create partially also
A funds. P funds can always be transferred to Auction Website and cashed out.

Member can earn the easy way setting up a connection between 6pck and Advivid and visiting
classified ads. They as Pro Members can post classified ad in same category in more than 500
cities (only in English language) and get paid from every visit of each of their ads.

Member can also apply for Manager in 6pck classifieds and as Editor in Advivid.com. These two
positions increase earnings over $300 per day. Most Members don’t appreciate bonus and P
earnings what will change drastically on April 19, 2011 when it will be for most too late to get easy
money as they can do it now.

P Deposit is used for advertising mostly when funds are in Advivid. Members can advertise links
of their Sponsors, their own business and there are many options how to make money. If funds
for P deposit are used to deliver traffic which can be selected on unique click per 12, 24 or more
hours from same IP, geographical selection – just traffic from selected countries, etc. than this is
some value for which you have to pay at any other website.
Social Network (Celoy.com)

Social Network is dedicated for conversation and gathering information about the business. There
can Members also use Advivid.com Banners to earn. Members can create Social Network
account from 6pck.com. It’s recommended to do so after you acquired Pro status in 6pck.com
because your Pro status will reflect also in Social Network. If you create Social Network account
before you are Pro in 6pck.com your Social Network account will be view only, you won’t be able
to write comments or blogs.

Use Social Network to your Advantage as a Member

When you plan to create an account in Social Network first make sure you are a Pro Member and
than log into your 6pck account and click on Create button, save your user and password from
newly created account.

Once you are a Member of Social Network you can use it to your advantage and earn a lot with a
little effort. There are and always will be new Members that don’t understand the procedure,
explaining procedure is valuable information for them and they will gladly visit your comments.

Read step by step how to become a Representative and use that to your advantage


Signup at Celoy.com


Apply for Representative and/or Transfer agent. Both positions bring many perks. Work is
required of course.


Communicate with people and explain them what and how to do.

Become a Representative

Become a Representative for people from your Country. Representative reads and translates all
new stuff that is posted and posts it at Celoy.com (Social Network) for people from his/her
Country in their mother language.

Representative can earn very easy over $3,000 per month. Social Network enables
Representatives to activate their Accounts with Advivid.com Banners and the way of work
generates enormous revenue. Representative spends daily mostly 2 hours working in Social
Network and earns 10+ times more than other Members with less effort.

Read step by step how to become a Representative and use that to your advantage

Representative gets 2% from all transferred money that his/her Transfer Agents arrange. The
best and most likely only way to become a representative is to contact 6pck.com at admin and
inform yourself how and when you can start.
Representative recruits Transfer Agents that helps him/her to recruit people from websites that
show to people a lot of virtual dollars and don’t pay out. Representative should watch out that
he/she has at all times at least 6 – 10 if not much more Transfer Agents

Transfer Agent

Become a Transfer Agent and refer to 6pck.com people that have money at other website they
can’t cash out. It’s very easy to get such people, just visit Forums and groups where they are
discussing “scam” sites and offer them to cash out.

They don’t need to do anything, just apply through Transfer Agent. Transfer Agent prepares
reports and forwards them to Representative. People won’t need to write over account at that
other page as long as they don’t cash out at 6pck.com. This might take over 3 months for
amounts higher than $20,000.00.

Read step by step how to become a Transfer Agent

Transfer Agent gets 5% from all transferred money; he/she helps cash out. Transfer Agent first
searches for forums and groups where they complaint about scam sites, than he/she contacts
people that want to cash out the money.

First people must be informed that they’ll open account at 6pck and apply at Transfer Agent for
amount to be deposited in their account. Transfer Agent will gather from such Members that
applied for transfer their ID number at 6pck and the amount which has to be deposited in their
account. Such a list they’ll forward to their Representative daily and check with Members if they
got the deposit.

With deposit will be deposited a commission 5% for Transfer Agent and Commission 2% for

Transfer Agent and Representative have duty to help these people how to cash out the money
and direct them first to read E-book which is from now on updated weekly.

Transfers from other websites under such conditions will be available until April 19, 2011. After
April 19, 2011 every Transfer will require activation and setup for $29.95 and transfer from 6pck
to Auction website after April 25, 2011 will cost $19.95.


Auctions will be explained in details April 17, 2011

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