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Stair-climbing robot for rescue work


Experts, stair climbing upstairs to the equivalent of doing aerobic exercise, can exercise cardiopulmonary function, but also to exercise the leg muscles, exercise can play a certain effect. But down the stairs, the knee and ankle joints to bear the weight of the whole body, and constantly repeat the action, will artificially increase the amount of these joint activities, will be a sharp increase in the intensity of pressure, the possibility of joint wear and tear will increase by On the body adversely.

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									Stair-climbing robot for rescue work
Warwick students enter Europe-wide competition with device that overcomes obstacles in hunt for survivors
A GROUP of engineering stu-                                                                                                                     To help improve balance
dents      from       JVan\i&                                                                                                               and enable steep :~sccnts,a
Universih is making n stair-                                                                                                                burth motor \\itti t\\a Inore
=robot             as the UK                                                                                                                electric llippers \\ill be fitted
entry for the European                                                                                                                      to tlic rear ol'tlre n~achinc.
Robocup Rescue competition. ,                                                                                                                   The robot llas a 270" laser
   The motorised searth-and-                                                                                                                sc~ulnerand a sonar systcnr,
rescue robot, which uses lasers                                                                                                             wvl~iclrstops it bunlping into
and infrared technology to                                                                                                                  \valls and helps it avoid obsta-
locate sunivors, is being built                                                                                                             cles.
for the competition at                                                                                                                          If it approaches an obstacle.
Hanover ne\? April. The com-                                                                                                                the Ii~ser scalrner bean1 is
petition tests robots designed                                                                                                              rcflccted o f it.
by teams from all over Europe                                                                                                                               g l robot's sensors
                                                                                                                                                T l r m ~ ~the~
in a simulated disaster envi-                                                                                                               and the ittigle of bc;uir rcllcc-
ronment.                                                                                                                                    tion, tl~c  mbot knn\\s it 1 :to
   The manually controlled                                                                                                                   change direction and \vlrcrc it
robot, which runs on tracks,                                                                                                                 nrrtls to 111ovcto.
has the ability to climb stairs,                                                                                                                Itooke hoped to do acll in
avoid obstacles and spot sor-                                                                                                                lllc Robocup conlpctition .and
\itnrs using an infrared cam-                                                                                                                said military contractors \\ere
em                                                                                                                                           almrdy interested in dcvclop-
   The camera, fitted to one of    Saving time, improving safety: Student Matthew Rooke at work on the robot                                 ing the mbot as a comni&-
the robot's anns, allows the                                                                                                                 cialised product for search-
machine to locate hotspots         neering student in the             out putting their lives in dm-    life, runs on three motors. n s o    and-rescue operations.
and red body temperature to        IVmPick team, said: When           ger. It will save them time and   po\ser it to move and spin on           "It is unique in t e r n of its
find sunivors trapped in tlle      an earthquake lrappens the         improse their safety"             the spot and the other oper-         robustness to get over obsta-
dark or under rubble. Sensors      rescue team \rill be able to          The small electric robot,      ates two metal arms, called          cles and get into small spaces,"
alert the operator to any          send in the mbot first to find     which bas been built using        llippem These can grip elevat-       said Rooke. .
mo\?mcnt.                          the victims. They cm then go       lighhveight materials such as     ed surfaces to pull the                  'We hope that it can be
   hiatthew Rooke, an engi-        straight to that location \\ith-   aluminium to improve battery      machine upstairs.                    used in real-life situations."

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