WAYNE COUNTY BOARD OF HEALTH
        301 N. HERMAN STREET GOLDSBORO, NC 27530         Phone: 919/731-1000 Fax: 919/739-5023
Steven Smith, Chairperson                                                 Ira Thigpen, Co-Chairperson

                            OFFICIAL MEETING RECORD
The Wayne County Board of Health met in regular session on Wednesday, February 20, 2008, at 12:15
p.m. at Wayne County Office Building Third Floor Conference Room, Goldsboro, NC.

The following members were present:

       Dr. Michael Gooden                   Mr. Steven Smith
       Mr. Mark Bryan                       Mr. Efton Sager
       Mr. Ira Thigpen                      Dr. Gib Blackman
       Ms. Kim Larson                       Dr. O.R. Stovall
                                            Mr. James Roosen, RS, MPH
                                               Secretary to the Board

Barbara Fields, Rovonda Freeman, Leah Grimmer, David Hesselmeyer, Carolyn King, Karen Padgett,
Sue Peacock, Earlina Robinson, Nan Sentz-Foy, Patsy Spear, Julie Sutton, Kevin Whitley, Pandora
Yelverton and Bonnie Crouse of the Health Department attended. Also present was Ms. Phyllis Moore
of Goldsboro News-Argus.

A quorum was established with eight members present. Absent were Dr. Heather Smith, Mr. Charles
Gibson, and Mr. Jeffrey Kornegay.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Steve Smith, Chairperson.

Invocation – Dr. Michael Gooden

Dr. Blackman moved to accept the minutes for the January 16, 2008 meeting. Dr. Larson seconded the
motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Introduction of Guests: N/A.

Public Comment: N/A

New Employees: Earlina Robinson is the new Processing Assistant III, Communicable Disease and
Sue Peacock, Registered Nurse, Family Planning. Mr. Smith thanked all employees for choosing to
work at the Health Department.

Recognition of Employee’s 5th Year Anniversary: Shane Smith and Worth Heath, Environmental
Health Specialists, Environmental Health and Barbara Fields, Processing Assistant IV, Administration.

2005 Debt Set-Off: James Roosen: Mr. Roosen discussed the debt set-off with the Board. The
amount to be sent off for debt collections for 2005 is $137,226.14. The collection agency will collect
on debt owed to the Health Department through client’s tax refunds. The amount to be written off that
is uncollectable for 2005 is $34,146.57. Mr. Roosen asked the Board for their approval on the two
amounts. Mr. Sager made a motion to accept the amounts to be written off. Dr. Gooden seconded the
motion. Mr. Smith asked if there were any discussions. Dr. Gooden asked why the clients do not have
any parents or social security numbers. Mr. Roosen stated some clients are immigrants. Mr. Roosen
also stated that approximately 28% of prenatal clients are prenatal clients and do not have valid social
security numbers. Dr. Larson asked if Mr. Roosen meant parents with social security or clients. Dr.
Gooden commented there were some with both. Mr. Smith asked how the debt set-off figure compares
to the past. Mr. Roosen stated he could find out and let the Board know via email. Mr. Roosen stated
the amounts to be collected are amounts still remaining after trying to collect from clients for two
years. The Health Department has set up a credit/debit card pay system so clients have that option.
Dr. Stovall asked if the clients with temporary IDs is it because the client has a temporary ID and did
not renew. Mr. Roosen stated he did not have that answer and would find out for the Board. Dr.
Stovall asked if the maternity services expenses much higher and that is the reason for the higher
amount. Mr. Roosen stated prenatal services can be higher due to tests, sonograms, physician services,
more visits during the pregnancy, etc. The motion was passed unanimously.

Community Health Assessment: Mr. Roosen welcomed and thanked Rovonda Freeman, Minority
Health Coordinator, for coordinating the Jeopardy game. Ms. Freeman presented the Jeopardy game to
the Board. Mr. Roosen commented the Jeopardy game will be used as a way to begin planning and
goal-setting process for the Health Department.

Health Department Goals for 2008-2009: Mr. Roosen stated the Health Department is involved in the
budgeting process. In approximately 4½ months the Health Department will begin the next fiscal year.
Accreditation is approaching and accreditation requires the BOH become more involved with some of
the operations of the Health Department to include budgeting and setting goals. The Community
Health Assessment helps in many ways to set directions for the Health Department with budgeting.
Mr. Roosen stated the Capitol Expenditures have to be into the Finance Office by Friday, February
22nd. A Capitol Expense is defined as anything with the cost of $5,000.00 or more. The Health
Department is also in the process of preparing appraisals. This will determine how much is going to be
needed for merit increases. Revenues need to be forecasted as well as expenses. Mr. Roosen
commented the important issue to remember in concerns with the budget is that this is the time we
have now to determine what is going to be needed for the next fiscal year to accomplish goals. Merit
Pay System: When the County first started talking about merit raises, it was stated that the COLA
would not be granted. This has changed. This year COLAs will be granted if funding is available. If
funding is available after that, hopefully merit pay will be available to reward employees who have
done an excellent job. Performance standards are set that are meaningful, based on good data and are
unique for each department. Mr. Roosen discussed with the Board the roles and benchmarks the Board
should be aware of for preparing for accreditation. Mr. Roosen discussed Health Department clinics
with the Board. Mr. Roosen stated his goal was to get the Board more involved with the Health
Department with setting goals. Mr. Roosen asked if the Board had any questions on the information
covered. Dr. Larson commented Child Abuse and Neglect statistics worry her. She hopes this is
something the Board can focus on in the coming year. Dr. Larson stated to partner with DSS would be

Revenue Report: Mr. Roosen reviewed the Revenue Report spreadsheet by program through January
2008. This report shows how much Revenue the Health Department has collected by various Fund
Sources and by programs. Mr. Roosen commented a concern he had was Environmental Health. Mr.
Roosen asked Kevin Whitley, Environmental Health Program Manager, to discuss why Environmental
Health is under the projected revenue. Mr. Whitley shared a handout with the Board. The handout
was numbers of applications for new construction. In June there was an over abundance amount of
applications due to a rate increase in July from $175.00 to $200.00. The most applications
Environmental Health has had were 106 in one month and this count went to 231 in June. Mr. Roosen
asked the Board to turn in their mileage to him for payment.
Board Concerns/Comments: 1) Mr. Sager suggested the Chairman of the Board and Health Director to
assign a Board member to a department to get familiar with the department. This would allow the
Board member to be able to contact that department to be more effective and know what is going on
with that department. Mr. Roosen commented again one of his goals is to get the Board more involved
with coming to the meeting with needs outside of the Health Department. Mr. Roosen stated within
the next couple of months, he is going to have the program managers present what their challenges,
needs and accomplishments are. Dr. Gooden stated he was in favor of Mr. Sager’s suggestion and
asked the Chairman and Health Director to formulate a plan and bring it before the Board for approval.
Dr. Gooden feels it has great potential and get the Board more involved with what is going on. 2) Dr.
Larson commented on a national conference to be held in Wisconsin July 22-24th. Dr. Larson will
already be in Wisconsin and therefore, the only charge to the County would be for registration, etc.
Mr. Sager commented he felt it should be budgeted for one person to attend. Mr. Roosen stated
monies should be put in the budget for travel/trainings for Board of Health members. At the present,
there are no travel/training monies for Board of Health members. Mr. Roosen commented the Board
should be able to go to the North Carolina Association of Local Boards of Health meetings, the State
Health Director’s meetings, etc.

Dr. Gooden made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Bryan seconded the motion. The motion was
passed unanimously.


Submitted by

Bonnie Crouse

James Roosen, RS, MPH
Wayne County Health Department

                  Next Scheduled Meeting – March19, 2008

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