The ladder

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					                      The ladder

Trin 1
Læg alle kortene spredt ud på bordet med tekstsiden

Trin 2
Elev 1 udvælger hvilket kort, der er det første i
handlingen og læser det op.

Trin 3
Elev 2 giver feedback i form af hjælp eller tilføjelser.
Er det det rigtige kort? Skal der findes et andet?

Trin 4
Kortet lægges.

Trin 5
Elev 3 udvælger nu hvilket kort, der er det første i
handlingen og læser det op.

Trin 6
Elev 4 giver feedback I form af hjælp eller tilføjelser.
Er det det rigtige kort? Skal der findes et andet?

Trin 7
Næste runde. Denne gang er det elev 2, der udvælger
hvilket kort, der er det første. Nr. 3 giver feedback.
Collie had no friends when he first moved to Gipps Street. Then he met the
Gipps Street Gang. They were three – Rory, Kate and Jack.
Sometimes they went without him. They had a secret. He felt left out.

He tried everything to get Jack to ask him to join the gang. He was the leader.
Then one day, Jack came to his home after school.

Jack told Collie about the gang. He could be at member of the gang if he swore
to keep their secrets. Collie also had to prove that he was good enough.

The secret was bad. The gang stole stuff. To join the gang Collie had to steal
three things.
They called him ”chicken”. They said he couldn´t do it. But Collie said: ”I´ll do

The very same day he was going to do his first shop. The gang took him to the
biggest store in the mall.
”Go in and nick a wallet,” said Jack.

Outside the store was a cardboard policman. He had a sign. It said:
”Shopstealing is a crime.”
Collie felt bad. He didn´t want to end up in jail. But never the less he went in.
He stole a wallet from a shelf.

Collie walked out of the store with the wallet in his pocket. Before he did
though, he paid for a fluffy toy. So that they wouldn´t suspeckt him, he told the
The stolen wallet was put away in a box in Jack´s cupboard. The gang didn´t use
any of the stolen stuff. They just wanted to prove that they were smarter.
The next day Collie was told to steal from the little games shop. Collie became
sick with fear, sick with shame. The games shop belonged to his Uncle Max.

But Collie went to the games shop to steal. He and uncle Max talked about how it
was to move to a new neighbourhood.
Uncle Max gave Collie a new wizard.

While Uncle Max was wrapping up the wizard, Collie picked up a small game and
put it in his pocket.
He felt terrible and went out of the shop with his head down, knowing he was a

Saturday morning Collie and the gang were standing outside a big clothing store.
Collie was to steal his last thing – a t-shirt. He went into the big clothing store.
And when he thought noone was watching he took a red t-shirt and pushed it in
under the fruit in his bag.

Outside the shop Collie thought he was free. But when he went towards the
gang, he felt a hand on his arm.
It was a tall man telling him to go with him back to the shop.

Back at the shop the manager said that he was nothing but a common thief.
Collie started to cry though he didn´t want to. The man who had caught him was
writing a report for the police.

Soon the police arrived. They took him to their car. People were staring and
He felt terrible.
At the policestation they rang his parents. His father came and Collie had to tell
him about the red t-shirt.
He had to answer a lot of questions - why he had taken the red t-shirt - if he
had taken something else.

Collie didn´t tell the police about the gang. He didn´t tell his parents either.
That weekend he had to stay in. His parents couldn´t understand, why he had
stolen the red t-shirt.

Monday he met with the gang at the corner. He told Jack and the others that he
had told nothing about them.
He also told them that he was grounded for two weeks. The gang wanted him to
sneak out otherwise he was ”chicken”.

Collie got mad. He hit Jack. He told them they were stupid. He was scared, but
at the same time he felt good.
Finally Collie got on his bike and left the gang.

On Tuesday his uncle Jack came to visit. He brought the wizard, which he had
forgotten in the shop. Jack told him he couldn´t take it.
His uncle didn´t understand.

Collie told his uncle all about the Gipps Street Gang. To his surprise his uncle
Jack didn´t get angry.
They had a good talk and uncle Jack wanted him to work in the shop on
Thursday nights and Saturday morning.

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