The house by zhangyun


									Your Possible Future Home

        Jenny Aroune
       Paul Mashiana
      Chris Messersmith
         Zech Weese
•   4 bedrooms
•   1 bathroom
•   1 kitchen
•   1 living room
•   1 family room
•   1 laundry room
             Cost of Loans
•   Our loan amount was…
•   About $140,000.00
•   We had a loan of…
•   $105,000.00
• Electricity- $60 per month
• Water- $45 per month
    Important Terms to remember
       when buying a house
•   Mortgage- The loan you take out on the property or house. It
    usually includes a particular length of the payment and there’s
    also an interest rate.
•   Credit Score- Credit scores are measured by the calculations of
    your credit report. High credit scores are what you want. Actions
    that can hurt your credit scores are late payments, absence of
    credit reference, and unfavorable credit card use.
•   Down Payment- Price paid upfront to lower your loan or
•   Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) - This isn’t provided by the
    government, but it protects the lender from any payment failures.
•   Market Value- The sale price last confirmed by the sellers or the
    last bid on the house.
•   Homeowner’s Insurance- Insurance that is required by most
    lenders, containing liability and hazard insurance.
     (from buying this house)
•   Big backyard
•   They get to keep the refrigerator
•   Bi-level
•   1.5 car garage
•   Deck
•   Nice view of backyard

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