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Upcoming Events…


									                                                                                                 Adam R R Rocks!

Adam Elementary School                                                                           February 17, 2011           

  Upcoming Events…
  Feb. 17   Dental Health Presentation                                                              TAKS Testing
             K, 1, & 2nd grades
  Feb. 18   Spirit Day                                                         TAKS testing dates are listed below. Our Goal is
  Feb. 21   MAKE UP DAY!!                                                      to provide a very quiet, uninterrupted testing
  Feb. 22   Name That Book Competition                                         environment for our students. Please do not
            2:45 pm in the cafeteria                                           plan to come to school to visit, eat with your
  Feb. 24   2nd Grade Author Breakfast                                         child, or volunteer on these days (even if your
                                                                               child is not involved in the testing) for testing
            Bullrito’s Night
                                                                               security reasons.
  Feb. 25   Spirit Day
                                                                               Thanks for your support.
  Mar. 1    4th Grade TAKS Writing
                                                                                   o March 1: 4th Writing
            Texas Roadhouse Night
                                                                                   o April 4: 5th Math
  Mar. 2     Nature Trails Makeup Day                                              o April 5: 5th Reading
  Mar. 4    Family Fun Night 6:30 – 9:30 pm                                        o April 26: 3rd & 4th Math
  Mar. 8    Name That Book District Competition                                    o April 27: 3rd & 4th Reading
            5:00 pm @ the Berry Center                                             o April 28: 5th Science
  Mar. 9    Spring Pictures                                                    In addition to this, extracurricular activities are
            Science BM 2nd – 5th Grades                                        not permitted on district campuses on the
            Willie’s Icehouse                                                  following dates in an effort to help families
  Mar. 14-18 Spring Break                                                      prepare appropriately for testing.
  Mar. 24   Bullritos Night                                                    Feb. 28, April 4, 25, 26, 27
  Mar. 25   End of 3rd 9 weeks
            Field Day 2nd & 5th Grades                                         Beth May
  Mar. 28   Family Reading Night 6:00 – 7:00 pm                                Principal
            Pajama Day                                                         Adam Elementary
  Mar. 29   Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration
  Mar. 31   Report Cards Go Home
            College Apparel Day

                                                                                 LOST and FOUND
        IMPORTANT NOTICE:                                                        Is your child is missing
        Monday, February 21st has                                                a jacket or other items,
        been designated as school day                                            please have them check “lost & found”.
                                                                                 **Please remember to mark your
        to make up for the February                                              child’s name on all personal items**
        4th inclement weather day.
  We need your help!!
  Please help keep our students safe by following our procedures. Please do not drive
  into or park in Adam’s parking lot to drop off or pick up your child/children during
  arrival or dismissal times. This puts our many walkers/bikers in danger. We have been
  manning the parking lot periodically to remind parents, however, this policy should be
  followed every day. Thank you for your help in keeping our kiddos safe!!

          The school day begins at 8:45 am. Students should be seated in class and ready to
          begin their day at this time. Help set your child up for a successful day!
          We open our doors at 8:25 am. If your child is having breakfast at school, please
          have them here before 8:40 am.
          If you are running late and miss the 8:45 am cut off in the car rider line, please
          pull around to the front circle drive, park and accompany your students to the
          front office to sign them in.

Please keep your contact information current. If you   Remember to wear your Spirit shirts
have a change of address, home or cell phone           on Fridays! Every month, the
number, please contact Julia Michalak, Registrar, at
                                                       homeroom that has the highest
281-897-4495 to update your information.
If you receive the Eagle Express electronically and    percentage of kids wearing Spirit
change your email address, please                      shirts will win a PIZZA PARTY in
notify                        the ATRIUM for your entire class!
Thank you!

                                                       Need AR Goal Help???
                      ABITIBI PAPER                    The library is open
                        RETRIEVER                      every Monday and
                                                       Wednesday morning
 Be sure to recycle your newspapers,                   at 7:45 for 2nd thru
 magazines, catalogs, etc. Recycle bins                5th grade students to read and take
                                                       AR tests. The last day to take AR
 are located behind the school.
                                                       tests is May 13th.
 All proceeds go towards Adam’s
                                                       We want all our Eagles at the
 track fund!                                           AR Splash Day Celebration!
Mark your calendars!                                            Pre-K & Kindergarten Registration
Family Fun Night
will be held                                               Registration will be held Tuesday, March 29th
Friday, March 4th                                          from 9:30 – 11:30 am and 1:00 – 3:00 pm.
                                                           Please see attached flyers for more
at Adam Elementary from
6:30 – 9:30 pm

                             Congratulations to the following students who
                              have reached these distinctive milestones in
                             Adam’s Accelerated Reading Program.
Andrew McMahan, Eric Shoiber, Ashley Herrmann, Libby Heafner, Wyatt Campbell, Gabriel Amenson, Amanda Tran,
Justin Schreiber, Rebecca Bly, Bridgette Nguyen, Alan Garcia, Nicholas Seeberger, Lexi Campbell, Leah Ellermann,
Stephanie Vega, Ryan Bergeron, Katie Costa, Michelle Kotch, James Lynch, Travis Schubert, Christina Burton,
Bryan Plasczyk, Joscef Anaya, Brandon Howard, Taylor Schreiber, Taylor Garcia, Cole Jackson, Amelia Guerry,
Zachary Parker, Gabriel Sanchez, Tommy Pursche, Tony Scott, Lara Enchasi, Kinsey Gwinn, Bia Menegon, Julia
Schoen, Aidan Mariano, Austin Perez, Brian Vo, Edgar Escobar, Brianna Snyder, Megan Nguyen, Deena Awad,
Ethan Roebuck, Madalyn Raia, Antonio Magana, Dylan Hill, Hannah Chalmers, Trent Gilliand, Magdalene Lee,
Morgan Shaffer, Sarah Hill, Regina Gonzalez, Clarence Brown, Alondra Rodriguez, Ana Alvaro, Humberto Lara,
Noah Murphy, Colt Crumpton,

Wyatt Campbell, Shantel Sandles, Ximena Lopez, Max Tran, Emily Murray, Katie Carnot, Cosette Bishop, Beau
Cagney, Crystal Perez, Ethan Nguyen, Alan Nguyen, Wajihah Chadhaury, Simran Mann, Hector Guzman, Joscef
Anaya, Katie Borski, Bonnie Runco, Dani El-Taysoun, Anthony Carrington, Madison Zoch, Cody Mahaffey, Kye
Deville, Jaiden Crosswell, Cori Turner, Daniel VanPraag, Josh Smith, Anum Salman, Audrey McMahan, Trevor Mayne,
Bobby Reyes, Ricky Tapp, Patrick Morado, Magdalene Lee, Andrew Ross, Paige Cagney, Dona Le, Prestynn Williams,
Jonathon Roskey, Connor Welch, Tripp Sealy, Ashley Nguyen, Angel Le, Puneet Jain, Michael Ybanez-Osman, Trino Lopez,
Johana Garcia, Chandler Ellison, Bridgette Nguyen, Nicholas Le, Alexia Rodriguez, Tino Flores, Thomas Tapp, Sandra
Perez, Reagan Rose, Lexi Campbell, Leslie Sapon, Ciara Lard, Conner Brooks, Nicholas Geiger, Haley Wilkinson,
Carson Berry, Jake Martinez, Sami Walker, Justin Steinert, Hayley Gibson, Hailey Olivares

Katie Carnot, Bryce Celestino, Jackie Coble, Matthew Chang, Tess Welch, Darian Talachi, Cameron Porter, Yash
Aggarwal, Trevor Mayne, Daniel Van Praag, Mason Cheney, Kylie Dunlap, Hannah Cromeens, Mihir Kalghatgi, Semaj
Huland, Ainsley Franz, Parker Edwards, Tim LaFrance, Taylor Knowles, Connor Welch, Johana Garcia, Alan Nguyen,
Lisa Nguyen, Bailey Hunt, Ariana Smith, Crystal Perez, Erick Santos, Idalynn Balda, Michael Hoke, Dalia Awad, Lola
Coghill, Jacqueline Vega, Brandon Ramirez, Ximena Lopez

Xavier Comeaux, Nathan Cadena, Katie Carnot, Anthony Cruz, Perla Perez, Andrew Heineman, Ryan Williams, Nick
Chrest, Ethan Shook, Arantxa Pizana, Keyna Barahona, Gabriela Martinez, Cavan Lard, Austinn West, Emma Houn
       Adam Eagles
 Congratulations to the following students whose names were pulled in
 this week’s S.O.A.R drawing. Each student will be allowed to eat
 lunch in the atrium with a friend.

Congratulations to:
Kinder: Madeleine Barahona, Karen Zhao, Andrew Martinez

1st: Jacqueline Garcia, Isaiah Helmer, Roselyn Campos
     Nick Santibanez, Morgan Aikman, Matthew Roush

2nd: Leah Ellermann, Leslie Sapon, Anahy Ramirez
     Taylor Gunn, Zachary Parker, Gursharn Mann
3rd: Shae Garney, Nicholas Le, Beau Cagney
     Cameron Marik, Sophie Scott, Morgan Burke
4th: Kyle Danchak, Hayley Brown, Sami Walker

5th:: Deena Awad, Tripp Sealy, Prestynn Williams
Name That Book

Our Name That Book teams competed in a grade level competition on February 3rd
during their recess time. The students competing spent many long hours preparing and
we are very proud of all of them. The following teams won their grade level and will be
competing for the Title of “Adam Elementary-Name That Book Champions – 2011. ”

Third Grade                     Fourth Grade                Fifth Grade
Zachary Waymire                 Samantha Walker             Vanessa Weitzman
Parker Edwards                  Jackie Coble                      Brandon Tilbury
Ainsley Franz                   Chloe Cooke                 Darian Talachi
Shae Garney                     Blake White                 Samhitha Bhat
Anastasia Kosheleva             Carson Berry                Katherine Allen
Yash Aggarwal                   Bonnie Runco                Audrey McMahan
                                                            Sebastian Jackson

The School Competition will be held on February 22nd at 2:45 in the Adam Cafeteria.
Good Luck to all our teams!

       Congratulations to the Adam 2011 Spring Art Show Winners!
 The display of artwork will remain in the Instructional Support Center
 through February 23. The building is located at 10300 Jones Road and
 is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

 Kindergarten                  Second Grade                    Fourth Grade
 Kirsten Loun                  Alec Parker                     Ailani Adams
 Nicholas Pippen               Noah Diaz                       Alexa Truong
                               Sarah Enchasi                   Elana Cunningham
 First Grade                   Julianne Ho                      Katie Borski
 Grant Campbell                 Anahy Ramirez                   Efren Rosales
 Luis Guerra                    Catherine Liu                   Casey Gallagher
 Shori Noland                  Thao Vo
 Maya Credeur                   Dona Le                         Fifth Grade
 Christopher Crosswell                                          Bobby Reyes
                                Third Grade                     Bronwyn Tuff
                                Sophie Scott                    Ricky Tapp
                                Bridgette Nguyen                Faith Courtney
                                Anastasia Koshelva              Shane Barnwell
                                Nicholas Le
                                Shae Garney

                     Student Transfers 2011‐2012 
                       TRANSFER PERIOD: April 1st – June 1st

                                    NEW REQUESTS
Parents/Guardians, who are interested in transferring their child to a school other than the 
home campus, please visit (click on “Departments” and “Admissions”) on or 
after April 1, 2011. A list of open campuses and the 2011‐2012 transfer request form will be 
posted and will also be available in the registrar’s office on all campuses. A limited number of 
schools will have a limited number of designated openings for transfer students. 

Transfer request forms will only be accepted April 1st – June 1st. Transfers will be 
approved on a first come, first serve basis.  There is a non‐refundable fee that must be 
submitted with the transfer application. The district does not provide bus transportation for 
transfer students. Transfer students in grades nine through twelve generally are ineligible to 
participate in varsity athletics for one year from the first day of attendance at the requested 

Full‐time district employees, who are eligible to receive benefits, may transfer their child to 
most schools in the district. Employees must submit a transfer request form, a non‐refundable 
fee, and verification of employment. Transfer request forms will be only be accepted  
April 1st – June 1st. 

                 For students who are currently on a transfer for 2010‐2011 and 
                       who are eligible to renew their transfer for 2011‐2012 
In April, a transfer renewal form will be mailed to the home address of all students who are 
eligible for renewal. The deadline to submit a transfer renewal form is June 1, 2011. 
There is a non‐refundable fee that must be submitted with the transfer renewal form. The 
district does not provide bus transportation for transfer students.  
            Questions about student transfers? Please visit (click on 
       “Departments” and “Admissions”) or contact a campus registrar. You may also 
     call the Office of Student Admissions, Attendance and Transfers at 281‐517‐6342. 
 Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
                               CURRICULUM DEPARTMENT
                                      Instructional Support Center
                                            P.O. Box 692003
                                     Houston, Texas 77269-2003

  Preregistration for KINDERGARTEN-March 29, 2011
Dear Parent/Guardian:
       Preregistration for the 2011-2012 kindergarten classes will be held in all
elementary schools on March 29, 2011 from 9:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.—
3:00 p.m. To be eligible for this program, a child must be 5 years of age on or
before September 1, 2011. No exceptions will be made. The district provides full-
day kindergarten. To register, parents/guardians must furnish the school with the
         Certified copy of the child’s birth certificate from the Bureau of Vital
        Current immunization record
        Proof of residency (lease agreement or utility (electric, gas, or water) bill
        Parent/guardian photo ID
        Social Security card (if available)
      If you need additional information regarding where to register your child,
please contact your neighborhood school.

PREKINDERGARTEN NOTE:             Students enrolled this year in the district’s
prekindergarten program are already officially registered for kindergarten. Their
permanent folder, which contains the birth certificate and immunization records, will
be sent to the student’s home school for the kindergarten year. Therefore, there is
no need for parents of current prekindergarten students to attend the
kindergarten registration.

         For additional information call the Kindergarten/Prekindergarten Hot-Line at 281-517-
            2645 or visit our web site: under: Departments/Curriculum and
                  Instruction/kindergarten or prekindergarten/ registration information

               Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
                                              CURRICULUM DEPARTMENT
                                                    Instructional Support Center
                                                          P.O. Box 692003
                                                   Houston, Texas 77269-2003
                                           Phone (281) 897-4148       Fax (281) 807-8639
                             Limited English Proficiency (LEP)Students
                                           March 29, 2011
      Dear Parent/Guardian:

      State legislation provides a half-day program for children who will be 4 years of age on or before
      September 1, 2011 if they meet one or more of the following criteria.
(a) The child is unable to speak and comprehend the English language.
(b)    The child is homeless, as defined by [42 USC 11302].
(c)   The child is educationally (economically) disadvantaged based on family income, SNAP/TANF case number.
(d) The child has a parent who is an active duty member of the armed forces, including the state military forces or a reserved
      component who is ordered to active duty (also includes members of the armed forces who were injured, killed, or MIA
      while serving on active duty).
(e) The child is or has ever been in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services (foster care)
     following an adversary hearing under Section 262.201, Family Code.

      If your child speaks a language other than English, you may preregister on March 29, 2011, at
      the prekindergarten campus in your attendance zone. Parents must complete a Home Language
      Survey and your child must qualify on the Pre -IDEA Proficiency Test (Pre-IPT), which will be
      administered at preregistration. Therefore, you must bring your child with you to preregister.
      To determine at which school your child should register, call your neighborhood elementary school.

      To register, parents/guardians must furnish the school with a certified birth certificate from the
      Bureau of Vital Statistics, a current immunization record, proof of residency:
      lease agreement or current utility (water, gas, electric) bill, photo ID of parent/guardian (a
      parent/guardian must sign the application), and a Social Security card for each child, if available.

      Parents/guardians seeking additional information or clarification to determine qualifications for the
      Prekindergarten program should call their neighborhood elementary school.
      Parents who want to register their child for Prekindergarten based on income must register in
      August because family financial records must be based on income within 30 days prior to the
      beginning of school.

         For additional information call the Kindergarten/Prekindergarten Hot-Line at 281-517-2645 or visit our web site: under: Departments/Curriculum and Instruction/Prekindergarten or kindergarten/ registration
                                          PTO News …
                                           Volunteer Opportunity
          Box Tops Contest                 Volunteers are still needed for the
The January Box Tops theme was a           Junior Achievement program for 3rd and
classroom contest. Mrs. Skinner’s          4th grade classes. No experience is
class won a $35 gift card to use in the    needed.
classroom.                                 Please email Deede Rubio for more
The Box Tops contest for February is       information.
a short one. We have to get them all
turned in and turned around quickly
before FFN. For every 10 Box Tops a
student turns in, they earn 1 ticket to
FFN. The deadline for submitting                       Attention Girl & Boy Scout
Box Tops for this contest is Friday,                        Troops
February 25. If the expiration date
                                           Volunteers needed!
isn't shown on the Box Top, it doesn't
                                           During Family Fun Night help will be
count. Box Tops are to be cut neatly
and pasted or taped onto the               needed to explain and show
submission form. Be sure to write          students how the games are played.
clearly, so we'll have Family Fun          It’s a perfect job for a 5th grade or
Night tickets ready for you!               older girl and boy scout.
Please contact Julie Long at               If your troop is interested please with questions.     contact Elio Cunningham at
Adam’s Spirit Cart 
The spirit cart will be open on            FFN needs YOU!
Friday, March 4 during the                 Family fun night needs volunteers to
student lunches. 
                                           help supervise food stations and set-
                                           up the day of the event. This would
               January’s                   be the perfect job for anyone
         Volunteer of the Month            including a grandparent, high school
               Lisa Hart                   or college student. Contact Kathy
                                           Crosby for more information.
Family Fun Night
Family Fun Night is a carnival for the entire community. The event
includes live music, dancing, games, amusements, food, auction and
raffle. Mark your calendars for Friday, March 4, 6:30-9:30 pm.
You don’t want to miss it. The PTO is in the planning stages and is
looking for volunteers to help make this a successful evening.

If you are interested in helping with one of the activities, please
contact one of the PTO members in the chart below.

Amusements             Cissy Heafner/Rikki Zeller
Bake Sale                   Karen Costa
Decorations            Deede Rubio
Drinks                      Angie Haine
Food                      Courtney Beasley/Cari Rodriguez
                                Elio Cunningham
Games                          Jericia Havekost
5th Grade Pie in the
face                       Jackie Christian/Deanna Gau
Prizes                     Lori Burke
Raffle/Auction   Julie Long/Michele Gallagher
Security                Mario Celestino
Teacher Experiences              Nikki Livesay
Tickets                       Lisa Bradley/Huong Le
Volunteer Coordinator         Kathy Crosby
      Adam Elementary 2010-2011 Purchase Form
                     Please list all students attending Adam in 2010-2011:
         Student Name:                            Teacher:                                 Grade:

Adam Track Campaign *                                 Yes       No                            $_______
      *Note: Please consider donating $1 (or more) to this one time Adam Track Campaign.
Spirit Cart Items
                                     Price     Quantity      Youth Size      Adult Size             Total
New Maroon “Eagle”
Short Sleeve*                       $10.00 _______           _________       ________          $_______
 *Adult 2XL & 3XL Add $2
Maroon “A” Short Sleeve Shirt $10.00 _______                 _________       ________          $_______
Navy Hoodie                     $22.00 _______               _________       ________          $_______
Baseball Raglan Shirt           $12.00 _______               _________       ________          $_______
  *YL thru Adult 2XL Sizes Only
Ringer Tee
 *YL thru Adult XL Sizes Only   $10.00 _______               _________       ________          $_______
Adam “Bling” Shirt              $20.00 _______               _________       ________          $_______
*YL and Adult Sizes Only
Shoelaces                           $ 4.00 _______                                             $_______
Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace             _______
                                      $10.00                                                   $_______
Sterling Silver Eagle Letter Bracelet $15.00                                                   $_______
Two Color Hair Bow                  $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
Scrunchies                          $ 3.50 _______                                             $_______
Auto Stickers                       $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
Water Bottles                       $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
Felt Pennants                       $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
Bag Tags                            $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
Book Covers                         $ 2.00 _______                                             $_______
Antenna Balls                       $ 1.00 _______                                             $_______
Pencils                             $ .50 _______                                              $_______
“A Note to School” Pad              $ 3.00 _______                                             $_______
                                                             GRAND TOTAL $____________
Calculated by ‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗ Checked out by: _______________
Method of Payment:   Cash Check #__________

Spirit Cart is open the first Friday of each month during lunch. However, you may turn
in a purchase form and payment to your child’s teacher at any time, orders will be filled
weekly and delivered to their teacher.

   Adjustable Silver Block                Adjustable Eagle Head               Adjustable Silver Block
         Bracelet                                Necklace                       Bracelet with beads
Tape or paste your Box Tops on this form, and turn them in by Friday, Feb. 25, to earn tickets for Family
Fun Night. One set of 10 Box Tops = 1 FFN Ticket. Expired Box Tops don’t count. Please write clearly!

                                               cut here

Tape or paste your Box Tops on this form, and turn them in by Friday, Feb. 25, to earn tickets for Family
Fun Night. One set of 10 Box Tops = 1 FFN Ticket. Expired Box Tops don’t count. Please write clearly!

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