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					                                                Orange County Counseling Referrals
  Disclaimer: This counseling referral directory is designed to provide information and assistance in facilitating services for crisis intervention/counseling. A
                             listing in this directory does not constitues and endorsement or certification or a program's services.

 The following agencies charge on a sliding fee scale, that is, according to your salary. Also, they may accept your insurance to
          help defray the cost. Call for an intake appointment where you can discuss their services, as well as the costs.
                                                         Straight Talk, Inc.
                                                                     5712 Camp Street
                                                                     Cypress, CA 90630
                                                               Telephone: (714) 828- 2000

                                                                  Western Youth Services
                                                                 1440 N. Harbor Suite 600
                                                                    Fullerton, CA 92635
                                                                Telephone: (714) 871-5646

                                                                      K.C. Services
                                                                 8265 Garden Grove Blvd.
                                                                 Garden Grove, CA 92844
                                                                Telephone: (714) 539-4544

American Institute of Family Counseling                                      Sliding scale, Insurance, No Medi-Cal
515 E. 1st Street Suite D                                                    Individual and Group Counseling
Tustin, CA 92780                                                             Substance Abuse, ADHD, Fmaily Therapy Approach
Telephone: (714) 832-0480                                                    MFCC Supervised Interns

Aspen Youth Services                                                         Counseling for minors only (may include family therapy)
12377 Lewis Street Suite 105                                                 Services for Medi-Cal recipients only
Garden Grove, CA 92840
Telephone: (714) 741-7020

Back in Control                                                              Authoritative Parenting Traning to Restructure Child's Behavior
112 East Chapman, Suite A                                                    Sliding Scale
Orange, CA 92666                                                             Teacher-in-services and Parent Educaiton
Telephone: (714) 538-6387

Buena Clinton Family Resource Center                                         Parenting Classes
12661 Sunswept                                                               Counseling
Garden Grove, CA 92843                                                       Referral Services
Telephone: (714) 741-5768                                                    After school recreation
Chapman Community Clinic                              Sliding Scale
Palm and Glassel (on University Campus)               Master's Level Interns
Orange, CA 92666                                      Mild Substance Abuse/ADHD
Telephone: (714) 997- 6746                            English/Spanish

Child Guidance Center, Inc.                           Sliding scale, Insurance, no Medi-Cal
2050 Youth Way                                        Individual, Fmaily and Group Counseling, ages 17 and under
Fullerton, CA 92835                                   Specialized in Sexual and Child Abuse
Telephone: (714) 871-9264                             ADHD Stepping Stones Program

Family and Youth Outreach Program                     Ander Management
Boys and Girls Clubs of Garden Grove                  Drug/Alcohol Education
11301 Acacia Parkway                                  Indivdiual and Family Counseling
Garden Grove, CA 92840                                Gang Prevention Counseling
Telephone: (714) 741-5895                             Truancy Reducation Program

Straight Talk, Inc.                                   Sliding scale, Insurance
5712 Camp Street                                      Indivdiual and Group Counseling (all ages)
Cypress, CA 90630                                     Family and Marital Counselig, Parenting Classes
Telephone: (714) 828-2000                             Substance Abuse/ some ADHD
                                                      Evenings and Saturday morning hours

University of California at Irvine Medical Center     Flat fee, Insurance, Medi-Cal
Outpatient Pyychiatry Unit- Neuropsychiatric Center   Individual and Group Counseling, al ages
101 The City Drive                                    Psychiatrist and Advanced Psychiatric Residents
Orange, CA 92668                                      For emergency, call ER
Telephone: (714) 456-7000                             Substance Abuse/ADHD

Western Youth Services                                Sliding scale, Insurance and Medi-Cal
140 E. Commonwealth Avenue Suite 101                  Individual and Group Therapy, all ages
Fullerton, CA 92832                                   Mild substance abuse only
Telephone: (714) 871-5646                             English/Spanish

West County Counseling Center                         Sliding scale, Insurance
8041 Newman Ave Suite 202                             Individual, Marriage, Fmaily, and Child Counslig
Huntington Beach, CA 92647                            Mild substance abuse, ADD Assessment
Telephone: (714) 847-3356                             Parenting Classes

Orange County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services         Medi-Cal only
14140 Beach Blvd. Suite 200                           Drugs but mainly alcohol- all ages
Westminster, CA 93683                                 No waiting
Telephone: (714) 896-7574                             Part of Orange County Health Care
Community Services Program Inc.                             Victim Eitness Assistance Program (714) 834-4350
1821 E. Dyer Road Suite 200                                 Gang Prevention Program (949) 250-0488
Santa Ana, CA 92705                                         Youth Shelter (949) 494-4311
Telephone: (714) 834-4350                                   Youth and Community Program (949) 250-0488

County of Orange-Children's Div. of Health Care Agency      Will take if suicidal, will refer others
Mental Health Services                                      Only providing sercices through AB882 (special educaiton)
14180 Beach Blvd. Suite 113                                 Emergency appointments available
Westminster, CA 92683                                       English/Vietnamese/Spanish
Telephone: Adults (714) 896-7566/ Children (714) 896-7556

Hotline Help Center                                         24 hour Crisis Intervention Hotline
P.O. Box 110                                                Seicide Prevention
Anaheim, CA 92815                                           Referrals for food and houseing in crisis situations
24 Hr. Crisis Line- (714)441-1414
Telephone: Teen Line- 4pm-10pm (714) 441-2121

Life Learning Center                                        Sliding scale, insurance, no Medi-Cal
14600 Goldenwest Suite 211                                  General Counseling, all ages/ Substance abuse/ADHD
Westminster, CA 92683                                       Master's level Interns
Telephone: (714) 898-1217                                   Bilingual Parenting Classes
                                                            Counselors speak several languages, call for availability

Life Learning Center                                        Sliding scale, insurance, no Medi-Cal
12832 Garden Grove Blvd. Suite 240                          General Counseling, all ages/ Substance abuse/ADHD
Garden Grove, CA 92843                                      Master's level Interns
Telephone: (714) 534-8938                                   Bilingual Parenting Classes
                                                            Counselors speak several languages, call for availability

Magnolia Park Family Resource Center                        Parenting Classes
11402 Magnolia Street                                       Counseling
Garden Grove, CA                                            Referral Services
Telephone: (714) 530-7413                                   After-School and recreation

Pepperdine University Counseling Center                     Sliding scale, no Insurance
11811 Von Karman Suite 401                                  General Counseling, all ages
Irvine, CA 92612                                            Master's and Doctoral Level Interns
Telephone: (949) 223-2570                                   Substance Abuse/ADHD

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