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									Fitcorp - Copley
                                            Order Date:
                                                Contact:                                                        Updated:   05/01/11
                                   Special Instructions:
Budget   Stock   Order   Pack            Item ID                                   Item Description              Cost      Extended
                                                                          REGULARLY ORDERED ITEMS
                         12/cs    ch/a/cc/disf             ChemClene Surface & Air Disinfectant 12/cs             $78.00
                         12/cs    ch/a/cc/glass            Chemclene Foaming Glass Cleaner 12/cs                  $62.00
                         12/cs    ch/a/ss/o/c              Misty S/S oil based cleaner/polish 12/case            $114.00
                         12/cs    ch/a/dri                 Misty Driwhite spot remover aerosol                    $59.00
                         12/cs    ch/a/pol/lemon           Lemon Shine Up polish 15oz                             $88.00
                          12/cs   ch/bk/bc/na1232          Bowl cleaner non-acid 32oz                             $44.00
                          12/cs   ch/bk/clnsr/crem1232     Husky creme cleanser 32oz                              $53.00
                          24/cs   ch/bk/clnsr/ajax2421     Ajax cleanser 21oz                                     $37.00
                          4/cs    ch/bk/cs41               Clear Shower shower cleaner conc gallon                $53.00
                           cs     ch/bk/tilex932           Tilex mildew remover 32oz spray bottles                $63.00
                           cs     ch/bk/us/fresh12         Urinal Screen 30 day fresh fragrance - smoke color     $31.00
                           cs     ch/bk/us/blockga         Urinal Screen w/block green apple 12/bx                $33.00
                          2/cs    ch/c/j-fill/breakup      J-Fill Breakup Foaming Degreaser                      $148.00
                          2/cs    ch/c/j-fill/glance       J-Fill Glance Glass Cleaner                           $113.00
                          2/cs    ch/c/j-fill/virex        J-Fill Virex256 Disf Cleaner                          $113.00
                          4/cs    ch/c/mur41               Murphys oil soap gallon                                $87.00
                          4/cs    ch/cp/frk/answer         Franklin Answer traffic lane pre-spray gallon          $96.00
                          4/cs    ch/cp/j-fill/extract     J-Fill Extraction Cleaner                             $168.00
                         12/cs    ch/d/pwdr                Odor-Out carpet deodorizing powder                     $53.00
                           ea     ch/d/omni/carnival       Omniscent Carnival refill - up to 30-60 day            $28.00
 2.00                      ea     ch/d/omni/passion        Omniscent Passion refill - up to 30-60 day             $28.00
                           ea     ch/d/vair/green          V-Air deodorizer green/lemonlime refill                $15.00
                           ea     ch/d/vair/toujour        V-Air deodorizer Toujour refill                        $15.00
 1.00                     4/cs    ch/dip/la41              Multi-Sport Lemon all clnr/disinf gallon               $62.00
                          4/cs    ch/fp/ff/hs41            Nova-X Floor Finish gallon                            $110.00
                          2/cs    ch/fp/j-fill/revive      J-Fill Revive Plus floor maintainer                   $156.00
                          4/cs    ch/fp/jp/stride41        Johnson Stride-floral neutral cleaner gallon           $63.00
                          4/cs    ch/fp/restorit41frk      Restorit maintainer 4x1gal (spray buff)                $63.00
                          4/cs    ch/fp/strp41frk          Offense stripper gallon                               $107.00
                          6/cs    ch/l/bleach61a           Bleach gallon                                          $25.00
                          3/cs    ch/s/foam/gj/clnsr       GoJo Foam Cleanser 1250ml                              $77.00
                          3/cs    ch/s/foam/gj/hb          GoJo Foam Hair & Body 1250ml                           $73.00
                          6/cs    ch/sa/germx 40           Germ-X hand sanitizer 40oz                             $42.00
 1.00                     8/cs    ch/sa/purel1000ml        Purell Hand Sanitizer 1000ml                          $114.00
                           cs     ch/sa/purel12oz          Purell sanitizer 12x12oz size                          $89.00
                         500/cs   du/cloth2424             Treated cloths 24"x24"                                $131.00
                           pk     eq/a/pro/sc/bg/gen       Generic SuperCoach bags 10/pk                          $29.00
                         10/cs    g/bx/v/p/lge/d           Gloves vinyl pwdered large 10/bx                        $6.00
                          10/cs   g/bx/v/pf/lge/d          Gloves vinyl pwder free large 10/bx                     $6.00
                          10/cs   g/bx/v/p/med/d           Gloves vinyl pwdered medium 10/bx                       $6.00
                         10/cs    g/bx/v/pf/med/d          Gloves vinyl pwder free medium 10/bx                    $6.00
                           cs     m/3m/easytrap125         3M Easy Trap Duster 5"x6" sheets 125' 2roll/bx        $122.00
                           ea     m/3m/ese/mop18           3M Easy Scrub Express 18" mops                         $17.00
                           ea     m/d/swiffer/kit          Swiffer Duster w/handle                                $15.00
                           ea     m/d/swiffer/refill       Swiffer Duster refill head only                        $16.00
                          12/cs   ms/a/as1211              Msport aftershave spray 11oz w/sprayers                $85.00
                          12/cs   ms/a/ds1211              Msport deodorant spray 11oz w/sprayers                 $64.00
                          12/cs   ms/a/hs1211              Msport hair spray 11oz w/sprayers                      $64.00
                          4/cs    ms/a/mst41van            Msport moisturizer white/vanilla gal                   $55.00
                          4/cs    ms/a/mst41nm             Nantucket Mist Multi-sport moisturizer white gal       $55.00
 1.00                      cs     ms/a/mw41/m              Msport mouthwash blue/mint gal                         $48.00
 1.00                     4/cs    ms/a/cnd/cherry41        Msport hair conditioner-clear/cherry gal               $44.00
                          4/cs    ms/a/cnd/melon41         Msport hair conditioner-green/melon gal                $53.00
                          4/cs    ms/a/cnd/nanmist41       Msport hair conditioner-blue/nanmist gal               $44.00
 2.00                     4/cs    ms/a/s/eleg41            Msport Eegance-pearl/vanilla shampoo gal               $37.00
 8.00                     4/cs    ms/a/s/toc41             Msport Touch of Class body wash green/apple gal        $31.00
                          4/cs    ms/a/s/nanmist41         Msport Nantucket Mist shampoo-bluepearl gal            $37.00
                           ea     ms/barb64                Barbicide disinfectant 1/2 gal                         $27.00
                           bx     ms/comb7                 Black combs 7" 12/box                                   $3.00
                           ea     ms/euc 1                 Mist of eucalyptus gallon                              $31.00
 8.00                     rolls   ms/fwipe/04              Hygienic Facility Wipes 800 sheets 4 rolls             $19.50
                         2/case   ms/fmwipe/sp87/02        Hygienic MegaSport Wipes 8"x7" 1500/roll               $45.00
                           cs     ms/raz/blu/blk1200       Razors twin blu/blk - 1200/pk                         $350.00
                           cs     ms/raz/pink360           Women's razors twin pink w/lube strip - 36x10pk        $44.00
                          4/cs    ms/sanimist41            Sani-Mist Athletes Foot Spray gallon                  $156.00
                          12/cs   ms/shave/reg             Barbasol shave cream regular 11oz                      $34.00
                           cs     ms/swab 12x500tc         TopCare cotton swabs 12x500/bag                        $56.00
                           ea     ms/swab/cont             Swab container mounts with suction cups                 $7.00
 1.00                      cs     ms/valet/bags/nt         Valet Bags 4 rolls of 1000/roll                        $85.00
 2.00                      cs     p/cup/cone4oz/d          4oz paper cone cups 5000/cs                            $66.00
 1.00                      cs     p/cup/mwash/pap/gen      Mouthwash cup 3/4oz pleated 5000/cs                    $66.00
 5.00                      cs     p/ft/30x100gen           Gen Facial tissue 100shts 30bx                         $29.00
                           cs     p/ft/48x125klnx          Kleenex facial tissue 48x125bx                         $98.00
                           cs     p/ft/sneeze/36x250       Facial tissue - Sneeze Center 36pkg                    $64.00
                           cs     p/l16ga/06mc/cl/nor      Liners 24x33 06mic 1000/cs clr                         $31.00
                           cs     p/l30ga/10mc/cl/d        Liners 30x37 10mic 500/cs clear                        $27.00
                           cs     p/l60ga/1.0ml/bl/d       Liners 38x58 1mil 100/cs black                         $36.00
                           cs     p/rt/800/6certo          Towels roll white 800' 6/cs                            $49.00
                           cs     p/rt/30hsld/certo        Household Towels 30rolls x 84cnt                       $42.00
                           cs     p/sani/nap               Sanitary napkins boxed 250/cs                          $53.00
                           cs     p/sani/tmp               Sanitary tampons 500/cs                                $83.00
                           cs     p/sani/wax/rbmd          Sanitary wax bags 250/pk 2pks/case                     $28.00
 5.00                      cs     p/t/mf/wht               Towels multifold white 4000/cs                         $29.00
                           cs     p/t/cf/wht               Certo C-fold embossed towels, white 2400cs             $27.00
                           cs     p/t/sf/wht/1960d         Towel M Fold White 175/pk KC1960 Scottfold             $66.00
 3.00                      cs     p/tt/96/2/gen            Toilet Tissue 500sheetx2ply 4.5x3.5 96/cs              $61.00
                           cs     pad/sc/erase             Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 24/cs                           $59.00
                           bx     s/clns63                 Light duty sponge w/white pad 20/cs                    $29.00
                           cs     pad/sc96grn              Scrub pads green 6x9 20/pk                             $20.00
                           ea     sp/24blk                 Sprayer head black                                      $3.00
                           ea     m/w/l/med/anti/whi       Wet mop looped med anti-microbial white                $19.00

 41.00                                                                     REGULAR ITEMS TOTAL
Copley                                                                                    Other Items Page
                           Order Date:
                              Contact:                                                   P.O. #:
                 Special Instructions:
 Stock   Order          Item ID                           Item Description               Pack      Cost Extended
               s/clns63                  Light duty sponge w/white pad 20/cs              bx       ####
               pad/sc96grn               Scrub pads green 6x9 20/pk                       cs       ####
               sp/24blk                  Sprayer head black                               ea       ####
               m/w/l/med/anti/whi        Wet mop looped med anti-microbial white          ea       ####

               br/ang/hd                 Heavy duty angle broom - Rbmd                    ea
               bru/plunger               Bowl plunger heavy duty                          ea
               bru/shwrfeed18            Nylon showerfeed brush 18"                       ea
               ch/a/ts/foamdisf          Foam disinfectant cleaner 12/cs aerosol         12/cs
               ch/c/clnsr1232            Husky creme cleanser 12x32oz                    12/cs
               ch/c/j-fill/d/foam        J-Fill Foam Gun unit                             ea
               ch/c/j-fill/d/select      J-Fill Select wall dispenser                     ea
               ch/c/zyme1232             Digest liquid enzyme 12qts/cs                   12/cs
               cont/dp5                  5 gallon dispenser pail deluxe                   ea
               d/p/ft/sneeze/sml         Sneeze Center mini dispenser                     ea
               d/p/ft/sneeze             Tissue dispenser-Sneeze Center                   ea
               d/p/rt/enmotion           Towel dispenser EnMotion                         ea
               d/p/rt/enmotion/br        EnMotion brackets                                ea
               d/pump/tank2gal           2 gal tank sprayer - plastic                     ea
               d/pump/tank4gal           Solution tank 4gal                               ea
               d/pump1gal                1oz pump for 1 gal container                     ea
               d/s/purel/nxt/disp        Purell NXT Dispenser                             ea
               d/s/9346                  ClearVu Dispenser-white 46 oz.                   ea
               du/cloth1318              Treated dust cloths 13x18 500/cs                 cs
               du/duster/tele/stat       Magna duster telescopic                          ea
               du/pan/plastic            Plastic dust pan                                 ea
               eq/a/moto/bru/sg          Motorscrubber agressive Brush w/splash guard     ea
               eq/b/motorscrubber        Motorscrubber 12V DC w/50" telescoping handle    ea
               g/latex/ med              Latex flock lined gloves med 12/pk               pk
               h/w60t                    Wood handle tapered 60"                          ea
               m/d/h                     Dry mop handle                                   ea
               m/d36frame                Dry mop frame 36in                               ea
               m/d36head                 Dry mop head 36in                                ea
               m/h/60vinyl               Gripper vinyl coat mop handle                    ea
               m/w/finish                Floor finish mop - candystripe                   ea
               m/w/l/med/anti/whi        Wet mop looped med anti-microbial white          ea
               maint/cart/jan            Janitor's cart                                   ea
               maint/cone/collapse       Safety Cone w/light collapsabl                   ea
               maint/flr/sq/cv24         FLO324C Floor squeegee curved 24"                ea
               maint/mb/combo            Mop bucket & wringer combo                       ea
               maint/putty               Putty knife                                      ea
               maint/putty/scraper       Putty Knife/scraper                              ea
               maint/wb/caddy            Caddy to fir 44gal Brute                         ea
               maint/wb/dolly            Brute dolly for Brute cont.                      ea
               maint/wb44gr              Brute container grey 44 gal                      ea
               ms/am/pmp                 Ameni-mate pump for bottle                       ea
               ms/am12b                  Ameni-Mate 12oz bottle                           ea
               ms/am12spr                Ameni-Mate 12oz sprayer                          ea
               ms/am16b                  Ameni-mate 16oz bottle                           ea
               ms/am16grn/bw             Ameni-mate 16oz 'body wash'                      ea
               ms/am32/acryg1            Ameni-mate 32oz acrylic gray single              ea
               ms/am32/whi/dlx1          Ameni-mate 32oz single white deluxe              ea
               ms/am32bot                Ameni-mate 32oz bottle                           ea
               ms/am32mst                Ameni-mate 32oz "Moisturizer"                    ea
               ms/am32mw                 Ameni-mate 32oz "Mouthwash"                      ea
               ms/facwipes /d            Facility Wipe Dispenser                          ea
               ms/mw/cupdisp             Mouthwash cup dispenser                          ea
               ms/pb/sa                  "Multi-Sport Sanitizer" bottle                   ea
               ms/raz/blu500             Razors twin blue - 500/pk                        cs
               ms/raz/gil 64             Gillette Good News razors 64/pkg                 cs
               ms/raz/gil/daisy12        Gillette Daisy razors 12/pk                      pk
               ms/shave/foamy/reg        Gillette Foamy 12x11oz regular                   cs
               ms/swab12                 Deco cotton swabs 12x500                         cs
               p/cup/cold/clr10oz/l      Cold cups 10oz 5000/cs                           cs
               p/cut/fork/med            Cutlery fork 1000/cs                             cs
               p/cut/knife/med           Cutlery knife 1000/cs                            cs
               p/cut/spoon/med           Cutlery spoon 1000/cs                            cs
               p/ft/30x100sca/s          Coronet facial tissue 100x2ply 30bx              cs
               p/l/60gal/14mic/clrs      Liners 38x60 14mic clr 200/cs                    cs
               p/plate/ppr/1200x9/s      Plate paper light duty 1200x9"                   cs
               p/t/cf/2400emb/s          C fold towels exec wht 2400cs                    cs
               p/tt/96/2/ s              Toilet tissue Mainstreet 500x2ply 96/cs          cs
               pad/bonnet21              Carpet Bonnet - cotton 21"                       cs
               pad/fp20blk               20" floor pads - black strip 5/cs                cs
               pad/fp20burnish           20" floor pads - burnish 10/cs                   cs
               pad/fp20red               20" floor pads - red buffing 5/cs                cs
               pad/fp20wht               20" floor pads - white polish 5/cs               cs

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