The miller's tale

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					 The miller’s tale
• summary of the tale
• Analysis of major characters
•Comparison to the knight’s tale
•5 questions
        Summary of the tale
• An old carpenter has a young wife, they live
  with Nicholas the Gallant. Nicholas sleeps with
  a lot of women. One day when the old
  carpenter is away, Nicholas began to make a
  pass on the carpenter’s wife: Alison. They fall
  in love, but Alison is still married to the
  carpenter. Nicholas tells the carpenter that
  there is a flood coming, and that he should tie
  tubs under the roof. He also says that the
  carpenter can’t see Alison, so there is no sin.
  Absalom notice the
carpenter has not been around, so Absalom
goes to Alison’s house, because he likes her.
Alison tells him that she loves another man.
He gets angry, and goes to Gervase the
blacksmith and asks to borrow a hot coulter.
Absalom goes back to Alison’s house, and
Nicholas opens the door and farts in
Absalom’s face so Absalom pokes Nicholas
with the hot iron in the rear end. Nicholas
yells in pain and the carpenter think that it’s
the flood coming. He cuts the ropes where he
tied the tubs and faints. Alison and Nicholas
Tell everyone that the carpenter is crazy,
because he thinks the flood is coming.
Everyone in the town laughs at the carpenter.
                               the end
    Analysis of major characters
• Nicholas the Gallant: He was a poor student
  and studied the arts, astrology and geomancy.
  He had charming looks and slept with a lot of
  women. He lives with the carpenter and falls
  in love with the carpenter’s wife. He tricks the
  carpenter into believing there is a flood
  coming ,so that he can be with Alison.
• The carpenter: He was rich and old, and he
  took in Nicholas to live with him. He married a
  young wife, and locked her in the house out of
  jealousy. His wife falls love with Nicholas and
  they trick him into thinking there is a flood. At
  the end of the story, everyone thinks he is
  crazy, for thinking there is a flood coming.
• Alison: She is the carpenter’s young beautiful
  wife. She falls in love with Nicholas. Absalon
  falls in love with her, but she tells him that she
  is in love with Nicholas.
• Absalon: he notices that the carpenter hasn’t
  been around, so he tries to talk to Alison,
  because he loves her. She tells him that she
  loves someone else, so he gets angry and goes
  to the black smith. When he goes back to the
  Alison’s house, Nicholas opens the door, and
  he farts in Absalon’s face. Absalon in rage
  pokes Nicholas in the butt with a coulter.
 Comparison to the knight’s tale
• Similarities: 1. there are men fighting over a
  woman, there is courtly love.
• Differences: 1. there are gods in the knight’s
  tale and people have chivalry.
  2. In the knight’s tale there is a battle for who
  gets Emily. 3. The knight’s tale is more proper,
  while the miller’s tale is more inappropriate.
       Five discussion questions
1. What are the themes of the miller’s tale?
2. Why do you think the miller’s tale is more
   inappropriate than the knight’s tale?
3. How do you think the carpenter feels at the
   end of the tale?
4. Why doesn’t anyone want the miller to tell
   his tale?
5. What events led to the carpenter acting crazy
   at the end?
The end

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