The Reason Of Zuckerberg by f4jarhudy


									         This reason Zuckerberg Not Make up version of the iPad

CALIFORNIA - It is undeniable again that up to be one mandatory application in
almost all platforms. But the unique, up did not make an
application for iPad tabletdevice. Then what reason?

In fact, the application up to the IOS running on your iPhone or iPod Touch deviceincluding an
application of the most frequently downloaded by users. CEO andfounder of Facebook Mark
Zuckerberg has its own reasons, why Facebook is notpresented in the iPad.

According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is not interested in creating applications for Facebook on
the iPad because the device is not "selincah" iPhone.

"I do not mean rough, but not as'mobile iPad 'like the iPhone,"said Zuckerberg, asreported
by PC Magazine, Monday (30/05/2011).

The 27-year-old billionaire has not been able to give an idea when up will provide a door for its
application on a tablet that is reaching the highest popularity.

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