Champaign County Rifle Association Monthly Meeting Report for by sdfgsg234


									 Burma-style sign count: 33 sets, 14 counties, two states.
 559,400 sightings per day, 204.2 million per year
                                                                                      GUNS SAVE                                 She told the audience of her enthusiasm
                                                                                                                                         with the program that she sees as a
      Champaign County Rifle Association Monthly Meeting Report for December 2009                                                        wonderful opportunity for women to learn
                                                                                                                                         about shooting shotguns.

 Attendance (120ish)                      President David Pike called the meet-           right to carry. Speakers will answer ques-
                                                                                                                                         She began her interest in the clinics
                                          ing to order and led those present in the       tions everyday citizens may have and
 Larry Shurbet, Joe Seten, John                                                                                                          about ten years ago after her daughter
                                          Pledge of Allegiance and new member             address any concerns. We urge our GSL
 Martin, Richard Klein, sonny             introductions. One attendee was present         family to bring their families, neighbors
                                                                                                                                         came home from a clinic and raved about
 Fergusson, David Laker, Sue                                                                                                             the experience.
                                          from Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Welcome all!          and friends to this event. If you have any
 Laker, John Grubb, Sally Grubb,                                                          questions, Scott Bowyer can be reached
 Scott Schmidt, Conner Schmidt,           The Vice-President’s Report was next.           at 217-822-2354.
 Chuck Benner, Chad Bennner,              John Boch first discussed the email mak-
 Dean Rothermel, Ralph Jones,             ing rounds alleging that while gun owners       David Pike introduced our main speaker
 ken Kyle, Ken Kinder, Devin              weren’t looking, Hillary Clinton has signed     and that was followed by our Tech Time
 Kinder, Glen Kinder, Tim Kinder,         the UN’s Arms Trade Treaty. This is an          speakers.
                                          urban legend and patently untrue. Not
 Sherry Amtower, Ken Amtower,
                                          only has this proposed treaty not been          Main Speaker
 Jim Capel, Ray Leisure, Jack Ayd,        signed, but it’s still in the drafting stages   Jim Capel and Mary Ellen Stites on
 Ben Thomas, R.D. Johnson, Wil-           and isn’t expected to be finished before        Wingshooting and Hunter clinics
 liam Barrett, Earl Buenting, Dewey       2012. Even if this treaty is signed, it         Jim Capel, the Illinois Department of Nat-
 Clew, Donna Clew, James Garrett,         won’t take effect unless it’s ratified by the   ural Resources Regional Land Manager
 Jerommie Smith, Dan Worthey,             U.S. Senate.                                    for the local area was our main speaker
 Susie Ries, Terry Ries, Jerry                                                            and he discussed the Wingshooting and
 Bargren, Bob Holland, Brandyn            Restaurant carry is legal once again in         Hunter clinics put on by the IDNR, with an
 Odell, Mary Ellen Stites, chuck          Tennessee after the Tennessee House             assist by Mary Ellen Stites.
                                          and Senate over-rode the governor’s veto
 Stites, Dannie Smith, John Nel-
                                          of a new restaurant carry bill.                 The Wingshooting clinics are for ladies
 son, Jolane Zarker, Paul Doane,                                                          and youths 12-16 only.
 Virginia Doane, Andy Miller, Dar-        Effective March 1, 2011, Pennsylvania
 rell Cox, Dan Sadler, Steven Long,       permits must be applied for in person.          “These are about providing a shooting
 Cody Cundiff, Roger Gronewald,           Mr. Boch recommended that anyone                experience for non-traditional shooters,”
 Norman Paul, Ron Beatty, Scott           considering a PA permit or that has only        Capel said.
 Crawford, Ronald Raup, Gary uls,         a year or two left on their permit by early
 Bel Nelsen, Gene Nelsen, P.T.            next year apply for a new or renewal prior      It’s completely free to the participants and
 Ward, Dave Martin, John Miller,          to March.                                       everything is provided including lunch.
                                                                                                                                         Wingshooting Clinic certified instructor
                                                                                          It’s paid for with monies provided by the
 Roger Miller, Steve Miller, John                                                                                                        Mary Ellen Stites shares a laugh with
                                          John also brought up the pair of Armed          host (who usually raises the money from
 Roth, guest, Warren Drake,                                                                                                              IDNR Regional Land Manager Jim Capel
                                          Citizen events in Chicago in the last           local businesses, clubs and individuals).
 Bill Greenwood, Art Freiberger,                                                                                                         and GSL President David Pike (seated).
                                          week. In the first, an 80-year-old man
 Henry Rugg, Larry Ramert, Walter         defended his home from a trigger-happy          The Hunting clinics are open to everyone
 Rothermel, Wes Thuney, Ther-             burglar. Mr. Burglar didn’t fare so well        and the cost is $30. Shooters should
 ese Nelson, Bill Harrison, Bonnie        as the elderly vet shot him dead. In the        bring 150-200 rounds of light loads and
                                                                                                                                         “I’ve been going every year since then,”
 Garrett, Mike Greenwood, Gene            second case, homeowner confronted a             a shotgun with the widest choke pattern
                                                                                                                                         Mary Ellen said.
 Martin, Georges LeFaivre, Marty          felon fleeing from police who had just          they have.
 Kropp, Marty Poling, Richard             crashed through his window. Mr. Fleeing
                                                                                                                                         Today, she’s an instructor and descibed
                                          Felon earned a round to the chest from          Shooters at both clinics learn gun safety,
 bond, Ken Selby, John Hamilton,                                                                                                         the excitement in teaching youth and
                                          a revolver for his efforts. More on these       laws, nomenclature, hunting rules and
 Cory Garrett.                                                                                                                           women how to shoot and shoot well. She
                                          stories on the North of I-80 pages.             ethics and so forth. The Instructors are
                                                                                                                                         also explained differences in commu-
                                                                                          all volunteers and certified.
 Apologies for any misspellings                                                                                                          nicating with men and women and how
                                          Lastly, the ATF has redefined a “transfer”
 because of difficulties reading the                                                                                                     women make better students than men.
                                          in the case of guns transferred by an FFL       One of the Wingshooting instructors
 sign-in sheets. Several attendees did
                                          to agents of other dealers or businesses        joined Jim Capel to talk about the Wing-
 not sign the sign-in sheet, as we had                                                                                                   She encouraged everyone to have their
                                          for bonafide business purposes. These           shooting clinics from the ladies’ perspec-
 about 120 folks in the room.                                                                                                            wives enroll in the Wingshooting Clinic.
                                          are now a “transfer” and a 4473 must be         tive.
 Notice all the couples and fam-                                                                                                         “Guys, don’t teach your wife to shoot,”
                                                                                          Mary Ellen Stites was introduced and
 ily groups. A GSL meeting is a                                                                                                          she said. “Let someone else do it. It
                                          David Pike then introduced Scott Bowyer         gave a very enthusiastic and positive
 spouse-friendly, family-friendly                                                                                                        works sooooo much better that way!”
                                          who then discussed the upcoming Right           description of the program.
                                          to Carry Educational Town Hall meeting
                                                                                                                                         Capel then described in detail the day-
                                          scheduled for July 12, 2010 (from 7-9pm         “You all thought my husband brought
 Many thanks to all who came out!                                                                                                        long courses and touched a little on how
                                          at the Hawthorne Suites in Champaign).          me to these meetings,” she said, looking
                                                                                                                                         monies from the Hunting clinics aren’t
                                          Illinois Carry has sponsored a series of        around at all of the gents in the audience.
                                                                                                                                         swept by the governor into the state’s
                                          very successful town hall meetings about        “No. I bring him.”
                                                                                                                                         general fund, but are used to buy and
GunNews 2
maintain equipment for the two clinics.

This year’s shoots are coming up. The
youth and women’s Wingshooting Clinics
are August 21 & 22 and the Hunters Clinic is
August 28 & 29. They will be held just west
of Monticello this year.

For more information, contact Mr. Capel at

Tech Time #1
David Acklin is no fan of the new polymer
composite being used by Glock since the
company was sold by Gaston Glock to a
consortium of companies including Taurus
and Smith and Wesson.
                                               David Acklin discussed Glocks new and old during his tech time presentation.
“Gaston Glock sold the company but retained
the rights to the polymer composite he         Generation 4 products, the quality      supply store at police prices. Acklin likes
developed,” Acklin said. And this new RTF      control isn’t what it used to be, per   to go over to Ray O’Herron’s in Danville
                                                                                       for his.                                      Connor Garth poses “his” brand new rifle
material doesn’t absorb recoil like the old    Acklin and some of his discussions
                                                                                                                                     at the June 2010 Guns Save Life meet-
composite and it makes gunsmithing more        with some of the nation’s best Glock
                                                                                       Mr. Acklin says the “pre-sale” Glock pis-     ing with his father, John Garth, in the
difficult. “Sometimes you can’t get the pins   ‘smiths.
                                                                                       tols are still wonderful guns.                background.
out,” he said.
                                               In many ways, Glocks are great guns
Gaston Glock, according to Mr. Acklin, was     with the interchangeability of maga-
more interested in the plastic polymers than   zines, barrels, etc. (For instance,
                                                                                             Expanded Retail Space - Larger Selection

                                                                                                   Dave’s Firearms
he was in making guns, per se. And that        you can shoot a Glock 17 barrel and
magic composite he developed and later         magazine in your Glock 26 or 19.)
used in his Glocks was something he wanted     They are also fast and easy to clean.
to retain control over.
                                               Even better news: If you’re a mem-          Located between Urbana and St. Joseph on Route 150 in
Glock owns a great majority of the police      ber of the Glock Shooting Sports
market in America because of a quality prod-   Foundation, you can purchase one
                                                                                                Mayview. Look for the big yellow building.
uct. However, in the late-Generation 3 and     Glock pistol each year from a police
                                                                                                                    (217) 469-8000
                                                                                                             1868E CR 1600N, Urbana, Illinois

                                                                                      Buy - Sell - Trade
                       Common Sense Solutions
                        PO Box 71, Rockton IL 61072
                                                                                                                                          Authorized Dealer
                   Time to put words into Action
                                                                                                 • Reloading equipment
                                                                                                   & supplies                                Caesar Guerini
                                                                                                 • Firearms                                  Cooper Rifles
                                                                                                 • Consignment firearms!                         Glock
                                                                                                    SAVE MONEY!
                                                                                                 • Ammunition                                   Benelli
                                                                                                 • Clay targets                          Kimber (Master Dealer)
                                                                                                 • Gunsmithing                              Smith & Wesson
                                                                                                 • Gun safes
                                                                                                 • More coming soon!
                                                                                                                                              And more!

                                                                                                          Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns -
                                                                                                               We’ve Got It All!
                                                                                                                                                                  GunNews 3
Tech Time #2
                                                                                                                                      Jolane won a gun!
Dan Sadler also gave a short tech time
on a couple of his latest acquisitions.
The first wasa Colt 1862 Police. This
particular one was the personal sidearm
of Lt. Col. John Clark, Commander of the
Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Infan-
try. It was manufactured in 1863 and
inscribed with his name and unit.

The second was a Colt Artillery Revolver
with mixed numbers. The frame was
manufactured in 1880 and it was refin-
ished in 1901.
                                             Mr. Sadler’s new Colt Artillery Revolver from 1880.
Sadler has received letters from Colt on
both of these revolvers and was rewarded
with extensive research information about                    Guns
                                                             SAVE                        At Right: Jolane Zarker from Mahomet
                                                                                         was the winner of the dimunitive Kel-Tec
“So, have you shot ‘em yet?” was one of                       Life                       P3AT .380 Auto pistol at the June 2010
the questions.                                                  .com                     meeting. Next month we’re sure to have
“Oh, no. I don’t shoot my collector guns,”      Our Name says it all!                    another nice gun available for you to win!
Sadler said.

Asked how many guns he had, Sadler
gave a ballpark number and noted that a
                                                     Ammo cans
great majority were stored in a large safe
deposit box at his local bank.
                                                     FOR SALE
                                             Guns Save
                                             Life, as a
                                             service to
                                             has some
                                             genuine US
                                             ammo cans
                                             for sale. The
                                             cans are
                                             fair to good
                                             with some surface rust on the exteriors
                                             and good+ interiors. These may well
                                             be the last of the metal cans as current
                                             “surplus” stocks are often crushed and
Mr. Sadler’s Model 1862 Police revolver.     sold as scrap and new cans are report-
                                             edly made of plastic.

                                                          For members:
                                                 .50 caliber cans: $5.00
                                                       For non-members,
   Firearm training classes                            .50s are $10 each
     for carry permits, rifles,
   ladies, beginners and ad-                 We also have a fair number of poor
                                             condition cans that we’re selling for $1
    vanced coursework and                    each to members and a few very rough
              more...                        ones that we may be giving away.
                                             We’re out of 20mm cans.
  Visit the training forum at
                                             To pick yours up, come to the next                     GSL meeting where you can inspect
                                             before buying.

GunNews 4
      Minutes of the Board of                      aluminum gun case Paul has. Paul talking to
                                                   Ken Enright about having year-long national
        Directors meeting,                         raffle at big shows. He’s willing to donate
        GunsSaveLife, Inc.                         10/22 to Youth Camp. Paul will talk to him
May 25, 2010 @ 6:15pm; Colonial Village            about Colt 1911.
Meeting Center, Urbana
                                                   GunNews – John N. doing it this month.
Present: David Pike, president; John Boch,
vice president; Larry Shurbet, treasurer; Bon-     Signs – Dave P. has workers lined up to pay
nie Garrett, secretary; John Naese, director;      for maintenance. Will bring me new tagline
Paul Vallandigham, director; Dave Acklin,          sign. Waiting to hear from Brady camp on
director; Dan Sadler                               sign set.

Absent: Frank Wright, immediate past presi-        Thomasboro property – Problem with the
dent; John Olson, director; Roger Dorsett,         Champaign Co. Board, concerning indoor
director; Bill Cotter, director                    range. Paul will get zoning info to Larry.

Chaired by David Pike.                             Donation items – We have a gun safe, tool
                                                   kit, and range bag that were donated. Naese
May meeting review – Need to put the podium        will take the range bag to donate to DRPC’s
back in the center of the room.                    Myron Deckard fundraiser.

Venue change – Marty will counter-propose          BoD members – Need replacement for
that we have access to the full room at VFW.       Wayne Johnson. Suggested James (Lou)
Issue of parking? Tabled. (Later: we did get       McClellan. Has FFL, hand-loader, photogra-
the whole room. Decision taken by BOD to           pher. Larry will talk to him.
move the monthly meeting to Champaign
VFW on Edgebrook, starting with the July 13,       GSL sponsorships – Motion passed to buy
2010 meeting.)                                     $50 in drinks for Darnall’s Appleseed. Motion
                                                   passed for GSL to sponsor McLean Apple-
June meeting – Naese calling Jim Capel of          seed at Holland’s farm in July or August. Will
IDNR re the hunters and wingshooting clin-         provide lunch for ~35 people for 2 days. Mo-
ics. Will try to get Mary Ellen Stites to speak    tion passed to set aside $2000 for ammo for
as well. If it falls through, Naese will handle.   Youth Camp.
Tech time: Dean Dillon is a teacher, could talk
about antiques. Larry can speak on .22 that        Ammo cans – They need good homes! Can
looks like .45. Drawing will be P3AT Kel-Tec.      offer some to Appleseeders at the Holland
                                                   Appleseed in August.
July meeting - Paul is talking to FNRA’s
Wayne Steele, will try to get for July (maybe      Storage – Suggested GSL get a storage unit
August). Mike Frerichs will visit. Steve long      for everything that doesn’t need to be climate-
is back from Iraq, also a possibility. Could       controlled. Boch will talk to someone he
split up his presentation between July and         knows, try to find a good deal.
                                                   Great Guns Raffle – Motion passed to buy
Future meeting ideas – Suggested Todd V. for       one AR if one cannot be gotten from Rock
war stories on politics, or Mike Wiesman, for      River soon. Bill will look into.
August. Acklin will contact someone who may
like to speak to us about Camp Perry. For          Ban Chicago – Other suggestions: “Free
tech time: food storage, how to start a fire.      Downstate IL,” “Chicago Isn’t Safe,” “Dump
                                                   Daley.” Tabled.
Drawing guns – Motion passed to buy 3 guns:
Taurus, Kel-Tec, and funky .22. Larry will         Meeting adjourned @ 7:40pm.
handle. Idea to have 52-card drawing for
                             East Central Illinois Appleseeds!
                 Rediscover your Heritage! Can you shoot like a Rifleman?
          or call 217-684-2602 for info.

                                   July 10 & 11 - Carmi, IL
                              July July 24 & 25 - Danville, IL
                   Newly Added to the Appleseed schedule (or about to be)
                       August 21 & 22 - McLean, IL (Holland Farm)                                     August 27, 28, & 29
                September 18 & 29 - Dewitt Co. Sportsman’s Club, Clinton, IL                         Future Show: October 22, 23, & 24
                 October 17 & 18 - Dewitt Co. Sportsman’s Club, Clinton, IL

                                                                                                                                         GunNews 5
                                                        Right Reason on Second Amendment Rights

Chicago’s Gun Ban Failure
Violent crime has soared in Chicago             three years                                   case is still under investigation by police,         Bring someone
in spite of their recent much publicized        when the                                      but it appears to be a clear-cut case of
ballyhooed gun “buy back” program. It’s         murder rate                                   self-defense. Local newspaper reports               new to the SCRA
painfully obvious that the criminal thugs
didn’t turn in their guns.
                                                was as low as
                                                when the ban
                                                                                              show strong support from the older man’s
                                                                                              neighbors. The Chicago Sun Times
                                                                                                                                                    meeting this
                                                started.                                      quoted next door neighbor Curtis Thomp-               month... then
If Mayor Daley was serious about bring-                                                       son who said, “It’s a good thing they had
ing Chicago’s violent crime problem under       The fact is                                   a gun or they might be dead.” Another
                                                                                                                                                  take them to the
control, he would recognize the consti-         that cities like                              neighbor, identified as Audry Williams,                  range.
tutional right of residents to use firearms     Chicago who                                   told the newspaper, “I’d have done the
to protect themselves and their families        deprive their                                 same thing. They say we’ve got to give
instead of wasting time and money on the        law-abiding            Commentary by          up our guns, but that’s crazy.”
useless “gun buy back” program.                 citizens of              JIM BUTLER
                                                the means                                     Chicago’s gun ban didn’t stop this violent
Chicago has banned the private owner-           to effectively defend themselves is not       criminal, but a homeowner with a gun
ship of handguns and rifles by requir-          civilized but barbarous, becoming an ac-      did. The Chicago 1982 gun ban also                Sangamon County
ing a complicated and twisted process
designed to be impossible to complete.
                                                complice of murderers, rapists and thugs.
                                                It reveals their totalitarian nature by ac-
                                                                                              didn’t stop the recent murder of off-duty
                                                                                              Chicago Police Officer Thomas Wortham
                                                                                                                                                 Rifle Association
Being Chicago, there are exceptions to          cepting the disorganized random havoc         IV, while trying to stop thugs from stealing
the rules that allow politicians and their      created by criminals as less of a threat to   his new motorcycle that he had bought
                                                                                                                                                    James Butler, President
personal friends to own and even carry          them than law-abiding men and women           after returning from his second tour of
handguns. All others are out of luck and        who are willing to defend their freedom       duty in Iraq.
                                                                                                                                                        (217) 528-0963
are on their own as far as self-protection      and independence.
for themselves and their families are                                                         The Chicago gun ban has done more
                                                                                                                                             Regular monthly meetings take place
concerned.                                      As the Founding Fathers knew well, a          harm than good. It is a proven failure,
                                                                                                                                              the first Monday of each month at
                                                government that doesn’t trust its honest      and has only made criminals bolder.
                                                                                                                                                          6:30 p.m. at
The Chicago unconstitutional gun ban            law abiding, taxpaying citizens with the
                                                                                                                                             Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country
scheme has been a colossal failure. Chi-        means of self-defense is not itself worthy    It is now up to the Supreme Court to
                                                                                                                                                       Shopping Center,
cago’s murder rate had been falling rela-       of trust. Laws disarming honest citizens      restore to Chicagoans their fundamental
                                                                                                                                             2441 S. MacArthur, Springfield, IL.
tive to the nine other largest cities, the 50   proclaim the government is the master,        right to self-defense by striking down Chi-
largest cities, the five counties that border   not the servant of the people.                cago’s gun ban in McDonald v. Chicago,
                                                                                                                                             The next meeting of the Sangamon
Cook County, and the United States as a                                                       as they did in the landmark District of
                                                                                                                                             County Rifle Association will be on
whole, before the ban took effect. After        A violent armed, repeat criminal home         Columbia v. Heller ruling. Washington’s
the ban, Chicago’s murder rate rose rela-       invader was shot fatally by an 80-year-       murder rate dropped 25 percent accord-             Monday, July 5th
tive to all these locations. Throughout the     old retired Army veteran in Chicago’s         ing to the Washington Times.
first 19 years of the ban, there were just      East Garfield Park neighborhood. The                                                         Come out and join us! The public is
                                                                                                                                               encouraged to attend. It’s fun.

GunNews 6
SCRA Meeting Notes - 6/7/10                   of the bipartisan Second Amendment              Bermuda -- even for most police officers       Supreme’s Refuse to Hear
                                              Enforcement Act, introduced in the U.S.         -- Bloomberg’s guards have special per-
                                              Senate in late April. A similar bill was also   mission to carry firearms.
                                                                                                                                             Appeal In Ileto v. Glock
Chairman Butler opened the meeting by                                                                                                        The National Rifle Association praised
inviting Rollie Thomas to lead members        introduced in the House by Reps. Travis
                                                                                                                                             the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear
in the recitation of the Pledge of Alle-      Childers (D.MS) and Mark Souder (R-IN).         Hawaii Governor Signs Two                      an appeal in the case of Ileto v. Glock.
                                              The Tester-McCain measure would                 Pro-Gun Bills                                  The lower courts’ decisions in the case
                                                                                              On May 12, Hawaii Gov. Linda Langle            were among the first to use the NRA-
Treasurer Chris Smith gave the finan-         eliminate the city’s complicated gun
                                                                                              (R) signed two pro-gun bills into law,         backed Protection of Lawful Commerce
cial report.                                  registration requirements, and prevent
                                                                                              SB-358 and SB-532, both sponsored by           in Arms Act as the basis for dismissing a
                                              Mayor Adrian Fenty and the city council
                                                                                              state Sen. Sam Slom. Both bills protect        reckless “public nuisance” lawsuit against
Chairman Butler talked about the              from enacting regulations that essentially
                                                                                              the rights of the State’s law-abiding gun      firearm manufacturers and distributors.
following:                                    prevent gun ownership despite the Su-
                                                                                              owners.                                        This decision concludes eight years of
                                              preme Court ruling in District of Columbia
                                                                                                                                             litigation in the case.
                                              v Heller.
Tester-McCain Bill Would                                                                      SB-358 will prevent the seizure of legal
Override DC’s Firearms                                                                        owned firearms or ammunition from any          The suit sought to blame firearms manu-
                                              Will Mayor Daley follow the same path as
                                                                                              lawful possession during an emergency          facturers and dealers for the horrendous
Laws                                          Mayor Fenty? Probably.
                                                                                              or natural disaster. SB-532 is similar to      criminal actions of deranged white
It seems that pro-gun lawmakers on                                                                                                           supremacist Buford Furrow. In 1999,
                                                                                              “Castle Doctrine” law in protecting from
Capital Hill are fed up with the District     Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun                            civil immunity any homeowner or an own-        Furrow killed postal worker Joseph Ileto
of Columbia’s dragging their feet on the
adoption of citizen-friendly firearms regu-
                                              Elitism                                         er of any real property who used force,        and wounded three children at a Jewish
                                              Mayor Michael Bloomberg deserves the            including deadly force, for self-defense.      Community Center in Grenada Hlls, Cali-
lations, and have introduced legislation to                                                                                                  fornia, after illegally acquiring firearms.
                                              “elitism in every day life aware.” He has
strip the District government of its power
                                              walled off his life in Bermuda from voters      Texas Sheriff Tells Border
to regulate guns its way. Otherwise, to                                                                                                      “This is the right decision. Greedy
                                              in New York City, arguing it is none of
stop the District from maliciously placing
                                              their business, according to the New York       Town: ‘Arm Yourselves’                         trial lawyers and the gun control lobby
one obstacle after another in the paths of                                                    Along the border, fears are growing that       concocted these bogus lawsuits as a
District citizens to exercise their Second                                                    the escalating drug violence in Mexico         means of destroying the Second Amend-
Amendment Rights.                                                                             will spill into the United States, reported    ment through bankrupting the American
                                              The anti-gun mayor always takes along
                                              a police detail when he travels, fly-           National Public Radio (NPR).                   firearms industry. Thanks to this law,
Sens. Jon Tester (D-MT) and John                                                                                                             firearms manufacturers and dealers
                                              ing two officers on his private plane.
McCain (R-AZ) are the main sponsors                                                           In March, a well-known rancher was mur-        cannot be held responsible for the acts
                                              Although guns are largely forbidden in
                                                                                              dered in southeastern Arizona. Authori-        of heinous criminals,” said Chris W. Cox,
                                                                                              ties suspect an illegal immigrant did it.      executive director, NRA Institute for Leg-
                                               What’s a Gun Meeting                           For many on both sides of the border, the      islative Action.
                                               Without Guns?                                  fear is very real. In early April, a couple
                                                                                              of hundred residents in Fort Hancock -- a
                                                                                              sleepy agricultural town on the border.
                                                                                                                                             Jamaica’s Gun Ban A Bloody
                                               Brent Harney brought in a Ruger
                                               single action Buckeye Special, a               about an hour southeast of El Paso, got        Failure
                                                                                              blunt advice from Hudspeth County Sher-        Jamica banned handguns in 1974 and
                                               short series made a couple of years
                                                                                              iff Arvin West.                                since then their murder rate has become
                                               ago. Brent said it was about the only
                                                                                                                                             one of the highest in the world.
                                               one he has seen that was still new in
                                               the box. He believes they were made            “You farmers, I’m telling you right now,
                                                                                              arm yourselves,” he said. “As they say         This mirrors the results of other countries
                                               about 2003. They came in a couple
                                                                                              the old story is, it’s better to be tried by   and also cities in the United States that
                                               different calibers. This would be great
                                                                                              12 than carried by six. Damn it, I don’t       have instituted gun bans. It doesn’t work
                                               if somebody decided they wanted to
                                                                                              want to see six people carrying you.”          as it serves only to disarm the victims of
                                               shoot it, 10mm being perfectly legal
                                                                                                                                             criminals or tyrannical despotic leaders.
                                               for deer in the state of Illinois.

                                                                                                            Indoor Range and Gunshop
                                                                                                                10775 Buckhart Rd., Rochester, IL
                                                                                                                     Phone 217-498-6988
                                                                                                  Concealed Carry classes, One on One Instruction.
                                                                                                          Buy, Sell, Trade, Special Orders.
                                                                                                            Call – I will give directions for you.
                                                                                                          Gun Rental, FOID applications, Ammo.
                                                                                                                                                                           GunNews 7
SCRA Meeting Notes - 6/7/10                  members’ meeting, and a vow from LaPi-         home of Steyr Arms consists of 25,000         Mr. Calderon claimed that guns covered
Continued                                    erre that “the NRA will not forget Rob,        square feet of warehouse and office           by the federal ban were particularly “pow-
Even before the recent rampage that          and we will not forget you.”                   space, and itt boasts an underground          erful weapons.”
took place in Kingston, Jamaica, where                                                      shooting range and test facility.
armed gangs fought with police and sol-      LaPierre accused the “Washington, DC                                                         While the term “assault weapons” may
diers, Jamaica’s murder rate was about       political class” of surrendering the border.   The company’s new contact information         conjure up visions of military hardware,
six times higher than before the ban         He said that last year, thousands of           is Steyr Arms, 7661 Commerce Lane,            the inside parts of these feared guns are
went into effect. Jamaica’s homicide rate    people caught entering the U.S. illegally      Dept. GWK, Trussville, AL 35173; phone        essentially the same, and are no more
is now about 61 per hundred thousand         had been found to have criminal records        number is 205-655-8299, online: stey-         powerful than most deer hunting rifles.
people since the recent rampage. Before      in the United States already.                  rarms. or                     The firing mechanisms in semiautomat-
that it was 60 per one hundred thousand                                                                                                   ics and machine guns are completely
people.                                      “The political elites in Washington, DC        Controversial Historian                       different. The entire firing mechanism of
                                             couldn’t care less,” he states.                                                              a semiautomatic gun has to be removed
As in Chicago and Washington, D.C., it
                                                                                            Bellesiles Has New Book                       and replaced to turn it into a military
is the law-abiding, good citizens, not the   He also said the way federal officials are     Coming                                        weapon like an AK-47.
criminals who are disarmed by gun bans.      not stopping the flow of illegal aliens into   The highly-criticized author of Arming
                                             southern border states is a “shameful,         America: The Origins of a National Gun        Mexican drug gangs are getting real
                                             criminal dereliction of duty.”                 Culture is reportedly preparing to release    military weapons from within Mexico,
NRA’s LaPierre Blasts Fed’s                                                                 a new book, 1877: America’s Year of           countries south of its border, and other
Inaction on Border                           “If the federal government refuses to pro-     Living Violently, which the History News      places around the world. Reports indicate
When a suspected illegal alien gunned        tect us,” he said, “we have got to protect     Network (HNN) calls “a broad mediation        that grenades and rocket launchers in
down Arizona rancher Robert Krentz in        ourselves.”                                    on the violence in American history.”         use in Mexico aren’t even available for
late March, it became the catalyst for                                                                                                    sale in the United States and come from
passage of Arizona’s controversial im-       Sounds like Chicago.                           Michael A. Bellesiles, who resigned from      places like South Korea, Israel and Spain.
migration statute, and remembering the                                                      his job at Emory University after Arm-        Between the yeas 2007 and 2009, 2,239
58-year-old family man is now something                                                     ing America set off a firestorm and was       grenades were seized by the Mexican
of a battle cry for the National Rifle As-
                                             Iowa Becomes A Shall Issue
                                                                                            ultimately discredited by various scholars,   government. They weren’t from the US.
sociation (NRA).                             State On Jan. 1st                              is now reportedly an adjunct lecturer at      Markings similarly show that machine
                                             The “shall issue” concealed carry move-        Central Connecticut State University.         guns in Mexio largely come from China,
NRA Executive Vice President Wayne           ment that has swept through the nation                                                       Israel and South America.
LaPierre told some 2,500 members dur-        since 1987 has taken another giant step        Many people found Arming America
ing his speech at the annual convention      forward.                                       deeply flawed -- among them scholars          Mr. Calderon’s claim that 80 percent
in Charlotte, NC, that Krentz was an NRA                                                    of unquestioned skill and integrity such      of guns used in Mexican crimes come
member, and his family all belongs as        On April 29, Iowa Gov. Chet Culver (D)         as James Lindgren, Gloria Main, Laurel        from the United States is completely
well. In the audience were Krentz’ widow     signed Senate File 2379 into law moving        Ulrich, and Clayton Cramer. Some of           false. Most weapons seized in Mexico
and children, who received a standing        the Hawkeye State from a dwindling list        them are conservatives, some liberals,        have traceable serial numbers that
ovation from the audience at the annual      of “may issue” states. The new law takes       some contrarians, but they all followed       show they come from countries other
                                             effect on Jan. 1, 2011.                        the evidence where it led, regardless of      than the United States. The 80 percent
                                                                                            their personal views about guns or gun        number reflects how many guns sent to
                                                           Steyr Arms Moves                 control. The evidence, quantitative and       the BATFE for tracing end up being from
                                                           Into New Alabama                 qualitative, undid Arming America.            America. Most weapons seized in Mexico
                                                                                                                                          aren’t transferred to U.S. authorities, so
                                                           Home                                                                           that figure is meaningless for calculating
                                                           Steyr Arms has com-              Mexico’s President Felipe
                                                                                                                                          overall totals.
                                                           pleted the move to its new       Calderon Lectures Congress
                                                           headquarters in the Merkel       Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon            Mr. Calderon also attacked the new
Brent Harney also brought in this Yugo Model 70 un-
                                                           USA building (formerly)          arrogantly addressed a joint session of       Arizona law that requires people to have
derfolding AK and gave some info about it’s use in Iraq.
                                                           the home of (GSI) located        Congress on how we ought to run this          verifiable identity papers. We wonder
Miss a meeting, miss a lot!
                                                           in Trussville, AL. The new       country.                                      what he would have said if Arizona had
                                                                                                                                          adopted Mexico’s law on illegal aliens
                                                                                            He called for a renewal of the federal As-    that is much harsher than Arizona’s or our
                                                                                            sault Weapons Ban that set in September       federal law.
                                                                                            2004. His justifications for the ban were
                                                                                            flawed.                                       Mexico’s call for gun control in the U.S.
                                                                                                                                          while promoting an open border for its

                                                                                             Be sure to visit our web site to see past programs you may have missed
                                                                                             along with photos, plus important links to legal documents, transportation
                                                                                             laws, training organizations, gun rights organizations, along with .pdf files
                                                                                             of past issues of GunNews Magazine!

Guns Save Life sponsored Fourth Annual

                                     Another Great Success!
Bloomington (GSL) - A little rain, a little
                                                the two ranges can hold) were
hot weather, and a bit of mud were NO
                                                preregistered, and 40 of them
obstacles to the 40 students and 9 or
                                                showed up, despite the gloomy
so instructors that showed up June 6-7,
                                                weather forecast.
2010, for what has become an annual
spring tradition at Darnall’s Ranges - the
                                                Those 40, including a couple of
Guns Save Life sponsored Appleseed
                                                younger people, some teenag-
                                                ers, and a significant showing of
                                                women, were rewarded for their
In addition to covering the range fees for
                                                daring and perseverance, as
the 40 participants, GSL contributed sev-
                                                the rain stayed at a light drizzle
eral coolers of drinks, which were helpful                                                    Lexington during the lunch break. GSL’s       everyone else improved their marksman-
                                                until about 11 a.m., and then went away
in maintaining hydration and avoiding                                                         Chuck Stites, along with two of his sons,     ship considerably. Most importantly, they
                                                completely. The rest of Saturday day was
heat injuries.                                                                                also instructed, as did John Boch and         had a safe, good time and hopefully left
                                                clear, with thunderstorms returning Sat-
                                                                                              John Naese. Many members of GSL               the event as Americans awakened to
                                                urday night. Sunday, however, dawned
Friday afternoon was beautiful, as instru-                                                    were present as shooters and (perhaps?)       their heritage, and ready to spread the
                                                bright and clear, and was probably one
tors showed up early to set up target lines                                                   as future instructors.                        word and pass it on to others.
                                                of the best shooting days so far this year.
and arrange tables and canopy frames to
                                                Thanks to drainage improvements made
be ready for the big day.                                                                     Over the course of two days, six of the       Thanks to all for showing up, and thanks
                                                at Darnall’s over the last couple of years,
                                                                                              participants earned the coveted Rifle-        to the membership of GSL for helping to
                                                the water from the previous nights was
Friday night, heavy thunderstorms                                                             man’s patch by scoring a 210 or better        make this event at this fine venue pos-
                                                gone, and moving one of the firing lines
drenched the facility, and Saturday                                                           on the Army Qualification Test. Nearly        sible.
                                                up about two feet solved most of the mud
dawned dark and ominous, with the
                                                problems.                                      Here, participants sit in the shade while getting tips                    Above: ev-
weather radar showing a sea of green.
                                                                                               on full distance shooting. What works at 25 meters,                       eryone who
But Appleseeds are not canceled on
                                                The 40 shooters on Saturday got the usu-       works at full distance.                                                   was left on
account of weather. (If there were to be
                                                al high-quality Appleseed marksmanship                                                                                   late Sunday
tornadoes or lightning, there were plans
                                                instruction, on two lines. There is some                                                                                 afternoon
to move inside for classroom instruction
                                                overlap between the members of GSL                                                                                       gathered
and heritage presentations.)
                                                and the instructor corps of Appleseed, so                                                                                for the
                                                in addition to sponsoring the shoot, sev-                                                                                group pho-
46 shooters (the maximum number
                                                eral GSL members were integral to the                                                                                    to. Look at
                                                                           teaching and                                                                                  them smile!
                                                                           success of the
                                                                           event. GSL’s                                                                                  Far Left:
                                                                           own Matt Skaj                                                                                 firing line in
                                                                           (“Boba Fett” on                                                                               the morn-
                                                                           the Appleseed                                                                                 ing, with
                                                                           Internet Forum)                                                                               GSL spon-
                                                                           provided not                                                                                  sorship on
                                                                           only marksman-                                                                                display.
                                                                           ship instruction
                                                                           but a rendition
                                                                           of the Battle of

SCRA Meeting Notes - 6/7/10                          signed by a President who also hasn’t read it
Continued                                            and who smokes, with funding administered
citizens to find a better life north of the border   by a Treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes,
is the height of hypocrisy.                          to be overseen by a Surgeon General who is
                                                     obese, and financed by a Country that’s broke.
                                                     What [the heck] could possibly go wrong?”
And finally, a little humor...
                                                     Origin Unknown, Precision Shooting June
Obama Care                                           2010
“Let me get this straight. We’re going to be
gifted with a health care plan written by a com-
mittee whose chairman says he doesn’t under-
                                                     50/50 Winner
                                                     At the end of the meeting the 50/50 drawing
stand it, passed by a Congress that hasn’t
                                                     was held. David Turner was the lucky winner.
read it but exempts themselves from it, to be

                                                                                                                                                                         GunNews 9
Gizmos and Accuracy
                                                                                                                                                                    At Left: Superior
by Dr. Doug Rokke                               Adjustable or modified stocks may help                                                                              Arms rifle with red
                                                the rifle or shotgun fit better to your phy-                                                                        dot scope. An
Every rifleman and riflewoman seeks to          sique. This improves your ability to hold                                                                           adjustable buttstock
excel. Consequently they may consider           the gun the same way each and every                                                                                 comes standard
installation of all types of gizmos to          time that you pull the trigger therefore                                                                            with many of the
improve their shooting ability or the ca-       maintaining consistent sight alignment.                                                                             AR 15 variants on
pability of their rifle or handgun to place     Grips that are designed or fitted for your                                                                          the market today.
a bullet in the exact place they aim for.       hand size will also allow you to hold the                                                                           Photo by Oleg Volk.
Today, adjustable butt stocks, forearms,        handgun better and thus improve stability
handles, grips, fixed and adjustable open       and sighting in on the target. Although
iron sights, glow in the dark fixed sights,     grips and specialized stocks improve
battery operated optics, conventional           the fit of the rifle, shotgun, or handgun
glass optics (scopes), lasers, tactical         to your specific physique, your accuracy
lights, sticks, tripods, bipods, fixed rests,   will only improve if basic principles are
recoil pads, and slings can be purchased        implemented. Recoil pads fall under the         Below: Hero DMR. Note the multi-adjustable stock and cheeck rest, and the bipod,
and installed on your rifle or shotgun.         fit and comfort concept with their primary      among other bells and whistles. Photo by Oleg Volk.
Some of these gizmos are also avail-            goal of reducing felt recoil or shoulder
able for handguns. Besides physical             impact. According to Sir Issac Newton
modification of any gun, different types of     “for every forward force these is an equal
bullets and gunpowder “propellant” com-         and opposite backward force”. Therefore
binations may be chosen and used to             the purpose for installing a recoil pad is
improve ballistic properties. The costs for     to reduce the effects of this backward
each of these gizmos or various bullets /       force. Your shoulder will feel better after
gunpowder/cartridges varies but they can        numerous shots if you use a recoil pad.
significantly increase the basic purchase       Therefore, you can improve your ability
price, gizmo price, and operational cost        to hold your gun tightly against your
of any gun that a rifleman/riflewoman           shoulder improving accuracy. A properly
shoots.                                         fitted and used sling improves stabil-
                                                ity. Consequently you can decrease the         grip of a handgun can have a dramatic          need to shoot should be factored in as
Some add-ons such as various fixed              diameter of any shot group and improve         effect on your ability to shoot that hand-     you select any of the gizmos for pur-
sights or optics such as a scope can help       overall accuracy but only if you adhere to     gun with consistent accuracy because           chase and installation your rifle, shotgun,
you improve your aim by helping you see         basic marksmanship principles.                 they increase the need for increased           or handgun. But it all comes down to the
the aiming point or target better through                                                      hand, arm, and shoulder strength.              basics. Do you know how to use your
magnification or simple optics such as a        Bipods, tripods, sticks, and rests are                                                        rifle or handgun as designed? Can you
peep sight. However, just because you           all valuable tools that can improve your       The selection of specific bullets, cases,      consistently apply the basics principles of
can see the target better does not mean         overall stability. Heavy rifles and even       and gunpowder, especially if you do your       marksmanship?
that your accuracy will improve. “Red dot       some heavy handguns can affect you             own reloading, can improve the consis-
or green dot” optics allow you to put a         ability to hold them in precisely the same     tency of a round performance through            While some individuals can master
optical image on your target but the min-       way each and every time without them           optimization of bullet aerodynamics by         these skills on their own it is prefer-
utes of angle (moa) or area that the dot        wavering around like flag in a breeze un-      selecting a desired ballistic coefficient as   able to complete a rifle/shotgun/hand-
covers may not improve pinpoint accu-           less you have adequate hand, arm, and          a function of bullet shape, bullet mass        gun safety and marksmanship training
racy, especially as the range or distance       shoulder strength. Sadly, some of us do        (weight), and muzzle velocity. However,        course with qualified instructors. Guns
to the target increases. Laser sights can       not have the required strength and if we       individual marksmanship ability still is       Save Lives instructors conduct numer-
provide you a visible spot, but the moa         did it has decreased with increasing age       the deciding factor for improving overall      ous courses throughout the year (www.
or width of the laser dot highlighting your     and the onset of health problems.              personal accuracy as a rifleman / rifle- In conclu-
exact point of aim on the target increases                                                     woman. Please remember that a bullet           sion, each rifleman / riflewoman needs
as the distance to the target increases.        The relatively new addition or use of          only goes exactly where it is aimed for at     practice, practice, and more practice in a
Lasers also have a limited operational          tactical lights poses several challenges.      the precise moment it exits the muzzle         safe controlled environment to improve
range and are affected by bright light          First, the additional weight of a light just   but with the influence of muzzle velocity,     and maintain accuracy no matter what
conditions. This means that the vis-            like a laser will affect overall balance and   drift, and drop. The Winchester ballistics     rifle, shotgun, or handgun they shoot and
ible laser dot will be wider or maybe not       thus stability. Although the target may be     calculator on the web site (http://ballis-     what gizmos they have installed. But in
even visible as the distance to the target      more visible – illuminated under low light can help        the end shooting is simply always about
increases or the sun shines thus affecting      conditions, the now extremely visible light    you understand how any bullet performs         having fun and the wonderful friendships
actual bullet placement. Please note that       source at your body makes you a perfect        under varying conditions but accuracy          each of us can develop and maintain
for self defense purposes when you paint        target. The bright light may also interfere    still depends primarily on individual          with others who enjoy shooting. This
a target with a laser dot your psychologi-      with your own night vision. Obviously          marksmanship ability.                          weekend go buy a box of ammunition
cal advantage is incredible. Although           target visibility can help you place your                                                     then shoot up a bunch of tin cans, punch
visibility of a laser dot on the target may     sights on the target but at what cost?         Thus with all of different types gizmos        holes in paper targets, or pulverize some
help you designate an exact aiming point,       Lights actually decrease overall balance       that are available that can help you           clay birds with your friends or family
basic principles of marksmanship must           or stability and thus may decrease accu-       improve stability of your rifle or handgun,    members at a range or other safe area
still be followed.                              racy. The added weight when a tactical         sighting in, and visibility of your target;    using any gun you have available. THAT
                                                light or laser is attached to the barrel or    cost factors and how well you want or          IS ENJOYMENT!
GunNews 10
Illinois Right to Carry                                                        Illinois Firearms Training Classes
Educational Town Hall                                                                                                              Intermediate Personal Protection
   meeting schedule                                                                                                             Training to Live and Win
                                                                                                                                Dates: October 9 & 10
                                                                                                                                Location: Darnall’s Gun Works and Ranges,
Wayne-Jefferson-Richland-Effing-                                                                                                Bloomington, IL
ham-Clay County Right to Carry                                                                                                  Advance Registration: $195
Meeting                                                                                                                         Class size is limited – ENROLL TODAY
Saturday June 26, 2010
7:00 - 9:00 pm                                                                                                                  Primary instructors: John Boch, John Naese,
Cumberland Presbyterian Church                                                                                                  Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.
Outer West Delaware
Fairfield, IL                                                                                                                   Registration covers lunch, range fees, safety
                                                                                                                                equipment as needed, course materials and
East Central Illinois Right to Carry                                                                                            more.
Educational Town Hall Meeting                GSL Defense Training is pleased to offer the following classes in
Monday, July 12, 2010                                                                                                           Geared towards the carry license holder or
                                             2010. For additional information, along with useful links to licensing             anyone serious about prudently approaching
7:00 - 9:00 pm
Hawthorne Suites                             applications, forms and registration materials, call John Boch at 217              the use of deadly force in self-defense, Training
101 Trade Center Drive                       356-7027 or at home 217 351-3575 or visit                                          to Win will continue training received in NRA
                                                                                                                                basic classes relating to the judicious use of
Champaign, IL                                                                               deadly force against both armed and “unarmed”
                                                                                                                                adversaries. Students will learn decision-
 Illinois Carry has sponsored a series
of very successful town hall meetings
                                                 NRA Personal Protection Class (ITH)                                            making skills in high-stress situations and how
about right to carry. Speakers will             Satisfies the training requirement for a Florida non-resident                   to articulate danger in explaining their reactions
answer questions everyday citizens may                                  Permit-to-Carry                                         to threats in post-shooting interrogations.
have and address any concerns. We                                                                                               This training will include “shoot - don’t shoot”
                                             Dates: September 11 & 12.               safety, basic firearm handling skills,
urge our GSL family to bring their fami-                                                                                        scenarios on a shooting simulator, speed skills
                                                                                     use of cover/concealment, malfunc-
lies, neighbors and friends to this event.                                                                                      drawing and reloading, engaging close-range
                                             Location: Darnall’s Gun Works           tion clearing for semi-automatic pistol
                                                                                                                                threats (instinct shooting), low-light shooting
                                             and Ranges, Bloomington, IL             users, the judicious use of deadly
A drawing will be held for a Taurus .38 to                                                                                      skills with tactical lights, malfunction clearing,
                                             Advance Registration: $195              force (including against unarmed
help finance this event (rental of space                                                                                        shooting around barricades/cover and more.
                                             Class size is limited – Enroll today!   aggressors), how to avoid becoming
at the Hawthorne isn’t free!) See Dave’s                                             a victim, interaction with potential as-
Guns in Mayview for a ticket, If you         Primary instructors: John Boch, John    sailants, and post-shooting interven-                 Registration form
have any questions, Scott Bowyer is the      Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.     tions. Students will spend several         Please indicate which course dates:
organizer; he can be reached at 217-                                                 hours on the range with live-fire both     Personal Protection May 22 & 23: _____
822-2354.                                    Registration covers lunch, range        days. A low-light indoor shooting sce-     Personal Protection Sept. 11 & 12: _____
                                             time, safety equipment as needed,       nario is typically included on Sunday      Urban Rifle 101: Oct. 2 & 3: ______
                                             NRA class materials including           afternoon.                                 Training to Win: Oct. 9 & 10: _____
                                             textbook, a Florida Non-Resident

                                             Permit-to-Carry application (and PA),   No shooting experience necessary! A        _________________________________
                                             and more.                               Firearms Owners ID Card is recom-          Name
                                                                                     mended, but NOT REQUIRED.

          Evans                              This class covers basic firearm                                                    _________________________________

  Refrigeration                                                          Urban Rifle 101                                        _________________________________
                                                                                                                                City, State, ZIP
                                             Date: October 2 & 3                     Students will learn proper mainte-
                                             Location: Darnall’s Gun Works           nance and malfunction prevention,
    1701 S. Easy Street                      and Ranges, Bloomington, IL             rifleman fundamentals, sling usage,
                                                                                                                                Phone (res.)
                                             Advance Registration: $195              shooting stances, grips and firearm
 Bloomington, IL 61701                       Class size is limited – Enroll today!   manipulation. This course will hone
                                                                                                                                Phone (cell)
                                                                                     basic fundamentals while teaching
                                             Primary instructors: John Boch, John    basic individual tactics and tech-
                                             Naese, Frank Wright & Jeff Schwarm.     niques, including shooting on the
                                                                                                                                Mail this form and a check or money order for
                                                                                     move, as well as from cover and
    309-820-9736                             Registration covers lunch, range        concealment in various positions
                                                                                                                                $195 per person per class (made out to “John
                                                                                                                                Boch”) to: John Boch, 19 Evergreen Square,
        Fax 309-821-8092                     fees, safety equipment as needed,       and transitioning from carbine rifle to
                                                                                                                                Savoy, Illinois 61874
                                             course materials and more.              sidearm.

                                                                                                                                                                    GunNews 11
North of I-80 NEWS
 News and information from North of I-80.

                  CHUCK’S GUN SHOP
                                 14310 S Indiana Ave
                            (between 143rd St & 144th St)
                                  Riverdale, IL 60827
                                    (708) 849-4455

GunNews 12
GunNews 13
                                                                                                Carry license holder: “Do                          Not so smart robbery duo
                                                                                                you really want to do this?”                       thwarted at Smart Buy
  Armed American
 True stories of firearms used by law abiding Americans
                                                                                                Jeffersonville, NY (Mid-Hudson News)
                                                                                                – Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff
                                                                                                                                                   Springfield, MO (News-Leader) - Buying
                                                                                                                                                   furniture from Smart Buy Home Furnish-
                                                                                                Wednesday honored a brave citizen who              ings may be a smart move, but trying to
 to save innocent life.                                                                         fended off a would-be robber at the Jef-           rip off the store is not, two men found out
                                                                                                fersonville pharmacy last week.                    over the weekend.

Armed mother thwarts at-                            Highwaymen meet Army GI                     Schiff recognized Paul Hemmer of Jef-              Just after noon on Saturday, Springfield
                                                                                                fersonville for his role in thwarting the          police arrived at the store at 2845 W.
tempted rape of daughter                            and leave with fresh holes                  attempted robbery which occurred May               Chestnut to find one store manager, a
Cape Girardeau, MO (AP/Post Dispatch)               Walterboro, SC (The Spartanburg Caro-       26th, at about 2:45 p.m.                           45-year-old disabled woman, holding the
-- A Cape Girardeau mother with a gun is            linas) -- An Army specialist just home                                                         would-be burglars at gunpoint.
being credited with stopping the attempt-           from the Middle East shot and critically    A man wearing a ski mask and a blue
ed rape of her daughter.                            wounded a robber who tried to hold up       sweat suit entered the pharmacy car-               Marlene Woodman, 65, manages the
                                                    his family after they stopped with car      rying a spear and a baseball bat and               store with her daughter Angela Mal-
The Southeast Missourian reports that               trouble late Thursday, authorities said.    demanded that the employees “give him              lard, 45. Woodman credits Mallard with
51-year-old Craig Kizer faces a variety of
                                                                                                all the drugs”.                                    protecting her. Mallard said she stands
charges, including attempted rape, armed            Two other robbers returned fire as they                                                        just under 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 127
criminal action and burglary. He has no             pulled their wounded                                                                           pounds.
known address and did not have an at-               accomplice into a
torney.                                             getaway car and                                                                                “Angie is my hero,” said Woodman, who
                                                    sped away from                                                                                 has heart problems. “She was afraid of
Police say Kizer had been working on                the McCleod Road                                                                               what they would do to me. They thought I
the family’s home as part of a renovation           crime scene, ac-                                                                               was by myself.”
project, but was not staying there. The             cording to Colleton
teen was in bed around 5:30 a.m. Sunday             County Sheriff                                                                                 Springfield police confirmed the danger
when Kizer came into her room with a                George Malone.                                                                                 the women faced.
knife and climbed on top of her.                    None of the victims
                                                    were wounded,                                                                                  “These two men came in with the intent
When he set the knife down on the bed,              but their cars were    Lucky to be alive:                                                      to do a burglary,” said Sgt. Robert Pitts of
the teen grabbed it and screamed.                   struck by bullets,     David Jakes.                                                            the Springfield Police Department.
                                                    deputies said.
The girl’s mother came into the room
                                                                                                                                                   Woodman told the News-Leader she
with a gun, pointed it at the suspect and           Deputies located the injured suspect                                                           watched one of the men walk by the front
ordered him out of the house. Police later          a short time later at Colleton Regional                                                        of the store several times before he came
arrested him.                                       Hospital, where he was being treated for                                                       in to shop. But he was clean and dressed
                                                    several gunshot wounds, deputies said.                                                         nicely, so she had no reason to suspect
                                                    David Jayquon Jakes, 19, of Smoaks was                    photo courtesy of Mid-Hudson News.
                                                                                                                                                   him, she said.
Mom caring for child uses                           later transferred to Medical University
                                                                                                Hemmer, who is a pharmacy technician
gun to thwart home invasion                         Hospital in Charleston, where he remains
                                                                                                and was behind the counter at the time,
                                                    in intensive care, Chief Deputy Ted Stan-
Belton, SC (Anderson Independent Mail)
                                                    field said.                                 pulled his licensed handgun and asked              Wounded resident doesn’t
— A mother who was caring for her young
child foiled two men’s attempts to break
                                                                                                the bandit, “Do you really want to do              give up, slays invader
                                                                                                this”? Seeing that the tables had been             Creedmoor, N.C. (WRAL) — A Granville
in to her house about 1:30 p.m. Monday
                                                                                                turned on him, the robber fled the phar-           County homeowner exchanged gunfire
when she, from her kitchen, shot at the
                                                                                                macy empty handed.                                 with a suspected burglar early Tuesday,
                                                                                                                                                   killing the intruder, authorities said.
                                                                                                Hemmer provided Sheriff’s Deputies with
The woman’s identity was not released,
                                                                                                a description that eventually led to the           Sheriff Brindle Wilkins said Clay Ellington
and the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office
                                                                                                arrest of Robert Roach, 55, of Jefferson-          was trying to break into a home on Dove
did not release any other identifying de-
                                                                                                ville.                                             Road, near Creedmoor, and fired shots at
tails, saying only that “a homeowner” had
                                                                                                                                                   the homeowner, Richard Chapel. Chapel
fired shots. But the woman’s husband
                                                                                                Not only did Paul Hemmer defend                    returned fire, killing Ellington, the sheriff
confirmed that it was his wife who fired
                                                                                                himself, co-workers and a customer who             said.
at least two shots when the men tried
                                                                                                was there at the time, he also prevented
to break in to their home on Broadway
                                                                                                dangerous drugs from getting out on the            Chapel was wounded in the exchange
School Road in Belton while he was out
                                                                                                street”, said Sheriff Schiff. “Mr. Hemmer          and was taken to Duke University Hos-
of town.
                                                                                                acted courageously and with great re-              pital for treatment. His condition was
                                                                                                straint when he confronted this defendant          unknown Tuesday afternoon.
Right: A member of the Anderson County
                                                                                                and therefore, he should be honored as
Sheriff’s Office investigates the scene of
                                                                                                one of our hometown heroes.”
a shooting on Broadway School Road
about 1:30 p.m. Monday.
                                                                                                The sheriff presented Hemmer with a
        Photo courtesy Anderson Independent Mail.
                                                                                                certificate of appreciation for his actions.
GunNews 14
                                 Next Class Date:
                                 July 31, 2010
                                 Fairfield Inn Suites
                                 645 West North Ave
                                 Lombard, Illinois 60148 USA
                                 Phone: 1-630-629-1500
                                 Right off I355

  Currently recognized in 29 states
                Family Safety
               Retired Seniors
             Personal Protection
             Multi-State Travelers

                  Class Price:

  Limited class space, call and register today!

   Includes: Notary. 2x2 Photo, Fingerprints

                                                               GunNews 15
  Freedom’s Forum                                                                  As a good guy sees it...                                    sold illegally. Wow three guns is thirty
Fighting Back                          these classes or get this training or
                                                                                   Could it Be?
                                                                                                                                               years!! No, instead they talk about
                                                                                                                                      legislation to stop private sales of guns. What
by John Naese                          education.
                                                                                   by Don Bekeleski                                   for? There’s one in place already covering
                                       But (you say) I’m too (old, young,                                                             what they are concerned about, but does he
It’s heartening to see the good                                                    Not long ago Mayor Daley was screaming for
                                       male, female, healthy, infirm, fill                                                            serve thirty years? NO! The back of his hand
people of Chicago fighting back.                                                   more gun control laws. Actually he wants all
                                       in the blank _________) to take a                                                              is crimson red from the judges slapping it so
I’m not just talking about the three                                               law abiding gun owners weapons removed if
                                       class or go out and shoot all day.                                                             many times!
apparently righteous self-defense                                                  he could have his way. So a flurry of anti -2nd
shootings in Chicago in the last       No problem. Do what you can, and
                                                                                   Amendment bills were proposed by Chicago           Could it be that our state legislators look
two weeks. In those cases, the         only what you can. But do it. For
                                                                                   Democrats in the Illinois legislature. Every-      at 48 other states in the union where mil-
perpetrators, convicted felons all,    example, you could come to an
                                                                                   thing from registering this to banning that and    lions are carrying guns on their hips through
met their match when encounter-        Appleseed, sit in the shade, and
                                                                                   not being allowed to own or transfer such and      conceal carry laws and see crime and murder
ing what they thought would be         watch. When the shooters circle
                                                                                   such.                                              dropping at an ever increasing rate? Could it
defenseless citizens. Those citi-      up for instruction, come into the
                                       circle and listen. When it’s time for                                                          be possible that what John Lott and the rest
zens, arming themselves in spite                                                   All bills were stated to decrease crime and
                                       the heritage lessons, the circle will                                                          of us have been saying for a long time—
of the wishes of Mayor Daley, the                                                  gun violence by their sponsors, but in reality
                                       probably come to you, as you’re                                                                MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME—could actually
gun haters, and the nanny-staters,                                                 they only created a major hassle for law abid-
                                       already sitting in the shade. You                                                              be true?
changed the thinking of those                                                      ing people to own or buy firearms, while the
felons quite quickly. They are alive   can get the benefits, even with
                                                                                   criminals watched their TV’s and laughed and       Why is it that the suburbs of Chicago and the
today because they fought back.        limited physical ability. Read this
                                                                                   laughed at such stupid proposals. There isn’t      rest of the state where people are allowed
                                       paper. Come to the meetings,
                                                                                   a criminal one or gang member that believes        to be totally armed do not have the same
But the type of fighting I’m talking   in Champaign starting with the
                                                                                   any of this will stop him from continuing in the   problems? Maybe criminals don’t like look-
about is in the realm of the mind.     July 13, 2010 meeting, and talk to
                                                                                   same old ways, while more of his intended          ing down the barrel of a handgun when it’s
More and more citizens of Illinois,    instructors and participants in the
                                                                                   victims become disarmed or became easier           pointing their way! Maybe they are thinking
as well as around the nation, are      various classes.
                                                                                   prey thru such legislation.                        twice that if I attempt to rob this guy and he
making the decision not to be
                                       Go to the Right to Carry Educa-                                                                is carrying a legal gun on his hip, I just might
sheep. They’re taking the proac-                                                   Before we would see some of these bills
                                       tional Town Hall Meeting. Even                                                                 get shot?
tive stance that the only rights you                                               actually make it to the House or Senate to be
have are the rights you’ll fight to    if you already know why right to
                                                                                   voted on. Lately though, it seems like after       You see a where a person is allowed to carry
protect. Want to be left alone by      carry is a good idea, your friend or
                                                                                   a committee vote and passage, that’s where         a gun on his person, he or she only has a re-
thugs? You can hope - or you can       neighbor may not. Invite them and
                                                                                   they lay. Could it be that more legislators that   mote chance of being confronted by a crimi-
prepare. Fortune often favors the      bring them.
                                                                                   used to be for more gun laws, have realized        nal, then someone heading home in Chicago
prepared.                                                                          that they just don’t work and also do not solve
                                       Be sure your voter registration is                                                             that has an invisible sign on his back saying,
                                                                                   any crime problems? This of course doesn’t         “Pick me, I can’t hurt you or stop you and I
Look through this paper, and com-      up to date (have you moved since
                                                                                   mean we should let our guard down & relax.         am totally unarmed thanks to our mayor”.
pare the ads and announcements         you last voted?) and be sure to
                                                                                   Someone is always trying to take your right        Could it be that our legislators are starting to
you see now with those from as lit-    let folks know who you think they
                                                                                   away!                                              realize you don’t stop criminals by disarming
tle as two years ago. Opportunities    should vote for, and why. Novem-
                                       ber will be here quicker than you                                                              law abiding citizens?
for civilian defensive gun training                                                We have plenty of laws to cover illegal use of
and education are through the roof.    think.
                                                                                   firearms. Does the State’s attorney in Cook        In November this state may elect a Governor
You can take a four hour class, a                                                  County enforce or mandate the punishment
                                       Fighting back - it’s not just an activ-                                                        that is for concealed carry and will sign it into
one day class, two day classes, or                                                 due for disobeying them? NO!
                                       ity, it’s a mindset - it’s a way of life.                                                      law. The people of this state may be looking
even longer. And you don’t have to                                                 Why when they arrest someone for using or          real close at the people in office in Springfield
travel to Arizona or Nevada to take                                                carrying a gun illegally, they have to arrest      that do back conceal carry and those running
                                                                                        him 5 or 6 more times before they really      against the ones that are against it. Then
                                                                                        mandate punishment? They just keep let-       they may decide it’s time for Illinois crime and
                                                                                        ting them go till he has a murder charge.     murder rates to go down by arming it’s citi-
                                                                                        Ah. Now they got him! Yes you got him,        zens with conceal carry and electing enough
                                                                                        but it had to take someone else’s life be-    people that will go along with that Governor
                                                                                        fore you really did something about him!      to see it finally happen!
                                                                                        It’s amazing if they even catch him.
                                                                                                                                      Could it be? It’s time for the people of Illinois
                                                                                       Then Daley holds another news con-             to decide whether it will be! Could it be that
                                                                                       ference and of course blames the gun           legislators are realizing the impact that con-
                                                                                       again, but keep quiet about his other six      ceal ed carry would have on this state’s crime
                                                                                       arrests, so the people don’t blame them        and murder rate? I hope with all my heart that
                                                                                       for not putting him away sooner. The city      they are and that it will be finally passed into
                                                                                       is an embarrassment to the rest of the         law in this state!
                                                                                       state of Illinois, whose citizens are armed
                                                                                       and don’t have one fifth the crime prob-       This article appeared on the ISRA website. It
                                                                                       lem! There is a law in place that man-         is the opinion of the author and not the official
                                                                                       dates 10 years in prison for every gun         position of the ISRA.

GunNews 16
   Commentary from around the nation
     The Daley dilemma: what to say when it turns out that “guns is the answer”?
                                                                                                                                              better example of the Patented DMS was
June 2, 9:29 AM · Don Gwinn - Chicago
                                                                                                                                              Daley’s answer when asked whether the
Gun Rights Examiner
                                                                                                                                              home defender would be prosecuted
                                                                                                                                              for owning the gun that he used to save
Mayor Daley is seated squarely on the
                                                                                                                                              himself, his wife and his grandson from
bayonet of a dilemma.
                                                                                                                                              the predator who broke into their home
On the one hand, his city’s total ban on
                                                                                                                                              with his own gun:
the possession of handguns is totter-
ing like a fighter rocked by body blows.
                                                                                                                                                “I understand the situation and I
The ban has been battered by growing
                                                                                                                                                understand. What I’m saying is all of
opposition from grassroots groups of gun
                                                                                                                                                us have to understand that guns is
owners, but perhaps more by the bitter
                                                                                                                                                not the answer to problems we see in
disillusionment of average citizens and
                                                                                                                                                homes and on the streets of America.
police officers who have watched it fail to
                                                                                                                                                It’s just has simple as that.”
curb Chicago’s shameful gang violence
or trim its humiliating murder rate for
                                                                                                                                              As the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner
nearly three decades.
                                                                                                                                              pointed out last week, the sheer breath-
                                                                                                                                              taking gall of this response is enough
On the other hand, there’s just not much
                                                                                                                                              to make anyone do a double-take, and
he can do about the coming Supreme
                                                                                                                                              that’s the key to the Patented DMS(tm).
Court decision that everyone, including
                                                                                                                                              To state that the answer to the problem
him, expects to put the Chicago gun ban
                                                                                                                                              “How do I save my family from the armed
on the canvas. He has more power over
                                                                                                                                              intruder who just shot at me in my own
Chicago’s violence addiction, but not
                                                                                                                                              home?” is not something like “Fight back
much--and no options that don’t cost a
                                                                                                                                              any way you can, but preferably with
lot of money the city has spent on other
                                                                                                                                              your own firearm” is some unfathomable
things (hey, hired truck scams and Olym-
                                               cago’s gun ban. But the Mayor seems to                                                         mix of dishonest and foolish. But repeat
pic boondoggles ain’t free, you know!) or
                                               be asking himself an important question:                                                       yourself like some stuttering idiot, throw
cost Mayor Daley the support of groups                                                        The Patented Daley Mumbling
                                               Then what? Most likely is that the home                                                        in some brutal grammatical mistakes, and
he needs to hold his power together.                                                          Sidestep(tm):
                                               defender is not subject to prosecution,                                                        you can hope that enough people will be
                                                                                              Daley’s favorite defense, the Patented
                                               because the Illinois legislature overcame                                                      distracted--and you can keep dancing for
When it comes to the case of the elderly,                                                     DMS(tm) allows the press and punditry
                                               vetoes and votes from Rod Blagojevich                                                          another day.
otherwise law-abiding American veteran                                                        to focus on the fun topic of “Look how
                                               and Barack Obama years ago to protect                                                                                ***
who apparently concluded that he had a                                                        dumb Da Mare is!” and feel superior with
                                               Illinois residents who are caught violat-                                                      For more info: Check out Illinois Carry for
moral duty to break Mayor Daley’s law in                                                      little effort, while taking their minds off
                                               ing local gun ordinances when they use                                                         up-to-the moment discussion and ways to
order to protect his family from Chicago’s                                                    uncomfortable, less fun topics like “What,
                                               their firearms in lawful self-defense. But                                                     get involved . . . and see the Gun Rights
criminals, Daley has lots of options. The                                                     exactly, gives the Mayor of Chicago the
                                               even if the prosecution goes forward,                                                          Examiners below for more thoughts on
problem is, from his point of view, that                                                      right to destroy the lives of his citizens if
                                               there are only two possible outcomes:                                                          this issue. And as always, if you found
none of them are very good options:                                                           they decide to defend themselves?” The
                                               the defender is acquitted, or the defender                                                     this piece interesting and have a moment
                                                                                              best part is the simplicity and ease of the
                                               is convicted, possibly in a plea bargain                                                       to pass it on to someone else, don’t be
The Daley Mea Culpa:                                                                          Patented DMS(tm); all Daley has to do is
                                               settlement. If the defender is acquit-                                                         shy.
Mayor Daley could simply say, “We                                                             get red in the face, alternate mumbling
thought we were keeping Chicagoans             ted despite incontrovertible proof that        with ranting, and say things that make no
safe, but it’s clear now that infringing the   he violated the law, as seems likely, it       sense. Soon most people have forgotten
                                                                                                                                                     GunNews Magazine
right to keep and bear arms has done           means that a Cook County jury chose to         that they wanted answers and are simply
                                                                                                                                                       Published monthly by
more harm than good in Chicago, so it’s        nullify the Chicago gun ban by refusing to     enjoying the show. Occasionally, the            
time to find a better way.” This option        punish a man for saving his family from        Patented DMS(tm) can go wrong if too
is largely theoretical, because it would       a home invader. If the home defender is        much actual information is expressed in                   John Naese, Editor
require Daley to admit that he’s been          convicted, the public backlash could con-      the sound bite; for instance, when Daley      
wrong for years. If he could do that, he       ceivably be the final push that removes        threatened to put a rifle and bayonet “up             John Boch, Editor Emeritus
wouldn’t be Daley.                             Daley from office. There’s also one more       (the) butt” of the Chicago Reader’s Mick
                                               problem with a prosecution: the trial, if                                                       Letters, including complaints or commen-
                                                                                              Dumke. Far too specific, far too under-
                                                                                                                                               dations, to the Editor are welcome. Please,
The Daley Law and Order, CAGE                  there was one, would likely take place af-     standable, and the Mayor paid a price for        limit your letter to 200 words. We reserve
Episode:                                       ter the Supreme Court issues its decision      that one (but astute readers will notice         the right to edit or refuse publication of
Mayor Daley could stand by the law he          in McDonald v. Chicago. Daley would be         that the price paid was of the “Look how         any submission. Email to the editor at the
says keeps Chicago safe and peaceful.          accepting all the political risk with little   dumb Da Mare is!” variety, which still           address above, or you can mail your
His police have already confiscated the        chance that there would be a reward.           stole some thunder from Dumke’s actual           letter to:
home defender’s firearm; all he has to do      No, prosecution is out, despite how use-       question about whether the Chicago gun           Guns Save Life
now is to insist that the defender also be     less and pointless that makes Chicago’s        ban has been proven ineffective by near-         Post Office Box 51
charged and prosecuted for violating Chi-      gun ban look.                                  ly 30 years of complete failure.) A much         Savoy, Illinois 61874
                                                                                                                                                                             GunNews 17
ACTUAL DISTANCE                                                                             Battle Sight Zero, or BSZ, is the sight
                                                                                            setting that will get you hits on full size
                                                                                            (20-inch) targets out to 300 yards, with no
                                                                                                                                            you about where you need to be at 400
                                                                                                                                            meters. As the distance increases, the
                                                                                                                                            “come ups” get bigger; increase from
The “forgotten” part of Appleseed instruction, fogotten no more
                                                                                            sight adjustments.                              400 to 500 and you would need to add
Appleseed, now in its fifth year, was start-   of the rifles used at Appleseeds were                                                        another four clicks.
ed to reteach Americans their heritage as      centerfire rifles. When the ammo price       This is possible because the barrel of the
a Nation of Riflemen.                          increases hit, suddenly going through 500    gun and the sight system are not paral-         For those firing .223 caliber rifles like AR-
                                               rounds of .308 in a weekend, at a dollar a   lel. The barrel actually angles upwards,        15’s, the BSZ is slightly different, because
When designing the program, the ques-          round, didn’t sound so appealing.            so that the bullet is rising as it leaves the   of the faster bullet speed. BSZ for a .223
tion was how to get the most marksman-                                                      barrel. It will cross the line of sight of      using standard 62 grain ammo will about
ship instruction at the most locations, and    But since Appleseed was geared around        the sight system at about 25 meters, still      275 meters. Come ups, measured in
do it all in one or two days per event.        basic instruction at 25 meters, the use of   heading upward.                                 minutes of angle, are similar, although
                                               .22 rimfire ammo and rifles was encour-                                                      the click adjustments on your rifle may be
A simple and elegant solution presented        aged.
itself: do it like the Army does it. Much of
the Army’s firearm training takes place at     The result was a lot of people learning to
a distance of 25 meters on reduced-size        shoot to Rifleman’s standard, but with a
targets. The reason is simple: there are       .22 rifle at 25 meters only.
a lot more 25 meter ranges than there
are 500 meter or longer known distance         This year, Appleseed began re-empha-
ranges. And, most importantly, WHAT            sizing the inclusion of an Actual Distance
WORKS AT 25 METERS ALSO WORKS                  (AD) component whenever range facilities
AT DISTANCE.                                   allow.
                                                                                            For a typical .30 caliber round, the bullet     different; 1/2 minute clicks are common.
The fundamentals of marksmanship are           The AD component will usually be taught      will top out at just over 100 meters, and       Many scopes are graduated in 1/4 minute
the same at whatever distance you’re           on the second day of the event, and will     start its downward journey. And it will         clicks, so a three minute comeup from
shooting. Sight alignment, sight picture,      vary based on what range facilities are      cross the line of sight again at about 200      300 to 400 would take 12 clicks on many
respiratory pause, keeping your eye            available. Inclusion in the AD component     meters. For a .30 caliber, this means that      scopes.
and your mind on the front sight, trigger      is not automatic; you will need to prove     BSZ setting is the same for 25 meters
squeeze, and follow through are exactly        you can shoot to the four MOA Rifleman’s     and 200 meters; aim at the center of the        Other subjects covered in an AD compo-
the same, if you’re shooting a tiny target     standard, or nearly so, on the 25 meter      target at 25 meters or at 200 meters, the       nent of an Appleseed will include the ef-
at 25 meters or a full-size target at 500      line before moving to longer range.          bullet will hit there. At 100 meters, the       fects of wind (it’s not as bad as you think);
meters.                                                                                     round will hit 3 inches higher than the         target detection, and range estimation (if
                                               [For those of you considering attending      spot you aimed at - no problem hitting a        you have a rifle, you have range estima-
Once you have that down at 25 meters,          the Danville, IL Appleseed on July 24 &      20 inch target. At 300 meters, the round        tor - your front sight.)
the only thing you need to know to shoot       25 of this year, we will be including the    will hit about 9 inches lower than the point
distance is how far is the shot, and what      AD component at 200 and 300 meters.]         of aim on the target - again, resulting in a    This article is just an overview; if you’re at
sight adjustments do you need to make?                                                      hit on a 20-inch target.                        all hazy about shooting at actual dis-
                                               So what will you find if you move from                                                       tance, or if you’ve never shot more than a
Along the way to teaching this to Ameri-       the 25 meter line to the 200 meter line?     For more accurate hits, you can click your      hundred yards, and you want to find out
cans, reality intervened. Ammo prices          Something the Rifleman calls Battle Sight    sights up from your 25/200 BSZ; three           how, attend an Appleseed that has an AD
shot through the roof. When the program        Zero.                                        minutes (three clicks on an M1 Garand           component, and learn what you need to
began in 2006, surplus .308 ammo was                                                        or M1A) will put you back at point of aim       be that most treasured citizen - an Ameri-
going for 15 cents a round, and most                                                        at 300 meters. 3 more clicks up will put        can Rifleman.

  6125 East 1175 North Road
                                                                                                                                                   NRA Youth
                                                                                       Proud host & sponsor of the longest-running
  Bloomington, IL 61704                            Open to the public!                NRA Youth Shooting Camp in the United States               Shooting Camp
                                                   Indoor pistol range
                                                   Outdoor ranges to 300 yards
                                                                                                                                                 COMING SOON                             •   Trap
                                               •   Skeet                                                                                        Visit our website or shop and
   Directions:                                 •   International Skeet                                                                           pick up applications for the
   West of Bloomington, Illinois, take         •   Sporting Clays                                                                                2010 NRA Youth Shooting
                                               •   Classroom
   Route 9 West 5 miles from I-55/74 to                                                                                                           Camp coming up in early
   road marked 750E. Turn left and go          •   Full service gun shop
                                               •   Class III                                                                                               August.
   south for 2.3 miles to road marked
   1175N. Turn right and go west for           •   NRA Firearm Courses
   1.3 miles. Darnall’s Gun Works and          •    Youth shooting programs
   Shooting Ranges is on the right.            •   Advanced firearm training

GunNews 18
                                IDNR Newsbits
                                                                                                Just so you know...
Get Outdoors:           June is “Leave No      8260 or IDNR Biologist Doug Brown at
Child Inside Month” in Illinois and the        217/345-2420.                                    George Daglas, Campaign Manager for Dan Rutherford for Illinois
IDNR encourages youth and families to                                                           State Treasurer, sent along the following, which might be important to
get outdoors. Illinois state parks and         Wingshooting Clinics:               The          know come Novmeber:
educational programs offer exciting and        IDNR and participating partners will spon-
unique opportunities that will connect         sor wingshooting clinics at sites through-       “Senator Rutherford is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment.
people with nature and the outdoors. For       out Illinois to help improve the shooting        He is a longtime member of the NRA. He will continue this support in
information on youth and family activi-        skills of participants. Youth/Women’s            his bid to become the next Illinois State Treasurer.”
ties, check this link on the IDNR web site:    clinics are designed to teach participants                      basic firearm and hunter safety and the
                                               fundamentals of wingshooting. Hunter
Fall Turkey Permits:             Permit        clinics are designed to enhance the wing-
applications are now being accepted for        shooting skills of hunters and provide
the 2010 Illinois Fall Shotgun Wild Turkey     sound wingshooting practice techniques.
season. The season dates are Oct. 23-          The clinics are conducted on weekends
31. The application deadline for the first     throughout the spring, summer and early
lottery drawing (Illinois residents only) is   fall. For a complete schedule, check the
July 6. Hunters may apply online through       IDNR web site at
DNR Direct at (click
on the Online Licenses button). For            Upcoming clinics include:
more information on the fall wild turkey
season, go to the web site at http://www.      June 26-27 – Youth/Women Clinic –              St. Charles Sportsmen’s Club, Elburn
Wolf Creek State Park Ar-                      August 21-22 – Youth/Women Clinic –
chery Deer Hunting Change:                     Shabbona Lake State Park, DeKalb Co.
The IDNR has made a change in the              (815/758-2773)
archery deer hunting program begin-
ning this fall at Wolf Creek State Park.       August 21-22 – Youth/Women Clinic –
Hunters will no longer be required to          Raycraft Farm, Piatt Co. (217/935-6860)
apply for a week-long reservation as in
previous years. Instead, hunters will be       August 28-29 – Hunter Clinic – Raycraft
required to sign up for a free site hunting    Farm, Piatt Co. (217/935-6860)
card prior to hunting. The sign-in sheet
will be located at the Eagle Creek State       September 11-12 – Youth/Women Clinic
Recreation Area office (directly west of       – Stephen A. Forbes State Park, Kinmun-
Wolf Creek State Park across the Findlay       dy (618/547-3381)
Bridge). Hunters should be careful to
sign the correct sheet for Wolf Creek          September 11-12 – Youth/Women
State Park as there will also be a sign-in     Clinic – Johnson-Sauk Trail State Park,
sheet for Eagle Creek State Recreation         Kewanee (309/853-5589)
Area hunting. This change will give hunt-
ers the opportunity to hunt without the        September 18-19 – Hunter Clinic – Des
pre-planning that was necessary with the       Plaines Conservation Area, Wilmington
previous system. Season dates will coin-       (815/785-8129)

                                                                                            Ron’s Guns & Knives
cide with the statewide archery deer sea-
son and will be closed during the firearm      September 25-26 – Youth/Women Clinic
deer season. All hunters are required to       – South Fork Dirt Riders Park, Kincaid
                                                                                             et’ e
have a current hunting license, habitat
stamp and IDNR-issued archery deer
                                               (217/496-3113)                                                        503 N. Church                  Buy * Sell * Trade
permit. Archery hunters at Wolf Creek          September 26 – Youth Clinic – Decatur        L ad                     Thomasboro IL
                                                                                                                                                       Firearms, Ammo,

                                                                                             Tr OPEN
                                                                                                                                                    Pro-Shot Gun Cleaning
State Park will be required to harvest a
doe before harvesting an antlered deer
                                               Gun Club, Decatur (217/521-9469)
                                                                                                                     (217) 643-7667                        Supplies
(4 points or better). This requirement is
intended to help manage the large deer         See page two of this issue for more infor-   Tuesday - Friday       Let us help you                    Finest Selection of
                                                                                                                                                     Commemorative and
population on and near Wolf Creek State                                                         9a to 5p
                                                                                                                      find that
                                               mation and testimonials about how nice                                                                Collectable Firearms
Park. For more information on deer             these clinics are, then find one close to       Saturday
hunting opportunities and site regulations
                                                                                                                   “Hard to Find”
                                               you and plan on attending, or taking your                                                                 Special Orders
at Wolf Creek State Park, contact Eagle        child or spouse to one. Turn off the TV          9a to 3p
Creek State Recreation Area at 217/756-                                                       Evenings by
                                               and get outdoors!                                                                                     Remington Distributor
                                                                                                                                                               GunNews 19
                                                                                 NRA BASIC PISTOL CLASS (8HRS)
                                                              Satisfies the training requirement for Florida’s Concealed carry permit
                                               Certified Instructors teach you the knowledge, skills, and proper attitude for safely owning and handling a firearm.

                                              Classes are one day(8am-5pm) usually held on Sat or Sun in Charleston, Illinois. Refreshments and lunch provided. All NRA
                                              course material, handouts, pamphlets, eye and ear protection, all kinds of handguns for dry firing and practicing with dummy
                                               ammo, and guns and ammo for live fire will be furnished. A FOID card is required. Florida CC permit application packets
                                                           will be given out. Class is $100/participant. Class size is limited, so call for next available class.

                                                                            Call 217-246-1628(Bill) or 217-549-0665(Larry)

      Liberty                                                                                   We’ve got
                                                                                                                                 This month’s specials

  Guns and Ammo                                                                          New ~ Used ~ Consignments
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                   307 East Second Street                                                  • Custom Ruger work                  receivers: $90
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                           217 896-8024                                                  For YOUR convenience, PLEASE call
                                                                                       first! Shop/Store: 217 896-8024
                    Email:                                                       If no answer, call
                                                                                               Rob: 217-419-4309
 In Homer on Route 49, turn east at the Marathon station and go 1 1/2 blocks.                  Dean: 217-377-3326               NEF “Pardner” 12ga. pump shot-
  It’s in the former Ameren Cilco building on the south side of Second Street.                                                  gun for Home-Defense. $215
                       Next door to the American Legion.
                  Hours: Wed - Sat 2p-5p or by appointment.

GunNews 20

8th Annual Range Open House
      at the ISRA Range in Bonfield—near Kankakee
                                              Saturday, June 26th, 2010
                                                10:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                   A   ll law-abiding citizens are
                                                                                                                                                                   A lesson in attending to things promptly...
                                                   invited … even those who do not
                                                   own a gun or have never fired a
                                                   gun before.                                                                                                     Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
                                   Factory representatives from                                                                                                    by John Naese
                                   major manufacturers will be on
                                   hand to answer your questions                                                                                                   The price of everything goes up, and this is sadly true of
                                   about your favorite firearms.
                                   You can test-fire the guns of
                                                                                                                                                                   ammunition as well. When I first started buying 30.06
      your choice and try your hand at archery, too. A small fee for                                                                                               ammo from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (www.
      ammunition will be required.                                                                                                                        it was 27 cents a round. (I can hear you
                                                                                          Again this Year!
      A BB gun and an air rifle range will be set up for our younger                                                                                                oldsters out there now, “When I started, it was 3 cents a
      guests—a great opportunity to get the whole family involved,                        • Military encampments
                                                                                            and reenactments for                                                   round!”. Sorry, I’m only 48.)
      RAIN or SHINE! Food and soft drink vendors will be on site
                                                                                            WWII, Vietnam and the
      to make sure you don’t go hungry or thirsty.
                                                                                            French and Indian War.                                                 I stocked up on some, and the price rose to 36 cents a
      We will also have information available on a wide variety of                        • A variety of military
      ISRA and NRA programs. We encourage you to stop by and                                                                                                       round. A little more stocking up and a little less supply at
                                                                                            vehicles and an MP guard
      pick up a pamphlet on your particular area of interest.                               booth will be on display.                                              CMP, and within the last year, the price had hit 50 cents a
                                                                                                                                                                   round. I stopped stocking up.
                                                    The ISRA Range has numerous amenities to offer
                                                    Open House attendees, including:                                                                               On May 7 of this year, at 2:52 pm, the following notice from
                                                       • Free safety orientation                                                                                   the CMP popped into my email inbox:
                                                       • Covered firing points
                                                       • You will have an opportunity to shoot a wide                                                                 AP .30-06 M2 BALL: The .30-06 AP ammo that we
                                                         variety of firearms under the direct supervision                                                              now have available includes headstamps: AYR, SL,
                                                         of instructors. Shooting disciplines will include:                                                           TW, and LC. Dates of manufacture vary from the
                                                         • Rifles                                                                                                      1940s to the 1950s. Most of the ammo is corrosive,
                                                         • Pistols                                                                                                    but some may be non-corrosive. The ammo is pack-
                                                         • Shotguns                                      DIRECTIONS TO THE ISRA RANGE                                 aged in 8 round M1 Garand enbloc clips, in bando-
                                                         • Muzzleloaders                             The ISRA Range is located on Warner Bridge Rd.,                  leers, in spam cans. Purchases of multiple cans will
                                                                                                      1589 N 7000W Rd., in Bonfield (near Kankakee).
                                                         • Airguns                                                                                                    be shipped in what appear to be the original wooden
                                                                                                     Via I-57 from the North:
                                                       • Covered picnic pavilion                     Exit at Manteno (exit 322). Turn right (west) and go             crates (two spam cans per crate). Cans and crates
Photos courtesy of Jeff Battaglia and Jacob Lim.       • Indoor restrooms and showers                approximately 8 miles to Warner Bridge Road. Turn                will be selected luck of the draw as to the headstamp.
                                                                                                          left (south) and go 8½ miles to the ISRA Range.
                                                                                                          Via I-57 from the South:                                    4C3006U202-192P. Single spam can (192 rounds).
      We invite you to attend and encourage other firearm enthusiasts to join you                          Exit at Kankakee, Route 17 (exit 312). Turn left            $60.00. S&H at $8.95 per can.
                                                                                                          (west) and travel approximately 9 miles to Warner
      at this worthwhile event.
                                                                                                          Bridge Road. Turn right (north) and go 1½ miles to
      To be successful, an Open House of this magnitude requires significant effort                        the ISRA Range.                                          31 cents a round! My patience was about to be rewarded.
      by our members. As a result, we’re looking for a small army of volunteers to                        Via I-55 from the North:                                 For that price, I’ll clean my rifle after firing it. Time to stock
                                                                                                          Exit at Braidwood, Route 113 (exit 236). Follow
      donate their time and expertise. If you are interested in helping out, please                       Route 113 south through Braidwood and Custer Park        up again! Oh, wait... time to go to work. I had to work
      call us at 815-635-3198 or e-mail                                                  approximately 13 miles to Warner Bridge Road. Turn       that evening at 7 pm, and I didn’t have time to make the
                                                                                                          right (south) and go 4½ miles to the ISRA Range.
      The ISRA Range Open House will be held in Bonfield, near Kankakee.                                                                                            order. The CMP assured that they had lots of this ammo,
                                                                                                          Via I-55 from the South:
      For more information about the event, please visit our range website at                             Exit Dwight Route 17 (exit 217). Turn right (east) and   and showed a picture of the ammo crates stacked in their                                                                                 go approximately 26 miles to Warner Bridge Road.
                                                                                                          Turn left (north) and go 1½ miles to the ISRA Range.     warehouse to prove it.

          Bring your Family & Friends!                                                                                                                             I didn’t get around to ordering any until Sunday, but even if
                                                                                                                                                                   I had come back Saturday (I got off work at 7 am Saturday)
                         FREE Admission!                                                                   We look forward to seeing
                                                                                                                                                                   it would have been too late.
                            FREE Parking!                                                                   you at this year’s event!
                                                                                                                                                                   Apparently, the CMP sold out of this ammo in just a few
                                                                                                                                                                   hours. Other people told me they tried to order on Satur-
                                        If you’re not already an ISRA or NRA member, this will be the perfect                                                      day morning, and came up empty.
                                        opportunity to join. ISRA range memberships will also be available.
                                                                                                                                                                   The lesson here is simple:
The fine print: Persons prohibited from possessing firearms will not be admitted. Persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an
adult, but are otherwise certainly welcome. Eye and ear protection will be provided and is mandatory at all shooting areas. No personal firearms or                 “He who hesitates is lost.”
ammunition will be allowed at the range during the ISRA Open House. Security will be provided by the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        GunNews 21
From the Outdoors Column                          power night. They can’t get a whole high
every other Thursday in the Sports sec-           power match in when the league starts at 5       Fast Facts about Appleseed Shoots -
tion of the Champaign-Urbana News-                p.m., but they solve that problem by shoot-
                                                                                                   - Women, youth 20 and under, and active military shoot FREE.
Gazette                                           ing half the match each Tuesday, so they
                                                                                                   - All others are just $45 for one day or $70 for two days if pre-registered for a
by John Naese                                     complete one full match every two weeks.
                                                  The high power rifle range is a good facility,
                                                                                                   - The program can be shot with rimfire or centerfire, with iron sights or
                                                  with target pits and firing lines at 200 and
Hydration is important for all                    300 yards.
                                                                                                   scopes. Bring what you have, and Appleseed will make you better with it.
outdoor activities                                                                                 Learn More:
If you are going to be spending a big block       Wednesday night is the bench rest league,              
of time outdoors, perhaps on the water or         starting at 3 p.m.                                       Upcoming Illinois Applessed Opportunities:
maybe at a shooting event, you need to
go out of your way to make sure you stay          Thursday nights, ISRA runs a smallbore
hydrated. Lathering on the sunscreen may          league starting at 5 p.m.                                   July 10-11                              September 11-12
protect you from burns and skin cancer,                                                                       Ottawa, IL                                 Alton, IL
but dehydration can sneak up on you, and          In addition to these late afternoon weekday
cause major problems before you realize it.       leagues, there are some others available on
                                                                                                              Carmi, IL
                                                  weekends.                                                                                           September 18-19
Be sure to drink non-caffeinated and non-                                                                    July 24-25                                  Clinton, IL
alcoholic drinks. If you are not sweating         Bullseye pistol shoots will be held June 13,
and you should be, that is a bad sign – get       July 25, and August 29.
                                                                                                             Danville, IL
in some shade, drink some fluids, and cool                                                                   Durand, IL                               September 25-26
down and rehydrate. If you’re drinking a lot      There is also the ISRA Glock league, for                                                               Ottawa, IL
of fluids, but not urinating for several hours,   Glock pistols only, on June 27, July 25, and
this can be another sign of dehydration.          August 29.
                                                                                                           July 31-Aug 1                                 Durand, IL
                                                                                                           Waterman, IL                                  Marion, IL
The danger of dehydration, besides what it        The Springfield pistol match, for Springfield
does to your body, is that it can make you        1911’s, XD’s, and XD-M pistols only, will be
unsafe. It affects muscle control and deci-       held on May 30 and October 24.
                                                                                                           August 21-22                                 October 2-3
sion-making ability. If you’re dehydrated,                                                                  Ottawa, IL                                  Waterman, IL
you may drive your boat into a dangerous          Appleseed rifle marksmanship and heritage                 McLean, IL
situation, or handle your gun in an unsafe        events will be held at the ISRA Range on
manner.                                           June 19-20 and November 20-21.
                                                                                                            Sparta, IL                                   October 9-10
                                                                                                                                                         Bonfield, IL
Have fun outside this summer, but take all        Good range facilities are hard to find, and a         September 4-5
the precautions, including bringing along         range that offers the number and variety of
and drinking lots of fluids.                      shoots that the ISRA Range does is worth
                                                                                                       Chillicothe, IL only                             October 23-24
                                                  driving to. For information on any of these                                                            Ottawa, IL
Bowlers have leagues; why                         shooting events, visit the ISRA website at           September 11-12
                                        , or call the ISRA office at 815-
not shooters?                                     635-3198.
                                                                                                       WATERMAN, IL!!!!                                 November 6-7
Bowlers found out years ago that bowling in                                                              300 Shooters                                   Waterman, IL
a league is a lot more fun than being a lone
wolf. Shooters can discover that same ca-         Shooters have fun and benefit                         Record Attempt
maraderie at the ISRA Range in Bonfield,          others
near Kankakee.                                    Outdoor sports enthusiasts as a group tend
                                                  to be the kind of people that help others.
Shooting in a league is a great way for           That is particularly evident in events held to
new shooters to learn about the sport and         promote and fund special projects.
improve their performance. For the expe-
rienced shooter, leagues provide a great          On June 27, Danville Rifle and Pistol
way to keep your abilities tuned up. When         Club will be hosting the 6th annual Myron
you shoot with a league on a regular basis,       Deckard benefit shoot, to provide deserving
there is an added benefit: you get to meet        candidates scholarships to attend Danville
and talk to all kinds of great people who like    Area Community College. Several different
the same things you do.                           courses of fire will be set up for you to fire
                                                  your pistol at steel targets. Entry is $5 per
I’ve talked to participants in these leagues,     stage, and the entry qualifies you for door
and they are very committed to their particu-     prizes as well as a 50/50 drawing. The
lar sport. Participants often rearrange their     festivities start at 10 a.m. and lunch will
work schedules, or take a couple hours of         be available. Bring your pistol, at least 50
vacation on the same night each week, just        rounds of ammo, and eye and ear protec-
so they can participate.                          tion. For more information or directions to
                                                  the range, contact Larry Pasquale at 217-
Tuesday nights at the ISRA Range is high          443-2050.

GunNews 22
           Champaign County Rifle Association
                                                                               Coming events              -- to add your event, email GunNews editor.
   GUNS SAVE LIFE .COM                                                            June 2010                             10 & 11 - Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s
                                                                                                                        Appleseed Shoot, Buffalo Range Shooting Park, Ot-
                                                              26 8th Annual ISRA Range Open House, 10AM -
                 DIRECTORY                                    4PM, ISRA Range, Bonfield, IL. 815-635-3198.              tawa, IL. or call Dan Hen-
                                                              26 - Right to Carry Town Hall Meet-     drickson, 630-529-5654
If you have questions or want to volunteer ideas or                                                                     10 & 11 - Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s
                                                              ing, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm , Cumberland Presbyterian
your efforts to help our cause, these are the names                                                                     Appleseed Shoot, Carmi Rifle Club, Carmi, IL
                                                              Church, Outer West Delaware, Fairfield, IL Valinda
you need to know. Even if you can only do a little,           Rowe, 618-963-2788                               or call Dan Hendrickson, 630-
                    do something.                             26 - Utah CCW Class, Hampton Inn, Dirksen Park-           529-5654
                                                              way, Springfield, IL Richard Wray, 217-529-6550           11 River City Regulators Monthly SASS Shoot, Chilli-
Officers                            Committee Chairs          26 & 27 - Heartland Training Team NRA Personal Pro-       cothe Sportsmen’s Club, Chillicothe, IL. email “Uncle
David Pike, President                                         tection Outside The Home Course, Williamson County        Outlaw”,
(also Burma Signs for now;       Range Development            Gun Club, Carterville, IL Larry Morse, 618-995-9586       11 - Action Pistol shoot, Westville Sportsman’s
looking for help in this area)   committee                    26 & 27 - RIA Firearms Auction, Rock Island Auction       Club.           Dean Rothermel               Co., Moline, IL. 800-238-8022                             monthly-courses-of-fire-cof
(217) 352-6405                   drothermel@gunssavelife.     26 & 27 - Belleville Gun Show, Belle Clair Fairgrounds    12 - Right to Carry Educational Town Hall meeting,
                                 com                          Belleville, IL Bob Leckrone, 618-495-2572                 7-9 p.m., Hawthorne Suites, Champaign, IL. Scott
John Boch, VP                    (217) 834-3093               27 - Glock Shooting Sports Foundation ISRA Glock          Bowyer, 217-822-2354.                                        League, 8:30 am, ISRA Range, Bonfield, IL.                13 Guns Save / Champaign Co. Rifle As-
(217) 649-3702                   Reloading Committee          Terry Kreimeier, 815-635-3198                             sociation Meeting, 6 PM dinner, 7 PM meeting, Da-
                                 David Acklin                 27 - Aurora Sportsmens Club CMP Service Rifle             vid Pike,, (217) 352-6405
Larry Shurbet, Treasurer         (217) 359-3328               Clinic, 8AM, 10AM, 12PM, Aurora’s Sportmens Club,         17 - NRA Basic Pistol, Hampton Inn, Dirksen Pkwy,
217-643-7314                                                  Waterman, IL. CMP Committee, 815-264-9000.                Springfield, IL Richard Wray, 217-529-6550               GunNews Distribution         Reservations should be made for a particular rifle type   17 & 18 - Arcola Gun Show, Arcola Center, Rt. 45 &
                                 Gun ENews email update       and registration time.                                    W. Main St., Arcola, IL. 217-268-5000
Bonnie Holland,                  Mailing list                 27 Long Nine Cowboys SASS Shoot, Lefthanders              18 - Black Powder Shoot, 1 p.m., Leroy Rifle and
Secretary                        Warren Drake                 GC, Loami, Richard Goodall,          Pistol Club. Susie Hulvey, 217-935-6804
bholland@gunssavelife.       27 - Black Powder Shoot, 1 p.m., Leroy Rifle and
com                              217-898-9602                 Pistol Club. Susie Hulvey, 217-935-6804                   24 - ISRA M1A “Warm Up” Match, 8:00 am. This is
(309) 275-4600                                                                         a CMP Qualifying match. ISRA Range, Bonfield, IL
                                 GunNews Editor                                                                         Claude Heale, 815-553-0591
Immediate Past President         (Submit ideas, articles,
                                                                                  July 2010                             24 & 25 - Basic Pistol Class, Darnall’s Range, Bloom-
(also Meeting Committee)                                      3 South Suburban Police Pistol League, Midlothian,
                                 pictures, shoot schedules,                                                             ington, IL. Jon Maier, 309-825-7716.
Frank Wright                                                  IL. Norm Pestlin, 708-532-4743
                                 letters to the editor)                                                                 24 & 25 - Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s
(217) 384-0432                                                5 Sangamon County Rifle Assn. Meeting, 6:30
                                 John Naese                                                                             Appleseed Shoot, 11709 N. Winslow Rd., Durand,
                                                              p.m., Diamond’s Buffet, Town & Country Shopping
                                 217-684-2602                                                                           IL. or call Dan Hendrickson,
                                                              Center, Springfield. richardson.betty@comcast.
Directors                        505 S. Cleveland,                                                                      630-529-5654
                                                              net, (217) 528-0963
Paul Vallandigham                Philo, IL 61864                                                                        24 & 25 Revolutionary War Veterans Association’s
                                                              10 - .22 Rimfire rifle shoot, 9 a.m., Leroy Rifle and
p.vallandigham@comcast.          johnnaese@gunssavelife.                                                                Appleseed Shoot, Danville Rifle & Pistol Club
                                                              Pistol Club. Tom Morr, 309-473-2052,
net                              com                                                                                    8523 E. 2250 North Rd, Danville, IL.
(217) 378-4239                                                                                                 or call John Naese, 217-
                                 Website                      10 - NRA Personal Protection In The Home, Hamp-
                                ton Inn, Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL Richard Wray
Roger Dorsett                                                                                                           25 - Glock Shooting Sports Foundation ISRA Glock
217-384-7302                Champaign County Rifle
                                 Association /                                                    Advertising Information
John Olson                       Guns Save Life .com
217-390-3679                     Mailing Address                Limited space is available for advertisements in        Ad Submissions           (for general                   GunNews Magazine. The current circulation is now        Ideally, ad should be in electronic format or cam-
                                 correspondence and             10,500 copies, distributed mostly in Illinois. SIGN     era / scanner ready. If in electronic format, Adobe
William Cotter                   memberships)                   UP NOW.                                                 InDesign (3.0) is preferred, although Adobe .pdf will                                                                         work. They can be submitted via email to Gun-
(217) 359-2703                   PO Box 51                      Ad rates          Once    5+ times   One year (total) or via CD or DVD to GunNews,
                                 Savoy, IL 61874                Full page         $150     $120      $100 ($1200)       PO Box 51, Savoy, Illinois 61874.
                                                                Half page         $90      $75       $60 ($720)
                                                                Quarter           $60      $50       $40 ($480)         If not in electronic format or camera ready, submit
                                                                Eighth            $40      $32.50    $25 ($300)         a basic description of what the ad should look like
                                                                Sixteenth         $25      $17.50    $15 ($180)         (business name, address, phone, product lines,
                                                                                                                        prices, hours, message, etc) and we will put an ad
                                                                Columns are 9.75” tall and 2.3” wide.                   together for you.
                                                                The second Tuesday (general meeting day) of the
                                                                month preceding publication.

                                                                                                                                                                 GunNews 23
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                                                          Do you like GunNews?                                        * GunNews mailed to your house each month. No
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                                                          Would you like it delivered to your house each month?       ite sporting goods shop or restaurant.
                                                                                                                      * Discounts on products and services from the
                                                          Join the family today. It’s just $30 each year and that     club and its members. Ammo cans to gunsmithing.
                                                          allows us to continue our good work, including publica-     Members get it cheaper.
                                                          tion of GunNews each month.                                 * Pride of ownership in our famous highway
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                                                                                         , PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874. Thanks!
 Remember, starting with the July 2010 meeting, Guns Save Life’s monthly meeting
                                will be held at the                                                   Become a Member of Guns Save Life
VFW on Edgebrook Drive in Champaign,                                                       Name
  IL, just east of the Home Depot at the corner of Prospect and Bloomington Roads.


      Come hang out with us
   for a day of firearms and fun                                                           City                           County                        State          ZIP

    at DRPC for a good cause
                                                                                           Telephone (for urgent alerts only)                    E-mail
  MEMORIAL FUNDRAISER                                                                      Are you an NRA member (if so, it may help us secure low-cost insurance)
         SHOOT                                                                              Yes __________       If so, member number _________________________
                                                                                           Dues:                             _______ $30 - Annual membership
  SATURDAY, JUNE 27 10A-4P                                                                                                   _______ $90 - Three-year membership
  At Danville Rifle & Pistol Club
                                                                                                                             _______ Legal Defense Fund donation
 $5 per stage and includes a chance to win door                                            Donations:
 prizes.                                                                                                                     _______ Range Acquisition Fund donation

 Two grand prizes: Springfield Armory 1911 5”                                                                                _______ Burma-style Sign Fund donation
 Stainless or Blued 3” Micro awarded from raffle
 tickets sold. Need not be present to win. 50/50                                                                             _______ Total Enclosed
 drawing (must be present to win).

 Bring centerfire pistols, minimum of 50 rounds fo
 ammo and eye and ear protection.                                                          Is this a gift membership? If so, from whom:
                                                                                           Political precinct (from your voter registration card):
 For more information, contact Larry Pasquale at
                                                                                           We encourage anyone who supports civil rights, particularly the civil right of
                                                                                           self-defense to join with us in our battle to retain and restore our civil rights.
GunNews 24

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