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					                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

       January 3, 1919                  Mr. J. E. Quick, trustee at Brooks,       cross the water, most of them
                                        was here on business Saturday.            wanted to.

***School News                          Curtis Wise, of Lebanon Junction,         George Greenwell, who spent
                                        who recently moved to this county,        several weeks in France, arrived
Ralph Henderson, who has been at        and is numbered among the dead in         Xmas eve to spend a few days at
the Great Lakes Naval Training          France is a brother of Miss Maggie        home, but will return in a short time.
Station is spending his furlough with   Wise, a teacher in this county and
friends and relatives in this county.                                             Several more of the boys are
                                        the oldest son of Chas. Wise, living
                                                                                  expecting to return in a short time.
Ralph is looking well and very much     in Hays Flats.
alive and when we saw him, he was                                                 ***Card of Thanks
                                        T. C. Carroll, the popular County
wearing a broad smile that would        Attorney of Bullitt County, arrived       We extend our heartfelt thanks and
easily reach from ??? Junction to       at the Court House to take charge of      appreciations of the assistance,
Zoneton.                                his duties Dec. 26th.                     kindness, and sympathy of all
Prof. S. E. Hancock left Sunday to                                                friends and neighbors in our hour of
                                        Tot has been drawing contracts and
take charge of the High School at                                                 deep sorrow caused by the passing
                                        doing other legal work for the
LaFayette, Ky, the quarantine having                                              of our son, daughter, brother and
                                        Government in Washington DC and
been lifted in that county Monday.                                                sister.
                                        before the Commanding Officer
Louisville City Schools were            knew he was a lawyer, they had him        We greatly appreciate the floral
reopened Monday, while the local        hauling cinders with a mule and           contributions and feel deeply
authorities were permitted the ban to   dump cart.                                grateful to Rev. Burns for his
be raised at Lebanon Junction, but                                                consoling words. We thank all who
                                        Mr. Carroll is a fearless prosecutor
refused to modify it for other                                                    helped in any way and shall ever
                                        and the evil doers had better sit up
schools.                                                                          remember you for the evidences of
                                        and take notice.
                                                                                  love and respect shown our loved
We may be able to begin Monday,         Prof. A. A. Allison and his teachers      ones.
Jan. 6, 1918.                           opened the school at Lebanon              May God bless each and all of you.
Teachers, who have not completed        Junction Monday with a fine
their term of school should call Dr.    attendance.                               Mrs. P. A. Armstrong and children.
Roscoe Kerr, Sec’ty of the County       Misses Nadine Melton and Neva             ***A Fine Holiday Present
Board of Health, or phone this office   Magruder are spending a few days in
Saturday or Sunday preceding that                                                 The Alfred Struck Construction
                                        Nelson County with friends and
day.                                                                              Company, of Louisville, gave each
                                                                                  of their nearly 500 employees a
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Troutwine are        Miss Willie May Ridgway has just          Christmas present this year, of a
delighted with their new guest which    returned home after a pleasant visit      $1,000 Life Insurance Policy, made
arrived at their home in Louisville a   with relatives at Lebanon and will        payable to the family of the Insured.
few weeks ago.                          leave next week to take up work in a
                                                                                  The above Construction Company is
Mrs. Troutwine was formerly a well      Commercial School, either at
                                                                                  an old firm and has men on their
known teacher in this county.           Bowling Green or Louisville.
                                                                                  payroll who have been in their
Prof. J. H. Sanders left Monday for     ***Boys Arriving Home                     employment for many years.
a visit to his old home in Taylor Co.   Several boys, who have been in the        ***A Friend
In the death of Mr. Ham Croan, this     Army, have returned home                  Wycote Byfleet, Surrey, England
county lost one of its best known       discharged. The ones who have been
citizens, his family a very indulgent   in to see us were Chas. Hardesty,         Dear Mrs. Hibbs:
father and the schools, a good,         Wava Bell, T. C. Carroll, Ervin           May I send a little note of sympathy
prompt, and honest trustee.             Funk, Roy Stallings, Harry Franklin,      to you for the loss of your lovely
                                        Guy Stansberry. While they failed to

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                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

boy. I can so well realize your          The flu kept most every one in and it      Paxton and Frank Parrish spent the
sorrow for I, too, have lost mine.       was the quietest Xmas that we ever         week end with Geo. Swearingen and
                                         seen here.                                 Herbert Baird.
He came to us, the American
YMCA, ill from his ship. We                       ***Adm Notice                     On Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. W.
thought it was nothing serious than a                                               L. Hall entertained all their children
                                         Re: Estate of Ben Bealmear, B. F.
bad cold and weakness, so I just put                                                and grandchildren. Those present
                                         and G. I. Bealmear, Admrs.
him in a good, comfortable bed and                                                  were Messrs and Mesdames Lewis
mothered him about. I feel sure it       ***Bullitt Short $400,000                  Mothershead, Bert, Hal and Tom
will comfort you to know he was so                                                  Hall.
                                         The County Assessor informs us that
happy with us, he called it home.                                                   Others who entertained all day
                                         the property listed in Bullitt County
Poor boy, he just seemed such a kid,                                                guests during the week were Mr. and
                                         is short $400,000 and then to be
I called him the “babe” and that                                                    Mrs. Fred Swearingen, Mr. and
                                         raised with the property will be 20
name stuck to him all through the                                                   Mrs. F. C. Porter, Mr. and Mrs.
                                         per cent raise over last year and a
Hospital. I went there to see him.                                                  Holloway, Mrs. Herin, Mr. and Mrs.
                                         raise again on top of that. We don’t
Fortunately, having been a nurse, I                                                 McGee, Mr. and Mrs. Wiggington
                                         know what our tax will be this year.
got in to see him. He was so glad to                                                and Mrs. Nancy Baird.
see me.                                  ***Mt. Washington
                                                                                    G. P. Wiggington moved Monday to
His three friends were so good to        Messrs and Mesdames J. W. Harris           his home across the street from the
him, and also everyone at the            and ?. H. Parrish, Edna and Eddie          M. E. Church, recently purchased
Hospital, so I want you to know he       Clark and Susie May Parrish were           from Mr. Tom Rogers. Mr. and Mrs.
was well cared for and not lonely, so    all day guests of Mr. and Mrs. R. ?.       Rogers bought the house opposite
that you may take a little comfort       McAfee.                                    from Oscar Porter.
from that. I am so very, very glad I
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Stuyler Harris, Mr. and       Beginning with the new year, the
was able to be with him so much and
                                         Mrs. Bailey Taylor, Mr. and Mrs.           influenza ban will be lifted and
to do what I could. He was such a
                                         P. W. Harris, Mrs. Mabel Harris,           school, church and commercial
dear boy, I know your poor heart
                                         Miss Myrtle Holloway, Mr. J. L.            business will be resumed.
must be nearly breaking.
                                         Beard, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Blalock,
I have had so many hundreds of boys      Mrs. Mac Borders, Frank Striegel,          No new cases have been reported in
to take care of since the war, have      Walter Coyle, Pvt. Herman Fox, Mr.         town or surrounding community for
seen so many die and Oh! Believe         and Mrs. Horace McGee, all of              some time.
me, one could not bear it if they did    Louisville, J. H. McFarland of
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs.         Almer Barnes
not know it is now all well with the     Kansas City, Clint Smith and family        received official notice that their
lads and theirs is probably a far more   of Wica, Ind., and Miss Mary Bell of
                                                                                    son, Corp. Harold Barnes had been
glorious peace than ours.                Huber, spent part of the holidays
                                                                                    wounded in action. He was in the
                                         with relatives and friends here.           30th Division, which helped to break
With much tender sympathy, From
Gladys Harlon. PS. Address was           Jean McGee, who has been at Great          the Hindenburg line.
sent me from one of the boys on the      Lakes, has been mustered out and           Fred Bogard, Ola Bogard and Clyde
“Texas” this morning.                    visited his parents here before            Badgett have been honorably
                                         returning to his work at Indianapolis.     discharged. The latter was in New
***Flu Raging Again
                                         Mrs. Laura Anderson and daughter,          York ready to sail when peace was
For the last few weeks, we were          Miss Love, and Mrs. D. T.                  declared.
feeling so good, thinking that the flu   Mothershead are in the city with
had about stopped, but just then, it                                                Fred Smith and Bert Jones were both
                                         relatives and Mrs. C. O. Parrish and       here last week, but returned to camp.
looks like it took a new start, as 15
                                         grand daughter are visiting her
or 20 new cases are in town, which       daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Yates at Maud.        Miss Maud Bogard and Mr. George
will last for several weeks again.                                                  McIntyre were quietly married
                                                                                    Christmas eve at the Methodist

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                                The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Parsonage by Rev. D. R. Peak. The           practically new. Hot lunch served at           Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Hardesty
bride is the only sister of Fred and        noon. Longview Stock Farm.                     entertained Mr. D. M. Kelley and
Leon Bogard and is an excellent                                                            family Christmas day.
                                            ***Administrators Sale
young lady. She has made her home                                                          Lillian Kelley spent a few days last
for some time with her cousin, Mrs.         As Administrator of Whitson
                                                                                           week with Mary Joyce of
Will Carrithers.                            Dillinder, Dec’d, I will sell at his
                                            farm known as the J. G. Froman
***Water Wagon Starts on Last Trip                                                         W. P. Foster and wife entertained
                                            farm, one mile south of Mt. Eden
Tuesday.                                                                                   Robert Armstrong Sunday.
                                            and 8 miles west of Shepherdsville,
That famous vehicle, the Water              the following property. List of
                                                                                           R. C. Hardesty and wife entertained
Wagon, started Tuesday on what in           s t o r k , f a r m i n g e q u i p m e n t,
                                                                                           John Chambers and family and Miss
all probability will be its last trip. It   implements, bicycle, crops, some
                                                                                           Maggie Wise Sunday.
will be a half-year trip at that.           household and kitchen furniture. etc.
                                            R. C. Hardesty, Admr. Whitson                  Charles Holsclaw spent Thursday
Promptly at the stroke of 12, the                                                          with Clarence and Earl Armstrong.
                                            Dillinder, Jason Roney, Auct.
New Year’s Water Wagon will
rumble away. Its passengers aboard          ***Foulbrood is cause of big bee               Roy Masden and wife spent Xmas
were perched with determination,            losses in the United States.                   with Mr. Masden’s people.
others clinging trustfully, some with                                                      Miss Josie Barrall and Mrs. Sharp
                                            ***Mt. Eden
the air of “I’m afraid I’ll slip”.                                                         spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs.
                                            Miss Jane E. Holsclaw of the city is
The water wagon will continue its                                                          Joan Barrall and mother.
                                            at home with her parents, Mr. and
trip through June. Then the                                                                Joe Chappell and wife spent Sunday
                                            Mrs. R. B. Holsclaw.
prohibition measure enacted because                                                        with Mr. Rodgers and family.
of the war will become effective.           W. P. Foster and family, Joe Foster
The water wagon will be put away to         and family, John Chambers and                  ***For Sale - 5 shoats, weigh about
rust undisturbed, and the outlook is        family, Mrs. Maggie Wise and                   100 pounds. Mrs. R. C. White,
that it will not be necessary to haul it    Emmitt Holsclaw spent Christmas                Shepherdsville, Route 2.
out again.                                  day with Mrs. Maggie Foster.
                                                                                           ***For Sale - Clover seed, apply to
***Italy’s Heavy Losses                     Mrs. Jas. Myers spent Christmas day            Grove Crenshaw. RFD 3,
                                            with Mrs. Sam Hornbeck.                        Shepherdsville.
Rome - The supreme command of
the Italian Army has announced that         Miss Martha Hornbeck is visiting               ***Wanted - A good housekeeper.
Italian losses on all fronts during the     Mrs. James Myers.                              Will pay good wages. Geo. W.
war totaled 460,000 dead. Of that                                                          Maraman, Shepherdsville.
                                            Mr. R. C. Hardesty and family spent
number 16,869 were officers. Of the                                                        ***Personal
                                            Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. R. P.
947,000 wounded, 33,337 were
officers.                                                                                  Willie May Ridgway, who has been
                                            Mrs. R. P. Sharp spent Friday                  spending some time in Lebanon has
The number of totally incapacitated                                                        returned home.
                                            afternoon with Mr. L. M. Barrall and
by wounds and disease is estimated
at 500,000.                                                                                Sergt. N. H. Leslie, of Camp Taylor,
                                            Mesdames Mattie Rouse, Maggie                  Mr. Clarence Bishop and Lynn
***Sale                                                                                    Polley, of Brooks, KY spent Sunday
                                            Foster, Mr. J. M. Foster, Dorothy
On Jan. 14, 1919, on Longview               and Chas. Foster, Miss Margaret and            with Misses Elizabeth and Ruth
Stock Farm ½ mile east of                   Emmitt Holsclaw spent Thursday                 Formhals.
Shepherdsville, we will sell at public      with John Chambers and family.
                                                                                           Will Edelin and family of Louisville
auction the following property. List                                                       spent Sunday here.
                                            The many friends of Lieut. Chas.
of Stock, farm machinery, and other
                                            Hardesty are glad he’s home, are
farm tools, nearly all of which is                                                         Mr. Oscar Underwood, who was
                                            proud of him. Congratulations to Mr.
                                                                                           honorably discharged from military
                                            and Mrs. Hardesty.

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                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

service last week, is spending some    Mrs. Enolia Mattingly and daughter,       Henry Miller and wife of Lebanon
time with his cousin, Mrs. Wm.         of Louisville, were here Monday.          Junction spent Tuesday with W. F.
Wade.                                                                            Joyce and family.
                                       Alex Smith, son of Dr. David Smith,
Mrs. W. F. Joyce and family, Mrs.      was married to the only daughter of       Mrs. Wm. Wade has received a
Rosa McNutt spent Sunday with          Mr. and Mrs. Ed Funk, of Highland         telegram stating that her son, Lewis
their brother, Henry Miller, of        Park Xmas.                                Wade, has arrived safely back in the
Lebanon Junction.                                                                U.S.
                                       Mr. T. H. Wise, of Pleasant Grove,
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wade spent            spent Monday here.                        Several new cases of flu have been
Xmas with their daughter-in-law at                                               reported in the last few days.
                                       Tom Tucker and wife have returned
Buchel.                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Longacre have
                                       from Stithton.
Mrs. J. Weatherford spent Xmas                                                   received word that their son, Chester
                                       Henry Jones and wife, of Leaches,
with her parents at Rowletts.                                                    Longacre, that he has crossed of the
                                       were here Monday.
                                                                                 Rhine and is now in Germany
Several of the boys around town had                                              watching the Dutch.
                                       Mrs. Rosa McNutt, of Barrallton,
a good time Xmas. At least, they
                                       has arrived to spend some time with
made enough noise.                                                               J. C. Jeffries will leave in a few days
                                       her sister, Mrs. W. F. Joyce.
                                                                                 of the South.
Mr. J. W. Sewell, of Leaches, was
                                       E. J. Boyd, of Hardin County, spent
here Monday on business.                                                         ***A Warm and Hearty Welcome
                                       Saturday here.
E. Z. Wiggington, of Zoneton was in                                              Mr. Joe Able, one of the best
                                       Mrs. Maggie Welch and little
town Monday.                                                                     citizens of Bullitt County, has
                                       daughter, Thelma Lee, of
                                                                                 moved to his new home in Jefferson
L. L. Roby and son, of Belmont,        Shepherdsville, and Miss Gladys
                                                                                 County, near Kosmosdale. On
spent Monday here.                     Welch, of Louisville, spent Saturday
                                                                                 Wednesday night, about two
                                       and Sunday with Emerson Welch,
Willie Swearingen, of Leaches, was                                               hundred of his friends came in and
                                       near Belmont.
in town shaking hands with his                                                   gave him a hand of welcoming.
friends Monday.                        Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hardy spent the
                                                                                 Everyone enjoyed themselves, until
                                       week end with the latter’s sister,
Hugh Samuels, of Knob Creek, spent                                               a late hour. His many friends here
                                       Mrs. Lena O’Bryan of Mt.
Monday here on business.                                                         wish him success at his new home.
The many friends of W. A. Cook are                                               ***Card of Thanks
                                       Mr. Emmitt Coakley, who has been
glad to see him out again.                                                       We wish to thank our many friends,
                                       serving his country for some time,
Dr. S. H. Ridgway and wife were        has been discharged and will move         who were so kind to us during our
called to West Point Saturday to see   near Pitts Point where he and his         sad hours by the death of our son,
Frank Hardy, who is not expected to    wife will make their future home.         Lou. P. Hibbs, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
live.                                                                            Hibbs.
                                       Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Patterson
Cornor (sic) Shafer is able to out     entertained at dinner Monday the          ***The A.R.C. Child Welfare
again, after being laid up for some    following: Mrs. Clarence Dawson,          exhibit, now touring France makes a
time.                                  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Weatherford,           big hit.
                                       Mrs. Edyth Cochran and daughter,
Co. Anthony Snawder, of Mt. Eden,                                                 Thirty tractors shipped to France by
                                       Mrs. J. E. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
was in town Monday with his usual                                                 the A.R.C. have plowed 7,500 acres
                                       Noah Smith, Miss Claudie Duvall
smile.                                                                            in eight weeks.
                                       and Misses Ruth and Pauline
Prof. S. E. Hancock returned to his    Crenshaw.                                  ***Heading Missing
school Saturday at LaFayette, Ky,                                                 The sale of the personal property of
                                       Miss Edith Hancock and Miss Lula
which opened Monday.                                                              the late Joe Deitrich was held last
                                       Ashby spent Tuesday in the city.
                                                                                  Saturday by the Administrator, W. J.

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                           The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Bell, and everything brought fair      on last Saturd ay at Klein’s,             Miss Dessie Cochran is spending
prices.                                Louisville. After Luncheon at 3           Christmas with her uncle, Judge and
                                       p.m., the girls enjoyed speeches and      Mrs. Cassell.
Lunch was served by Miss Irene
                                       dancing. Of the 76 graduates, two
Brooks and Mrs. Thos. Melton and                                                 ***Heading Missing
                                       have married.
was much enjoyed.                                                                ...... interesting .... after the close of
                                       Misses Birdie Ball, Katie Mae Ball
The children of Dave Crumbacker                                                  this great world’s war must be the
                                       and Meta Riley Cooper spent
have the flu and the families of                                                 reception of our boys, who after the
                                       Sunday with Mrs. W. H. Beeler.
Frank Wright and Tom Jackson are                                                 hardship and danger of the struggle,
ill with the disease.                  Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw               are happily permitted to come home.
                                       entertained a family reunion on           It is a great day when our boys come
W. J. Bell has sold his recently                                                 marching back. I guess in some
                                       Christmas day.
purchased farm to J. W. Brooks,                                                  respects it will be equal to the
excepting ten acres of pasture         There will be services at Little Flock
                                                                                 celebration of the announcement of
adjoining his other farm.              Church Sunday. There was S.S. last
                                                                                 peace. Roy Stallings and Posey
                                       Sunday, tho few knew of it. There is
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Pearson spent                                               Grant, two of our Pleasant Grove
                                       really more illness more around than
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Geo.                                                 boys, have been honorably
                                       at any time this winter.
Pearson in the city.                                                             discharged and are home to stay. 14
                                       Mrs. Roger Barger visited her sister      left for service from this place; six
Ed Simon is at home on a ten day                                                 are across the sea and it has been
                                       in Shepherdsville on Christmas eve.
furlough from his camp in Alabama.                                               reported three of the six have been
He is another of Uncle Sam’s boys,     Miss Lillian Wiggington is visiting
                                                                                 wounded and the rest of the boys are
who is looking fine.                   Miss Georgie Queen at Okolona.
                                                                                 in camps, yet none of these six have
News has been received that Sam        Miss Mary Holsclaw spent Saturday         been killed in action as known and
Grant was wounded in action and is     night with her aunt, Mrs. Geo.            none have died of disease. We shall
in a hospital in England. Sam is a     Sanders, at Okolona.                      all rejoice and be glad to see them
nephew of Dr. J. R. Holsclaw and H.                                              returning victorious from over sea,
                                       Miss Sue Brooks has been ill for ten
L. Holsclaw.                                                                     and there will be many tear drops in
                                                                                 memory of those who are left behind
Miss Myra Sanders is spending the                                                as a willing sacrifice for the cause of
                                       John W. Holsclaw is suffering with
holidays with her family at Rock                                                 humanity.
                                       ulcerated sore throat.
                                       The Rev. Ehrman Thornberry spent           Thomas Bridwell sold a bunch of
W. J. Bell and family spent Sunday                                                hogs recently.
                                       the holidays with his parents here.
with J. N. Brooks and family.
                                       Misses Nadine and Fanny Bell               Jas. Wise, 62 years old, a brother of
Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw and son, Paul,                                                T. H. Wise and Mrs. D. H. Harris, of
                                       Melton are visitor friends in
spent an enjoyable afternoon at                                                   the city, passed away at the City
                                       Shepherdsville and other points.
Camp Taylor recently. The overseas                                                Hospital the 17th of Dec. of
soldiers are a fine looking lot.       Mrs. Ben Whitehurst spent the week
                                                                                  pneumonia following flu. The body
                                       end with her parents here.
Albert Priest and family, of                                                      was sent to Shepherdsville and then
Okolona, spent one afternoon with      Miss Kate Melton spent several days        brought by Undertaker McAfee to
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Brooks.             with Miss Vivian Jenkins.                  Pleasant Grove Cemetery.
Jesse Brooks, of the Navy, has been    Miss Virgie Shirley is with her aunt,      A brief service as held at the grave
mustered out and is at home.           Mrs. Nelson, whose family have the         by W. S. Gentry after which he was
                                       flu.                                       laid to rest by the side of his wife,
Chas. Priest is at home on a                                                      who preceded him several years ago.
furlough.                              Dr. Holsclaw is inoculating a
                                       number of persons this week with           “Uncle” Barley Hall and wife
Miss Mary Holsclaw attended the                                                   entertained relatives from the city
                                       anti flu serum.
reunion of the 17-1/2 Class LGHS                                                  Christmas week.

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                                 The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

R. F. Owen and family and several            Roy Owen and wife spent Sunday           ***What Soldierboys Eat
others were entertained in the home          with the latter’s parents, Jess
                                                                                      The old idea that army diet should
of J. W. Lloyd and wife Sunday.              Ridgway and wife.
                                                                                      consist largely of beans, hardtack
A Christmas dinner was served in             Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Figg and family      and coffee, is no longer approved.
the home of Mrs. Jennie Whitledge            spent Christmas at Jeffersontown         In the present training camps meat,
on Christmas day, which was eaten            with Mr. and Mrs. Will Queen.            preferably beef, is served twice a
and enjoyed by four generations.                                                      day, with white bread, baked in the
                                             Will Bleemel is home on a
Mrs. Whitledge is the mother of                                                       general camp baker and kept 24
                                             Christmas furlough ten days.
eight children, all of whom were                                                      hours before serving. Where green
p r e s e n t , b u t o n e , f i f t e en   Roy Stallings and wife spent several     vegetables can be obtained, they are
grandchildren, eleven great-                 days the past week with Louis            used. Otherwise, canned goods are
grandchildren. All were not present.         Stallings and family and Mrs. Ida        substituted. Coffee is served at
The children all carried baskets and         Hecker.                                  breakfast and buttermilk, lemonade,
spread the dinner.                                                                    tea, cocoa or water at other meals.
                                             Franklin Armstrong, who has been
                                                                                      Meals, which in the vernacular are
The most happiest event was a                quite ill with double pneumonia
                                                                                      “mess” or “chow”, are served
grandson returning home from War             following flu, we are glad to say, he
                                                                                      cafeteria style. Every soldier is
on Christmas eve, sound and in good          is doing nicely at this time.
                                                                                      furnished with an outfit, which
health, just in time to eat his                                                       consists of a meat pan, knife, fork
                                             No new cases of flu and we hope
Christmas dinner.                                                                     and spoon, and a long handled cup.
                                             there will not be any more.
Miss Evelyn Bell spent Saturday                                                       The cover of the meat pan serves as
                                             Mrs. Kate Hall received word from
night and Sunday with Miss Emly                                                       a plate and the outfit is so arranged
                                             her son, Rob Hall Jr, overseas, that
(sic) Brooks.                                                                         that each man may do his own
                                             he was well and fine.
                                                                                      cooking in case of an emergency.
Mrs. Eula Hall and son and Miss
Genevive Stallings were recent                                                         Each man takes his meat pan and
guests of their sister, Mrs. Vernon          Mr. and Mrs.         Jas. Newman          passes before a table where he is
Dickey, of Mt. Washington.                   entertained at a five course dinner       served with the various dishes
                                             Tuesday in their home in honor of         prepared. He then goes to a table, or
Mrs. Prudence Armstrong is                                                             if there is none, drops on the ground
                                             their son, Pvt. Walter S. Newman
spending a few days with her son, G.                                                   and eats in absolute contentment.
                                             and his guest, Pvt. W. M. Thomas,
W. Armstrong and wife.                                                                 Don’t feel too sorry for the boys,
                                             of Camp Knox. An immense bell of
Louis Stallings and family                   flowers was suspended over the            even if they do write longingly home
entertained several guests Christmas         table, music was one of the features      wishing for mothers cookies or
day.                                         of the day.                               Jane’s fried chicken, Belle Case
                                                                                       Harrington writes in Leslie’s. Men
Nick Hall and family have moved              Those present were: Mrs. L. Purcell
                                                                                       in outdoor training have good
from Bell’s Mill to their farm               and daughters, Misses Myrtta (sic),
                                                                                       appetites, and they are far better off
purchased from Walter Armstrong              Lizzie Rhea, May and Eva Purcell
                                                                                       physically than if fed on the salads
known as the Troutwine farm.                 and Miss Lucile Stader of
                                                                                       and ices and sodas they probably
                                             Colesburg, Mr. Homer Ackridge,
Miss Lula Stallings spent several                                                      would have at home. What they miss
                                             Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Spink and
days the past week with her                                                            most is sweets. If you are sending
                                             children, Mrs. Robt. Brashear and
grandmother, Mrs. Jennie                                                               things from home, put in cookies,
                                             children and Mr. Ezra Newman, all
Whitledge.                                                                             candies and jams or jellies. Milk
                                             of the children were present, but
                                                                                       chocolate is one of the things a
Mrs. T. H. Wise sold this year               Mrs. Lizzie Huffman, who is ill with
                                                                                       soldier seems to crave, and a jar of
ending one thousand and thirty-              the flu.
                                                                                       malted milk will come handy if he is
seven pounds of butter.                                                                not feeling well. Be sure not to send
                                                                                       food that is too rich. The boys are on
                                                                                       plain diet, with extremes of climate,

                                                          Page 276
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

and sometimes doubtful water             by the physician in charge as             Hughes, Emily Craven, Crumbacker
supply - and boys never do have          directed by County Judge, C. P.           Jenkins, Mary E. Bailey, Gertrude
sense when it comes to eating.           Bradbury.                                 Forrest, Mary Owens.

       January 31, 1919                  Mr. Chas. Newman, a prominent and          ***Notice
                                         wealthy farmer of the Rolling Fork
                                                                                    Euchre and Lotto given for the
***School News                           section was in town Friday and
                                                                                    benefit of Church of Our Holy
                                         qualified as trustee at Zion School.       Redeemer in the hall at Chapeze,
The St. Joseph Basketball Team of
Bardstown came down to play the          Mr. Chester Hill, former Sect’y of         Ky. Saturday, Feb. 1, 1919. A good
local team Friday afternoon and lost     the School Board at Belmont has            chicken supper served by the ladies,
to our boys by the overwhelming          just moved to his farm at Chapeze,         35 cents. Oyster soup, cup 10 cents
score of 75 to 3.                        Ky.                                        extra. All are invited to come and
                                                                                    have a good time.
The Louisville High School Team          V. O. Gaban, trustee in the same
which defeated our boys in the last      school will move to Bardstown              ***Monroe’s Mule
game will be in here Feb. 1st at 8       Junction and their places on the
                                                                                    The Live Stock Inspector was called
o’clock and if you have any interest     school board has been filled by W.         to the farm of Tom Colvin last
in our school or a particle of county    A. Bradbury and Ed Miller.                 Sunday to diagnose an unusual
pride, you will surely bring your
                                         Reports are very encouraging from          ailment in a mule.
whole family to see the game.
                                         the High School at Lebanon Junction        This mule had been found a week
The following old “country Jakes”        and a full number of students are in       before up on a high knob wedged
will play and will do their best to      daily attendance.                          fast between a persimmon tree and a
bring victory to Bullitt County and
                                         The school is in charge of A. A.           limestone cliff with all four feet
show the City boys that we are on
                                         Allison and M. E. Carpenter,               rotating so rapidly that it was
the map.
                                         assisted by a splendid corps of lady       dangerous to approach him.
Floyd Weller, from Glenn Ella with       teachers.                                  Gurley Smith, who was called in,
his Charlie Chaplain mustache,
                                         Miss Mabel Funk, twin sister of            said that he had been having
Roger Wiggington of Hebron with
                                         Miss Mattie May Funk and one of            business relations with mules for
his smiling face and courage to win,
                                         Cupio’s finest young ladies was            fifty years, but had never seen
Thomas Trunnell of Bardstown
                                         quietly married in Louisville last         anything like this, but if there was
Junction, the player who never gives
                                         week to Mr. Lawrence Jones, a              such a thing, he would say this mule
up, Samuel Ridgway of
                                         prominent young merchant of West           had Perpetual Motion.
Shepherdsville, the deliberate old
                                         Point.                                     The inspector found an ancient dun
war horse who never gets excited,
and Little Woodford of Bardstown         Mr. Jones has just returned from           mule with a black stripe down his
Junction, whose speed cannot be          France and with his charming bride,        back and zebra legs, carrying on as
followed with the naked eye. Come        expects to make their home at West         described and making that peculiar
on out, Grandpa, and encourage the       Point.                                     noise like the exhaust on a carboned
boys.                                                                               Ford with the cutout open, and at
                                         The January examination for                once recognized it as the mule which
Miss Nellie May Scott is sick with       Common School Diplomas for                 had stalled on Frank Monroe while
the flu, but only in a very mild form.   County High School entrance was            being driven in to be “tanked” (looks
                                         held at the Court House Friday and         like) and on which Doc Cad
The mother and sisters of Miss
                                         Saturday, Jan. 24th and 25th, but          Songster had tried out his wonderful
Nadine Melton also are ill of the
                                         owing to the conditions that have          “speedmore” which he guarantees to
same disease, but have about
                                         prevailed in the schools this year,        start any kind of motor in zero
recovered. As a whole, however, the
                                         only a small class was in attendance.      weather.
county is in excellent shape and
                                         The following pupils were present:
there is little danger now of another
                                         Mary Bell Howlett, Ethel Gram              As soon as Cad works out a
outbreak if families are quarantined
                                         (sic), Orville Jenkins, Margaret           “stopper” to go with his new

                                                       Page 277
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

discovery, he will place in on the       ***Hard on Jeffersonville                  Well, Mother, I got through the war
market.                                                                             all right and I am certainly proud
                                         Gretna Green                               that I did. I was on the front when
The Inspector pronounced it a severe                                                the last guns were fired and, believe
                                         We notice that a bill has been
case of auto intoxication and                                                       me, there was a happy bunch of
                                         introduced in the Indiana Legislature
destroyed the poor animal.                                                          boys. Tell Frank’s people that he is
                                         where all couples wising to marry in
When Mr. Monroe was called up            Indiana have to apply for their            back with the Company now, and is
and asked what disposition he            marriage licenses and then wait three      getting along fine. I am going to
wished made of the remains, he said,     weeks before they are issued to see        have some pictures made in a few
“Just tell Tom Colvin to skin dat        if there are no objections. If it          days and I will send you all some of
mule as neat as I skinned dem fellers    passes, it will put a stop to the quick    them.
in de primary and sell the hide and      marrying in Indiana.                       Well, Mother, as I want to write to
den he’ll be makin’ lots more ‘an                                                   Howard tonight, I will close for this
                                         ***Card of Thanks
I’m makin’ outn dis blankeyty-blank                                                 time. I will write to you more regular
jailors office.                          We wish to express our sincere             now. This leaves me well and hope it
                                         gratitude to our relatives and friends     reaches you all the same.
Then, after taking a heavy liberation
                                         of Bullitt County for every act of
of yeasted grape juice, Frank made                                                  Here’s sending love to all. Your son,
                                         kindness and sympathy shown us
his way wearily to the telephone                                                    Corp. Orien W. Roby, Co. E, US
                                         during the illness and death of our
office and had Bojer Stephens                                                       INF.
                                         loving husband and daddy, also the
telegraph the following to a
                                         Shepherdsville Masonic Lodge. Mrs.         ***The Victory Meeting
Washington newspaper.
                                         F. M. Hardy and children.
For Rent - A substantial stone                                                      The Victory Meeting was a fine
                                         ***Wanted - A good Bullitt County          success, the day was ideal, the house
building, thoroly (sic) deloused and
                                         farm of 150 to 250 acres. I have           well filled with an attentive
dechinched with lawn smoothly
                                         highly improved Truck Farm four            audience, and, Oh, the joy that we
barbered and shade trees with the
                                         miles of Louisville I want to trade        experienced in feeling that at last
latest college trim. Fine location for
                                         the Farm. For information, apply to
a Peace Conference or Monastery.                                                    this community had come out to a
                                         this office.
Inquire of W.F. Monroe, Jailor                                                      Temperance Meeting. Oh, yes, we
Bullitt County.                          ***Wanted - A tenant with small            are all Patriotic, but, after all, so few
                                         family to farm. Eve rything                of us have given this very vital
***Where Methodist Eyes of the           f u r n i s h e d . C . C . W e l l e r,   question any thought at all, but there
World will center next June and          Shepherdsville.                            is a new dawning for Shepherdsville
July. Photo of magnificent                                                          and several of our Christian men and
exposition grounds at Columbus,          ***Letter from Germany
                                                                                    women are praying that this
Ohio, being prepared for a display of    Treves, Germany                            community will really and truly
Methodist activities from all parts of                                              become dry. We all know that this is
the globe. (Article)                     Dear Mother:
                                                                                    called a dry county, but is it? And
***Seventeen Year Locusts to             Received your letter this evening          after all, who is to blame, are we? If
Invade Kentucky and other Central        and was glad to hear from you all.         so, let us ???? about and try to stamp
west states this year.                   Well, we are in Germany now, and           out this Monster that’s such a
                                         like this country very well as far as I    menace to our young manhood. Oh,
***Somewhere in France                   have seen. You ask me if I had ever        we will meet with oppositions, for
Dear Brother:                            seen any of the Bullitt County boys.       the fangs of this demon rum are so
                                         No, I haven’t seen any of them. I had      deeply intrenched in our community,
I thought I would write you a card to    a letter from Red Roby about a             but we must win this victory for God
let you know that I am well and hope     month ago, and he was getting along        is always on the side of Justice, so
this card will find you all the same.    fine and I had a letter from Howard        conquer we must for our cause, it is
Your brother, Hugo Crenshaw.             a few days ago and I am going to           just, now want to thank each and
                                         write to him tonight.                      everyone who helped in any way to

                                                       Page 278
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

make Sunday afternoon one long to         ***Letter from a Bullitt County            And there will be Picture Shows
be remembered in Shepherdsville.          Boy.                                       worth coming to see thereafter every
Signed - Temperance.                                                                 Saturday night.
                                          Segrie, France,
***Our pastor, Bro. Shacklette,                                                      ***Fiscal Court Meets.
                                          Miss Mollie Roby: Dear Friend:
expects to be with us on next                                                        The Fiscal Court met at their regular
Thursday night in our Prayer              I will take the pleasure to answer         January meeting Monday. Most of
Meeting. He will also attend our          your letter that I received wanting        the time was taken up in allowing
young peoples social evening on           me to write you about Horrie               claims. They adjourned to meet
Friday night. We hope our house           Thompson. The telegram was true            again next Monday and will outline
will be well filled. Come and hear        that his folks received. He was            the work to be done on the roads this
our children. I am sure you will be       instantly killed in action in that big     year. We surely hope that they will
well entertained. Everybody come.         drive on the Hindenburg Line,              be able to do something on the roads
                                          September 29th, with a piece of            this year.
***Births - Born to the wife of
                                          shrapnel from a big shell and was
Lawrence Howlett, Jan. 26th, a 11lb                                                  We would be glad to hear from any
                                          buried near Belliscourt, a little
boy, Lawrence Ridgway.                                                               one who has a word to say on the
                                          French village.
***BYPU Program.                                                                     road question.
                                          I, with all the rest, sure hated to give
Participants - Blanche Howlett,           him up for he was missed by his            ***Farm for Sale
Samuel Ridgway, Mrs. Glenn, Mrs.          many friends in this Company. He           Owing to poor health and not able to
Weatherford, Sarah Croan, John            was one of the two Kentucky boys           work much, I have decided to offer
Glenn, Thelma Daugherty, Emma             that gave their lives for the Country      my farm for sale in Belmont Flats 4
Smith, Mrs. Frank Lee, Mayme              in this Company.                           miles from Belmont, 3 miles from
Stephens, Chas. Bradbury, Margaret                                                   Lebanon Junction, 50 acres, well
                                          I was wounded on the same day that
Sanders.                                                                             improved.
                                          Horrie was killed, by being hit with
***Prohibition in Tennessee               a piece of shrapnel in the foot, but       This land needs no bragging on it,
                                          stayed with the Company all day and        one of the best small farms in Bullitt
After ten years of prohibition (bone
                                          night, after I was hit and my foot got     County. Will sell either the farm, or
dry) in Tennessee, we clip the
                                          so sore, I had to go to the hospital,      farm, stock, feed, and tools all in a
following item from the Nashville         but I am back with the Company
Tennessean of January 6, 1919.                                                       lump. J. Morrison, Lebanon
                                          now. I would like to been there to         Junction, Ky.
Rice Urges Bill Fixing Price of           spend Xmas with you all, but I don’t
Bootleg Whiskey.                          think it will be very long until I will    ***Seed Potatoes for Sale
                                          get to come home and then I will tell      About 400 bushels of Seed Potatoes,
A bill to regulate the price of bootleg   you all the news. So, I will close for
whiskey has been proposed to                                                         Bullmuse Stars and Irvory Seeding,
                                          this time, hoping to hear from you         will sell as whole or by bbl. Write or
several members of the Legislature
                                          again soon.                                phone me at Shepherdsville for
by Mart Rice, former Warden at the
State prison, as a timely and needed      Your friend, Hugo Crenshaw, 30th           information. Andy G. Kulmer.
piece of legislation.                     Div. Co. D. 120 Inf. A. E. F. France.      ***For Sale - 5 Good milch cows
Bootleg liquor is being sold here at      ***Picture Shows         at Masonic        fresh, some jerseys. Otis Porter,
$10 per quart, according to Mr. Rice,     Temple Resumed.                            Bardstown Junction, Ky.
which is highly exorbitant and            There will be an extra good Picture        ***For Sale
entirely out of reason. He contends       Show at the Masonic Temple,
that as long as liquor is being sold,                                                One nice 3 yr. old mule, cheap, one
                                          Shepherdsville, Saturday night, Feb.       6 yr. old Standard bred mare by
the Legislature should take some          8th at 8 o’clock, prices 5 and 15
steps to protect those who buy it                                                    Gazelle, and I also have baled bay,
                                          cents.                                     timothy and clover mixed, red top
from being robbed by the
bootleggers.                                                                         clover, baled straw at reasonable

                                                        Page 279
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

prices. Call or phone, W. M. Combs,    We are sorry to hear that Louise          Mrs. Rob Hall, of Mt. Washington,
Shepherdsville.                        Ferguson and family have the flu.         spent Friday with Mrs. Viola
***Hauling                             Miss Anna Bell Crigler was the
                                       guest of Mrs. Mary Bishop Sunday.         Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brumley spent
I have a good truck and will do all                                              Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs.
kinds of hauling and moving, prices    Mrs. Pearl Ferguson and Willie
                                                                                 Buck Price.
reasonable and will save you money.    Ferguson went to Shepherdsville
Robt. Ice, Shepherdsville.             Monday.                                   Mrs. Lizzie Owen spent several days
                                                                                 the past week with Mrs. Ida Hecker.
***Mt. Elmira                          ***Commissioners Sale
                                                                                 Strauss Hall has purchased an auto.
Willie Ferguson called on his best     L. W. Vanvactor VS J. C. Vanvactor
girl Saturday night.                                                             W. C. Owen and sister, Margaret,
                                       Sarah Vanvactor         VS    Warren
                                                                                 were afternoon guests Sunday of
John Lane called on his girl           Vanvactor
                                                                                 their aunt, Mrs. Albert Fisher.
Saturday night.
                                       In Equity- Property, West bank of
                                                                                 Rollie Newton and wife were in the
Willie Koerner called on his girl      Big Run, mentions Ricketts, J. W.
                                                                                 city the past week.
Saturday night.                        Deats, John L. Thompson, Mollie
                                       H o c k e r . C . P . B r a d b ur y,      Mrs. Winnie Grant and daughter and
Athie (sic) Miller was the guest of                                               Miss Eudell Grant spent one day the
Henry Ferguson Saturday night.                                                    past week with the former’s parents,
                                       ***Commissioner’s Sale
Clyde Simmons was the guest of                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones.
Henry Ferguson Saturday night.         Ellis Jasper VS John McClure, In
                                                                                  Fred Owen, wife and son spent
                                       Equity - Three tracts, on Whittaker’s
Ernest Gentry, Willie, Eva and                                                    Sunday with Thomas Owen and wife
                                       Run, mentions T. H. O’Bryan,
Hettie Ferguson and Hattie and                                                    near Mt. Washington.
                                       Joseph Wright, Herman tract, Lewis
Myrtle Klapper and Henry and Mary                                                 Arch Trigg was honorably
                                       line, Mary J. Swearingen, Joseph
Kneisler were the guests of Mrs.                                                  discharged and came home last
                                       Lloyd division, Rolph’s, Henry
Mary Bishop Sunday.                                                               week. We are glad our boys are
                                       Crist, J. S. Wright, Nancy Pratt’s
Jim Ferguson and son, Walter, were     d o w e r . C . P . B r a d b u r y,       coming home.
the guests of Will Ferguson            Commissioner
                                                                                  Harry Franklin, who was here
Saturday.                                                                         recently on a furlough, spent a short
                                       ***Pleasant Grove
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sterman spent                                                  time with G. W. Armstrong and
                                       Born to the wife of Will Simpson,
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Jim                                                      family.
                                       Jan. 22, a girl.
Ferguson.                                                                         Mrs. T. H. Wise and Mrs. Bernice
                                       Roy Stallings and wife, of
Earl Ferguson was the guest of                                                    Owen spent Friday afternoon with
                                       Shepherdsville, spent Saturday night
Henry Ferguson Sunday evening.                                                    Mrs. Will Simpson.
                                       and Sunday with his parents, Louis
Ruby and Ernest Ferguson spent         Stallings and wife and attended            Rev. Burns preached Saturday night,
Sunday with Ida Lee and Posie          church at Pleasant Grove.                  Sunday and Sunday night at Pleasant
Kneisler.                                                                         Grove. It has been two months since
                                       Thomas Bridwell has moved to his
                                                                                  we have had any preaching on
Ernest Gentry was the guest of his     place he bought from G. W.
                                                                                  account of the flu ban. We hope we
sister, Mrs. Gertie F erguson          Peacock.
                                                                                  will not have any more flu cases. All
Saturday night.                                                                   try to be careful and keep the ban
                                       Mrs. Vernon Dickey and two
C. K. Kneisler was the guest of        children of Mt. Washington spent           off. Rev. Burns was entertained in
Henry Ferguson Sunday evening.         several days the past week with her        the home of Sam Orms and family
                                       parents, Louis Stallings and wife.         while here.
Roy Ferguson called on his best girl

                                                     Page 280
                                 The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

K. S. Grant and wife spent a day the         ***No Hunting - As I have rented          In the Armenian and Syrian Relief
past week with Mr. and Mrs. Buck             the W. N. Simmons place for one           movement, Bullitt County has been
Price.                                       year, I will not allow anyone to hunt     given a quota of $955.00. Four
                                             ducks or other game, also no fishing      million of the unfortunate
Miss Lillian Lloyd spent Friday                                                        inhabitants of Armenia and Syria
                                             or trespassing. Anyone caught on
afternoon with her cousin, Miss                                                        have been driven from their homes
                                             this farm will positi vely be
Evelyn Bell.                                                                           by the heartless Turks, and face the
                                             prosecuted to the full extent of the
Clay Whitledge, Nick Hall, Robt.             law. C. R. Mattingly.                     alternative of securing aid from this
Grant, Orion Nunnelly, Edward                                                          country or starving.
                                             ***For Sale - One stallion and one
Owen, R. C. Tyler, Mr. Douglas,                                                        Of the four million, four hundred
                                             Jack, fine condition. Clarence
Toby Stalling, Herman Will Gentry                                                      thousand are children. This will
                                             Dawson, Shepherdsville.
and several others were in                                                             mean an average of about ten cents
Bloomfield the past week with                ***J. Weatherford, the Jeweler,           for every person in Bullitt County,
tobacco.                                     Shop upstairs in Pat’s Brick rear of      and the Red Cross members,
                                             Court House, Shepherdsville.              preachers, school teachers, mothers
Will Harris and wife recently visited
relatives near Lebanon Junction.             ***Fred Rusch, the butcher.               and fathers, school children and all
                                             Wholesale and Retail at the Echo          others are urgently called upon to
Mrs. Jane Hall has been suffering                                                      help raise this money. The drive is
                                             Meat Market at Troutman Bros.,
with an abscess on her finger caused                                                   on now. Send your money to R. M.
by a burn.                                                                             Hocker at Lebanon Junction, or Miss
                                             ***Red Men elects chiefs.                 Mary Ray of the same place; W. L.
Mr. Ryan, who bought the farm of
Nick Hall at Bell’s Mill had a team          At the regular meeting of Chicora         McGhee or Rev. Peak or Wilhoyte
to run away the past week and killed         Trice 163, Imp’d O. R. M., held           of Mt. Washington, J. W. Hardaway
one horse, which fell and broke its          Wednesday Sleep, 15th Sun, this           or H. H. Combs, or myself of this
neck.                                        Moon, new officers were elected for       place, or send it to Conrad Maraman,
                                             the present term. Russell Henderson       county treasurer for this fund. We
Jess Ridgway and family spent                was chosen to preside at the              have gone over in all previous
Sunday with Albert Armstrong and             Prophet’s stump while Roy Stalling        drives. Let us keep up the high mark
wife.                                        wields the Sachem’s tomahawk.             and maintain our good name. This
Miss Lula Stallings spent Saturday           Oscar Kulmer and Guy Stansburry           drive will end when the money is
night and Sunday with her                    were elected to the stumps of Junior      raised, if it takes all year. J. R.
g r a n d mo t h e r , M r s . J e n n i e   Sagamore and Senior Sagamore,             Zimmerman, Chairman for Bullitt
Whitledge.                                   respectively. James Hardaway will         County. Miss Mary Ray, Secretary.
                                             guard the wampum and Conrad               ***Personal
Relatives were entertained in the            Maraman will keep the records. The
home of Miss Roxie Whitledge                 influenza ban had caused quite a lot      O. P. Basham and J. V. Jones, of
Sunday.                                      of accumulated business which was         Leaches, spent Friday here on
Miss Ruthie Owen spent Sunday                disposed of at this meeting.              business.
with Miss Glacie Orms.                       ***Shepherdsville wins Basketball         The many friends of Miss Laura
Mrs. J. W. Lloyd spent Saturday              game.                                     Daniel are glad to see her back
afternoon with Mrs. Will Simpson.                                                      again.
                                             Shepherdsville defeated the strong
***There will be a box supper at             St. Joseph Team on Gym floor here         Mrs. Katie Welch and two sons, of
Harned School House, Feb. 8.                 last Friday evening. The St. Joseph       Louisville, spent the week end with
Everybody invited. Alma Forrest,             team played hard, but was out             her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah
teacher.                                     played at every point by our boys.        O’Bryan.
                                             The score stood 75 to three in favor      Joe Chappell and wife, of Mt. Eden,
***Farm for sale on rent situated on         of the Shepherdsville team.
Floyd’s Fork. Apply to Rufus Balee,                                                    spent Monday here.
Shepherdsville.                              ***Armenian and Syrian Relief.

                                                          Page 281
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. Chas. Duvall, of Louisville,       W. C. Herps left last week for            near Belmont and expects to move to
spent Monday here.                      Detroit, Michigan, where he has a         it soon.
Jas. Hardaway, the Banker, spent                                                  Ewing Crenshaw and Clarence
Sunday in the city.                     O. W. Pearl took a fine load of           Crenshaw were on the Louisville
                                        tobacco to the city Monday for            Markets last Monday with two loads
Sheriff Croan, who has been on the      Hardaway and Co.                          of fine cattle for which they received
sick list, is some better.                                                        some high prices.
                                        Arthur Burns and family, of
Assessor I. T. Mudd, of Belmont,                                                  Mr. Ewing Crenshaw spent Sunday
                                        Belmont, have moved to the McKay
was here Tuesday on business.           place on the Mt. Washington road.         and Monday in Louisville on
C. E. Funk and daughter, of Cupio,                                                business.
                                        The many friends of Albert Burns
spent Monday here.                                                                Mrs. Fred Harshfield, Messrs Grover
                                        are glad to see him out again.
Mrs. Emma Aspal has returned to                                                   and Jas. Mara man, Walter
                                        Mrs. Arthur Blanks, of Louisville, is     Harshfield and Aubrey Lee Masden
her home after spending the winter      the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Wm.
in the South with her husband, Lieut.                                             spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Aspal.                                                                            Ewing Crenshaw.
                                        Mr. Leslie Herps spent last week
Mr. and Mrs.      F. G. Thomas                                                    Miss Pauline Pace is the guest of her
                                        with relatives in Louisville.
entertained Jas. Ice and family                                                   cousin, Miss Edith Crenshaw at
Friday.                                 Lieut. Ernest Brooks, of this County,     Brooks.
                                        has returned home. He has been in
C. A. Barrall, E. T. Colvin and                                                   Buck Wade, who was wounded in
                                        military service two years in Paris,
several others of Knob Creek were                                                 France, has arrived home for a visit
                                        France.                                   of fifteen days.
in town Saturday.
                                        Mr. Buren Hardin is in our town for       ***Death of Frank Hardy
Most everyone is now getting ready
                                        a few days. He is out on a furlough,
to sow their tobacco beds.                                                        Frank M. Hardy, formerly a well
                                        and is at present, stationed at Miami,
Miss Lottie Langley, of Louisville,     Fla. Buren is looking fine and            known citizen of Bullitt County, but
was the guest of her sister, Mrs.       everyone is glad to see him.              at the time of his death, one of the
Ehrman Maraman Saturday and                                                       leading businessmen and citizens of
                                        Miss Rita Woods spent Tuesday             West Point, Kentucky, died in that
                                        with her parents at Lebanon.              city on the 19th of January, 1919. He
Mrs. Wm. Wade and grandson spent                                                  was born at Pitts Point, Bullitt
                                        Misses Grace Griffin and Nancy
the week end in Louisville.                                                       County, Kentucky, on the 10th day of
                                        Trunnell spent last Saturday in
Mrs. Rizer, of Shepherdsville,          Louisville.                               September, 1870, and was just
entertained Miss Odra Stovall and                                                 entering the 49th year of his life
                                        Mr. M. S. Skulley and family are          when called away by the unseen
Mr. Roy Carpenter Tuesday.
                                        moving to Louisville this week. We        messenger. On the 13th day of
Misses Elizabeth and Ruth Formhals      regret very much to see them leave.       March, 1893, Mr. Hardy was
spent Sunday at Brooks the guests of                                              married to Miss Bessie Ashby, of
                                        Mr. Oral Basham and J. V. Jones,
friends.                                                                          Bullitt County, and to this union
                                        two prosperous farmers of Leaches,
Barney Weller, of Camp Taylor, was      spent Friday here.                        were born four children: William
out Saturday and Sunday.                                                          Golden Hardy, Enos Lee Hardy
                                        W. T. Hoagland, of Briar Creek, was       (now dead), Francis Bryan Hardy
Dr. G. W. Kirk, of Zoneton, was         in town Wednesday on business.            and Ethyl Hardy. Three of the above
here Monday attending court.                                                      named children, together with his
                                        Mr. T. W. Morison (sic), of
Henry Davis, of Brooks, was in town     Louisville, but a former Bullitt          widow, survive him. He is also
Monday on business.                     County man spent Wednesday here.          survived by five brothers and three
                                        He has bought the Rice Lee place          sisters and on grandson. Mr. Hardy
                                                                                  moved to West Point, December 5,

                                                      Page 282
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

1905, and at once identified himself    Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd and son,          sister, Miss Eunice Johnson Sunday
with the business interests of that     of the city, spent the week end with      at Waverly Hill.
wide awake town, and was soon           her mother, Mrs. J. W. Markwell.
                                                                                  Herman Mothershead sold his farm
recognized as one of its leading        Russell Hall has been transferred         about 2-1/2 miles from here on the
citizens and businessmen. In every      from a distant camp to Camp Taylor,       Man’s Lick Road to Hampton Tyler
move, which had for its object the      and expects in a few weeks to be          for $5400.00
betterment of West Point, Frank         mustered out. He visited his mother
Hardy was a leading and controlling                                               Mr. and Mrs. Dave Armstrong have
                                        and other friends for a few hours
spirit. For many years, he conducted                                              take Anna Barbara, the little two
                                        Saturday night.
the Hardy Hotel, and was known and                                                year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
liked by all the guests of his hotel    Misses Alberta and Geneva                 Everett Armstrong who died
because of his cherry smile and         McFarland spent Thursday and              recently. She is sure of a good home
pleasant address. He was not only a     Friday in the city shopping.              and loving care with this uncle and
fine citizen, he was an affectionate                                              family as they were all devoted to
                                        Mrs. C. A. Long and son were week
husband and father, kind and                                                      her even before death entered her
                                        end guests of her aunt, Mrs. Emma
obliging neighbor and loyalty itself                                              home, and her loss will never be
                                        Buky, of Louisville.                      realized.
with his friends. He was a member
of the Masonic Lodge and was also       Robt. Hubbard, of Louisville, visited     Mrs. John Armstrong was paralyzed
a Shriner. Before leaving Bullitt       his sister, Mrs. Jonas Gentry part of     Sunday night and is in a serious
County, Frank Hardy was one of the      last week.                                condition.
best liked men in lower Bullitt. He
                                        Miss Essie Swearingen went to the         Mrs. J. W. Herin and daughter, Miss
was enterprising and obliging,
                                        city last Sunday to spend two weeks       Lydia, spent Tuesday with her
always ready to lend a helping hand
                                        with her sister, Mrs. Bailey Taylor.
and always the picture of good                                                    daughter, Mrs. R. J. Holloway.
humor. His married life was happy       Mrs. D. T. Mothershead returned
                                                                                  ***Notice - Lost, strayed or stolen,
and his children grew to be             Sunday after two weeks with
                                                                                  a black horse mule from my place on
successful in life and popular with     relatives in the city.                    Cave Hollow about Dec. 15, 1918.
all who know them. Just at the          Mr. and Mrs. Lee Markwell and two         Notify J. H. Bolton, Mike Likoo
happiest hour of life’s long journey,   children and Marian Mothershead           (sic), Owner.
when success had crowned his            were her guests Saturday night and
arduous labors and his sons were                                                  ***Wanted - Man past 30 with horse
                                        Sunday.                                   and buggy to sell Stock Condition
making a success of their business,
and when he had more to live for        Miss Mary Harris and seven friends        Powder in Bullitt County. Salary $90
than at any other time, he was          of Louisville attended services at the    a month. Address 424 South
bidden by the voice of death to leave   Methodist Church here Sunday and          Meridian Street, Indianapolis,
the busy haunts of life and seek        dined at the Settle Hotel.                Indiana.
silent chambers of death. Hundred of    Messrs and Mesdames H. Harris and          ***Notice - R. C. White and Son
staunch friends mourn the death of      two girls, Dave Armstrong and              Contractors and Builders, Cabinet
Frank Hardy, and those friends          children and Mrs. E. T. McAfee and         work our specialty. Shepherdsville,
extend to his loved ones their          son were Sunday guests of Preston          Ky. Route 2, Home phone 20
deepest sympathy.                       Parrish and wife.                          ***Advertisement - Myer Berman,
***Mt. Washington                       Messrs and Mesdames W. L. McGee            men’s clothing sale. Louisville, KY
Dr. Joe Taylor, Mrs. Carrie             and C. A. Porter and children were         (price list)
Lightsey, Ross Taylor of Tampa,         guests of Rev. D. R. Peak and wife         ***Advertisement - Logsdon’s
Fla., Mrs. Minnie Harriman, and         Sunday.                                    January Clean Up Sale, W. M.
Miss Nettie Taylor, of Cincinnati,      Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Braithwaite and         Logsdon, Clermont, KY.
are visiting their mother, Mrs.         Miss Pauline Johnson visited their
Richard Taylor, who is very ill.

                                                      Page 283
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Administrators Notice - Estate of     Mr. and Mrs. John Shaw and Cleve          Mrs. Katie Bolton is spending some
Everett Armstrong, deceased. W. R.       Fuqua spent Sunday afternoon with         time with her parents, H. T. Grant
Armstrong, Adm.                          Mrs. Hughie Noe.                          and wife.
***Notice - There will be a Mother       Mrs. R. J. Clark is on the sick list.     We all send our sympathy and best
Goose party at the Hebron School                                                   regards to those who are ill with the
                                         Ola Roby and Vern Jones have
House Saturday evening, Feb. 8th                                                   flu.
                                         purchased them a truck.
given by the Young People’s                                                        Mrs. A. V. Greenwell spent one day
Missionary Society. Refreshments         Miss Fronie James spent Sunday
                                                                                   last week with her husband, A. V.
served at reasonable prices.             with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Greenwell
Everybody is invited.                    and family.
                                                                                   Mrs. Lee Barger is some better.
***For Sale - 6 Chester White            Born to the wife of Hughie Noe, a
Shoats, also want man to raise           girl, Zollie Lee.                         Several around here have heard from
tobacco and clean ground. G. R.                                                    Miss Mollie Roby, after arriving at
                                         Mrs. John Shaw and daughters spent
Kulmer, Route 3, Shepherdsville.                                                   her school in Breckenridge.
                                         Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. J. A.
***Commissioner’s Sale                   Roby.                                     We are all glad to say we have heard
                                                                                   from Hugo Crenshaw and he is well.
H. H. Glenn VS Rosa. T. Shepherd.        Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Roby and
Property, mentions A. E. Funk land,      daughter, A. V. Greenwell, Fredie         ***To my friends and patrons - I
Sanders tract, C. H. Morrison and        (sic) Roby and Virgil Roby spent          wish to announce that I can insure
Allie H. Morrison, his wife; Jackson     Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. T.            any thing this is insurable as Mr. R.
Morrison and Minnie P. Morrison,         Grant and family.                         P. Smith has joined me representing
his wife; S. C. Sanders. C. P.                                                     the AETNA Lif e Insurance
                                         Mrs. Jim Rouse was called to her
Bradbury, Commissioner.                                                            Company. R. T. Peddicord, Agent.
                                         daughter of the illness of flu, will
***Commissioner’s Sale                   returned home Monday.                     ***Advertisement - Patterson Wants
                                                                                   Money, Goods are down once more.
Zollie Ogle VS Julia Zoller              Henry Biggs and wife, Smith Roby
                                                                                   G. S. Patterson, Shepherdsville.
                                         and wife spent Sunday with Henry
Property, partly in Bullitt and partly                                             ***Advertisement - Traffic Truck,
                                         Roby and wife.
in Jefferson Counties, mentions                                                    4,000 lbs. capacity, $1,395 FOB
McCallum line, Johnson line, A. P.       W. E. Dacon has been spending
                                                                                   Factory. Stiles-Klapheke Co.,
Steele, Hiram R. Samuels, Aaron          several days with Lee Barger and
                                                                                   Louisville KY
Kahn, Fred Zoller, Madison               family.
Hinshaw, Harold E. Brown, W. E.                                                    ***Advertisement - Dr. David
                                         We are glad we can all gather
Ashby, Mollie Robinson, Lee Ogle,                                                  Smith, Veterinarian, Shepherdsville.
                                         together again for church and
C. P. Bradbury, Commissioner                                                       ***Advertisement - New York
                                         Sunday School.
***Cedar Creek                                                                     Dental Parlors, Fred Reiss,
                                         Mrs. Arp Harmon has bee spending
                                                                                   Louisville, KY.
Misses Ainslee Barger, Myrtle and        some time with her daughters.
Orrel Farnsworth, Mr. Henry Grant
                                         Everyone on the Ridge are selling                February 7, 1919
and Miss Texia Swearingen were the
                                         their tobacco.                            ***School News
guests of Myrtle and Roy Shaw
Sunday.                                  Wylder Harris and family spent one        The Co. School Board met at the
                                         day last week in the city.                Court House Monday and made
Mrs. Violetta Thompson, of
Louisville, spent a few days with her    Mrs. Collings, of this place, is          complete appointments for all
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Roby.        spending some time with her parents       trustees in rural schools for 1919.
                                         at Mt. Washington.                        The following well known members
Mrs. Effie Harris spent Friday with                                                appointed:
her son, Wilder Harris and family
                                                                                   Highland - J. L. Tierney

                                                       Page 284
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mt. Olive - C. E. Funk                    to take the oath of office before         15 to 20 yrs, pneumonia - 109
Corinth - Bart King                       electing teachers.                        Total - 926
Chappells - J. E. Chappell                                                          20 to 30 yrs, influenza - 1,745
                                          ***Corpse’s Feet Warm, Science
Sunnyside - J. M. Barrall                                                           20 to 30 yrs, pneumonia - 322
                                          Revives Him.
Shades - Edd Rodgers                                                                Total - 2,67
Woodlawn - Owen Shepherd                  Long Beach, CA - To be pronounced         30 to 40 yrs, influenza - 1,401
Licks - T. L. Mattingly                   dead from influenza and laid out          30 to 40 yrs, pneumonia - 213
Pleasant Hill - Sex Barger                with a string of corpses ready for the    Total - 1,614
Woodsdale - W. J. Shaw                    morgue and then to be brought back        40 to 50 yrs, influenza - 519
Beech Grove - P. H. Croan                 to life was the experience of Marvin      40 to 50 yrs, pneumonia - 115
Hays - W. J. Leslie                       Taylor, now with the Ambulance            Total - 634
Zion - Chas. Newman                       Corps, at Fort McPherson, GA.             50 to 60 yrs, influenza - 220
Cane Run - O. H. Harned                                                             50 to 60 yrs, pneumonia - 55
                                          One of the hospital attendants
Culver - Claud Hill                                                                 Total - 280 ??
                                          discovered Taylor’s feet were warm.
Oak Grove - O. H. Masden                                                            Over 60 yrs, influenza - 333
                                          Medical science did the rest.
Needmore - A. F. Armstrong                                                          Over 60 yrs, pneumonia - 183
Hebron - E. Z. Wiggington                 ***Influenza Killed 9,339            in   Total - 510
Brooks - J. E. Quick                      Kentucky Up to January 1 st.              Age not given, influenza - 125
Beech Grove - N. H. Miller                                                          Age not given, pneumonia - 19
                                          1,095 died in Louisville.
Green Briar - L. I. Owens                                                           Total - 144
Sugar Valley - J. T. Harris               Influenza caused the death of 9,339       September, influenza - 33
Edgewood - W. E. Fiddler                  people in Kentucky from Sept. 1,          September, pneumonia - 87
Shep’vill (colored) - Frank Jones         1918 to Jan. 2, 1919. These figures       Total - 110
Mt. Wash. (colored) - Will Dugan          do not include the deaths at Camp         October, influenza - 3,654
Bowman Valley- Edd Swearingen             Taylor and 187 of them were               October, pneumonia - 712
Lebn. Jct. (colored) Will Hill            Kentucky boys which would make            Total - 4,266
                                          the total 9,526 report by the State       November, influenza - 2,770
The following trustees were elected                                                 November, pneumonia - 456
                                          Board of Health at Bowling Green.
by the voters at the regular elections:                                             Total - 3,226
                                          This report is for the State and for
Nichols - W. B. Nichols                                                             December, influenza - 1,337
                                          Camp Zachary Taylor.
Mt. Elmira - Jasper Foster                                                          December, pneumonia - 340
Mt. Wash. - Chas. Long                    Kentucky, exclusive of          Camp      Total - 1,737 ??
Whitfield - James Tinnell                 Zachary Taylor.                           (Note, they don’t all add up)
Cedar Glade - John Raymond
                                          All ages, influenza - 7,744
Cedar Grove - Geo. Herps                                                             Camp Zachary Taylor Influenza-
                                          All ages, pneumonia - 1,503
Victory - A. V. Greenwell                                                            Pneumonia
                                          Total - 9,247
Hobbs - J. R. Clark                                                                  Period of epidemic:
                                          Under 1 yr., influenza - 509
Clermont - Geo. Taylor                                                               KY soldiers - 187
                                          Under 1 yr, pneumonia - 165
Glenn Ella - H. M. Trunnell                                                          Other states - 692
                                          Total - 674
Pitts Point - A. C. Viers                                                            Total - 879
                                          1 to 5 yrs, influenza - 1,458
Harned - S. H. Ricketts                                                              Sept. Ky soldiers - 2
                                          1 to 5 yrs, pneumonia - 282                Sept. other states - 12
Mt. Carmel - R. A. Masden
                                          Total - 1,440 ??
                                                                                     Total - 14
All elected trustees and also all who     5 to 10 yrs, influenza - 494
                                                                                     Oct. Ky Soldiers - 177
were appointed will meet at the           5 to 10 yrs, pneumonia - 71                Oct. other states - 613
Court House in Shepherdsville,            Total - 565                                Total - 790
March1st in accordance with new           10 to 15 yrs, influenza - 478              Nov. Ky soldiers - 3
law for the purpose of electing a         10 to 15 yrs, pneumonia - 01               Nov. Other State - 41
County School Board for 1919 and          Total - 479 ??                             Total - 44
                                          15 to 20 yrs, influenza - 817              Dec. Ky soldiers - 5

                                                        Page 285
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Dec. other states - 26                   soon be back home to tell you all         Most everyone around here sold
Total 31                                 just how we did it and it sure will be    their tobacco to Chas. Nichols from
                                         an interesting story when you hear it     West Point.
***Medicine Farm the Latest              told.
                                                                                   Henry Crenshaw and wife spent
A corporation has been formed in Ill.    The people over here are all              Friday with Lee Middleton and wife.
and they will buy a large farm and       Catholic. I haven’t seen any other
are going to grow medicine plants,                                                 Emmitt Crenshaw will move this
                                         church since we landed on this side       week to West Point.
herbs, and etc to make medicine.         of the waters.
Most of these herbs have been                                                      Clyde Simmons called on his best
                                         Well, John, I guess I will be home        girl Sunday night.
grown in Germany. If it is a success,    next Spring, anyhow, I hope so. I
they will be all over the United         will be in to run the old press so if     Mabel Adams and Cora Lutes spent
States.                                  there is any hay to be baled, try to      Thursday with Mrs. Jess Roby.
***For Rent - A farm of 48 acres, 3-     engage it. Tell all my friends I am       ***Taps Sounded for Wallace Smith
1/2 miles West of Shepherdsville,        well and doing fine.
Good 4 room house with good                                                        Mr. John Smith received a dispatch
                                         Well, John, I must close. Give my         last Friday notifying him that his
outbuildings. W. L. Kendall,             regards to Annie and the kids. Tell
Louisville.                                                                        son, Wallace Smith, died in France
                                         them I would love to see them, so         Jan. 9 of meningitis.
***Wanted - A billy goat. Alden          bye, bye. As ever, your friend, Corp.
Ray Nusz, Rt. 3 - Shepherdsville.        Edgar Meutin (looks like). Co. M, 1st     Wallace enlisted in the service about
                                         Pioneer Inf. AEF                          eight months ago, and was given a
***In Germany                                                                      clerical position, and was sent
                                         ***Cedar Creek                            overseas last fall. His parents have
Dec. 18, 1919, Mr. John Greenwell
and family.                              Lee Middleton and wife has their          heard from him regularly and were
                                         guests Sunday, Chester Pace and           expecting his returned at any time.
Dear Friend:                             wife and Mr. and Mrs. Holtz, of           Sergt. Smith is survived by his two
At last we have completed our long       Louisville.                               brothers, Claude Smith, who is
hike which we started on November        Mrs. Bert Deacon and children spent       employed at Stithton, Earl Smith,
18th from the Meuse Rive in France       Sunday with Mrs. Ora Bottom.              with the L & N, and a sister, Mrs.
to the Rhine in Germany and hiked                                                  Mattie Hall, of Shepherdsville. He
close to 200 miles or more. We sure      Howell Young and family spent             was a member of the Masonic Lodge
saw some lovely country. We came         Sunday with Kinnie Bolton and             at Mt. Washington and of the Baptist
through Belgium, Luxemburg and           family.                                   Church at Shepherdsville. He was a
sure had a nice time.                                                              young man of the finest qualities.
                                         Mrs. Mertelle McCormick has been
I am staying with the Dutch now, it      spending a few days in Louisville          Wallace Smith was one of our boys
seems funny we were fighting them        with relatives.                            to be proud of. Ambitious, he ????
six weeks ago, and now we are                                                       required an education and taught for
                                         Mrs. Mira Bolton is spending a few
living with them and they sure are                                                  some time in our county schools, but
                                         days with Mrs. Lula Crenshaw.
nice to us. I will sure be glad when I                                              later specialized ??? commercial
get home so I can tell you all about     Geo. Simmons, of Camp Taylor,              training and was filling a chair in a
my experience in the last 10 months.     spent Saturday night and Sunday            business college when he enlisted
It sure has been worth lots to me and    with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. M.          for service. Handsome and affable,
taught me one lesson I never will        D. Simmons.                                also a Christian, he was a favorite
forget. John, I guess you all thought                                               with all, and his untimely death has
                                         Bert Deacon and family spent
I never was going to answer your                                                    caused deep sorrow in ???? Oh, the
                                         Saturday with Mrs. M. D. Simmons.
letter, but we haven’t had very much                                                tragedy of war! (And a Poem)
time for writing for we came over        Mrs. Quince Bolton continues very
here to knock the H— out of the          ill.
Kaiser and we did and I we (sic) will

                                                       Page 286
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Revenue on County Roads              Well, we left the front when the          Chambery, is a long arcade and
                                        armistice was signed and hiked            under the arc are the pretty little
For several years, we have been         about six days to a camp near             shops, displaying all kinds of
advocating that all the revenue from    Verdun. Upon arriving there, thirty       trinkets, antiques, fine jewelry,
automobiles in the county should go     of our company were given                 laces, etc. in fact, about the prettiest
on our county road. If it did, we       furloughs and I was among the             stores I ever saw. We’re told they
would be at least $10,000 from that     fortunate ones. We went to Verdun         are as well designed as those at
alone and then we could get another     and stayed the first day awaiting         Paris, tho not so numerous, of
$1,000 or two from the Dog Tax and      transportation and had time to look       course. There were to (sic) large
what we get for Road Work would         at the great fortifications and city      museums, several beautiful old
be enough that we could build some      walls which kept back the Boches          churches, and many number of the
roads.                                  three times. The town was nearly          old chateaux which we visited.
We need roads, the time is here that    destroyed, however, with shells and
                                                                                   Well, our trip is over, and we are
we will have to have them. Can’t        bombs and about all the civilians
                                                                                   only a short distance from our old
someone suggest the best and            had left. While there, about 4000
                                                                                   training ground when we first came
quickest way?                           Russian Soldiers came through. We
                                                                                   to France. Right now, it is about the
                                        knew not where from or where they
***Auto Accessory - You can earn                                                   sloppiest place I ever saw for it has
                                        were going, but they were pitiful
$50 a week selling our specialty to                                                rained every day since we’ve been
                                        looking objects without clothes, or
auto accessory dealer and garages;                                                 here.
                                        blankets. That night, we left and
experience not necessary, particulars   were sent to Chambery, a summer            No, I haven’t a French girl and don’t
and sample free upon request.           resort on the Italian frontier and at      think I shall have one. I met at
Noxal, 1240 Belmont Ave.,               the foot of Mt. Blanc (about the           Chambery three or four awfully nice
Philadelphia, PA                                                                   ones, who speak English, but they
                                        highest Peak of the Alps). There we
***For Rent - Good hill place, nice     were lodging in the finest hotel, all      weren’t very pretty. They have there
cottage, water at door; mail passes     expenses paid by the Government,           quite a large school of languages,
house twice a day, near good school     and free to do as we pleased. The          and a great many of the civilians
and church, some new ground             YMCA was near and each day                 speak Italian and English well. What
cleaned ready for tobacco. Apply at     arranged trips to the surrounding          I want is the USA and they can’t
this office.                            mountains and lakes at small               sent me home soon enough. My
                                        expense. On a mountain trip, we            regards to Pat, love to you and
***From Overseas                                                                   hoping to see you soon.
                                        would go up on a tramway and
Resy source                             return on bicycles. Some coasting.
                                                                                   Roy, Pvt. R. S. Magruder, Hdqts.
                                        Chambery has about 40,000
Dear Ella Maude:                                                                   Co., 51st Inf. ARFAPO777.
                                        population and the neighboring
I just received your letter of Nov.     town, Aixies Bajus, 25,000. The            ***1,002 Dogs Wearing Tags
18th and was glad to know that none     later is the prettiest, being not quite
                                                                                   County Clerk Ridgway has informed
of you have been affected seriously     so old. In it is the Astoria Hotel,
                                                                                   us that he has issued one thousand
with the “flu”. I feared that with      owned by the Astors, and the
                                                                                   and two dog licenses. More of the
such an epidemic, some of you may       Cosino, a noted, or rather notorious,
                                                                                   people in the County are complying
take it.                                gambling resort, which belonged to
                                                                                   with the law than what we expected
                                        Harry K. Thaw for a short while.
I do not believe I wrote you of the                                                would. Still only about one in every
fine nine day vacation that I had       Also at Aix were the famous sulphur        ten dogs you see has a tag on.
when we returned from the front; so     baths, for which people came from
                                                                                   Under the new law, the name of
will briefly write of it and tell you   all over the world to take. To us,
                                                                                   everyone who has bought a tag will
more when I see you for we expect       those baths were free. There were
                                                                                   be printed in the county paper by
to be home by Feb. 1st tho we may be    not a great many tourists, they
                                                                                   Feb. 15th. We have been informed by
disappointed and have to stay until     coming principally in the summer
                                                                                   Mr. Ridgway that he will have them
spring.                                 time. On the main street in
                                                                                   published next week and then it is

                                                      Page 287
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

the duty of the Sheriff to go to see     about five miles of West point will       Mr. J. L. Williams, who has returned
everyone and to arrest anyone who        have to move.                             from France, spent Friday night
has a dog in his possession without a                                              here, the guest of friends.
                                         They will take about 6,800 acres of
tag and kill the dog. The fine is not    land in Bullitt County, most of it        John Smith and son, of Zoneton,
under $5.00 or over $100 and a jail      will be good river bottom land.           spent Monday here.
sentence or both.
                                         ***For Sale - We have some fine           Henry Schafer, Pres. of the Bullitt
The Sheriff, failing to comply with      Anconia Cockrels for sale. Mrs. R.        County Fair, was here Saturday.
this law, will be thrown out of office   P. Sharp, Shepherdsville.
with a heavy fine.                                                                 W. J. Bell, of Zoneton, spent
                                         ***For Sale - Three shoats, Apply to      Monday here on business.
Mr. Croan has informed us that he is     Grace McAllister, Bardstown
going to do his duty and will start                                                G. S. Patterson was at Belmont
out March 1st to hunt every dog and                                                Monday on business.
his owner, or the one who has it in      ***Knob Creek Tobacco Sells Well.
                                                                                   Miss Cora Snider and brother spent
his possession as it is the same         Mr. Theodore Colvin, of Knob
                                                                                   Saturday evening at Chapeze.
penalty on the party who has a dog       Creek, near Barrallton, sold his
in his possession, or having a dog as    tobacco last week bringing from 34        Pink Roby and John Collins, of
the owner.                               to 69 cents per lb. It made an            Lebanon Junction, were here
                                         average of 59 cents for the entire        Monday on business.
So, if you don’t want to pay the dog     crop, which is about the best we
tax, kill it.                                                                      Several of Mr. Henry Ferguson’s
                                         have heard of so far from Bullitt.
                                                                                   family of near Mt. Elmira have the
***BYPU Program                          ***For Sale - 5 good milch cows,          flu.
Participants - Chas. Bradburry,          fresh, some Jerseys. Otis Porter,
                                                                                   R. D. Snellen and wife spent
Margaret Sanders and Elizabeth           Bardstown Junction, Ky.
                                                                                   Monday with Rowen Snellen and
Pitman, Martha Hornbeck, Mayme           ***Lost - Automobile License No.          sister.
Stephens, Bro. Shacklette, Roy           9201, between Shepherdsville and
Stallings, Mrs. Lee, Dorothy                                                       J. D. Robards, of Zoneton, spent
                                         Bardstown Junction. Finder please
Sanders, Ora Lee Croan, Cora Cash,                                                 Monday here on business.
                                         return to Grace McAllister,
Samuel Ridgway.                                                                    A large crowd was in town Monday
                                         Bardstown Junction, KY
***Shepherdsville Wins                                                             attending court.
The New Albany Basketball Club                                                     A. C. Viers, of Pitts Point, spent
                                         Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Paris, of
came out to our little town Saturday                                               Monday here on business.
                                         Leaches, spent Saturday here.
night to get defeated. The score was                                               The many friends are glad to know
25 to 18 in favor of Shepherdsville.     Dr. Holsclaw, of Zoneton, was in
                                                                                   that Mr. Ralph Horine and family of
                                         town Saturday on business.
The New Albany team is one of the                                                  South Park are about well after
best teams in Indiana and it shows       Mrs. Rosie Wade and little son,           having the flu.
that we have a good team when they       Theodore, are spending a few days
                                                                                   Jack Howerton, of Spencer County,
can defeat them.                         with Mrs. Wm. Wade.
                                                                                   spent Sunday here.
Prof. Sanders says that he has           Mrs. Logan Burks, who has been
                                                                                   Miss Nancy Trunnell returned to her
several more teams coming that are       spending the winter in the South
                                                                                   school at Mt. Washington Monday.
equally as good.                         with her husband, has returned
                                         home.                                     A. L. Roby, of Lebanon Junction,
***Government Takes Land                                                           spent Monday here.
                                         Mrs. Buck Monroe and daughter,
We have been informed that the land                                                Ben Smith, of Knob Creek, was here
                                         Miss Louise, of Louisville, spent the
adjoining Camp Knox will be taken                                                  Monday.
                                         week end here, the guests of friends.
over and that all the resident in

                                                       Page 288
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. Elizabeth      Cri gler    spent     J. B. Proctor, of Pleasant Grove, was     Jan 29th. He had been in bad health
Tuesday here.                             down Wednesday making as much             for some time. The remains were
                                          noise as usual.                           taken to Mt. Washington for burial
The many friends of Harry Wells are                                                 Friday.
sorry to hear he is on the sick list.     Fencing wire for sale. Lutes Co.
                                          Shepherdsville.                           Rev. Wilson filled his appointment
F. G. Thomas, the painter, is                                                       at Brier Creek both Sunday morning
painting Troutman Bros. Mammoth           Miss Eugenia Crist was the guest of       and evening.
Store.                                    Mrs. Chas. Bridwell this week.
                                                                                    Mr. James Williams died Friday
Miss Grace French and Boss Leslie         Miss Viola Slaughter spent                morning Jan. 31st of pneumonia. He
and Stanley Lee were the guests of        Wednesday in Elizabethtown.               had been sick for about three weeks.
Miss Lillian McNulty Sunday                                                         His remains were laid to rest in the
                                          ***Brier Creek
afternoon.                                                                          South Jefferson Cemetery Sunday
                                          Mr. John McDaniel has been very           evening at 2 o’clock. He leaves a
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Martin, who
                                          sick, but is improving now.               wife, seven children and three
recently moved to Louisville, are
receiving congratulations on the          Mrs. R. C. Horine spent Thursday          brothers to mourn his loss. To those
arrival of a fine daughter.               evening with Mrs. W. T. Houglan.          sorrowing ones, we extend our heart
                                                                                    felt sympathy.
Chas. Howell, who was wounded in          Miss Naomi and Ollie Houglan were
France, has been brought to Camp          guests of Miss Ella Cain Wednesday         Roscoe Horine and family spent
Taylor.                                   night.                                     Sunday afternoon with Mr. John
                                                                                     McDaniel and wife.
Mike Smith has rented the Tom             Mr. H. B. Pendleton has bought the
Patrick place and will move to it         General Merchandise Store of W. A.         Jim Cundiff spent Saturday night
soon.                                     Rhodes at Medora.                          with Charlie Reichmuth.
C. R. Smith, the Real Estate man,         Mrs. Mayme Rayman Wilson died              ***Hebron
has sold several farms this week.         of tuberculosis at the Waverly Hill        Sergt. Jas. Lee Williams has
                                          Sanitorium Wednesday, Jan. 29th.           returned from over seas and is at
Mrs. Horrie Thompson, of
                                          Her remains were laid to rest in the       Camp Taylor. He spent Sunday with
Louisville, spent Tuesday here.
                                          Ever Green Cemetery Friday                 his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Miss Rita Woods spent several days        evening at 2:30.
                                                                                     Williams. We are so glad to have our
in Louisville, the guest of Mrs. M. S.                                               young men safe home, but their
                                          Mr. W. T. Houglan was in Louisville
Schully.                                                                             experiences are priceless to them.
Mrs. T. H. Grunwald and Tommy Jr          Roscoe Horine and Lee Beghtol              Everything sold well at the Ben
of Jeffersontown, visited Mrs. S. H.      were in Louisville Saturday on             Bealmear sale Saturday, and a large
Ridgway Saturday and Sunday.              business.                                  crowd was in attendance. The 15 fat
Miss Cordia Walston, of Lebanon, is                                                  cattle were bought by Walter
                                          Mr. Otto Houglan spent Friday night
visiting Miss Willie Mae Ridgway.                                                    Armstrong at $14.31 per cwt.
                                          with his uncle, Melvin Rayman, of
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Trunnell spent         Shepherdsville.                            We are glad to hear that the Farm
last Sunday with J. D. James in                                                      has been purchased by a son, Gabe
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Henry Arnold had as           Bealmear.
                                          their guests Saturday night, Mr. and
Ralph Henderson has been                  Mrs. Lee Beghtol and family, Mrs.          Our substitute scribe left us serious
discharged from military service and      Roy Monroe, Misses Ella Cain,              ill last week, so we are glad to assure
arrived home Tuesday, looking fine.       Naomi Hougland, Messrs Charlie             any interested ones that we are very
                                          and Jim Cundiff, Charlie Reichmuth,        much alive at present. We looked
Lieut. Ernest Brooks, of Louisville,      Otto Houglan and Arthur Stivers.           into the eyes of Death and saw only
spent Saturday here on business.                                                     a kind friend ready to lead us out of
                                          Mr. James Ridgway died at his
                                                                                     the house of pain.
                                          son’s, Claude Ridgway, Wednesday,

                                                        Page 289
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Ball have           about 30 owing to illness among the        Porter, Mrs. Preston Parrish and
taken rooms in the city.                 members.                                   children of these families.
We notice in the C.J. of Saturday        Why not close the schools for the          Messrs and Mesdames J. W. Harris,
that Coxswain Frank B. Brown, of         season and let us have an extra            Fred Swearingen and two children,
Fisherville, has been cited for          month or so next year? No one but          Mrs. D. T. Mothershead and Harris
bravery in going with another            the teachers are benefitted now.           McAfee were all day guests of T. H.
seaman to the rescue of a sailor who                                                Parrish and wife. Afternoon guests
                                         The Minister at Murray, Ky seems to
had been trapped while rescuing                                                     were Mr. and Mrs. Houston Smith,
                                         court notoriety or publicity, at least.
those from a sinking vessel. Mr.                                                    Mrs. Beam Wells and son, Glenn, of
                                         Some time ago, he was accused of
Brown is known here, having been                                                    Cox’s Creek, and R. E. McAfee,
                                         disloyalty to his country, and now he
the guest several time of the family                                                wife and children.
                                         is found guilty of disloyalty to
of J. W. Brooks. He has been in the      Christ, for Christ taught obedience        Miss Frona James, of Victory, is
Navy several years.                      to law. Render unto Caesar the             visiting relatives here this week.
The flu is no respecter of persons       things that are Caesar’s. The best
                                                                                    Mrs. W. F. Queen and son, Willie,
and so we are in quarantine, as two      Christian is the best Citizen.
                                                                                    of Jeffersontown, spent Sunday with
members of our household are ill         Well, we set our first hen, planted        Mr. and Mrs. W. L. McGee.
with it, but having complied with the    some seeds, and feel that the winter
health laws as far as we knew and                                                   Mrs. S. M. Harris and baby, of
                                         of our discontent is about over.
taken the serum treatment, why we                                                   Louisville, spent part of last week
                                         Thanks to the seed catalogs and the
are hoping for the best; and with the                                               with relatives here, Mr. Harris came
                                         flowery calendars.
Dr. in the house and God overhead,                                                  out for the week end.
have no fear of results.                 We are glad to have our soldier Mail
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Holloway and
                                         Carrier back, Roy Stallings. He has
We are glad to hear that Burke                                                      children were guests Sunday of her
                                         been honorably discharged, but his
Williams is able to be about on                                                     mother, Mrs. J. W. Herin.
                                         good wife filled his position on the
crutches and trust he may soon be        mail route with perfect satisfaction.      Mrs. Fred Swearingen and two
well.                                                                               children were in the city Monday.
                                         Hats off to her.
Miss Katie Mae Ball is ill of flu in                                                Will Anderson and family, of
                                         Miss Dessie Cochran and brother,
Shepherdsville and the following         Jas. are the latest influenza victims.     Louisville, spent Sunday with his
cases developed here last week:          They are being treated by Dr. C. L.        mother, Mrs. Laura Anderson.
Miss Nellie Mae Scott, Chas.             Cooper.
McKenzie and twin infants, Mary,                                                    Miss Statira McFarland is visiting in
Kate and Bobbie Melton, Mary C.          ***Mt. Washington                          the city.
Holsclaw, Boone Cooper, Mrs. Tom                                                    Mrs. Lila Reed and little girl, of
                                         Mrs. Wm. Rush, of Fern Creek, and
Melton, Brooks Bell.                                                                Louisville, were week end guests of
                                         her sister, Marguerite Ireland, visited
Logan Brooks is in Bell’s Store          their cousin, Mrs. N. H. Braithwaite       her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
learning the business, and will take     one day last week.                         Wiggington.
charge after the 15th of the month.                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Cox and Mr. and
                                         Several from here went to the city
We regret to see Mr. Bell retire as he                                              Mrs. W. P. Thurman were all day
                                         last week to see the great war picture
is a very prince of merchants, but                                                  guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. O.
                                         drama, Hearts of the World, at
feel sure Logan will also make good.                                                Swearingen.
Mrs. Holsclaw is quite ill again.                                                   Our town and community were
                                         Mrs. Jas. Harris entertained last
Sunday Little Flock gave the S. S.       Sunday in honor of her husband/s           shocked and deeply grieved last
offering for the Armenian Relief         birthday, those present were: Messrs       week when the death of Wallace
Fund and about $35.00 was the            and Mesdames Harry and Wayne               Smith was reported. No young man
amount, with a congregation of           Harris, Dave Armstrong, Thos.              had more friends here to have made
                                                                                    as short stay in our town. Wallace

                                                       Page 290
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

taught his first school here as         Mrs. Rell (looks like) Taylor, wife        of any kind. This place is known as
principal and although young in         of Richard Taylor, died at her home        the old Home Place, anyone caught
years, he was settled in his ways and   here Sunday afternoon after a              will be prosecuted to the full extent
did fine work. The ways of God are      lingering illness. She was a member        of the law. Mrs. Elizabeth Crigler.
mysterious and hard for us to           of the Christian Church, and a good
                                                                                   ***Advertisement - B. F. Keith’s
understand, but faith will at last      woman. Her life has been well spent
                                                                                   Mary Anderson Theatre.
open our eyes to a knowledge of his     as shown by the devotion of her
dealings with us and our loved ones.    children who have been so faithful               February 14, 1919
To the sorrowing father and mother      and ready to serve in her illness.
to whom he was so loyal and             Funeral services were held Tuesday         ***School News
devoted, we extend our sincere          at 10 a.m. at the Methodist Church         Miss Varina Mudd, former teacher
sympathy also to his brothers and       by Rev. D. R. Peak and the body            at Shades, and daughter of Assessor
sister.                                 interred in the cemetery here.             I. T. Mudd of Belmont has accepted
Mr. Jas. Ridgway, well known            She leaves her husband, one sister,        a school in Jefferson County near
through out the county, died at his     Miss Rhoda Gray, who lived with            Highland Park.
home at Orell, was brought here last    her, five sons and three daughters,        The County School Board has
Friday and interred in the Catholic     Dr. Joe Taylor and Mrs. Carrie             purchased more land for the school
Cemetery by the side of his first       Lightsey, of Tampa, FL, Herman             play ground at the Mt. Elmira
wife, who passed away several years     Taylor of Texas, Ross and Miss             School.
ago. Funeral was conducted by Rev.      Minnie Taylor and Mrs. Geo.
Pike at the Catholic Church, of         Harriman of Cincinnati, Rev. Frank         The additional land was bought from
which he had recently become a          Taylor of Tenn, and Leslie Taylor of       Mr. Chas. Kneisler for the small sum
member. His death was due to            Louisville.                                of $6.00.
hardening of the arteries and other                                                Miss Nadine Melton, one of our very
                                        Relatives here were called to
infirmities of old age.                                                            best teachers has accepted a position
                                        Louisville Sunday by the serious
He was a man who was noted for his      accident which may yet prove to be         in the Shepherdsville school and
goodness of heart and as a neighbor,    fatal to Miss Russell Borders,             began her duties this week. The few
was one of the best. He is survived     daughter of Mack Borders and wife.         remaining days of the Hebron school
by his wife, was who Mrs. Annie         The auto driven by Alvin Pierce, a         will be taught by Miss Nellie May
Hardman, two sons, Elmer and            friend of Miss Borders, with she and       Scott and the regular assistant, Miss
Claud, of Orell, three daughters,       his sister, Mrs. Sacre as occupants,       Grace Griffin.
Mrs. Ernest Funk, of Louisville,        all seated on the front seat when the      Mr. J. E. Quick, trustee at Brooks,
Mrs. A. L. Harris, of Solitude, and     machine became unmanageable, ran           was in town on business Monday.
Mrs. J. T. Harris and a number of       into a telephone post, turned turtle,
grandchildren and numerous other        throwing them out, but only slightly       The vacancy in the school at Green
relatives.                              injuring the others, Miss Borders          Briar will be filled by Mrs. Stella
                                        was thrown through the windshield          Simmons, the position having been
Mrs. John Armstrong, who was                                                       given her by the Co. School Board at
                                        and badly hurt about the head. She is
paralyzed last Sunday week, passed                                                 a recent session upon
                                        at Norton Infirmary and hopes for
away Friday night without regaining                                                recommendation by the local sub-
                                        her recovery are still held out, altho
consciousness. The body was taken                                                  trustee, Mr. L. Q. Owens.
                                        Dr. Rush and Dr. Ireland, who are in
to Willisburg, her former home
                                        attendance, say they are vague.            Miss Ethel Wise, teacher in the Mt.
Sunday for burial. She leaves her
husband, three daughters, Mrs.          ***For Sale - Cattle, mules, horses,       Washington school was a recent
Myrtle Hamby, who lived with her        Jack & stallion. Grover Crenshaw,          week end visitor of Miss Mattie
parents, Mrs. Ed Hamby of Indiana       RR 3, Shepherdsville.                      Magruder at her home in Leaches.
and Mrs. Perkins, of Willisburg,                                                   With a feeling of deep regret, we
                                        ***Notice - I hereby notify the
besides other relatives.                                                           learn of the death of Mr. Wallace
                                        public that I will not allow any
                                        trespassing or hunting day or night        Smith. He was a straight forward,

                                                      Page 291
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

upright young man of excellent           Moved by Wooldridge, seconded by          p.m. for the purpose of obtaining the
habits and seemed indeed to have         Weller, That a special election be        sense of the voters of Bullitt County
before him a brilliant future.           called and held in Bullitt County,        upon the Question.
                                         Ky, on the 22nd day of March, 1919
The school at Harned, which is in                                                  ***Photo - Wallace Smith
                                         for the purpose of submitting to the
charge of Miss Alma Forrest, gave a      voters of Bullitt County the question     Wallace L. Smith, the subject of this
box supper and a short entertainment     of voting a tax of twenty cents on the    sketch was born in Bullitt County,
at that place Saturday night. We         One Hundred Dollars on all property       on the 26th day of August, 1893, and
have not as yet received their report.   subject by law to local taxation          died in France, January 11, 1919, of
In the recent County examination,        under section 157-a of the                Spinal meningitis. He entered the
Master Crumbacker Jenkins of the         Constitution of Ky for the                military service May 26, 1918 and
Beech Grove school made the              improvement or construction of the        went over seas with the 84th
highest general average.                 Public Roads of Bullitt County.           Division, 309 t h Headquarters
He is the son of Mr. Will Jenkins        The number of years for which the
and is a very bright young pupil.        tax may be imposed shall be three         He was the son of Mr. and Mrs.
                                         years, namely 1919, 1920 and 1921,        John W. Smith, of the Beech Grove
Miss Nellie May Scott is his teacher.    and no amount of money in excess          section, east of Zoneton, and is
Below, we give a letter just received    of amount raised by the levy in any       survived by his parents and two
at this office and as soon as the        one year shall be expended in that        brothers, Earl Smith and Claud
bulletins are received, we will mail     year.                                     Smith, and one sister, Mrs. Mattie
them out to teachers and prospective                                               Hall of the same neighborhood. He
                                         The Sheriff of Bullitt County is
teachers who phone or write for                                                    belonged to the Shepherdsville
                                         hereby directed to advertise for
them if they enclose postage.                                                      Baptist Church and the Masonic
                                         thirty days before the election the       Lodge at Mt. Washington. He
Mr. Ora Roby, County Supt.,              time and purpose of this election and     received his education in the Beech
Shepherdsville. Dear Supt. Roby:         amount of tax to be levied each year      Grove School, the Shepherdsville
                                         in the paper published in Bullitt         High School, and the Western
No, there is no legal reason why a       County having the largest circulation
married woman cannot teach. The                                                    Normal at Bowling Green and in the
                                         as required by law.                       Bryant and Stratton Business
examination in Agriculture will be
held at the regular May, June and        The question to be submitted to the       College in Louisville. Later on, he
Sept. examinations.                      people shall be, Are you for a            taught in the latter college and also
                                         property tax of 20 cents on each One      in Krieger’s Business College, and
I judge that you have received from                                                at the time of entering the military
                                         Hundred Dollars worth of property
the Agriculture Department of State                                                service, was in partnership with
                                         in Bullitt County, to be levied each
University sufficient copies of                                                    James Escott, (sic) one of the best
                                         year for three years, for the purpose
Bulletins 54 and 56 to supply your                                                 public accountants in Kentucky.
                                         of improving or constructing the
teachers. A proper study of these
                                         roads of Bullitt County, Kentucky.        In every relation of life, and in all
bulletins ought to prepare a teacher
to pass the examination in               Vote for this motion is unanimous.        his dealings with his fellow man,
Agriculture. Yours very truly, V. O.     Attested: Lindsay Ridgway, Clerk,         Wallace Smith was a real man.
Gilbert, Supt.                           Bullitt County Court.                     Being loyal, he readily entered the
                                                                                   service of his country and gave the
***Notice of Election                    In pursuance to the above order, I, J.    very best that was in him, as he had
                                         W. Croan, Sheriff of Bullitt County,      done in every other position he had
Regular term, Bullitt Fiscal Court,
                                         do hereby give notice to the people       filled. He was ambitious, honestly
held on the 3rd day of February,
                                         of Bullitt County that an election        and commendably so, and his
1919. Adjourned over from January
                                         will be held at the various polling       ambitions were being crowned with
27th , 1919. Following magistrates
                                         places in this County on the 22nd day     success when war took him away
present, Esquires Miller, Weller and
                                         of March, 1919, between the hours         from his business. He was a
Wooldridge. Present: Hon. C. P.
                                         of 6 o’clock a.m. and four o’clock        Christian young man; the country’s
Bradbury, Judge.

                                                       Page 292
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

most valuable asset. He was               Revising Catalogue - Mrs. J. W.           Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Jones and Miss
charitable. He was industrious, he        Pope, Mrs. J. F. Collings, Mrs. C. F.     Texia Swearingen spent Friday with
was intelligent and capable and           Troutwine.                                Mrs. Arp Harmon.
talented. Dying as he did, upon                                                     Mrs. Henry Jones spent Friday
                                          Revision Catalogue - J. M. Barrall,
foreign soil, thousands of miles from                                               afternoon with Mrs. Arp Harmon.
                                          Gabe Bealmear, Robt. E. Lee, the
home, with no friendly hand to
soothe his fevered brow, no mother                                                  ***Wanted - We will pay a straight
to press her lips to his, his death was   Adv, Catalogue Etc - J. M. Barrall,       salary of $35.00 per week for man or
peculiarly sad, and yet, God was          Robt. E. Lee, the Secy.                   woman with rig to introduce Eureka
there and best of medical skill was                                                 Poultry Mixture. Six months
                                          General Superintendents in Floral         contract. Eureka Mfg. Co., East St.
there, and his country’s flag was
                                          Hall - J. L. Hardaway, Mrs. C. P.         Louis, Ill.
there. We deeply sympathize with
the parents of Wallace Smith.                                                        ***Marry in Louisville
                                          H. D. Shaffer, president by Ora L.
They have sustained a great loss. No                                                 3,139 were given licenses in 1918.
                                          Roby, acting Sec’y.
words which we might utter could                                                     Its New Gretna Green.
take from their hearts the bleeding       ***Cedar Creek
wounds which are there. God alone                                                    Louisville has turned the tables on
                                          Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Roby, and               Indiana as a Gretna Green for
can do that.
                                          daughter spent Sunday with Mr. Ola         romantic couples, who seek to
***Fair Directors Meet                    Roby and wife.                             escape “home-made wedding
The officers and directors of The         Misses Rena Shaw and Edna Grant            celebrations”.
Bullitt County Fair Association met       spent Sunday with Miss Eva Mae             Jeffersonville still may reap a small
at the Court House Saturday and           and Mary Elizabeth Jones.
                                                                                     harvest of Louisville weddings, but
began preparations for the 1919                                                      the records of the Jefferson County
                                          Mrs. Hughie Noe spent Sunday with
County Fair.                                                                         clerk’s office, kept by F. L. Koop, in
                                          John Shaw and family.
The dates for this year were fixed as                                                charge of marriage licenses, show
                                          W. E. Deacon spent Sunday with
August 19,20,21, 22, all committees                                                  that some 1,000 Indiana couples
                                          Milton Clark.
named and Mr. Herbert Croan                                                          were married here last year.
appointed director to fill the vacancy    Milton Clark spent Saturday night
                                                                                     About 500 licenses were issued to
caused by the recent death of his         with Henry Grant.
                                                                                     Indianapolis applicants alone, said
brother.                                                                             Mr. Koop yesterday. “The total
                                          Miss Bessie Grant has been
The President, H. D. Shaffer, was         spending a few days with her aunt,         number of licenses issued in 1917
empowered to appoint the following        Mrs. Smith Roby.                           was 2,991 and last year, the total
committees                                                                           was 3,139. A great many soldiers
                                          Miss Fronie James spent Saturday
                                                                                     were included in these totals for both
Concessions - Rufus Balee, C. P.          night with Mrs. Lem Swearingen
                                                                                     years, so the increase is not to be
Bradbury, the Secy.                       and family.
                                                                                     explained that way. The civilian
Music - H. J. Crenshaw, Frank Bell,       Mr. and Mrs. Joe Trunnell spent            population, as well as the soldiers of
Bert Hall, the Secy.                      Sunday with her brother and sister,        Indiana stationed in Kentucky
                                          Miss Fronie and John James.                camps, have just elected Louisville
Supplies - Henry Jones, Geo.                                                         as their Gretna Green.
Kulmer, Iley Jones, the Secy.             Mrs. Smith Roby has been on the
                                          sick list.                                 ***Entertained
Grounds - A. B. Davis, P. H. Croan,
J. H. Shelton, the Secy.                  W. E. Deacon has been spending a           On last Friday evening, Mrs. J.
                                          few days with Mr. Smith Roby and           Weatherford entertained the officers
Pasture - J. H. Harned, L. L. Roby,       wife.                                      of the S. F. Society.
the Secy.
                                          Mr. I. L. Jones and wife spent
                                          Saturday in Shepherdsville.

                                                        Page 293
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Those present were: Misses Lula          Bridwell, Clay Whitledge, Fred            Mrs. Jennie Whitledge spent the
Cook, Cora Cash, Thelma Lee and          Owen and Louis Stallings.                 week end with her daughter, Mrs. Ed
Mrs. W. F. Lee.                                                                    Bridwell.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher spent
A delightful lunch was served about      Sunday with Chas. Fisher and              G. W. Armstrong and family
ten thirty and after a thoroughly        mother.                                   recently visited his brother, Walter
enjoyable evening, the girls                                                       Armstrong and family.
                                         Mrs. Nick Lloyd and daughter were
departed, all voting Mrs.                                                          Misses Jessie and Ada Harris, of
                                         guests Friday afternoon of Mrs.
Weatherford a most charming                                                        Bethel, spent Saturday night and
                                         Elbert Bass.
hostess.                                                                           Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. Rollie
                                         Roy Owen and wife of near Mt.
***For Sale or Trade - Good                                                        Newton and attended services at
                                         Washington spent Sunday with the
gasoline engine, 8 horse power, corn                                               Pleasant Grove.
                                         latter’s parents, Jess Ridgway and
mill, set French burrs, corn crusher,                                              Mrs. J. W. Lloyd and daughter spent
                                         family and attended church at
and chicken feed grinder, all                                                      a day recently with Mrs. T. H. Wise
                                         Pleasant Grove.
combined. C. F. Stephan, Chapeze.
                                         Rev. Burns met his appointment here       We were sorry to hear of the sad
BYPU Program participants - Mrs.                                                   news that came to Mr. and Mrs.
                                         Saturday and Sunday and was
F. Lee, Cora Cash, Mrs. Glenn, Mrs.                                                John Smith, the death of their son,
                                         entertained in the home of Mr. and
Weatherford, Blanch Howlett, Sarah                                                 Wallace Smith. We extend our
                                         Mrs. Ed Bridwell.
Croan, John Glenn, M ayme                                                          sympathy to the sorrowing relatives.
Stephens, Miss Martha Hornbeck.          Robt. Grant is building on the land
                                         he purchased from Mr. and Mrs.            Ronald Jones, another one of our
***George M. Cohan                                                                 Pleasant Grove boys, was honorably
                                         Henry Bell.
The greatest comedian will appear in                                               discharged and came home last
                                         Mrs. Ethel Bridwell and children
the six reel comedy, “Broadway                                                     week.
                                         spent one day the past week with
Jones”, at the picture show at the                                                 Orville Bridwell and wife, Robt.
                                         Mrs. Clara Simmons.
Masonic Temple Saturday night.                                                     Smith and daughter were entertained
                                         Thos. Bridwell has purchased the
The picture sparkles with a                                                        in the home of Chas. Stallings and
                                         Bigwood farm.
continuous series of humorous                                                      wife Sunday.
situations and is a breezy story of      Mrs. Ernest Simmons spent Friday
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Dickey, of
rapid action and human interest.         with Mrs. Jas. Simmons.
                                                                                   Mt. Washington, were guests
“Broadway Jones” was a great             Miss Evelyn Lanyans has gone to           Sunday of T. H. Wise and wife.
success on the speaking stage, it is a   Louisville to visit relatives.
                                                                                   Mrs. Kate Hall and son spent a day
splendid comedy and George M.                                                      the past week with Lyman Hall and
                                         Mrs. Mae Harris and daughter spent
Cohan is a wonderful actor. This is                                                wife.
                                         Thursday with Mrs. Rollie Newton.
too good to miss. Prices 5 and 15
cents.                                   H. C. Tyler was called last week to        Miss Roxie Whitledge spent Sunday
                                         the bedside of his father who is quite     with her sister, Mrs. Ed Bridwell.
***To Our Readers, Due to not
getting them in time, dog owners list                                               Jas. Simmons and family spent
will be published next week in full.     We were sorry to hear of the serious       Sunday with J. D. Hough and wife.
There are over 1100.                     accident of Miss Russell Borders
                                                                                    Louis Stallings and wife spent
                                         and hope she will recover.
***Heading Missing                                                                  Sunday with their daughter, Mrs.
                                         Misses Paralee and Hazel Lloyd and         Lyman Hall.
Mrs. K. S. Grant and daughter, Miss
                                         Paul and Earl Simpson were
Eudell, spent one afternoon recently                                                ***Brier Creek
                                         afternoon guests of Mrs. T. H. Wise
with Mrs. Will Simpson.                  the past week.                             Mrs. Chas. Able died at her home on
Cyclone Truck took a load of hogs                                                   Knob Creek Saturday morning of the
                                         Miss Grace Hall spent Thursday
to Louisville the past week for Robt.                                               flu followed by pneumonia. She was
                                         night with her cousin, Oradell Hall.

                                                       Page 294
                           The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

laid to rest Sunday morning in the     ***County Court                           Mrs. Ernest Masden, of Detroit, has
family burying ground.                                                           arrived to spend some time with her
                                       There was a large crowd in town
                                                                                 grand-mother, Mrs. Sarah O’Bryan.
She leaves a husband and three         Monday attending county court,
children to mourn her loss. To the     several pieces of property were sold      Mr. and Mrs. Markwell and son of
sorrowing ones, we extend our          and some lively bidding was done,         Jeffersontown spent Saturday with
heartfelt sympathy.                    and the way land sold, it shows that      Mrs. Wm. Wade.
                                       Bullitt County is worth something.
W. T. Houglan, Ode Risinger, Henry                                               B. D. Burch, Smith Roby, W. A.
Miller, and Henry Snawder spent        The Jasper place near Mt.                 Roby, Ollie Burch and Wylder
Wednesday and Thursday in              Washington sold for $23,850 to            Harris, of Leaches, were here
Louisville on business.                Chas. Jasper of Waterford.                Monday.
Otto Houghlan and Louis Miller         The John Short farm near Stites sold      Miss Maud O’Bryan has returned
called on their best girls Thursday    to Wm. Barrett for $2,550.                home after spending some time in
and Saturday night.                                                              the city.
                                       Bill Deats bought the Vanvactor
Miss Edna Fawbush, of Louisville,      place at Lebanon Junction for             Frank Wright has rented the Rufus
is visitor her grandfather, W. T.      $21,010.                                  Balee place for three years and will
Houglan.                                                                         move to it this week.
                                       Mrs. Ervie Sanders bought the
Mrs. R. C. Horine was the guest of     Shepherd place at Brooks for $495.        E. B. Holsclaw, of Pitts Point, spent
Mrs. Bolz Reichmuth Thursday                                                     Monday here.
                                       *** Advertisement: Dr. M. E. King,
afternoon.                                                                       L. L. Roby and L. W. Vanvactor
                                       MD and Chi-ro-prac-tor announces
Minnie and Beulah Arnold, Ella         the removal of his office from West       spent Monday here.
Cain, Arthur Stivers, Perry Gooch,     Broadway to Starks Building.
                                                                                 Mrs. Sam Thurman is on the sick
Anthony Risinger, Roy Harmon and       Louisville.
Otto Houghlan were the guests of
W. T. Houghlan and family                                                        Chas. Kneiser (sic), of the Knobs,
Wednesday night.                       Mrs. Harve Welker, of Lebanon             spent Monday here.
                                       Junction, spent Monday with Mrs.
Misses Edna Fawbush and Naomi                                                    Mr. and Mrs.         Frazier Lee
                                       Frank Monroe.
Houghlan spent Thursday with Mr.                                                 entertained Sunday for dinner Miss
and Mrs. T. H. McDaniel.               Mrs. Fred Harshfield, Mrs. Frank          Cordia Walston, Lieut. Walter
                                       Monroe and Miss Chrissie Ashby            Brooks and Miss Willie May
Mrs. R. C. Horine was the guest of                                               Ridgway.
                                       spent Sunday in the city.
Mrs. Lee Beghtol Friday afternoon.
                                       Col. Chas. Jasper, of Waterford,          Mr. John Cain, of Kokomo, Ind.,
Miss Edna Fawbush spent Saturday                                                 spent a few days last week with Mr.
                                       spent Monday here.
with Mrs. R. C. Horine.                                                          and Mrs. R. L. Troutman.
                                       Rudolph Stringer, of Muncie, Ind.,
Virgil Horine, of Shively, spent                                                 Miss Mary P. Combs and Rude
                                       spent Sunday here.
Sunday with his brother, Mr. R. C.                                               Stringer spent last Thursday with
Horine.                                Chas. Hardesty, of Mt. Eden, spent
                                                                                 Mrs. Bell and Waverly.
                                       Monday here.
Miss Ella Cain, Mr. and Mrs. R. C.                                               Mesdames Wilson, Lee and
Horine spent Sunday afternoon with     Riley Weller and wife of Lick
                                                                                 Troutman, Miss Slaughter, H. K.
Mr. W. T. Houghlan and family.         Skillet were here Saturday.
                                                                                 Deacon and Rev. Crandell attended
Miss Naomi and Otto Houghlan           Tom Adams and wife of Leaches             the Centenany (sic) meeting at
were the guests of Miss Ella Cain      spent Saturday here.                      Elizabethtown last Wednesday.
Sunday night.                                                                    C. F. Troutman Sr has returned from
                                       Geo. Pendleton of Louisville spent
                                       Saturday here.                            a business trip to Ark.

                                                     Page 295
                           The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. J. F. Collings and Mrs. C. F.     Miss Pauline Pace has returned            ***Hebron
Troutman were guests of Mrs. O. P.     home after a visit with friends at Mt.    Harry Hesler was injured when
Means last week.                       Washington.                               sapling fell on him one day last week
Miss Eugenia Crist was the guest of    Jodie Swearingen has arrived to           breaking a rib.
Mrs. Chas. G. Bridwell last week.      spend a few days with his parents,        Clarence Brooks has bought the
                                       but will soon returned to his Co.         store property of W. J. Bell or rather
Rev. Peak, of Mt. Washington, spent
a night last week with J. F. Combs     Gordon Bridwell, who has been in          exchanging his home, the Geo.
family.                                France for nearly a year, has been        Bailey property, for the store.
                                       discharged and has returned home.         Clarence and Logan Brooks will
Miss Margaret Combs was a week                                                   engage in business together. We
end visitor of Miss Ora Lee Croan.     ***Born to the wife of C. E. Alford,      trust they may be successful and as
                                       of Brooks, a girl, Feb. 10.               accommodating as Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Mattie Rennison has been
spending some time with her sisters    ***Entertained                            Bell have been.
who are sick.                                                                    Clarence Brooks has purchased an
                                       Miss Edith Hancock entertained the
Mrs. Birtie (sic) Summers and          High School teachers and their            auto truck to use in connection with
children were guests of Mrs. R. L.     escorts last Tuesday evening. After       his store.
Troutman last Thursday.                playing various kinds of card games,      W. J. Bell is having his residence
                                       Miss Edith and Miss Irene                 across the pike painted and papered
Mesdames Prather, Whitehead and
                                       Moredock delighted the guests with        and expects to move to it next week.
daughter were guests of their
                                       some splendid instrumental and
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Smith                                                Will Ladisaw has sold his farm, but
                                       vocal music. Miss Moredock has a
last Thursday.                                                                   we failed to learn the name of the
                                       splendid voice, rich and cultured and
Miss Nancye Jeffries was a week        sings with splendid effect. As to         new owner.
end visitor of Miss Louise Monroe.     Miss Edith’s work on the piano, it        John Brooks and family of Okolona
                                       needs no comment here. She is             spent the week end with W. J. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Heartick, Mrs.
                                       beyond all question one of the most       and wife.
Young and son spent Sunday with
                                       talented performers in this part of
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Troutman.                                                     Miss Georgia Queen, who is the
                                       Kentucky. After the music,
Miss Margaret Foster was a week        delightful refreshments were served,      guest of her sister, Mrs. E. Z.
end guest of Miss Blanch Howlett.      and then followed some more music         Wiggington, has been quite sick with
                                       and the guests departed, voting Miss      the flu or rather a relapse as she had
Mr. Lewis Wade left Sunday night       Edith a most charming hostess. She        the first attack while on a visit to her
for Charlotte, No. Carolina, after     was assisted by Mrs. S. E. Hancock        brother, John Shanklin and wife.
spending a few days with his           and Miss Bertie Manor and it goes
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wade.                                                  Miss Nadine Melton has resigned
                                       without saying that everything was        her school at Hebron to take a
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Crenshaw            done for the convenience and              position in the graded school at
spent Thursday at Nazareth.            comfort of the guests.                    Shepherdsville. Miss Nadine is a
Ewing Crenshaw, of Leaches, was        Those present were Misses Irene           good teacher and we wish her
here Monday.                           Crutcher, Irene Moredock, Helen           success.
                                       Burkholder, Zora Raymond, Sara             Miss Nellie Mae Scott has assumed
Mike Smith and family have moved
                                       Williams, Bertie Manor, Edith              the position in Hebron school made
to Ewing Crenshaw’s farm and will
                                       Hancock, and Mrs. S. E. Hancock,           vacant by Miss Nadine Melton. Miss
raise tobacco.                         and Messrs Henry Maraman, Harry            Nellie Mae has the reputation of
Lee Middleton and wife will move       C o m b s , Bud Combs, Guy                 being a fine teacher and trust she
to Louisville next week.               Stansburry, T. C. Carroll and J. R.        may be able to do something with
                                       Zimmerman.                                 the remnant of the term. Our school
                                                                                  has been a force this term.

                                                     Page 296
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Lillian Wiggington, who is         J. R. Ball was at Okolona Saturday        man and that is some job when the
taking a Normal course at Bowling       crating furniture for Mrs. John           shells are bursting.
Green, KY, is doing well.               Walker, who is moving to Arkansas.
                                                                                  Irving D. Snellen, Coblenz, Sub
Ed Simons has been discharged from      ***Public Sale                            Commission, Inter Allied Field
service and is at home.                                                           Railway Commission.
                                        Feb. 20. As I have sold my farm to
Robt. Queen, who has been stationed     the Government, I will sell at public     The Other Bird
at Van Couver (sic), has arrived at     auction at my farm on the
                                                                                  When the other bird from the SOS
Camp Taylor for demobilization. His     Shepherdsville road to West Point
                                                                                  sits down to his steak and pie
will be a sad homecoming as his         and 3 miles below Pitts Point the
                                                                                  He proclaims his wrath with
mother will not be there to greet him   following: list of mules, horses,
                                                                                  scorching tongue
with the love light in her eyes.        cattle, hogs, hay, corn, farming
                                                                                  And swears he would rather die
                                        implements etc. J. E. Chappell, Jas.
Mrs. Amanda Rogers went to New                                                    Than count out cans of monkey meat
                                        Roney, Auct.
Albany Monday to see her sister,                                                  And check off loaves of punk.
Miss Newbank, who is ill of             ***Wanted: A tenant with small            That he wants to fight and hit the
stomach trouble.                        family to farm. Everything                gaff
                                        furnished. C. C. Weller,                  And a lot of other bunk.
Mrs. H. L. Rogers and Miss Emma         Shepherdsville.                           He wears a good old campaign hat
were guests of Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw                                                And a pair of russet dogs
Saturday.                               ***Advertisement - The Bullitt
                                                                                  And has a little madam, Iselle
                                        News Printed every Friday at
John M. Holsclaw is on the sick list.                                             To share his dialogues
                                        Shepherdsville. $1.00 year. Job
                                                                                  While the Man in arms contents
Mrs. Will Becker visited her sister,    printing.
Mrs. Will Carrithers, last week.                                                  With a can of old “Corned Bill”
                                              February 21, 1919
The Mother Goose party at Hebron                                                  He casually reads his undershirt
Saturday night was a success, both      ***School News                            For literature is nil.
socially and financially, we are glad                                             He wears a Stetson made of tin
                                        L e t t e r f r o m Sta t e S c h o ol
to hear. Everybody loves the                                                      His “Dogs” weight many a pound
                                        Superintendent V. O. Gilbert giving
character of Mother Goose. We need                                                When nightfall comes, he builds his
                                        particulars of the new law regarding
more of these social affairs.                                                     “flop”.
                                        the examination in agriculture
                                                                                  And turns in on the ground.
Mrs. Marie Patrick is the guest of      required of all graded, rural and high
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W.         school teachers. Some sample
                                                                                   You read a lot of phoney junk about
Sanders.                                questions listed.
Lieut. Arch Priest, of Kansas City,     ***Tax for good roads - A reader           But for all the fun the fighter has
Mo., paid a flying visit to relatives   writes his opinion in favor of the         You bet your boots he pays,
and others here last Saturday.          new tax.                                   Somebody says down in fares
                                                                                   There’s a “Y” there that’s a bear
Miss Ruth Lathan spent the week         ***In Germany
                                                                                   But the front line troops don’t
end with her family here. Miss Ruth     Coblenz, Germany, Miss Mabel               benefit
is spending some time with an aunt,     Snellen, Dear Sis:                         For the SOS are there
Mrs. Kirk, in the city. We miss her                                                Up there the big boys scream and
from the S.S. especially.               I am sending you a few verses that
                                        one of the boys over here wrote
The WMS of Cooper Memorial held                                                    And there’s gas and hell and all
                                        about the S.O.S. entitled “The Other
an all day industrial meeting with                                                 They’re a myth, these red triangle
Miss Ida Beeler last Thursday. A                                                   men
pleasant feature was the bountiful      I don’t agree with him about the           Up where your comrads fall
dinner furnished on the co-operative    YMCA for the YMCA Secretary                Here we’ll have to pause and say
plan.                                   went over the top with us as first aid     a kind word for the chap

                                                      Page 297
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

And he is the good old Red              Will say “More of those birds, I          volunteered for service at the front,
Crossman                                guess”.                                   and with two hundred others left to
He goes up where they scrap                                                       join the 146th S A at Clermont
He passes out all that he has           But we’ll always know who striped         Serrind, but when we arrived there,
And does it with a smile                the Boche                                 we found they had already left for
While the other bloke grabs for the     And bridged the River Versie              the front and immediately started to
francs                                  Who reduced the salient of St.            catch them, but our train got lost and
Like a miser o’er his pile.             Miheil                                    after passing through and laying over
Back to the bird in the SOS             And stormed the Argonne trail             in such towns as Nevirs and Tours,
With his sorry doleful plight           The SOS will spill their load             we landed in Paris and for about six
Who really hates to count shoe          And pull their hero stuff                 hours, I was free to see that
strings                                 But when the fighting men come            wonderful town, and my time there
And thinks he wants to fight            home                                      was one of the best times of my life.
I crave to take these burning youths    Say, watch us call their Bluff.
                                                                                  I finally arrived on the front July 13th
by their soft and slender hands         C. L. Moigs
                                                                                  and joined the 146th near Chateau
And lead them to the scene of hell                                                Thierry on the 14th of July and was
                                        ***Over Seas
That’s bound by moral bands                                                       in all that fighting in that sector until
But this now too late and they’re       Mantunach,      Grand     Duchy     of
                                                                                  August ?0th, but Battery C only lost
going back                              Luxemburg
                                                                                  two men all through the drive, and
These boys from the SOS                                                           they were killed at Epeids.
                                        Dear Father:
They’ll be the heros from “Over
There”                                  Just six months ago today, I left New     I was at Quentin Roosevelt’s grave
and we’ll stay till we rot, I guess.    York bound for some European port.        just after he was buried.
                                        At that time, the war looked very
                                                                                  I was through Bellean Woods just
They’ll tell of how they drove the      bad for the Allies and it seems
                                                                                  after it was vacated by the Boche
Huns                                    w o n d e r f u l w h a t we h a ve
                                                                                  and I saw the first real American
From the Marne to the River Versie      accomplished in so short a time as        battle of the war, and no 4th of July
While the men who actually hit the      five or six months.                       celebration ever will compare to
chunk                                                                             that. It was the first time the
                                        I am going to try to tell you of some
Is still read AEF mail.                                                           Germans had ever fought in the open
                                        of the places I have seen and some
They will tell of how they took the                                               and outside of a trench, they are as
                                        of the fights I have taken part in
heights                                                                           the French say “Pas Bon” or “No
                                        since I have been across the sea.
of Dizzy Montfaucou                                                               Good”.
And in the siege of the Argonne         I landed in Liverpool, England, but
woods                                   was only a few hours there; and at        Our regiment was moved from the
Of how they carried on                  that time it was a busy, but dead city.   River Vesie to the St. Mihiel salient
We’ll occupy “der Vaterland”            England was a pretty country and I        and I was in that fight, but we were
As we are doing now.                    liked the people fine because they        lucky and never were located by the
And eat that Chinese army grub          were for sacrificing everything they      enemy and no loss of life was
Better known as “Raw Tin Chaw”          had and every life in the British         reported by our Battery and you
                                        Empire, rather than lose the war, and     know how victorious we were there
Some day perhaps our scow will sail     they wouldn’t have been whipped           from the papers.
And take up across the foam             yet, even had we never come into the      Then we were sent to the Argonne or
But the only thing to welcome us        war.                                      what was called the Port of Honor,
Will be the fact we’re home.                                                      as it was considered the German’s
                                        I crossed the channel to France June
The cheering throngs with welcome
                                        28th, landing at Le Havre, which is a     strong point on the whole front. The
arms                                                                              Americans held it all by themselves
                                        very pretty city, altho parts of it are
Who met our brave (?) SOS                                                         and the best divisions in the
                                        very dirty. I went from Le Havre to
Will be dispersed and the passers by                                              American army were up there.
                                        La Courtine and after a while there

                                                       Page 298
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

We were almost constantly under           French tractor and 20 white trucks,          I am now running a six ton truck to
shell fire all through that fight which   everything motorized and we ride             Belgium, hauling provisions for the
lasted from Sept. 26 until Nov. 11th,     everywhere we go.                            Belgium relief fund. They certainly
and lost in our Battery 21 men, and                                                    need help for they scarcely have
                                          I will give you a list of the big places     anything left, you can’t realize how
most all the men suffered from gas
                                          I have seen since I left the states,         terrible it is unless you could see for
and I sure had the fear of God put
                                          Liverpool, Eng., LeHavre, Tours,             yourself.
into my heart, the worst was at a
                                          Clermont Ferrand, Nevrs, Paris,
place called Cunel, where about two                                                    Will write you again in a few days
                                          Miaux, Chateau Thierry, Soissons.
Hun Batteries opened a twenty                                                          and let you know what I am going to
                                          Fere en Tar Ferademois, Chezy Sin
minute barrage on us, we moved in                                                      do. Hoping all are well and to be
                                          Marne, Segame, BarLe Duc,
there about noon and started to dig                                                    with you real soon.
                                          St.Dizer, Verdum, Escn,
dugouts immediately. But were
                                          Luxemburg, and I will try to keep            Write often to me, regardless of
forced to put our guns in position
                                          you all at home posted from now on.          whether you hear from me or not.
and when they opened fire on us at 6
p.m. we had no place to go and had        I hope business is good now and you          Lovingly, your brother, Walter H.
to take to the ditches and behind our     and everybody well. Write me when            Funk, Seaman First Class.
guns. I fell behind again and a           you can.
Corporal in a ditch right behind me                                                    ***Will Undergo Operation
                                          As ever, your loving son, J. R.
was killed and others wounded all                                                      Mr. S.C. Bridwell is at St. Anthony’s
                                          Settle. Battery C 146th FA, AEF,
around me, but it is all the luck of                                                   Infirmary, were he will undergo an
                                          France. PS give my love to mother.
war and I am still alive, well and                                                     operation some time this week. He
happy, but I will never say, “I can’t     ***From Overseas                             has been in bad health for some time
be scared” again for I hardly had any                                                  and his many friends wish him a
                                          Dear Sis and All:
nerve for a week afterward and just                                                    speedy recovery.
on top of that we were gassed one         Just received a letter from you,
night at supper, and because it was       which is the first letter I have gotten      ***For Sale - Dog
not so strong, we took off our gas        from home for a long, long time and          Sheriff Jas. Croan is about the
masks and ate our supper and nearly       believe me, Eula, words would fail           largest Dog Dealer in the County
every man in our Battery was sick         me should I make the attempt to tell         now, he has several dozens which
for a week, but we managed to get         you how glad I was to hear from              he would like to dispose of under the
by and allright again.                    home once more. I am getting along           new dog law, he has to keep the dogs
                                          fine, but it does seem like I am             ten days and if not called for, kill
The German gas got very weak just         rather unlucky in a way for all the
before the end of the war and that                                                     them. We understand that he had a
                                          boys I came over here with have              good offer for all at some place in
was all that saved us.
                                          returned to the States and here I am,        Louisville. We don’t know if it is a
I was at Montigny when the                still stationed in France and the            tan yard or a sausage factory, but we
armistice was signed and we were          worst of it is I don’t know when I           believe it is the best thing to do with
ready to advance on Sedan when the        shall get to go home, for it is              them would be send them to
good news came.                           rumored that we shall be sent to
                                                                                       Germany as horse and mule meat.
                                          Germany to demand some German
We went back behind the lines and                                                      There is a demand.
                                          vessels. However, this may not be
billeted near Verdun and got all our      true, and I trust it isn’t for I, like all   ***Missing in Action
material in shape and were ordered
                                          the rest of the boys, want to go home
to the Rhine, and are now on the                                                       Washington - Last week’s casualty
                                          and should I be sent to Germany, it
way just stopping in Luxemburg to                                                      report showing more than 10,000
                                          would be some time before I could
rest awhile, but will hit the trail in                                                 men of the Expeditionary Force
                                          get home, but if I do not have to go,
the morning.                                                                           mission in action has been corrected
                                          suspect I shall start for the States
                                                                                       to make the total 7,783, Gen. March
We have the big six inch rifles with      Feb. 1st.                                    said today. Gen. Pershing has
a 20 foot barrel, four of them to a                                                    reported the new total with the
Battery and four Holl tractors, one

                                                        Page 299
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

information that the figures were       better than the rest. Clarence             Guessing contests and other games
being reduced by from one hundred       Dawson, Agent. Jas. Roney, Auct.           made the evening pass quickly and a
to two hundred names per day as a                                                  pleasant time was enjoyed by all.
                                        ***Advertisement - Clausen’s
result of the checking of records in                                               Miss Russell Borders at last report
                                        Graino, chicken feed, mash and
the central records office in France.                                              was doing nicely, with hope of her
                                        scratch. Conrad J. Clausen, Jefferson
At the same time, Gen. Pershing         Street. Louisville.                        complete recovery.
gave the War Department new totals                                                 ***Advertisement
                                        ***Advertisement - Halls Premium
of casualties in the 1st and 2nd
                                        Seeds for garden and farm. Hall            Ford automobiles for sale at the
Divisions, the Marine Brigade in the
                                        Seed Co., Preston & Jefferson,             Gatton Garage Company, Price List.
latter being included. The 1st
Division had a total killed, died of                                               ***Advertisement
wounds, missing and prisoners of        ***Mt. Washington
5,258, and the 2nd Division total was                                              Gold Medal Field Seeds available at
                                        Misses Mary Harris and Hermione            the Louisville Seed Company.
                                        Leoffler, of the city, spent last week
New casualty totals for the 1st and     with the former’s aunt, Mrs. W. L.         ***BYPU Program - Participants:
2nd Divisions were given as follows:    Hall and her sister at Lenora, Mrs.        Cora Cash, Eleanor Glenn, Mrs.
                                        Wylmer Jones.                              Weatherford, Elizabeth Pitman,
First Division - Killed in action,                                                 Chas. Lee Bradburry, Margaret
2,303; died of wounds, 1,050;           Rev. D. R. Peak was called to              Sanders, Miss Martha Hornbeck,
missing in action, 1,789; prisoners     Bardstown last week to see his             Roy Stallings, Mrs. Maud Glenn,
106 - Total 5,248                       uncle, who is seriously ill of the
                                                                                   Mayme Stephens, Mrs. Lee, John
                                        hardening of the arteries.
Second Division - Killed in action,                                                Glenn, Blanche Howlett.
2,716; died of wounds, 1,329;           Mr. and Mrs. Genus Crenshaw and
                                                                                   ***List of dog owners too long,
missing in action, 1,067; prisoners     children were all day guests of Mrs.
                                                                                   hope to have it next week.
148. - Total 5,260.                     D. T. Mothershead Sunday.
***Public Sale                          Mrs. R. J. Holloway and children
                                        spent Tuesday with her mother, Mrs.        Morgan Arnold, of West Point, spent
Feb. 28, on the Farm owned by C. C.                                                Thursday here the guest of Friends.
                                        J. W. Herin.
Fain, formerly owned by Wm.
Dawson, one mile southeast of Lotus     Messrs and Mesdames R. P.                  Lilly Mae Saddler and little brother,
Station, on the L & N RR, in Bullitt    Wiggington, S. F. Smith and baby           Emerson, spent Sunday with their
County. The farm I had leased           and Miss Georgia Porter were all           grandmother and father, Mr. and
having been sold by the owner and I     day guests of their brother, Walter        Mrs. M. H. Jones.
having already sold my lease on the     Porter and wife in Jefferson County.
                                                                                   Cpl. Herman E. Russell spent the
farm, I will offer for sale the         Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McGee spent             weekend as the guest of Miss
following: horses, cattle, hogs,                                                   Elizabeth Formhals, before leaving
                                        Sunday with his parents, W. L.
farming implements, etc. John                                                      for his home in Ohio.
                                        McGee and wife.
Bohannon, Owner. Jas. Roney, Auct.
                                        Miss Nancy Trunnell spent the week         Misses Elizabeth and Ruth Formhals
***At Auction, March 1, at Court                                                   spent Monday in the city.
                                        end at her home in Shepherdsville.
House for the account of Mr. Fred       Her cousin, Lilbern Parrish was her
Gernet, of Louisville, 3 brood mares,                                              Miss Bess Maraman is spending this
4 yearling mule colts, 1 fine milch                                                week at Loretta Academy, the guest
cow, 1 yearling calf, 1 jack, 1 stud.   Miss Ethel Wise spent the week end         of her sister.
Formerly owned by Andy Kulmer           in Louisville.
                                                                                   Miss Margaret Foster is the guest of
and W. H. Nusz. For reference, we                                                  Miss Blanche Howlett this week.
                                        A social was given last Friday night
cite you the best colts in Bullitt.
                                        at the home of Rev. H. B. Wilhoit by
Theirs are as good as the best and                                                 Chas. Kneisler, of Brooks, was in
                                        the BYPU.
                                                                                   town Monday on business.

                                                      Page 300
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Several loads of tobacco have gone      Mr. J. F. Rickets and Mr. L. M.           Mrs. William T. McElroy and
to the Bloomfield loose leaf tobacco    Masden were here Thursday on              daughter were the guests of Mrs. B.
market in the last few days.            business.                                 F. McElroy and mother at Brooks a
                                                                                  few days last week.
Mr. T. H. Wise, of Pleasant Grove,      ***Mt. Elmira
spent Monday here.                                                                Miss Mary Kneisler spent Thursday
                                        We are glad to hear of Mr. Henry
                                                                                  afternoon with Mrs. Mathew Colvin.
Logan Burks, who has just been          Ferguson’s folks being over the flu,
discharged from the army has            except Flora Lee and she is getting       Mr. Mathew Colvin spent Thursday
pneumonia.                              along nicely.                             with Mr. C. E. Alford.
Henry Deavers is at home from the       We are glad to hear that Mr. Jas.         Mr. and Mrs. Guy Wilhite, who
army.                                   Ferguson is improving.                    were living on Mr. J. W. Barrall’s
                                                                                  Hill Farm moved last Tuesday to Mr.
R. H. Miller took a load of tobacco     Marshall Jones and Frank Stearman
                                                                                  Obe Funk’s farm in the bottoms.
to the Bloomfield market Tuesday.       spent Wednesday with Jas. Ferguson
                                        and family.                               We are sorry to hear Miss Flora Lee
The many friends of Clyde Duvall                                                  Foster is on the sick list.
are glad to see him back again.         Lewis Ferguson spent last
                                        Wednesday with Mr. Jas. Ferguson          Elmer Engelbrecht called on his best
County Assessor Bert Shepherd has                                                 girl Sunday evening.
                                        and family.
bought the Cook place on the river
opposite Jas. Croan and move to it.     Earnie (sic) McNutt was the guest of      Henry Kneisler was the guest of
                                        Jas. Ferguson and family a few days       Ernest Gentry and Willie Ferguson
Mr. J. C. Medcalf, of Deatsville,                                                 Sunday.
                                        last week.
spent Saturday here on business.
                                        We were glad to hear of Noah              Miss Mary Kneisler spent Sunday
Rufus Balee, of Zoneton, was here                                                 with Misses Hattie and Eva
                                        Ferguson returning from Camp.
Saturday on business.                                                             Ferguson.
                                        Everyone was glad to see him.
John Bohannon has sold out at Lotus                                               Walter Ferguson was the guest of
                                        Ernest Gentry and Noah Ferguson
and will move soon.                                                               Will Ferguson and family Sunday.
                                        spent a few days in the city past
Lee Middleton, of near Cedar Grove,     week.
                                                                                  Jas. L. Beghtol spent Sunday with C.
moved to the city Tuesday.                                                        K. Kneisler and family.
                                        Mr. C. K. Kneisler spent last Friday
Will Troll, the popular mail carrier    in the city.
                                                                                  ***Card of Thanks
on route 3 is taking a vacation, and
                                        Miss Hattie Klapper spent Thursday
Kinney Bolton is carrying mail this                                               We, the undersigned committee, on
                                        evening with Mrs. C. K. Kneisler.
week.                                                                             resolution, wish to thank the
                                        Miss Mary Kneisler spent                  Fraternal Hall Assn on behalf of the
Mrs. Fred Hatzel and daughter,                                                    Methodist Church of Shepherdsville
                                        Wednesday afternoon with Misses
Wilma Lee, of Brooks spent Friday                                                 for their kindness and assistance in
                                        Hattie and Eva Ferguson.
and Saturday with Mrs. J. W.                                                      our entertainment Fri evening, held
Barrall.                                Mr. Walter Foster has begun his
                                                                                  by their generous permission in the
                                        work again getting out timber on Mr.
Charles Howel, who was discharged                                                 Fraternal Hall.
                                        A. K. Funk’s place and he has made
from Military Service last week                                                   We especially wish to convey our
                                        a trade with C. K. Kneisler to put out
spent Tuesday here.                                                               heartfelt gratitude to Mesdames
                                        his lumber to Brooks.
Henry Deavers, who has been                                                       Conrad Maraman and Roy Maraman
                                        Mr. R. D. Ferguson and son, who
stationed down South has been                                                     for their untiring efforts and
                                        have been working in Louisville
discharged and returned to his home                                               thoughtful generosity in our work,
                                        came home Wednesday sick.
here.                                                                             also to each and every person, who
                                        Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Kneisler spent         so gladly and ably helped to make
                                        Tuesday at Brooks.                        our program a success.

                                                      Page 301
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Committee: Mesdames Ada                Miss May Bolton and Mrs. Howell           looking good and feeling in fine
Troutman, Annalea Smith, Miss          Young spent one day last week in          fettle. Should the Judge decide to
Maggie McClaskey.                      Shepherdsville.                           quit single wretchedness for married
                                                                                 bliss, we know of several old maids
***For Sale - Pure bred S. C. Brown    ***WCTU Reorganized
                                                                                 in this sector who would be glad to
Leghorn eggs $1.50 per setting of 15                                             make the trip with him, however,
                                       At the home of Mrs. C. F. Troutman,
eggs. - Golden Masden, Lebanon
                                       on Monday night, Feb. 17th.               this is said in the strictest
Junction, Ky.                                                                    confidence.
                                       This is the third time this good work
***Cedar Grove                                                                   ***Death
                                       has been started in this community.
Mrs. Henry Crenshaw and daughter       In 1917, a few women and men
                                                                                 William Guy Troutman of Joplin,
and Mr. John Hibbs spent Friday        conducted this work very
                                                                                 Missouri, formerly of Bullitt County
with Mrs. Geo. Bolton.                 successfully, but near the close of
                                                                                 died at his home Thursday
                                       the year, nine of the members left
Conrad Ratcliff and family and                                                   afternoon, Feb. 13th following an
                                       the community for various reasons.
Chester Pace and family spent                                                    illness of several months. He is
                                       That left just 4 members and as we
Sunday with Lee Middleton and                                                    survived by his widow, Mrs. Thursia
                                       could not get others interested, we       (sic) Troutman, one brother, Lee
                                       decided to fold our tent and await        Troutman of St. Louis, Missouri,
Mrs. Mira Bolton spent one evening     events, then the bitter cup of war        two sisters, Mrs. Elridge Triplett of
last week with Mrs. Quince Bolton.     was pressed to our lips.                  Louisville, Mrs. E. H. Welsh of
Mrs. Eunice Young spent last Friday    Then pestilence strode into our           Evansville, Ind., and one half
with her mother, Mrs. Jannie Bolton.   midst, but out of all this suffering      brother, Ernest Masden of Detroit,
                                       and death, the world is awaking to        Mich. The body was taken to Kansas
Mrs. M. D. Simmons spent one day                                                 City for burial.
                                       its glorious opportunity of doing
last week with her daughter, Mrs.
                                       good.                                      ***For Sale - 4 thorough bred black
Bert Deacon.
                                       And now, even as we organized, we          Polangus. Ricket Bros., Lebanon
Lee Middleton has traded his place                                                Junction KY
                                       are able to report 12 paid up
for property in Louisville and will
                                       members, 3 honoraries and many             ***For Sale - Locust Posts, R. P.
move there soon.
                                       others have promised to join us. The       Sharp, Shepherdsville, KY
Bert Deacon has been on the sick       officers are: Mrs. R. L. Troutman,
list.                                  Pres.; Mrs. Robt. Simmons, Vice-           ***For Sale - 50 acres of land. Mrs.
                                       Pres.; Mrs. C. F. Troutman, Cor.           Ida Hecker, Shepherdsville.
Don Simmons and family spent
                                       Sec. and Treas.; Miss Martha               ***For Sale - Improved Oliver
Sunday with Frank Noe and family.
                                       Hornbeck, Rec. Sec. Our first
                                                                                  Chilled Plows Bowkers Fertilizers
Clifford Bolton spent Saturday and     meeting will be at 2:30 Sunday at
                                                                                  the best on the market. It will pay
Sunday with Herbert and Wilmer         the Baptist Church. We invite              you to see us before buying. S. C.
Crenshaw at Hubers.                    everybody as this is a union meeting.      Bridwell and Son, Shepherdsville.
Mrs. Bert Deacon and son spent                                                    ***Lost - A fountain pen some
Thursday evening with Mrs. Lee         ***Judge Daniel Not Married                where on streets. Finder will please
Middleton.                                                                        return to this office.
                                       The report which was circulated
Mrs. Mertelle Mc Cormick is            hereabout some time ago to the             ***Hogs Wanted - I want to buy
spending a few days with her           effect that Judge Daniel had taken         stock hogs from 50 lbs up also fat
brother, Emmitt Crenshaw at West       unto himself a wife is very much           hogs. Call C. L. Troutwine.
Point.                                 exaggerated. Roscoe Tucker, who            Shepherdsville.
                                       was here Sunday, says there is
Nathan Hughes called on his best                                                  ***Lecture - David M. Walker will
                                       nothing to it. “Rasky” says the Judge
girl Sunday night.                                                                lecture on his experience in Flanders
                                       was in the act of drawing his pay the
                                       last time he saw him, and was              and France. Masonic Temple,

                                                     Page 302
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Lebanon Junction, Friday night, Feb.    for 1919. Most all county trustees        Bernard H. Croan, Signed by C. P.
28th. Everybody come.                   were present and nominated and            Bradbury, J. H. Shelton, A. B. Davis.
                                        elected the old School Board with
***Cedar Creek                                                                    ***Hebron
                                        the following men for division
Rev. Burns, the new pastor of           secretary: Bart King, Chas. Long,         The funeral of Will Robards was
Victory Baptist Church will preach      George Herps, and O. H. Harned.           held at Hebron Church last
third Saturday night and Sunday                                                   Wednesday at 2 p.m. after which his
                                        The following trustees were present:
morning and Sunday night in March.                                                remains were laid to rest in the
                                        Chas. Funk, John Raymond, Bart
All invited.                                                                      Cemetery here.
                                        King, George Herps, J. M. Barrall,
The following were guests of Myrtle     A. V. Greenwell, Owen Shepherd,           Will Robards was the oldest son of
and Arvil Farnsworth Friday night:      W. J. Shaw, Thom. Mattingly,              Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Robards and had
Ainslee Barger, Loureal Flood,          George Taylor, Jasper Foster, A. C.       lived here nearly all his life. He was
Bessie Flood, Mur Shaw, Billie          Viers, E. Z. Wiggington, H. M.            about 40 years of age and is survived
Deacon, Milton Clark, Roy Shaw,         Trunnell, J. E. Quick, P. H. Croan,       by a widow and five children, by his
Henry Grant, Johnson Ash. All had       N. H. Miller, L. Q. Owens, Chas.          parents, three sisters and two
a delightful time.                      Long, Jas. Tinnell, W. J. Leslie,         brothers. Last fall, Will removed
                                        Chas. Newman, J. H. Harned, S. D.         with his family to a home near the
Ernest Hibbs and wife, of Louisville,                                             City on the Poplar Level Road where
                                        Ricketts, R. N. Masden, Claud Hill,
spent Saturday night with her                                                     he died of pneumonia following the
                                        Frank Jones, Will Dugan, Edd
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Barger.                                                 influenza. His entire family were ill,
Ola Roby, wife and little daughter,                                               and only two were able to attend the
                                        Miss Mayme Stephens, the popular
Milton Clark, Myrtle and Rena Shaw                                                burial. We extend sympathy to the
                                        primary teacher at Lebanon Junction
spent Sunday afternoon with Henry                                                 bereaved ones and commend his
                                        is having a round with the flu at her     stricken family to the “God of the
Grant and family.
                                        home here but is now much better.         fatherless and the widow”.
Milton Clark and Henry Grant spent
                                        Miss Neva and Hallie Magruder,             Little Mildred Crumback (sic) has
Saturday night in the city.
                                        teachers at Clermont, are both on the      bronchitis.
Miss Edith Clark is spending a few      sick list and have closed their
days with her parents.                  schools for a few days.                    ***Everett Smith
Mr. Oma Roby, of Shepherdsville,        Miss Ethel Wise and Nancy Trunnell         Who is he? He is a gentleman that is
spent Saturday with Mr. Ola Roby.       closed their school at Mt.                 with Lutes Co., Shepherdsville, Ky.
                                        Washington Friday after a very             He is a son of Noah Smith. Everett is
Mrs. Elmer Samuels moved Tuesday                                                   a successful farmer and business
                                        successful term.
down near West Point where she                                                     man and is very popular with people
will make her future home.              They have give such general                that know him. He is a cousin of the
                                        satisfaction that they were both           late E. A. Cochran that was with
Mrs. Elmer Samuels spent Sunday
                                        asked to return next fall.                 Lutes Co. for seventeen years. When
afternoon with Mrs. J. A. Roby.
                                        The High School will run two               in Shepherdsville, come to see
Mr. Luther Combest moved to the                                                    Everett at Lutes Co. place of
                                        months longer.
Troll Farm last Monday.                                                            business. He will treat you nice.
                                        Several spring schools will be taught
        March 7, 1919                   in the County this year. We hear of        ***9,567 Killed On Roads
                                        one at Edgewood, Sugar Valley,             Washington - Casualties on
***School News
                                        Pleasant Hill, Hebron, Brooks,             American railroads during 1917
The County School Board met             Green Briar and Mt. Washington.            resulted in the death of 9,567
Saturday, March 1st, for a short
                                        ***Resolution of Respect from the          persons and the injury of 70,970, the
session and in the afternoon met
                                        Directors of the Bullitt County Fair       Interstate Commerce Commission
with all trustees for the purpose of
                                        Association in regards to death of         reported today. During the previous
electing a new county school board
                                                                                   year, 9,476 lives were lost and

                                                      Page 303
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

66,982 persons were injured.             ***Joel H. Tucker                         the army Oct. 3rd , l917 at Camp
Accidents on grade crossings of                                                    Taylor, left there Feb. 16, 1918,
                                         Joel H. Tucker, one of our oldest         went to Camp Georgia, left there
steam railroads numbered 3,673 in        citizens died at his home here
which 1,777 persons were killed and                                                April 5th and went to New York, left
                                         Wednesday night from the effects of       New York April 8th and landed at
4,356 injured.                           a paralytic stroke which he sustained     Brest Coast in France April 23rd
Trespassers on railroad property         Tuesday morning. Mr. Tucker was           1918. I sure was traveling some. I
figured heavily in the accident          about 77 years of age. He is survived     don’t hear from home very often for
figures, 4,243 having been killed        by his wife, Mrs. Eliza Tucker, one       I move about from place to place so
during 1917 and 3,829 injured.           daughter, Mrs. Clay Daniel, of            much, nothing can cheer me any
Trainman killed while on duty            Georgetown, KY and three brothers,        more than a letter from any of my
numbered 1,492 and injured 47,887.       J. H. Tucker of this place, Joseph        relatives or friends at home. If I
Passengers killed were 301 and           Tucker of Union County and Jas.           could see you I could tell you more
injured 7,582.                           Tucker of Jefferson County. Mr.           than I could write.
                                         Tucker was one of our best citizens.
***Death                                 A full account of death, etc will be      I will close, hoping to hear from you.
Mrs. Almeta Burns, wife of Chester       given next week.                          Give my best regards to all. Your
Burns, aged 22 years old died                                                      cousin, Rufus H. Alcorn, Co. 1 6th
                                         ***Big land deal                          Infantry, APO 745 AEF
Sunday evening at the home of her
sister, Mrs. Lawrence Howlett at         Last Saturday, J. W. Croan and             ***Death Notice of John Barley
Salt River.                              Walter Armstrong purchased the C.          Corn Published
                                         D. Lee farm on the south side of Salt
Mrs. Burns, who had been sick for        River, the price being about $26,000.      Philadelphia - The following death
some time in Louisville, was brought     It is considered one of the best farms     notice of a “notorious citizen” has
here to her sisters several weeks ago.   in the county and has about seventy        been sent to the local press by Mrs.
Funeral services were held Tuesday       five or more acres of fine overflow        Bessie F. Thatcher of Yardville, NJ.
in the Shepherdsville Baptist Church     bottom land. In addition, the second       “Barleycorn - After a long illness,
by Rev. Hilary Burns, after which        bottom land is good. The farm              due to a fall from public favor, John
the remains were laid to rest in         contains about 244 acres which             Barleycorn, at an advanced age.
Hebron Cemetery.                         makes the price just a little over one     Relatives and friends, also the
                                         hundred dollars per acre.                  WCTU, Anti-Saloon League, all
She leaves a husband, one brother,
Jimmie Lee and one sister, Mrs.          ***In France                               temperance societies and the general
Lawrence Howlett.                                                                   public are respectfully invited to
                                         Mrs. Kate Hesler:                          attend the funeral. Services will be
Mr. Stephen Arnold died in               Dear Cousin:                               held in ever public meeting house
Louisville Sunday of the flu. His                                                   January 19, 1920. Remains may be
remains were laid to rest in the         I will answer your most kind and           viewed after July 1, 1919. Interment
family burying ground Tuesday on         welcome letter which I have just           in Oblivion Cemetery. Kindly omit
Chappel Ridge.                           received. It was sure a long time          flowers. Papers everywhere, please
                                         coming for you wrote it Oct. 10,           copy.
He was the second son of Mr. Pitt        1918 and I have just received it Jan.
Arnold, and only a few days ago he       22, 1919. I was glad to hear you all       ***President Troutman
went to see his brother, Willie          were well at your writing. This letter
Arnold and his father, J. P. Arnold,                                                No, not President of the US, but
                                         leaves me feeling fine at present.         president of the Retail Hardware
who lived near Mt. Eden who were
very low with the flu, and when he       I am a long ways from home, I have         Dealers of Kentucky is the honor
returned to his home in the city, he     been nearly all over France and over       which fell upon the shoulders of our
was forced to his bed only living a      some of Germany soil. This sure is a       fellow townsman, C. F. Troutman
few days.                                pretty place over here. There has          last week in Louisville, at the annual
                                         been a change made here since I            meeting of the above named
                                         received your other letter, I went to      organization. The honor fell upon

                                                       Page 304
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

w o r t h y s h o ulders and        we     opposition will not be tolerated by       There will be church at Cedar Grove
congratulate Mr. Troutman.                 the American people. This is no time      second Sunday in March. Everybody
                                           for political chicanery. Wilson, by       is invited.
***Tax for good roads.                     the far the greatest intellect this       ***Notice
Article asking for opinions on the         country has ever contained since the
proposed tax question.                     days of Lincoln is right and fair play    All persons interested in Sunday
                                           is going to demonstrate it and last       School Work are invited to attend a
***In Memory                               the professional politicians who          meeting of Sunday School Workers
Poem in loving memory of our dear          oppose his plan will be left in the       at the Methodist Church Sunday,
father who departed this life Dec.         lurch.                                    March 9th.
22, Signed a daughter, Nellie Green.       ***Flu Raging Again                       This is State Work, hope all
***Maraman-Underwood                                                                 denominations will attend.
                                           From nearly all parts of the county,
Miss Anna Maraman and Mr. Oscar            many cases of flu is reported at          Mr. Vaughan, the District Field
Underwood were married in                  Clermont, more than 50 cases are          Worker will be present. H. K.
Jeffersonville, Ind., Feb. 26th. Miss      reported and there are more than          Deacon, Co-Pres. Mrs. Pearl Lee,
Maraman is a daughter of Mr. and           1000 cases in the country.                Co. Sec.
Mrs. Mack H. Maraman of this               ***Notice - Shepherdsville Roller         ***For Sale - Seed potatoes,
place and is a young lady of many          Mills have just received 400 bags of      Cobbler and Star, Orange top cane
charms. She has been connected             ship stuff, will accommodate our          seed. W. H. Nusz, Shepherdsville.
with the Pioneer News for many             customers was long as it lasts.
years and is a trusted and valued                                                     ***To my Friends - As I have been
employee of that paper. She is             ***Special One Week Only                   discharged and have returned to my
closely related to the well known                                                     practice, I wish to state to my friends
                                           25 cent ladies black and white hose        and the public, I will be in
Maraman family of this place.              special price, 19 cents.                   Shepherdsville at the Trunnell Hotel
Mr. Underwood was born and reared          Children crash dresses - $1.59             Wednesdays and Saturdays. Dr. T.
in Taylor County and is a splendid         Good brown cotton - 19 cents yd
                                                                                      P. Sloan, dentist.
young man. We extend to the happy          Butter beans - 12 cents
young couple our best wishes for a         Navy beans - 11 cents                      ***For Sale - Having sold my farm
long and happy life.                       Brown pinto beans - 7 cents                1 mile of Lebanon Junction, Wilson
                                           Black eyed peas - 8 cents                  Creek, I offer for sale, Wednesday,
***100 Publications Quit Business          3-lb can tomatoes - 20 cents               March 12, at that place, 8 work
Norman, Oklahoma - One hundred             Good syrup - 75 cents gallon               mules, 25 stock cattle, 1 cow and
Oklahoma publications including            Good syrup - 39 cents half gallon          calf, 1 lot stock hogs and farm
daily and weekly papers, magazines         Matches - 5 cents a box                    implements. J. K. Fowler, Boston,
and trade papers have suspended            3-lb can lye hominy - 9 cents              KY.
during the past two years due to           3-lb can pumpkin - 9 cents
                                                                                      ***Lost - On road from Salt River
increased publishing costs.                Buky’s Cash Store, Shepherdsville
                                                                                      Station to Troll’s Farm, blue and
***League of Nations                       ***Cedar Grove                             white beaded handbag containing
                                                                                      silver mesh bag and money. If found,
The League of Nations plan will be         Mr. and Mrs. Henry Horde and son
                                                                                      return to Will Troll, Rural Carrier
adopted by the people of the United        spent a few days last week with their
                                                                                      Route 3, and receive liberal reward.
States, because it is right. Ex-           parents, Mr. and Mrs. Milton
President Taft, a great lawyer, is for     Harshfield, near Lick Skillett.            ***Card of Thanks
it, and sees nothing unconstitutional      Ella Mae Parris, Calvin and Admirle        Through the columns of this paper,
about it. many very big republicans,       (sic) Crenshaw and Clyde Crenshaw          we desire to express our gratitude to
including Elihu Root and W. H. Taft        were all day guests of Miss Lena           our many friends and relatives for
are for it. Only the narrow minded         Harshfield Sunday. All had a nice          their many kind deeds and their
partisan is against it, and that kind of   time.                                      services rendered us during the

                                                         Page 305
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

illness and death of our beloved        general agent for the Northwestern        Mrs. W. F. Joyce has returned to her
husband and father. Especially do       Mutual Life Insurance Company,            home after spending some time with
we thank our Doctors, Dr. Heizer        spoke of the loss of his car from in      her relatives at Barrallton.
and Napper, also Rev. T. L. Crandall    front of the Pendennis Club
                                                                                  Miss Elmira Brooks, of Louisville,
for his many visits and consoling       yesterday.
                                                                                  spent Saturday and Sunday here with
words. Mrs. J. R. Green and                                                       her mother, Mrs. Edith Brooks.
                                        R. T. Petticord, Representing
children, Lebanon Junction.
                                        Casualty Insurance Company.
                                                                                  Jailer Frank Monroe is out again
***Princeton, Wallace Jones near                                                  after being laid up the second time
                                        ***For Sale - Pure Bed Anconia
Farmville, Caldwell County. Barn        Hen eggs. $1.50 per setting to 15         with flu.
burned, horse, mule, cow, 500
                                        eggs. Mrs. W. P. Salmon, Lebanon
bushels corn, hay and farm                                                        A large crowd was in town Saturday
machinery destroyed. $3,000 loss.                                                 and attended the Gernett Sale.
                                        ***Edward M. Barrall promoted.
R. I. Petticord, Insurance Agent,                                                 Prof. Jack Sanders, who has the flu,
(Seems to using this example as a       Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Barrall received       is better and will soon be out again.
selling tool.)                          a telegram from their son, Edward J.
                                                                                  Mr. S. A. Shelton, who has bought
                                        Barrall of his safe arrival in New
***R. P. Smith, Agent for Aetna                                                   the Mason farm will move to it soon.
                                        York, this being his eighth trip over
Life Insurance Company, selling life                                              R. C. Hardesty, of near Mt. Eden,
                                        seas. Later, they received a letter
Insurance.                                                                        was in town Monday.
                                        stating he had recently been
***Advertisement - Seed corn for        promoted from first class Seaman to
                                                                                  A. B. Davis of Lick Skillet spent
sale - Wm. Swearingen.                  Plumber or (Ship-fitter)
                                                                                  Monday here.
***Advertisement-Geo. I. Rennison,      ***Personal
                                                                                  Caddie Songster, who was Dr. David
Agent for Hartford Fire Ins. Co.                                                  Smith’s assistant for nearly two
                                        James H. Glenn and family have
***Seed potatoes for sale - Andy        returned home after a week’s visit to     years, spent Saturday here.
Kulmer                                  relatives here. Mr. Glenn is now
                                                                                  E. B. Samuels and wife went to
                                        with one of the largest railroad lines
***Farmer and Girl Killed by train                                                housekeeping at their home on Knob
                                        leading out ot Pittsburg as foreman
                                                                                  Creek this week.
Paducah, Ky - An Illinois passenger     of Locomotive Repairs.
train at Benton Road crossing here                                                Mr. Rowan Snellen, who has been
                                        Miss Lucy Kurtz Stallings has
this morning, killed Charles L.                                                   on the sick list, is some better.
                                        returned to her school work at
Howard, a farmer of Calvert City                                                  Don’t fail to see Mr. R. C. Mason’s
                                        Lexington after spending a few days
and his little daughter, Monico. A                                                sale bill this issue.
                                        with her cousin, Miss Mary
horse and mule attached to the
wagon in which Howard and his                                                     Frank C. Bell, of Zoneton, was here
daughter were riding were also          Miss Mattie Whitty, of Louisville,        Saturday on business.
killed. Howard was a brother of S.      has returned home, after a week’s
                                                                                  Mrs. Dr. Ridgway, who has hurt in
T. Howard, manager of the Paducah       visit with Mrs. Joseph Snider.
                                                                                  an automobile accident last week is
potteries.                                                                        some better.
                                        Mr. Henry Sandefer, wife and baby,
(This seems to be used as a selling     of Louisville, spent Sunday with his
                                                                                  John D. Harned, of Belmont, was
tool for) R. P. Smith, Agent for        sister, Mrs. Joseph Snider.
                                                                                  here Monday on business.
Aetna Life Insurance Co.
                                        Mrs. Joseph Snider and son, Willie,
                                                                                  Mrs. S. C. Bridwell, who underwent
***Loses Second Flivver, But had        spent the week end in the city
                                                                                  an operation in Louisville is better
Insurance                               shopping.
                                                                                  and will soon be out again.
His second flivver was gone the way     Chester Roby, of Lebanon Junction,
                                                                                   Mr. Ed Bunch, of Frankfort, Ind.,
of the first, which disappeared         spent Saturday morning here.
                                                                                   was the guests of his aunt, Mrs.
several months ago, C. D. Rodman,

                                                      Page 306
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mack Maraman a few days this             ***Death of Sallie Ash                    John Crigler returned home Friday
week.                                                                              from the Navy and went back
                                         The death angel visited the home of       Sunday; his many friends were glad
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Biven, of             Jim Ash and claimed his loving wife       to see him all hated to see him start
Deatsville, spent Monday with Mr.        who was devoted to her home and           back.
and Mrs. Ewing Crenshaw.                 children. She was a kind and loving
                                         mother. The physicians and loving         John Crigler was the guest of his
School opened Monday at Pleasant                                                   brother, Jimmie Crigler, and family
                                         hands did all that could have been
Hill with Miss Lillian Monroe as                                                   Saturday night.
                                         done, but God knew best.
                                         Mrs. Sallie Ash, wife of Jas. Ash,        Ernest Gentry, Eva, Earl and Hattie
Fred Harshfield has a fine new truck.                                              Ferguson were guests of Jas. Crigler
                                         died at her home in Louisville,
J. B. Buky spent Tuesday in the city.    Saturday, Feb. 22 of pneumonia. She       and family Saturday night.
                                         was 58 years, 7 months, and 22 days       Mrs. Robt. Flora’s and children
Miss Sallie Pope spent Tuesday in
                                         old. She leaves a husband and two         spent Sunday afternoon with R. C.
the city shopping.
                                         children, Harry Ash and Mrs.              Ferguson and family.
Senator Chas. Carroll of Louisville      Clarence Roby, a grandson, one
spent Monday here.                       brother, Lum Mudd, two sisters,           Walter Ferguson is visiting relatives
                                         Maggie Mudd and Mrs. A. B. Davis          on Knob Creek this week.
Several school trustees were in town
                                         to mourn her loss.                        We are sorry to hear of Mr. Fred
                                         The funeral services were conducted       Hatzel being on the sick list and also
Bedford Crenshaw and wife were                                                     Mr. Willie Ferguson, hoping they
                                         by Rev. D. R. Peak after which her
called to Cox Creek Tuesday the                                                    will soon be better agin.
                                         remains were laid to rest in the
attend the funeral of their nephew.
                                         Cedar Grove Cemetery Monday. She          Mr. C. C. Ferguson and Mr. J. D.
Henry Hamilton spent Wednesday in        was well known and loved in Bullitt
                                                                                   and Miss Laura Ferguson spent
the city.                                County where she had lived most all
                                                                                   Sunday with Mr. Jasper Foster and
                                         her life. The Pioneer News joins
Miss Maggie Burks left Tuesday to                                                  family.
                                         with her many friends and loved
spend several days with relatives at                                               Mrs. John Kneisler spent Sunday
                                         ones in extending heart felt
Frankfort, Ind.                          sympathy to the sorrowing ones.           with Mrs. Sadie Ferguson.
Tot Carroll, Miss Irene Crutcher,        ***Mt. Elmira                              Mrs. Robt. Floras and Mr. Basil
and “Baby Doll” attended the                                                        Horine were in Shepherdsville last
Eastern Star Play at Lebanon             We are all sorry to hear of Mr. Tom
Junction last Tuesday evening and        Miller’s family and Mr. E. T.
came back charmed. “Baby Doll”           Colvin’s family having the flu, hope       Little Emmitt Ferguson spent
was charmed because all the jokes        they will soon get getter.                 Sunday night with Roy and Ernest
were pulled off on Tot, and for the                                                 Ferguson.
                                         We all hope Mrs. Joe Crigler, who
same reason, a certain young lady        has pneumonia, will soon get better.       ***Birthday Party and Dance
was agitated.
                                         Mr. Henry Kneisler and Miss Mary           Mrs. Joseph Snider gave a birthday
Miss Geneva Swearingen and               Kneisler were the guests of Mr.            party and dance Saturday night,
brother, Will spent Sunday with J. L.    Henry Ferguson Sunday night.               March 1st. There were several from
Rayman and wife.                                                                    the city, seventy-five in all. Danced
                                         Mr. Ernest Gentry, Misses Eva and
W. R. Armstrong will sell lots of                                                   until 12:30 and broke up at one.
                                         Hattie and Ruby Ferguson were the
Stock, farming implements, hay feed      guests of Mrs. Mattie Ferguson             ***Notice - No hunting, day or
and etc at his farm 1 mile west of       Sunday.                                    night, on the lands of Mrs. G. W.
Shepherdsville on march 15 see next                                                 Simmons. Anyone caught will be
week’s paper.                            Jack Ferguson and family spent
                                                                                    prosecuted to the full extent of the
                                         Sunday afternoon with Mr. R. C.
                                                                                    law. Mrs. G. W. Simmons.
                                         Ferguson and family.

                                                       Page 307
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Sale March 11. As I have sold        days with friends and relatives in         France dope, and no place to spend
my farm and will move to                Shepherdsville.                            it.
Louisville, I will sell to the best                                                Tell Nellie to be good and take care
                                        ***Somewhere in France
bidder at my place 1 mile Southeast                                                of papa and not stop school unless it
of Cedar Grove, known as the            Dear Mother and Father:
                                                                                   is for papa’s comfort, and then for
Bowman Farm the following hogs,                                                    her not to hesitate a minute.
                                        Received your letter yesterday, was
mules, cattle, wagon, buggy, farming
                                        sorry that papa was not any better,
implements, etc. R. C. Mason, Jas.                                                 This leaves me well and enjoying
                                        hope is better by now. You said
Roney, Auct.                                                                       myself, hope papa s better when this
                                        Ruby and Emma had gotten a letter
                                                                                   reaches you. Tell him not to worry
***Mt. Eden                             from me. It is strange I can’t hear
                                                                                   about me for I will make it OK. As
                                        from them, I have written them all
Mr. L. M Barrall and family have                                                   ever, your true son, Pvt. William W.
                                        most as many letters as I have sent
colds.                                                                             Green, Co. H. 3rd Bn. 22nd Eng. AEF
                                        home. It was terrible about poor
Mr. Will Arnold and family have         Elmer Monroe, but this is a call we                  March 14, 1919
had the flu, but are better now.        all must answer, and he went in
                                        about a month before I did. What           ***School News
Mr. Pitt Arnold has had the flu and
                                        was he in, did you all ever find out?      Mrs. Chas. D. Lee, a well known and
improves slowly. Miss Lena Arnold,
who has been nursing her father was     What branch of the Army is Daymon          popular lady of this place died
called to the city Tuesday on           Green in? Was that his address you         Saturday after an illness of several
account of her brother, Stephan, who    sent me? I never heard of that             months.
has the flu.                            before. You wanted to know where           She is survived by many friends and
                                        I was. I am at Hairrie Court, not far      relatives in this and Larue County
Robt. Hardesty Jr has been on the
                                        from the Belgium line. I can’t             and is the mother of Miss Thelma
sick list.
                                        whether (sic) it is on the map, but it     Lee, a popular teacher of this
Lieut. Chas. Hardesty had as his        is a real small place. We came from        county.
guest Sunday a soldier from Camp        Abensville here and Gondre Court
Taylor, formerly from Canada.           was not far from Abensville. I have        Miss Effie Johnson is finishing the
                                        been here since the 7th of December.       school at Harned as Miss Alma
Mrs. Will Foster spent Sunday with                                                 Forrest has just tendered her
her mother, Mrs. Maggie Foster.         Well, when I start home, I don’t           resignation at that place which took
                                        want to be as long as we were              effect Monday.
Mrs. Thos. Barrall returned home
                                        coming over here, we sailed from
after spending a few days with Mrs.                                                Prof. J. H. Sanders is improving, but
                                        Montreal, Canada, and landed at
Turner Arnold and grandson, Albert                                                 rather slowly from his recent case of
                                        Liver Pool, England. We were on the
Ward.                                                                              the flu, and expects to be back in the
                                        ocean 26 days, but I didn’t get a bit
Archie Whitman has returned home        seasick. I have been awful lucky           school room by Monday.
from over there, also Isaac Sterman.    since I have been in the Army; I           Misses Fanny Belle Melton, Alma
Their many friends are glad to see      haven’t had a sick day, hope I             Forrest and Ida May Greenwell have
them.                                   continue so, but I don’t want to get       been offered schools in Jefferson
                                        any farther (fatter ?) than I am now.      County.
Joe Chappell and family will move
                                        If I do, I don’t think I will be able to
to Shepherdsville soon.                                                            Uncle Silas Daugherty, one of the
                                        carry it.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Masden spent a                                                    County’s oldest and best men died
                                        When I got up this A.M., I saw some        here Sunday at the home of his
few days in the city last week.
                                        snow, but first I have seen since I        daughter, Mrs. Frank Goldsmith.
Mrs. J. B. Myers spent Wednesday        have been in Europe. I guess you all
of last week in the city.               have had plenty of ice and cold            Mr. Daugherty was past 85 years of
                                        weather if it is anything like last        age, leaves a large family of
Miss Margaret L. Foster has                                                        progressive sons, among the Mr C.
                                        winter. This is Sunday afternoon. I
returned home after spending several
                                        just got paid so I have plenty of

                                                      Page 308
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

C. Daugherty, former member of the      ***A Worthy Movement by the               should be enforced at least from
County School Board.                    Local WCTU                                April to December.
We have just received offers from       At the last meeting of the Town            ***Mrs. Nannie Lee
the land office at Camp Knox giving     Board, a squad of the Woman’s              Mrs. Nannie Lee, wife of Chas. Lee,
the Government appraisement of the      Christian Temperance Union, under          died at her home here Saturday
school property at Chappell Ridge       the leadership of Mrs. R. L.               evening of a complication of
and Highland, the former being          Troutman, threw a line of pickets          diseases, from which she had been a
placed at $675 and the latter at        around the headquarters of the             sufferer for some time.
$1,175.                                 august body, which caused that
                                        aggregation of bald heads to run up        Mrs. Lee, before her marriage, was a
We regret very much to hear of the                                                 Miss Wright, of Hodgenville.
                                        the white flag and give vent to a yell
sudden death of Mrs. Ernest Funk,
                                        of “Kamrad” that would make a              She leaves a husband, one son, F. W.
who with her husband and family
                                        husky Boche sound like a sissy.            Lee and one daughter, Miss Thelma
recently moved from Cupio to
Louisville.                             The object of this visit was to have       Lee, both of this place.
                                        the Board call the attention of the        Funeral services were held in the
Dr. Benj. J. Shields, of Spencer
                                        public to the fact that Thursday,          Baptist Church Monday after which
County, a first cousin of our old
                                        April 17, is our annual “Clean Up          her remains were laid to rest in
friend, Otis Russell, and who is now
                                        Day”, which was inaugurated on the         Hebron Cemetery.
an announced candidate to represent
                                        suggestion of Mrs. R. L. Troutman
Bullitt and Spencer at the next                                                    ***Mr. Silas Daugherty
                                        two years ago and carried out so
session of the Legislature, was here
                                        successfully at that time under her        Mr. Silas Daugherty, aged 85 years,
                                        superb leadership.                         died at the home of his daughter,
He is a very brilliant young man and                                               Mrs. Frank Goldsmith, Sunday
                                        “Clean Up Day” this year will be
made quite a favorable impression                                                  evening of old age.
                                        under the direction of M. R. L.
during his stay here.
                                        Troutman and the local WCTU and            Mr. Daugherty had made his home
***Temperance Meeting                   any steps they may take have the           here the last year or so with his
                                        unanimous sanction of the town             daughter.
The WCTU will meet in the
Methodist Church March 16, 1919.                                                   He leaves six children, Mrs. Frank
                                        The committee on sanitation has
We hope to make this a very                                                        Goldsmith, James, Pat, Len, Henry
                                        appointed alderman Fred Harshfield
interesting meeting, there will be                                                 and C. C. Daugherty.
                                        to co-operate with the WCTU and to
good music, and Bro. Crandell will      furnish free transportation for the        Funeral services were held at the
make an address on Temperance. All                                                 Baptist Church Tuesday morning
who have heard him know what an                                                    after which his remains were laid to
able speaker he is.                     Let everybody “fall in” and see if we
                                                                                   rest in Hebron Cemetery.
                                        cannot rid our town of the germs of
***Bullitt’s Wealth                                                                ***Total of 7,354,000 Dead in
                                        flu and other infectious diseases.
The total assessed value of Bullitt                                                Battle
                                        Mrs. R. L. Troutman also called the
County for this year is $6,827,578.                                                Washington - Battle deaths during
                                        attention of the Board to the fact that
We have been asked what the             the ordinance prohibiting the              the war among all participants so far
assessed property of the County was,                                               as available statistics show were
                                        keeping of hogs within the corporate
so we give it to you from the Clerk’s                                              given today by General March as
                                        limits was being flagrantly violated.
Books which is the amount of                                                       7,343,000. This represents only men
Taxable property in the County.         While the board of last year
                                                                                   killed in action or died of wounds.
                                        permitted the feeding of hogs within
                                        the town as a war measure, the             In the list prepared by the general
                                        ordinance is still on the books and        staff, Russia led with a total of
                                                                                   1,700,000, Germany was second

                                                      Page 309
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

with 1,600,000, and the United         On Tuesday morning, March 4th,             She was brought here and laid to rest
States last with 50,000.               while milking, Mr. Tucker was              in the Bullitts Lick Cemetery
                                       stricken by paralysis, and the end         Thursday morning. Saturday
Approximate figures for other          came on Wednesday. All that loving         evening, the sad news came
nations were: France, 1,385,000;                                                  announcing the death of her
                                       hands and medical skill could do
England, 800,000; Italy, 460,000;                                                 husband, Mr. Freddie Raymond,
                                       was done, but to no avail. The
Turkey, 250,000; Belgium, 102,000;                                                aged 23 years old, of the same
                                       passing of H. Tucker leaves but
Romania, 100,000; Serbia and           three of the once large family, Bud        disease.
Montenegro, 100,000.
                                       Tucker of Uniontown, Jas. Tucker of
                                                                                  His remains were brought here and
***Harmon-Troll                        Middletown and Thos. Tucker of
                                                                                  laid to rest in the Bullitts Lick
                                       this place.
Miss Addie M. Troll and Mr.                                                       Cemetery Monday morning.
Malcolm Harmon were married in         His only daughter, Mrs. Annie
                                                                                  Mr. Raymond was with youngest son
Louisville March 3rd . Miss Toll has   Daniel, of Georgetown, Kentucky
                                                                                  of Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Raymond. He
been a popular teacher in the          owing to the illness could not be
                                                                                  was born and raised in this county
Louisville schools for a number of     present at the burial service.
                                                                                  and had only moved to Louisville a
years and is a sister of Will Troll,   When the writer came to                    few months ago. They leave one
the popular mail carrier on Route 3.   Shepherdsville, Mr. Tucker and his         child, two or three months old.
Mr. Harmon is a prominent farmer       family lived in the brick house
                                                                                  ***Fiscal Court
of Leaches, where he has resided all   which stood where Judge Morrow’s
his life.                              residence now stands, and the              An article (not transcribed here)
                                       Tucker home was a synonym for              discussing costs and road work in
The Pioneer News wishes Mr. and        hospitality. Mr. Tucker at that time       Bullitt County compared with other
Mrs. Harmon many long years of                                                    counties. What our magistrates need
                                       was in the prime of life. He was a
happiness.                                                                        is more money and less criticism.
                                       small but powerfully built man;
***Death                               strong and active and very                 Give them a chance.
                                       industrious. His shop stood up the
The burial of Joel H. Tucker took                                                 ***Mrs. Minnie Funk
                                       alley above the house, and there
place last Thursday, March the 6th,                                               Mrs. Minnie Funk died at her home
                                       were gathered the farmers who came
the funeral was conducted at the                                                  in Louisville March 4th, of the flu.
                                       to have work done, and many of the
home by the Rev. Crandall, after                                                  She was the youngest daughter of
                                       villagers who had no work to do.
which the remains were buried on                                                  the late Jas. Ridgway.
the Hall farm just east of Floyd’s     The passing of Mr. Tucker reminds
Fork on the Mt. Washington Road.       us that there are not many of the          She leaves a husband, and three
Thus passed another land mark. Mr.     older ones left this side of the dark      children, two sisters, Mrs. Ade and
Tucker was one of our oldest and       river. Here in town, not more than         Jode Harris, two brothers, Elmer and
best known men. He had passed          two or three are older than 77, and        Claud Ridgway.
seventy-seven milestones on life’s     the next swing of the scythe may
                                                                                  Her remains were laid to rest in the
highway. Mr. Tucker was a good         sweep more from our sight. The
                                                                                  South Jefferson Cemetery in Valley
man. He was generous, kind to his      young may die; the old must die.
friends and neighbors and just
between man and man. In his earlier                                               ***Dr. Shields for Representative
life, he was an active, industrious    Two of the saddest deaths which
                                                                                  In another column will be found the
man, with an inexhaustible fund of     have occurred for some time was the
                                                                                  announcement of Dr. Benj. F.
good humor and just as much clarity.   death of Mr. and Mrs. Freddie
                                                                                  Shields of Taylorsville, as a
                                       Raymond. Mrs. Raymond, aged 22
Several years ago, he retired from                                                candidate for the office of
                                       years old, died Tuesday in Louisville
active work in this blacksmith shop,                                              Representative of this the 42nd
                                       of the flu. At the same time her
and since then, had spent the sunset                                              Legislative district composed of
                                       husband was too low to tell of the         Bullitt and Spencer Counties.
hours of life in ease.
                                       death of his wife.

                                                     Page 310
                                 The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Dr. Shields is one of the leading            Mrs. Tom Melton and Miss Nellie            Dr. Henry Beeler, T. J. Brooks, Miss
Democrats of Spencer County,                 Mae Scott visited Mrs. Hattie Scott        Emily Brooks and Harold Quick
always a worker for the Democratic           at Lakeland Saturday.                      spent Saturday evening with J. R.
cause.                                                                                  Ball’s family.
                                             Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ball spent the
He is a man who stands very high in          week end at home.                          Miss Pearl Cooper is at St.
his profession and from the short                                                       Anthony’s Hospital where she was
                                             Miss Nolia Holsclaw is having a
conversation we had with him, he                                                        operated on for appendicitis.
                                             delightful visit with her aunt, Mrs.
stands for many changes in the                                                          Miss Ruth Thornberry spent a few
                                             John Head, in Indianapolis.
present laws which we think would                                                       days with her sister, Mrs. Gentry.
be for the good of the people.               Roger Wiggington went to
                                             Russellville with his football team.       Mrs. Floyd Jenkins was called to the
***Kills Big Otter                                                                      city Friday by the illness of her
                                             We are proud of every one of our
Mr. E. B. Corum, of Pitts Point, after       boys who distinguish themselves in         sister, Mrs. Ed Gentry.
a long and faithful watching, caught         a worthy way. So, hats off to Roger.
Mr. Otter too far from the water
                                             Miss Emma Mae Wiggington and
when Mr. Corum went to kill it. It                                                      The angel of death entered the home
                                             brother, Joe Hart, spent Sunday with
gave battle and after a hard fight, it                                                  of Chester Burns and took from him
                                             Miss Mary Cynthia Holsclaw.
was killed. The Otter was over 5 feet                                                   his beloved wife, Mrs. Lillian Meda
long and one of the largest ever             No greater man has ever lived than         Burns. She had been sick for several
killed in the County, the fur is worth       our president, Woodrow Wilson.             weeks. She was at the home of her
about $25                                                                               sister, Mrs. Lawrence Howlett of
                                             Mr. Joe Smith, of Seatonville,
                                                                                        Salt Riven when the end came. She
***BYPU Program                              visited his cousin, H. N. Smith
                                                                                        was a member of the Belmont
Participants - Chas. Bradbury, Perry                                                    Baptist Church.
Munford, Dorothy Samuels, Samuel             Roy Jenkins spent the weekend in
                                                                                        She leaves a husband, three sisters,
Ridgway, John Glenn, Thelma                  the city.
                                                                                        two brothers, and a number of other
Daugherty, Roy Stallings, Mayme              John Shanklin took a load of tobacco       relatives and a host of friends to
Stephens, Martha Hornbeck, John              to Bloomfield recently for which he        mourn her loss.
                                             received a fancy price.
                                                                                        The funeral services were conducted
***Advertisement - Commercial                                                           at Shepherdsville Baptist Church by
                                             Mr. Joe Raymond is moving to the
Vocational Training at Spencerian                                                       Rev. H. D. Burns.
                                             Joe Deitrich house, which he has
Commercial School. Louisville
                                             rented from J. N. Brooks. He will be
                                                                                        Her remains were laid to rest in
***Advertisement - J. R. Funk, Big           employed by Mr. Merhoff.
                                                                                        Hebron Cemetery.
stock of seasonable goods, plows,
                                             Mrs. Raymond, who went to the city
harnesses, pads, cur ry combs,                                                          ***In this week’s issue of this paper,
                                             to nurse her daughter, is herself ill of
brushes, trace chains, collars and                                                      s e e t h e a d v e r t i s em e n t of
                                             flu and unable to come home.
breeching, al l a c c e s sories.                                                       Civilization, many times the biggest
Louisville.                                  Earl Smith and wife are with his           and greatest moving picture ever
                                             father here. Both have been ill of flu.    seen in Shepherdsville. To be shown
***Advertisement - Peddicord and                                                        two times, Friday night and Saturday
S m i t h , I n s u r a n c e A g e n t s,   Mr. and Mrs. Ed Simons have
                                                                                        afternoon at 25 and 20 cents.
Shepherdsville.                              moved to Jefferson County and will
                                             farm for Mrs. Prewitt.                     ***For Sale - The best upland Stock
***Hebron                                                                               farm in Bullitt County. 165 acres,
                                             Misses Balee, Mrs. Miller, Miss
Miss Sadie Sanders spent the week                                                       never failing spring, plenty of good
                                             Emma Mae Wiggington, and Miss
end with her sister, Miss Myra                                                          tobacco land, tenant house occupied
                                             Saida (sic) Sanders motored to
Sanders, in the city.                                                                   by tobacco man, plenty of barn
                                             Louisville Friday.
                                                                                        room, reasonable price, metal road

                                                           Page 311
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

to county seat. Possession at once.     Chas. Snawder and wife of Knob            Tom Hoagland, of Bardstown
Chas. G. Bridwell, Shepherdsville.      Creek were here Saturday.                 Junction, representing the Peter-
                                                                                  Burgard Stone Co. was here
***For Sale - At Shepherdsville 15      Chas. G. Bridwell spent Thursday at       Monday.
mules, 10 draft mares, 75 stock         Cupio.
cattle, 150 stock hogs, Clarence                                                  Mrs. Bessie Maraman, General
                                        Mrs. W. F. Joyce, son and daughter,       Wilson and Henry Deacon, who
                                        spent Saturday and Sunday with            have the flu, are better.
***For Sale - 18 acres well             Mrs. Kelley at Mt. Eden.
improved land, with good buildings                                                Henry Schaefer, President of the
                                        Jess Dawson, of Pitts Point, was          Bullitt County Fair spent Monday
and outbuildings on about 12 miles
                                        here Saturday.                            here telling them that we will have
south of Louisville on Preston Street
Pike. W. J. Bell, Zoneton, KY.          Geo. Bowman, who has been                 the best fair ever held.
                                        working at G. S. Pattersons, is now       Dr. M. Kelley, Chas. Rodgers, R. C.
***Advertisement - Southern
                                        traveling for a whole sale house.         Hardesty, and Jno. Chambers, of Mt.
Optical Co. manufacturers of perfect
fitting spectacles and eye glasses.     The many friends of Prof. Jack            Eden spent Monday here.
Kryptoks, artificial eyes, invisible    Sanders are glad to know he is
                                                                                  Now is the time to plant something
bifocal lens. Louisville.               better.
                                                                                  to take a premium at the Bullitt
***Advertisement - Patterson wants      Joe Chappell, who has been laid up        County Fair. Just give your
money, goods are down once more.        with the flu is out again.                vegetable a little extra attention and
Dry goods and Hardware - G. S.                                                    get the premium over your neighbor.
                                        Mr. Culp, who had lived here for
Patterson, Shepherdsville.                                                        ***Mt. Eden
                                        some time, has moved to the city.
***The total number of American         Mrs. Wm. Wade spent the week end          Mrs. Will Joyce, Mary, Evelyn and
soldiers who were on the battle line                                              Thos. Preston have been visiting
                                        with her son, who was recently sent
was 1,390,000 soldiers, the total                                                 friends in the vicinity.
                                        to Camp Taylor.
casualties abroad were 246,197 all
together.                               Mrs. W. F. Monroe and Mrs. Fred           Mrs. Maggie Foster spent a day or so
                                        Harshfield spent Saturday in the          with friends in Shepherdsville. She
America’s loss during the war was                                                 is visiting her brother and family,
around 750 Million, there will be                                                 Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Means.
some more reported, but it will not     Logan Burks, who has been laid up
be very much more.                      for some time with the flu, is able to    Mr. Pitt Arnold is very much better.
                                        be out again.
***Personal                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. McAllister have
                                        A. O. Smith, of Zoneton, was here         moved to their farm formerly owned
General Wilson is on the sick list.     Monday.                                   by Mr. Sol Elzy.
Judge Daniel spent Friday here.                                                   Mrs. Claud Holsclaw spent several
                                        John Pendleton, of Cupio, was here
Several fine farms have changed         Monday.                                   days last week with Mr. R. B.
hands this week and the usual spring                                              Holsclaw and family.
                                        Ewing Crenshaw, Jess Raymond and
moving is going on.                                                               Misses Gertrude, Jane and Mrs.
                                        several others of Leaches were here
Mrs. J. C. Holsclaw spent Saturday      Monday.                                   Claud Holsclaw and Miss Margaret
in the city shopping.                                                             Foster spent one afternoon recently
                                        J. R. Markwell, J. C. Dickey, and         with Mrs. J. B. Myers.
Lewis Wade, who was wounded in          Burr Harris, of Mt. Washington,
France, was sent to Camp Taylor         were in town Monday, on business.         Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Sharp and family
this week.                                                                        spent a day recently with L. M.
                                        C. E. Alford, Tom Colvin and son,
                                                                                  Barrall and family.
W. D. and A. F. Armstrong of Mt.        Mathew, spent Monday here.
Washington spent Saturday here.                                                   Gib Stivers and family have moved
                                        A large crowd was in town Monday
                                                                                  on Mr. Robt. Ridgway’s place.
                                        attending County Court.

                                                      Page 312
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Margaret Hardesty spent the         nephews here, among then, Dr. G.          Mrs. Will Thornberry had as dinner
week end at home.                        W. Kirk, Mrs. Alonzo Jenkins,             guests last Friday, Mrs. Maud
                                         Misses Belie (sic) and Lula Brown.        Jenkins, Miss Vivian Jenkins,
R. P. Sharp was called home to see                                                 Mesdames Scott, Geo. Heise, J. R.
his mother, who is sick.                 Mrs. Tom Melton and daughter
                                         spent Monday with Mrs. J. R.
The many friends of Dr. Geo. M.          Holsclaw.                                 Jessie Brooks and Miss Louise
Barrall of Kansas City are so sorry                                                Peters were married last Wednesday,
to know of the serious trouble he is     Miss Lila Brooks is spending a
                                                                                   Feb. 26th in Louisville where both
having with one of his eyes.             while at her home here. Miss Lila
                                         has been at Normandy for ten and
Miss Melissa Brewer spent Monday                                                   ***Advertisement - It costs nothing
                                         half months nursing an elderly
with her sister, Mrs. Tom Stillwell.                                               to look, seeing is believing.
                                         woman who was paralyzed and who
Misses Gertrude and Jane G.              passed away last week.                    Troutman Bros. Mammoth Store,
Holsclaw spent Sunday with Miss                                                    Shepherdsville.
                                         Hon. S. G. Thornberry and Will
Margaret Foster.                                                                   ***For Sale - 129-1/2 acre farm 3
                                         Hecker were at Taylorsville on
***Hebron                                business Monday.                          miles of Shepherdsville, house, barn,
                                                                                   crib, and cattle barn and silo, 90
Hebron School term closed today.         A letter received by Miss Gertrude        acres in cultivation. Apply D. F.
We had about 3 months school             Thornberry from Mrs. Chas. Atcher,        Schroll, Shepherdsville.
during the term. The teachers gave       who lived near here for several
the pupils a generous treat of fruit,    years, told of the death of her 15        ***Public Sale - As the Government
oranges, apples, bananas, candy, ice     year old son of the flu and the           has taken my land and will have to
cream and cake. The children were        serious illness of the other members      move, I will sell at my farm on the
very sorry to have the school closed     of the family of the same disease.        Pitts Point and Keys Ferry Road 4
as all seemed devoted to the             They now live in Hardin County.           miles from West Point and 6 miles
teachers.                                                                          from Pitts Point, the following:
                                         Wm. Thornberry, Hon. S. G.
                                                                                   mules, cow, calf, hay, corn, wagon,
Several of the Hebron pupils will go     Thornberry and Miss Gertrude
                                                                                   farming implements. Tom
to Shepherdsville to continue their      Thornberry spent Sunday with Mrs.
                                                                                   Goldsmith, Jas. Roney, Auct.
studies so as to make their grade this   Will Carrithers who is ill.
year.                                                                              ***Public Sale - As I am
                                         Jas. Pope went to the city Tuesday.
                                                                                   overstocked with young stock, will
We do not approve of this as we                                                    sell 40 head of cattle, mules, horses,
                                         Miss Irene Brooks spent the week
should have a Spring term here,                                                    hay, hogs, jack, farming implements,
                                         end with Mrs. W. J. Bell.
taught by one who could take them                                                  potatoes. W. R. Armstrong, Jas.
on better than be done by changing       Miss Mary Cynthia Holsclaw spent
                                                                                   Roney, Auct.
schools.                                 a few days with her schoolmate,
                                         Miss Ruth Thornberry.                     ***Advertisement - Build your
What is known as the Prayer place                                                  tobacco barn with Koehler Lumber,
here has been purchased by Dr.           Miss Irene Brooks spent the week
                                                                                   its up to grade. Henry Koehler &
Kelly, of Nelson County. Dr. Kelly       end with Mrs. W. J. Bell.
                                                                                   Co., Louisville.
is a veterinarian.
                                         Sam Grant recently returned from
                                                                                   ***Pleasant Grove
Relatives were called to Louisville      over seas service, came out Sunday
Tuesday to attend the funeral of         for a brief visit to his uncle, L. H.     R. K. Hall is a visitor in the Fla.
Mrs. Phronia Brown, who died             Holsclaw. Sam saw active service          land.
Sunday night after a long illness.       and was seriously wounded in the
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ed Owen have a little
Mrs. Brown was the widow of              leg by shrapnel. He was honorably
                                                                                    son ill with pneumonia.
Willard Brown, and is survived by        discharged last week at Camp
one daughter, Miss Georgia Brown,        Taylor.                                    Mrs. Bernice Lloyd Owen’s
who is principal of a city school.                                                  husband, Carl Owen, has gotten an
Mrs. Brown had several nieces and                                                   honorable discharge and is home.

                                                       Page 313
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

We are sorry to know of illness of      S. O. Armstrong and wife were in           Morgan of Jefferson was the guest
Mrs. Joe Dickey and hope she will       the city the past week on business.        of Mrs. J. L. Beghtol last Friday.
soon be well.                                                                      Darwin Alford was                   in
                                        Mrs. Fred Owen spent a day the past
Rev. Burns filled his appointment       week with her aunt, Mrs. Lula              Shepherdsville Saturday.
here and was entertained in the         Owen.                                      Mrs. Morgan was the Friday night
homes of G. W. Armstrong and                                                       guest of her sister, Mrs. Jas. Crigler.
                                        Kirby Grand (sic) (Grant) has
Toby Stallings.
                                        purchased a new Cream Separator            Mrs. Elizabeth Beghtol is on the sick
Mrs. Jas. Ridgway and Mrs. Albert       from Mr. Charlie Long.                     list.
Armstrong spent one afternoon the
                                        Geo. Armstrong and family, S. O.           Mr. John Barrall, wife and daughter,
past week with the former’s
                                        Armstrong and family, Albert               Aldena, spent Sunday afternoon the
daughter, Mrs. Ernest Simmons.
                                        Armstrong and family were recent           guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Mrs. Lyda Mothershead, who has          guests of Dave Armstrong and wife.         Alford.
been waiting on her mother’s family
                                        Miss Genevieve Stallings spent             The family of Mr. Thos. Colvin who
while ill with the flu, Mrs. Laura
                                        several days the past week with Mrs.       have been on the sick list are
Newton, returned to her home at
                                        Lyman Hall.                                improving.
South Park the past week leaving
them all improving.                     Roy Stallings and wife of                  Edward and Chas. Klapper spent
                                        Shepherdsville and Louis Stallings         Sunday with Darwin and Roger
Ernest Simmons is on the sick list
                                        and family spent Sunday with               Alford.
this week, also Toby Stallings little
                                        Lyman Hall and wife.
girl.                                                                              ***In Germany Forts
                                        Miss Eudell Grant was the guest of
Miss Lula Stallings and Rossell                                                    Miss Mirtle Klapper:
                                        Miss Kittie Flood Sunday.
(Sic) Bridwell spent a day the past
week with their aunt, Mrs. Eva          Mrs. J. W. Lloyd spent Monday with         Dear Mirtle:
Bridwell.                               the family of Joe Dickey.                  I received your letter today and
Miss Ruthie Owen spent Sunday           ***Silver Ridge                            assure you it was certainly
with Miss Lillian Lloyd.                                                           appreciated as it was the only one I
                                        C. K. Kneisler was in the city             have had from you since Xmas. It
J. W. Lloyd and Fred Owen each          Friday.                                    seems as tho I can’t hear from
sent a bunch of hogs by the Cyclone                                                anyone in Old Bullitt. I suppose the
                                        The many friends of John T. Crigler
truck to the city the past week.                                                   mail is tied up in France.
                                        are delighted to see him looking so
These who have had the flu are          fine. He has made several trips Over       I heard from my brother, Otis. He is
almost well.                            There and expects to make several          in France and is OK.
                                        more. All join the Pioneer News in
S. Q. Armstrong, Jas. Simmons and       wishing him a successful journey           Enclosed you will find some postals,
G. W. Armstrong were in the city        through the Navy and a safe arrival        Amsterstein am Rhein
the past week.                          to Old Bullitt.                            Khrenbreitstein a Rhein, Denkmal
Mrs. Jennie Whitledge spent a day                                                  Kaiser Wilhelm I. Coblenz Rhine, a
                                        Mr. S. W. Rayhill of South Park            picture of the Rhine River which I
the past week with her son, Clay        called on Miss Myrtle Klapper
Whitledge.                                                                         am crossing now. Don’t think I will
                                        Wednesday evening.                         be here long.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bridwell were       J. L. Beghtol spent Thursday in the
in Shepherdsville Saturday                                                         You ought to see this country,
afternoon.                                                                         believe me, it is some sight. I think
                                        Misses Hattie and Mirtle (sic)             we shall soon sail, I will be some
We are sorry to hear of the death of    Klapper spent the week end in              glad to, believe me, for I am actually
Mr. Joal (sic) Tucker and extend        Shepherdsville the guest of Mr. and        tired of looking at the uniforms.
sympathy to the family and relatives.   Mrs. C. R. Smith, Mrs. Susie

                                                      Page 314
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

I had a letter from Katie some time       The is one of the County’s largest         the 3rd Friday and Saturday in May
ago, have written to her, but as yet,     schools and we are glad to have a          or June.
have not received any answer.             good man take the place which has          ***Long article (not transcribed)
                                          been ably filled for the past year by      from a tax payer regarding the 20 per
Kindly give my best regards to all
                                          Mr. Lloyd.                                 cent road Tax urging the vote for the
inquiring friends, and tell them to
write me a few notes, just for the fun    Misses Lillian Spalding, Eunice            tax.
of the thing. Believe me, Your            Ridgway and Maggie Wise, well              ***To Perpetuate the Memory of
sincere friend, Pvt. Lewis W. Horde,      known rural teachers of this county
                                                                                     Julian S. Bell - Mr. and Mrs. S. C.
Co. M. First Pioneer Inf. AEF             were here Saturday.                        Bell of Kress, Texas have received
***Advertisement - I desire the           Trustee Edd Rodgers was in town            information from the USN stating
assistance of at least one man in this    Saturday and has agreed to act as          that a photograph of their son, Julian
community - all or part of his time -     sub trustee for another year at            S. Bell, seaman second class, has
on a financial position of great merit.   Shades.                                    been placed in the permanent
Call or address, T. T. Beeler, Starks                                                Memorial Hall at Hampton Roads,
                                          Misses Fanny Belle Melton and
Building, Louisville.                                                                VA Naval Base. They also received
                                          Alma Forrest have accepted                 a copy of the photo to be placed
        March 21, 1919                    positions as teachers in the schools       there.
                                          of Jefferson County.
***School News                                                                       ***Remembrance of Uncle Fred
                                          Miss Nellie May Scott is finishing         Greenwell. (He is evidently in the
During the absence at the High            the few remaining weeks for Miss           military service, not passed away)
School here of Prof. J. H. Sanders,       Melton at Bardstown Junction.              Poem written by his loving niece,
the boys composing the Basket Ball
                                          Miss Mayme Stephens, who has               Miss Laura Gibbs.
Team under the leadership of Dr.
                                          been confined to her room for some         ***Article discussing the League of
and Lindsay Ridgway made a 3 days
                                          time, trying to get the flu to fly,        Nations (Not transcribed)
trip to Western Kentucky where they
                                          resumed her school work at Lebanon
played several of the strongest high
                                          Junction Monday.                           ***Snider-Whitty
school teams in the state.
                                          Every member of the family of              Mr. John Snider of this place and
The boys won in total scores on the
                                          Trustee O. H. Masden have been             Miss Mattie Witty (sic) of Louisville
trip 95 points while 90 points were
                                          suffering the past few days with the       were married in Jeffersonville
made against them, this is a splendid
                                          flu in a very bad form, but all are        Sunday. Mr. Snider, who is a son the
showing and certainly shows up
                                          now better and there seems to be no        Mr. and Mrs. Joe Snider has
remarkably well for a small town,
                                          danger at present of pneumonia.            recently returned from France where
when opposed by such teams as
                                                                                     he saw several months service. Miss
Owensboro, Hopkinsville, Paducah          Mr. Masden was in Louisville               Whitty is a charming young lady of
and several others.                       serving on the federal grand jury          Louisville who has visited
                                          when stricken.                             Shepherdsville on several occasions
The following boys made the trip:
Samuel Ridgway , R o dger                 There is now every reason to believe       and by her winsome ways made
Wiggington, Thos. Trunnell, Jerome        that the salaries of all teachers in       many friends here.
Monroe, Chas. Ashby, Wilson               Louisville will be raised this year        We congratulate the happy young
Daniel and Gabe Summers.                  and should be as the city teachers         couple and wish them a life of
                                          these days received any better salary      unalloyed happiness.
Mr. Geo. Armstrong has just been
                                          than is paid most rural teachers of
appointed and sworn in as sub
                                          the county.                                ***Wanted - Anyone having a good,
trustee at the Needmore School,
                                                                                     gentle mule yoke, one that you can
sometimes known as the Pleasant           Don’t overlook the fact that all           depend upon, will write or phone J.
Grove school.                             teachers who expect to teach in            D. James. No kicking or jumping
                                          Bullitt County next fall must take         yoke will be considered.
                                          the examination in agriculture either

                                                        Page 315
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***In France                             Oliver, to Mother and Father. Bye,        in at once. As I will sell my entire
                                         Bye with love to all and tell Tom he      stock out for cash. J. B. Proctor.
Dear Mother and Father:
                                         missed lots by not getting to come        ***$25.00 Reward - I will pay $25
Will answer your letter I just           over here, but it may the best that he    reward for information leading to the
received and was glad to hear from       didn’t get to come over. Answer           arrest and conviction of party or
you all. I hope when these few lines     soon.(And the M-O-T-H-E-R poem)           parties who broke into my house on
reach you, they will find you all        Signed, Sergt. Oliver Elzy                Blue Lick Creek near Hubers,
well. I am so glad that Tom has got                                                recently. C. F. Huhlein, care of B. F.
                                         ***Card of Thanks.
home, wish I was there, but I don’t                                                Avery & Sons, Louisville KY or
know when I will ever start for          We wish to express our thanks             notify Sheriff, Bullitt County
home.                                    through the Pioneer to everyone that
                                         helped us in any way during the            ***Advertisement - For weak
Well, tell Pa if he can see any way at                                              women, take Cardui, the woman’s
                                         illness and death of our dear baby,
all to get that place and can get any                                               tonic.
                                         especially do we thank the Minister
help to handle it until I can get
                                         for his consoling sermon and Dr.           ***Advertisement - Building
home, that I will be right with him
                                         Kerr for his every days attention to       material, lumber, mill work. Trey
and maybe we can buy it. I guess it
                                         our dear baby. Their aid and comfort       Planing Mills Co. Louisville.
won’t be so awfully long before I
                                         will always be kindly remembered.
can be with you all and I have it in                                                ***Letter from Camp Knox
                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Atcher.
mind now to get right down to
business and begin to think about        ***Postmaster Examination for              Mr. J. W. Barrall:
living differently to what I did         position at Taylorsville Ky. pays          I have been with Samuel W.
before I came to the Army.               $1300 annually.                            Browning for six months in this
Well, how does Tom look in his           ***Red Cross earnest application for       army and he has been a friend of
uniform? Is he as large as he used to    clothing and shoes for the liberated       mine and has gained many friends in
be? Since I came back from the           countries of Europe. Bring to the          the army. He showed me some of
hospital, I am picking up and they all   Red Cross at the Masonic Temple.           your papers and I think they are
say I am getting fat. I am on Police                                                good.
                                         ***High water
Duty now in the town of Bendorf                                                     Now, we are going to part from each
and guess I will be until we leave       The residents who live near the river
                                                                                    other and I will ask you to say in
here. I am on at night from five until   had a good scare Tuesday. The hard
                                                                                    your news some good words for him
eleven-thirty and I don’t have to get    rains which fell Sunday and Monday
                                                                                    to his county for he is just like a
up for reveille or stand any             caused Salt River to raise to nearly
                                                                                    brother to the boys that are with him
formations at all. Ask Tom if he         top of the banks, it only liked about
                                                                                    here. If he has friends in his home
don’t miss first call every morning.     four feet of getting in town. Several
                                                                                    County like he has here, he has lots
                                         had packed up to move when the
I will be so glad when I get home so                                                of them. He is a first class soldier,
                                         water began falling.
I won’t have to be in such a hurry. I                                               and he has gained friends in this
hope when we leave here, we will be      ***BYPU Program, Participants              army, and now he is going to be
on our way home for my job will          John Glenn, Wilson Daniels, Mrs.           returned back to his home and loved
only last while we are in this town, I   Maud Glenn, Dorothy Samuels,               ones and they will have his good
guess. We have been attached to the      Chas. Lee Bradburry, Martha                company, and we will miss him at
army of occupation and they have         Hornbeck, Blanche Howlett, Mayme           old Camp Knox, but I hope we will
been left on the Rhine River to guard    Stephens, Roy Stallings.                   meet again some where in this happy
it, so I don’t know when we will be                                                 world. He is liked by all of us in
                                         ***Notice - On April 1, 1919, I will
relieved. I guess when we are that,                                                 Camp Knox. If you will say some
                                         begin selling strictly for cash. I have
we will come home.                                                                  good words for him in your news, I
                                         many bargains, come early and get
                                                                                    will be glad.
Well, I will have to close for this      your choice while they last. All
time, hoping to hear from you all        parties owing accounts, please come        He has told me all about leaving his
soon, as ever, your loving son,                                                     dear wife and baby for six long

                                                       Page 316
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

months to fight for his country and     away their little daughter, Ella          Call Maraman or Patterson for
how he is going back to his dear        Francis on March 6th. She had scarlet     Toney Kindall, Shepherdsville.
home again. I love to see him go        fever and pneumonia. She leaves a         ***Notice - The Temperance
back to his home, but, oh, we will      father, mother, one brother, and          Meeting to be held last Sunday was
miss him when he is gone from here.     sister, besides a host of other           postponed by the storm. Will be held
This is all I will say about him        relatives and friends. We extend our      next Sunday at the Baptist Church.
today, but I hope you will say lots     heartfelt sympathy to the sorrowing
for him in your paper.                  ones.                                     ***Personal
From a friend of his in Camp Knox.      The physicians and loved ones done        Mr. J. H. Jones, of Leaches, was
Sergt. Adams, 24 TMB                    all they could do, but God knows          were Friday.
                                        best so he took her home with him.
PS: Our Battery has the name of                                                   R. D. Snellen, of Knob Creek, spent
                                        (And a poem)
being the best drilling Battery in                                                Friday here on business.
Camp Knox.                              ***Death - Royal Ratcliff
                                                                                  Mrs. J. R. Howell, of Louisville,
***Notice - The Rev. Banks has          Mr. Royal Ratcliff died at his home       spent Friday here on business.
accepted a call as Pastor of the        near Lotus Tuesday evening of old
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wade and little,
Shepherdsville Baptist Church and       age, being in his 82nd year. He leaves
                                                                                  William Theodore, spent a day and
will preach Sunday morning and          several children and grandchildren.
                                                                                  night last week with Mr. and Mrs.
evening, March 23rd . Let everybody     He was laid to rest in the family
                                                                                  Wm. Wade.
come that possibly can. Committee:      burying ground Thursday.
J. H. Sanders, G. T. Wilson, C. A.                                                Mr. S. H. Shelton has moved to his
                                        ***Death - Elvina Harshfield
Masden                                                                            farm near Cedar Grove.
                                        Mrs. Elvina Harshfield died at the
***Notice                                                                         O. W. Pearl and family spent Sunday
                                        home of her son-in-law, Mrs. Frank
                                                                                  with his brothers, Newt and Jasper
All persons having claims VS the        Laswell, (sic) Tuesday morning,
estate of Josh Curd, deceased, will     aged 81 years old.
present same, properly proven,                                                    Miss Bessie Langley, of Louisville,
                                        She was the wife of the late Hardin
before me on or before March 5,                                                   is the guest of her sister, Mrs.
                                        Harshfield, who died several years
1919. C. P. Bradburry, MC                                                         Ehrman Maraman.
***For Sale - S. C. Rode (sic) Island                                             Mrs. J. B. Monroe and daughter, of
                                        She leaves two sons, W. H. and
Red Roosters, $1.00 and $1.50. Mrs.                                               Louisville, spent the weekend here,
                                        Milton Harshfield, two daughters,
Wm. Combs, Shepherdsville.                                                        the guests of friends.
                                        Mrs. S. F. Harshfield, and Mrs.
***For Sale - Fruit trees for sale, I   Frank Laswell.                            Mrs. Katie Wright, of the city, is the
have a nice lot of 2 yr apple and                                                 guest of her father and mother-in-
                                        Funeral services were held
peach at 20 cents; pear, plum, and                                                law, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wright of
                                        Wednesday morning after which her
cherry at 25 cents; 2 yr old grape                                                Salt River.
                                        remains were laid to rest in the
vines at 15 cents.                      Bullitts Lick Cemetery.                    Miss Cora Snider sent Saturday and
This is two year stock, I will sell                                                Sunday in Louisville and attended
                                        ***Chevrolet - Buy the best. When
cheaply for cash. I can deliver at                                                 her brother’s wedding, which took
                                        you buy an automobile, you want the
Shepherdsville any day desired. I                                                  place Sunday evening.
                                        best, then buy a Chevrolet and then
will appreciate your orders. Wm.        you have it.                               Miss Irene Crutcher spent the week
Combs, Shepherdsville.                                                             end with her parents at Ghent. T. C.
                                        I will be glad to demonstrate and
***Death - Ella Francis Shepherd                                                   Carroll spent the week end with his
                                        show you this machine. H. G.
                                                                                   parents in Louisville.
Once again has the icy hand of death    Masden, Agent, Belmont KY
been laid upon a loved one. The                                                    “Baby Doll” - that is, Jim, spent
                                        ***Brick-laying and plastering done
death angel visited the home of Mr.                                                Saturday night and Sunday and not
                                        in first class order, price reasonable.
and Mrs. Jesse Shepherd and taken                                                  Sunday night at home. He actually

                                                      Page 317
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

walked from Buffalo Run right into      Mrs. Frank Monroe spent Saturday          easy. See me at once, V. H. Rouse,
town, and after some repairs, went to   in the city.                              Shepherdsville.
see his best girl.                                                                ***Mt. Washington
                                        Mr. H. C. Bahlson (sic) spent
Gabe Bealmear was in the burg           Tuesday here.
                                                                                  Misses Carrie Collings and Anna
Sunday night. Edward Tyler spent                                                  Mae McClure spent Sunday with
                                        H. G. Masden, of Belmont, was in
Saturday evening in Shepherdsville.                                               Mrs. D. T. Mothershead.
                                        town Tuesday with his usual smile.
Lieut. A. E. Funk Jr has gone to                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dave Armstrong were
                                        Mrs. Logan Monroe spent the week
farming. He says anything is dead                                                 guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. H.
                                        end with Mr. and Mrs. C. F.
easy after staying in the army.                                                   Braithwaite Sunday and in the
Drilling men is harder than drilling                                              afternoon, all motored to Fern Creek
corn, and the regularity of the farm    Miss Maggie McClaskey spent a few
                                                                                  to see Mrs. Braithwaithe’s sister,
looks like irregularity when            days recently with her brother at
                                                                                  Miss Eunice Johnson.
compared to the regularity of the       Boston.
army. Erving says a man almost has                                                Messrs and Mesdames Tom Forman
                                        Mrs. Baldwin has returned to home
to die on time when he is sick in a                                               and Tom Porter and children of
                                        in New Albany, after visiting her
hospital.                                                                         Fairmount spent Sunday with Mr.
                                        daughter here, Mrs. Oscar Kulmer.
                                                                                  and Mrs. E. T. McAfee.
Miss Doris Miller, stenographer of
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jess Triplett spent a
the Bullitt County Bank, is on the                                                Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Porter and
                                        day last week with Mrs. Gild.
sick list this week.                                                              Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Harris and
                                        Mr. J. L. Rickerson spent a few days      children of Jefferson County, were
Mrs. Edith Brooks and daughter left                                               guests of Sammy Smith and wife
                                        last week with John Newman.
Sunday to visit J. A. Barrall and                                                 Sunday.
family.                                 Wm. Swearingen and wife, of
                                        Brooks were here Monday.                  Last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Pate
Wm. Swearingen spent Monday                                                       Wiggington entertained the
here.                                   Mrs. Ora Roby, who has been
                                                                                  following guests all day, Mrs. Dave
                                        suffering with a sprained ankle, is
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Bence and little                                               Wiggington and daughter, of
                                        some better.
son, Raymond, of Okolona, were the                                                Whitfield, Mr. and Mrs. F. C.
guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Herps      O. W. Pearl spent Wednesday here.         Porter, Mesdames Elizabeth Parrish,
Sunday.                                                                           H. P. Wiggington and H. S. Porter.
                                        Mr. J. W. Lloyd, of Pleasant Grove,
D. O. Gober, of Louisville, spent       spent Tuesday here.                       Mrs. Mallie (looks like) Smith, who
Monday here.                                                                      has been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
                                        Mr. C. C. Lutes, of Lebanon
                                                                                  Fred Swearingen, was called to
Johnnie Lee of Belmont was here         Junction, was here Wednesday on
                                                                                  Cox’s Creek to see her son, Houston,
Monday.                                 business.
                                                                                  who is ill of the flu.
Judge Bradbury shipped a fine lot of    Miss Maggie Burks, who has been
                                                                                  Miss Ethel Munson, of Frankfort, is
cattle to the Louisville Market         visitor in Frankfort, Ind., returned
                                                                                  visiting her brother, E. B. Munson
Monday.                                 home Tuesday night.
                                                                                  and wife.
Howel Smith, of the city, spent         The many friends of Mr. Jno.
                                                                                  Mesdames J. W. Harris, H. P.
Sunday at home.                         Shanklin are sorry to hear that he is
                                                                                  Wiggington, T. H. Parrish, Misses
                                        very low with pneumonia.
J. B. Monroe, wife and daughter                                                   Georgia Porter and Susie May
spent Sunday with friends here.         Jas. Ice and wife, Mrs. C. L. Croan       Parrish spent a pleasant day last
                                        and daughter have returned home           Thursday with Mrs. S. F. Smith.
Mrs. Alex Smith, of Louisville,
                                        after spending some time at Hot
spent Sunday with Dave Smith and                                                   Nolan Coyle has his discharge from
family.                                                                            the Naval Aviation and is here with
                                        ***Money to Loan on Real Estate,           his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
                                        Time from 5 to 20 years, Terms             Coyle.

                                                      Page 318
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Elizabeth Carlton spent Sunday      ***BIG ADVERTISEMENT - The                ***Shepherdsville High School
with Miss Susie May Parrish.             Louisville Mansfield Lead and Zinc
                                                                                   Profession J. H. Sanders informs us
Mr. and Mrs. Willie B. Collings, of                                                that Shepherdsville High School had
Victory, who formerly lived here,                March 28, 1919                    been give grade 1, which is as high
have a little baby girl, born Saturday                                             as it can go. It is in the same class
15th.                                    ***School News                            with the schools of Owensboro and
                                                                                   other cities of that size. High and
Mr. and Mrs. Del Porter, of Spencer      Miss Eunice Ridgway is another of
                                                                                   distinct honor reflecting great credit
Co., were guests of his brother,         our popular rural teachers that has
                                                                                   to Prof. Sanders and his able corps
Oscar Porter and wife Saturday.          been called to Jefferson County. She
                                                                                   of teachers. More than 100 pupils,
                                         has just accepted a place in the city
Preston Parrish, wife and children                                                 many coming the country in the
                                         schools of Louisville at 5th &
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.                                                     morning and returning in the
Tom McClure.                                                                       afternoon, many boarding here,
                                         The first interest bearing State          some living in or near town. Prof.
Miss Cecil Harp is visiting relatives    Warrants ever sent to this County on      Sanders is a live wire in school
in Spencer Co.                           the school fund arrived Saturday and      work.
Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McGee, of Fern        checks were mailed out to all
                                                                                   Article praising Prof. Sanders and
Creek, spent Sunday with his             teachers Monday.           The 6th
                                                                                   the pursuit of higher education. (The
parents, W. L. McGee and wife.           installment will soon follow and it
                                                                                   whole article was not transcribed)
                                         looks that at last, our poorly paid
Miss Ella Hardy, of Louisville, is       teachers will in the future be paid       ***Death
visiting her sister, Mrs. C. O.          promptly after Oct. of each year.
Parrish.                                                                           Mr. Sim Kimball, aged about 38
                                         Trustee Joe Chappell and family           years old, died at his home near
Mesdames Elizabeth Parrish and F.        have moved to Shepherdsville as the       Huber Station, Friday morning. He
C. Porter spent last Thursday with       Government at Camp Knox has               had the flu and was thought better
the former’s granddaughter, Mrs.         taken over his farm, school and           when he took cold and then
Jennie Gentry.                           entire neighborhood.                      pneumonia.
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Bridwell and          Thus, we see in his leaving that           He leaves a wife and one daughter
little girl, of Shepherdsville, were     section the last of a family bearing       and two sons.
over night guests of B. D. Burch and     that name, whose ancestors years
wife last Wednesday.                                                                Funeral services were held Saturday
                                         ago were so numerous in that
                                                                                    morning after which this remains
Mr. Jas. Forman Sr, who has been         community that a school was give
                                                                                    were laid to rest in the Bullitts Lick
living with his son for some time has    the name, a long range of hills and a
come here to make his home with his      graveyard in which the remains of
daughter, Mrs. E. T. McAfee.             hundreds of our dead, many of them         ***Card of Thanks
                                         the Pioneer settlers of Bullitt County
Mrs. D. T. Mothershead was all day                                                  We wish to extend our sincere
                                         and among its most wealthy and
guest of Mrs. E. B. Munson.                                                         thanks to our many friends for their
                                         prominent citizens.
                                                                                    kindness and sympathy shown us
***Bullitt Circuit Court                 Mrs. Ethel Newman Spinks died at           during the illness of my wife and
John L. Quick VS L. P. Arnold &          her home at Lebanon Junction               child, especially to Mr. and Mrs. L.
others.                                  Friday of pneumonia following the          L. Biggs. Mr. and Mrs. W. S.
                                         flu.                                       Garland.
Sale of Property on the west side of
Main Street, in Shepherdsville,          She leaves a husband, four small           ***County Tax Commissioners
adjoining G. W. Maraman and B.           children, was a niece of trustee
                                                                                    The County Board of Tax Adjustors
Ball to raise $2,152.65. Signed V. H.    Chas. Newman of Zion.
                                                                                    were in session last week, composed
Rouse, Special Commissioner.             ***Article (not transcribed)               of W. S. Rouse, Pete Wiggington,
                                         discussing the Proposed Road Tax.          Ewing Crenshaw, and John H.

                                                       Page 319
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Collins. The will go over the entire     ***Sub Ford Agents                        Armstrong and wife Saturday night
tax list and try to adjust it the very                                             and Sunday.
                                         Mt. Washington Garage and J. H.
best they can. (Taxable at property                                                Little J. B. Proctor and Rossell
                                         Mattingly at Lebanon Junction, are
value) We would all like to see a                                                  Bridwell are on the sick list this
                                         sub agents for Gatton Garage Co. at
good tax law passed and let                                                        week.
                                         Shepherdsville authorized Ford
everyone pay his part of the tax.
                                         dealers for Bullitt County.
(highlights only)                                                                  Pleasant Grove Missionary Society
                                         Each one of these garages handle          sent to the Baptist Orphans Home in
***Flour $40 per Barrel                                                            the city 119 quarts of fruit last week.
                                         genuine Ford parts. Anyone wishing
The first flour offered in Germany       to place their order for any type of
                                                                                   Lyman Hall, wife and son, Misses
since the war was declared was put       Ford Card or Truck can be
                                                                                   Ruthie Owen, Oradell Hall, Will
on the market this week in Cassel,       accommodated at either one of these
                                                                                   Bleemel and Allie Owen were
Germany. It sold for $40 and $50 per     places.
                                                                                   recently entertained in the home of
barrel.                                                                            Mrs. Kate Hall.
                                         ***Pleasant Grove
The flour will be distributed in                                                   Mabel Whitledge and Dorothy Hall
                                         Marvin Stallings and Miss Lillian
pound lots, for the use of gravies and                                             were on the sick list the past week.
                                         Lloyd were married last Wednesday
other culinary purposes, but not for
                                         at Shepherdsville in the home of Mr.
bread.                                                                             Misses Hazel C. Hall and Floye
                                         and Mrs. Roy Stallings by Bro.
                                                                                   Owen, of Bethel, spent Saturday and
***Card of Thanks                        Cundiff. The bride is the daughter of
                                                                                   Sunday with Miss Ruthie Owen and
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Lloyd of this
We wish to thank our many friends                                                  attended church at Pleasant Grove.
                                         place and a nice industrious, highly
around and about Lebanon Junction                                                  Received in the week of prayer in
                                         esteemed young lady. The groom is
for their kindness and sympathy,                                                   the Pleasant Grove Missionary
                                         the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis
also Bro. Bell for his consoling                                                   Society $13.61 for Home Mission.
                                         Stallings of this neighborhood and is
words during the sickness and death
                                         well thought of by all of whom he is
of our beloved daughter and sister,                                                Mrs. H. C. Tyler spent a few days
                                         known. He works with his father in
Mrs. Ethel Spink. Mr. and Mrs. Jas.                                                last week with her mother-in-law,
                                         the lumber business. We wish them
Newman and family.                                                                 Mrs. Lem Tyler, who has been quite
                                         happiness. May they have a long
***Gets prisoner                         walk together through life and may
                                         they always see roses in their            Elbert Bass and family spent Sunday
Jailer Monroe went to Mud Creek                                                    in the Zoneton neighborhood with
Saturday morning and arrested a                                                    relatives
man by the name of Farris. He was        Robt. Grant and family have moved
wanted for deserting the Army, also      to their new home he built on the         Miss Ruthie Owen spent one
for breaking in the house of some        land he bought.                           afternoon the past week with Mrs.
old Negroes near Pitts Point and                                                   Fred Owen.
                                         Geo. Armstrong was in town the
stealing about $400 in money.                                                      Alvin Owen, wife and children,
                                         past week.
***200,000 Jews in Yank Army                                                       spent Saturday night and Sunday
                                         News came recently announcing the
                                                                                   with Mrs. Kate Hall and family, also
Comprised from 4 to 5 percent of         marriage of Miss Harriet Simmons
                                                                                   Arch Trigg was a guest Sunday.
total personnel of American Forces.      of El Paso, Texas, a niece of R. L.
Comprise about 3 per cent of the         Smith of this place.                      G. W. Armstrong and family, T. H.
total population, so the proportion of                                             Wise and wife were recent guests of
                                         Hazel B. Hall, of the Licks, spent the
Jews in the service was about 50 per                                               Joe Dickey and wife of Mt.
                                         past week with her cousin, Ina
cent greater than the proportion of                                                Washington, also Mrs. Georgia
Jews in the Total Population.                                                      Gentry and daughter.
                                         Rev. Burns and wife were
                                                                                    Ronald Jones and wife spent Sunday
                                         entertained in the home of S. O.           with the family of K. S. Grant.

                                                       Page 320
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Eudell Grant spent Sunday             Lindsay Ridgway, that good utility        F. G. Thomas spent Friday and
with Miss Roxie Whitledge.                 man.                                      Saturday in the city.
Misses Ina Armstrong and cousin,           Shepherdsville has never contained        Miss Hattie Klapper and sister, of
Hazel Hall spent Saturday night and        another man who could do as many          Brooks, entered school here
Sunday with their aunt, Mrs. Hallie        things and do them well as Lindsay        Monday.
Armstrong, also Norman Ridgway             Ridgway and he does everything            Noah Smith and wife, of Louisville,
and several others were entertained        willingly.                                spent last week with G. S. Patterson
Sunday.                                                                              and wife.
                                           Mr. Filson, the general Commercial
Several were entertained in the home       Tourist was the guest of a local hotel    Mrs. I. T. Houck, of Louisville,
of Mrs. Jennie Whitledge Sunday.           one night this week. Mr. Filson is an     spent Friday evening here.
                                           optimist of the purest ray serene, and
Mrs. Herman, who was quite ill with                                                  A bushel measure will hold
                                           can get more smiles out of a
the flu and pneumonia, we are glad                                                   approximately 94,208,000 tobacco
                                           thunderstorm that the average
to say is better and able to spend a                                                 seeds. If they should all come up and
                                           grouch can extract from a minstrel
few days with her parents, Joe                                                       be transplanted, they should make
                                           show. He dropped in to see a few
Dickey and wife, of Mt.                    customers ? and pay his regards to        enough tobacco for at least ten or
Washington.                                “Tot” Carroll.                            fifteen of our two legged tobacco
Jas. Simmons has purchased a cream                                                   worms.
                                           Never before in its history has
separator from Dana Barnes.                Louisville suffered so much from the      There is certainly something wrong
Mr. and Mrs.          Lyman Hall           depredations of hold-up men,              with the man who sees something
entertained several guests Sunday.         burglars, robbers, murderers and bad      wrong about everything and
                                           man generally. The police force of        everybody except himself.
Mesdames Will and Virgie Jones             that town is not a joke, for they are
spent Friday afternoon with the                                                      Men who have spent twenty years in
                                           too bad to be regards as good jokes.      trying to settle a family row, expect
former’s daughter, Mrs. Robt. Grant.       Brought into power through a streak       the Peace Conference to settle a
Lonnie Bass and wife spent Sunday          of good luck and blind fanaticism,        world row in six weeks.
with High Hall and wife.                   the party in power made haste to rid
                                           the city of the old police force and      Hardin Hall, Will McFarland and B.
Mrs. Albert Armstrong has been             give it a good one, and they made an      D. Burch, of Mt. Washington, spent
suffering with an abscess in her           awful mess of it. Last Sunday,            Monday here.
mouth.                                     thieves broke into a building on third
                                                                                     A large crowd was in town Monday.
***Postage Reduction                       street and stole several hundred
                                           dollars.                                  Miss Bessie Langley returned home
Beginning July 1st, the same date as                                                 Sunday after a week’s visit with her
Nationwide Prohibition, there will         Had the police been awake, it seems
                                                                                     sister, Mrs. Ehrman Maraman.
be a reduction of one cent in first        that they could have been caught,
class postage, the old rate of 2 cents     but they got away with it. The            B. C. Beghtol, E. T. Colvin, C. E.
per ounce for letters in effect prior to   Louisville Herald, which said so          Alford and Jasper Foster, of Brooks,
October 3, 1918 will be resumed.           much about the old force, has not         were here Monday on business.
Until July 1, the 3 cent rate is           said a word about the inefficiency of
                                                                                     Miss Flora Lee Foster spent Monday
effective.                                 the new force.
                                                                                     with Mrs. J. W. Barrall.
***Professor J. H. Sanders, who was        ***Personal
                                                                                     Henry Shafer, of Chapeze, spent
confined to his bed with the flu has       Ernest Chadic spent Saturday here.        Monday in town.
gotten out and about, and is teaching
again. Prof. Jack is the livest of all     J. K. Ross, of Louisville, spent          F. G. Thomas left Tuesday to paint
the live wires, and is the best school     Saturday and Sunday with Fred             the residence of Roy Masden.
man we ever had here. During his           Hatzel and wife.
illness, his place was filled by

                                                         Page 321
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

J. R. Howell and wife have sold their     young man, has a host of friends,         ***Road Tax Refused 226 to 450, in
property at Lebanon Junction to Mr.       and is a good businessman. For            Bullitt County, by a bigger majority
Jno. R. Carter.                           years, he has handled the clothing        in other counties.
                                          department at Troutman’s and has          ***Wilson Summers Back
H. J. Crenshaw, of Brooks, spent          taken care of it in splendid style.
Monday here.                                                                        Wilson Summers Jr who has been
                                          There are a few cases of flu              rusticating at Paris Island, S.C. Is
Col. Will McFarland, of Mt.               scattered here and there, but in the
Washington, was down Monday,                                                        out of the marine service and back in
                                          main, the backbone of the disease         Old Kentucky.
talking automobile talk. He is selling    seems broken and it is hoped that it
the Dodge Car. Will says the best         stays broken.                             Wilson says rusticating is not the
made.                                                                               word, as they never have time for
                                          The sun has crossed the line, and we      anything but work. He is glad he
Mrs. Oscar Kulmer is able to be out       may expect warmer weather from
again after being laid up with the flu.                                             went, but glad he is back. He says he
                                          now on. At this season of the year,       would not take a small fortune for
Jos Chappell and family have moved        fowl and greens, sassafras tea, fresh
                                                                                    his experience, nor would he go
to town.                                  fish and many other tempting things
                                                                                    through with it again for a large
                                          of that kind find their way to the
S. P. Smith and wife spent Tuesday                                                  fortune, unless another war came on.
in the city.                                                                        Like all the other boys, the war work
                                          Mrs. John Scharf, of Atlanta, GA          and out of door living did him much
O. W. Pearl and family spent Sunday       spent a few days last week with Mrs.      good. He is heavier and stronger and
at Sonora.                                Fred Rush.                                looks fifty per cent better.
Claud Hill, of Belmont, spent             Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Rush, and Fred         Wilson says there was a story out to
Tuesday here on business.                 Rush Jr spent the week end with           the effect that they drilled sixteen
John Shanklin, who has been very          their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred          hours and forty minutes, but he says
low with the flu, we are glad to          Rush.                                     that is not true; they only drilled
report better.                                                                      sixteen hours and thir ty-nine
                                          Col. Robt. Howel and wife, of
                                                                                    minutes. Early to bed and early to
Jas. Lee Williams spent Tuesday           Louisville, spent Monday here on
                                                                                    rise is the way to be healthy and
here.                                     business.
                                                                                    wise is all they know in the Army.
Misses Mary Kirk and Emma Mae             ***For Sale - Pair young mules and
                                                                                     ***Advertisement - Roselle, the Hat
Wiggington spent Wednesday here.          harness, new 3 inch wagon, 1 new
                                                                                     cleaner. Ladies and gents hats
                                          five passenger Maxwell, G. S.
Mr. George Bowman, who has been                                                      reblocked to the newest styles. Send
                                          Patterson. Shepherdsville
with G. S. Patterson for several                                                     your hat by mail today. 406 West
years, has accepted a position with       ***Big Verdict                             Jefferson St., Louisville.
the P. N. Curl Grocery Company,                                                      ***Advertisement - Peter-Burghard
                                          In the Louisville courts last Tuesday,
and will be around to see the                                                        Stone Company, Mauso leums,
                                          Mr. Chas. Carroll secured a verdict
merchants in the interest of his firm.                                               monuments, markers, cut stone,
                                          against the Louisville & Nashville
George is a Bullitt County man, born                                                 interior marble. West Jefferson St.
                                          Railroad for twenty thousand
and reared in Leaches, and is an                                                     Louisville, Ky.
                                          dollars, the largest verdict secured
experienced merchant and salesman         there in many years. Mr. Carroll
and we trust the merchants in this                                                   ***Advertisement - W. H.
                                          represented Louis Horning, a
county will give him a show. He                                                      McFarland, Agent for Dodge
                                          switchman, and sued for the loss of
represents a good home and will                                                      Brothers cars, Mt. Washington. Ky.
                                          an arm. Mr. Carroll is one of the
accord fair treatment to all who buy                                                 B. D. Burch, assistant and
                                          very best damage lawyers who has
from him.                                                                            demonstrator.
                                          ever practiced in our local court, and
General Wilson, who has been very         is able to handle his case ably and
ill with flu is better and will be out    skillfully in any court.
in a short while. General is a fine

                                                        Page 322
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Hebron                               W. J. Bell and family and Miss Irene      S. B. Foster spent Monday in
                                        Brooks were dinner guests of Mrs.         Shepherdsville.
Mrs. W. J Bell spent the week end       Al Priest and Mr. Priest Sunday
with her sister in the city and                                                   Mrs. C. E. Rodgers spent Sunday
                                        afternoon and took a motor trip to        afternoon with Mrs. Joe Foster.
attended service at Broadway
                                        Camp Zachary Taylor.
Baptist Church.                                                                    Mrs. W. P. Foster spent one
                                        Miss Kate Melton spent the week            afternoon with her sister, Mrs. Joe
Rev. Rester, pastor, preached an
                                        end with Mrs. Markwell at Okolona.         Foster.
excellent sermon at Hebron Sunday
on Stewardship.                         Mrs. B. B. Johnson is very ill.            Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Myers were
Hebron will have its children’s         Mrs. Joe Brooks and Mrs. C. P.             called to the city one day last week
service the 15th of May.                Brooks were guests of Mrs. Stella          to see their sister, Mrs. Oscar
                                        Hedge Monday.                              Foreman, who is very ill.
H. B. Wood, recently of Camp
Gordon, has been mustered out of        Misses Birdie Ball and Meta                Sergt. Wilson, from Camp Taylor,
service and visited old friends here    Cooper, Messrs J. Sherley and              spent the week end with his friend,
last week, including Mr. and Mrs.       H a r o l d Quick motored t o              Lieut. Chas. H. Hardesty.
Frank Bell, W. J. Bell and Dr.          Shepherdsville Friday evening to see       Mrs. John Chambers spent one day
Holsclaw’s family. He is looking        the war film.                              last week with her mother, Mrs.
fine and would like to return to this                                              Margaret Foster.
                                        ***Mt. Eden
community to live.
                                        Miss Alice Hardesty, from the Gap-         Misses Margaret Foster and Jane
Mr. Ladisaw, of the city, has moved                                                (looks like) Holsclaw spent the week
                                        in-Knob, spent the week end with
to his farm here. He continues his                                                 end with Mrs. John Chambers.
                                        her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs.
position in the city and go in each
                                        Robt. Hardesty.                            Arthur Wise, from Camp Cu???,
day in his auto.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goldsmith, Mr.          Mich., the son of Mrs. Maggie Wise,
Thomas Hackney had a few boy                                                       is with his mother.
                                        and Mrs. Gib Daugherty, and
friends to spend Tuesday evening of
                                        Pauline spent Sunday with Mrs.             Mr. Pitt Arnold is able to be with his
last week in his home.
                                        Margaret Foster and family.                daughter, Mrs. Lud Carlile of near
Paul Holsclaw will entertain Thomas                                                West Point.
                                        Miss Margaret Foster spent a few
Hackney, John Holsclaw and Logan
                                        days with her sister, Mrs. Will            Born to the wife of Mr. Gib Stivers,
Brooks this Tuesday evening.
                                        Foster.                                    a boy.
Miss Lila Brooks is nursing a little
                                        W. P. Foster has been on the sick          Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Holsclaw,
child at St. Matthews.
                                                                                   Mr. Will Thompson and family
Miss Nolia Holsclaw returned            Mrs. R. C. Hardesty spent one              spent Sunday with Relatives in the
Sunday from a visit to her aunt, Mrs.   afternoon with John Chambers and           city.
Head of Indianapolis, and Monday        brother.
evening a party of her young friends                                               W. P. Foster is on the sick list.
gave her a surprise party. Those        Mr. Will Chambers from Wis. spent
                                                                                   Mr. R. B. Ridgway was called to see
present were Misses Nolia Holsclaw,     a few days with his brother, Jno.
                                                                                   his sister, Mrs. Nannie Lewis one
Emily Brooks, Edna Brooks, Mary         Chambers and relatives here.               day last week who is sick.
Holsclaw, Utilia (looks like)           Mrs. J. B. Myers is still in Louisville
Holsclaw, Ina Holsclaw, Dora                                                       Mr. Jasper Griffin and daughter,
                                        with her sister, Mrs. Bettie Froman,
Becker, Messrs Paul and John W.                                                    Mrs. Hester Rodgers, are keeping
                                        who is very ill.
Holsclaw, George Russell, Ray                                                      house at the home place.
Jenkins and Will Becker.                Mr. Sim Kimball, formerly of this
                                                                                   Miss Margaret Hardesty spent the
                                        vicinity, died with pneumonia Friday
Cake and chocolate was served and                                                  week end at home.
                                        and was buried Saturday at Bullitts
nuts and candy.                         Lick.

                                                      Page 323
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. Chas Holsclaw, Jane and               trustee, J. E. Quick, with Miss Effie      A good class is being prepared a
Gertrude Holsclaw spent Saturday in       Johnson as teacher.                        L e b a n o n J u n c t i o n a n d at
Shepherdsville.                                                                      Shepherdsville by Prof. Carpenter
                                          Miss Nellie May Scott, teacher at          and Miss Raymond.
Mrs. Mary E. Barrall is spending          the Zoneton School was here
this week with her daughter, Mrs. L.      Saturday.                                  The school at Bardstown Junction
M. Barrall and family.                                                               closed Friday after a successful term
                                          Miss Mollie Roby will soon                 which has been taught by Miss
***Big Opening                            complete her school at Frymire, Ky         Jennie Carpenter as Principal and
                                          and expects to return to the county to     Miss Fanny Bell Melton as assistant.
Mr. Jas. M. Shawhan (sic), of
                                          teach this fall.
Nashville, Tenn., Representing the                                                   A letter just received here from
Cumberland Valley Butter Co. was          Miss Nancy Trunnell has accepted a         Harry Westerfield, who has spent 2
here last week. He will be here on        position here with the hustling            years in the army in France and 9
Tuesday, April 8th at Troutman Bros.      Enterprising Insurance Firm of             months of that time on the front
He will demonstrate how to make           Peddicord and Smith.                       ranks, goes on to say that he is now
butter, he will also open a buying                                                   in Virginia is all together, but was
                                          Mr. Jas. Stansburry, one of the
station here and will buy all the milk                                               both gassed and wounded two days
                                          county’s oldest citizens and for
he can in the county, so don’t fail to                                               before the armistice was signed.
                                          many years a trustee at Bardstown
be here April 8th at Troutman Bros.
                                          Junction, died at his home near that       Mr. Westerfield is well known here
***Death - Mrs. Ethel Spink died at       place Monday morning, March 31             and attended high school at Lebanon
her home near Lebanon Junction            afer several weeks illness.                Junction where he starred on the
Friday. Funeral services were held                                                   Base Ball field for two seasons. He
                                          The Harned School will close its
Saturday after which her remains          session Friday, having had three           expects to return in July.
were laid to rest in the cemetery at      teachers this year, but in spite of this
Lebanon Junction.                                                                    ***J. M. Stansbury
                                          handicap, is the only rural school
         April 4, 1919                    that has had six full months of            J. M. Stansbury, one of the best
                                          school.                                    known citizens of Southern Bullitt
***School News                                                                       died at his home West of Bardstown
                                          Miss Moredock, the popular high            Junction last Monday morning of a
It was with a feeling of great            school teacher here, spent Sunday in       complication of diseases. After
satisfaction that we paid to visit last   Louisville.                                service in the church at Bardstown
week to the Shepherdsville Graded                                                    Junction, his remains were buried in
                                          Misses Willie May Ridgway and
and high School, first since the State                                               the Buckman Cemetery on the
                                          Bertha Trunnell will soon finish
High School Dept. has made this an                                                   William Buckman farm on Tuesday.
                                          their commercial course that they
“A” grade credited High School.                                                      Mr. Stansbury was not a native of
                                          have been taking in Louisville at the
This is indeed a great compliment to      Spencerian Business College.               Kentucky, but came to Bullitt
our town, a credit to Bullitt County                                                 County after the war and has made
                                          The last common school diploma             his home here ever since. He was
and is probably the smallest town
                                          examination for the year will be held      born in the state of Georgia, and was
and county in the whole U. S. having
                                          at the Court House Friday and              a Confederate soldier. In 1867, he
the honor.
                                          Saturday, May 9 th and 10th.               married Miss Nancy Carpenter, who
When you hear the pessimist                                                          survives him, together with two sons
                                          All pupils of the 8th grade should
criticizing the affairs of Bullitt                                                   and two daughters, Mrs. Richard
                                          begin now to make careful
County, her soil, roads, bridges and                                                 Hays and Mrs. J. H. Lee, of Illinois,
                                          preparations as these examinations
her congenial county officials, ask                                                  and Gus and Emmitt Stansbury of
                                          are now getting rather difficult.
him about her high schools at three                                                  this county. Mr. Stansbury was a
different places in the county.           Get in school at once some where           kind and obliging neighbor,
                                          and stay there regularly until that        affectionate husband and father, and
The school at Brooks will be
                                          day.                                       unfaltering friend. In 1917, in the
reopened Monday, April 7th, by

                                                        Page 324
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

great wreck at this place, his son,       cases have been filed since the last      J. R. Zimmerman, Admr. Rice
Jas. Stansbury, was fatally injured,      Term of Court:                            Johnson VS Florence Johnson &c
and this together with bodily             Ordinary Cases:                           S. K. Clark &c VS G. S. Patterson
ailments hastened his death.
                                          Jas. Love VS L & N RR                     Chas. P. Raffo, Admr. of E. O.
There were few men in the county                                                    Bertello VS Luicia Pauzio Bertello
who had more friends than J. M.           Thos. Hoagland VS L & N RR
Stansbury and the intelligence of his                                               Augustus E. Wilson, Committee of
                                          Robt. Mann VS L & N RR
death will cause widespread sorrow.                                                 Jas. L. Hackett VS W. H. Rickle &c
His home was always open to his           Ora Weathers VS W. J. Ash
                                                                                    Board of Trustees of Lebanon
friends and old fashioned hospitality     C. L. Croan & P. H. Croan, Admrs          Junction VS Lebanon Junction
was dispersed there with a lavish         VS Inter Southern Life Ins.               Power and Light Company
hand. To the sorrowing widow and
children, we tender our deepest           Troutman Bros. VS Wilford Lee             D. Taylor VS Ida Taylor
sympathy in this, their darkest hour      Bertha Trunnell VS L & N RR               Mary Stansbury &c VS Jennie
of grief.                                                                           Stansbury &c
                                          Margaret Ridgway VS Jno. Miller
***Judge Morrow Back                                                                C. P. Bradbury Ex’rd W. T. Lee VS
                                          Harlan Shepherd VS H. H. Glenn
Brown as a berry, hard as nails and                                                 C. Q. Shepherd &c
feeling as fine as the proverbial         J. L. Hardaway VS Neil Trunnell Jr.
                                                                                    ***Chicken Supper
fiddle, Judge W. T. Morrow, who           J. L. Hardaway VS H. M. Trunnell
has spent the past three months in                                                  A Chicken Supper to be given by the
the land of flowers and sunshine,         Equity Cases:                             W.O.W. at the Woodmen hall,
appeared on our streets the other                                                   Clermont, KY. Apr. 12th at 7:30.
                                          Robt. McKinley          VS    Wesley
morning, and was given the glad                                                     Supper 25 cents. If you don’t like
                                          Shepherd &c
hand by his many friends. The Judge                                                 chicken, come and enjoy a big laugh.
wintered well and is in love with         Flora Clem VS J. W. Clem                  Pat and Mike in a Boxing Match.
Miami, the place where he always                                                    Refreshments, good music.
                                          Addie Judd VS Warren Judd
spends his time. The Judge brought                                                  ***Death
back of great many curios, relics         Florence Ryan VS W. V. Ryan
which he is gladly showing to his                                                   Beulah Shepherd, aged 7 years, 5
                                          Fronia Mary Orms VS Will Orms
friends at his home.                                                                mos., 17 days, died at her home in
                                          Carrie E. Porter VS Edward J. Porter      Highland Park Sunday of Basilen
Before coming back to Kentucky,                                                     Meningitis. She was a daughter of
Judge Morrow visited Colonel T. J.        W. J. Bell, Admr VS Katie Diehl &c
                                                                                    Clarence Shepherd, formerly of this
Daniel and wife at St. Cloud, Fla,                                                  county. Her remains were brought
                                          Mary E. Brewer VS Jesse J. Brewer
and found them well, but just as                                                    here Monday and morning and taken
much in love with Kentucky as ever.       J. H. Bolton VS J. Q. Bolton
                                                                                    to Cedar Grove, where they were
N. B. Trunnell, who also spent the                                                  laid to rest.
                                          Ben F. Hatfield VS Essie Burns &c
cold season in Florida, returned
early in March, looking good and          Preston Samuels VS Henry Doutaz           ***$20.00 Reward
praising the Florida climate. For         &c
                                                                                    I will pay $20 reward for
people who have the money and                                                       information leading to the arrest and
                                          W. D. Armstrong, Grd. VS Martha
time, there is no better place to visit                                             conviction of party or parties who
                                          Gertrude Armstrong &c
in the Winter than Florida.                                                         broke into our house on Blue Lick
                                          J. R. Zimmerman, Admr. Josh Curd
***Bullitt Circuit Court                                                            Creek near Hubers recently.
                                          VS Josh Murphy &c
The Spring Term of the Bullitt                                                      Jas. H. Foster and Mrs. Enolia
                                          John E. Gould           VS    Minnie
Circuit Court will begin next                                                       Caswell, 2003 South 4th Street,
                                          Dinwiddie &c
Monday, April 7th. Thirty-six new                                                   Louisville.

                                                        Page 325
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Somewhere in the Alps                  joke. We heard it was going to be          pleasure to a mother whose son has
                                          about eight o’clock in the morning.        spent eight months over here and has
St. Gervais, France, Feb. 26, 1919        We staid (sic) in our holes and            went through flames of Hell and
Dear Father and Mother:                   waited and it was so. We were some         now that the war is over to keep us
                                          happy boys sure. I will write again        boys over here for twelve more
I thought I would write you all a few     soon, our Company is still in the          months. What do you think she will
lines to let you all know that I am       same place. They are talking about         say? Nothing? I suppose I’m most
well and all right. I am on a fourteen    home, but there is no one pulling for      sure he has never thought of any of
day furlough and staying in a big         us because we are in the regular           these things. What has be been doing
hotel, have everything that we want.      outfit.                                    all through this war, sitting and
We are in the Alps Mtns., there are                                                  planning how to make a dollar so I
                                          You want to pull for the Fifth             suppose and to keep our boys over
some mountains here, too, and             Division, there are a lot of Kentucky
plenty of snow. This is the first time                                               here as long as possible? What has
                                          boys in it. You all wanted to know         the people got against the boys that
I have ever had to chance to tell you     how many times we went over the
all something about this war. They                                                   they want us to stay over here and
                                          top. I think it was fifteen. We went       help clean up France? Tell me, on
do not have anyone to censor your         over so many times on the last I quit
letters now, so I can write more.                                                    the other hand, where the profit
                                          counting. Going over the top is not        would be in doing so.
There are lots of boys that will be       what you think. Give everybody my
left over here, they were hard            best regards. I will be home the first     France has today more money than
fighting boys that were too game for      chance.                                    she had four years ago when the war
the Germans. I think the ones that                                                   started. She must have enough food
                                          Your loving son, Chester Longacre.         to run her for they still make Cognac
did the fighting deserve a discharge,
but they are keeping us over here.        ***In France                               Champain (sic) weaeir and beer, and
We are living in hope for I guess we                                                 if food was so scarce, why don’t
                                          Dear Mother:                               they stop the making of all the liquor
will get to come some day. We are
living too good now for a doye            Your letter was received today. Was        and use it food, and after all we have
(looks like) boy. We are used to          so glad to hear from you all. This         gone through, there is someone that
living in a hole dug in the ground.       leaves me big and fat and mean as          wants to make two million or men
We were going so fast on the last         ever and as I told in one of my            dissatisfied. I am sure he is not
that we were covering a front of          letters, I’m expecting to return some      running for office. If he is, he is
twenty miles wide and were five           time in June or July. I got a letter       taking a back step, take it from me.
miles ahead on one end and eight or       from Lillie May, one from Will             Suppose they couldn’t take our
ten on the other. I have seen lots of     Wooldridge and one from Gladys.            Service Shivrons (sic) away from us,
our boys killed. When the shells          I’m getting plenty of mail now, but I      he thought he would start something.
burst around you, it makes you feel       do enough writing. That’s all I do at      What have you got against our boys?
like you want to leave, but you           night, for there is no place to go. I’m    It looks to me someone has been
cannot. The Americans waded right         crazy to see Katie Bell’s babies. I        trying to take the advantage of our
on through and did not stop for           know they are cute as they can be.         boys ever since we came to France.
anything. That is what got the                                                       Now, Mr. Man, will you please
                                          Mother, I was reading a piece in the       explain yourself as to what you have
German’s goats. I was hit a couple
                                          paper where some fellow wants to           been referring to and make it clear to
of times but it just stung a little and   keep our boys over here to clean up
that was all, I kept going because                                                   our boys. Of course, it won’t make
                                          France, who wishes to keep the boys        their hay loft any more comfortable,
there were not many boys in our
                                          of the AEF over here 12 months             but it will ease the minds of lots of
Company and we needed all that            longer to clean up France. Has he
were there able to go.                                                               boys. I’m most sure and myself, for
                                          ever been a soldier in France or has       one. Do you realize there are
The day the armistice was signed,         he any relations in France at              mothers, wives and little children
there was some fun asking                 present? If he has, I suppose they are     awaiting for our return to the USA?
everybody that passed what time it        making more money than they did in         Well, I suppose you can see that I’m
was. Everybody thought it was a           civil life. It would be a great

                                                        Page 326
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

one of the boys that can’t see the      about 150 pounds, and wore a dark           for it’s object the upbuilding of
advantage of keeping us over here,      suit and gray cap.                          Bullitt County and Shepherdsville.
do you.                                                                             While his condition is serious, his
                                        ***Card of Thanks                           friends are hoping for his hasty and
Well, tell Chester to write, tell all   To the Editor of the Pioneer News,          complete recovery.
hello, hoping to see you all soon,      Dear Sir:
with love to you all, your son, Lee                                                 ***WCTU
W. Wise.                                I desire to thank the people of the         The WCTU will hold a meeting next
                                        neighborhood and vicinity of Mt.            Sunday at 3 p.m. in the Methodist
***Births                               Eden Church through your paper for          Church. Bro. Crandle will make an
Born to the wife of Dr. Kerr, a fine    their kindness shown me during my           address on Temperance. He is a very
girl, Mar. 30th.                        recent illness.                             earnest and able speaker. All of our
Born the wife of Robt. Ice, a fine      Mr. Editor, I believe there is more         members are urged to be present and
boy, Mar. 30th.                         unadulterated Nazarine Hospitality          every one else who is interested in
                                        to the square mile in this community        Christian work.
***Bold Hold Up at Brooks Sta.          than can be found within like               ***Personal
Bandit covers operator with revolver    boundary under the sun.
and secure $27 in cash.                                                             J. B. Monroe spent Sunday here.
                                        It might be that some of them may
A masked highwayman with a big          get restless and rush up to St. Peter       Newt and Jasper Pearl spent Sunday
black pistol, at 12:15 o’clock          to see if their names are written           evening with their brother, O. W.
Tuesday night, Mar. 25, “stuck up”      there and may find it not there, but it     Pearl.
S. L. Hayden, 21, night telegraph       will not be because of being short on
                                                                                    Judge Masden, of Detroit, is here for
operator at Brooks Station between      “Do unto others as you would have
                                                                                    a short visit.
Louisville and Shepherdsville,          them do unto you”. I. P. Arnold.
where the last signal was received by                                               Dr. Ridgway has bought a new Ford
                                        ***C. F. Troutman Paralyzed
the engineer before the disastrous                                                  Sedan.
wreck at the latter place more than a   Last Friday afternoon, Mr. C. F.
                                                                                    C. S. Morrison was in the city
year ago.                               Troutman, of the firm of Troutman
                                        Bros., sustained a paralytic stroke in
He secured $27 from the cash            the left side, and at this writing, is in   Will Hays and wife, of Cincinnati,
drawer. The thug pretended to           a very serious condition. He was            spent a few days last week with Mr.
Hayden, at a side window, that he       attended by Dr. Kerr and a specialist       Hays relatives.
had shipped some freight and when       from Louisville and a nurse has been
Hayden turned to look for the                                                       Dave Crumbacker, of Zoneton, spent
                                        placed in the sick room, and all that
supposed bill, the gun was brought                                                  Monday here.
                                        can be done, is being done to reduce
into play, and he was forced to open    to high blood pressure and ease his         Wm. Logsdon, of Clermont, spent
the door.                               condition. For more than thirty             Monday here.
He backed Mr. Hayden into a             years, C. F. Troutman has been one
                                                                                    Emerson Welch and family spent
clothes closet and locked him in        of the leading businessmen of
                                                                                    Sunday evening with Robert Ice and
until he had looted the cash drawer     Shepherdsville. For many years, he
and taken a look at all the papers in   was cashier of the Bullitt County
the office.                             Bank, and since the death of H. F.          Oral Basham and Vern Jones, of
                                        Troutman, has been the head of the          Leaches, were in town Monday.
Then he let Hayden out and              firm of Troutman Brothers. For
disappeared in the darkness.                                                        Judge W. T. Morrow has returned
                                        many years, he was secretary of
                                                                                    after spending the winter in Florida.
Hayden, whose home is at Loretto        Bullitt Lodge 155 and was at one
(looks like), said the man was about    time, Master of that Lodge. He is a         Mrs. Frank Hardy, of West Point,
five feet nine inches tall, weighed     member of the ME Church and                 and Mrs. Clarence Holsclaw, of
                                        interested in every move which has

                                                      Page 327
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mountain Top, spent Monday and           AEF more thoroughly than the                vote themselves a couple of
Tuesday with Miss Chrissie Ashby.        recent notification that the valiant        croux’de gnerres instead, just for
                                         home defenders had gotten in their          going through it.
Mrs. Richard Shepherd           spent
                                         “dirty work” and that the Service
Monday evening here.                                                                 Yes, we’ll tear off our Service
                                         Stripe was to be dumped into the ash
                                                                                     Stripes, but the contempt, disgust
A. M. Vance and wife spent Sunday        can. It has been proved to them
                                                                                     and loathing for those responsible
in the city.                             stronger than words that those at
                                                                                     will linger in our minds long after
                                         home are forgetting, even while the
You can hear Grandma Thomas                                                          those little gold insignias are
                                         homeward stream of wounded still
smile now.                                                                           tarnished and mildewed. Yours truly,
                                         flows on, what the AEF has done for
J. Port Thompson, of Veechdale,          them.                                       Pvt. Albert Thompson, Hq. Co. 52
spent Tuesday here.                                                                  Inf. Amer EFAPO 777, France.
                                         It is a small, insignificant thing, the
Col. Cleve Masden was in town            Service Stripe, yet it is tremendously      ***General Wilson Better
Wednesday on business.                   big in its way; a mark of distinction
                                                                                     The many, many friends of General
                                         of honor and pride to those who
If you want to see F. G. Thomas                                                      Wilson will be glad to know that he
                                         have fought and suffered and bled
smile, just call him Grandpa.                                                        has about recovered from the
                                         for it on these shell furrowed fields
                                                                                     disastrous effects of Spanish Flu and
***Notice                                of France. It is those back there
                                                                                     will soon be out and at work. Like
                                         wearing the uniform who never
Sealed bids will be received until                                                   hundreds of others, General Wilson
                                         came across who are to blame.
Saturday, April 19 for the pasture of                                                has discovered that the Flu is just
the Bullitt County Fair Grounds          I will say 75 per cent of them could        about the closest fitting malady that
from May 1 to August 1 and from          have come overseas and heard the            ever tackled him, and just about the
Sept. 1 to Nov. 1, 1919. Stock is to     whine of a Boche shell had they             hardest ailment to get rid of. General
be removed 1 day at 8 different          wished to, but they didn’t, so they         Wilson is one of the cleanest and
times during the season. We reserve      grabbed coffee cooling jobs back            best young men in our town, and his
the right to reject any and all bids.    home.                                       reappearance behind the counter at
Committee: Robt. E. Lee, L. L.                                                       Troutman’s and in the Sunday
                                         Why? you ask. Well, I wouldn’t
Roby, John H. Harned, J. W. Barrall,                                                 School and Lodge will be hailed
                                         want to say in plain, crude, vulgar
Secy.                                                                                with delight by everybody.
                                         words, why so many of them didn’t
***In France                             come, but ask somebody that is not          ***For Sale - 6 Registered Duroc
                                         color blind to examine the vertebrae        jersey boars. R. T. Peddicord,
To the editor of the Pioneer News                                                    Hubers, KY
                                         of one of them and he’ll tell you. Oh,
I am writing to you in regard to the     well, let the Service Strip go. I’ll tear
                                                                                     ***Jimmie Lee is here.
Service Stripe that we boys of the       mine off. I know just how long I
AEF wear over here, but we see in        stayed over here and just what I            Patrons of the Peoples Bank and
the paper where they are trying to       went through and I don’t care               friends and acquaintances generally
pass a law in the States for us not to   whether any one else knows it or            who have wished for Jimmie Lee’s
wear them when we get home.              not.                                        return, need not do any more
                                                                                     wishing, for that courteous and
It is to laugh that proposed             But it is to laugh, not a hale, hearty,
                                                                                     splendid young man is again behind
abolishment of the Service Stripe by     joyful laugh, but a caustic chuckle of
                                                                                     the marble slab over at the bank
those jealous stay at home and their     scorn and bitterness.
                                                                                     where Jim Hardaway smiles at the
pretty politicians who shape the                                                     ladies. He began work April 1st and
                                         I would have seen that gang at home
destines of the land of Liberty for                                                  has asked us to tell his friends that
                                         stand the gaff that the combat units
which we of the AEF have been                                                        they need have no fears about his
                                         did for six months or a year over
fighting.                                                                            going back into the army. He says he
                                         here in the devil’s domain. Then ask
No announcement or action has            them whether they deserved the              would not take a small fortune for
aroused the rightful wrath of the        Service Stripe. Probably they would         his army experience, nor would he

                                                       Page 328
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

try it over again for a large fortune.   Misses Ruth Jasper and Mary Falls,        County with his sister, Mrs. Will
Here’s a welcome to Jimmie Lee and       of Waterford, were all day guests of      Taylor and Mr. Taylor.
may the time never come when your        the former’s grandmother, Mrs.
                                                                                   Mrs. Gene Carlton is visiting
Uncle Sam shall need your services       Maggie Ellaby Sunday.
                                                                                   relatives in Spencer Co. this week.
in the army.
                                         Mesdames D. T. Mothershead and
                                                                                   Mrs. D. R. Peak and Miss Carrie
***Jack Howerton                         H. S. Porter spent last Friday with
                                                                                   Collings attended the annual meeting
                                         Mrs. Geo. Markwell at Fern Creek.
Mr. Jack Howerton, of Bloomfield,                                                  of the WMS of the ME Church,
as ever was here Sunday talking to       Harry Deutsch, of Louisville, spent       which convened at Henderson last
his best girl and having the time of     the week end with P. B. S. Parrish        week.
his life. Jack worked in the bank        and family.
                                                                                   Mr. Del Porter and little girl, of
here with Jas. Hardaway and made                                                   Taylorsville, spent the week end
                                         Mrs. Mac Borders and son, of
many friends by his splendid bearing                                               here with relatives. His niece, Miss
                                         Louisville, were week end guests of
and handsome face, and his fine                                                    Nora Bell Harp, accompanied him
                                         her sisters, Mesdames W. L. Hall
brown eyes almost created a panic in                                               for a visit.
                                         and F. C. Porter.
the feminine ranks. He is a splendid
young man and we are always glad         Margaret Holloway was the week            Work is now progressing splendidly
to see him again.                        end guests of her cousin, Miss            on the Baptist Parsonage and
                                         Mattie E. Bennett, near Taylorsville.     Methodist Church. Brick, rock, sand,
***For Sale - 4 sows with 20 pigs.                                                 and lumber are accumulating so
T. J. Trunnell, Bardstown Junction.      Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McAfee were
                                                                                   rapidly the men are forced to hustle
                                         called to Louisville Sunday by the
***A personal invitation to attend                                                 to make room for it.
                                         serious illness of her aunt, Mrs.
the opening of the New Cash Cream                                                  Mrs. Tom Porter was taken to St.
                                         Lizzie Hays.
Buying Station at Troutman Bros,                                                   Mary and Elizabeth Hospital Sunday
April 8, 1919. An accurate and           Mrs. Mable Harris, of Louisville,
                                                                                   where after a week’s treatment by
honest test will be made on all cream    spent the week end with her parents,
                                                                                   Dr. Nichols, an operation will be
received and a fair market price paid    J. B. Swearingen and wife.
                                                                                   performed by Dr. Hunter Peak in the
at all times.                                                                      hope of restoring her health, which
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bivens and
***Gentiles join Jews in campaign.       Mrs. W. O. Swearingen and son             for several years has been declining.
Great Non-sectarian drive for            recently motored to Washington Co.
                                                                                    William Franklin, little son of Mr.
$208,000 for relief of Jewish            to visit relatives.
                                                                                    and Mrs. Clarence Porter, who has
sufferers in Europe. (Article not                                                   been ill for some time is now being
                                         Mrs. Helen Long spent last week at
transcribed)                             Zoneton, the guest of her brother,         treated by Dr. Gilbert, of Louisville.
***Mt. Washington                        Bud James and wife.                        Gerald Preston, little four months
Mrs. H. D. Hall spent part of this       Misses Susan Settle and Mary D.            old son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt.
week in the city.                        Barnes were week end guests of             McAfee, passed away last Monday
                                         Miss Nina Cornell.                         night of pneumonia following flu,
Mrs. Alice Collings and daughter                                                    after several days of suffering. He
visited in New Albany and                Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McGee, of Fern
                                                                                    was laid to rest in the cemetery here,
Louisville this week.                    Creek, spent Sunday with his
                                                                                    Tuesday after a short funeral service
                                         parents, W. L. McGee and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Schuler and children                                                   at the grave by Rev. D. R. Peak.
and Mr. Joe Carrico of Louisville        Mrs. Beam Wells and son, of Cox’s          Though his life was short, his
were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.       Creek, and Mrs. Mallie Smith were          absence in the home will be deeply
Tom Lloyd.                               all day guests of the latter’s             felt by loved ones.
                                         daughter, Mrs. Fred Swearingen.            We know that his death was only the
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Showalter and
boys, of the city, spent Sunday with     Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Holloway and            wafting of a flower from to earth to
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John           children spent Sunday in Spencer           heaven, where in love and peaceful
Showalter.                                                                          joy, after escaping the many

                                                       Page 329
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

hardships of life, he awaits the        Mr. Emmitt Holsclaw accompanied           The special train will arrive at 7 a.m.
coming of dear ones here.               Miss Margaret Hardes ty to                and will leave at 11:30 a.m.
                                        Shepherdsville Sunday afternoon.
***Hatching eggs                                                                  The tank will be manned by soldiers
                                        Miss Lou Osborn spent Sunday PM           who have seen actual service
From Parks trap nested barred Rocks                                               overseas. Brief addresses will be
                                        with Mr. and Mrs. Will Stillwell.
Strain direct $1.50 per 15 eggs. Mrs.                                             made by the soldiers and civilians
Chas. Newton, Shepherdsville.                    April 11, 1919                   who are on the special train.
***Mt. Eden                             ***Death of little Bulah Shepherd.        ***Pleasant Grove
Mr. Jno. Chambers and family spent      Last Sunday morning, March 30,            Roy Stallings and wife, of
a few hours with Miss Margaret          1919 at 4 o’clock, the death angel        Shepherdsville, were recent guests
Foster Sunday PM.                       visited the home of Mr. Clarence          of Louis Stallings and wife.
Miss Jane Holsclaw entertained as       Shepherd and took away his little
                                                                                  Friends at this place were sorry to
her guests Sunday, Miss Fuma            daughter, Bulah, 7 years, 5 months
                                                                                  hear of the death of Mrs. Katie
(looks like) Jackson and Mr. Roy        and 16 days old. She leaves a father,
                                                                                  Scott. We sympathize with the
Jackson and friend from Louisville,     mother, step mother, and three
                                                                                  children and relatives.
Lieut. Chas. H. Hardesty, Miss          brothers and one sister and a host of
Margaret and Robt. Hardesty.            relatives and friends who deeply          G. W. Armstrong and wife spent an
                                        mourn her loss. After service, her        evening in Shepherdsville the past
Miss Gertrude Holsclaw was called       remains were laid to rest in Cedar        week.
to nurse Mr. E. W. Johnson, who is      Grove Cemetery with her mother
sick, but greatly improved at this                                                Mrs. Marvin Stallings spent one day
                                        and three brothers. (Note, above says
writing.                                                                          the past week with her mother, Mrs.
                                        she leaves a mother, now says buried
                                                                                  J. W. Lloyd.
Mrs. Margaret Foster spent Sunday       beside her) And a poem, signed: A
with her son and daughter, Mr. and      loving aunt L. G.                         George Armstrong and family were
Mrs. W. P. Foster.                                                                recent guests of Jess Ridgway and
                                        ***Article on the Jewish situation,
Miss Josie Barrall spent Sunday         destitution and fund raising. (Not
with Miss Blanche Howlett.              transcribed)                              Mr. Harp passed away Sunday
                                                                                  morning at the home of his daughter,
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Barrall spent        ***Martin is a fine Percheron horse.
                                                                                  Mrs. Will Simpson and was taken to
Sunday in Louisville.                   He will make the season of 1919 at
                                                                                  Elk Creek for burial.
                                        my barn at Bardstown Junction, Ky
Chris Barrall, of Louisville, spent     at $10 to insure colt. Ottis Porter.      Mrs. Henry Bell and daughter, Miss
Saturday and Sunday with his                                                      Evelyn, spent one day the past week
mother, Mrs. Thos. Barrall.             ***A Real Tank in Action
                                                                                  with Mrs. K. S. Grant.
Mrs. Hester Rodger’s baby has been      A real bona fide battle tank made by
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jess Ridgway’s little
very sick, but is better.               Uncle Sam to vanquish the Hun will
                                                                                   girl is on the sick list.
                                        be seen in this city on Friday, April
Mrs. R. C. Hardesty spent Sunday        18, 1919.                                  Claud Stallings, wife and children,
afternoon with Mrs. Hester Rodgers.                                                and Vernon Dickey, wife and family,
                                        This tank will be one of the features
Mrs. J. B. Myers has returned home                                                 were recently entertained in the
                                        of the Victory Loan special train that
after spending some time with her                                                  home of Mrs. Kate Hall and
                                        will visit Shepherdsville on the date
sister, Mrs. Oscar Foreman, who is                                                 daughter.
                                        mentioned. It weighs more than
very sick.                              seven tons, is armored and is about        Miss Elizabeth Weller spent the
S. B. Foster and friends spent          15 feet long and 10 feet high. It will     week end with Mrs. Hallie
Sunday afternoon in Shepherdsville.     be carried on a special flat car, and      Armstrong. Miss Glacie Orms spent
He called to see Mr. Johnson.           under its own power will parade the        Saturday and Mr. and Mrs. Dave
                                        streets of the city.                       Armstrong Sunday afternoon.

                                                      Page 330
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

H. C. Tyler and family spent             from Okolona, the following               Henry Jones and wife, of Leaches,
Saturday with his parents, Lem Tyler     property: List of horses, cattle,         spent Monday here.
and wife.                                mules, hogs, farming implements,
                                                                                   Mrs. Clarence Holsclaw, of
                                         crops, automobile, Etc. Henry J.
Mike Brumley and family and Mrs.                                                   Mountain Top, spent Monday here.
                                         Crenshaw, Jas. Roney, Auct.
Kate Hall and son motored near Fern                                                Mrs. I. T. Houck, of Louisville,
Creek and spent Sunday with              ***Statement of Management and
                                                                                   spent Monday here.
relatives.                               Ownership of The Pioneer News.
                                         Editor, Publisher, and Business           Oral Basham was down Monday in
Vernon Dickey and wife, Misses                                                     his new Ford.
                                         Manager - J. W. Barrall, and the
Grace and Pearl Hall, Lyman Hall
                                         known bondholders, mortgagees,
and wife and several others were                                                   Mr. Lee Middleton and Mr. Chas.
                                         and other security holders owning or
entertained in the home of Mr. and                                                 Duvall, of the city, spent Saturday
                                         holding 1 per cent or more of total
Mrs. Louis Stallings.                                                              here.
                                         amount of bonds, mortgages or other
We are sorry to hear of the illness of   securities are: C. P. Bradbury,           Several from Cupio were here
Mr. C. F. Troutman and hope will         Shepherdsville. Sworn before J. W.        Monday attending court.
soon recover.                            Hardaway, Notary Public
                                                                                   Adam Settle, Bud Gentry, and
Little Dorothy Lloyd, who was ill        ***Breeders Column. Horse owners          several others of Mt. Washington
the past week, we are glad to say, is    H. W. Lee, H. J. Crenshaw, J. R.          were in town Monday.
better at this time.                     Barger, Dr. McCord Jr.
                                                                                   Squire Miller spent Monday here on
Sam Orms and wife spent Sunday           ***For Sale - Sheep. J. T. and Henry      business.
with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Mollie    Ferguson, Valley Station
                                                                                   Mrs. John Davis and Mrs. Wm.
Stallings.                                                                         Troutwine, of Louisville, spent
                                         ***Sells Fine Farm - Mr. Henry J.
Albert Armstrong and family spent        Crenshaw has sold his fine farm near      Saturday and Sunday with C. L.
Sunday with John Stallings’ family       here to a man fro m near                  Troutwine and wife.
of Bethel.                               Elizabethtown.
                                                                                   Dr. Kirk, of Zoneton, was here
***The following cases have been         ***Wanted - Man to raise tobacco,         Monday.
tried as we go to press:                 and corn and balance of time to
                                                                                   F. G. Thomas, the painter, has
                                         work on farm. E. H. Mathis,
Commonwealth of Kentucky VS:                                                       returned home after painting Mr.
                                                                                   Roy Masden’s residence near Pitts
Will Dilanders (sic), not guilty                                                   Point.
                                         ***For Sale - New four room house
Ed Fitch; $25,00                         with 2 lots, good water at door, in
                                                                                   Miss Loura (sic) Daniels spent
                                         new addition in Mt. Washington. L.
James Woods - $25.00                                                               several days last week with her
                                         Porter & Co. Mt. Washington.
                                                                                   sister, Mrs. Vern Jones.
Dick Shepherd - 5 days in jail and
$10.00                                                                             George W. Swearingen, of
                                         Mrs. J. R. Howell and son, Charles,       Woodlawn, spent days here this
Ed Tyler and Neil Jackson - $10.00                                                 week.
                                         of Louisville, spent Saturday here.
                                         Mrs. Enolia Caswell and son spent          Prof. Roby spent Monday in the city
L & N RR - not guilty                                                               and took dinner at the Seelbach.
                                         Saturday and Sunday in the city.
L & N RR - on trial                                                                 ***Mt. Washington
                                         C. E. Alford and wife spent Saturday
***Public Sale                           and Sunday in the city.
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Will Markwell and
Thursday, April 17, 1919. Having         Senator Charles Carroll, of                children, of Okolona spent Sunday
sold my farm on the Blue Lick Pike       Louisville, spent Monday here.             afternoon with Mrs. D. T.
seven miles from Shepherdsville                                                     Mothershead.
                                         Adam Settle, of Mt. Washington,
near Brooks Station, and five miles
                                         was down Monday on business.

                                                       Page 331
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, of Louisville,      Messrs J. R. Long, of Fairmont, and       Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Hall were called
spent part of last week with her         C. A. Long motored to Washington          away last week by the death of her
brother, Rev. H. R. Wilhoyte and         County Sunday to visit the former’s       f a t h e r , M r . C l e a r y , n e ar
Mrs. Wilhoyte.                           brother, Ben Long, who is seriously       Jeffersontown.
J. W. Bukey and wife and children,                                                 Messrs and Mesdames Bert Hall, J.
of Louisville, were all day guests of    Mrs. Laura Anderson and daughter,         (line missing) attended the funeral of
his sister, Mrs. M. A. Harris and Mr.    Miss Love, are visiting relatives in      their relative, Mrs. Katie Scott at
Harris Sunday.                           Louisville.                               Hebron last Saturday.
Miss Frances McGee spent a day           The Methodist WMS will meet next          Mr. Harp died at the home of his
and night last week with Mrs. C. F.      Wednesday with Mrs. D. T.                 daughter, Mrs. Simpson, near here
Troutman at Smithfield.                  Mothershead.                              last Saturday night. He was buried at
                                                                                   Elk Creek Monday. Besides Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Braithwaite and       Rumors of improvements in our
                                                                                   Simpson, he leaves a son, Mr. John
Pauline Johnson visited relatives at     town are flying around thick. We
                                                                                   Harp and a daughter, Mrs. Oscar
Fern Creek Sunday.                       hear of a new Catholic Church to be
                                                                                   Porter, who live here and other sons
                                         erected in the near future; also a
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McClure and two                                                 and daughters in Spencer County.
                                         building for a new store of groceries
children spent Sunday with her                                                     Harold Barnes, who has been in
                                         and general merchandise. We hope
sister, Mrs. C. O. Fisher and Mr.                                                  Europe several months, working for
                                         these are not more rumors, but will
Fisher, near Seatonville.                                                          Uncle Sam, is in the U.S.A. and is
                                         soon be a reality.
Mrs. Harry Harris and two little girls                                             expected to be home soon.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. P. B. S. Parrish,
were week end guests of her parents,                                               ***Hebron
                                         Mesdames J. W. Harris and T. H.
Mr. and Mrs. George Hardesty, of
                                         Parrish motored to Shepherdsville
Louisville.                                                                        Mr. John Merhoff died at his home
                                         Sunday afternoon and made brief
                                                                                   after a long battle of ill health. Mr.
Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Peak motored to      calls on Mr. C. F. Troutman, Mr. C.
                                                                                   Merhoff is well known here and
Shepherdsville Monday afternoon to       S. Bridwell, Mr. and Mrs. Joe             highly respected. He owns large and
see Mr. C. F. Troutman, who is           Trunnell and Mrs. Mollie Meredith.        valuable farms here, and was a
seriously ill.                                                                     model farmer.
                                         Dr. Hunter Peak, wife and baby, Mr.
Mrs. Elizabeth Parrish is the guest of   and Mrs. Craft and son motored            Mrs. Floyd Jenkins is seriously ill.
her son, T. H. Parrish and wife this     from Louisville Saturday afternoon
week.                                    and were supper guests of Mr. and         The stork visited the home of
                                         Mrs. Fred Nicholson.                      Norman Jenkins and left a son.
Mrs. H. P. Wiggington spent the
week end in Louisville.                  Mrs. D. F. Mothershead, Supt. of Jr       H. B. Wood came out Saturday and
                                         Epworth League, has her program           was the guest of Palmer Hedge and
Misses Kate and Lulie Swearingen                                                   W. J. Bell.
                                         for the Easter Sunday night service
spent Monday in the city.
                                         ready and will begin practice next        Mrs. Anna Dearing is the guest of
Miss Clara Lang, of Louisville,          week.                                     Mrs. J. R. Ball. Mrs. Dearing is
spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs.                                                   mourning the recent death of her
                                         Several from here attended the
Jonas Gentry.                                                                      mother.
                                         funeral of Mrs. Lizzie Hayes last
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Anderson, of          Monday at Fairmount Chapel.               We are pained to hear of the serious
Louisville, were Sunday guests of                                                  condition of Mr. C. F. Troutman.
                                         We are glad to report Mrs. Tom
relatives here.
                                         Porter doing nicely since her             Price Howlett was the guest of J. R.
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Smith and baby        operation last Saturday with a            Ball’s family last week.
were all days guests of her parents,     favorable indication of complete
F. C. Porter and wife, Sunday.           recovery.                                 Mr. Turner Arnold has moved to his
                                                                                   farm recently purchased here. His

                                                       Page 332
                                The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

two sons have recently returned             offerings were unusually beautiful.      job” of the great Victory Loan
from overseas service.                      We extend sympathy to the bereaved       Drive. The following well known
                                            ones and can say of their loved one:     patriotic people have been appointed
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Harris, Misses                                                   in the various school districts:
                                            (Poem not transcribed)
Lila and Sue Brooks visited parents
here for the week end.                      Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hall, Mr. and          Nichols - W. B. Nichols and James
                                            Mrs.     J. C. Gentry, of Mt.            Ridgway.
Miss Lelia Holsclaw is spending a
                                            Washington were called here by the
week with Miss Emily Brooks.                                                         Mt. Olive - Eula Funk and Ambros
                                            death of their sister and aunt, Mrs.
Miss Fannie Bell Melton spent the           Scott.
week end at home here.                                                               Corinth - Bart King and Mattie Able
                                            Misses Fanny Bell and Nadine
Rev. Brown preached at Salem last           Melton spent the week end at home.       Sunny Side - Claud Barrall
Sunday. He is visiting his son at                                                    Shades - Ed Rogers and Emmitt
                                            Miss Ruth Murray, of Lebanon
Camp Taylor.                                                                         Holsclaw.
                                            Junction, spent the week end with
W. J. Bell and Joe Brooks, who              her uncle, Palmer Hedges.
                                                                                     Woodlawn - Owen Shepherd
bought the Joe Deitrich farm are
                                            ***Advertisement - Hubbuch Bros.
improving its appearance                                                             Bullitts Lick - Tom Mattingly
                                            and Wellendorff, West Market
wonderfully.                                                                         Mt. Elmira - Jasper Foster
                                            Street, Louisville. Everything to
Mrs. Katherine Scott, who has been          make your home beautiful.
                                                                                     Needmore - George and Franklin
in declining health for some time,                                                   Armstrong.
passed away quietly last Thursday,                  April 18, 1919
April 3, 1919 at a sanitarium. Mrs.                                                  Hebron - E. Z. Wiggington and Boy
                                            ***School News
Scott, who before her marriage, was                                                  Scouts
Miss Katherine Bell, of Bell’s Mill,        Miss Mary Dawson, who has been
                                                                                     Brooks - Ed Quick and A. E. Funk Jr
was the widow of the late James             teaching the Pitts Point school for
Scott and had lived her quiet               several years, has just left for a two   Beech Grove - Nick Miller and
beautiful life here in our midst.           week’s visit to relatives in Illinois.   Crumbacker Jenkins
Always modest and retiring from a           Two cases against delinquent              Green Briar - L. Q. Owens and
little girl up, she filled every relation   parents in the Lebanon Junction           Willie Simmons
of life in a dignified graceful way. A      school were promptly fined in the
womanly woman and a Christian.                                                        Mt. Washington - Chas. Long, J. C.
                                            police court by Judge Magruder.
What higher tribute can we pay her                                                    Gentry, Louis McGee
memory. The death of her beloved            Prof. Allison is acting as truant
                                                                                      Sugar Valley - Joe Harris and Clyde
husband was a shock from which she          officer and the result is that school
never recovered. She is survived by         children are attending at the Junction
two daughters, Mrs. Chas.                   as never before.                          Edgewood - W. E. Friddle and J. R.
McKenzie and Miss Nellie May                                                          Markwell
                                            Three cheers for both the Judge and
Scott, and two grandchildren. One           the teacher.                              Whitfield - Jas. Tinnell and Dave
sister, Mrs. Tom Melton and four                                                      Wiggington
brothers, Willard, James, Henry and         The teachers and school officials of
W. J. Bell, with many other relatives       this county extend their sympathy to      Cedar Glades - Proc Jones and Bud
and friends who loved her. The              their friends and co-worker, Miss         Roby
remains were brought to the home of         Nellie Mary Scott, whose mother
                                                                                      Pleasant Hill - Malcolm Harmon
her daughter, Mrs. McKenzie while           died a few days ago after a
the funeral was held last Saturday          protracted illness of almost two          Cedar Grove - G. B. Herps and Geo.
with interment in Hebron Cemetery.          years.                                    Simmons
Her pastor, Rev. Barnhill conducted         Bullitt County people never do            Victory - A. V. Greenwell and Lem
the funeral service, taking as his          things by halves, so “let’s finish the    Swearingen
theme, “the blessed dead”. The floral

                                                         Page 333
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Woodsdale - W. J. Shaw                  Bardstown       Junction      -   Robt.      Miss Erma Schweckendieck was
                                        Rennison                                     Sunday visitor of Miss Evelyn
Hobbs - Dick Clark and Hackley                                                       Lanyans.
(sic) Muir                              Shepherdsville - Both garages, John
                                        Glenn, Sam Ridgway and Billy                 Mr. and Mrs.        John Travis
Clermont - George Taylor                                                             entertained a number of guests last
Chapeze - Knight and Hess                                                            Sunday.
                                        Zoneton Store - Brooks Tyler and
Glen Ella - Barney Weller and H. M.     Pat Pope                                     Mrs. Albert Fisher, Margaret and W.
Trunnell                                                                             C. Owen, spent Tuesday with Mrs.
                                        Mt. Washington - Garage, Vance
                                                                                     Mary S. Fisher.
Pitts Point - A. C. Viers               Settle, Thurston Long, and Preston
                                        Parrish’s Sons.                              The little son of Jesse Alcorn is
Beech Grove - Fillmore Croan                                                         improving from a severe attack of
                                        ***Baseball - Opening game -
Hays - W. J. Lesley and J. C.                                                        pneumonia.
                                        M i l w a u k e e V S L o u i s v i l l e,
Wooldridge                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward Owen spent
                                        Wednesday, April 29, Eclipse Park,
Zion - Charles and Walter Newman        Seventh and Kentucky Streets,                Friday in Louisville, and were dinner
                                        Louisville.                                  guests of his aunt, Mrs. Mary Cox.
Cane Run - H. Harned
                                        ***Card of Thanks - We wish to               Mesdames W. O. Swearingen, D. R.
Harned - S. H. Ricketts                                                              Peak, P. B. S. Parrish, D. T.
                                        thank our neighbors and friends for
Mt. Carmel - R. N. Masden               their kindness shown us during our           Mothershead, C. A. Harris, E. T.
                                        sickness with the flu. H. M.                 McAfee, and Sally Parrish attended
Culver - Claud Hill and Roscoe                                                       the all day missionary meeting at
                                        Greenwell And family.
Engle                                                                                Bethel M. E. Church last
                                        ***Notice - All persons having
Oak Grove - C. H. Masden and Lon                                                     Wednesday.
                                        claims against the estate of James H.
Stovall                                                                              S. O. Flood, wife and baby spent the
                                        Stansbury, deceased, will file said
Shepherdsville - Dr. Ridgway, Chas.     claims, proven according to law,             week with his parents.
Lee Bradbury and Pat Ashby              with me on or before May 15, 1919
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Owen and
                                        or leave same with J. R. Zimmerman
Bardstown Junction - Tom Trunnell                                                    children spent Sunday with Mrs.
                                        at Shepherdsville. Nancy J.
and Robt. Rennison                                                                   Owen’s aunt, Mrs. Jane Hall.
                                        Stansbury, Executrix with will
Belmont - W. W. Davis and Bert          annexed of the estate of James               Mr. J. W. Douglas is slowly
Brown                                   Stansbury.                                   improving since his returned from
                                                                                     Owentown (sic) where he went for
Lebanon Junction - Prof. Allison,       ***Americans Fight Germs in Italy.
                                                                                     medical treatment.
Mary Ray and Paul Jenkins               Tuberculosis experts sent by Red
                                        Cross will use latest methods.               Miss Mary E. King is visiting
We expect to have a “sticker” for the                                                relatives on the Stringer Lane Road.
                                        (Article not transcribed)
windshield of every automobile in
Bullitt County and if you want to be    ***On the Mt. Washington Road                Miss Floye Owen is in Louisville the
“in style”, get one at the following                                                 guest of her sister, Mrs. Elmer Jones.
                                        Mrs. J. D. Hough continues very ill.
places or see one of the following                                                   Pvt. David Owen has written to
boys:                                   Uncle Hayden Bridwell is improving
                                                                                     friends here that he expects to start
                                        from his recent illness.                     for the USA April 29.
Lebanon Junction - Lebanon
Junction Bank, O. L. Roby, Paul         Ally (looks like) Owen has
                                                                                     Sunday School was reopened at
Jenkins, James Mattingly’s garage.      purchased a new buggy and harness,
                                                                                     Bethel the first Sunday in April.
                                        also a driving horse. Now, girls, you
Belmont - W. W. Davis and Elmer                                                      ***Week of Prayer
                                        may prepare to take some trips.
                                                                                     The ladies of the Bethel WMS held
                                                                                     their week of prayer April 8,9,10,

                                                      Page 334
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

1919. Mesdames Louis Sauter,            Logan Burks spent Saturday in the         Louisville and Capt. Summers said
Albert Fisher and Edward                city.                                     he had been talking to just one girl.
Mothershead were the leaders.                                                     ***Let’s Finish the Job committee:
                                        W. T. Puryear, of La Grange, spent
Seven names were added to their list                                              H. H. Combs, County Chairman; T.
                                        several days last week with his
of members. Mrs. Edward Owen was                                                  C. Carroll, Director of Sales; J. R.
                                        daughter, Mrs. Howell Smith.
appointed Social Service Supt.                                                    Zimmerman, Director Speakings;
                                        R. D. Snellen, of Knob Creek, spent
***BYPU Program, Participants -                                                   Lindsay Ridgway, Director Supplies;
                                        last Friday here.
John Glenn, Eleanor Glenn, Miss                                                   J. F. Combs, Director Banks; R. M.
Martha Hornbeck, Chas. Lee              Mrs. W. F. Monroe spent Sunday            Hocker, R. L. Simmons, Bert Hall,
Bradbury, Mrs. F. Lee, Lulu Cook,       eve on Knob Creek.                        Executive committee; Miss Mary
Thelma Lee, Blanche Howlett,                                                      Ray, director of ladies department;
                                        Mrs. B. L. Bowman and son spent
Dorothy Samuels.                                                                  Ora L. Roby, Director of Publicity.
                                        Sunday at Brooks.
***Don’t fail to get ready for the                                                ***Bullitt Circuit Court
                                        Miss Johns has opened her school at
Bullitt County Fair.                                                              Jurors for the new term: Bert Gentry,
***Auto Licenses already $460,148,                                                James Roney, J. E. O’Bryan, Robt.
                                        E. Z. Wiggington, of Zoneton, spent
$57,000 more than in entire year of                                               Brashear, Embry Deacon, O. D. Hill,
                                        Monday here.
1918. (Headlines only)                                                            Lee Beard, F. T. Harned, Henry
                                        Mrs. Wm. Knight and little                Lutes, John Barrall, Tom Terry, J. L.
***Work on Bridge - L. A. Wysong                                                  Quick, James Cochrane, Chas. Funk,
                                        daughter, Anna Louise, were guests
reports he will lay the floor in the                                              Chas. King, Ray Lansford, John
                                        of Mrs. Frona Samuels Saturday.
second span of the wagon bridge                                                   Pound.
between the 10th and 17th of May,       Mrs. S. B. Simmons and Mrs. J. H.
and the bridge will be closed to        Ferris and son, Master James               ***Barrallton
travel between the hours of 7 a.m.      Simmons Farris, spent Sunday in the
                                                                                   Mr. W. H. Alford and daughter,
and 5:30 p.m.                           city. (Note - Ferris or Farris)            Dorothy, and Clara Elmira, of
***Advertisement - Ask us about         Mr. W. C. Boyd, who underwent a            Jackson, Miss. are visiting Mrs.
these lively grain and provision        very serious operation at the St.          Alford’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
markets on the Chicago Board of         Joseph Infirmary several weeks, ago,       Barrall.
Trade. We are members, Williams &       is slowly improving.                       Mrs. Edith Brooks, who has been
Monroe, Louisville.                                                                quite sick, is very much better at this
                                        Frank Harned, of Belmont, spent
***Personal                             Sunday with O. W. Pearl.                   writing.
Burk Vaughn, wife and son, of           Mrs. W. C. Herps has sold her house        Miss Martha Amelia Morgan, and
Valley Station, spent Friday here.      and lot on Water Street.                   sister, Anna, of Fairdale, visited
                                                                                   their aunt, Mrs. C. A. Barrall
R. A. Miller and Chas. Applegate, of    On account of the illness of Miss          Saturday.
Cupio, were here Friday on business.    Zora Rayman’s mother, Miss Zora
                                        and her nieces are now driving from        Mrs. Barbara Samuels, of Louisville,
Tom Goldsmith, of West Point,                                                      who has been visitor relatives and
                                        home to school, having stayed with
spent Friday here on business.                                                     friends here, has returned home.
                                        Mrs. Howell Smith during the
Herman Goode and Dr. S. W. Bates,       winter.                                    Every one is always glad to see Aunt
of New York, were called here last                                                 Barb.
                                        We are informed by Mr. Bosley, the
week on account of the illness of C.                                               Miss Hazel McNutt, who is a student
                                        State Road man, that Capt. Summers
F. Troutman.                                                                       at the Clarks Business School in
                                        exonerated Jim Hardaway the other
The many friends of Jimmie Lee are      day from charges preferred against         Louisville, spent the weekend at her
glad to see him out again.              him by Fletcher Downs. Mr. Downs           home at this place.
                                        estimated or charged that Jim had
Mr. and Mrs. Ora L. Roby spent one
                                        been talking to the ladies in
day last week at Lebanon Junction.

                                                      Page 335
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Aldena Barrall entertained          Mr. Chas. Holloway and two boys,          J. H. McFarland, of Kansas City, is
Miss Hazel McNutt and brother,           of Louisville, were week end guests       visiting here.
Earl, Saturday evening.                  of J. R. Holloway and wife.
                                                                                   Mrs. Estelle Fox and son, of
J. M. Barrall and family spent           Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carwardine were          Louisville, spent the week end with
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chas.           all day guests of John Long and           P. N. Fox and wife.
Funk at Cupio.                           wife.
                                                                                   Messrs and Mesdames Del Porter, of
Chas. Alford spent Tuesday with          Weaver Harris and Walter Mathis,          Taylorsville, Will Simpson and John
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barrall.              of Lenore, visited Misses Sara            Harp were all day guests of Mr. and
                                         McGee and Emma Melle Harris.              Mrs. Oscar Porter Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barrall had as
their guests Sunday, Mrs. W. H.          Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Burch and              Mrs. Lloyd Yates and two children,
Alford and daughter, Dorothy and         daughter, Martha Elizabeth, visited       of Maude, are visiting her parents,
Clara Elmira.                            relatives in Louisville last week.        C. O. Parrish and wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Orr and              Mr. Carl Wiggington and wife, of          Lewis McGee, P. H. Strickland and
daughter, Jesse Elizabeth, Mrs. E.       Louisville, were the guests of their      Miss Elma McGee attended the
Brooks and daughter, Elmira, and         parents, C. P. Wiggington and wife.       BYPU meeting at Lexington last
son, Walter Ernest, Miss Willie Mae                                                week.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joe Owen and
Ridgway, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.              children, of Zoneton, were week end       Junior Epworth League Program
Barrall and family and C. A. Barrall.    guests of her sister, Mrs. H. H. Hall     participants - Rudell King, Susie
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Barrall received      and Mr. Hall.                             Long Swearingen, Margaret
a letter from their son, Edward, who                                               Holloway, Elizabeth Carlton, Susie
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Herman Owen spent            May Parrish, Ruby Peak.
has been serving his country in the      Sunday with her parents, Joe Dickey
Navy for over a year, telling them of                                              ***Card of Thanks
                                         and wife.
his safe arrival at Hoboken, N. Jer.,
it being his eighth trip across. Ed is   Harry Harris, wife and two little         We wish to express our appreciation
a fine boy and all his friends will be   girls were all days guests of Mr. and     and thanks to those who so kindly
glad to hear that he is well and has     Mrs. W. A. King.                          assisted us during the illness and
been promoted to a higher rank in                                                  death of our dear husband and
                                         Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Fisher, of             father, W. O. Kimball, who departed
the service.
                                         Jefferson County, spent Sunday with       this life March the 20, 1919.
Miss Dorothy Alford is attending         J. F. McClure and wife.
school in Louisville and is boarding                                               Especially do we thank Troutman
                                         Misses Mary Lee Parrish and Vivian        Bros., undertakers, for their prompt
with Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Orr.
                                         Harris were week end guests of Miss       and polite attention, Dr. G. W. Kirk,
***Notice - Seal bids wanted for         Georgia Porter.                           for professional services so kindly
construction of school buildings at                                                rendered. Also the Bullitt and Miles
                                         Stuyler Harris, wife and baby, of
Whitfield and Harned (specifications                                               Lodge of Masons for their beautiful
                                         Louisville, visited relatives here part
listed) T. I. Mattingly, E. Z.                                                     and impressing services, and Rev.
                                         of last week.
Wiggington, H. M. Trunnell, A. C.                                                  Brandon for his words of comfort
Viers and Ora L. Roby, Bullitt           Miss Mabel Davis, of Louisville, is       and consolation. Wife and Children.
County School Board.                     visiting her aunt, Mrs. B. D. Burch.
                                                                                   ***For Sale - 58 acres, very well
***Mt. Washington                        Miss Pauline Johnson spent the            improved, good house and barn;
                                         week end in the city with relatives.      about 35 acres cleared, balance in
Mrs. C. C. Parrish spent a few days
this week in Louisville.                 Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Bates, of Fern        timber, good out buildings, well and
                                         Creek, were all day guests of N. H.       cistern at door, 3-1/2 miles of
Mr. and Mrs. Field, of Waterford,        Braithwaite and wife Sunday.              Shepherdsville, near Bullitts Lick.
spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs.                                                   E. B. Stith
Oscar Porter.

                                                       Page 336
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

        April 25, 1919                  Officers                                   told me that he was wounded with a
                                                                                   machine gun.
                                        Miss Mary Ray, County Chairman
***School News                                                                     Duard, we left Beauregard July 31,
                                        Mrs. J. H. Sanders, Publicity
Trustee Chas. Funk and Herbert          Director and Song Director.                landed at Newport News, August 3,
Croan, John Barrall, and one or two     Mrs. J. F. Collings, Sales Director,       sailed August 6, landed at Brest in
other trustees have been on the Jury    District Chairman                          France the 18th and was sent to the
this past t term of court.              Mrs. C. P. Bradbury, Shepherdsville        front September 30. Elmer was
                                        Mrs. J. W. Pope, Shepherdsville.           wounded the 11th.
Miss Varina Mudd who is teaching
                                        Mrs. J. H. Fisher, Shepherdsville.         Duard, I know it was hard to give
in Jefferson County spent Sunday
                                        Miss Margaret Foster,                      Elmer up, but I don’t think any man
with her parents at Belmont.
                                        Shepherdsville.                            can for die for any more noble cause
Mr. I. W. Wise who was forced to        Mrs. Ed Tyler, Shepherdsville.             than fighting for freedom. If the
sell his fine farm at Camp Knox has     M r s . G e o r g e A r m s t r o n g,     Germans had won this war, we
just bought a farm south of Lebanon     Shepherdsville.                            would have been slaves, but they
Junction and moved to his new home      Mrs. S. S. Barger, Pleasant Hill.          didn’t win it. Right is right, and
last week.                              Mrs.. Wilhoyte, Mt. Washington.            wrong is wrong. Germany will never
                                        Mrs. J. V. Rouse, Cox’s Creek              be anything as long as he is a nation.
Mr. Wise is a fine progressive
                                        Mrs. Wm. Knight, Chapeze
farmer and is the father of Miss                                                   Duard, I was at the front the morning
                                        Mrs. Frank Jackson, Lebanon
Ethel Wise, former teacher at Mt.                                                  the armistice was signed and believe
Washington.                                                                        me, there were some happy home
                                        Mrs. Claud Hill, Belmont
Miss Lillie Monroe, who has been        Mrs. John Barrall, Barrallton              boys. My brother, Jim, Elmer and
teaching the remainder of the term at   Mrs. Elmer Ridgway, Valley Station         Roy are over here some place and I
Pleasant Hill will complete her         Mrs. Lillie Mooney, Bardstown              never get to see them.
school Friday.                          Junction                                   If I ever get to come back, I am sure
                                        Miss Mary Jane Trunnell,                   coming to see you all. We are due to
The School Board of Shepherdsville
                                        Bardstown Junction.                        sail in May and I sure hope we sail,
Graded and Bullitt County High
                                        Mrs. J. E. Quick, Brooks                   for I am longing for the good old
School met last week and reelected
                                        Mrs. Tom Carlin, Taylorsville              U.S.A. I wouldn’t live over here if
the same fine teachers for 1919 and
                                        Mrs. Charles Dawson, Pitts Point           they would give me a deed to this
                                        ***Somewhere in France                     country.
The following will probably sign the
contract for the coming term: Brid??    Burden Banch, German, March 5,             Well, Duard, I will close for this
Monroe, Sara Williams, Nadine           1919. Mr. Duard Monroe,                    time as I don’t know of anything that
Melton, Zora Raymond, Helen             Shepherdsville. Dear Friend:               would be of interest to you. Give my
Burkholder, Irene Moredock, Irene                                                  regards to Jessie and all of the
                                        Will endeavor to answer your letter        children. As ever, your friend, Clyde
Crutcher and J. R. Sanders.
                                        of February 14 and tell you what I         Barnes, Co. B, 125th
All graded schools will hold trustee    know about Elmer Monroe. Elmer
elections Saturday, May 3, 1919.        and I were together from about June        ***Serious Accident
                                        20 until Sept. 20. Then we were            Friday evening, April 11, as Mrs.
The Belmont Graded School Board
                                        transferred from Co. G, 154th Inf. to      Clara Newman, Miss Ethel Newman
is planning to apply for a High
                                        the 32nd Div., 125 Inf. Elmer Monroe       and Mr. Arthur Newman were
School certificate and carry at least
                                        was put in Co. C. and I was put in         driving up Main Street, and just as
two years of high School for the
                                        Co. B, but we were close together          they reached a point opposite the
coming term.
                                        until the 11th of October. I saw him       residence of Mr. Samuel C.
***Officers and District Chairmen       just a little while before he got          Bridwell, their horse became
Woman’s Fifth Liberty Loan              killed. I never saw him after he was
                                                                                   frightened at an automobile which
Committee:                              wounded but some of this friends
                                                                                   was being driven by Walter

                                                      Page 337
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Harshfield and turned the buggy          feed at a high price, and sold them        While he has gone from his loved
over, throwing the occupants out,        and cleared over $300.                     ones here on earth, he is in a better
injuring Mrs. Newman and Miss                                                       and brighter world, where he is
                                         ***Death of Wm. O. Kimball
Ethel. The horse then turned North                                                  receiving his reward.
on Main Street, righting the buggy;      Wm. O. Kimball, of Bullitt County,
                                                                                    To his grief stricken wife and
and ran against Bridwell’s shop. It      KY died at his home in Huber
                                                                                    children, we extend our deepest
then broke the shafts loose from the     Station, March 20, 1919 after a ten
buggy, and started for home, but was     days illness of influenza and
stopped at Salt River Station. Some      bronchial pneumonia on Saturday.           May the Father of mercies and God
witnesses to the accident say that is    He was buried in Bullitt Lick              of all comfort be with them in their
a mistake, but the wheel on the side     Cemetery, the funeral being in             great sorrow.
the auto was crushed. The top was        charge of Rev. Brandon, pastor of
                                                                                    ***Moonshine in Larue
torn off and the buggy was otherwise     the M. E. Church. Mr. Kimball is
injured. The horse was injured when      survived by his widow, Mrs. Addie          A report comes from Hibernia that
it struck the shop, but not so           Stivers Kimball, two sons, Ora W.          the Government authorities have
seriously injured when the force         Kimball and Cecil E. Kimball, one          made another raid in the county in
with which it struck the shop in         daughter, Mrs. Henry L. Corum              an attempt to break up the
considered.                              (looks like) and numerous other            moonshining which they believe is
                                         relatives.                                 going on in that section. Bud Skaggs
Mrs. Newman fell on her face,                                                       and son, Chas. Skaggs, were arrested
breaking her glasses and sustaining      Mr. Kimball was a devoted father, a
                                                                                    last week and taken by the revenue
slight injuries about the chest, while   kind and loving husband.
                                                                                    officers to the home of A. B.
Miss Ethel Newman was ever less          All that loving hands could do to          Warren. The prisoners, who were
seriously injured than her mother,       keep in the home was done. But             handcuffed together by some means
and both were able to attend the         God, in His tender mercy came and          escaped and have not as yet been
initiation of several candidates into    no one could hold him here. Mr.            located. Rumor states that no attempt
the mysteries of the Order of the        Kimball was a member of the Knob           is being made to capture them as
Eastern Star. It might be explained                                                 there is some question as to whether
                                         Creek Methodist Church and was a
that when the buggy turned over, the                                                the officers arrested the right parties.
                                         devout Christian.
horse had turned around and started
south, and then turned back north.       He was born June 13, 1880 and was          ***Notice
Immediately after this accident, Mr.     in his 39th year when called away
                                                                                    I have a thoroughbred Herford bull
Arthur Newman ordered an                 from life’s labors by the unseen
                                                                                    that I will let service a few outside
automobile.                              messenger. We know we are born to
                                                                                    cows at $2.50 a service. This bull is
                                         die, but still there is nothing so
***O. A. Lutes & Co.                                                                two years old and weighs twelve
                                         heartbreaking as to give up such a
                                                                                    hundred pounds. Robert E. Lee.
When in Shepherdsville, call to see      loved one as we know Mr. Kimball
O. A. Lutes & Co., the Old Reliable      to be.                                     ***Hebron
implement dealers. Both Mr. Lutes                                                   Miss Lillian Wiggington has
                                         There is comfort and consolation to
and Mr. Smith were raised on farms                                                  returned from Bowling Green, where
                                         his loved ones to know that just
in Bullitt County and they know the                                                 she has been a student in the
                                         across the dark valley, he is awaiting
needs of the farmers. They will                                                     Western Normal.
                                         them there, where sin and sorrow are
appreciate your trade and sell you
                                         no more and where we will never
goods at a reasonable price.                                                        Miss Georgie May Queen, Robert
                                         say good-bye. Mr. Kimball was a
Fertilizers in good bags and in good                                                Queen, John Shanklin and family
                                         strong character, with boundless
drilling condition.                                                                 spent Sunday with their sister, Mrs.
                                         energy, and honest in all his dealings
                                                                                    Ernest Wiggington and Mr.
***Money In Hogs                         with his fellow man. His word was
                                         his bond.
C. L. Croan bought 36 hogs and only                                                 T. J. Brooks visited friends in the
fed them about four weeks, bought                                                   city Sunday, or was it a friend.

                                                       Page 338
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Birdie Ball spent the week end       Counties. Subject to the action of the    George L. Rennison, the insurance,
with Miss Howlett at Pitts Point.         Democratic Primary Aug. 2, 1919.          (sic) was at South Park several days
Miss Howlett came home Friday                                                       this week.
                                          In the County Court Monday, April
from college for a brief stay.            14, the will of J. M. Stansbury was       Dr. David Smith is about one of the
Miss Mary Christopher spent the           probated. His widow, Nancy                busiest men in the county now.
week end with Mrs. W. H. Beeler.          Stansbury, was appointed executrix
                                                                                    Mr. R. M. Houser, and two sons,
                                          of his estate, and Will Shaw, Henry       Kenneth and Emmett Henry
Robert Ball is improving, as is also      G. Masden, and Frank Carpenter,
Mrs. Floyd Jenkins.                                                                 Bangerth (looks like), of South Park,
                                          were appointed appraisers of the          spent Saturday and Sunday with
Alonzo Jenkins is improving his           estate.
                                                                                    Louis Harden and J. F. Miller.
residence and having it repainted.        ***Personal
                                                                                    Mr. Robert Harden and Mr. Langly
Eggs are a good price and so we           Mr. Robert Pearce has returned to         spent Sunday with J. F. Miller and
took a good look in the hay loft for      his home here after spending some         Louis Harden.
possible hidden nests, and in a dark      time with his daughter in Illinois.
corner found a nest containing 52                                                   Mrs. Bennie Miller spent Sunday
eggs, which nest was at least a foot      Mr. (sic) Kelley, of Mt. Eden, who        with Mrs. Louis Harden.
deep. This seems a fowl story, but it     has visiting her (sic) sister in          Mrs. Sue Maraman and Mrs. Ewing
is true. Can you beat it?                 Illinois, has returned home after         Crenshaw spent Sunday afternoon
                                          spending some time.                       with Mrs. Evelyn Brown.
The poet tells us that “Spring would
be but gloomy weather, if we had          Mrs. E. B. Samuels, of Barrallton,        Ewing Crenshaw spent Wednesday
nothing but spring,” but at present,      spent last week with her parents in       and Thursday in Shepherdsville.
each new day is a fresh delight and       Leaches.
we feel we would never tire of the                                                  Messrs Ade Harris and Ewing
                                          Mr. A. F. Crenshaw has moved to
green fields, blue skies, and                                                       Crenshaw spent Friday in Louisville.
blooming trees.                                                                      Lewis Fields spent last week in the
                                          Clyde Duvall was in the city Sunday.
J. R. Ball has returned to the city                                                  city.
after a week at home, putting in          We are at a loss to know where Jim
                                                                                     Lindsay Ridgway and wife spent
garden, etc.                              Hardaway and Jim Williams were             Sunday with Frank Robards at
                                          last Sunday.                               Brooks.
Miss Ruth Lathan and Clarence
Parrish were married Thursday,            A large crowd was out Sunday from          Mrs. W. F. Joyce and son, Howard,
April l0.                                 the city fishing.                          spent Sunday at Lebanon Junction
Mrs. Chas. Bridwell, of                   W. F. Monroe and wife spent                with Henry Miller and wife.
Shepherdsville, spent the week end        Sunday at Lebanon Junction.                O. W. Pearl and children spent
with her mother, Mrs. Rogers, here.                                                  Sunday with his bros. near Pitts
                                          W. H. McFarland and Duke Burch,
***Buys Fine Farm                         of Mt. Washington, were here               Point.
County Surveyor Chas. G. Bridwell                                                    Ralph Horine, of South Park, spent
has bought Mr. J. E. McGruder’s           Henry J. Crenshaw has sold his farm        Tuesday here.
farm near Lickskillet. it is one of the   near Brooks and moved Monday to
                                                                                     Jas. Roney left Monday for West
best located farms in the county as       the George Haifer farm in Jefferson        Chester, PA to visit his sons.
well as one of the best farms.            County.
                                                                                     Born to the wife of W. M. Combs, a
***Announcement                           Mr. John L. Quick was in town
                                                                                     boy, Earl Edwin, April 15.
We are authorized to announce Benj.                                                  Prof. S. E. Hancock, after teaching a
F. Shields, of Taylorsville, as a         George Bowman, who is traveling
                                                                                     very successful school at Lafayete,
candidate of Bullitt and Spencer          for a wholesale Grocery Company,
                                                                                     KY has returned to his home here.
                                          was at home Sunday.

                                                        Page 339
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

He has been employed for another        Claud Anderson and his mother,            Miss Lyter Jones, of River View,
year there at a handsome increase in    Mrs. Laura Anderson, spent Monday         visited her aunt, Mrs. C. A. Long
salary which speaks very highly for     in Jeffersontown with Mr. and Mrs.        several days the past week.
him as a teacher.                       W. F. Queen.
                                                                                  Miss Mabel Davis who spent last
H. A. Nusz and wife, W. H. Nusz         Misses Mabel Davis, Emma Melle            week with her aunt, Mrs. B. D.
and family, and H. H. Combs were        Harris, and Messrs Harvey Deutsch         Burch, has returned to her home in
guests of J. L. Rayman’s family         and Paxton Parris were guests of          Louisville.
Sunday.                                 Misses Rebecca and Edna Parris,
                                                                                  Misses Hall Rouse, Hoke Parrish,
***Mt. Washington                                                                 Misses Edna and Susie May Parrish
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Beams Shake, of              and Elizabeth Carlton motored to
Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Braithwaite and                                                Jeffersontown Sunday afternoon.
                                        Whitefield, spent Sunday with her
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Armstrong were
                                        parents, Mr. and Mrs.      G. P.
all day guests of Genus Crenshaw                                                  The Sunday evening service at the
                                        Wiggleton. (sic)
and wife Sunday.                                                                  Methodist church by the Junior
                                        Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harris and Mr.         League was a decided success and
Messrs O. E. Hall and J. T. Harris      and Mrs. T. H. Parrish were all day       M r s . D . T . M o t h e r sh e a d,
attended the meeting of the                                                       superintendent, deserves merited
                                        guests of R. E. McAfee and wife
Maccabees last week at Lexington.                                                 praise for the entertainment.
Messrs J. B. Long, of Fairmount,                                                  The program of recitations, group
                                        Miss Sina Clark and friend of the
and I. James, of Zoneton, Mesdames                                                pieces and songs was rendered to a
                                        city were week end guests of her
Helen Long and W. O. Swearingen                                                   crowded house and an offering of
                                        parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Clark.
attended the funeral of the former’s                                              about $18.00 was received.
brother, Ben Long, in Anderson          Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stallings, of
County Saturday.                        Pleasant Grove, visited her aunt,         Mrs. D. F. Mothershead left Sunday
                                        Mrs. W. A. King and Mr. King              night for a two weeks visit with her
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Showalter who                                                 daughters, Mrs. Lee Markwell, of
were married last week in the city                                                Fern Creek and Mrs. Will Markwell,
and Mac Showalter, wife and little      Miss Susie May Parrish spent
                                                                                  of Okolona.
girl, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. W.    Sunday with Miss Elizabeth Carlton.
B. Collings and two children, of                                                  The Methodist WMS will meet next
                                        Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Herin and son
Victory, were guests of Mr. and Mrs.                                              Wednesday at the Church if the
                                        and Mr. J. L. Beahl, of Louisville,
Ed Showalters Sunday.                                                             weather is warm, if not, at Mrs. Bert
                                        were guests of Mrs. J. W. Herin for
Misses Essie and Angeline               the week end; she also had as all day
Swearingen and Messrs Royce             guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. K. J.         ***BYPU Program participants -
Swearingen and Lewis Roby were in       Holloway and children and Mr. and         Pauline Johnson, Susie Long
the city Saturday.                      Mrs. Will Taylor, of Spencer              Swearinge n, Lilbern Parrish,
                                        County.                                   Margaret Holloway, Susie May
Miss Mary Harris and Mr. Earl                                                     Parrish, Ruby Peak.
Potts, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs.      Messrs and Mesdames A. C.
Wylmer Jones and baby and Weaver        Langley and Chas. Duvall and Miss         ***Death
Harris, of Lenore, Mr. and Mrs. J.      Mary Ray, of Lebanon Junction,
                                                                                  Mr. W. C. Deacon, aged 63 years
A. Harris and children, of              Mrs. W. E. Kaye, of Louisville,
                                                                                  old, died at his home near Cedar
Fairmount, spent Sunday with Miss       visited Miss Susie McFarland
                                                                                  Grove Thursday morning of
Vivian Harris at the home of her        Sunday afternoon.
                                                                                  pneumonia. Mr. Deacon was one of
aunt, Mrs. W. L. Hall.                                                            the best known man in Bullitt
                                        Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Porter and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hall and Mr.         Elizabeth Parrish spent Sunday with       County and was liked by everyone.
and Mrs. Bert Hall were Sunday          the former’s daughter, Mrs. S. F.         He leaves a wife and one son, Earl
guests of H. H. Hall and wife.          Smith and Mr. Smith.                      Deacon. His remains were laid to

                                                      Page 340
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

rest in the Cedar Grove Cemetery           Marvin Stallings        and    Albert     Albert Armstrong and family spent
Wednesday.                                 Armstrong.                                Sunday with Ernest Simmons and
                                                                                     wife of Bethel.
***Report on the Condition of the          Miss Wava Dickey, of Mt.
People’s Bank, in Shepherdsville.          Washington, spent Saturday night          Mrs. Kate Hall and daughters, Mrs.
Total $324,525.96. R. L. Simmons,          and Sunday with Mrs. Kate Hall and        Ethed (sic) Bridwell and children,
& Jas. Williams, President and             daughters, also Misses Nora and           Alvin Owen, wife and children, and
Assistant Cashier. J. W. Hardaway,         Nancye Owen and several others            Louis Stallings and wife, were
Notary Public.                             were Sunday guests.                       recently entertained in the home of
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Hall.
***Report on the Condition of the          J. W. Lloyd and family and Marvin
Lebanon Junction Bank. Total               Stallings and wife spent Sunday with      Mrs. J. W. Lloyd was the guest
$216,806.96 R. M. Hocker and W.            Will King and wife near Mt.               Saturday of her daughter, Mrs.
T. Jenkins, President and Vice             Washington.                               B e r n i c e O w e n , n e a r M t.
President. H. W. Fisil, Notary                                                       Washington.
                                           Little Miss Dorothy Lloyd spent the
Public.                                                                               Mr. Sam Orms spent Friday with
                                           past week with her sister, Mrs. Carl
***Report on the Condition of the          Owen near Mt. Washington.                  Mrs. Eva Bridwell.
Peoples Bank, in Mt. Washington,                                                      George Armstrong and K. S. Grant
                                           Miss Floye Owen spent Friday night
Total $263,732.59. Bert Hall and                                                      each sold a bunch of hogs the past
                                           with her cousin, Miss Hazel Hall.
Elma McGee, President and Asst.                                                       week.
Cashier. W. L. McGee, Notary               Mrs. Albert Fisher spent a day in the
Public                                     city the past week with relatives.         Kirby Grant and wife spent one day
                                                                                      the past week with Mrs. Jennie
***Report on the Condition of the          Misses Maude and Anna Wheeler,
                                                                                      Whitledge and daughter.
Bullitt County Bank, in                    of Bethel, were recent guests of their
Shepherdsville. Total - $448,733.95.       aunt, Mrs. Sam Orms.                       Wilma Proctor spent Friday with her
J. F. Combs and H. H. Combs,                                                          brother, Harley Proctor.
                                           Mrs. J. D. Hough is still quite ill at
President and Cashier. T. C. Carroll,                                                 Mr. J. W. Stallings spent Saturday
                                           this time.
Notary Public.                                                                        with the family of K. S. Grant.
                                           Jasper Hall and wife, Alvin Owen
***Pleasant Grove                                                                     Miss Evelyn Bell was an afternoon
                                           and family, of near Mt. Washington,
Mrs. Lizzie Owen is in the city this       were entertained in the home of            guest of Mrs. T. H. Wise the past
week with her sister, Mrs. Mary            Hugh Hall and wife Sunday.                 week.
Cox, who is ill.                                                                      One of our Pleasant Grove boys has
                                           News came a few days ago to H. C.
Mrs. Will Simpson was a recent             Tyler announcing an operation on           purchased a new buggy. I guess this
visitor of her sister near Taylorsville.   his nephew, little Cecil Tyler. He         is why the young ladies are all
                                           was doing nicely when heard from.          smiles, especially one.
Miss Norma Ridgway spent
Saturday and Sunday with her sister,       Robert Grant, wife and little              Will Newton and family, of the city,
Mrs. Roy Owen, near Mt.                    daughter, Amalee (sic) spent Sunday        motored out and spent Sunday with
Washington.                                with Will Jones and family.                relatives here; also Mrs. Lida
                                                                                      Moorehead and daughter.
James Price, wife and little daughter,     Uncle Hayden Bridwell, who is quite
of the city, spent several days the        feeble, is somewhat improved but           Bert Ridgway, wife and children,
past week with the former’s parents,       not able to be around very much.           were guests Sunday of Robert
Buck Price and wife.                                                                  Bridwell and wife.
                                           Mrs. Lillian Stallings and Miss
Pleasant Grove Church is to have           Genevive Stallings were recent             Miss Roxie Whitledge spent Sunday
new song books soon, name “Songs           guests of the former’s sister, Mrs.        with her brother, Louis Whitledge.
for Service”. Two new deacons              B e r n i c e O w e n , n e a r M t.       Burr Lloyd, one of our Pleasant
have been elected for the church,          Washington.                                Grove boys, has been honorably

                                                         Page 341
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

discharged and is home. He was            ***Belmont                                Mrs. Palmer Hedges and children
overseas in several battles and came                                                spent several days recently with her
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Hill and
home with one little scratch on his                                                 father and sister, Mr. S. R. Compton
                                          daughter, Anna Lee, of Clermont,
hand. Several of these boys from this                                               and Miss Fannie Compton.
                                          called on numerous friends and old
place are to come home yet.               neighbors here Sunday, all of whom                   May 3, 1919
Mrs. Jennie Whitledge, Ed Bridwell        were glad to welcome them back.
and wife, Miss Lulu Stallings and         They are much pleased with their          The infant daughter of Eugene
Master Rossell Lee Bridwell, were         new home.                                 Henderson and wife died of
entertained in the home of Clay                                                     pneumonia, Sunday after an illness
                                          Mr. T. L. Coakley and family and          of only a few days.
Whitledge and wife Sunday.                Miss Mary Engle visited at Mr.
Vernett Clark and wife were recent        Emmett Coakley’s near Pitts Point         She was buried the following day at
guests of Will Clark and wife of          Sunday.                                   Hebron Cemetery and fitting
Zoneton.                                                                            services were conducted by Rev.
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Chester Hill, Misses         Crandall of this place.
Will Harris and wife, of Bethel,          Anna Lee Hill and Elizabeth Miller,
spent Sunday with the family of           took dinner with Mr. and Mrs.             The patrons of the Chappell Ridge
Rollie Newton.                            Traynor Hill Sunday.                      district who live on the east side of
                                                                                    the government line are asking the
Master Lowell Owen spent last week        Mrs. Percy Goodworth, who has             County School Board to build a new
with his grandmother, Mrs. Kate           been with her mother, Mrs. Sallie         school house for those that are left
Hall.                                     Duncan here for some time, left           there, somewhere between the farm
                                          Thursday for New York, where she          of John Quick and J. B. Myers.
Miss Eudell Grant spent Saturday
                                          will meet her husband, an officer in
night with Miss Roxie Whitledge.                                                    The school at Brooks was completed
                                          the English Army, who is on
George Armstrong’s mother and             furlough in this country.                 Friday by Miss Johnson who has
little Miss Martha Armstrong spent                                                  been teaching this term.
                                          Emerson Welch and T. L. Coakley
several days recently in his home.                                                  The last C o m m o n School
                                          each had a fine cow killed on the
Mr. Will Jones is building a cottage      railroad recently.                        examinations for the year will be
on his farm for his son, Ronald                                                     held Friday and Saturday.
                                          Mr. and Mrs. John Hill and Messrs
Jones, and it will be completed soon.                                               The white teachers examination will
                                          Wilhoyters (sic) returned to Hardin
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Armstrong and           County Sunday afternoon.                  be held May 16th and 17th. The one
wife were in the city Friday on                                                     for colored teachers one week later.
                                          Miss Varina Mudd, who is teaching
business.                                                                            Miss Kate Cummings (looks like), a
                                          near Louisville, spent the week end
Mrs. Underwood spent Saturday             with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. T.       well known teacher in this County,
with Mrs. Hugh Hall.                      Mudd. They were out in their new           died very suddenly last week at her
                                          car Sunday afternoon.                      home in Louisville where she had
Jess Alcorn’s little son, James, who                                                 taught successfully for several years.
has been quite ill with double            The contest at Sunday School is on
pneumonia is improving.                   now. If we don’t all attend and make       She was a sister of Miss Nellie
                                          this school the winner, we will have       Cummings, a cousin to Miss Mary
Mrs. Joe Dickey and little       Miss                                                Ball (looks like), and with her sister
                                          to buy a wrap for Br. Hamric’s other
Ruby Dickey, spent Saturday      night                                               have maintained a summer home
                                          church at the close of June and we
with Mrs. George Gentry,          also                                               here at Belmont for many years.
                                          need it here so all come out and help
Herman Owen and family           were
                                          get it.                                    Trustee Joe Harris has resigned as
guests Sunday.
                                          Mr. Logsdon, our new merchant              trustee at Sugar Valley, a place he
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gentry’s little         here, and family, seem to be at home       has filled well for 6 or 8 years.
daughter, Ina Fern, is on the sick list
                                          here.                                      J. E. Magruder, former member of
at this time.
                                                                                     the County School Board, has sold

                                                        Page 342
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

his farm at Lick Skillett to Prof.       Have you made your garden yet?            good pullet in autumn. These were
Chas. G. Bridwell and expects to         These people have made a little           frequently auctioned off to stimulate
move here and “get fat”.                 already.                                  interest in purebred birds for every
Miss Elizabeth Cash, of Bardstown        But it is pretty chilly today and
Junction, is visiting Miss Jennie        trying to rain, but it has been awfully   Of course, these 4000 settings of
Carpenter and attending the “Pat         pretty weather for the past two or        eggs only represent what the banks
Davis” revival at the Methodist          three weeks.                              did in placing purebred eggs among
Church.                                                                            people who did not have the ready
                                         What is Pearl and Bill doing? Do
                                                                                   money to buy purebred stock. The
A number of the young folks and          they stay with Mr. Lee’s yet?
                                                                                   banks bought vast numbers of
high school students who live here at                                              purebred eggs which were place for
                                         I believe I told you about our good
Lebanon Junction met at the                                                        cash in their neighborhoods. The
                                         beds and nice rooms to stay in in my
Fraternal Hall Saturday evening and                                                mere fact that banks are cooperating
                                         other letter. We sure have got it fine
enjoyed a social dance for a few                                                   with the Extension Division of the
hours.                                                                             College of Agriculture in this
                                         Well, I will close for this time,
***In Germany                                                                      splendid work assures Kentucky of a
                                         hoping to hear from you soon. Give
                                                                                   high place as a poultry producing
March 15, Gross Grow Germany.            my best regards to all.
                                                                                   state in the very near future.
Mrs. J. L. Laswell, Dear Mother:
                                         As ever, Pvt. Elmer E. Laswell, SSV
Am I am doing nothing, this              522, Convols Autos Par, BCM
afternoon, will write you a few lines.   France                                    Maggie Lena Richardson, aged 17
                                                                                   years, 6 mos. died at her home at
How are you all getting along by         ***Cincinnati Market Prices for hay
                                                                                   Salt River Station Sunday eve of a
now? I am fine and dandy and             and grain, butter, eggs and poultry
                                                                                   complication of diseases. Her
having a very good time.                 and live stock. (not transcribed)
                                                                                   remains were laid to rest in the
I went to Wiesbaden yesterday and        ***Wanted - Middle age, white             Cedar Grove Cemetery Monday.
came back this morning. That is a        woman for cook and housekeeper            Funeral services were conducted by
summer resort where the Kaiser           (no laundry work) in family of three      Rev. H. D. Burns.
spent some of his time. It is a very     in Crescent Hill, Louisville suburbs.     Little Susan Permalia Henderson,
nice city. We took a bath in the         Salary $6.00 per week and nicely
                                                                                   age 2 years, 10 days, the only
Kaiser’s bath house and it is sure       furnished rooms free. Friday and
                                                                                   daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
some bath house. It only costs four      Saturday afternoons off duty. A           Henderson died at her home Sunday
marks for a turkish bath that is         splendid home for the right person.       eve.
something live forty cents in white      Anyone interested will please
money.                                   address R. F. Huges, care Courier-         She leaves a father, mother and three
                                         Journal, Louisville, KY giving age,        brothers to mourn her loss.
Do you think that is cheap enough?
                                         amount of experience and two or
ha ha                                                                               Funeral services were conducted by
                                         three names with address of
                                                                                    Rev. R. L. Crandell Monday after
The bath house is furnished with hot     references.
                                                                                    which her remains were laid to rest
water from the Hot Spring that                                                      in Hebron Cemetery.
                                         ***Banks Furnish Eggs
comes out of the ground, so I was
told.                                    Last season, the banks of Kentucky         ***Brewery to Run Social Centers.
                                         furnished 4,000 settings of purebred
Well, we are not doing very much                                                    Toledo, Ohio, April 16
                                         eggs to boys, girls, and women who
here. There is but very little to do.                                               Announcement was made today by
                                         wished to get rid of mongrel stock.
The most of our work is hauling                                                     the management that the Huebner
                                         Many of these banks notes, due in
French Officers from one place to                                                   Toledo Breweries Company, one of
                                         six months without interest, in
another.                                                                            the largest concerns of the kind in
                                         payment for the eggs. A few banks
                                         asked the purchasers to bring them a       Ohio, will devote its $3,000,000

                                                       Page 343
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

plant here to the manufacture of a        ***Scar-bearers to gain a fighting        They took the ordinary and the
temperance beer, and will continue        chance at work. Victory Loan will         extraordinary chances of war as they
to operate 175 saloons as social          help to assure comfortable future for     came. It was their misfortune to be
centers. The same policy is to be         our boys.                                 struck down, some of them without
followed regarding Hueber saloon                                                    having their chances at the foe,
                                          For week now we have been reading,        others after they had left their mark
properties in various parts of the
                                          day after day, of the men who have        upon men of the Kaiser.
State. The company announces also
                                          been awarded Distinguished Service
the extensive manufacture of ice,                                                   There are thousands of these men
                                          Crosses and Medals, Congressional
which it expects to supply at lower                                                 who will not be permanently disable,
                                          Medals and other decorations. Some
prices.                                                                             in a few weeks after receiving their
                                          of our boys have won the proud
***Runaway                                medals of the English, many have          wounds, they were back in the ranks.
                                          won the French Croix de Guerre.           Many of the men listed as wounded
As Mrs. Lev Snellen and daughter                                                    went back into the combat units,
were driving off the north end of the     The medal winners, all the way from       were wounded again and again, and
bridge Tuesday morning, one side of       the humblest private up to Gen.
                                                                                    again went back. Many of these have
the buggy shaft broke which scared        Pershing, will total several thousand
                                                                                    mustered out and are back in civilian
the horse causing it to run off just in   men.
                                                                                    life, holding down their jobs and
front of Troutman’s store. It made a                                                asking no odds of any man.
                                          Every man of them will have done
turn, throwing both Mrs. Snellen and
                                          something that is worthwhile in the
her daughter out, not hurting the                                                   But there are other thousands who
                                          eyes of their comrades, in the eyes of
little girl. Mrs. Snellen received                                                  were not so fortunate. There are
                                          the peoples, in the eyes of the Allied
several bad cuts about the face and it                                              thousands who would have been
                                          Governments. The men who knows
was thought for some time she was                                                   regarded after other wars, as
                                          will tell you that a medal or a cross
hurt inwardly. They were moved to                                                   hopeless cripples, permanently
                                          is not given for little things.
Mrs. Rowan Snellen.                                                                 disabled, mere pensioners on the
                                          But there will be a larger number of      bounty of the American people. But
***Good Roads                                                                       things have changed since the other
                                          man come back, hundreds and
Bullitt County will surely have some      thousands of them are back now,           wars fought by America. The
roads this year.                          who came out of the struggle bearing      wounded man, the disabled man, is
                                          the marks of the conflict - an arm        to have his chance this time.
John Smith and Will Jenkins, of the
                                          gone, a leg gone, blind, shrapnel
Zoneton precinct, came before the                                                   This is one of the things to be kept in
                                          scarred, bayonet marked.
County Court Monday with about                                                      mind during the campaign for the
$1,300 in cash to make a Pike from        Many of these men will wear no            Victory Liberty Loan. Much of this
the Preston Street Road towards the       ribbon, but war has touched them          loan, we cannot tell how much, must
Fork Crossing. The County will put        nevertheless with the most                go toward the expense of making
up as much as they will.                  characteristic of battle’s decorations.   such payment as we can to those
                                          More than 50,000 of these men will        who did their best to pay the price of
Also several citizens came with over                                                world freedom from the Prussian
                                          be found in the American Armies
$1,000 to pike a road from Lebanon                                                  menace.
                                          and their names will be carried on its
Junction towards Wilson Creek. The
                                          muster rolls, its hospital records.
county will also furnish the same                                                    While some of the money may be
amount.                                   These are the Scar-Bearers, the            used for military needs, some for the
                                          wounded men. Not a man of them             ordinary and extraordinary expenses
We hear that several are now                                                         of the Government, a considerable
                                          but faced death in all the scores of
working, trying to get a subscription                                                sum from this last loan will be used
                                          forms of the most devilish war in
of several thousand dollars to make                                                  in putting the wounded man and the
                                          history. Every man of them has been
a good pike from Lebanon Junction                                                    disabled man in a position to make
                                          exposed to death in all of the forms
to the Jefferson County line.                                                        his own living, to again play the part
                                          that the fiendish ingenuity of the
We are glad to see so many people         Germans could devise.                      of an American citizen.
interested in good roads.

                                                        Page 344
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Peaches Killed                         W. F. Monroe spent Monday in Mt.          in the RFD service, and in the
                                          Washington.                               affections of his best girl, has
The freeze last Thursday and Friday                                                 purchased himself a brand new
night killed all the fruit of all kinds   Mrs. Sue Maraman spent last week
                                                                                    Henri Ford and is carrying the mail
which will mean a loss to the Fruit       with Mrs. Jas. Maraman at Salt
                                                                                    to beat the deuce.
Growers of Bullitt County of at least     River.
$75,000 to $100,000. Reports from                                                   Roy Stallings has been carrying the
                                          Miss Ollie Lee Maraman, of
all parts of Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois                                               mail vit (sic) the Ford style for some
                                          Nazareth, spent the Easter Holiday
and Indiana, that the entire crop of                                                time, and Will Troll, the old veteran,
                                          at home.
all kinds was killed, which will                                                    is looking as if he is contemplating
mean a total loss of several million      Miss Susan Crenshaw spent the             using a lot of gasoline in the near
dollars.                                  week end with Ewing Crenshaw’s            future.
***Personal                                                                         ***Hogs have Flu
                                          Mrs. Ewing Crenshaw and Hugo
Elmer Samuels and wife returned to                                                  Messrs John Duncan and Mace
                                          Maraman spent Saturday i n
their home on Knob Creek Sunday.                                                    Howell, two recognized hog
                                          Shepherdsville with Mrs. Fred
                                                                                    authorities, are of the opinion that
Robt. Davis, of Louisville, spent         Harshfield.
                                                                                    many of the hogs in the county are
Monday here on business.                                                            suffering from influenza. They seem
                                          Little Marry Carlin Huber,
Mrs. Hatzel and daughter, Jasper          granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.          to have many of the symptoms of the
Foster and daughter of Brooks spent       A. Lutes, who was operated on last        disease that has been raging
Saturday here.                            week, is able to out again.               throughout the country. The disease
                                                                                    does not appear to be fatal, but
Henry S. Crenshaw and family              Mr. E. “Junebug” McCormick, the
                                                                                    throws them off their feed and
moved to the Geo. Hafer farm in           urbane deputy County Clerk, was the
                                                                                    reduces weight.
Jefferson County.                         guest of a celebrated corn doctor in
                                          the city last Sunday. “June” says the      ***Town on Building Boom
Miss Frona James spent Saturday
                                          doctor removed four bunions,
and Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Joe                                                 Our town has just taken a building
                                          twenty-one hard corns, seven soft
Trunnell.                                                                            boom and carpenters are busy now.
                                          corns and three dollars and sixty-
W. T. Hoagland and J. H. McDaniel,        nine cents in money. “June” says the       Arthur Ice has begun work on his
of Briar Creek, spent Thursday here.      condition of his feet was caused by        new residence on Main Street near
                                          his continuous kicking about the           his flour mill.
We have just received word from
                                          extra work produced by the new tax
Mrs. C. F. Troutman, who left with                                                   C. F. Troutman Jr has carpenters at
her husband last Tuesday for Hot                                                     work on his residence on Second
Springs, that they arrived safe and       Mr. F. J. Noel, of Bowling Green-          Street.
that Mr. Troutman is getting along        Harrodsburg, so far as fine firearms
                                                                                     Joe Chappell will in a few days go to
nicely.                                   are concerned, is the best qualified
                                                                                     work on his new residence in Lee
                                          candidate in the field. Governor W.
Rev. H. C. Beghtol, of Brooks, spent                                                 Addition.
                                          S. Taylor did not know so much
Saturday here on business.                                                           We hear of several more who will
                                          about guns, but when the time came,
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Bence and little       he produced a lot of men from the          begin building in a short time.
son, Raymond, of Louisville, are the      mountains who were expert gunmen.
                                                                                     We are glad to see the building fever
guests this week of Mr. and Mrs. W.       Now if Mr. Noel is as well versed in
                                                                                     hit the town, as there has been a
C. Herps.                                 statesmanship as he seems to be in
                                                                                     shortage of houses for some time.
                                          gunology, he should make us one
Mrs. Jess Weatherford left Friday to                                                 “Deacon” James Hardaway says he
                                          more Governor - “Some” Governor,
spend a week at her home in Hart                                                     is about to hunt a new girl. This has
                                          we should say.
County.                                                                              been made necessary by the re-
                                          Leslie Dexter Herps, late of the U. S.     appearance of that astute sparker,
                                          Navy, but now a permanent fixture

                                                        Page 345
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

and plausible talker, Jimmie Lee         We are the exclusive dealer for them      Louisville, were week end guests of
Williams, who has recently come          in Bullitt County. S. M. Miller and       Claud Cornell and sister, Miss Nora.
back from France. Before going into      Son.
                                                                                   Mrs. A. H. Settle fell one day last
military service, Jimmie Lee was                                                   week and dislocated her left
                                         ***Mt. Washington
considered the latest whisper in                                                   shoulder.
courting, and with the experience        Maurice McAfee spent Sunday with
which he has gained in France, the       Thomas Armstrong.                         Mr. and Mrs. Dave Armstrong went
boys just simply take to the woods                                                 to Louisville last Thursday to visit
                                         W. F. Queen, of Jeffersontown, was
when he starts to see their girls.                                                 her brother, Jim Bennett, at a local
                                         here Monday.                              infirmary where he was seriously ill
From some very recent remarks, he
predict that Jim will soon be visiting   W. E. Kaye, of Louisville, spent          of throat trouble. They found him
a pretty girl out in the romantic        Sunday with Mrs. W. S. McFarland          slightly improved.
regions and delightful domains           and family.
                                                                                    J. W. Harris suffered a light stroke
adjacent to Hebron.                                                                 of paralysis last week, but is now
                                         Walter and Nolan Coyle, of
No, Miss Lucretia, John D. James is      Louisville, spent the week end with        improving.
not thirty-seven years old by a          their parents here.
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Houston are very
decade or two, and we do not thank                                                  proud of their little girl who recently
                                         R. E. McAfee, wife and children,
you for making such cruel                                                           arrived at their home, Elizabeth
                                         were guests of her brother, M. A.
insinuations. Of course, John is                                                    Young.
                                         Harris and wife Sunday.
older than Iley Jones, or even Lem
Swearingen, Stoney Weller, Ewing         Mrs. Laura Anderson was in                 Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Munson have
Crenshaw, Frank Tucker, Bill             Jeffersontown Monday on business.          sold their farm to a Mr. Douglas and
Lambert and a few others whose                                                      will move this week to the cottage of
                                         Walter Armstrong and family, of            Mr. Larkin Porter in Oakland Park.
names have slipped away from us,
                                         Shepherdsville, visited his brother,
were nineteen years old when the                                                    C. O. Parrish and T. H. Parrish have
                                         Dave Armstrong and wife Sunday.
Spanish Flu broke out in Patagonia,                                                 sold their wagon making and
but we do not know when that was.        Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Braithwaite and         blacksmith shop and contents to the
                                         Miss Pauline Johnson visited               Mt. Washington Garage Co.
***New cars
                                         relatives at Fern Creek Sunday.
Several new cars have arrived and                                                   George Weaver, colored, was
                                         J. H. McFarland left Sunday
their proud owners can be seen                                                      instantly killed Monday afternoon,
                                         afternoon for Louisville en route to
driving around. C. L. Croan and                                                     when a mule he was unhitching
                                         Kansas City after a visit here with
Wm. Griffin have new Franklin cars,                                                 kicked him directly over the heart.
Walter Armstrong a Maxwell, Less                                                    He was at work for Mr. Bert Rouse
Herps a Ford.                            Messrs and Mesdames George                 a few miles from here on the
                                         Markwell and Lee Markwell and              Bardstown pike.
                                         children of Fern Creek, visited Mr.
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Parrish received
Dayton Airless Tires - can’t             and Mrs. J. W. Harris and D. T.
                                                                                    the announcement of the marriage of
puncture, can’t blow out. They ride      Mothershead Sunday.
                                                                                    their daughter, Evalyn to Dr. Justice,
as smoothly as pneumatics and                                                       of Dallas, Texas. Miss Evalyn has
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Bailey Taylor and
protect your cars from jolts, jars and                                              been traveling in the West for
                                         baby, of Louisville, spent Sunday
vibrations as fully as do pneumatics.                                               several years, singing, and at Los
                                         with her parents, J. R. Swearingen
Piers of live elastic rubber built                                                  Angeles, California, she and Dr.
                                         and wife.
about one inch apart inside the                                                     Justice became acquainted. She
casing, and vulcninzed (sic) or          Miss Nora Bell Harp was a guest of
                                                                                    prepared last year to sail for France
welded to it to take the place of an     Miss Susie May Parris Sunday.
                                                                                    but was prevented by influenza.
inner tube and a absorb the shocks                                                  They will reside in Dallas.
                                         Marvin Shelburne and sisters,
and jolts.
                                         Misses Esther and Ada, of

                                                       Page 346
                                 The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Come and bring the family next               Mrs. Edith Owen and children spent       Mrs. Rosa Dickey and little
Saturday evening to hear the                 Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Albert        daughter, Ruby, of Mt. Washington,
speaking for the Victory Loan. A             Fisher.                                  spent Sunday with Mrs. Herman
band from Camp Taylor will be                                                         Owen.
                                             Rev. Peak visited the home of J. D.
here.                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Lem Tyler, of Ting,
                                             Hough one day the past week.
***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth                                                      were with his son, H. C. Tyler and in
                                             Mrs. Nick Lloyd and daughter, Miss
League program. Leader Gertrude                                                       Shepherdsville Friday on business.
                                             Thelma, spent one day the past week
Porter.                                                                               Clay Whitledge and wife, Mr. and
                                             with Mrs. Vernie Bass.
***Fruit Trees - Prices lowered. W.                                                   Mrs. Thompson of Bell’s Mill, were
                                             Miss Ruthie Owen entertained
M. Combs, Shepherdsville.                                                             the guests Sunday of K. S. Grant and
                                             several guests Sunday.
***Pleasant Grove
                                             Mr. James Ridgway and daughter,
                                                                                       Misses Nora and Mayme Owen
Louis Whitledge is building a new            Mrs. Posey Grant, spent one
                                                                                       spent Sunday with the family of
barn.                                        afternoon the past week with Mrs.
                                                                                       Louis Stallings.
                                             Albert Armstrong.
Lyman Hall sold some little pigs and                                                   Paralee Lloyd spent Sunday with
her mother a few days ago for                We have a new neighbor on the Mt.
                                                                                       Virginia Ridgway.
$60.00                                       Washington telephone line, Ernest
                                             Simmons.                                  Mrs. Bert Ridgway was a guest of
Vernon Dickey, wife and children,                                                      Mrs. Mary Fisher Sunday.
of Mt. Washington, were recent               Miss Hazel Hall, of Bethel, spent
guests of J. W. Lloyd and wife.              Friday in Mt. Washington, the guests      Hazel Lloyd spent a few days this
                                             of Miss Wava Dickey.                      week with her sister, Mrs. Bernice
Mrs. Jennie Whitledge spent                                                            Owen.
Saturday and Sunday with her                 Rev. Burns filled his appointments
daughter, Ms. Ambros Ridgway.                here Saturday night and Sunday and        Miss Kittie Flood spent Sunday with
                                             was entertained in the homes of           Miss Eudell Grant.
Fruit will be very scarce this year. It
                                             Louis Stallings and J. B. Proctor.
is said nearly all of it is killed in this                                                       May 9, 1919
neighborhood.                                Louis Stallings and family and Mrs.
                                             Lyman Hall and little son, were           ***School News
Pleasant Grove Missionary Society
                                             recent guests of the former’s son,        The election for trustees in the
went $21 over their apportionments,
                                             Roy Stallings and wife of                 various graded schools of Bullitt
and one gold star is to our honor on
                                             Shepherdsville.                           County was held last Saturday and
the society banner.
                                             J. B. Proctor and family were recent      all report a very quiet election.
Harley Proctor, wife and son, spent
                                             guests of his son, Harley Proctor and     Those elected were: Shepherdsville -
Sunday with the family of W. S.
                                             wife.                                     W. N. Griffin and S. B. Simmons.
                                             Some of our girls received a letter       Bardstown Junction - Brad Triplett,
Ernest Simmons and wife were
                                             from Vivian Clark, one of our             E. Stansbury, W. J. Shaw.
Sunday guests of Robert Bridwell’s
                                             Pleasant Grove boys overseas, and
family.                                                                                Belmont - John R. Hill.
                                             says he is well, but don’t know when
Posey Grant, wife and little son,            he will get home.                         Lebanon Junction - Geo. T. Essex
Virgil, were afternoon guests                                                          and Wm. Lamb.
                                             Mrs. Will Simpson and children
Sunday of Ambrose Ridgway and
                                             spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs.        Miss Mattie May Funk who teaches
wife, also Louis Whitledge’s family
                                             T. H. Wise.                               in Jefferson County passed through
and Miss Annie Stallings.
                                             R. K. Hall arrived from a trip to         here Saturday on her way home near
Albert Armstrong’s mother was a                                                        Mt. Eden Church.
                                             Florida the past week, just in time to
guest in his home Sunday.
                                             see the thermometer register 28.

                                                          Page 347
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Trustee Ally Greenwell and S. H.           Rev. Pat Davis is a strong preacher.      Mr. and Mrs. Snyder, of Louisville,
Ricketts were in town Monday.              His methods are not approved by           visited her brother, Rev. H. B.
                                           many, but they are effective and          Wilhoyte and wife last week.
The 1919 class of Shepherdsville           after all, saving human souls is the
High School consists of 12 fine                                                      Miss Cecil Harp spent Saturday
                                           mission of the church.                    night with Miss Edna Parrish.
young students, who live here and in
the rural districts. After due and         When human souls are at stake,            Messrs and Mesdames Jess Brown
careful consideration, the class           church members should work. Many          and Orville Badgett, of Louisville,
honors were given to Miss Mary             people who frown on shouting in           were Sunday guests of Genus
Stallings of Glen Ella and Samuel          church do not stop to think that the      Crenshaw and wife.
Ridgway Jr of the local district.          saving of a soul is the greatest
                                           accomplishment earth can know.            Mrs. D. T. Mothershead is visiting
Miss Mary Stallings, who recently                                                    her sister, Mrs. Elmo Stickler at
received first honors is the only          Pat Davis is a good man, a Godly          Newburg.
daughter of W. W. Stallings and is a       man, consecrated and dedicated to
very bright promising young girl,          the great work he has chosen and he       Misses Bertha and Margarete
while Mr. Ridgway, in addition to          is doing much good. He is a very          Gentry, of Louisville, spent the week
being popular with his class is also a     intellectual man, and his sermons are     end with their uncle, John Gentry
fine student and is the son of Mr.         brimming over with fine logic and         and family.
and Mrs. S. H. Ridgway.                    deep thought.
                                                                                      Mrs. M. A. Harris spent Sunday
The entire class seems to be strong        ***Mt. Washington                          night with her daughter, Mrs. C. F.
pupils.                                                                               Troutman.
                                           Mrs. Flora Lloyd, of Louisville, was
We have just been informed that at a       the week end guest of her sister,          Mr. Ed Settle and family, of
recent meeting of the Belmont              Mrs. Rob Hall.                             Louisville, were guests of his
school, the following teachers were                                                   brother, Dr. L. S. Settle, Sunday.
                                           Messrs and Mesdames Bert and Hal
elected for the coming year, Miss          Hall visited Mr. and Mrs. Lewis            Messrs and Mesdames Elmo
Tea Hays, principal and Miss Ethel         Mothershead Sunday.                        Stickler, Will Balke and P. Bichoff,
Wise assistant.                                                                       o f N e w b u r g , a n d M a r i on
                                           Miss Inez Bishop was the guest of
The Common School Diploma                                                             Mothershead, of Okolona, were all
                                           Susie May Parrish Sunday.                  day guests of Mrs. D. T.
examination is being held this week.
Some 60 or 65 pupils will take it.         Mrs. Mabel Harris, of Louisville,          Mothershead.
                                           spent the weekend with her parents,        Messrs and Mesdames James
The text book commission for               J. B. Swearingen and wife.
Kentucky which met a few weeks                                                        Chowning and Carl Wiggington and
ago at Frankfort and made complete         Miss Nora Bell Harp spent the week         Mr. Vernon Chowning, of
adoption for 5 years of all school         end with Miss Elizabeth Carlton.           Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
books to be used in the state schools,                                                Wiggington and Mrs. Elizabeth
                                           Miss Mattie Ruth Bennett spent last        Parrish spent Sunday with H. P.
were made defendants in a suit in the      week with her aunt, Mrs. Dave
Frankfort courts and because of                                                       Wiggington and wife.
certain irregularities, lost the case in                                              Mr. and Mrs. Oral Basham of
the Court of Appeals.                      Del Porter and family, of                  Victory visited Mr. and Mrs. B. D.
                                           Taylorsville, were week end guests         Burch Sunday.
***Methodist Revival Closes                of relatives here.
The revival at the Methodist Church,                                                  C. A. Porter and family, Mr. and
                                           Miss Margaret Grigsby spent last           Mrs. F. C. Porter and Walter Porter
conducted by Rev. Crandall and Pat
                                           week with her sister, Mrs. Guy             and wife were guests of Lucien
Davis closed last Sunday evening.
                                           Cornell at Whitfield.                      Porter and wife Sunday.
There were about seventeen
conversions.                               Mrs. Mollie Smith has returned to
                                           her home in Indiana after an
                                           extended visit here with relatives.

                                                         Page 348
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth          Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Ball have            Cottage prayer meeting next
League Program - Leader, Albert           gone to Lynch to reside.                  Saturday night at J. W. Brooks
Snyder.                                                                             home.
                                          Miss Mary Cynthia Holsclaw has
***Peaches not all Killed                 closed her school at Beech Grove.         Ed Simons has moved into the
                                                                                    Battey (sic) residence.
Ed Rodgers, of Mt. Eden, was here         Miss Emma May Wiggington is
Saturday. He said that he had found       working in the interest of the            Corn planting is here and help is
some live peaches and that while          Victory Loan and is doing it well.        hard to find.
there would not be a full crop, he        Help her make our goals.                  The boys of the BYPU of Little
thought there would be some of it.                                                  Flock will entertain the girls with a
                                          E. C. Tyler has a tractor to do his
***BYPU Program - Participants -          plowing.                                  candy pulling at the home of Forest
Maymee Stephens, Blanch Howlett,                                                    Brooks, May 17.
                                          We want to thank our cousin, Miss
Mrs. Maude Glenn, Mr. Roy                                                           Miss Fannie Melton spent the week
                                          Emma Rogers, for an exquisite gift
Stallings, Miss Martha Hornbeck,          of our favorite flower, Lilies of the     end at home.
John Glenn, Elizabeth Pittman,            Valley. How we reveled in their
Dorothy Samuels.                                                                    Miss Mary Cynthia Holsclaw spent
                                          beauty and fragrance. Never mind          Sunday with Mrs. Chas. McKenzie
***Hebron                                 about sending any after we are            and family.
                                          “absent from the body”.
Mrs. H. L. Rogers has returned from                                                 Rev. Barnhill, Misses Mary
Owensboro after two weeks spent           Rev. Barnhill preached a fine             Chistopher (sic), and Jessie Cockran
there with her sister, Mrs. Geo.          sermon at Little Flock Sunday on          (sic) and Jas. Cockran spent Sunday
Airkin (sic) who is seriously ill. Mrs.   Christian Service. He has tendered        with Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Beeler.
Aikin has reached her forty score         his resignation to be effective June
years, but is a very bright woman.        1st, when he will return to               The family of Dr. Holsclaw were
                                          Mississippi to do Evangelistic work.      disturbed and distracted at about
The sunbeams of Little Flock had an                                                 11:30 Saturday night by several dogs
open session Sunday afternoon             Miss Beattie, a charming girl, is the     in their gardens having a free for all
which was enjoyed by all in               guest of her aunt, Mrs. Sanders.          fight presumably over their family
attendance. Their mite (or mile)          Mrs. Patrick is with her parents in       cat. Paul took his rifle out, fired it up
boxes opened and the sum of $13.00        Rock Springs.                             in the air, when persons were heard
realized. (Can’t read) Holsclaw had                                                 running from the vicinity of the meat
the largest sum $4.50 in her box.         Mrs. H. B. Wood, and Miss                 house when Paul fired again at
                                          Spalding, of the city, Mr. and Mrs.       random as before, as it was dark, and
Mr. H. B. Wood spent Sunday with          John Brooks, Chas. Priest and his
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell.                                                            no words were spoken. Sunday
                                          fiancee, Miss Nettie Hilm, (sic) of       morning at church, Paul heard that
Little Clarence Everett Cockran (sic)     Okolona, spent Sunday with T. J.          he had fired on two boys, white and
had his tonsils removed at an             Brooks family.                            colored on their way fishing.
infirmary in the city last week. He is    Mrs. E. C. Tyler found 14 dozen
now with his aunt, Mrs. W. H.                                                        We presume they thought the dogs
                                          eggs under an outbuilding, all the         had treed a catfish in our back yard
Beeler.                                   eggs stood the test. Our little nest of    and had come up to investigate, but
The residence occupied by Arthur          52 eggs is nowhere. Are the hens           with hams so high, boys are in
Lawson and owned by J. R. Ball            fooling their issue?                       danger at 11:30 fishing near a meat
burned last week. The origin of the       Our men didn’t vote for the road tax,      house, especially if there is no water
fire is supposed to have been caused      but we are to have a metal road            near. Circumstantial evidence is a
by some defect in chimney.                beginning at the main pike and             might fickle thing.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Parrish are         leading to Floyds Fork. The money          ***Notice
boarding with Mrs. Furgason (sic) at      is subscribed and good men ready to
Brooks.                                   “carry on”.                                We wish to notify our patrons and
                                                                                     friends that we have opened up our

                                                        Page 349
                                The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Ice Cream Parlor for this season in        C. E. Crenshaw and A. V.                  Mrs. Clara Newman and Miss Ethel
the Brick Residence adjoining the          Greenwell, of Leaches, spent              Newman were in Louisville
Main Street Garage in                      Monday here.                              Wednesday shopping.
Shepherdsville, where we are better                                                  W. N. Griffin and T. C. Carroll were
                                           O. W. Pearl and children spent
prepared than ever to serve our                                                      in the lower Salt River country
                                           Sunday with Newt and Jasper Pearl.
friends and the public with the best                                                 Tuesday on business.
that is pure, clean and cold and           J. E. Magruder spent Monday with
where, we hope to add many new             his daughter, Mrs. Robert E. Lee.         Mr. J. I. Rickerson spent a few days
friends to our already well                                                          at Pinetum recently angling for some
                                           W. J. Bell, of Zoneton, spent             of the finny tribe, but found them
established patronage. We invite the
                                           Monday here.
ladies especially to make our Parlor                                                 very elusive.
their rest place while waiting in          Jodie Swearingen has received his
                                                                                     Mrs. Joseph Snider spent
town. Very respectfully, S. E.             discharge from the Army. He is
                                                                                     Wednesday and Thursday i n
Hancock.                                   spending some time here with his
                                           relatives before returning to work in
***It is about time for snake yarns                                                  Mr. J. E. Seale, of Belmont, spent
                                           the city.
to begin to float in from the outlying                                               Thursday here on business.
districts. The price of snake              Col. James Roney, who has been
medicine may curtail the supply of         spending some time with his sons,         Mr. Albert Harshfield         spent
yarns, and in order to boom the            Joe and Willis Roney in Chester, PA       Wednesday in Louisville.
business of telling yarns, we are          has returned to his home here. While
                                                                                     O. A. Lutes, who was called to
offering a quart of sorghum                out there, he visited New York,
                                                                                     Crest, Texas, to see his mother who
molasses to the person who sends in        Philadelphia, and Washington DC.
                                                                                     is very sick, has returned to his
the best snake yarn by June 1st. It        J. B. Monroe, Police Clerk of             home.
must be probable and possible.
                                           Louisville, spent one day here last
                                                                                     Several of our young folks attended
***Personal                                week.
                                                                                     the play at Lovern High School last
W. A. Smith and wife, of Louisville,       Jno. Greenwell, of Lebanon                Sat. night.
spent Sunday with their son, Howel         Junction, spent Saturday here.
                                                                                     ***Pleasant Grove
Smith and family.
                                           Jas. Williams, of the Peoples Bank,
                                                                                     Mrs. Jennie Whitledge, Mrs. James
Henry Miller, of Lebanon Junction,         has a new Dodge car. He expects to
                                                                                     Ridgway, Mrs. Fronie Ridgway and
spent Saturday evening here.               do some sparking this summer.
                                                                                     Miss Sudie Ridgway spent a day the
J. Port Thompson, of Veechdale,            Chas. Atcher, of Lebanon Junction,        past week with the former’s
spent Sunday here.                         spent several days here.                  grandson, Posey Grant and wife.
Dr. Coleman and family, of South           Mrs. James Weatherford has                Mr. and Mrs. Will Jones were
Louisville, spent Sunday with Chas.        returned to her home here after           recent guests of Will King and wife
Dawson and family of Pitts Point.          visiting her relatives.                   near Mt. Washington.
A large crowd was out Sunday from          Mrs. Crandell, of New Albany, spent       Mrs. Hugh Hall and little daughter,
Louisville fishing.                        Sunday here with her brother, Rev.        Dorothy and Miss Oredell Hall spent
                                           Crandell, who is holding a meeting        Saturday night and Sunday with the
Virgal Gabon spent Monday here.                                                      former’s sister, Mrs. Charlie
                                           at the Methodist Church.
John Chambers        was   in     town                                               Newton, of Victory.
                                           Miss Irene Crutcher and Mr. T. C.
Monday.                                    Carroll, and Messrs James W.              Misses Floie Owen and Hazel Hall
John Homar (sic) has returned to his       Hardaway and Jack Newman were in          spent a day this week with Mrs.
home after visiting relatives in Ohio.     Louisville Tuesday evening.               George Gentry.

                                                         Page 350
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. Bennett Clark and little son,      Mr. Arch Simmons form Columbus,           about ½ mile SW of Shepherdsville.
George, were afternoon guests last      KY visited his sister in the city and     Walter Armstrong, Owner, Tom
week of Mrs. Eva Bridwell.              his old home near Pleasant Grove          Hibbs, Manager.
                                        and was a dinner guest Sunday of Ed
Mrs. Ethel Bridwell and children                                                  ***Hatching Eggs - From Parks trap
                                        Bridwell and wife.
were guests Saturday of Mrs. Clara                                                nested barred Rocky Strain direct
Simmons.                                Mrs. Armstrong, who spent the past        $1.50 per 15 eggs. Mrs. Chas.
                                        week with her son, Albert, left           Newton, Shepherdsville.
Mr. Frank Wright’s family and Miss
                                        Sunday to spend a while with her
Edna Grant were recent guests of                                                  ***New Exchange telephone rates.
                                        son, Dave Armstrong.
Nick Lloyd and family.                                                            Cumberland Telephone and
                                        Mrs. Joe Dickey and daughter, of          Telegraph Company.
Mrs. Travis spent Saturday
                                        Mt. Washington, spent a day the past
afternoon Mrs. Robert Bridwell.
                                        week with Mrs. Will Gentry.                          May 16, 1919
Mrs. S. O. Armstrong and children                                                  ***School News
                                        Mrs. Hallie Owen spent a day last
spent a day the past week with her
                                        week with Mrs. Basil Scott.                The last Common School Diploma
mother, Mrs. Tillman Ridgway.
                                        Mrs. Jennie Whitledge is on the sick       examinations for this year was held
Will Gentry, of Bethel, sold 28 hogs                                               here Friday and Saturday and only
                                        list this week.
the past week, also S. O. Armstrong,                                               30 students took it, all of them being
Dallas Foster and Thomas Bridwell       ***Deaths                                  from Lebanon Junction and
each sold a bunch.                                                                 Shepherdsville schools.
                                        Mr. Rufus Foster, a former Bullitt
Roy Owen and wife of near Mt.           County boy, aged about 40 years,           The lack of pupils from the County
Washington spent Sunday with Fred       died in Denver, Colo. last week. His       schools was caused to some extent
Owen and wife of Pleasant Grove.        remains were laid to rest in Hebron        by the quarantine that was on the
                                        Cemetery, Tuesday evening.                 county during a large part of the fall
Mrs. Bernice Owen spent a day the
past week with her mother, Mrs. J.      He leaves a wife, Mrs. Lillie              term.
W. Lloyd.                               Bowman Foster, a father and                The following students were in
                                        mother, Mr. and Mrs. J. Tom                attendance:
Mrs. Marvin Stallings spent one
                                        Foster, two brothers, Earnest of
afternoon the past week with Mrs.                                                  Fannie Essex
                                        Louisville and Robert Foster and one
Robert Bridwell.                                                                   Ruby Bowman
                                        sister, Mrs. James Wallace of this
Elbert Hall, wife and children, were    county.                                    Hallie Wise
guests Sunday of John Stallings                                                    Gladys Leslie
                                        ***Advertisement                           Ernest Doutez (sic)
family of Bethel, also Posey Grant,
wife and baby and Will Simmons          Anniversary sale week of Lincoln           Irene Stodhill
and wife.                               Highway Tires and Tubes,                   Thelma Hatfield
                                        guaranteed for 6,000 miles of              Agneta Riggs
Mrs. Ethel Bridwell and children                                                   Mayme Gray
                                        satisfactory service. Mt. Washington
spent a day the past week with Mrs.                                                Willie Crady
Eva Bridwell.                                                                      Herman Johnson
                                        ***Public Sale, May 15, at the             Ewell Weller
Mr. G. W. Armstrong and family,
                                        residence of the late Jas. Stansbery,      Clifford Wickersham
Mr. and Mrs. John Whitledge and
                                        1 mile sw of Bardstown Junction,           Kathryn Nusz
little daughter motored over to Cedar
                                        the following stock, crops, farming        Dorthy (sic) Samuels
Grove Cemetery Sunday afternoon.
                                        implement, etc. Nancy J. Stansbery,        Lora Mae Deacon
Mrs. Ellen Ridgway spent Friday         Adm. Jas. Roney, Auct.                     Francis Osborne
with her brother, K. S. Grant and                                                  Beatrice Moore
family.                                                                            Kathryn Taylor
                                        Percheon horse and Black jack at           Anna Kirkland
                                        stud at the old Chas. Lee farms

                                                      Page 351
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Alfred O’Daniels                          one of the leading colleges of the        sanitary, light and steam heated. Tire
Stanley Muir                              state.                                    Matthews Company, Port Clinton,
Guyula Rexroat                                                                      Ohio
                                          Mr. Daniels is fine young man and is
Marlon Johnson                            another Bullitt County boy who has        ***Derby Day
Inez Roller                               made good away from home.
Kenneth Bailey                                                                      Derby Day drew a crowd of fifty
Evermont Fisel                            Mr. J. E. Quick, trustee of Brooks,       thousand “Suckers” to Churchill
Ada Buckman                               was in town Monday.                       Downs, where most of them were
Jewel Welker                                                                        “trimmed” to a frazzle. Horse racing
                                          In a recent examination, Miss Ruby
                                                                                    has been described as the “Sport of
Three well known teachers of the          Bowman led the class with the
                                                                                    Kings”, and it may be, but there are
local school and one from Lebanon         highest general average. Dorothy
                                                                                    few kings in this country.
Junction have resigned and will not       Samuels was only a few points
be with us next fall.                     behind her.                               It will do for a rich man to bet on the
                                                                                    races - that is if he can stand it
Miss Crutcher and Miss Moredock,          Both are extremely bight pupils and
                                                                                    financially, but a poor man has no
of our high school, also Miss Zora        are very studious.
                                                                                    business on a race track. He has
Raymond and Miss Engle, 8th grade         Ruby is the daughter of B. L.             about all he can stand caring for his
teachers at our two big high schools      Bowman, one of our fellow                 family, and has no money to lose to
have tendered their resignation.          townsman and Dorothy is the only          the sleek fellow who make their
The former will probably give up          daughter of Mrs. Fronie Samuels.          fortunes in racing. Racing today is
teaching entirely while the latter will                                             by far one of the greatest evils in our
                                          The Government plan of paying half
possibly accept places in Jefferson                                                 land. It takes conservative men and
                                          the salary of a teacher of Agriculture
County.                                                                             makes gambling fiends of them. It
                                          and Home Economics in the rural
                                                                                    causes men to forget their creditors
Miss Bertha F. Engle and Miss Ethel       schools, know as the Smith Hughs
                                                                                    and their families and stake every
Wise, of Lebanon Junction, were           plan, will be discussed by patrons of
                                                                                    cent they can raise on race horses.
here last week with pupils for the        the Worthington High School
                                                                                    And as a rule, they lose it. The
Diploma Examination.                      district in the southern part of
                                                                                    racing association eventually gets all
                                          Jefferson County at a meeting Friday      the money for when a dollar has
Ex-State Supt. Barksdale Hamlett,
                                          night in the school auditorium.           been bet on eighteen races, the
died last Sunday in Louisville.
                                          McHenry Rhoads, state supervisor          racing association has it all. They get
Mr. Hamlett, in many respects, made                                                 a commission of between five and
                                          of schools, will explain the plan
a fine state official and had a                                                     six cents on each dollar bet - That is
                                          which was put into effect by an act
wonderful mind and there is no                                                      they get five per cent commission
                                          of Congress in 1915, and is the work
doubt that the drink habit robbed KY                                                and all odd change which amounts to
                                          of Congressmen Smith and Hughs,
of one of her most brilliant sons.                                                  almost one per cent. Racing is about
                                          seeking to benefit rural schools and
Miss Ethel Wise, of Lebanon               encourage the teaching to practical       the crookedest game in existence.
Junction, will hold the position of       and scientific agriculture.               Otherwise, how could rank outsiders
Primary Department of Belmont                                                       win over favorites which had beaten
                                          Other speakers will be O. J. Stivers,     them so often? And then, the
Graded School for term 1919-20.
                                          county school superintendent and F.       gambling feature is bad. It is the
Miss Wise is one of Bullitt’s most        E. Merriman, state agriculture agent      only kind of gambling which has
popular teachers and the pupils and       for this district.                        been legalized in Kentucky. .......
patrons of Belmont consider                                                         craps, he is hauled into court and
                                          ***Wanted - Carpenters, boat
themselves fortunate to secure so                                                   fined. So is the poker player, and so
                                          builders, joiners, cabinet makers,
competent a teacher.                                                                are the other gamblers, if caught. But
                                          millwrights, tinsmiths, plumbers,
Prof. Chas. Daniels will arrive in a      pipefitters and painters for work on      at the race track, you can bet to your
few weeks from Florida where he           high class yachts and phonograph          heart’s content and it is lawful. If
has been teaching for two years in        cabinets. Steady work. Our shops are      men want to race their horses, they

                                                        Page 352
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

have a right to do so, but the law        Outside of suffering a complete           Mrs. Hume Bennett and baby and
legalizing gambling should be             change of clothing and an extra bath,     Del Porter and family, of
repealed by the next Legislature.         Jim was uninjured.                        Taylorsville, were guests of their
The men who raise race horses, as a                                                 parents, Larkin Porter and wife part
                                          We understand the Deacon has been
rule, are millionaires. And the ones                                                of last week.
                                          offered a fabulous sum to repeat the
who own them are rich men as a                                                      Chas. Ridgway, wife and children,
                                          performance for the movies but up to
rule, but the majority of men who                                                   of Orell, spent Sunday with his
                                          this time, the cow refuses to repeat
bet and lose are not rich men.                                                      sister, Mrs. J. T. Harris and Mr.
                                          the performance.
***John D. Carroll                                                                  Harris.
Last week Judge John D. Carroll,                                                    Leo Harp and sisters, Misses Cecil
                                          Ford Coupe was stolen at my               and Nora Bell, spent Sunday with
one of the foremost candidates for
                                          residence near Huber Station.             Miss Elizabeth Carlton.
Demo cratic nomi nation for
                                          Reward. R. T. Peddicord,
Governor, opened his campaign at                                                    Miss Inez Bishop was a Sunday
Richmond. (article)                                                                 guests of Miss Edna Parrish.
                                          ***BYPU Program, Participants -
***Belmont                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Stuyler Harris and
                                          Margaret Sanders, Ruby Bowman,
The Sad Death of Mr. ??? Thurman.         Thelma Daugherty, Samuel                  baby (looks like), of Louisville, were
He died May 6, 19?? and was               Ridgway, Mrs. Lee, Thelma Lee,            week end guests of relatives.
confined to his bed about four            Blanche Howlet, Chas. Lee
                                                                                    Alie Thurman, wife and children of
months. He leaves a dear wife, one        Bradbury.
                                                                                    the city spent the week here with
daughter and several sons and                                                       relatives.
                                          ***Notice - All members of
friends and grandchildren to mourn
                                          Shepherdsville Council #119 are
his loss. All was done that could be                                                Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Harris and Mr.
                                          requested to be present on our next
done, and all his children were                                                     and Mrs. C. A. Long visited the
                                          meeting Night as the Orental (Sic)
faithful to him. He was going on his                                                former’s daughter, Mrs. C. F.
                                          Degree work will be put on and
81st year.                                                                          Troutman Sunday.
                                          other business to attend to. J. H.
***Deacon Collins                         Bolton, Sec.                              Mr. and Mrs. Calvert, of Louisville,
                                                                                    and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Markwell, of
For some time, Deacon Jim Collings        ***Advertisement - Fisk Cord Tires,
                                                                                    Fern Creek, visited Mrs. D. T.
has been teething (sic) his cow out       The Gatton Garage.
                                                                                    Mothershead Sunday afternoon and
along the roadside, partly to assist in   ***Mt. Washington                         Mrs. Mothershead returned home
rendering the village beautiful and                                                 with them for a visit.
partly to reduce the high cost of         Miss Carrie Collings spent the week
living. Last Monday, Jim noticed          end with relatives at Waterford.          Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thurman and
that old Sook had cleaned up                                                        children, of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs.
                                          Mrs. Oscar Porter and children spent
everything in reach and concluded to                                                John Carrithers of Carrithersville
                                          week with her sister, Mrs. Del Porter
move her along to a fresh spot. The                                                 and Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Wiggington
                                          near Taylorsville.
cow was so overcome by this                                                         spent Sunday with W. P. Thurman
surprising act of kindness on Jim’s       Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Holloway and           and wife.
part, that she reared up, threw her       little girl were week end guests of
                                                                                    Mrs. B. D. Burch was called to
arms around his neck and implanted        his sister, Mrs. Will Bennett and Mr.
                                                                                    Louisville last week by the illness of
a loving kiss upon his rosy neck. Of      Bennett near Taylorsville.                her sister, Mrs. J. B. Harris.
course, the Deacon went down and
                                          Messrs and Mesdames Harry and
in so doing, fit squarely in a mud                                                  Del Porter, wife and children, of
                                          Wayne Harris were all day guests of
hole, judiciously provided by the                                                   Taylorsville, spent the week end
                                          Mrs. Dora Harris Sunday.
town board (amen).                                                                  with her sister, Mrs. Will Simpson at
                                          Rev. and Mrs. H. B. Wilhoyte leaves       Pleasant Grove.
                                          this week to attend the Southern
                                          Baptist Convention in Atlanta, GA.

                                                        Page 353
                                The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. ?d Swearingen and two                  always courteous. He was a member         the home, charms our gratitude, our
children and Essie Swearingen spent         of the Christian Church, but used to      esteem, our reverence, and nothing
a day and night this week in the city       worship frequently with the               could ever remove such a one from
with their sister, Mrs. Bailey Taylor.      congregation of Little Flock, where       his unique position.
                                            his fine voice added to the song          Who can fill the vacancies made by
Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Fox and Mr. J.           service. He sent us word only a few
W. H??? went to Shepherdsville last                                                   the passing of these great men?
                                            weeks ago that he always read with
Thursday to see their brother ?. G.         pleasure the Hebron news.                 Mr. J. W. Bell and family attended
Bridwell and were surprised and                                                       the three services at Cooper Chapel
delighted to find their sister, Mrs. A.     Mesdames W. J. Bell, C. P. Brooks,        Sunday and dined with Joe Brook’s
E. Craig and M. Craig of Huber              and J. R. Holsclaw were afternoon         family.
Springs, Ark. there to ??? them. Mrs.       guests of Mrs. Tom Melton.
Craig will be remembered by many                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith, Miss Neva
                                            Misses Fannie Bell Melton and             Magruder, James Pope, Robt. and
of our friends as Mrs. Mary Ellen           Nellie Mae Scott spent the week end
Bridwell. They are now visiting                                                       Ralph Henderson spent Sunday with
                                            with Mrs. Earl Smith, city.               Mr. Tom Melton and family.
relatives here and meeting Mrs.
Craig’s former friends.                     Mrs. W. J. Bell and the writer spent      Mrs. G. W. Kirk and daughter spent
                                            Tuesday with Mrs. J. W. Brooks.           Sunday afternoon with Mrs. J. W.
***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth
League Program, participants -              Judge Morrow and Miss Pope, of            Pope.
Virginia Herin, Susie May Parrish,          Shepherdsville, spent Sunday with         Mrs. Tom Melton and Mrs. Clarence
Harris McAfee, Lester King, Rudell          Jas. Pope and Mrs. Pope.                  Brooks visited Mrs. Chas. McKenzie
King.                                       Judge Morrow did a very effective         last Sunday.
***Public Sale, Tuesday May 20,             work for the county during the war        Mrs. Laura Bell and Mrs. Bettie
having sold my farm known as part           by his patriotic talks and actions. We    Roberts are spending a few days
of the Geo. Weller farm 2 miles east        heard many speeches by both men           with their brother, Mr. S. B.
of Cedar Grove, directly on road,           and women, but nothing else made          Williams.
will sell the following (list) of cattle,   so solemn an impression on us as a
hogs, sewing machine, farming               little talk by Judge Morrow to a          ***Photo - Eventually, why not
implements, household goods, etc.           small group of friends on the corner      now? Buy a Dodge Brothers Motor
Roy Langford, Jas. Roney, Auct.             of Shepherdsville. I shall never          Car, Price $1,085 FOB Factory, W.
                                            forget his “If Old Glory goes down,       H. McFarland, Mt. Washington.
***Hebron                                   I don’t want to live another day.”
Mrs. Edna Warren celebrated her             How magnificent!
birthday Monday with an afternoon                                                     Mr. Lewis Fields returned home last
                                            Miss Lila Brooks spent last week at       Saturday after being called to
party which was enjoyed by her              her home here.
young friends.                                                                        Evansville, Ind. to attend the funeral
                                            Mrs. Al Miller has been ill for the       of his sister.
Games were played and                       past two weeks.
refreshments were served consisting                                                   Joe Voughn (sic), better known as
of delicious cake, lemonade, and            We feel like we must place a wreath       Sorgum Joe, of Louisville, was here
candies. Those present were Edna            of appreciation on the graves of          Sunday to see his best girl.
Warren, Mellie, Margaret, (line             those two great specialists recently
                                                                                      W. L. Barger, of Leaches, spent (sic)
missing), and Mary Melton, Geneva           deceased, Dr. J. Morrison Roy and
Brooks and Virginia Higsby.                 Dr. William Chatham, both masters         Several from here attended the races
                                            of their professions and who both         Saturday to see the Kentucky Derby.
With regret we heard of the death of        used their great talents as stewards
W. A. Gailbreath of the city, but                                                     A large crowd from Brooks was here
                                            for the Master. Personally, we owe
who had spent nearly all of his long                                                  Monday attending court.
                                            debt to their skill, which mere
life in the county. He was a                money could not liquidate. For the        The many friends of Mr. Robert
gentleman of the old school kind and        physician who relieves suffering in       Henderson are glad to know he has

                                                         Page 354
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

received his discharge from Camp           Hardesty and Lula Cook, Messrs            we have his word for it that he never
Dix, New Jersey, and is at home            Charles and Robert Hardesty and           saw a happier looking pair of lovers.
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil        Sgt. Percy Wilson, of Camp Taylor.
                                                                                     Mr. Robert C. Henderson, who has
Henderson.                                 Mrs. Joseph F. Snider left Saturday       been flirting with Uncle Sam in a
Miss Lula Cook and Willie May              for Casey County on which she was         military way, has returned home
Ridgway had their tonsils removed          called to the bedside of her aunt,        from Camp Dix, where he was in the
Monday. We have been informed              Mrs. J. H. Bingle, who for many           service. He weighs thirty-five
that both are doing nicely and will        years made her home in Bullitt            pounds more than when he went into
soon be out.                               County.                                   the service and looks every inch a
                                                                                     soldier. He is back, ready to do farm
Henry Trunnell and wife spent              Mr. and Mrs. Craig, of Heber
                                                                                     work again. Everybody is glad to see
Monday in the city.                        Springs, Ark. spent last week with
                                                                                     him back, not only on his account,
                                           her brother, S. C. Bridwell.
Robert E. Lee has just bought a new                                                  but on account of his mother and
Henry Ford automobile.                     Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Bridwell               father.
                                           entertained one day last week Mr.
We have just received a letter from                                                   Mr. Waverly Bell, he of the broad
                                           and Mrs. P. H. Fox, Mrs. Josie             smile and soft voice, is going to see
Mr. Irvin Snellen, of France. He says      Herin and Mr. Duke Burch of Mt.
that he expects to be home in time to                                                 his girl real often. Wave is a real
                                           Washington, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.             sparker and it is a real pleasure to
attend the Bullitt County Fair.            Miller, daughter, Evelyn and son           see him “chatem” (sic). When that
Mrs. Lula Carlisle and Mr. Geo.            Edwin, of Okolona, Chas. Bridwell,         Old Kentucky smile of his meets on
Peacock, of near Pleasant Grove,           wife and daughter.                         the back of his neck, you may know
were quietly married by Judge              Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Barrall, of             his girl has said something very
Bradbury in his office Thursday. Mr.       Barrallton, spent Wednesday here.          encouraging.
Peacock has just passed his 72nd
milestone and Mrs. Carlisle is in her      John Boes went to the city Thursday        Jimmie Lee Williams, with his new
56th year. It is the third venture for     with a load of hogs.                       Dodge, and French smiles is ready to
both.                                                                                 a limited lot, amount, or quantity of
                                           Robert Ice is on the sick list.            courting, just according to the
Mr. Richard McNutt, aged 44 years                                                     wishes of the girl. He is disposed to
                                           A large crowd was in town Thursday
old, died at his home near Denver,         attending court.                           be real friendly since returning from
Colorado, about four weeks ago of a                                                   the over seas service, and if we are
complication of disease. His remains       The many friends of Mr. C. P.              not mistaken is preparing to help out
were placed in a vault at that place       Troutman will be glad to know he is        the much dreaded rollers under a
until his wife could settle all of their   improving and will be home in a few        certain young man who lives in
business. He was brought to                days.                                      about the central section of our
Louisville Monday and laid to rest in      Mr. Jack Howerton was here last            town.
the Eastern Cemetery Tuesday
                                           week. Jack has such splendid brown         The latest news from C. F.
morning. He had spent most all his
                                           eyes and such a handsome face that         Troutman, who is at Hot Springs,
life on Knob Creek, near Cupio.
                                           he is quite a lion among the girls. A      Ark. is to the effect that he is very
About six years ago he went to
                                           better young man has never been in         much improved. His condition is so
Denver on account of his health.
                                           these parts. While here, he called on      good that the nurse has been sent
Miss Mary Woodford Colbert, of             one of our prettiest and best young        home, and Mr. Troutman is taking
Clermont, spent last week with the         ladies and they certainly made a           long walks and other kinds of
Misses Bowman.                             splendid looking couple.                   exercise. Shepherdsville claims no
B. L. Bowman Jr is visiting in             Last Sunday, James Hardaway was            better, more useful citizen than Phil
Louisville this week.                      in Louisville, the guest of his pretty     Troutman and his many friends and
                                           young widow. Nat Maraman caught            acquaintances will rejoice to know
Miss Lula Fern Ashby had as her            sight of them on Third Street, and         that he is improving so very rapidly.
guests Sunday, Misses Margaret

                                                         Page 355
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

In Louisville when a man is robbed      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hall spent            Mrs. Tom Hall spent one day last
and beaten half to death, the ivory     one day in Louisville last week.          week with her sister, Mrs. Lena
domed policeman, instead of                                                       Owen.
                                        Miss Hazel Hall was a guest
apprehending and arresting the man                                                Miss Mary Tombkins (Sic), of Paris,
                                        Tuesday night of her cousin, Miss
who committed the crime, arrest the                                               Kentucky, spent the week end with
                                        Floye Owen.
poor unfortunate fellow who was                                                   Mr. J. W. Douglas.
wounded and robbed. The object          Edward Owen sold a cow to Beverly
obviously is to keep people from        Harris last week.                         Miss Erna Schweckendieck spent
reporting robberies and other crimes                                              Sunday with Miss Evelyn Lanyans.
                                        Mrs. Louis Santer has returned from
as the poor policeman have been                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Owen were
                                        Louisville where she made a
unable to arrest them in the majority                                             guests Sunday of their daughter,
                                        pleasant visit to her brother, Mr.
of instances.                                                                     Mrs. Orion Nunnelley.
                                        Charles Eggers and other relatives.
The Louisville Times welcomes Mr.                                                 Misses Floy Owen and Hazel Hall
                                        Mrs. Viola Owen has been on the
Ballard into politics, even though he                                             were visitors Sunday of the Misses
                                        sick list since her return from
is on the off side of the fence from                                              Harris.
                                        Louisville where she was called by
the Times. We do not know what          the illness of her brother, James
Mr. Ballard is after in the way of                                                Mrs. Bush, of Louisville, is with her
office, but if he can grade the voter                                             daughter, Mrs. J. J. Peacock.
as effective as the firm of Ballard     Alvin Owen and family were guests
                                                                                  Albert Fisher, Ode Douglas and their
and Ballard can grade wheat, he will    recently of his brother, Carroll Owen
                                                                                  wives were guests in the home of
get there.                              and wife.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Douglas
Star of Hope Chapter 183 OES will       Pvt. David E. Owen is now at Camp         Sunday.
meet in regular communication on        Taylor and expects to reach home
                                                                                  Pvt. William Hode Terry is now at
May 20, also regular work at this       one day this week. He has been in
                                                                                  Camp Taylor and was a guest
time. Ada Ridgway, Secretary. By        service overseas for quite a while.
                                                                                  Sunday of his mother, Mrs. James
order of U.M. Ella Pope.                R. E. Owen and family spent Sunday        Sparks.
***On the Mt. Washington Road           with Mr. and Mrs. Claude Owen.
                                                                                  Mr. J. W. Douglas has gone to
Margaret and W. C. Owen visited         Miss Hazel Hall has received a            Owenton for a few days where he
their aunt, Mrs. Albert Fisher last     telegram from her brother, Pvt. Earl      will be under the care of a specialist.
week.                                   Hall, who was arrived at Camp Dix
                                                                                  ***Cane Run
                                        from overseas.
Mrs. Louis Mothershead spent                                                      Owing to the great amount of
Tuesday with her father, Mr. W. L.      Miss Mary E. King is with her niece,
                                                                                  rainfall which has fallen during the
Hall.                                   Mrs. Ida Hecker.
                                                                                  past two weeks, the farmers are
Misses Hazel Hall and Floyd Owen        Lee Worner, of Taylorsville, is the       going to be somewhat late in getting
spent Wednesday with Mrs. W. A.         guest of his brother, J. W. Warner.       their crops planted.
Gentry.                                 (Note the two spellings, Worner and
                                                                                  The grass crops are looking fine and
Mrs. Edward Mothershead was a                                                     afford an excellent pasturage for the
guest of her sister, Mrs. Burt Harris   C. H. Maddox was at Mt.                   grazing of animals.
one day last week.                      Washington Saturday afternoon.
                                                                                  Mrs. Wm. Whitehead has returned
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. McAfee spent         Everett Newton and Miss Nora              from New Haven where she has
Sunday with her brother, Thomas         Owen were married in Jeffersonville       been visiting relatives.
Forman and family on the                May 8, 1919. We extend to them our
                                                                                  Miss Pauline Harned spent a week
Bardstown Road.                         very best wishes for many years of
                                                                                  recently with Mr. and Mrs. John
Little Howard Owen spent part of                                                  Gardner at Hebron.
last week with Mrs. Fannie L. Hall.

                                                      Page 356
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Ruby Monroe has returned to        ***For Sale - Maxell (sic) Touring        They’ll make you sit up and take
her home after making an extended       Car, second hand, good cheap, cheap       notice “old man” even if things
visit with Mrs. L. R. Beeler at         for cash. Apply Pioneer News              “hain’t like they were” “when you
Lyons.                                  Office.                                   and I were young, Maggie.”
Miss Lorraine Whitehead is              ***England to Pay US $35,000,000.         The school at Lebanon Junction
spending the week end with Miss         War Accounts are adjusted between         closed Friday after a very successful
Margaret Fallis at Lebanon Junction.    American and Great Britain.               full term. Prof. Allison, in our
                                        (Article)                                 judgment, is the man for future of
Miss Lillian Monroe and Lorraine                                                  our high school at the Junction.
Whitehead attended the Hawaiian                  May 23, 1919
musicale at Boston Saturday night.                                                The first Agriculture examination
                                        ***Schools News                           ever given in KY was given in the
Mrs. Hanford Harned and daughter,                                                 various counties last Friday and
Miss Pauline Harned, were visitors      Miss Lula Cook, of Peoples Bank, a
                                                                                  Saturday and those who failed to
of Mrs. Elvira Dobbyns Sunday.          former teacher of this county, and
                                                                                  take this one are required by law to
                                        Miss Willie May Ridgway have just
Mr. D. B. Monroe had the                                                          take June examination if they begin
                                        returned from St. Anthony’s hospital
misfortune to lose two calves. Dr.                                                teaching in Sept. 1919.
                                        where they went a few days ago to
Smith from Shepherdsville               have their tonsils removed.               The following prompt, progressive
pronounced it pneumonia. The                                                      teachers took it:
others were vaccinated and are doing    Mrs. Thomas Ritchey, of Louisville,
well.                                   died in that city last Tuesday after an   Ethel Wise, Hallie Wise, Mary C.
                                        illness of several months.                Holsclaw, Eula Funk, Christina
Mrs. Eula Wells, of Millwood, has                                                 Armstrong, Edyth Howlett, Alma
been recent guest of her sister, Mrs.   Mrs. Ritchey had spent most of her
                                                                                  Forrest, Bertha Wallace, Madge
Hansford Harned.                        life on a farm in this county, near the
                                                                                  Forrest, Ursa Funk, Nellie May
                                        Highland School house and had just
***Indiana Farms - If you are                                                     Scott, Edyth Clark, Ruby Monroe,
                                        moved to the city since Camp Knox
looking for a good farm near                                                      Enore Bridwell, Alleen Swearingen,
                                        took over that portion of Bullitt
Louisville on the Indiana side, we                                                Mollie Roby, Maggie Wise, Neva
                                        County. She was born in Alsace-
can offer you some big bargains.                                                  Magruder, Hallye Magruder, Bertha
                                        Lorraine, but came to America when
Write us what you want. Kentucky                                                  Trunnell, Lillian Monroe, Ada
                                        quite young and was one of the most
and Indiana realty Co. 126 S. Fifth                                               Monroe, Elizabeth Cash, Pearl Lee,
                                        brilliant women that ever lived in
Street, Louisville.                                                               Willie May Ridgway, Helen
                                        Bullitt County.
                                                                                  Burkholder, Jennie Carpenter, Fanny
***Wheels - Wheels, 272 wagon           The play given here last Thursday         B. Melton, Mrs. Allison, Lillie
wheels worth $12 a set, will sell       night by the Junior class of the local    Mooney, Mayme Stephens.
while they last at $20 set. G. S.       school under the direction of Miss
Patterson, Shepherdsville.                                                         The Victory Loan was a great
                                        Crutcher was a decided success and
                                                                                   success and our great country over
***For Sale - Two used Fords in         well attended.
                                                                                   subscribed the quota by more than a
good condition. Main Street Garage,     The following students took part:          billion dollars.
                                        Ruth Smith, Thomas Trunnell,               In Bullitt County, we as usual went
***For Sale - Some good country         Martha Lee, Gabe Summers, Meta             over the top without scarcely any
smoked bacon. T. W. Hoagland,           Riley Cooper, Chas. Ashby, Theo            effort. In fact, the ladies led by Miss
Bardstown Junction, KY                  Combs, Dorsey Hecker, Glacie               Mary Ray did a great work and
***For Sale - Full blood white and      Orms, Thomas Stallings, Cora Cash,         something like $58,000 was sold by
brown leghorn cockerels about 3         Beula Lee, Johnson Ash, William            them, while the County over
months old, they belong to the 234      Conniff, Kate Melton and Margaret          subscribed our quota by anywhere
to 288 Spain, Price $1.50 peice (sic)   Combs.                                     from $25,000 to $50,000.
as long as they last. H. Miller,
Lebanon Junction

                                                      Page 357
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

The success of this, as well as the 4th   River for some time, writes that he is    ***Mrs. Eula W. Ayers
Liberty Loan drive is due to a great      now attending an Agriculture School       Mrs. Eula Wathen Ayers, wife of
extent to the splendid leadership of      in France and hopes to get home           Enos Ayers, and daughter of Richard
our chairman, H. H. Combs, assisted       soon.                                     Wathen, died at the home of her
by the other bankers in Bullitt           Many terrible experiences will be         father near Bardstown Junction last
County.                                   given by our boys when they return;       Saturday evening after an illness of
Our County and our people have            but one of Hilery’s experiences just      several months. The immediate
done their duty well and all who          before the Armistice was signed was       cause of death being tuberculosis.
helped deserve the protection of the      as follows:                               The remains were buried near
great government under which we                                                     Irvington, Breckinridge County, last
                                          He was detailed with a squad of 6 or      Tuesday. She is survived by her
live.                                     7 young Americans to follow right         husband, Enos Ayres, her father,
We have just received four German         up behind the firing line and almost      Richard Wathen, and one brother,
helmets sent here to be given as          daily under heavy fire dragged back       Richard Wathen Jr. Mrs. Ayres was
prizes in the recent Victory Loan         dead soldiers for burial and for 7        born in the house in which she died,
Drive.                                    days and nights, had nothing to eat       about thirty-two years ago. She was
                                          but the food taken off the bodies of      a splendid young woman, bright,
These Five German Helmets were            dead American heroes.
never used but were intended only                                                   accomplished and religious.
for show and were taken from their        He says he often feared to turn over      Among her school mates and
hiding place just outside the gates of    the dead soldiers lest they might         friends, she was a great favorite.
Paris by our American boys from the       prove to be a Bullitt County boy, but
                                                                                    About two years ago, she was
Germans, who had them stored in           they were always strangers, a fact of
                                                                                    married to Enos Ayres and since her
large quantities to wear upon their       which he was proud.
                                                                                    marriage has spent a portion of her
triumpthal (sic) entry into Paris.        ***Auto Thief Caught                      time away from Kentucky. Before
These five, however, will be used in                                                her marriage, with the exception of
                                          Elmer Hupp and several more of his
some way as a reward to four of                                                     visits and the time she spent away at
                                          friends of Schimston, West VA,
Bullitt County’s loyal workers who                                                  school, her life was spent at her
                                          stole a Ford Automobile and came as
have helped keep the “Huns” out of                                                  home where she was the idol of an
                                          far as Springfield, KY, where they
the beautiful city of Paris.                                                        adoring and loving father. She was
                                          sold it to a Mr. Burns for $55. They
                                                                                    deeply attached to her father and
Mrs. Eula Wathen Aryes (Ayers)            went on to Louisville, spent the
                                                                                    doubly so since the death of her
died at the home of her father last       money, and started to hike it south.
                                                                                    mother and sister; and as the terrible
Saturday, May 17th, after an illness      It was a bright, moonlit night. As
                                                                                    disease which ultimately cost her her
of several months, brought on by a        they passed R. T. Petticord’s at
                                                                                    life made inroads upon her strength
recent attack of influenza.               Hubers, at 3 a..m., seeing his Ford
                                                                                    and sapped away her young life, she
                                          Car not in use, they decided to take
She was the last and youngest                                                       clung to him with almost super-
                                          a spin.
daughter of Mr. Richard Wathen,                                                     human tenacity. In the sad and
and is the last female member of that     Chief of Police, Frank Anderson, of       untimely death of his last daughter
family who only a few years ago was       Shimston, WV, followed them from          and most beloved child, his host of
one of the happiest and most              where they stole the first car and met    friends deeply sympathize with
prominent families in the entire          them on their return trip. He             Richard Wathen.
county. Her death is even sadder by       captured one of the boys and brought
                                                                                     For the third time in the past few
the fact that her young husband who       him here, where he will board with
                                                                                     years, the somber shadow of death
is a mining engineer out west is and      Jailer Monroe until August, when he
                                                                                     has darkened his home, bearing
has been wholly unconscious for           will be sure to take several years in
                                                                                     away first his beloved wife; and next
several days.                             the Frankfort pen.
                                                                                     his eldest daughter, Miss Lizzie
Hilery Hardy, who has been in the                                                    Wathen, who was one of the
occupational Army on the Rhine                                                       brightest and best girls Bullitt

                                                        Page 358
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

County ever produced. And now, the       ***In France                              roaring, foamy torrent of blue cuss
pride and the sunshine of the home                                                 words in the presence of the fair sex,
                                         Miss Ruby Monroe,            Lebanon      for the bogy man will run you down
has been claimed by the fell             Junction Kentucky.
destroyer. To the heart broken                                                     sure. Exponents of “cussing” and
father, brother and husband, we          Dear Miss Monroe:                         those which have the habit so
tender our deepest sympathy.                                                       fastened upon them that stopping is
                                         Your letter of March 14th, received.      next to impossible, can if they like
***Music                                 Elmer was wounded Oct. 9, 1918 at         give private “cussings”, but the old
                                         Gesnes, France by machine gun             days when man walked out on the
Miss Maggie McClaskey, who has           bullets through the hip. He was
taught a very successful music class                                               public square, rolled up their pants,
                                         carried back to the hospital and died     took off their hats, spat out their
the past winter will close May 30.       there; buried near Gesnes in the
She is a fine teacher and has many                                                 tobacco and waded right in have
                                         American Cemetery.                        gone by and we are glad of it. After
friends here. Her school will open
about Sept. 1st, 1919. The following     I am sorry to report so sad story to      all, the swearing habit is a bad one,
are a list of pupils:                    you. Your brother was a boy and his       and men who cannot control their
                                         courage was a great stimulation to        appetites for cussing should be fined
Mrs. Weatherford, Carolyn                the rest of the men. We miss him as       and taught better. Of course, when a
Hackney, Thelma Daugherty, Lillian       his memory will ever live in our          man is plowing or otherwise
Daugherty, Mary Kirk, Bertha             association.                              working a mule, he has the
Wallace, Eleanor Glenn, Elizabeth                                                  inalienable right to cuss which
Pittman, Ethel May Coccran (sic),        We express our sympathy to you and        transcends constitutions and the laws
Thelma Lee Welch, Lydia Wilson,          only wish we could bring him home         enacted thereunder, and no man can
Ruthie Snider, Gladys Ice, Katherine     to you.                                   say him nay.
Wallace, William Lee Smith,              Chaplain, 125th Inf. APO 724
Lindsay Jones, Millard Deacon, J.                                                   ***Program of the Closing
W. Bradbury, Mary Evelyn Joyce,          ***Cussing must go.                        Exercises of the Shepherdsville
Pauline Daugherty, Marjarie (sic)                                                   Graded and Bullitt County High
                                         If the crusade against the ancient art     School, Shepherdsville:
Daugherty, Emma Smith, Lena              of “cussing is kept up, that awful
Patterson.                               habit will soon be a thing of the          Thursday night, May 29, at Fraternal
***Notice                                vanished past. Recently in our             Hall, Musical Recital by the pupils
                                         courts, one young man was fined one        of Miss Edith Hancock.
Because of our farming, dairying         hundred “beans” for cursing, and
and other business interests, and on                                                Friday night, May 30, At Masonic
                                         another was fined twenty-five              Temple. Grade night. A most
account of the scarcity of farm labor,   “bucks” and put under a peace bond
we will not operate our thrashing                                                   delightful entertainment will be
                                         for one year. Out in the wild and          given by the pupils of the Grades.
machine outfit any longer.               wooly west, if a man chooses to            General admission 10 cents.
We desire, however, to thank our         express his feelings Billingsgate, he
friends and patrons who year after       has the constitutional right to do so;     Sunday morning, June 1, at
year have waited and favored us by       but not so in the effete East. Even        Methodist Church. The
holding their grain corps for us. W.     here in Kentucky, juries and judges        Baccalaureate sermon will be
M. Miller & Sons, Shepherdsville.        look with little favor upon men who        presented by the Rev. T. L. Crandell,
                                         swear in the presence of ladies. Of        Special music, Service will begin
***Community Service Meeting             course, if a man is by himself and         promptly at 11.
planned for top notch lecturers on       mashes his foot, or a door swings to
agriculture, good roads, educations,                                                Tuesday night, June 3 at Masonic
                                         on his hand, or he runs against some
etc. Judge Bradbury was chosen                                                      Temple, Senior Play. The Senior
                                         object which is harder than his head,
chairman, J. R. Zimmerman and T.                                                    class will give their play entitled
                                         he can say some things which would         “The Sisterhood of Bridget”, a
C. Carroll, secretaries. (Article not    not sound well in church, and the
transcribed)                                                                        delightful comedy in three acts.
                                         chances are he will not be molested,
                                         but it will not do to pour out a

                                                       Page 359
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

General admission 15 cents,              Mrs. Myrtle Grant and little              Joe Dickey and wife, Mrs. Georgia
Reserved seats 25 cents.                 daughter, Noma, spent Friday with         Gentry, Miss Wava Dickey, Ida Fern
                                         Mrs. Laura Newton.                        Gentry and Ruby Dickey spent
Wednesday night, June 4, Fraternal                                                 Sunday with T. H. Wise and wife.
Hall. Class night. A splendid            Uncle Hayden Bridwell is still on
program by the High School classes.      the sick list.                            Robert Grant, wife and little
Don’t miss this. You will enjoy.                                                   daughter, Amalee, were recent guest
                                         H. C. Tyler and family spent
Admission Free.                                                                    of Ernest Simmons and wife.
                                         Saturday with his sister, Mrs. Ada
Thursday night, June 5, as Masonic       Tyler, who has a very sick son, little    Mepter (sic) Simmons and wife, of
Temple. Violin and Voice Recital by      Cecil.                                    Nashville, Tenn., and Mrs. Lila
Misses Wimberly and Espie and                                                      Simmons Smith and children of the
                                         Marvin Stallings and wife were
their pupils. A high class Musical                                                 city visited their old home place
                                         guests Sunday of Ernest Simmons
Entertainment. General Admission                                                   Thursday and were guests for dinner
                                         and wife.
15 cents, Reserved seats, 25 cents.                                                of T. H. Wise and wife.
                                         Mrs. Henry Bell recently sold a           Robert Ridgway has pneumonia and
Friday night, June 6, at Masonic
                                         bunch of hogs, also Mr. Cox, Louis        is quite ill at this time.
Temple. G r a d u a t i o n night.
                                         Whitledge, and Robert Bridwell sold
Seventeen graduates will be given                                                  Mrs. Vernie Boss and Mrs. Will
                                         calves and hogs.
their diplomas. Dr. J. R. Sampey of                                                Simmons were afternoon guests the
Louisville will deliver the address to   Mrs. Will Simpson and children            past week of the forme r’s
the graduates. Admission free.           were Sunday guests of Mrs. J. W.          grandmother, Mrs. Jennie
All exercises begin at 8:30. You                                                   Whitledge.
can’t afford to miss any. Back up        Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Stallings were
                                                                                   Those entertained in the home
your school by attending these           guests in the afternoon Saturday of       Sunday of Mrs. Kate Hall were
exercises.                               Arvill Bridwell and wife.                 Louis Stallings and family, Lyman
***Pleasant Grove                        Charlie Stallings, wife and son,          Hall, wife and baby, little Misses
                                         Claud Stallings and family, Louis         Ada and Frances Simmons.
This community was recently
                                         Stallings and wife, Miss Geneva           ***BYPU Program - Participants,
surprised by Everett Newton and
                                         Stallings and Russell Stallings were      Lydia Holloway, Rudell King, Anna
Miss Nora Owen going t o
                                         recent guests of Lyman Hall and
Jeffersonville and getting married.                                                May McClure, Maurice McAfee,
Both are of Pleasant Grove. We wish                                                Virginia Herin, Harris McAfee,
them much joy and a life of              K. S. Grant, wife and daughter,           Susie May Parrish, Ruby Peak.
happiness.                               spent a day the past week with Mr.         ***Mt. Washington
                                         and Mrs. Tompson (sic), at Bell’s
Mrs. T. H. Wise spent an afternoon                                                  Messrs J. W. Forest and Colly
the past week with Mrs. Jennie                                                      Snauder (sic), Mrs. Flora Lloyd and
Whitledge and daughter.                  Mrs. Clara Simmons spent a day the         son, Neville, of Louisville, spent a
                                         past week with her mother, Mrs.            day last week with Mrs. Rob Hall.
Mrs. Tillman Ridgway and little
                                         James Ridgway.
grandson, Pullman, are on the sick                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Beam Wells and son,
list this week.                          Mrs. Joe Dickey, of Mt.                    of Cox’s Creek, and Mr. and Mrs. S.
                                         Washington, spent Friday with her          F. Smith Sunday. (sic)
Louis Stallings and family, Lyman
                                         daughter, Mrs. Georgia Gentry.
Hall, wife and son, spent Sunday                                                    Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Perkins and
with Mrs. Kate Hall and family.          Mrs. T. H. Wise spent one afternoon        some friends, of Louisville, visited
                                         recently with Mrs. Will Simpson.           W. L. Hall and wife Sunday.
Mr. Nick Moore has purchased a
new Auto.                                We are glad to hear that Mr. Phil          Misses Georgia Porter, Mary Lee
                                         Troutman is doing so well.                 Parrish and Vivian Harris were week

                                                       Page 360
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

end guests of Miss Georgia May           Some of our young men and a few           two fine sermons. He leaves about
Stout at Fern Creek.                     older ones are organizing a brass         June 1st for Mississippi.
                                         band here.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Troutman had as                                                 Miss Fannie Bell Melton attended
all day guests Sunday his parents,       Some have already purchased their         the picnic of her school in Jefferson
W. L. Troutman and wife and              instruments, a teacher has been           County last Saturday.
Vernon Troutman of Cox’s Creek.          employed and as soon as the other
                                                                                   Ensign Frank Brown of Shelbyville,
                                         instruments arrive, practice will         who is at home on furlough, visited
Del Porter and family, of
                                         begin. We are planning to enjoy the
Taylorsville, Mrs. Oscar Porter and                                                the family of J. W. Brooks last week.
                                         music if we live through the time of
children, Harold Barnes and Miss                                                   The first strawberries are on my
Elizabeth Carlton spent Sunday with                                                table while I write.
Mr. and Mrs. John Harp.                  The centenary drive started Sunday
                                         and reports from all captains and         Mr. Gardner has a new auto.
Mesdames Mabel Harris and Bailey
                                         helpers from the four churches on
Taylor and baby, of Louisville,                                                    The smile of J. L. Williams is not a
                                         this charge are very promising with
visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.                                             french smile, but a Kentucky smile,
                                         the pledges made, the quota filled is
B. Swearingen Sunday.                                                              developed here at Hebron, and we
                                         almost a certainty and great
                                                                                   resent the imputation of any of our
Messrs and Mesdames Harry and            expectations of going over the top.
                                                                                   boys assimulating (sic) anything
James Harris and P. B. S. Parrish        ***Hebron                                 foreign.
were Sunday guests of their brother,
Wayne Harris and wife.                   Mesdames C. P. Brooks, Jas. Pope,          Mrs. W. H. Beeler has two lady
                                         Chas. Hackney, Frank Bell and              summer boarders.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gentry and Mrs.       several others attended the meeting
Bert Hall spent Sunday with Mr. and                                                 Mrs. McCrocklin and daughter, of
                                         of the Eastern Star at Shepherdsville
Mrs. Willard Bell at Huber.                                                         Buechel, visited Mr. Al Miller and
                                         Tuesday evening.
                                                                                    other relatives here last week.
Mrs. Leslie Taylor, of Louisville,
                                         N e a r l y e v e r y o ne i n t h i s
spent part of last week with her aunt,                                              Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McKenzie and
                                         neighborhood attended the play at
Mrs. Rhode Gray.                                                                    children; Mrs. J. T. McKenzie and
                                         Shepherdsville last Thursday
                                                                                    Miss Nellie May Scott spent Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. N. H. Braithwaite and       evening and enjoyed it as well as the
                                                                                    with Mrs. Tom Melton after
sister, Pauline Johnson visited          orchestra very much. Several of the
                                                                                    attending services at Little Flock.
relatives at Fern Creek Sunday.          characters displayed marked
                                         histrionic talent. C. P. Brooks and        The candy pulling given by the boys
Messrs and Mesdames Will                 Ladishaw each took a load of young         of BYPU at the residence of J. W.
Anderson and John Borders, of            folks in their autos to the play.          Brooks was a great success. About
Louisville, spent Sunday with            Clarence Brooks had a crowd of             twenty-five young people enjoyed
relatives here.                          nineteen in his truck.                     the evening and made some
Mesdames John Harp and Gene                                                         delicious candy.
                                         J. R. Ball spent the week end at
Carlton visited friends in Spencer                                                  Miss Lillian Wiggington is at home,
                                         home here with his family.
County last Friday.                                                                 having resigned her position in the
                                         J. R. Ball, Misses Ball, Meta
Mrs. Estelle Fox and son, of                                                        city.
                                         Cooper, Katie Mae Ball, Lacy
Louisville, spent the week end with                                                 Willie Buckner has been appointed
                                         Sutherland, Lelie (sic) Holsclaw,
P. N. Fox and wife.                      Anna Hathaway and Ida Lee Ball             to a government position in the
Earl Hall, who recently returned         spent Sunday with Dr. Holsclaw and         Louisville post office.
from France, spent Sunday here. He       family.
                                                                                    T. J. Brooks spent Sunday in the
will get his discharge this week.                                                   city.
                                         Rev. Barnhill filled his last
Mr. and Mrs. Schinler (sic) and          appointment at Little Flock last
children were week end guests of         Sunday and was the guest of Mr. J.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Collier.               N. Brooks and wife. He preached

                                                       Page 361
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Personal                             Mr. Robert Henderson has returned         store, Pink and Blue, return to Anna
                                        from a visit to his sister at             Garr. Shepherdsville.
Miss Bertha Wallace spent Monday
                                        Bethlehem College.
here.                                                                             Clarence Holsclaw of Mountain Top
                                        Ewing Crenshaw, Burr Roby, and            was in the city Monday.
Mr. D. V. Nutt, of Leaches, was here
                                        Hugo Maraman spent last Friday in
Friday.                                                                           Mr. Everett L. Simmons and family
                                                                                  are spending a month at Venice,
J. B. Bukey has a new Henry Ford                                                  Calif. after being a successful
                                        Mrs. M. Lee Hamilton and Mr.
Automobile.                                                                       salesman for American Tobacco Co.
                                        Henry C. Hamilton were in the city
Jas. A. Ice and son, Arthur, spent      recently shopping.                        for fifteen years. Everett writes he
Sunday in the city.                                                               wants to buy a farm in Bullitt and
                                        Mrs. Dora Maraman, of Louisville,
                                                                                  raise tobacco.
Delbert Ferguson and daughter,          spent the week end with Mr. and
Ruth, spent Sunday here.                Mrs. Horace Maraman.                      Thiefs stole Mr. R. T. Petticord’s
                                                                                  automobile at his home near Huber
C. R. Smith spent Thursday in Mt.       Mr. Hardin Moore, of Clermont, was
                                                                                  Station last Thursday morning. He
Washington on business.                 in town Tuesday morning. He will
                                                                                  never found any trace of it till
                                        leave in a few days for St. Cloud, Fl.
Mrs. Roy Stallings spent Tuesday                                                  Sunday morning when he was
with Miss Blanche Howlett.              F. G. Thomas, the well known              notified that it had been found near
                                        painter, has just completed putting a     Springfield, Ky with most all the
Mrs. Robert Ice and Mrs. F. G.                                                    parts taken off.
                                        new coat of paint on Mr. J. L.
Thomas spent Monday in Louisville.
                                        Trunnell’s hotel.
                                                                                   We have just received a letter from
Miss Margaret Foster is visiting                                                   Mr. Irvin D. Snellen, one of Bullitt’s
                                        Miss Lula Cook and Willie May
relatives in Louisville this week.                                                 best boys, who was one the first
                                        Ridgway, who were operated on last
Mr. John Smith and wife, of             week in Louisville have returned to        Bullitt County boys to go over. He
Zoneton, were here Monday on            their homes here.                          says that he is well and that he
business.                                                                          expects to be home to attend the
                                        Chas. C. Lee spent several days in
                                                                                   Bullitt County Fair this year.
Geo. Bowman, who was hurt in an         the city last week and while there
auto accident last week, is             witnessed some fine races at               ***Belmont
improving.                              Churchill Downs.
                                                                                   Lieut. Percy Gordonroth (sic) of the
Miss Minerva Pendleton, of              Attorney Lee Hamilton is in Texas          British Army is visiting his wife at
Louisville, spent last week with Lula   on legal business investigating oil        her mother’s, Mrs. Sallie Duncan.
Ashby.                                  developments and disposing of              He has seen service during the entire
                                        client’s lands in oil belt.                war and wears many decorations and
Earnest Hibbs and wife, of                                                         is an intelligent gentleman.
Louisville, spent last week with Mrs.   Misses Mary Margaret Wickersham,
W. F. Lee.                              Bessie Stodghill and Noneral               Thornton Shepherd, who has been in
                                        Argendight (sic) of Lebanon                service overseas for some time, has
Robert Ice was taken to Louisville                                                 been discharged and is with his
                                        Junction, were guests of Mayme
Friday where he underwent an                                                       parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman
                                        Stephens Wednesday.
operation.                                                                         Shepherd.
                                        We have received a card from Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ewing Crenshaw and                                                    Mr. John Hill has been quite sick for
                                        C. F. Troutman, who is at Hot
Hugo Maraman visited Louisville                                                    several days.
                                        Springs and he states that he is
                                        improving and climbing the hills
                                                                                   Bro. Hameric filled his regular
Will Hays and wife, of Cincinnati,      there which will be good news to
                                                                                   appointment here Sunday. He was
spent several days with his parents     many friends here.                         accompanied by his charming wife.
this week.
                                        Lost, two pair of half hose between
                                        Mrs. Robert Simmons and Bukey’s

                                                      Page 362
                                 The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. Chester Hill and mother, Mrs.           Armstrong, P. A. Armstrong, Geo.         However, simultaneous with these
Laura Lee, of Clermont, were at              Gentry, C. P. Bradbury, Master           changes has gone another evolution
church here Sunday.                          Commissioner.                            which has made itself felt in all
                                                                                      phases of school work throughout
Miss Tea Hayes, of Louisville,               ***Commissioners Sale                    the State. In 1906, when the normal
visited relatives here Saturday and          D. N. Bishop VS Henry Miller.            schools were founded, there were
Sunday.                                      Mentions Louis Miller, Tom               only eight public standard high
School closed here last week, with a         Mobley. C . P . B r a d b u r y,         schools within the Commonwealth,
nice treat of ice cream to the pupils.       Commissioner.                            and very few graduates, for most of
                                                                                      the people who pursued their
Miss Mary Bunnell (Sic), of                           May 30, 1919                    education beyond the common
Louisville, who has been visiting her                                                 schools were being educated in
cousin, Miss Georgia Coakly (sic)            ***School News
                                                                                      private preparatory schools or
for the past week returned home              Largest class of High School             colleges, but in 1908 a law was
Sunday.                                      graduates ever turned out in Bullitt     passed enabling every county to
Misses Ruth Murray and Georgia               County:                                  furnish high school training for all of
Coakley are spending a week in the                                                    its public school graduates at public
                                             Katherine Mae Bell
country with Mrs. Walter Coakley.                                                     expense.
                                             Mary Elizabeth Bell
Miss Anna Lee Hill spent Monday              Carolyn Emma Hackney                      In the working of this law, a
with Elizabeth and Marietta Miller.          Margaret Letitia Hardesty                 significant change in public school
                                             Mattie Ellen Magruder                     ideals and tendencies as been
***Advertisement - In Louisville,            Zella Blanche Owens                       brought about that marks a new
there is an optical expert. C. M.            Mabel Lee Sutton                          epoch in the educational history of
Wiseman & Son, 320 W. Market                 Ella Myrtle Stansbery                     the State. From eight public high
Street.                                      Vivian Morrison Shafer                    schools, the advance has been made
***Big Advertisement - $200 in               Mary Mandona (sic) Stallings              until every county in the State is the
gold for a slogan for Devonia                Mary Eliza Weller                         proud possessor of one or more high
M e d i c i n a l M i n e r a l W a t e r.   Joseph Jourdon Blankenship                schools, and every city of any size
Owensboro, KY                                Elmer Wilson Daniel                       has developed a high school of its
                                             Robert Blaine Rennison                    own or maintains one in cooperation
***Commissioners Sale - John E.              S. H. Ridgway Jr.                         with the county. There are now in
Gould VS Minnie Dinwiddie.                   Floyd S. Weller                           the State some two hundred high
Property in Bullitt County. Mentions         Ernest Rogers Wiggington                  schools.
adjoining lines with Holsclaw, R. M.
Lee, J. L. Lee, W. H. Lee, James M.          One of the most remarkable                ***Sealed Bids
Lee, Robert Dawson, Hardin                   evolution in education has taken
                                                                                       Sealed bids will be received up to 1
Holsclaw, Charles J. Dawson. C. P.           place in Kentucky within the last
                                                                                       p.m. Saturday, June 7, for the eating,
Bradbury, Commissioner.                      twelve years. In that period, normals
                                                                                       drinking, and smoking privileges at
                                             have been established and developed
***Bullitt Circuit Court                                                               the Bullitt County Fair for the year
                                             to a high degree of efficiency in the
                                                                                       1919. The big bar, orange ade stand,
Mary Stansbury VS Jennie                     training of teachers for the state.
                                                                                       fish stand with coffee, weennie stand
Stansbury, Property on the North             These institutions are annually
                                                                                       with coffee, water melon stand, and
Bank of Salt River, mentions S. B.           supplying a large number of trained
                                                                                       lunch rooms.
Simmons, Bates, J. W. Stansbury. V.          teachers for the schools of the State.
H. Rouse, special commissioner.              In the same decade, the old trustee       Bids will be received separately or
                                             systems has been changed and rural        as a whole. We reserve the right to
***Bullitt Circuit Court                     schools rendered more efficient in        accept or reject any or all bids.
W. D. Armstrong VS Martha                    providing better rural conditions. All    Committee, C. P. Bradbury, Rufus
Armstrong. Property, mentions                these changes have               been     Balee, J. W. Barrall.
Simmons, R. M. J. Pound, Everett             revolutionary and dynamic.

                                                          Page 363
                                  The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                   Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***The Clean Town is the Healthy               The finances of the church are in         We can prove by Burns Holsclaw
Town. Warning issued by the                    good condition. The quota of              that Charlie Shoptaw is the very
National Tuberculosis Association.             $1787.00 for the Centenary Fund,          personification of truthfulness when
It long has been a well known fact             will be met in full, which is a           it come to killing snakes. He may be
that dirt and disease walk hand in             success never before seen here in the     a little wobbly on squirrels and
h a n d , i n f l u e n z a , t y p h oi d ,   history of the church. It seemed to be    rabbits and fish, but on snakes, he
pneumonia, and other germ diseases             a pleasure to the people to give.         would not know how to prevaricate.
exist because dirt exists. Get rid of          Some friends to the church, not           When he says he killed so many
dirt and most diseases will be wiped           members of any church, gave               snakes, we know they were killed.
out. (highlights)                              liberally. One especially, I shall not    We can almost see them piled up.
                                               call his name, gave $50.00.               The same is true of Clarence. He
***Photo - Rev. T. L. Crandell                                                           rarely ever goes snake hunting, but
                                               My two captains, Guy Hecker and           when Charlie Shoptaw went out and
On the first Sunday in October last,           Mrs. G. T. Wilson, with their teams,
I took charge of Shepherdsville                                                          cleaned up all those venomous
                                               deserve much credit. Safe and             reptiles, Clarence knew that as a
M e t h o d i st Chur c h b y t he             sensible leadership is all this good
appoint ment of the Louisville                                                           good citizen, it was up to him to do
                                               citizenship needs to put over any         something and he did.
Conference at their meeting in                 honorable enterprise. The spirit of
Madisonville, Ky in September.                 Christian harmony and fellowship          By the way, John Quick, J. B. Myers
I came to them after 12 years in the           prevails among the Christian people;      and Jap Pearl are trying to change
Louisville Conference. I came as “ a           and further success is in sight. Let us   the name of Mountain Top to Mount
stranger and they took me in” and              pull together for the Glory of God,       Veracity.
have treated me kindly and shown               the conquest of the world and the         ***Dr. R. I. Kerr
me many favors. In spite of a closed           subjugation of the earth. Yours in
church on account of the influenza             Him, T. L. Crandall, Pastor. (Note        Should be praised for attending the
for three months, we have had                  headlines spelled Crandell, signed        Great American Medical
success along many lines. A good               by Crandall)                              Association meeting, the largest
meeting has been held, Rev. Pat                                                          gathering of medical men in the
                                               ***Snake Stories                          world and the program of lectures
Davis assisting the pastor, in which
seventeen were added to the church             George Quick was here this week           and discussions on the latest medical
and much other good accomplished.              and brought in a fresh supply of          subjects and discoveries will be a
The people of all denominations                snake yarns from the Mountain Top.        great help to any doctor who tries to
took active part in the meeting and                                                      keep abreast of the times. Nothing in
                                               In one day, Charlie Shoptaw killed        the world is making as rapid strides
gave much assistance in paying                 seventeen black snakes, five
Brother Davis for his services. Rev.                                                     forward as medical science is at
                                               copperheads, and three rattlers. Not      present time and the day of the “old
W. J. Banks, the good pastor of the            to be outdone, Clarence Holsclaw
Baptist Church, and his people                                                           foggy (sic) doctor” has faded with
                                               went out the next day and killed nine     the oxcart.
helped us much with their presence             cowsnakes, three garter snakes, six
and prayer. At the close of the                black snakes, four rattlers and six       Dr. Kerr already has had four years
meeting, a purse of $62 was given              lizards.                                  of hospital training and is trying “to
the pastor to meet his expenses as a                                                     school” a little more by attending
Delegate to the Methodist                      If these stories came from any other      this meeting. When we read the
Centennial Celebration to be held at           section, we should stamp them as          program of that meeting – where
Columbus, Ohio June 20 to July 18th.           untrue, but coming as they do from        men fresh from the war and the care
This was a “Surprise Party” to the             such men as Holsclaw and Shoptaw,         of millions of humans are to speak –
pastor and the gift came from all              and brought in by George Quick, we        we are pleased to know that Bullitt
denominations, as well as our own,             are just simply running over              County has ears there. (highlights
and people who belong to no church             ourselves in our hurry to stamp them      only)
also gave liberally. My heart was              as true stories.
full of thankfulness to all who gave.

                                                            Page 364
                                The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth            Curt T. Wise, Lebanon Junction,           sympathy in the loss of their mother,
League Program participants -               died of disease.                          the greatest of all earthly losses. As
Elizabeth Carlton, Margaret                                                           the years pass by, they will realize
                                            James E. Wyatt, Mt. Washington,           more fully just what it means to give
Holloway, Virginia Herin, Ruby
                                            died of disease.                          up their mother. To her devoted
Peak, Lilberne Parrish.
                                            ***Notice - All persons having            daughters, Mesdames Copenhaver
***Honor Roll                                                                         and Bonar, with whom she spent the
                                            claims against the estate of E. O.
Bullitt County Boys who died in             Bertello will present same to me          sunset years of life, her loss will be
Service of their country:                   properly proven on or before June         doubly great and no words of ours
                                            15, 1919. C. P. Bradbury, Master          can assuage their bitter grief, but that
David Boston, Mt. Washington, died                                                    God who marks the sparrow’s fall
of disease.                                                                           and tempers the wind to the shorn
                                            ***Mrs. Frances Lutes                     lamb, will heal their wounds.
Bruce Bridwell, Shepherdsville, died
of disease.                                 Mrs. Frances Weller Lutes, widow          ***Taken Up - A brood sow taken
                                            of George Lutes, departed this life
Allen Dragoo, Belmont, died of                                                        up at Longview Stock Farm and
                                            on the 23rd day of May, 1919 at
disease.                                                                              delivered to Clarence Dawson, as
                                            Aubrey, Texas at which place she
                                                                                      Sheriff. Owner can have same by
Herman L. Evans, Lebanon                    had made her home with her two
                                                                                      proving properly. See Mr. Dawson at
Junction, killed in action.                 daughters for the past several years.
                                                                                      Longview Stock Farm.
                                            Her death was due to the infirmities
Basil Glasgow, Mt. Washington,                                                        ***Kentucky News - Paris. The
                                            of age. Her remains were buried
died of disease.                                                                      body of Mrs. Charles Owens, of
                                            beside her husband’s in Cedar Grove
Lou P. Hibbs, died of disease.              Cemetery on the 27th, the services at     Taylorsville, Spencer County, who
                                            the church being conducted by Rev.        was drowned in Salt River was
V e r n o n E v e r e t t H o l s cl a w,                                             brought to Paris and was buried in
                                            Jno. B. Gardner, of Louisville. She
Shepherdsville, died of disease.                                                      the Paris Cemetery.
                                            is survived by three children, Ora A.
Charles Milan,        Shepherdsville,       Lutes of Shepherdsville, and
                                                                                      ***The weather has put everybody
killed in action.                           Mesdames J. E. Copenhaver and J.
                                                                                      on the bum. It has been impossible
                                            E. Bonar of Aubrey, Texas. Three
Elmer F. Monroe, Lebanon Junction,                                                    for the farmers to plant corn or even
                                            brothers - Messrs Thomas Weller, of
died of wounds.                                                                       prepare the ground for planting it.
                                            Louisville, N. J. Weller, of Pineville
                                                                                      Edward Tyler Jr was so sick over the
Lilpurl Radcliff, Smithville, killed in     a n d G e o . W . W e l l e r of
                                                                                      situation last Wednesday evening
action.                                     Shepherdsville, and one sister, Mrs.
                                                                                      that he went to bed about sundown
                                            Amanda Weller, of Shepherdsville.
Golden Riley, Clermont, died of                                                       instead of making the usual social
                                            With the exception of the few years
disease.                                                                              call in order that he might commune
                                            spent in Texas, and one year spent at
                                                                                      and sympathize with the suffering
Edward Sanders, Brooks, killed in           Salt River, Mrs. Lutes lived her
                                                                                      farmers. Jim Haraday (sic)
action.                                     entire life near the place where she
                                                                                      (Hardaway ?) did not make his usual
                                            first saw the light of day. She was
Oscar Paul Schaefer, Chapeze, died                                                    Wednesday evening call, but went to
                                            married to G. W. Lutes about 1860
of wounds.                                                                            the lodge meeting where he could
                                            and together they shared life’s
                                                                                      meet the downcast sons of Agricola.
Frank Smith, Belmont, died of               sorrows and joys. She was a
                                                                                      The ground was too wet to work and
disease.                                    splendid neighbor, affectionate and
                                                                                      Jack Howerton spent Wednesday
                                            faithful wife and devoted mother.
Wallace L. Smith, Shepherdsville,                                                     evening with his girl, so you see it is
died of disease.                            She had been a member of the              an ill wind that blows no good.
                                            Lutheran congregation for more than       Edward secured some needed sleep;
M i l l a r d T r o u t m a n , Co r p ,    thirty years and was a devout             Jim got to see many friends and
Shepherdsville, killed in action.                                                     customers and Jack spent a most
                                            concentrated Christian. We extend
                                            to the bereaved children our deepest      pleasant evening.

                                                          Page 365
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***House cleaning season, the most       Roy Hansbrough, of Black Foot,            He was looking just as handsome as
pleasant and divine period of all the    Idaho, is the guest of his aunt, Mrs.     ever. While in town, Jack called on
year is with us at last. How we have     Geo. Bailey.                              James Hardaway at the Peoples
longed, cried and prayed for it’s                                                  Bank. Mr. Haraday (sic) employed
                                         Wm. Crumbacker and Roy
coming. Now we can eat our meals                                                   Jack to work in the Peoples Bank
                                         Hansbrough were dinner guests at
standing up. We can sleep in the                                                   last year and Jack is very thankful to
                                         Dr. Holsclaw’s Sunday.
woodshed on the heating stove and                                                  Jim f o r b r i n g i ng him t o
cover with the hall carpet. Then, too,   Miss Vivian Haefer spent the week         Shepherdsville.
the women are supremely happy.           end with her father at Newsburg           ***Notice - If not providentially
Smiles wreathe their faces and their     (sic)                                     hindered, I expect to attend the
voices have the real angelic softness                                              meeting of the American Medical
                                         Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw spent a few days
of tune when you look for your left                                                Association at Atlantic City, NJ,
                                         in the city guest of Mrs. Church and
sock and find your newest necktie in                                               June 8th to 14th. I shall perhaps leave
                                         Miss Bane.
the coal box. House cleaning has                                                   here on Sunday night, returning the
caused all this bad weather. Mad         Miss Sallie McKenzie spent Sunday         next Saturday. My work will be
women make mad weather. When             with her mother here.                     looked after by the other doctors of
their sunny smiles disappear, and                                                  the county during my absence.
                                         Misses Nellie Mae Scott and Kate
their faces become clouded with                                                    Respectfully, R. I. Keer, (Kerr ?).
                                         Melton spent the week end with
vexation and aggravation, the other
                                         Miss Hardesty.
heavens also become clouded. We                                                    ***Personal
move that house cleaning in the          Mrs. A. L. Rogers has gone to
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Scaggs, of
future be done in January or             Owensboro to visit her sister who is
                                                                                   Belmont, were here Saturday. Their
February when bad weather is to be       very ill.                                 many friends are glad to know that
expected.                                                                          they have bought a farm and will
                                         Lost - A black leather handbag with
We have had several millions of          purse and sum of money, gloves and        remain near Belmont.
gallons of very bad weather. At this     several articles of great value to the    N. J. Weller, of Pineville, spent this
time the prospect for a dry country      owner at Okolona Station or on way        week here.
by July 1 st are bad.                    home Sunday afternoon, May 25th by
                                         Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw. A liberal            C. E. Quick and wife, of Mountain
***Hebron                                                                          Top, were here Monday.
                                         reward will be paid to finder if
Miss Beattie is the guest of Mrs.        returned, or left at store at Okolona
                                                                                   F. G. Thomas, the painter, spent
Emma Sanders.                            or C. P. Brooks.                          Sunday at Lebanon Junction.
Miss Sue Vernon Brooks has               Mrs. Sidell and daughter and two           J. R. Zimmerman was in Winchester
finished her school term at Tucker       granddaughters, of Crestwood, also         last week.
Station and is at home here for the      Miss Irene Sidell, of Louisville,
summer.                                  spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. C.          Willie Swearingen came down
                                         P. Brooks.                                 Saturday to get his new Henry Ford.
Price Howlett, of the Army, spent
the week end with J. R. Ball’s           Very few strawberries here.                Oral Basham and wife were in the
family.                                                                             city last week shopping.
                                         We had the pleasure of meeting Mrs.
Mrs. Anna Dearing is spending a          P. B. Riley while in the city. Mrs.        Elmer Samuels, of Knob Creek,
few days with Mrs. Florence Ball.        Riley is always interested in Bullitt      spent Monday here.
                                         County and her people.
At the sale of Mr. Hubbard, cows                                                    Dr. David Smith, who has been on
brought fancy prices. One Holstein       Jack Howerton, of Bloomfield, was          the sick list, is some better.
sold for $229.00 while two Jerseys       here last Wednesday and Thursday
                                                                                    W. M. Logsdon, of Belmont, spent
sold for $185.00.                        on business. On Wednesday
                                                                                    Monday evening here.
                                         evening, in company with Gabe
                                         Bealmear, he called on the ladies.

                                                       Page 366
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

W. F. Joyce spent several days in the    spent this week here visiting his            James Hardaway visited in
city last week having his eyes           many friends.                                Louisville Sunday, attending Church
treated.                                                                              in the morning and the YMCA in the
                                         Mrs. G. T. Wilson spent Wednesday            afternoon.
Mrs. Katie Welch, of Louisville,         in the city.
spent Saturday and Sunday with her                                                    Jimmie Lee Williams went home
                                         Mr. Thomas Weller, of Louisville, is         Saturday and remained until
aunt, Mrs. Maud O’Bryan.
                                         spending this week here.                     Monday. He still wears that French
Mr. S. C. Bridwell, who underwent                                                     smile and is a thousand times more
                                         Last Monday evening, Miss Zora
an operation some time ago, is some                                                   pleased with this country since he
                                         Raymond entertained a number of
better.                                                                               went abroad.
                                         friends at her home on the “Ridge”.
Miss Blanch Howlett is visitor           A delightful Kentucky supper was             N. J. Weller, of Pineville, KY was
friends in the city.                     served and if the table did not              here this week, having come to the
                                         contain about everything that the            burial of his sister, Mrs. G. W.
Mrs. H. H. Glenn and daughter and
                                         appetite craves and the palate               Lutes.
Hattie Buckman spent Wednesday in
                                         appreciates, then we must confess
the city.                                                                             Gady Bros., of Campbellsville, have
                                         that we did not miss it. Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. D. F. Schroll was in town            J. L. Raymond assisted their                 moved their basket factory here and
Wednesday.                               daughter in doing everything                 have it now in operation. They will
                                         possible for the comfort and pleasure        manufacture baskets for the loose
Mrs. Claud Barrall has returned to                                                    leaf houses. We wish them success
                                         of their guests. Those present were:
her home at Barrallton after                                                          in their business.
                                         Misses Edith Hancock, Birdie
spending two weeks with her
                                         Manor, Irene Crutcher, Helen                 Mrs. Rosa Prayther (sic), wife of
daughter, Mrs. H. A. Beard, of
                                         Burkholder, and Zora Raymond and             Arch Prayther, died at her home
Lexington, KY.
                                         Messrs H. H. Combs, Henry                    Saturday, May 24, at Pleasure Ridge
Mrs. Herman Shepherd, of Belmont,        Maraman, T. C. Carroll, Myron                Park. She had the “Flu” and had
spent Tuesday here.                      Combs, and J. R. Zimmerman and
                                                                                      never gotten over it. She leaves a
                                         Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Raymond. Miss
O. W. Pearl spent Tuesday in the                                                      husband and three children. Her
                                         Edith Hancock delighted everybody
city.                                                                                 remains were laid to rest in the
                                         with her splendid performance on
                                                                                      Hebron Cemetery Sunday evening.
Mr. J. L. Raymond has sold his farm      the piano and Misses Burkholder
in Leaches and has bought the J. W.      and Manor sang beautifully. Later            ***Mt. Washington
Thompson place here and will move        along in the evening, Miss Zora
                                                                                      Mrs. Lida Watson, of Louisville, is
here some time in the future.            served ice cream and cake and after
                                                                                      visiting Mrs. D. T. Mothershead.
                                         more music and conversation, the
The fair directors met last Saturday     guests took their departure, declaring       B. D. Burch and wife and Mrs. A. E.
to attend to some important business     the evening one of the most                  Craig attended Decoration Day
and while in session made                delightful of the entire year and            services at River View Sunday and
arrangements to have place made to       voting Miss Zora and her parents             were entertained in the home of Geo.
let all the boys who have any old        delightful entertainers.                     Jones & wife.
relics that they have captured and
got while in the great war to put on     Mr. Jack Howerton, of Bloomfield,            Rob Hall and wife, Mrs. Joe Dickey,
exhibition so their friends can see      was here last week renewing old              Missies Lulie Swearingen, Carry
them. They will put a special            f r i e n d s h i p s a n d b e c o m i ng   Collins and Wava Dickey were in
policeman over them so they will be      acquainted with the voters. He is a          the city Monday.
protected, so bring all the relics you   candidate for matrimony and while
                                                                                      Miss Sara Jane Buckman, of
have.                                    have not interviewed any of the
                                                                                      Shepherdsville, visited Mrs. Alma
                                         voters, we are told that he is almost
Rev. Jenkins, who was pastor of the                                                   Barnes Sunday.
                                         certain to be elected.
Baptist Church here for several years                                                 Misses Mary Dell Barnes, Cecil and
                                                                                      Nora Belle Harp, were week end

                                                       Page 367
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

guests of the latter’s aunt, Mrs. Del   Mrs. Arp Harmon and grand                 brought here and laid to rest by the
Porter, near Taylorsville.              daughter, little Elnora Young, spent      side of her husband in Cedar Grove
                                        last week with relatives here.            Cemetery.
Lee Markwell and wife, of Fern
Creek, were all day guests of her       Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Basham motored         Misses Nadine Melton, Neva
mother, Mrs. D. T. Mothershead.         to Louisville Saturday to spend the       Magruder and Ethel Mae Cochran
                                        week with Mr. Basham’s relatives          spent from Friday until Monday with
Children’s Day Services will be held                                              Mrs. James Crenshaw and daughter.
                                        and friends, this being his old home.
at the Methodist Church the Fifth
Sunday in June.                         Mr. and Mrs. James spent Sunday           Paul Jones, of Louisville, spent last
                                        with their son, Ora Roby and family.      week with his uncle, J. H. Jones and
Miss Susie McFarland, after an                                                    spending this week with his aunt,
illness of more than two years,         Mrs. E. B. Samuels spent the week         Mrs. Sim Harris.
passed away at the home of her          end the guest of her parents, W. R.
mother, Mrs. W. S. McFarland. She       Greenwell and wife.                       ***For Sale - nearly new Range
had many friends in this county,                                                  “Eternal”. D. M. Fulkerson.
                                        Miss Mollie Roby returned home
having been assistant in the post                                                 ***Don’t ruin your disposition with
                                        recently after teaching a very
office at Lebanon Junction for          successful term of school in              a dirty engine. Have the carbon
several years. When she left there,     Breckenridge County.                      removed in 30 minutes at Main
she attended a business college in                                                Street Garage.
Louisville and then obtained a          Miss Alleen Swearingen and Alf
position as stenographer with the       Weller spent Sunday with Miss             ***For Sale - Cheap - A nice mare
Louisville Credit Men’s Association,    Mary Weller.                              m u l e . R . T . P e t t i c o r d,
which she held until her health                                                   Shepherdsville.
                                        Mr. Willie Swearingen purchased a
became impaired. Thru all her                                                     ***For Sale - Three Fords and Two
                                        new Ford recently. Look out, girls.
illness, she ever remained bright and                                             Dodges - Mt. Washington Garage.
cheerful; never a word of complaint,    Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hilton and
and to everyone who visited her, she    many others were entertained in the       ***Advertisement - Moorman’s Hog
was in inspiration. She leaves a        home of H. T. Grant Sunday.               Powder for sale at G. C. Duncan’s,
mother, three brothers, John of                                                   Bloomfield, KY.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Clark and
Kansas City, Sam and Will, well
                                        daughter, Edyth, Mr. and Mrs.                        June 6, 1919
known undertakers here, and three
                                        Henry Jones motored to Lenora
sisters, Mesdames W. E. Kaye and                                                  ***Farmers Mass Meeting Held at
                                        Sunday and spent the day with K. S.
Stuyler Harris of Louisville, and                                                 Court House in Shepherdsville to
                                        Jones and wife.
Miss Alberta; several nieces and                                                  prepare for the big Tent meeting the
nephews and friends unnumbered.         Rev. Edgar Pound preached at              latter part of July. (Fold in Paper -
Funeral services were conducted at      Pleasant Grove School House               Cannot read many names)
the ME Church of which she was a        Sunday afternoon.
member, by her pastor, Rev. D. R.                                                 ***Masonic Banquet
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Hughie Noe and
Peak, Wednesday at 2 p.m.                                                         The banquet given by McNeil Lodge
                                        children spent Sunday with John
***Cedar Creek                          Shaw and family.                          at Lebanon Junction last Tuesday
                                                                                  evening was just about the best ever,
Miss F. E. James spent the week end     Burr Harris and wife spent Sunday         and the large number of visiting
with her sister, Mrs. J. L. Trunnell,   with their son, Wilder Harris.            brethren who were lucky enough to
of Shepherdsville.                                                                be present showed more plainly than
                                        The sad news came last week of the
Miss Bessie Grant is spending the       death of Mrs. Francis Lutes at the        words just how popular these
week in South Louisville the guest      home of her daughter in Texas. For        banquets are. McNeil Lodge has
of her sister, Mrs. Claud Bolton.       many years, Mrs. Lutes lived in our       always been noted for it’s splendid
                                        midst, but after the death of her         banquets, and it would be an
                                        husband, she made her home with           infringement on the truth to say that
                                        her daughter. Her remains were            the last was the best. Before the

                                                      Page 368
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

banquet, the third degree was           P.M., the whirr and wheezing of            Perhaps you may use one or the
conferred upon nine. During the         machines and saying of good byes           other or both.
conferring of the degrees, the          were heard on all sides; in a short
                                                                                   Mr. Editor, take this from me.
Master’s chair was occupied by R.       while the brilliant lights were
                                                                                   Prohibition is between the devil and
M. Hocker, George Bache, T. L.          supplanted by darkness and silence,
                                                                                   the deep blue sea.
Mobly, Lindsay Ridgway, George I.       and the best of all banquets passed
Rennison, T. C. Carroll and J. R.       from a living actuality to a most          If it does prohibit the rich man, the
Zimmerman. Rev. Tinsley and Otha        pleasant memory.                           working man will rebel and if it does
Q u i c k were p r e s e n t f r om                                                go into the cellar of the rich man,
                                        ***Belgian camp
Elizabethtown. Those present from                                                  there will be hell to pay.
Bullitt Lodge were Lindsay              May 11, 1919, My dear mother:
                                                                                   ***BYPU Program participants -
Ridgway, T. C. Carroll, Roy             Today is Mother’s Day, so I thought        Blanch Howlett, Christine Kerr,
Maraman, Will Joyce, G. I.              I had better write to mother; I was at     Roscoe Tucker, Guy Bridwell, Lena
Rennison and J. R. Zimmerman. Too       the YMCA last night and one of the         Patterson, Samuel Ridgway.
much praise cannot be lavished upon
                                        Y women asked us all to write to
the good ladies of Lebanon Junction                                                ***Unveiling
                                        mother this morning. I intended to
and vicinity for the most splendid                                                 The JOUAM lodge of Louisville, the
                                        write to you yesterday, but thought I
feast with which and under, the                                                    lodge Mr. Raymond belonged to,
                                        would wait until this A.M., Mother’s
tables groaned. It was characteristic                                              will unveil his grave Sunday
of the splendid women through                                                      morning at Bullitts Lick.
whose talents and fidelity McNeil       I am well and happy, I only wish I
banquets have become famous             was at home this morning to attend         ***Mt. Washington
Kentucky over. George Bache was         church, although I am going to
                                                                                   Miss Sina Clark, of Louisville, spent
toastmaster and after the inner man     church here this Mother’s Day, but
                                                                                   the week end with her parents, Mr.
had been feasted, introduced Rev.       you know it is not like being at
                                                                                   and Mrs. John Clark.
Bell, who delivered a splendid          home. I only hope the time is near
address of welcome. T. C. Carroll       that I can cross that deep blue sea on     H. P. Wiggington and wife were
was then introduced and spoke upon      my way to that beautiful land of the       Sunday guests of her brother, Walter
Masonic obligations. He made a          old U.S.A, but, Mother, I am not           Porter and wife, of Fairmount.
logical, eloquent address and was       able to tell you when that time will
                                                                                   Miss Rebecca Parrish visited
warmly applauded. Dave Jackson,         come.
                                                                                   relatives at Solitude part of last
the old war horse Secretary of Grand                                               week.
                                        I have never heard from my papers,
Lodge, spoke upon the subject
                                        guess I will hear from them next
“What it means to be a Mason” and                                                  Del Porter and family, of
                                        week. Well, Mother, as it is about
his handling of the subject was                                                    Taylorsville, spent the week end
                                        church time, will close for this time.
superb. He was a great favorite at                                                 with his parents, Larkin Porter.
                                        By-By, Cook James Hawkins, Cook
Lebanon Junction as elsewhere. J. R.                                               Mr. and Mrs. R. E. McAfee and
                                        Co. 6 AEC, APO 762 AEF France.
Zimmerman as the last speaker,                                                     children spent Sunday with Lewis
taking a whack at creation. Mrs.        ***More Truth than Poetry
                                                                                   Mothershead and wife.
Otha Quick, of Elizabethtown, who
                                        May 1, 1919. We have just received
came to assist the ladies who had                                                  Miss Nina Carnell was the week end
                                        a letter from a friend with some
charge of the banquet and was                                                      guests of Miss Mary Dell Barnes.
                                        communications we believe in some
surrounded by her many good                                                        Misses Susan Settle, Emma Melle
                                        he is right.
friends who greeted her with much                                                  Harris, Emma Lee Gentry and Susie
warmth. T. L. Mobley was warmly         Mr. Editor:
                                                                                   May Parrish spent a day last week in
greeted by all present Tom is a great                                              the city.
                                        As a matter of economy which I trust
favorite at Lebanon Junction.
                                        you will overlook, I have in this
Another man who was give the glad                                                  J. H. McFarland has returned to
                                        enclosure two communications
hand was Otha Quick. Along about                                                   Kansas City.
                                        concerning the advent of prohibition.
one of the clock in the misty, foggy

                                                      Page 369
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Messrs and Mesdames John Curley            to the Methodist centenary we have        Mrs. Katie Bolton and son of South
and Eugene Lancaster, of Louisville,       heard so much of lately.                  Louisville are spending this week
dined at the Settle Hotel Sunday.                                                    with her parents, H. T. Grant and
                                           Delegates and visitors from the           wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Granville Simpson, of         churches of this association with the
Louisville, spent the week end with        local attendance were between three       Paul Jones spent the week end with
relatives here.                            and four hundred. Several excellent       his aunt, Mrs. Lee Harris.
                                           speakers were on the program,             Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Basham returned
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Showalter and
                                           among them Mrs. Leachman, of              home Saturday after a most
boys were week end guests of his
                                           Louisville, who is well known.            delightful visit at Lodiburg, KY.
parents, John Showalter and wife.
                                           The funeral services of Miss Susie        Miss Lizzie Mattnie (looks like), of
Miss Elizabeth Carlton is visiting
                                           McFarland was held at the                 Bardstown, is spending a week with
relatives in Spencer County.
                                           Methodist church last Wednesday by        Miss Myrtle Shaw.
Miss Nellie May Scott, of Prestonia,       her pastor, D. R. Peak, assisted by
is the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Bert        Rev. Wilhoyte. At her request, the        Misses Carrie Ovington of
Hall.                                      casket was not opened at the church       Louisville, Alleen Swearingen, Edith
                                           and there was no singing, only soft       Clark, Bessie Grant and Texia
Ed Brown and wife and two boys, of                                                   Swearingen, Messrs Alf Weller, E.
                                           organ music. Friends who desired to
Louisville, spent the week end with                                                  D. Porter of Bardstown Junction,
                                           see her went to the house and all
her sister, Mrs. Jennie Gentry.                                                      Willie Ovington of Louisville,
                                           were impressed by her beautiful and
Mrs. Mable Harris, of Louisville,          peaceful repose, for she was truly at     Milton Clark, Norman Bridwell and
spent the week end with her parents,       rest. She had no fear of death for she    Mrs. Violetta Thompson spent a
J. B. Swearingen and wife.                 knew in whom she trusted, and             very pleasant day with Miss Mollie
                                           looked upon the grave as a resting        Roby Sunday.
P. D. Hardy, of Canton, Ohio, is
                                           place for her tired body.
visiting his sister, Mrs. C. O. Parrish.                                              Miss Bessie Grant returned home
                                           ***For Sale - 1,000 hats, regular          Saturday after spending a very
Messrs and Mesdames P. B. Parrish,                                                    delightful week with her sister in the
                                           price $1.00 to $4.00, will sell as long
E. McAfee and Mrs. C. A. Harris                                                       city.
                                           as they last from 15 cents to 98
were all days guests of J. A. Harris
                                           cents. W. M. Logsdon, Belmont.             Mrs. Parker is spending some time
and wife, of Fairmount.
                                           ***For Sale - 8 room dwelling in           with her son, Jessie Parker, of this
Mrs. J. A. Harris and daughter,            Shepherdsville. Electric lights,           place.
Elizabeth, who have been living in         furnace, water works and all
Ohio are visiting her sister, Mrs. W.                                                 Chas. Grant, wife and children, of
                                           necessary outbuildings. Terms
L. McGee, en route to Atlanta, GA,                                                    Jeffersontown, spent the week end
                                           reasonable. T. C. Carroll,                 with the former parent’s, H. F. Grant
where they will join Mr. Harris and        Shepherdsville.
make their home.                                                                      and wife.
                                           ***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth
Rev. D. R. Peak left Monday to                                                        Born to the wife of Ola Roby, June
                                           League participants - Charles Clark,
attend the Elizabethtown District                                                     2nd , a girl.
                                           Lilberne Parrish, Anna May
conference which convenes at               McClure, Mary Grace Peak,                  Born to the wife of Willie Noe, June
Hardinsburg.                               Gertrude Porter, Susie May Parrish,        2nd , a girl.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Troutman have           Lydia Holloway, Martha Elizabeth
                                                                                      Mrs. James Crenshaw and daughter,
a visitor at their home, Miss Stella       Burch.
                                                                                      Eunice, spent Monday the guests of
Stuart Troutman, left by the stork         ***Cedar Creek                             her mother at Cox’s Creek.
last Saturday, May 31.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Newton and son          ***For Sale - About 1500 feet of
Last Wednesday, the Baptist WMU            spent Sunday with J. H. Jones and          good used lumber, A. M. Garr,
held an all day service in the interest    wife.                                      Shepherdsville.
of the Baptist Victory drive, similar
                                                                                      ***part of column missing***

                                                         Page 370
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

C. F. Troutman .... arrived home ...       Mr. Bradbury’s sister, Mrs. McClure       O. W. Pearl spent Thursday in the
all traces of his paralytic ... have       at Smithville.                            city.
disappeared. He is .... walk as well       G. S. Patterson spent Monday in           John W. Smith and son, of Brooks,
as ever and .... just about what he ....   Louisville shopping.                      spent Thursday here.
with the exception of .... beef.
Everybody is glad to hear of his           John H. Bolton has bought a new           Lee Hamilton, of Louisville, spent
recovery and welcome him home.             thresher and is now ready to go to        Sunday with his mother.
***Wanted - Man and wife ... on                                                      ***Another Drive
farm. Woman to keep house ...              Harry Formhals left last week where
                                                                                     It will be necessary to make another
owner, no children preferred. D. F.        he has taken a position.
                                                                                     small drive in Bullitt County for
Schroll, Shepherdsville.                   C. F. Troutman and wife have              funds for the Salvation Army and the
***Commissioners Sale - Hardin             returned to their home after spending     Syrian and Armenian Relief Fund.
County Court. Bettie Kurtz Exr VS          several weeks at Hot Springs,             About $1300 will be required. A
Citizens Trust Co. Land in Lebanon         Arkansas.                                 school house canvass will be made
Junction, Bullitt Count y, Ky.                                                       beginning about June 23rd and
                                           Hugo Rouse was in the city several
Mentions L. W. Whitehead,                                                            ending June 30th. The following
                                           days last week and had his tonsils
Thompson’s Addition, Bettie Kurtz,                                                   canvassers have been appointed in
R. M. Hocker, J. C. Montgomery,                                                      the various school districts.
Commissioner, L. A. Faurest,               J. R. Howel, of Louisville, spent          Shepherdsville - J. H. Sanders, C. L.
Attorney.                                  Tuesday here.                              Croan.
***Personal                                J. L. Raymond, of Leaches, was in          Lebanon Junction - W. T.
                                           town Tuesday.
J. Tom Foster and wife, Robt. Foster                                                  Stephenson, R. M. Hocher (sic),
and wife, of Belmont spent Monday          Jess Weatherford spent Monday in           Miss Mary Ray.
here.                                      the city.
                                                                                      Belmont - Robert Purcell, Miss
C. E. Patterson, of Louisville, spent      Mrs. Mammie Bonar and two sons             Constance Purcell.
Sunday here.                               from Aubrey, Texas, spent the week
                                                                                      Bardstown Junction - Mrs. Ward,
                                           end at the Tunnell House.
Thomas Hackworth and two sons of                                                      Miss Ethel Newman.
Anderson, Ind. spent Saturday and          Misses Kateryn (sic) Taylor, from
                                                                                      Hays School House - Frank Harned,
Sunday with Dr. R. L. Hackworth            Chapeze, and Mary Jane Garri, (sic)
                                                                                      W. T. Hill
and wife of Brooks.                        from Huber, spent a few days with
                                           Hazel Dell Trunnell.                       Pitts Point - Jesse Dawson, Miss
J. B. Buky and family spent in                                                        Mary Dawson, H. D. Shafer.
Leaches.                                   Miss Sita Woods, who has been
                                           spending her vacation in Chicago           Zion - Crawford        Craig,   John
Melvin Martain (sic) and wife spent                                                   Greenwell.
                                           with her brother, has returned home.
Saturday and Sunday with Chas.
Samuels and family.                        Miss Hazel Dell Trunnell spent             Culver - L. L. Roby, John Lee
                                           Sunday with Miss Mary Jane Gair
Will Wunderlich (Wonderley ?)                                                         Cane Spring - Hansford Harned,
                                           (sic) at Brooks.
spent Saturday and Sunday with Mr.                                                    Wm. Whitehead.
Phelps.                                    Mr. and Mrs. Phil Henderson, Mr.
                                                                                      Harned - S. H. Richets (sic)
                                           and Mrs. Horace Maraman and
Mr. J. F. Combs left last week to                                                     (Ricketts ?), J. H. Harned.
                                           daughter, Ailine and Robert
spend some time in Michigan.                                                          Mt. Carmel - J. R. Burchiell, Rodney
                                           Henderson spent Sunday with Sr.
Mr. C. P. Combs left last week to          Phillipa at Cedar Grove Academy.           Richetts, John Dragoo.
spend some time in Michigan.                                                          Clermont - W. F. Knight, Ed Hess
                                           Mrs. Horace Maraman is spending
C. P. Bradbury and family and Mrs.         several days this week with Sr.
Mammie Bonar spent Sunday with             Phillipa at St. Joseph’s Infirmary.

                                                         Page 371
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Cane Spring - Ewing Crenshaw,            Mt. Olivet - C. E. Funk, Richard           Children under 15 years old are not
Will Shaw.                               Moore                                      to work before or after school or to
                                                                                    sell newspapers at any time or to
Cedar Glades - Bur Roby, Ed. R.          Corinth - Bart King, Charlie Nichols       consider the child labor laws
Ash                                                                                 changed in any respect from the well
                                         Nichols - W. B. Nichols, Miss
Solitude, Auxiliary ARC - Mrs. J. V.     Eunice Ridgway.                            understood restrictions which have
Rouse, Mrs. A. L. Harris                                                            been enforced in the past is the
                                         Bullitts Lick - Ed Mattingly, Tom          announcement of Mrs. Charles H.
Pleasant Hill - J. V. Rouse, S. S.       Mattingly
                                                                                    Musgrove, State Labor inspector.
Barger, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Harris.
                                         Chappell - John L. Quick, Roy              A ruling in regard to after school
Victory - Mrs. Oral Basham, Miss         Masden.                                    employment was sent out from
Fronie James, Lem Swearingen.                                                       Attorney General Charles H. Morris’
                                         No organization engaged in war
Hobbs - Jack Clark, C. V. Muir           work did a grander work than the           office and published Friday, but this
                                         Salvation Army, and this drive is for      ruling had to do solely with boys
Cedar Grove - C. E. Crenshaw,                                                       under 14 caddying on the golf links.
                                         the purpose of starting them up in
Willie Swearingen.
                                         this country as they spent all they        ***Most of the teachers have spent
Glenn Ella - A. Davis, H. Trunnell       had during the big war. The soldier        most of this week taking the school
                                         boys who saw service on the                children out for a picnic.
Pleasant Grove - Roy Stallings, Tom
                                         battlefields of France will bear
Bridwell.                                                                           ***Pleasant Grove
                                         testimony to the good work of the
Greenbriar - R. K. Hall, Will Gentry.    Salvation Army; how they went right        Roy Stallings and wife were recent
                                         into the very face of death and            guests of the former’s aunt, Mrs.
Mt. Washington - Revs. Wilhoit and
                                         rescued wounded boys and in many
Peak                                                                                Sam Orms.
                                         instances, lost their lives in trying to
Edgewood - W. T. Carrithers, Len         save wounded soldiers. A letter will       Born to the wife of Odis Orms, May
Taylor                                   be sent to each of the above named         20th, a boy.
                                         workers, but in the meantime, begin
Sugar Valley - Burr Harris, Polk                                                    Mrs. Louis Stallings has had some
                                         work and do all you can to make up
Bros.                                                                               papering done the past week.
                                         the required sum. J. F. Combs is
Whitfield - Sam Wallace, Tom             treasurer and you can mail                 Sam Orms, wife and daughter, Miss
Carlin                                   remittance to him or hand it to him        Glacie were guests Sunday of
                                         in person. Old Bullitt is over the top     Lyman Hall and wife.
Beech Grove - W. G. Thornberry,          in almost everything. Let us put her
W. G. Jenkins                                                                       Will King, wife and daughter,
                                         over in this drive. Let’s bury all
                                                                                    Audrey Carl Owen and wife, Marvin
Hebron - Herman Williams, Mrs.           personal differences and go right on
                                                                                    Stallings and wife, Misses Inez
Ella Pope, Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw.          and make up this small quota.
                                                                                    Bishop and Glacie Orms were
Oak Grove - O. H. Masden, Ora            The sum of $500 will go to the             recently entertained in the home of J.
Roby, Cleve Masden.                      Salvation Army and about $500 to           W. Lloyd.
                                         the starving Syrians and Armenians.
Sunnyside - J. M. Barrall, Richard                                                  Vernon Dickey, wife and children
                                         As God has prospered us and
Miller.                                                                             spent Sunday with Louis Stallings
                                         brought Victory to our armies and
                                                                                    and wife.
Mt. Elmira - E. T. Colvin, C. K.         prosperity to our country, and let’s
Kneisler                                 help those unfortunate victims of the      G. W. Armstrong, John Stallings and
                                         cruel Turks, by giving all we can. J.      wife were in the city the past week
Brooks - Ed Quick, Dr and Mrs. R.        R. Zimmerman, County Chairman.             on business.
L. Hackworth.
                                         ***Ruling on Child Workers in              Will Simpson, wife and children,
Highland - R. B. Ridgway, A. A.          Error                                      recently spent an afternoon with K.
McKinley                                                                            S. Grant and family.

                                                       Page 372
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

“Uncle” Hayden Bridwell went the         Marriage licenses were issued last        were 17 to receive diplomas, making
past week to spend a while with his      Thursday in Louisville to Miss            a total of 20 fine young students to
daughter, Mrs. Thomas Alcorn.            Margatre (sic) Strange and Grover         complete the High School course in
                                         C. Masden of Lebanon Junction.            Bullitt County this year.
Bert Ridgway, wife and children
were Sunday guests of Robert             The bride is a recent graduate of the     The June examination for White
Bridwell and wife.                       Lebanon Junction High School. Mr.         teachers for both County and State
                                         Masden holds a responsible position       Certificates will be held at the Court
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Elder, of                                                       House in Shepherdsville Friday and
                                         with the L & N at that place.
Nelson County, recently spent a few                                                Saturday, June 20th and 21st, 1919.
days with the latter’s sister, Mrs. J.   June 15 is the last day on which
                                                                                   The examinations for colored
B. Proctor.                              interest will be paid on the school
                                                                                   teachers will be held one week later.
                                         interest bearing warrants for the 6
Mrs. Jennie Whitledge is still on the                                               The engagement of Miss Mary Jane
                                         months of the past year, as a call has
sick list.                                                                          Trunnell and Mr. Coe H. Moser has
                                         just been made for them by the State
Dorothy Lloyd spent last week with       Treasurer.                                 just been announced and the
her aunt, Mrs. Will King, near Mt.                                                  wedding will take place this
                                         The annual session of the Kentucky
Washington.                                                                         summer.
                                         Educational Association will again
Paralee Lloyd spent the past week        be held this year in Louisville, June      Miss Trunnell is a very bright,
with her sister, Mrs. Bernice Owen.      23 to 26. The sessions will be held at     attractive young girl and is one of
                                         the First Christian Church, and as         the leading young teachers of this
Mrs. Charlie Stallings is on the sick                                               county, while Mr. Moser is not so
                                         our old friend, Orville Stivers is
list with rheumatism.                                                               well known in Bullitt County, but is
                                         president this year, every teacher
Mrs. Ada Orms spent a day the past       and trustee in Bullitt County should       a popular young man in this section
week with her sister, Mrs. Mollie        attend.                                    and has held a responsible position
Stallings.                                                                          with the NRR Co. for several years.
                                         Prof. J. H. Sanders has accepted a
                                                                                    They will make their home in this
H. C. Tyler and wife spent a day the     call to Campbellsville, Ky, his old
past week with his sister, Mrs. Ada      home town, to conduct the Teachers
Tyler.                                   Institute, being attended by teachers      ***Notice
                                         from surrounding counties.
John Stallings and family, of Bethel,                                               Open bids per yard (sic) will be
spent Sunday with Mrs. Jennie            The U. S. Government has just given        received Saturday, June 14, at Court
Whitledge.                               Bullitt County one of the big 3 ton        House door to put gravel on
                                         Army trucks to be used in hauling          Shepherdsville and Huber Road
         June 13, 1919                   sand, gravel, and stone on our public      beginning in Shepherdsville. R. W.
                                         roads the coming year.                     Lee, R. H. Miller, Fred Rush,
***School News
                                         This is a part of the government’s
The summer normal began here last
                                         plan to help Kentucky in her fight         ***Poem
week with Prof. J. H. Sanders as
                                         for better roads and we congratulate
instructor. The following teachers                                                  A Temperance Parody on “John
                                         the Fiscal Court in being among the
are attending:                                                                      Anderson, My Jo”
                                         first to get a big truck for road
Mabel Sutton, Bertha F. Engle, Ella      repairs.                                   ***WCTU
Stansbury, Zella Owen, Meta Riley
                                         The commencement exercises of the          On next Sunday, June 15,
Cooper, Sara Williams, Katie May
                                         local schools were the best ever           Shepherdsville WCTU will meet at
Ball, Mary Bell, Margaret Hardesty,
                                         given Shepherdsville and the               the Methodist Church.
Blanche Engle, Willie C. Quick,
                                         attendance was excellent on every
Mary C. Holsclaw, Katie Melton,                                                     Mrs. Anna B. Wheeler, one of our
Evelyn Sutton.                                                                      Big State workers will make us an
                                         The class address was given by Dr.         address. We hope to see every
                                         Sampey, a most scholarly one. There        member present. There will be good

                                                       Page 373
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

music. Everybody       is   earnestly    it was operated on, and now it is            Martin’s Sheep shed and caught one
invited to come.                         through convalescing and ready for           of his finest ewes and cut off one of
                                         business. The young ladies who               her hind legs ham and all smothe
***Administrators Notice                 went with Harry to the city stayed all       (sic) off and left her to die. We
All parties having claims against the    night with their relatives and came          would be glad to see the guilty
estate of Dr. C. T. Thomas will file     back on the train. It was finally            parties caught and punished to the
same properly proven according to        discovered that the machine had not          full extent of the law.
law on or before July 15th, 1919.        been properly oiled.
                                                                                      ***Tonsils Removed
Anyone owing same will come              ***Taken Prisoner or Wounded
forward and settle before July 15. R.                                                 V. H. Rouse, clerk of the circuit
M. Hocker, Adm. of Dr. C. T.             Bullitt County Boys who were                 court, went to Louisville last week
Thomas, Dec’d.                           wounded or taken prisoner:                   and had his tonsils removed. Were it
                                                                                      not for our voice, we should do the
***The Improved Order of Red Men         Rufus H. Alcorn, Mt. Washington.
                                                                                      same thing, but we contemplate
is the largest purely American order,    Harold L. Barnes, Mt. Washington.            going on the stage from Glasgow to
as it exists only in countries over                                                   Burkesville. We have a splendid
which the Stars and Stripes float.       Willie E. Brinner, Lebanon Junction.
                                                                                      voice for eating cucumbers and
***Kentucky News Cullings                Robert L.        Carrithers,          Mt.    drinking lemonade, and such an
                                         Washington.                                  operation might ruin it. Hugo just
Frankfort - The distribution of fish                                                  did not care. He said his tonsils had
for the Kentucky streams began June      John Clark - Clermont
                                                                                      become obnoxious and had to be
1. The fish car was in charge of         Hugh Crenshaw - Shepherdsville.              ejected, and ejected they were. One
Warden J. C. Meredith.                                                                of the dangers which attends such an
                                         Walter H. Cundiff - Belmont.
***Auto refused to go.                                                                operation is that of losing all your
                                         Ira Flood - Shepherdsville                   blood. Now, if your tonsils were on
The unreliability of automobiles in                                                   the outside where you could get at
general, and his own in particular,      Willie Glasgow, Smithville
                                                                                      them, the danger would not be so
was discovered by H. H. Combs last                                                    great. But they are on the inside, as
                                         H a r ve F .     G r e e nw e l l ,   M t.
Sunday evening. Accompanied by                                                        you know, and hard to reach. When
two young ladies, Harry visited                                                       they begin to bleed, you are not able
Louisville, intending to return in his   Elmer Hamby, Mt. Washington
                                                                                      to do much to stanch to flow. Then
machine about eleven in the evening.                                                  again, it is a very painful operation
                                         Samuel Jackson, Shepherdsville
Leaving the young ladies with some                                                    and we do not like to suffer. And
relatives, he went to see his own        Frank C. Kelley, Belmont
                                                                                      then your tonsils have been an
dear one, and when starting time                                                      important member of the whole
                                         Grover C.             Messenger,
came he bade her adieu and                                                            fraternity so long that we just hate to
undertook to go, but the automobile                                                   give them up.
would not consent to leave. Harry        George J. Stephen, Chapeze
examined the spark plugs and                                                          Another thing we might mention is
                                         John W. Wade, Shepherdsville.
carburetor, he kicked the tires and                                                   that we want to be buried all
took off everything that seemed of       Herbert G. Young                             together, if we can. You bury your
any importance, but when he put it                                                    tonsils here, your arm there and one
                                         ***Sheep Murdered
back and tried to leave, the blamed                                                   or two of your lower limbs
machine, mule like, refused to           In spite of the bad weather and the          elsewhere, and it will take you some
budge. If it had kicked up or put        farmers being held back, the tobacco         time to get together if you succeed at
back its ears, Harry would have been     and other crops look good.                   all. For instance, suppose you bury
happy, but it refused to bat it’s eyes                                                your tonsils in Japan, your left arm
                                         One of the most horrible and
or turn a hair. After fooling with the                                                in Greece and your right leg in
                                         meanest things we have heard of
animal for several hours, Harry had                                                   Turkey, and then they bury the
                                         thieves doing lately was one night
it towed to an auto infirmary where                                                   balance of you in Tibet. It seems to
                                         last week some thieves went to J. T.

                                                        Page 374
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

us that you would be badly scattered      latter’s father, W. L. Hall and Mrs.      Pvt. Robert Nathan Hall is expected
and hard to collect, you may lose         Hall.                                     to arrive home from over seas in a
your head without having it taken                                                   few weeks.
                                          Mrs. Elmer Jones and daughter,
away from the remainder of your                                                     David Owen purchased a two year
                                          Miss Bertha Angeline Jones, of 1015
anatomy, but when you lose an arm                                                   old filly from Wald Gentry.
                                          Bardstown Road, Louisville are
or leg, or your tonsils or appendix, it
                                          spending this week with her father,
means that the act of severance has                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Travis and
                                          S. E. Owen and family.
been perpetuated legally or                                                         daughter, Miss Myrtle, attended the
otherwise, and something is lacking       A cow belonging to Mrs. Fannie            home coming at King’s Baptist
about you.                                Hall gave birth to twin calves. Both      Church last Sunday.
                                          are living and growing nicely.
But this is enough. What we started                                                  Rev. G. C. Cromer, Mrs. Cromer,
out to do was to announce that Hugo       Mrs. Bert Ridgway has received the         William and Louise, all of
Rouse had his tonsils removed and         sad news that her sister, Mrs. Harry       Louisville, will be at Bethel M.E.
has recovered beautifully from the        Hepke, of Warsaw, Ill. is at the point     Church Saturday night, June 14,
operation.                                of death of consumption.                   prepared to entertain folks with their
                                                                                     songs, recitations and stereopticon
***Grand Picnic                           Miss Lily Maddox, who has a
                                          position in Louisville, is here now
Given for the benefit of the Church                                                  Mrs. J. W. Douglas and son, Master
                                          spending her vacation with relatives
of Holy Redeemer at Walnut Grove,         and friends. Miss Lily is a general        Clarence Douglas, returned from a
Chapeze, KY. Saturday June 28,            favorite and her many friends are          two weeks stay with relatives at
1919. An excellent Chicken Supper                                                    Winchester, KY.
                                          always glad to see her.
50 cents, fine music. Lot of
refreshments. Come and enjoy a            J. J. Peacock is going to build a          Mrs. Ida Hecker and Miss Mary
pleasant day. All are Welcome.            cottage on his farm for Mrs. Bush,         King were recent guests of Mrs.
Special Prizes -                          mother of Mrs. Peacock.                    Elizabeth Owen.
1. Ladies Handsome Gold ring; 2.          Mesdames Fannie Hall and W. O.             Mrs. C. L. Moore, of Frankfort, is
$5.00 in gold; 3. $5.00 in gold; 4.       Owen visited the latter’s daughter,        visiting her sons, Mitchel and Curtis
Fine Lemon Set; 5. Fine Rug.              Mrs. Orion Nunnelly Monday.                Moore.
Tickets 25 cents.                                                                    Mrs. Tom Hall visited her sister,
                                          Mrs. George Douglas hatched 104
***A new Fish in Kentucky                 chicks from 114 eggs with a                Mrs. Lena Owen Monday.
                                          Buckeye incubator.
Mr. G. C. Duncon (sic), of                                                           Mrs. C. H. Maddox is in Louisville
Bloomfield, KY, a traveling man           Charles Fisher spent Sunday with his       this week with her step-mother, Mrs.
representing the Moorman Stock            brother, Albert.                           Mary Hawkins.
Powder Company, while fishing this                                                   Misses Erma Schweckendieck, Lily
                                          Mrs. Dorsey Hall spent Saturday
week in Cox’s Creek, caught a                                                        Maddox, Evelyn Lanyans, and Hazel
                                          with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
pound and a half Salmond (sic), and                                                  Hall were guests of the Misses
                                          L. Gentry.
a hearing (sic) fish which weighed                                                   Harris Sunday.
two lbs. The hearing is a native of       Mrs. Elizabeth Owen spent part of
the northern waters and lakes and it      last week with her daughter, Mrs.          Mr. Louis Sauter is on the sick list.
is the first time we ever heard of        Albert Fisher.
                                                                                     Josh B. Hall is back from overseas
being caught in the southern water.                                                  and visiting his mother and brothers.
                                          Pvt. Joe Flood, of Camp Zachary
***On the Mt. Washington Road             Taylor, spent the week end with his        He has gone to Chicago now to work
                                          parents.                                   at his old position.
A. V. Douglas spent Saturday at
Paris, Kentucky.                          Albert Ellensworth and family of           ***Personal
                                          Fair Mount were guests Sunday of
Mesdames O. E. Hall and L. F.                                                        Mrs. W. T. Lee, who spent the
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Tom McAfee.
Mothershead spent Tuesday with the                                                   winter in Texas has arrived to spend

                                                        Page 375
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

some time with her daughter, Mrs.       For sale, good work horse. Lutes Co.      Quick and while there visited
C. P. Bradbury and sons, Herbert W.                                               relatives at Charleston and Dexter.
                                        A. B. Davis was here Monday on
and Robert E. Lee.                      business.                                 Mrs. May Smith, of Portland,
Mrs. Martha Samuels and daughter,                                                 Oregon, formerly Miss May Buky of
                                        Henry Sanders, W. B. Pauley, and          Bullitt, is visiting in Bullitt and she
Mrs. Si Morgan, spent Friday here.      several others of Brooks, spent           will be here all summer. Mrs. Smith
Frank Harned and wife, Mrs.             Monday here.                              taught several schools in Bullitt
Slaughter and daughter, Miss Viola,     R. M. Hocker and Henry Miller, of         County, and was one of the best
spent Saturday and Sunday in            Lebanon Junction, spent Monday            teachers in the county. She is the
Winchester.                             here.                                     daughter of the late Jules Buky, and
Mr. Fred Gernert, of Louisville,                                                  was born and reared in Leaches. Her
                                        H. T. Miller, of Barrallton, spent        relatives and friends are gladly
spent Saturday here.                    Monday with his daughter, Mrs. W.         welcoming her back. She is very
Jack Barnes, of Mt. Washington,         F. Joyce.                                 much in love with the West,
spent last week at Zoneton.             Mrs. V. D. Smith, of Portland, Ore.,      especially Oregon, where people
Bud James, of Zoneton, spent            spent the week end with Mrs. J. L.        never grow old, and girls never
Saturday here.                          Trunnell.                                 become old maids due to the fact
                                                                                  that they marry young.
W. R. Greenwell and wife, of            Miss Edna Parrish, of Mt.
Leaches, spent Friday and Saturday      Washington, is spending a week            Mr. Virgil Duval and Miss Maggie
with their daughter, Mrs. J. W.         with Nancy Joe Trunnell.                  Muir, of Hobbs and Mrs. Lillie
Barrall.                                                                          Chapeze Hess were guests of Mrs.
                                        Mrs. B. D. Burch and daughter,
                                                                                  Fronie Samuels Saturday.
John H. Boes has bought the Bill        Martha E l i z a b e t h , of Mt.
Deats farm at Deatsville and will       Washington, spent last week here          Mrs. V. F. Fallis and daughters, of
move there soon.                        with Mrs. Chas. Bridwell.                 Pleasureville, were guests of J. W.
                                                                                  Thompson Sunday.
Noah Smith and wife spent last week     Mr. and Mrs. Oral Basham, of
with their daughter, Mrs. G. S.         Leaches, were guests of the Trunnell      Miss Dorothy Samuels is spending
Patterson.                              House recently.                           the week end in Louisville with her
                                                                                  aunt, Mrs. Phil Thompson.
W. M. Dawson, of Louisville, spent      Mrs. Joseph Snider has returned
Monday here.                            home after being called to the death      Mrs. F. M. Hardy, of West Point,
                                        bed of her aunt, Mrs. J. H. Bingle, of    spent last week with Mrs. Dr.
Roy Childers and wife and Ed Paff,      Lincoln County.                           Ridgway.
of Louisville, spent Sunday with
Robt. Childers.                         Mr. Ernest Brooks spent Sunday            Robt. Ice, who was operated on
                                        with his mother at Fern Creek.            several weeks ago, has returned to
Charles Davis, of Arcanium, Ohio,                                                 his home here.
spent several days last week with his   Miss Bertha Trunnell is spending
sister, Mrs. Lou Ellen Ash, who has     this week with her aunt, Mrs. James,      F. G. Thomas, the painter, is at
been on the sick list.                  in Leaches.                               Lebanon Junction painting the
                                                                                  residence of R. M. Hocker.
One of the heaviest rains and hail      Miss Hallie Dawson has returned
storms that ever fell in the country,   home from a two weeks visit with          Last Saturday while a colored
fell last Sunday evening. All streams   relatives in Terre Haute, Indiana,        woman was talking to a Negro man
were swollen and much damage is         Casey and Martinsville, Illinois.         at Huber, a black snake crawled up
reported to crops.                                                                the woman, and crawling over her
                                        Mrs. Jas. B. Dawson and daughter,
                                                                                  shoulder reposed its inky head on
Misses Maymee Stephens and Willie       Miss Hallie of Louisville, and Miss
                                                                                  her bosom. She was so engrossed in
Mae Ridgway left Saturday for a two     Mayme Quick have returned home
                                                                                  the talk that she never saw the snake
weeks stay at Columbia City,            from Suniston, Missouri, where they
                                                                                  until a white lady noticed it and
Indiana.                                attended the funeral of Thomas
                                                                                  screamed. Just why the woman

                                                      Page 376
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

never felt the snake or saw it, we are    Jim Hardaway was very happy                along. She was a young lady of great
unable to even guess.                     Saturday night - at least his              ability and her deportment was
                                          handsome face was a solid mass of          worth much to the young girls in the
After the white lady screamed, the                                                   school. We think she should have
                                          smiles. On Sunday, Jim took a trip to
colored woman jumped up and the                                                      been induced to come back, and
                                          Louisville, and came back just as
snake fell to the ground, and was                                                    failure to do so was a mistake, but
                                          happy as a whole flock of meadow
killed by some men who were                                                          we bow to the acts of our trustees.
attracted to the spot by the
excitement.                               Miss Irene Crutcher, who has taught        ***Advertisement - Electric Light
                                          in our High School during the past         and power for the rural home is
Just what the snake meant by                                                         cheap, safe, convenient and reliable.
                                          two sessions, left for her home at
crawling over the woman, we are                                                      We endorse and recommend
                                          Ghent last Sunday. Miss Crutcher is
unable to say. It might have been                                                    Matthews Electric Light and Power
                                          a fine teacher and splendid young
attracted by her dark color, or the                                                  Plants. Taffel Electric Company,
                                          lady, and everybody hated to see her
color of the man she was conversing                                                  Louisville.
                                          go. We regret to announce that she
with and then it might have been
                                          will not teach in our school the
trying to scare her in order to have a                                               ***Methodist Centenary Celebration
                                          approaching session. She will come
little fun. Now, ordinarily we are not                                               at Columbus, Ohio. (Article not
                                          back to see us, we hope and believe,
much afraid of ordinary serpents                                                     transcribed)
                                          but not as a teacher, and while we
when they keep at the ordinary
                                          shall always welcome her back with                   June 20, 1919
distance, but when they begin to
                                          pleasure, there are many in the
crawl over us, we are just certain to                                                ***School News
                                          school, who will miss her. You
move about the premises a little.
                                          know everybody will sympathize             Mrs. Amelia Oaks Cawell has just
And more, you might let us be
                                          with “Tot” during the lonesome             been chosen as principal of the
conversing with the prettiest girl this
                                          summer evenings.                           Graded School at Bardstown
side of the bright portals of paradise,
and let a snake try to ascend us, and     Miss Birdie Manor, another of our          Junction, and will probably open
we are betting ten to one that we’d       good teachers, has gone to her home        school about August the 1st.
find it out right off the bat.            in LaCenter, Kentucky, where she           Miss Amelia Lee, as she is best
                                          will enjoy the miserable hot weather       known, is one of the best and most
Of course, that man may be endowed
                                          just ahead. She will be back with us       enthusiastic teachers in Bullitt and
with rare conversational attainments
                                          next session, we think, and this will      with the able assistance of Miss
and powers, and may be able to hold
                                          be good news to all, for Miss Manor,       Melton will no doubt give the
the dusky dames and damsels with
                                          by her nice ways and sterling              patrons of the Junction one of the
whom he holds converse, spell
                                          character has endeared herself to          best schools they have ever had.
bound. That may account for the fact
                                          everybody in the district.
that his snakeship was not                                                           Miss Edyth Howlett, who taught last
discovered, but we do not believe all     Miss Zora Raymond will not be with         year at Chappell’s Ridge school was
the witches and hoodoo doctors and        us in the next session. She was a          quietly married a few days ago in
will o’ the wisp fans and fairies in      splendid teacher and her place will        Louisville to Mr. James Lee, a
creation could keep us from               be hard to fill. She will teach in         popular young farmer of Lebanon
discovering the presence of a snake       Jefferson County. That county has          Junction section. They expect to
that was climbing us.                     obtained some of our most splendid         make their home on a farm near the
                                          teachers, but never a better on than       Junction.
Mr. Jack Howerton, of Bloomfield,
                                          Miss Zora. She goes with the best
was not here Saturday and his                                                        The friends here of Mr. Claud
                                          wishes of all.
absence was noted by many. Jack is                                                   Ridgway regret to hear of the death
so cheerful and agreeable that the        We regret the departure of Miss            of his wife which occurred last week
boys are happy when he comes this         Sarah Williams, one of the best and        at their home near Valley Station.
way.                                      most efficient teachers. Her
                                          departure will be a distinct loss to       Mr. and Mrs. Ridgway had always
                                          the school and will be felt later          lived in Jefferson County but were

                                                        Page 377
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

well known in the Knob section of         Cane Run - Lillie Monroe                  The first medal, which Porter won,
the county and are related to many        Harned - Meta Riley Cooper                and the other medals were made
families all over Bullitt County.         Mt. Carmel - Elizabeth Cash               from captured German Guns. Donald
                                          Culver Springs - Pearl Lee                R. Jones, of Pennsylvania and
Mr. Isaac Albert Arnold, who was                                                    Joseph Dolan, of Ohio, took second
                                          Oak Grove - Willie Mae Ridgway
born and reared in the lower part of                                                and third medals.
this county and who has made good         ***Visits in Chicago
as a physician and surgeon in                                                       Mr. Clay Porter is a son of Mr. Otis
                                          Granison Kelly, one of the best
Louisville was promoted for bravery                                                 Porter, of Bardstown Junction, and
                                          colored men in the county left
during the great war while in the                                                   one of the brightest boys in Bullitt
                                          Sunday for the windy city to visit his
medical corps of our army in France.                                                County, and we are surely glad to
                                          daughter who is a popular hair
                                                                                    see Bullitt County so well
His helper, or first assistant, in much   dresser of Chicago.
                                                                                    represented in France.
of his hospital work in France was
                                          Grand wishes to let his friends know
Robt. Roby, of Lebanon Junction,                                                    ***New Buildings
                                          where he is at and if there is a
son of Lawrence Roby.                                                               The carpenter’s hammer can be
                                          funeral in his vicinity that he will
As far as we can learn, the following     not be there and some one else will       heard all around as several new
teachers have been elected to the         have to take his place.                   houses are going up.
various division boards for the                                                     The residence of C. F. Troutman Jr
                                          ***Big Wheat Crop.
coming year:                                                                        is about ready for the plaster and
                                          The farmers are very busy now in          will soon be completed when they
Nichols - no teacher
                                          their crops, some are cutting grass,
Mt. Olive - Eula Funk                                                               will start on another house.
                                          others wheat. In fact, they are awful
Corinth - Blanche Engle                                                             Mr. Arthur Ice, on Main Street, will
                                          busy. From all reports, the wheat
Chappell’s - no teacher                                                             soon be completed.
                                          crop this year will be the largest on
Sunny Side - Margaret Hardesty
                                          record which means millions to the
Shades - Christina Armstrong                                                        Joe Chappell has commenced work
Woodlawn - Mable Sutton                                                             on his new residence.
Bullitts Lick - Bertha Wallace            ***A Poem (not transcribed) in
                                                                                    O. P. Means has bought a lot by Carl
Mt. Elmira - Hallie Wise                  loving remembrance of our dear
                                                                                    Daugherty’s and will begin building
Needmore - Jennie Carpenter               sister, Mrs. A. Burns. By her loving
Hebron - Mary Bell and Grace ??           sister, Mrs. Perry Mumford.
Brooks - Effie Johnson                                                               With Gady Bro. Basket factory
                                          ***Bullitt County Boy is a winner.
Beech Grove - Nellie May Scott                                                       which will employ about 12 men.
Green Briar - Stella Simmons              C. M. Clay Porter takes first medal        And we hear that there is another
Mt. Washington - no teacher               in contest at Embarkation Center.          factory will locate here which will
Sugar Valley - Virginia Foreman                                                      work about 50 men.
                                          The first prize at the agricultural
Edgewood - Kate Melton
                                          oratorical contest at the great            ***Government Wagon of a low
Whitfield - Mary C. Holsclaw
                                          embarkation center at Lemans,              price. If you want a good strong,
Cedar Glades - Kate Ball
                                          France, was won by a Bullitt County        durable wagon, come and look this
Pleasant Grove - Evylinn Sutton
                                          boy, C. M. Clay Porter, of                 wagon over cheap. Lutes Co.
Cedar Grove - Mollie Roby
                                          Bardstown Junction.
Victory - Aeleen Swearingen                                                          ***Mt. Washington
Woodsdale - Ella Stansbury                Word of the contest has just been
Hobbs - Varina Mudd                       received here. It was held in the          Miss Inez Bishop        is visiting
Belmont - Edyth Clark                     Municipal Theater. Six speakers            relatives at Victory.
Glenn Ella - Bertha Trunnell              were selected from the American            Mrs. Jennie Simpson spent Sunday
Pitts Point - Mary Dawson                 Embarkation center to compete for          with Miss Berta Harris.
Beech Grove - no teacher                  the A.E.F. championship.
Hays - Ida M. Greenwell
Zion - Maggie Wise

                                                        Page 378
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mrs. D. T. Mothershead is visiting      Mrs. C. F. Troutman and baby are          son, Leo, who recently returned
relatives at Fern Creek and             visiting her parents, M. A. Harris        from France. Among those present
Newburg.                                and wife.                                 were Messrs and Mesdames Cole
                                                                                  Pratt, W. E. Anderson, John Borders
Edna Parrish spent last week in         Messrs and Mesdames Willard and
                                                                                  and George Field and Edell and Miss
Shepherdsville with Miss Nancy Joe      O. E. Hall spent Sunday at Zoneton
                                                                                  Thelma Pratt, of Louisville, and Mr.
Trunnell.                               with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Owen.
                                                                                  and Mrs. Guy Cornell, of Whitfield.
Mrs. Nancy Cartwright, of               Polk Herin, wife and son and Mr. J.
                                                                                  Friends here deeply sympathize with
Louisville, spent last week with her    L. Beahl, of Louisville, spent the
                                                                                  Mr. Claud Ridgway, of Orell, on the
sister; Mrs. W. E. Crenshaw.            week end with Mrs. J. W. Herin.
                                                                                  loss of his wife.
Mrs. Lloyd Yates and two children,      Mrs. A. E. Craig and sister, Miss
                                                                                  Miss Frances McGee was taken to
of Maud, spent part of last week        Lizzie Bridwell, recently visited
                                                                                  St. Joseph’s Infirmary last
with her parents, C. O. Parrish and     relatives at High Grove and
                                                                                  Wednesday and was operated on
wife.                                   Shepherdsville.                           Thursday for gall stones by Dr. Irvin
Mrs. Nannie Wells, of Whitfield,        Miss Alberta McFarland spent part         Abell, and at last report was doing
visited Mrs. G. P. Wiggington a day     of last week in the city with her         fine.
last week.                              sister, Mrs. Stuyler Harris.              R. K. Hall has purchased the house
Miss Shraber (sic) Smith, of            Misses Emma Lee Gentry, Susie             and lot on Main Street from Mrs.
Louisville, was a guest of her aunt,    May and Lilberne Parrish were             Laura Anderson and will move this
Mrs. Ellis Jasper last week.            guests of Miss Inez Bishop Sunday.        week; Mrs. Anderson has bought a
                                                                                  home in Jeffersontown.
Mr. and Mrs. Babe Hough and two         Mrs. Minnie Borders, Eugene
little girls of Louisville spent the    Burkel, Misses Russell Borders,           Messrs and Mesdames Huston Smith
week end with her father, Lon           Mary Harris, Marcella Cricket, of         and Fred Swearingen visited their
Crenshaw.                               Louisville, were week end guests of       sister, Mrs. Rob. Saunders and Mr.
                                        the former’s sisters, Mesdames W.         Saunder near Jeffersonson (sic) Ind.,
Preston Hubbard, of West Virginia,                                                Sunday.
                                        L. Hall and F. C. Porter.
is visiting his aunt, Mrs. Jonas
Gentry.                                 Mrs. V. D. Smith, of Portland,            Heisner Harris was home on a
                                        Oregon, is visiting her sister, Mrs.      furlough last week but returned to
Mr. and Mrs. Willard Hall, of                                                     camp to receive treatment for
                                        M. A. Harris. Mrs. Smith was Miss
Louisville, are visiting relatives                                                wounds received in France.
                                        May Buky before her marriage and
                                        is well known in Bullitt County.          Reuben Settle, Vaughn Lloyd, Roy
Ernest Showalter and wife, of                                                     Mothershead and Larkin Porter have
                                        Dr. Hume and son, of Oklahoma, are
Louisville, spent the week end with                                               all sent word to relatives here of
                                        guests of Dr. and Mrs. L. S. Settle.
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed                                                      their safe arrival in the USA.
Showalter.                              Mrs. N. H. Braithwaite had as recent
                                        all day guests, Mrs. Ireland and          ***Hebron
Miss Carrie Collings is visiting
                                        daughter, Mrs. W. M. Rush, Mrs.           Mrs. Chas. Brooks, of Freelandville,
friends in New Albany.
                                        Wing and Mrs. Maggie Bates of             Ind., with two little daughters is
Mesdames Hassee Parrish and             Fern Creek.                               visiting her sister, Mrs. C. P. Brooks.
Jennie Gentry spent last Thursday                                                 She brought her nephew, son of Ben
                                        Messrs and Mesdames P. B. S.
with Mrs. Larkin Porter.                                                          Brooks, who is visiting his little
                                        Parrish, R. E. McAfee, J. A. Harris
Little Misses Joyce and Hazel           and Tom Porter and their families         cousins here, Robert Brooks and
Overall, of Lawrenceburg, are           spent Sunday with Dave Armstrong          Harry Bell.
visiting their grandmother, Mrs.        and wife.                                  Chester Jinkins (sic) ( Jenkins) is
Dora Harris.                                                                       home from France.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Crigsby (sic)
                                        entertained Sunday in honor of their

                                                      Page 379
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Myra Sanders, principal of the    engine mounted on wheels with cut         for the position he is seeking. He is
school at Hazelwood, is at home        off saw. J. W. Smith, Brooks, KY          a life long Democrat and if
here for the vacation.                                                           nominated for Lieutenant Governor,
                                       ***We wonder how many of our              will be a dower of strength to the
John Shanklin and family, of Huber,    readers have noticed the difference       Democratic ticket in November. Mr.
spent Sunday with E. Z. Wiggington     between the man who has been              Shanks has never been a
and Mrs. Wiggington.                   married but a short time and the one      professional politician. He was too
                                       who has been married several years.       busy with his farm and other affairs
Miss Nadine Melton has returned
                                       You can always tell a young               to meddle in politics. He has always
from a visit to Miss Magruder, of
                                       husband from an old one. When a           been independent so far as money
                                       man has been married a few months,        was concerned, and always too clean
John L. Whitledge was caught in the    you will generally see him working        to do the bidding of professional
rain Sunday evening and sought         in the garden or fixing up about the      politicians. Because of his
shelter in the barn of Will Jenkin’s   house and while he works, he              knowledge of parliamentary law and
place. His clothing was wet and he     whistles, or sings, or occasionally       his sterling integrity, he will make a
became wet and chilled would           looks toward the window to see if         splendid Lieutenant Governor.
probably have perished had not         anyone is watching him. A year
Orville Jenkins seen him and ran for   later, he is still working in the         ***Personal
his father, Floyd Jenkins, who with    garden, but the smile has been            Mr. R. Y. Babbitt, of Mesquiete,
Will Becker and Dr. Holsclaw, who      exchanged for a frown and he              Texas, spent last week here. Mr.
chanced to be returning from a call,   occasionally look up toward the           Babbitt lived in this county for
carried him to Floyd’s home, got       house, wondering why in the thunder       several years, near Mt. Washington,
him to bed and with stimulants         breakfast is not ready. Another years     but is a prosperous businessman of
revived him sufficiently to be taken   rolls by and his looks would sour         Texas now.
to his home the same night.            milk, but he is still at work, stopping
                                       occasionally to kick the dog or throw     E. T. Colvin, C. E. Foster and Jasper
Will Ladisaw and brother have sold     a brick at the cat. The next year, we     Foster spent Saturday here.
their farm here for $10,000.           find him sitting on the porch,            A large crowd was in town Saturday.
Mrs. Anna Dearing has returned to      smoking a pipe, while his wife does
her home in the city after a three     the digging in the garden. Now just       Wm. Swearingen and sister spent
weeks stay with Mrs. Ball.             watch our young men, as one by one        Sunday with Embra Deacon and
                                       they are caught in the Cupid’s net        wife.
Mrs. Mary Christopher spent the        and see if this rule does not work out
week end with Mrs. Will Beeler.                                                  J. F. Combs has returned home after
                                       the problem correctly.                    spending several weeks in Mich.
Roy Hansbrough spent Sunday with       ***Hon W. H. Shanks, of Stanford,
Paul Holsclaw.                                                                   J. Weatherford spent Saturday morn
                                       Lincoln County, was here this week        in the city.
Ailene Lillian Brooks (sic) are        in the interest of his candidacy for
spending the summer with their         Lieutenant Governor. Mr. Shanks is        Frank Harned and family spent
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. C.     a farmer, owning one of the best          Saturday with Mrs. Slaughter and
P. Brooks.                             farms in his section of Lincoln           daughter.
                                       County. He is President of a Bank at      Gaddie Bros. have their Basket
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Parrish spent    Stanford, and is a man of affairs. He
Sunday at home.                                                                  factory running full blast.
                                       was reared on a farm and is not a
Mrs. Callie Webster, of Louisville,    stranger to hard work. He has served       Mrs. G. E. Blackstone, of Chicago,
is spending a few weeks with Miss      several terms in the lower house of        is visiting relatives here.
Emma Rogers.                           the Kentucky legislature and is a          Miss Cora Snider and William Clark
                                       fine parliamentarian. He is, and           spent Sunday at Kosmodale.
***For Sale - Dearing Binder in        always has been, for the people and
good shape, 6 horse power, Gasoline    his knowledge of parliamentary law
                                       makes him the most available man

                                                     Page 380
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Joe Flood, of Camp Taylor, was          R. F. Owen and family were guests         Mrs. Joe Dickey and two daughters,
home Sunday and spent the day with      of Mat Gentry and daughter, of            Miss Wava and Ruby, of Mt.
his parents.                            Bethel, Sunday.                           Washington, spent a day and night
                                                                                  recently with Mrs. Kate Hall and
Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Flood, and little    John Whitledge and wife spent
daughter, Levena spent Sunday with      Saturday in Shepherdsville.
Mr. J. L. Flood and family.                                                       Mrs. Eula Hall and little son spent
                                        Jess Ridgway and family visited
                                                                                  one afternoon with her mother, Mrs.
Launetta Flood was Sunday guests        their daughter, Mrs. Roy Owens,
                                                                                  Mollie Stallings.
of Miss Eudell Grant.                   near Mt. Washington Sunday.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin, of the
Mrs. Nick Lloyd and daughter were       Theodore Gentry spent Saturday
                                                                                  Knobs, spent the second Saturday
afternoon guests one day here.          night with Charlie Maddox.
                                                                                  night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
Dr. R. L. Hackworth, of Brooks,         Joe Dickey and little daughter, Ruby      Buck Price and Mr. Martin attended
spent Tuesday here.                     spent Saturday night with Will            church at Pleasant Grove.
                                        Gentry and wife of Bethel.
Dr. R. I. Kerr has returned home                                                  Misses Grace and Bearle Hall spent
after spending a week at Atlantic       Charlie Stallings, wife and son,          Sunday with their brother, Hugh
City.                                   Cecil, spent Sunday with Ernest           Hall and wife.
                                        Simmons and wife.
Geo. Bowman has returned to work                                                  K. S. Grant, wife and daughter, and
after being on a fishing trip for       Kirby Grant and wife were guests          Mrs. Wright and little daughter were
several days.                           Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Buck Price.        afternoon guests the past week of
                                                                                  Mrs. Jennie Whitledge.
Ben Crist spent Monday evening          A. C. Tyler and family spent
here.                                   Saturday with Ben Tyler’s family          Jess Ridgway and family were recent
                                        and Mr. and Mrs. Lem Tyler.               guests of G. W. Armstrong and wife.
Mrs. Mammie Bonor and sons, of
Aubrey, Texas, are the guests of Mr.    Miss Wava Dickey, of Mt.                  Louis Stallings is having his house
and Mrs. Conrad Maraman.                Washington, and Miss Glacie Orms          painted. Mr. Lanyans is doing the
                                        were recent guests of Miss Ruthie         painting and it also has a new dress
C. F. Troutman Sr spent Tuesday in      Owen.                                     of paper on the inside.
the city.
                                        Robert Bridwell has bought the            Mrs. Kate Hall and family were
J. B. Buky and family motored over                                                recently entertained in the home of
                                        Everett Armstrong farm.
by Jeffersontown and in the eastern                                               Lyman Hall and wife.
part of the state Sunday.               Miss Ernestine Hall spent the past
                                        week with Mrs. Lyman Hall.                Robert Bridwell, wife and children
***Pleasant Grove                                                                 spent Sunday with the family of
                                        Rev. Burns has been called as pastor
Miss Lula Stallings spent the past                                                Albert Armstrong.
                                        for Pleasant Grove church again, not
week with her grandmother, Mrs.                                                   Will Gentry and wife were in the
                                        one vote against him. Protracted
Jennie Whitledge, who is on the sick                                              city the past week on business.
                                        meeting will begin the fourth
                                        Sunday in July. Bro. Burns will have
                                                                                  Harlie Proctor, wife and little son
Mrs. Fannie Hall and son, Josh Hall,    someone to help in the meeting.
                                                                                  spent Sunday with the family of
who has arrived from overseas were      Everyone is invited to come.
                                                                                  Edward Owen.
recent guests of the former’s sister,
                                        Misses Genevive Stallings and
Mrs. R. F. Owen.                                                                  Roy Stallings and wife, of
                                        Ernestine Hall spent one night the
                                                                                  Shepherdsville, were recent guests
Mrs. Laura Newton, Mrs. Ollie           past week with Miss Glacie Orms.
                                                                                  of the former’s parents, Mr. and
Ridgway, Mrs. Kate Hall, Strauss                                                  Mrs. Louis Stallings.
                                        Mrs. Vernon Dickey and children of
Hall and Master Walter Ridgway
                                        Mt. Washington spent Saturday and
spent Sunday with the former’s son,                                               Mrs. Ellen Ridgway and son spent
                                        Sunday with her parents, Louis
Charlie Newton, near Victory.                                                     one night the past week with her
                                        Stallings and wife.
                                                                                  brother, K. S. Grant.

                                                      Page 381
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

There will be preaching at Little        Rufus K. Hall and daughter, Miss          Mr. Travis, of Frankfort, has arrived
Flock next Sunday by Rev. Banks, of      Hazel Hall spent Monday in                for an indefinite stay with his son,
Shepherdsville.                          Louisville shopping.                      John Travis.
The Ice Cream Social at Hebron last      Bert Ridgway, wife and children           Dorsey Hecker spent Saturday and
Thursday evening was a success.          were guests Sunday of Ode Orms            Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Pearl
Did you go, asked a friend. Why no,      and family.                               King.
I replied, I knew nothing of it. It                                                Mrs. Elizabeth Owen spent Monday
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher were
wasn’t in the Pioneer News, how                                                    with Mrs. Albert Fisher.
                                         Sunday visitors of Mrs. Mary S.
could I?
                                                                                   Miss Lauretta Flood was a guest
Edward Tyler is cutting wheat with                                                 Saturday of Mrs. Samuel Flood.
                                         Little Stella Marie Maddox is on the
his tractor. It works fine.
                                         sick list.
                                                                                   Rufus K. Hall has purchased the
***Advertisement - Typermetropia                                                   Anderson property on Main Street in
                                         Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Proctor and son
is one of the most common eye                                                      Mt. Washington and will move there
                                         were guests Sunday of Edward
defects, etc. Dr. R. Smith, the sight                                              this week.
                                         Owen and family.
expert corrects it with lense with C.
M. Wiseman & Son, Louisville, Ky.        Rev. B. C. Cromer, Mrs. Cromer,           The bromess (sic) of Louisville gave
                                         Wm. and Louise, of Louisville, spent      a very interesting program at Bethel
***Advertisement - U. S. Railroad                                                  last Saturday night. A free will
                                         Saturday night in the home of Mr.
Administration. Louisville &                                                       offering of $18.00 was given.
                                         and Mrs. Louis Sauter. On Sunday,
Nashville summer excursion fares
                                         Mrs. Sauter accompanied them to
are now in effect to various summer                                                E. Thomas McAfee spent part of last
                                         Fair Mount, where they had an
resorts, providing attractive vacation                                             week in Louisville attending a
                                         appointment after which they were
trips. Following are round trip rates                                              meeting of the Ky. undertakers.
                                         dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clay
from Shepherdsville to nearby                                                      Mrs. Tena Owen was a Sunday guest
resorts. (war tax extra):                                                          of Mrs. W. Tom Hall.
                                         R. F. Owen and family spent Sunday
Big Stone Gap, VA - $14.34               with L. M. Gentry and daughter,           Mr. J. W. Douglas was in Mt.
Crab Orchard, Ky - $5.28                 Miss Emma.                                Washington Monday on business.
Franklin, KY - $6.44
Hartsville, TN - $8.94                   Mr. and Mrs. Basil Scott had as           Frances Terry, of Louisville, visited
Westmoreland, TN - $8.89                 their guests Sunday Mrs. Chester          his mother, Mrs. James Sparks last
Blount Springs, AL - $18.68              Gentry and children, Misses Hazel         week.
Diamond Springs, KY - $7.46              Hall and Ada Harris, Misses (sic)
                                                                                   ***Advertisement - Wanted, Rived
Gallatin, Tn - $7.82                     Claud Gentry, David Owen and
                                                                                   White Oak Slats. For sizes and
Red Boiling Springs, TN - $13.94         Rufus Hall.
                                                                                   p r i c e s , s e e G a d d i e B r o s.
***Advertisement - Attention, Mr.        Charlie Maddox was a Sunday guest         Shepherdsville, KY Tobacco Basket
Farmer. We have been able to secure      of Earl Hall.                             Company.
the contract for the entire output of
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wisehart, of                     July 4, 1919
manure from both Camp Taylor and
                                         Waterford, spent Sunday with Mr.
Camp Knox. Terms, cash, railroad                                                   ***Bullitt County Fair - (Article not
                                         and Mrs. John Travis.
rates to govern all settlements.                                                   transcribed.)
Farmers Fertilizer Company,              Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bridwell
Louisville. (Highlights only)            have purchased the Everett                ***Drive for Better Education in our
                                         Armstrong farm for which they paid        county. (Article not transcribed)
***On the Mt. Washington Road
                                         $2,200. They will take possession         ***Hebron
Mrs. J. D. Hough still remains ill.      early in 1920.
                                                                                   Miss Georgia Mae Queen, who has
                                                                                   been the guest of her sister, Mrs. E.

                                                       Page 382
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Z. Wiggington, returned Sunday to       Who is not impressed by the simple        much praise. We are proud of these
her home at Oklahoma.                   earnestness of the Salvation Army.        talented girls of ours.
                                        Their part in the great war was one
Misses Katie May Ball, Meta                                                       ***Special Term Bullitt Fiscal Court
                                        of noble, patriotic service. Now
Cooper, and Kate Melton have                                                      - Following magistrates present:
                                        render to them their due by helping
returned home after the Normal                                                    Esquires Miller, Carrithers, Weller
                                        in their need.
course in Shepherdsville following                                                and Wooldridge and Hon. C. P.
the High School term.                   We trust the compositor will not mix      Bradbury, Judge.
                                        our letter with any other
Misses Katie Mae Ball, Carolyn                                                    On motion of Squire Wooldridge,
                                        correspondent. It is quite
Hackney (looks like) and Roger                                                    seconded by Squire Carrithers, it is
                                        embarrassing, to say the least.
Wiggington were among the                                                         ordered that a special election to
graduates of the Shepherdsville High    Mrs. H. L. Rogers and guests, Mrs.        called and held in Bullitt County on
School. We congratulate these           Carrie Webster and Miss Emma              August 2, 1919, for the purpose of
young people of ours. We are proud      Rogers spent Wednesday with Mrs.          submitted to the voters of Bullitt
of them, but we trust they will not     J. R. Holsclaw.                           County the question of voting a tax
make the mistake of thinking their                                                of twenty cents on each one hundred
                                        Mrs. J. R. Ball entertained the string
education complete, but rather that a                                             dollars on all property subject by
                                        band here Saturday evening. Those
foundation has been laid on which to                                              law to local taxation under section
                                        invited to enjoy the music were Mrs.
build an education, and don’t                                                     151a of the Constitution of Ky for
                                        Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Will Jenkins,         the improvement or construction of
confuse education and culture. They
                                        Chester Jenkins.                          the public roads of Bullitt County.
are distinct.
                                        Mr. S. B. Williams celebrated his
The ice cream supper at Hebron by                                                 Signed J. W. Croan, Sheriff.
                                        birthday one evening last week. We
the Junior Missionary Society was                                                 ***Saloons may take chance and sell
                                        could not learn the details, but we
well attended and about $16.00                                                    light beer pending court decision
                                        sincerely hope for him many happy
cleared.                                                                          (Article not transcribed)
Mrs. Frank Bell entertained her                                                    ***Be a “Booster” of your town and
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell and guests,
Sunday school class last Friday                                                    county. (Article not transcribed)
                                        Mrs. Dent, city, Miss Lucile Bell,
evening. Mrs. Carrie Webster sang
                                        Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw, Mr. Paul              ***Poem in memory of my dear
for them.
                                        Holsclaw, were guests of Mrs. H. L.
                                                                                   parents, Mildred A. Barrall, who
Miss Katie Spalding, city, was the      Rogers and Miss Emma Rogers last
                                                                                   died June 27, 1919 and J. M. Barrall
guest of Mrs. C. P. Brooks to dinner    Thursday evening to hear Mrs.              who died Aug. 12, 1919. (Has to be
Sunday. I may say, in passing, that     Carrie Webster sing and play. It was       error, this is July 4, 1919 newspaper)
T. J. Brooks was also a guest of Mrs.   a rare pleasure. Refreshments were         Signed, an only child.
Brooks.                                 served.
                                                                                   ***Advertisement - Get Cash for
A visitor in Shepherdsville recently    Misses Nolia and Letia Holsclaw            your high grade dairy products. D.
told me she attended the weekly         and T. J. Brooks attended the              H. Ewing Sons, Third and Kentucky
prayer meeting there and there were     marriage of Mr. Ray Weller to Miss         Streets, Louisville.
nine others present. Is that the way    Sarah Charlotte Jean last Wednesday
the picture show is attended?           eve at Broadway Christian Church.          ***Fordson Tractor - Now reduced
                                        It was an elaborate affair. Mr.            to $750 FOB Dearborn, Michigan.
Rev. Banks, of Shepherdsville,
                                        Weller is well known here and is the       ***Advertisement - There’s work
preached at Little Flock Sunday. He
                                        only son of Leslie Weller. He is a
was accompanied by Mrs. Banks,                                                     every day on any farm for the
                                        fine young man and quite prosperous
Mesdames Lutes and Stephens and                                                    Moline Universal Tractor. Main
                                        as a merchant at Fisherville.
Miss Blanche Howlett.                                                              Street Garage, Shepherdsville.
                                        The singing of Miss Emma May
Messrs Ladisaw have sold their farm                                                ***Chief Justice Carroll Renders an
                                        Wiggington and Inez Kirk at the            Important Decision.
here for $10,00 (sic) cash. The
                                        musicale in Shepherdsville evoked
purchaser is an oil man, I hear.

                                                      Page 383
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

In a speech at Frankfort last             $6 per barrel, delivered here. S. N.      Miss Ruby Binns, of Cadiz, KY,
Saturday, John D. Carroll, after          Brooks, Shepherdsville.                   spent Friday night with Miss Edith
saying of Judge Black, “I concede                                                   Hancock.
him to be a gentleman of high                                                       Miss Edith Hancock is visiting
character. I do not question his          R. M. Hocker, of Lebanon Junction,
                                                                                    relatives at Ironton, Ohio.
integrity or doubt his honor”,            spent Tuesday here.
proceeded to lambast the Governor                                                   Will H. Nusz and family spent the
                                          Oral Basham, of Leaches, was here
in a manner that would have done                                                    week end with Mr. Korfhage’s
credit to Big Mack, running for                                                     family in the city.
alderman from a Limerick ward,            Miss Jennie Carpenter spent last
                                                                                    Miss Zora Rayman spent Sunday
back in the old days when Ned             week in Louisville, and attended the
                                                                                    with her parents. She and Mrs. R. M.
Butler of St. Louis was accustomed        K.E.A.
                                                                                    Hill, of the city, have just returned
to send enough repeaters to uphold        Miss Elizabeth Cash is spending a         from a visit with Mrs. Hill’s cousins
the noble traditions of the par-r-r-ty.   few days with Miss Jennie                 in Talladega and Birmingham,
Among other things, he decided that       Carpenter.                                Alabama.
by writing a letter to the company,
many years ago, when attorney for         Miss Margaret Hardesty was                 Miss Dorothy Samuels is spending
the L & N, asking for a pass, that        operated on in Louisville Monday.          this week in the city the guest of
Judge Black had disqualified himself      She had her tonsils removed.               Miss Zora Rayman.
as a candidate of the Democratic          Mrs. Chas. G. Bridwell’s father and        We have heard of being in town with
Party.                                    sister, of Ohio, have returned to their    a pocket full of rocky, but Leslie
The late Wm. Goebel was not               homes after spending some time             Dexter Herps seems to be in town
particular friend of the L & N and        with Mr. and Mrs. Bridwell.                every evening with an automobile
made his race mostly on the issue,                                                   full of girls.
                                          Mrs. M. Lee Hamilton, after a
“The People of Kentucky VS The L          pleasant visit of two weeks with           John D. James was in town Saturday
& N”. There are unpleasant rumors         Attorney Lee Hamilton and family,          looking for a flock of turkeys of the
afloat and many voters would like to                                                 “Worm Killing” variety. He wants
                                          has returned home.
know whether Judge Carroll was                                                       them to take care of his crop tobacco
with William Goebel or the L & N at       Mr. Henry C. Hamilton, who has
                                                                                     this summer while he plays tennis.
that time.                                been at Norton Infirmary for the past
                                          three weeks, is expected home with         Prof. Chas. Daniel, who has been
From the manner in which Judge                                                       teaching school in the land of
                                          Henry C. Hamilton Jr. next week.
Carroll is conducting his campaign,                                                  alligators and oranges, has “come
it would appear that in case he           Attorney Lee Hamilton and Miss
                                                                                     home” and is happily located near
cannot secure the Governor’s office       Hendy Lee spent a day recently with
                                                                                     Mt. Eden. Charles is one boy of
himself, he wishes to make it             Mrs. M. Lee Hamilton and while
                                                                                     whom we are just a bit proud. With
unanimous for Ed Moore.                   there, Hendy Lee had the delightful
                                                                                     a stickability (sic) which would do
                                          experience of catching a number of
***You can’t tell him from a                                                         credit to Royal Glue. He kept in
                                          fish in Buffalo Run. She took her
woman. Mr. Eldridge’s disguise is                                                    school until he knew enough to teach
                                          trophies to the city to exhibit to
so perfect that he deserves his own                                                  in good schools, and how is reaping
                                          admiring relatives and friends.
sweet heart in THE CLEVER MRS.                                                       the reward which comes to the
CARFAX, the great detective story,        Miss Billy Mae Ridgway is visiting         persevering. Charles said the
five reels of love, thrills and           Miss Cardia Walston at Lebanon and         Rockford cantaloupes were just
adventure at the Picture Show at the      attending the Chautauqua this week.        beginning to lie lightly upon the
Masonic Temple, Saturday night,                                                      constitution when he started up this
                                          Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hancock of
July 5. There will be one reel of                                                    way. He is well pleased with Florida.
                                          Lebanon, spent Sunday with Prof. S.
comedy. Prices 10 and 20 cents.                                                      Friends are glad to hear of Paul
                                          E. Hancock and family.
***For Sale - Fancy second crop                                                      Jones being back in the United
seed potatoes now on cold storage.                                                   States again after eight months

                                                        Page 384
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

service in France with the 22nd         Leyton Ashby, who has been                ***Pleasant Grove
Engineers.                              overseas, has returned.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Armstrong, Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Saddler and two       Chas. Jasper, of Waterford, and           and Mrs. Sam Orms, Bros. Burns
children spent Sunday in the city the   brother spent Thursday here.              and Farris, Frankling Armstrong,
guests of Mr. Henry Schenk.                                                       Misses Glacie Orms, Genevive
                                        Will Route, (sic), of Nolin, spent
                                                                                  Stallings and Master Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Jones had as         Tuesday here.
                                                                                  Armstrong, recent guests of T. H.
their guests Sunday, Miss Monnie                                                  Wise and wife.
                                        Otis Porter, of Bardstown Junction,
(sic) Pate and Miss Marguerite
                                        spent Tuesday here.
Thornsbury of Louisville and Sgt.                                                 Mrs. Roy Owens, of near Mt.
Tim Fearneyhough, (sic) of Camp         Robt. Hardesty and wife were in the       Washington, spent a day the past
Taylor.                                 city this week.                           week with her mother, Mrs. Jess
Miss Monnie Pate has returned to        Rev. Burns will move to the
her home in Louisville after            parsonage here soon.                      Mrs. Jennie Whitledge, Mrs. Bettie
spending a week with Miss Nancye                                                  Price and Mrs. J. D. Hough are still
                                        Joe Chappell, C. R. Smith and W. L.
and Pinkie Jones.                                                                 on the sick list.
                                        Ashby spent Monday in the city.
H. H. Combs is seen quite frequently                                              Louis Stallings and wife served ice
                                        W. B. Monroe, of Louisville, spent
at Hazelwood Sanatorium. He must                                                  cream and cake Saturday night.
                                        Tuesday here.
be making a study of tuberculosis, as                                             H. C. Tyler and family spent Sunday
he is seen interviewing the head        ***Photo of Chief Justice John D.
                                                                                  with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lem
nurse quite often.                      Carroll, Democratic Candidate for
                                                                                  Tyler near Ting.
                                        Governor. Also his ideas for schools.
The businessman who will not                                                      Jess Ridgway and Louis Stallings
advertise, is driving the hearse.       ***Notice
                                                                                  have purchased cream separators.
The citizen who is a chronic            As I have bought a large new truck
                                                                                  We were sorry to hear of the death
grumbler and always pulling back in     and will be able to go to work, I will
                                                                                  of Mrs. Harry Hepke of Sutton, Ill.
every public enterprise is throwing     begin hauling on Monday, July 7,
                                                                                  She was a niece of Mrs. Joe Dickey,
bouquets on the grave.                  and would be glad to do your
                                                                                  and has many relatives and friends
                                        hauling at a reasonable price. I have     here. Her death was not unexpected
Frank Bell and daughter, of Zoneton,
                                        a good Ford touring car in fine shape     as she has been in failing health ever
spent Friday here.
                                        that I will sell reasonable. Robert       since she moved to her new home in
Mrs. Judge Welch spent last week        Ice, Shepherdsville.
with her daughter at Pitts Point.
                                        ***Lighting Kills Fine Horse
                                                                                  News came Friday to Mr. Will
Robt. Ice has a new heavy truck.                                                  Simpson that his brother, Everett
                                        During the heavy storm last
D. M. Fulkerson spent Sunday here.      Thursday, lightning killed a fine         Simpson underwent an operation
                                        horse for Mr. James Pope near             Friday at Norton’s Infirmary for
Alex Smith spent Sunday with                                                      appendicitis and was quite ill at that
                                        Zoneton. This county has been
relatives here.                                                                   time.
                                        visited by several heavy rain and
Gil Newman, of Louisville, was here     storms in the last week, doing much
                                                                                   Thomas Owen, wife and children, of
Monday on business.                     damage.
                                                                                   near Mt. Washington, were recent
Miss Laura Daniels, of the city,        ***Notice - There will be an Ice           guests of his brother, Fred Owen of
spent Monday with her sister, Mrs.      Cream Supper given at Culver               Pleasant Grove.
J. B. Buky.                             Spring School House near Belmont,          Mrs. Rosa Dickey and little
                                        KY, Saturday night, July 12, for           daughter, Ruby, spent a day and
Mrs. Effie Miles spent Monday here.
                                        benefit of school. Girls bring pies        night this past week with Mrs.
J. C. Jeffries has returned from        and boys full pocket books. Pearl          Georgia Gentry.
Mississippi to spend some time.         Lee, Teacher.

                                                      Page 385
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Thomas Bridwell and wife spent            who is ill at his daughter’s, Mrs.        Mrs. Fred Owen spent one day the
Sunday with the family of Louis           Thomas Alcorn, near High Grove,           past week with relatives near Mt.
Stallings.                                and report his illness not improved       Washington.
Wilma Proctor entertained Sunday,                                                   ***Cedar Creek
Paralee and Hazel Lloyd, Virginia         Robert Hecker is looking fine. He
                                                                                    Rev. Burnes preached at Victory last
and Alma Ridgway and others in the        has just arrived from over seas, and
                                                                                    Saturday night and Sunday and was
afternoon.                                says he is going to take a rest. He is
                                                                                    entertained in the home of H. T.
                                          with his mother at present, Mrs. Ida
Ernestine Hall spent the week end                                                   Grant.
with her sister, Mrs. Alvin Owen,                                                    J. B. Bukey, wife and children and
near Mt. Washington.                      Mrs. Kate Hall and family attended
                                                                                     Miss Laura Daniel, of Hazelwood
                                          Children’s day at Mt. Washington
Mr. Fill (sic) Shane, of the city,                                                   Sanatorium, spent Sunday with J. V.
                                          Sunday and were dinner guests of
spent several days the past week                                                     Jones and family.
                                          Joe Dickey and wife.
with the family of Mrs. Jennie                                                       Mrs. May Buky Smith, of Portland,
Whitledge.                                H. C. Tyler and family were recently
                                                                                     Ore., is spending some time in this
                                          called to his sister’s home, Mrs. Ben
Mrs. Ada Orms spent Friday with                                                      vicinity visiting her many friends
                                          Tyler, by the death of his nephew,
Mrs. J. B. Proctor.                                                                  and schoolmates as this was once her
                                          little Cecil Tyler.
Randal Jones had a mare to get
                                          Miss Susie Shane, of the city, spent
kicked and was seriously hurt, but is                                                Mrs. Arp Harmon and Miss Texia
                                          Sunday and Monday with Mrs.
doing very well at this time.                                                        Swearingen are spending this week
                                          Jennie Whitledge and family.
                                                                                     with the former’s daughter, Mrs.
Robert Grant has purchased a cream                                                   Wm. Magruder of Deatsville.
                                          Mr. Henry Bolson (sic) has returned
                                          from a visit in Texas.                     Miss Mollie Roby spent the
Little Raymond Armstrong has been                                                    weekend with Miss Edyth Clark.
                                          Miss Oradell Hall spent the week
ill, but glad to say is better.
                                          end with Miss Lula Stallings.              Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Basham, Mrs.
Pleasant Grove Church has a new                                                      Jessie Callons (sic) and children, and
                                          Ed, Arville and Thomas Bridwell
swinging lamp which gives a very                                                     Miss Frona Jame s attended
                                          each sold a bunch of hogs the past
brilliant light.                                                                     Children’s Day exercises at Mt.
                                          week. Kirby Grant, Mr. Vance and
Albert Armstrong and Marvin               Robert Bridwell each also sold a           Washington and all dined with Mr.
Stallings was ordained in the Baptist     calf.                                      and Mrs. B. D. Burch, but Mrs.
Church the second Sunday by Rev.                                                     Collings (sic) and children. They
                                          Miss Lillie Bridwell spent Friday          spent the day with her mother, Mrs.
Burns, assisted by Rev. Farris, of the
                                          and Saturday with her mother, Mrs.         Showalter.
                                          Jennie Whitledge.
K. S. Grant and family entertained                                                   Those entertained in the home of H.
                                          Mrs. J. W. Lloyd sold a bunch of           T. Grant and family Sunday were as
relatives from the city Sunday.
                                          spring chickens for 40 cents a             follows: Misses Loucile (sic) Hood
School will begin the first Monday        pound.                                     and Myrtle Shaw, Messrs Roy Shaw,
in July at Pleasant Grove School by                                                  H. P. Grant, Horace Shaw, Norman
                                          We a sorry to hear of the death of
Miss Jennie Carpenter.                                                               Bridwell, Johnie Lane, John Berry,
                                          Mr. Mac Borders, of the city, and we
Mrs. Georgia Gentry spent Thursday        sympathize with the home and               Chas. Stringer, Clark Showalter, Mr.
with her mother, Mrs. Joe Dickey of       relatives.                                 and Mrs. Smith and Rev. Burns.
Mt. Washington.                                                                      Misses Texia Swearingen and
                                          T. H. Wise and wife spent Saturday
Mr. Will Jones lost a colt one year       afternoon with the family of Mrs.          Myrtle Farnsworth, Messrs Claud
old the past week.                        Jennie Whitledge.                          Coleman of Mt. Washington, and
                                                                                     Milton Clark were Sunday visitors
Thomas Bridwell and Robert                                                           of Miss Mollie Roby.
Bridwell recently visited their father,

                                                        Page 386
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Little Miss Alice Lutes, of            lemonade, and fruit were served and       Louisville undergoing treatment for
Bardstown, is spending a month with    at 9:30 o’clock, all departed for their   her throat and tonsils.
her aunt, Mrs. Lela Clark.             homes wishing Miss Roby many,
                                                                                 Prof. Chas. Daniel, now a teacher in
                                       many happy birthdays and assuring
Master J. D. and Howard Farnsworth                                               a well known college in Florida, is
                                       their hostess of the most pleasant
spent Sunday with Davie Shaw.                                                    spending the summer here with his
                                       evening of the season.
                                                                                 sister, Mrs. J. B. Buky.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Barger and            ***Advertisement
daughter, Miss Ansilee and Willie                                                Charles is a Bullitt County boy who
Dacon motored to Louisville Sunday     A Home Mill for Home People. All          has made good and from our rural
and spent the day with Mr. and Mrs.    flour, no freight. We are milling the     schools. He went through our county
Ernest Hibbs.                          New Marvel Way, 100 per cent              high school in 1914 and has been
                                       extraction. Bring in your wheat for       climbing steadily until he now holds
Mrs. James Roby spent Monday           grinding and we will liberally            a fine position and has the best
with her daughter-in-law, Mrs.         exchange it for our finest flour and      papers that are issued by the State
Grace Roby.                            feed. Trade with us and save the          Dept. of Florida.
Master Leonard Newton spent            freight on your wheat and flour. Our
                                                                                 Schuster Bros., of Louisville, a fine
Sunday with Oscar Parker.              Mill is a home industry. Patronize it
                                                                                 independent ball team of that place
                                       and help your community prosper.
R. J. Clark happened to a very                                                   came out July 4 and played a team of
                                       Money spent at home circulates at
painful accident while riding a mule                                             Bullitt County boys here in the
                                       home. Get the benefit of it in good
to work last Thursday morning,                                                   afternoon and won 4 to 2.
                                       roads, finer schools, lower taxes,
stepped through a culvert near         higher wages and better business.         The Bullitt County boys, although
Greenwell’s Ford and dislocated his    You will be delighted with our            picked from all over the county,
left shoulder. Dr. Kerr was called     Silver Leaf Flour. The Marvel             were considerably out of practice
and replaced the bone and at last      process makes it with the delicious       and as a result, lost.
report he is doing nicely.             old time nature flavor.
                                                                                 The following played on the county
J. V. Jones has bought the Troutman    Shepherdsville Roller Mill. A square
                                                                                 team: Croan, Burns, Cundiff,
property in Shepherdsville and will    deal to everyone.
                                                                                 Hawkins, Cundiff, Miller, Hardy,
move in August. We hate very much                                                Huston, Hagan, Ridgway. The same
to lose Mr. Jones and family, but                July 11, 1919
                                                                                 teams will again cross bats in
wish them well and assure              ***School News                            Louisville July 13 at 3 o’clock.
Shepherdsville vicinity of gaining
one of our very best families.         Cards have just been received here        The school people of this county
                                       announcing the recent marriage of         wish to thank the Bullitt County Fair
Mrs. Violetta Thompson entertained     Miss Mary Jane Trunnell to Mr. Sol        Association for again granting a
in honor of her sister, Miss Mollie    L. Moser.                                 special school children’s day at the
Roby, Franklin street, Louisville,                                               coming fair in August.
Sunday last, in home of her sister,    We extend hearty congratulations to
Miss Mollie Roby’s birthday. (sic)     the popular young couple, who after        Wednesday, August 20, will be
                                       an extended bridal trip through the        know as “School Children’s Day”
Those present were Misses Carry        South and Southwest, will make             and a free ticket will be given on that
Ovington, Janette Hammon, Leona        their home at Bardstown Junction.          day for all teachers and school
Roby, Gladys Welch, Ethel Mae                                                     children. The outlook is exceedingly
Kulmer, Messrs Bill Ovington,          Misses Nadine Melton and Neva
                                                                                  bright this year for a banner fair and
Leslie Baldwin, Albert Thompson,       Magruder, two well known teachers
                                                                                  the management is composed of the
Henry Adams, Lewis Swearingen,         of this county, left here Monday for
                                                                                  following well known men: Henry
Max Bolton, James Shaffer, Willie      a 14 weeks vacation trip to Denver,
                                                                                  D. Shafer, President; Robt. E. Lee,
Thompson, John Gable, Mr. and          Colorado.
                                                                                  Vice President; J. W. Barrall,
Mrs. Oscar Kulmer, Mrs. Buckman,       Miss Margaret Hardesty, teacher of         Secretary; H. H. Combs, Treasurer.
Mrs. Lillie Thompson and Mrs.          the Sunny Side School, is in
Nancy Baldwin. Cream, cake,

                                                     Page 387
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Chief Justice John D. Carroll,           ***Interesting Statistics regarding       and head by Dr. Wm. C. White, the
candidate for the Democratic             live stock diseases in Bullitt County.    well known specialist.
nomination for Governor of               (Article not transcribed)
                                                                                   Two of our prominent young men
Kentucky, and an uncle of our            ***Kentucky Creameries of                 were honorably discharged from the
popular County Attorney, T. C.           Louisville will open a cream station      army last week, Harve William and
Carroll, will speak at the court house   at Shepherdsville, June 23, 1919.         Gussie Stowvall. (Sic).
at Shepherdsville, Saturday.
                                         Bring your cream. We will pay the         Mrs. Lina Milliam (sic) had as week
If you care to hear a discussion of      highest market price and will receive     end guests last week, Mr. and Mrs.
the present tax law and his plan fully   cream Tuesday and Friday at the Ice       George Dickenson and Mr. Roger
explained, you should come out to        Plant.                                    McAhren, of Indianapolis.
hear one of Kentucky’s most able
jurists.                                 This cream station will be under the      Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Mann spent last
                                         personal supervision of Chas. G.          Monday and Tuesday in Louisville
Mrs. Amelia Lee Oaks Caldwell            Bridwell. Testing and handling will       and New Albany.
declined to accept the principalship
                                         be done by O. K. Magruder.
at the Bardstown Junction School,                                                  Mrs. Emma Rennison from Dayton,
which was recently offered her and       You will be paid for your cream by        Ohio, who has been visiting her
the place has just been given Miss       the Babcock test. Try us once and         sister, Mrs. Frank Mathis for some
Thelma Lee of this place.                you will come again.                      time, has gone to Louisville to spend
                                                                                   a couple of weeks.
As far as we can determine, the          ***For Sale - Good horse and rubber
following teachers began their           tire surrey, apply at the old Neigal      Master Morgan Quick, of
schools Monday:                          place on Bullitts Lick Road.              Elizabethtown, spent a few days last
                                                                                   week with her grandfather, Mr. P. H.
Mt. Olive - Mattie May Funk              ***Notice - All former soldiers and
Corinth - Eula Funk                      marines of Bullitt County are
Kurtsinger - Edyth Lee                   requested to meet at the court house      Mr. and Mrs. George Gephart and
Shades - Christina Armstrong             Saturday, July 12, 1917 (sic). The        two sons and Edward Gephart spent
Woodlawn - Mabel Sutton                  object of this meeting is a formation     the day Sunday with their sister,
Bullitts Lick - Bertha Wallace           of a chapter of the American Legion.      Mrs. Saar, Jr.
Needmore - Jennie Carpenter                                                        Miss Bertha Dever spent one day
                                         ***For Sale - Nice walnut bed room
Edgewood - Katie Melton                                                            last week with her brother, Robert
                                         suite, wardrobe, bedstead and spring,
Green Briar - Stella Simmons                                                       Dever and family.
                                         mattress, washstand with marble top,
Cedar Glades - Katie May Ball
                                         beveled mirror. Chairs to match
Pleasant Hill - Evelyn Sutton                                                      Mesdames Wilhelmina Maraman
                                         furniture and other furniture nearly
Cedar Grove - Bertha F. Engle                                                      and Ethel Saar attended the grand
                                         new. Henry Diehl, opposite Baptist
Victory - Alleen Swearingen                                                        wedding of Miss Alma Peters and
                                         Church, Chapeze, KY
Woodsdale - Ella Stansbury                                                         Mr. Edward Heinsmann which took
Hobbs - Varina Mudd                      ***Personal                               place at the St. Peters Church June
Clermont - Edyth Clark, Hallie                                                     24. And also the reception which
                                         Mrs. R. Sharp and children have
Magruder                                                                           was at the bride’s home. After the
                                         been in Bourbon County visiting
Glen Ella - Bertha Trunnell                                                        reception, the bride and groom left
                                         relatives and friends.
Pitts Point - Mary Dawson                                                          for Chicago.
Beech Grove - Blanche Engle              Miss Blanche Howlett is visiting
                                                                                    Warren Shaw and family spent
Hays - Ida M Greenwell                   Miss Josie Barrall at Mt. Eden.
                                                                                    Saturday here.
Zion - Maggie Wise
                                         Ernest Brooks and sister and Miss
Cane Run - Lillian Monroe                                                           T. W. Longacre and wife, of
                                         Kathleen Croan spent Sunday at J.
Harned - Meta Riley Cooper                                                          Louisville, spent Saturday and
                                         A. Barrall’s on Knob Creek.
Mt. Carmel - Elizabeth Cash                                                         Sunday with Mrs. J. W. Barrall.
Culver Springs - Pearl Lee               Miss Josie Barrall was in Louisville
Oak Grove - Willie May Ridgway           recently for treatment of her nose

                                                       Page 388
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

W. F. Joyce spent Saturday in the       and some interesting readings. This       Miss Mollie Bridwell is visiting her
city.                                   is everybody’s meeting.                   sister, Mrs. E. Fannie Hall.
Debert Ferguson and family, of          Rev. J. C. Ashley, of Kanorado,           Claude and W. A. Gentry have
Louisville, spent Saturday and          Kan. will preach at the Christian         purchased a thrashing (sic) outfit.
Sunday with C. D. Lee.                  Church Sunday. All members are
                                                                                  J. O. Simmons, wife and daughters,
                                        urged to be present and the public is
Mrs. W. H. Tilden and daughter,                                                   spent Sunday near Jeffersontown the
                                        cordially invited.
Rachel, of Louisville, are spending                                               guests of Mrs. Simmons’ cousin,
the week with Charles Morrison and      ***The Fourth very quiet. The             Mrs. George Wiseheart and Mr.
family.                                 Fourth of July passed off very quiet      Wiseheart.
                                        and everybody seemed to enjoy
O. W. Pearl, two sons and Miss                                                    Cecil and Elnora Bridwell were
                                        themselves at the big Red Men’s
Viola Slaughter spent Sunday with                                                 guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. B.
                                        picnic. This year’s crowd was larger
Frank Harned at Belmont.                                                          Simmons Sunday.
                                        than ever, and we did not see a
Misses Hogan, McNutt, of                single person who looked like he          Miss Jessie Harris spent last
Louisville, and Miss Miller, of         was drinking.                             Thursday night with Alvin Owen.
Jeffersontown, spent Sunday with                                                  Mrs. R. M. Owen and son, Jasper,
                                        ***On the Mt. Washington Road
W. F. Joyce and family.                                                           spent the first of the week with her
                                        Private Joe Flood, of Camp Taylor,
Bud Gentry and B. D. Burch, of Mt.                                                sister, Mrs. R. E. Newton.
                                        and Ira Flood, of Louisville, spent
Washington, spent Monday here.                                                    Miss Mary Virginia Cox, of
                                        the Fourth with their brother,
Dr. R. I. Kerr was called to the city   Samuel Flood and family.                  Louisville, will spend this week with
Tuesday.                                                                          her sister, Mrs. R. E. Newton.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry Owen are on
Calvin Rouse has returned home          the sick list.                            Herman Owen and family spent
after being in the city.                                                          Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chester
                                        Curt Harris spent Sunday with W.
Co. Mage (sic) Hall was here            Tom Hall.
Monday.                                                                           Mr. Hayden Bridwell died at the
                                        Davis Owen left Tuesday for Terre
                                                                                  home of his daughter, Mrs. Thomas
Prof. Ora Roby has returned home        Haute, Ind.
                                                                                  Alcorn, near Smithville, Monday
after spending a week at Atlantic                                                 morning, July 7, 1919. Death was
                                        Misses Lily Maddox, Bertha and
City and other Eastern points.                                                    due to the infirmities of old age. He
                                        Ella Bleemel, of Louisville, spent
Mrs. Will Simpson and children          the Fourth holidays here with their       was 82 years old. He was born and
spent Sunday with Mrs. J. W. Lloyd.     parents.                                  reared in this county having lived on
                                                                                  a farm on the Mt. Washington road
Tom Clark, of       Brooks, spent       Misses Erna Schwecke ndieck,
                                                                                  for a number of years. He was
Tuesday here.                           Evelyn Lanyans, Jessie and Ada
                                                                                  married to Miss Nancy Rayman in
                                        Harris, Messrs David Owen, Robert
Mrs. Howell Smith and son are                                                     early life. He was a member of the
                                        Lanyans, Claud and Waldo Gentry
spending this week at LaGrange.                                                   Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. He
                                        were dinner guests Sunday of Mr.
                                                                                  leaves one daughter, Mrs. Thomas
We have just received a copy of the     and Mrs. Albert Fisher.
                                                                                  Alcorn, four sons, Simon, Thomas,
Stars and Stripes, a newspaper          L. M. Gentry is on the sick list.         Edward and Robert J. Bridwell,
published in France. It was mailed to                                             several grandchildren, one sister,
us by Mr. Irvin D. Snellen, one of      Mrs. Viola Owen is spending this
                                                                                  Mrs. T. M. Hardy, four brothers,
the first Bullitt County boys to go     week with her daughter, Mrs. Wayne        Taylor, George, Thomas and James
over.                                   Harris.                                   Bridwell.
The Shepherdsville WCTU will            Mrs. Daisy Barnes and daughter,            Funeral services were conducted by
meet on next Sunday in the Baptist      Miss Maridel (sic) Barnes, spent
                                                                                   his pastor, Rev. H. S. Burns, assisted
Church. There will be good music        Tuesday with Mrs. Thomas McAfee.
                                                                                   by Rev. Peak, at Bethel M.E.

                                                      Page 389
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Church, Tuesday morning at 11          relatives and friends in the city and a   ***Report on the condition of the
o’clock, after which his remains       week with Miss Blanche Howlett at         Bullitt County Bank i n
were laid to rest in the cemetery      Shepherdsville.                           Shepherdsville, Total $365, 997.98
there by the side of his wife. We                                                J. B. Combs, President; H. H.
                                       Mrs. R. C. Hardesty has returned
extend sympathy to the bereaved.                                                 Combs, Cashier. T. C. Carroll,
                                       home after spending several days in
                                                                                 Notary Public
***Advertisement - Tobacco hail        the city.
insurance. Henry Clay Fire                                                       ***Report on the condition of the
                                       Mrs. C. C. Holsclaw is spending
Insurance Co., strongest insurance                                               Lebanon Junction Bank. Total
                                       several days with her mother, Mrs.
company south of the Mason and                                                   $190,551.21. R. M. Hocker,
                                       Will Thompson.
Dixon Line. R. P. Smith, Agent,                                                  President; W. Heizer, Cashier, H. W.
Shepherdsville. Office in front of     Mrs. Will Edelin, from Louisville,        Fisil (sic), Notary Public.
telephone exchange, office always      spent July 4 with Mrs. Hester
                                                                                  ***Report on the condition of the
open.                                  Rodgers.
                                                                                  Peoples Bank, in Mt. Washington.
***Mt. Eden                            Vernon Foster, from Louisville, is         Total $238,673.79. Bert Hall,
                                       with his aunt, Mrs. R. C. Hardesty.        President; Elma McGee, Asst.
Miss Margaret L. Hardesty had her                                                 Cashier. W. L. McGee, Notary
tonsils removed last week at St.       Mrs. Ed Monter (sic) and Mrs.
Anthony’s hospital. She is doing       Fannie Pearl and daughter spent
nicely at this writing.                Saturday and Sunday with their             ***Hogs at highest mark ever
                                       cousin, Mrs. R. C. Hardesty.               known.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Holsclaw, Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Holsclaw, Roy           Mrs. Margaret Foster spent Sunday          Chicago - July 1, Hogs at $21.75 per
Jackson and sister spent the Fourth    with her daughter, Mrs. John               hundredweight. Previous topmost
with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Holsclaw.      Chambers                                   July record was last year at $19.40.
                                                                                  Today’s strength in the hog market
Miss Blanche Howlett from              Miss Melissa Brewer spent Sunday
                                                                                  is ascribed chiefly to export demand
Shepherdsville is spending a few       with her sister, Mrs. Tom Stillwell.
                                                                                  for packing house products. Before
days with Miss Josie Barrall.                                                     the U. S. entered the war, $10.25
                                       Mrs. J. R. Smyser spent Sunday with
Miss Josie Barrall spent one day       her sister-in-law, Mrs. Oscar              was the acme for hogs in July.
recently with Miss Blanche Howlett.    Foreman of Louisville.
                                                                                  ***Pleasant Grove
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Barrall and         Miss Anna Jackson, of Louisville,
                                                                                  Misses Dell and Annette Caster, of
grandmother spent Sunday with Mr.      and the Misses Holsclaw spent
                                                                                  the city, will spend several weeks
Thos. Martin and family.               Sunday with Miss Margaret Foster.
                                                                                  with their cousin, Miss Eudell Grant.
Mrs. E. V. Holsclaw was called to      ***Poor Mans Crop
                                                                                  John Stallings, wife and boys of
the city to see her aunt who is very                                              Bethel, were recent guests of Mrs.
                                       The poor man crop, blackberries, are
ill.                                                                              Jennie Whitledge.
                                       plentiful ths year. The briars are
Mrs. E. V. Holsclaw spent several      loaded with the black fruit, and at
                                                                                  Mrs. John Price, after a visit with
days last week with her sister, Mrs.   present, it is bringing a fancy price
                                                                                  relatives in the city, returned home
J. M. Foster and Mrs. W. T. Foster.    selling on the market at 40 cents per
                                                                                  the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Foster and                                                    Robert Grant lost his pocketbook a
daughter, Mr. C. C. Shepherd and       ***Report on condition of the
                                                                                  few days ago which contained over
Mrs. Mattie F. Rouse, from             Peoples Bank in Shepherdsville.
                                                                                  one hundred dollars, but an honest
Louisville, spent the past week end    Total $306,150.64. R. L. Simmons,
                                                                                  man found it, J. W. Lloyd, and it was
with Mrs. Margaret Foster and          President; Jas. Williams, Asst.
                                                                                  returned to the owner.
family.                                Cashier. J. W. Hardaway, Notary
                                       Public                                     Little Miss Leola Owen spent one
Miss Margaret Foster has returned                                                 day the past week with Ruby Dickey
home after a lengthy visit with                                                   of Mt. Washington.

                                                     Page 390
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. Will Simpson’s brother, who          Herbert and Dorsey Hecker spent the       Misses Meta Cooper, Kathryn
was operated on at Norton’s              past week with relatives near Mt.         Melton, Kathryn Ball left for their
Infirmary, was doing nicely when         Washington.                               respective schools. They have our
heard from the last time.                                                          best wishes.
                                         John Whitledge had a mare to get
Mrs. Ambrose Ridgway and                 very badly hurt in the stable a few       Misses Nadine Melton and Neva
daughter, Susie, and Miss Lula           days ago.                                 Magruder left Monday for Denver,
Stallings, spent a day the past week                                               Colo, where they will visit relatives
                                         James Simmons recently sold a calf
with the former’s mother, Mrs.                                                     for a month.
                                         which brought something over $27.
Jennie Whitledge.                                                                  Miss Fanny Bell Melton has
                                         G. W. Armstrong and family visited
Mr. and Mrs. Newton Nelson, of the                                                 returned home after attending the
                                         in Shepherdsville Sunday.
city, spent the Fourth with the                                                    marriage of Miss Mary Jane
latter’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank     Mrs. Albert Armstrong and Mrs.            Trunnell.
Wright.                                  Tillman Ridgway each have a new
                                                                                   Miss Pearl Cooper and J. W.
                                         range “Range Eternal”.
Mrs. Herman Owen and little son, G.                                                Holsclaw visited Mr. and Mrs. C.
C., spent a day the past week with       Albert Armstrong and wife                 F. Troutman Sunday.
her parents, Joe Dickey and wife of      entertained several guests Friday
                                                                                   Miss Irene Brooks entertained her
Mt. Washington.                          night. Ice cream and cake was
                                                                                   Sunday School class Saturday
Rob Hall Jr sent his mother a box of                                               afternoon with a lawn party. Sherbet,
silk handkerchiefs from France. Mrs.     A niece of Miss Roxie Whitledge,          cream and cake were served. It was,
Hall is looking for her son to come      Goldie Owen, is quite ill at this time.   as always, most enjoyable.
home soon.                                                                         Mrs. Stith surprised her husband.
                                         Miss Lula Stallings spent Sunday
Mrs. Odis Orms spent one afternoon       with her grandmother, Mrs. Jennie         His relatives spent last Sunday with
the past week with Mrs. Georgia          Whitledge, who is still on the sick       him in honor of his birthday. His
Gentry.                                  list.                                     father, mother, two brothers and
                                                                                   sister motored up from Meade
Born, to the wife of Nathan Cox,         Master Leonard Owen is on the sick
July 3, a girl.                          list this week.
                                                                                   Married, Thursday, July 3, 1919,
S. O. Armstrong and wife                 Elbert Bas (sic) and family were
                                                                                   Mr. T. J. Brooks and Miss Kate
entertained company Sunday.              guests Sunday of Mrs. Jennie
                                                                                   Spalding, of Louisville. The
Mrs. Jennie Carpenter who is                                                       ceremony was performed at the
teaching the Pleasant Grove school       Farmers have been very busy the           home of the bride in presence of
will board with her sister, Mrs. Elsie   past week trying to get their hay         immediate family.
Whitledge.                               saved. Hired help is scarce in this
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Brooks are at home
                                         neighborhood at any price.
Mrs. Effie Owen and children were                                                  here in their beautiful home. We
guests one day the past week of her      ***Hebron                                 extend congratulations and wish
sister, Mrs. Will Gentry.                                                          them long years of wedded bliss.
                                         Miss Pearl Cooper, city, is the guest
Little Miss Ima Armstrong                of Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw and Mrs. J.        The farmers are still busy thrashing
entertained two girls the past week,     R. Ball.                                  and making hay.
relatives from the city.                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Will Markwell and
                                         J. W. Brooks Jr has returned from
Mrs. Ida Hecker and Miss Mary            over seas and received his discharge      Mr. Marion Mothershead, of
King were guests Sunday of the           from service.                             Okolona, Mr. Ralph Henderson, of
former’s daughter, Mrs. Roy                                                        Shepherdsville, spent Sunday with
                                         Mrs. Milton Harris, city, is with her
Stallings of Shepherdsville.                                                       Mr. Tom Melton and family.
                                         parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brooks.

                                                       Page 391
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Rev. McFarland, Louisville,                       July 18, 1919                     Miss Margaret Hardesty who had a
preached two excellent sermons at                                                   slight operation performed on her
Little Flock Sunday.                     ***School News                             tonsils last week, is doing splendidly
                                                                                    and will be able to come home
A large crowd attended the annual        Miss Edna Starks and sister have
Fourth of July picnic held by Hedges     returned from Georgia where they
and McDowell families.                   have been teaching together in a           Trustee Jasper Foster and C. E.
                                         graded school in that state. They are      Alford, of Mt. Elmira, were in town
Mr. Morgan Arnold spent Saturday         well pleased with the South and            Saturday.
and Sunday with his brother, Dr.         have been elected for another year in
Arnold, of the city.                                                                Miss Bertha Trunnell, teacher at
                                         the same school.
                                                                                    Glen Ella, is on the sick list and her
Mr. and Mrs. Turner Arnold, Mr.          Mr. and Mrs. John Masden are the           place was filled a day or two last
and Mrs. A. Prather, Misses Ethel        happy parents of a fine boy, born          week by Miss Thelma Lee.
Prather and Nolia Holsclaw spent         June 26. Mrs. Masden, before her
Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. J. R.                                                      Miss Lillian McNulty, of Hardin
                                         marriage, was a well known teacher
Holsclaw.                                                                           County, was secretly married to Mr.
                                         of this county.
                                                                                    Stanley Lee, son of W. T. Lee of this
Miss Nellie Mae Scott has returned       The school book adoption for this          county.
from a month’s visit with relatives at   state now seems to be settled, but it
Mt. Washington. She has opened                                                      Trustee Herbert Croan, a well known
                                         will hardly be possible to get the
school at Beech Grove.                                                              athlete of this place, had the
                                         new books in the rural districts for
                                                                                    misfortune to get a finger broken
Miss Edna Brooks spent Saturday          some time which is a serious
                                                                                    while playing a game of ball in
night and Sunday with Miss Kathryn       handicap to our teachers and pupils.
                                                                                    Louisville a few days ago.
Melton.                                  Miss Lillian Wiggington spent
                                                                                    Prof. J. H. Sanders who has been
Mrs. Allan Kirk and son are visiting     Sunday at Belmont the guest to Mr.
                                                                                    traveling this summer for the
Mr. and Mrs. George Kirk. Soon           and Mrs. J. D. Hill.
                                                                                    Business College at Bowling Green,
after arriving here, she received a      Mrs. Pearl Lee and her pupils gave         spent the week end here with his
telegram that her husband had            an ice cream supper at her school at       family.
returned from overseas.                  Culver Springs on the night of July
                                                                                    ***Mt. Elmira
***Sewing Wanted - Will do all           12, and had one of the largest
kinds at reasonable prices. Mrs. J. E.   crowds we have ever seen at any            Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kneisler were
Weller, Shepherdsville.                  rural school meeting.                      guests of Mr. John Dick Ferguson
                                                                                    Sunday night.
***Death                                 A good sum was realized for the
                                         school and its improvements.               Mr. Matthew Colvin and family
Mr. Hayden Bridwell, aged 82 years                                                  spent the week end with Mr. J. H.
old, died at the home of his             The school at Nichols will be taught
                                                                                    Lane and family.
daughter, near Mt. Washington,           this year by Miss Lillian Spalding of
Monday morning of old age.               Nelson County, and Miss Lillian            Mr. Henry Kneisler was the guest of
                                         Wiggington of Hebron.                      J. H. Lane’s last week.
He leaves four sons, Tom, Sim, Ed
and Robert Bridwell, one Daughter,       We now seem to be short only two           Mr. Ode Miller was entertained in
Mrs. Tom Alcorn, three brothers and      teachers in the entire county, while       the home of Mr. C. K. Kneisler
two sisters.                             many counties have several schools         Sunday night.
                                         without teachers. In Hardin County
He was one of our best liked men in                                                 Mr. Fred Snawder called on his best
                                         alone, they are short 25 teaches.
the county. His remains were laid to                                                girl Sunday night.
rest in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery      Mr. and Mrs. Roy Masden with
                                                                                    Mr. Fred Snawder and Miss Mary
Tuesday.                                 their new visitor, Roy L. Masden Jr
                                                                                    Kneisler enjoyed the picnic very
                                         were the special guests of relatives
                                                                                    much Friday.
                                         and friends in Shepherdsville.

                                                       Page 392
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. Ernest Gentry was guest of Mr.         for he is one of the most popular         ***Advertisement - South Louisville
H. T. Ferguson Saturday night and          young men and richly deserves the         Feed Store, T. R. Peak, Manager,
Sunday.                                    many attentions which are being           dealer in hay and grain. Louisville,
                                           showered upon him. At present, he is      Ky
Miss Laura Ferguson has returned
                                           with his mother, Mrs. O. A. Lutes, in      ***Hydrophobia Again in County
home from the city. Her many
                                           the Western suburbs of the town,
friends are glad to see her back.                                                     Gilbert Samuels, of Zoneton, lost a
                                           and it goes without saying that there
Miss Eva and Hettie Ferguson spent         is one proud, happy mother in our          valuable cow last Sunday from
Sunday evening with Miss Mary              little burg.                               rabies. A stray dog was reported to
Kneisler.                                                                             have p a s s e d t h r o u g h this
                                           ***Baker-Greenwell                         neighborhood about five weeks ago
Florence and Nettie Ferguson spent                                                    acting in a peculiar manner. It was
                                           Miss Edna Baker and Mr. Fred
Sunday with Geneva Ferguson.                                                          killed near Gap in Knob. Farmers
                                           Greenwell, a popular young couple
Mr. Willie Ferguson called on his          of Bullitts Lick were quietly married      should keep the shot gun handy and
girl Sunday evening, Miss Rosie            July 2.                                    be prepared to enforce the new dog
Wilhyte.                                                                              law. The tag does not protect a dog
                                           Miss Baker is the only daughter of         unless accompanied by its owner.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Owens spent            Mrs. Katherine Wunderlin. Mr.
Sunday with Mr. H. T. Ferguson and         Greenwell is a son of Mr. and Mrs.         ***Personal
family.                                    Greenwell, of Bullitts Lick.               Mr. and Mrs. James W. Maraman
There will be church every second          Their many friends join the Pioneer        and children spent Sunday with
and fourth Sunday at Mt. Elmira.           News in wishing both Mr. and Mrs.          relatives in Hodgenville.
Bro. Triplett is pastor.                   Greenwell a long and happy married         Sergt. Tim Fearneybrough, of Camp
                                           life.                                      Taylor, spent Saturday and Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wise spent
Sunday with Mr. Jim Ferguson and           ***Notice - Mrs. C. P. Bradbury            with Miss Nancye and Pinkie Jones.
family.                                    will be general superintendent of          Mrs. Jennie Foster, of Louisville,
                                           floral hall instead of Mrs. James          spent last week with her sister, Miss
***Photo - Leyton Ashby
                                           Pope, as printed in the Fair               Mack Jones.
We present to our readers this week        Catalogue.
the picture of an over seas veteran,                                                  Mr. T. J. Lutes returned to his home
                                           *** - Mr. C. L. Croan has sold his         in Tennessee after a few days visit to
Mr. Leyton Ashby, who has recently
                                           fine residence here and his farm           his brother, Mr. C. C. Lutes at
returned from “over there” where he        down on Salt River to Mr. Patterson
spent about nine months. Previous to                                                  Lebanon Junction, Ky.
                                           of Hardin County. Mr. Croan will
that time, Mr. Ashby had spent             move to Louisville soon where he           Mrs. Sue Maraman entertained
considerable time in Hattiesburg,          will make his future home.                 Sunday the following: Messes Allie
Miss. He was in the signal corps                                                      Lee Maraman, Mary Catherine
service where real nerve is required,      ***Notice to Contractors
                                                                                      Maraman, Susie Maraman, Edna
and it is not out of place right here to   Bids will be received on about 1,000       Ray Maraman, and Dorothy
say that Layton has as much nerve          yards of stone to be crushed and           Samuels, Messrs Irvine Maraman,
as any other American Soldier who          placed upon the road leading from          Hugo Maraman and Woodford
went over and this includes Mr.            Cedar Creek Bridge near N. H.              Maraman, Mr. and Mrs. G. C.
Alvin York and the rest of the             Miller’s store and running east on         Maraman, Mr. and Mrs. R. H.
decorated heroes. Immediate after          said road, according to plans and          Maraman and Mrs. Ewing
the signing of the armistice, Leyton       specifications on file at Miller’s         Crenshaw.
was placed in the headquarters of the      Store. Committee, W. G. Jenkins,
high officers where his knowledge                                                     The many friends of Mrs. A. Monroe
                                           Harry Hesler, S. G. Thornberry,            Garr are glad to know that she is
of telegraph was a wonderful help.         Treas.
His legion of warm friends                                                            slowly improving after a serious
welcomed him back most warmly,                                                        illness of rheumatism, a duration of

                                                         Page 393
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

six months, which time she has been     James Hardaway and T. C. Carroll          Officers: Thad Cheatham, Pres.; C.
confined to her bed.                    spent one day last week in Grayson        E. Hoffman, V. Pres.; H. E. Swain,
                                        County.                                   Secy Treas; W. H. Haney, General
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A.                                                 Counsel.
M. Garr died Tuesday morning of         Mrs. Howel Smith has returned
law week at their late residence,       home after spending some time in          ***Commissioners Sale
Dingle Dell Farm.                       LaGrange.                                 Ben Hatfield, Earl Hatfield, Jim
The many friends of Hilary Hadry        D. M. Fulkerson and wife spent            Hatfield, Harry Hatfield, Chester
(sic) (Hardy ??) And Willie Deats       Saturday and Sunday with F. G.            Burns, Jack Burns, Amanda Croan,
are glad to see them back from over     Thomas.                                   O. F. Croan, Sallie Beeler and Marie
seas after serving several months                                                 Hazzard, Plaintiffs in Equity VS
                                        F. G. Thomas, the well known              Essie Burns and Edith Burns,
over there.
                                        painter, has just finished painting the   defendants.
There was a large crowd attended        fine residence of Mr. R. M. Hocker
the pie supper at Culver Springs        at Lebanon Junction.                      Property: A cut off of Southern end
School Saturday night. The pies                                                   of a tract of 380 acres bought of the
                                        Rev. Banks, the Baptist minister, has     Northwest Life Insurance Company.
brought good prices and everybody
                                        moved here.                               Mentions adjoining property, George
had a delightful time.
                                        Jess Weatherford spent Saturday and       Cundiff and W. M. Cundiff, landed
Stanley Lee and Lillian M. C. Nulty                                               conveyed to Rineldo Hazard Jan
                                        Sunday with his relatives in Marion
(sic) surprised everybody by getting                                              1888 by W. M. and Mary Cundiff.
married last Wednesday, after a long                                              C. F. Bradbury, Commissioner.
courtship.                              ***Advertisement:
                                                                                   ***Loss by Fire - Charles Scaggs, of
Miss Clara Lynn Funk of                 Sixteen country gentlemen, born and        near Lebanon Junction, lost all his
Washington DC is spending this          bred fighting for honesty and fair         outbuildings, farming implements,
week with Willie May Ridgway. She       play are directing the affairs of the      meat and many other things, by fire
will return to Washington next          DREADNAUGHT OIL AND
                                                                                   last Monday. His loss will be about
Monday.                                 REFINING COMPANY, INC.,
                                                                                   $1,200 with only small insurance.
                                        Louisville, Ky.
Mrs. John Wonderlin is visiting
friends in the city.                    Directors: Hon Thad Cheatham,
                                        Taylorsville; C. E. Hoffman, Oil
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Rudloff (sic)
                                        Producer, Richmond, Ind; H. E.
visited Mrs. Eunice Varner Sunday.
                                        Swai n , S e c r e t a r y , Fa r mers
Mrs. Fred Greenwell and Miss Irene      Warehouse Co., Smithfield; Dr. B.
Varner entertained a large number of    F. Shields, Taylorsville; Geo. W.
friends Monday.                         Kerr, Farmer, Finchville; T. A.
                                        Price, Banker, Shelbyville; L. A.
W. E. Ashby spent Tuesday in the
                                        Thompson, Farmer, Taylorsville; Dr.
                                        W. W. Hyatt, Willisburg; James
H. H. Combs left this week for a two    Cottan, Farmer and Merchant,
week’s vacation. He will visit          Taylorsville; A. M. Hinkle, Farmer,
several Eastern points.                 Bloomfield; Dr. J. T. Tichenor,
                                        Taylorsville; W. H. Sanford, Farmer,
F. G. Thomas is painting Curran         Smithfield; E. T. Holloway, Farmer,
Troutwine’s residence this week.        Taylorsville; L. P. Wetherby,
Alex Longacre, wife and son, of         Farmer, Taylorsville; Levi Ruby,
Louisville, spent Saturday and          Farmer, Bloomfield; John Colvin,
Sunday with Mr. J. W. Barrall.          Merchant and Farmer, Willisburg.

                                                      Page 394
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

August 1, 1919                             ***Bullitt Circuit Court                  Fanny Pearl Purcell VS R. B. Purcell
                                           Ordinary case for August Term,            Ben Chapeze VS J. W. Karr
***School News
                                                                                     ***Cedar Creek
List (not transcribed) of all the basal
                                           Lucy A. Wathen VS Walker D.
text books to be used in Bullitt                                                     Mrs. B. D. Burch and daughter,
                                           Hines, Director Gen. of RR
County for the next five years, in                                                   Martha E l i z a b e t h , o f Mt.
both the rural and graded schools.         George F. Wathen VS Same                  Washington, and Mrs. Lizzie Harris,
                                                                                     of Louisville, spent last week in this
Any teacher or school board failing        Albert Wathen VS Same
                                                                                     vicinity visiting relatives.
or refusing to use this list are subject
                                           A. M. Tatro and A. O. Tatro VS
to a heavy penalty.                                                                  Mrs. Arp Harmon is spending a few
                                           Home Insurance Co.
                                                                                     days with her daughter here.
***Wets Score Victory
                                           Mrs. Bud Holbert VS Walker D.
                                                                                     Little Miss Mary Burch Harris is
Although John Barleycorn has been          Hines, Dir. Gen. of RR
                                                                                     spending quite a while with the
dead almost a month, snakes are still                                                Misses Crist.
                                           Mary Edna Perkins VS Same
being seen.
                                           Maggie Welch VS Same                      Mrs. Rebecca Lutes spent Sunday
Saturday afternoon, July 19, 1919,                                                   with her daughter, Mrs. Lela Clark.
about 5:50 o’clock, Slocum, the            Richard Wathan VS Same
painter, discovered a large rattler                                                  Mrs. Maggie Fuqua spent Sunday
                                           Eddie Jackson VS Same
just off the main street of Huber,                                                   night with her daughter, Mrs. John
Bullitt County, Ky. It was killed          Carrie Jackson VS Same                    Shaw.
with a shot gun. It was fifty inches
                                           Hattie Dones (sic) VS Same                Misses Ella Mae Parris, Bertha
long, of the black diamond variety,
                                                                                     Engel, Ansilee Barger and Francis
(so Slocum says). It had only three        George Ashbaugh VS Same
                                                                                     Parris, Messrs Alf Weller, Roy
rattlers and a button, but according
                                           Pearl Hoagland VS Henry Sanders           Shaw, George Parris, and Virgil
to his size, seemed to have left some
                                                                                     Roby were visitors of Misses Alleen
at home for the babies to play with.       Roy Dale Cravens VS Stanley
                                                                                     and Texia Swearingen during
It is a mystery why he came into                                                     Sunday.
such a quiet and peaceful                  Equity Docket for August, 1919
                                                                                     Mr. Leroy Daniel is spending some
neighborhood. My opinion is that he
                                           George Case VS Hattie Case                time with his daughter, Mrs. J. V.
got dry like the rest of us. Being an
ignorant cuss, he did not know that        John Davis VS Mary Davis
the whole country was as dry as                                                      Mrs. James Crenshaw and daughter,
                                           W. S. Roby & O. W. Roby VS Oral
Bullitt, and decided to find a better                                                Miss Eunice, Rev. Burns and others
                                           Samuel Roby, etc.
place.                                                                               were entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
                                           Ben W. Fox VS Cora Fox                    Henry Jones last Thursday.
Will some one please put a still at
the Gap in Knob, or some other such        Simmons Cochrane VS Maude                 Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Clark and Willie
place, and keep the snake out of           Cochrane                                  Dacon motored to Chapeze Sunday
Hubers?                                                                              last and spent the day with the
                                           Amos Durrett VS Eliza Durrett
                                                                                     former’s daughter, Miss Edyth
Signed - a Reader
                                           Eunice Rodgers VS Eddie Rodgers           Clark, in the home of Mrs. Birdie
***Notice - There will be pie supper                                                 Conneff. (sic)
                                           Gladys Noakes VS George Noakes
and country store given at Bullitts
                                                                                     Mesdames Ollie Burch, Lizzie
Lick School, Friday night, August 1,       C. E. Hardy VS S. E. Funk, etc.
                                                                                     Harris, Mae Buky, Mack Jones and
1918 for the benefit of the school.
                                           Mollie Lewis vs Jess Lewis                Miss Martha E. Burch spent a
Every is invited to come and help a
                                                                                     delightful day with Miss Fronia
good cause. Bertha Wallace, teacher.       A. L. Roby and A. O. Tatro VS
                                                                                     James last Tuesday.
                                           Ophelia Robinson

                                                         Page 395
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Fay Magruder is spending a          Mr. Will Simpson’s mother came            Mrs. Alvin      Owen     near    Mt.
few days with Miss Eunice                recently to visit in his home.            Washington.
Crenshaw.                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Odis Orms and
                                         Mrs. Josie Whitledge spent Friday
Mrs. Violetta Thompson, of               with Mrs. Lillie Bridwell.                children recently spent a day with
Louisville, spent the week end with                                                the former’s sister, Mrs. Bettie
                                         The sudden death of Mr. Crit Drake
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.                                                    Wheeler, of near Mt. Washington
                                         was quite a shock t o this
Roby.                                                                              During a thunderstorm, lightning
                                         neighborhood. He was well known
Miss Myrtle Farmsworth and Mr.           here.                                     struck a tree at Pleasant Grove
Claud Colmen (sic) made a flying                                                   school house and knocked Norma
                                         Sorry to say, Mrs. J. D. Hough and
trip to Louisville Sunday.                                                         Ridgway down. Several more
                                         Mrs. Jennie Whitledge have not
                                                                                   children were stocked by the bolt.
Miss Elizabeth Magruder, of              been so well the past week.
Deatsville, returned to her home                                                   Little Mable Whitledge has been
                                         Born to the wife of Brent Grant, July
after a lengthy visit with her cousin,                                             suffering with her eyes and head.
                                         26, a boy.
Miss Texia Swearingen.                                                             She was taken to the city by her
                                         J. B. Proctor has his new truck and is    father, Louis Whitledge, to a
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Bolton and                                                      specialist. Her eyes were weak and
                                         now read to haul live stock or
baby returned home after a week’s                                                  needed glassed which caused the
                                         anything that one has to dispose of.
visit with relatives here.                                                         trouble.
                                         He has made several trips to the city
Misses Essie and Mae Lee Graves          already.
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin, of the
are visiting their uncle, Lee Bolton                                               Knobs, recently visited the latter’s
                                         Master Darrell Dickey, of Mt.
and family.                                                                        sister, Mrs. Bettie Price.
                                         Washington, spent several days
***Advertisement - Eureka Flour,         recently with his grandparents, Louis
                                                                                   Rob Hall Jr has arrived from
Acme-Jones Co., Louisville               Stallings and wife.
                                                                                   overseas and received an honorable
***Pleasant Grove                        Mrs. Will King and little daughter,       discharge. Rob and Vivian are two
                                         Audrey, of near Mt. Washington,           more of our Pleasant Grove boys.
Misses Dell and Annette Gaster have                                                Sam Jackson was wounded and is at
                                         spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. J.
returned to their home in the city                                                 the hospital and not able to get home
                                         W. Lloyd.
after several weeks visit with their                                               yet. All are home but this one, Sam.
cousin, Miss Eudell Grant.               Mrs. J. W. Lloyd and little daughter,
                                         Dorothy and Mrs. Jane Hall were           Misses Grace and Berle Hall spent
Mrs. Alvin Owen and children, of         guests one day the past week of Joe       several days the past week with the
near Mt. Washington, were guests of      Dickey’s family.                          family of Mr. Hardin in the Knobs.
her mother, Mrs. Kate Hall,
Saturday night and Sunday.               Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stallings, of            K. S. Grant and wife entertained
                                         Shepherdsville, were guests of the        company Sunday.
Miss Genevieve Stallings was a
                                         former’s parents, Louis Stallings and
recent guest of Miss Glacie Orms.                                                  Carl Owen and wife, of Mt.
                                         wife, Saturday night and Sunday and
                                                                                   Washington, were recent guests of
Mrs. G. W. Armstrong spent one           attended church at Pleasant Grove.
                                                                                   the latter’s mother, Mrs. Roxie
afternoon the past week with Miss                                                  Floyd.
                                         Mrs. Eunice Orms and children were
Roxie Whitledge and mother.              recent guests of her mother, Mrs. Ida
                                                                                   Misses Flora and Mary Armstrong,
Mrs. Jones spent the past week with      Hecker.
                                                                                   of the city, spent Friday with the
her aunt, Mrs. J. W. Lloyd.                                                        family of Albert Armstrong.
                                         Misses Flora and Mary Armstrong,
Dr. Kirk was called to see little        of the city, spent a few days past
                                                                                   Mrs. Laura Newton spent a few days
Audrey Orms, daughter of Mr. and         with G. W. Armstrong and wife.
                                                                                   with her daughter the past week,
Mrs. Odis Orms.                                                                    Mrs. Myrtle Grant.
                                         Mrs. Kate Hall, Strauss and Rob
Mrs. Edward Bridwell is suffering        Hall Jr. and Ernestine Hall spent
from erysipelas in her face and head.    Friday with the former’s daughter,

                                                       Page 396
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Will Gentry and wife called to see      Finder please return to Alfred            entertained. With swimming parties,
Mrs. Jennie Whitledge.                  Weller and receive reward.                dinners, a trip to Mammoth Cave
                                        Shepherdsville.                           and a jaunt to Frankfort, they were
Herman Owen, wife and children,                                                   kept busy down the way.
spent Sunday with Joe Dickey’s          ***Notice - Bids will be received for
family at Mt. Washington.               the hauling privilege at the Bullitt      Uncle Gib Griffin has just returned
                                        County Fair for the year 1919. J. W.      from a visit in the Knobs and says he
Robert Grant is preparing to build a    Barrall, Secretary.                       was awful sorry that he was down
new barn.                                                                         there when so many chickens were
                                        ***Wanted - A good, bright young          taken.
Ira Flood and boy friend from Camp      lady to learn to set type at this
Taylor spent Saturday night and         office.                                   W. E. Ashby has just returned from
Sunday with his parents here.                                                     a trip to West Point and the Knobs.
Harley Proctor, wife and little son,                                              Porter Bridwell, after being in
Augustus, spent Sunday afternoon        Misses L. Kathleen Davis and Mary         France for over a year, has returned
with the family of Louis Whitledge.     Jane Garr, who are spending this
                                        week the guests of friends in
Miss Kittie Flood spent Sunday with     LaGrange and Shelbyville, Ky, will        Mr. C. L. Croan has bought a
Miss Eudell Grant.                      return home Saturday.                     residence in Louisville and will
***Chicken Thieves                                                                move there soon.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Wunderlin and family
Last week thieves were in the           have moved to the city.                   Everet Osborne, of Clermont, spent
chicken house stealing chickens                                                   Tuesday here.
                                        A large crowd from the city was out
from Roy Masden. When the hired         Sunday.                                   Several from here went to Mt.
man heard them say they had 9 and                                                 Washington Tuesday eve to the
to get 3 more, he got a shotgun and     Bedford Crenshaw and family spent
shot at them. His horse, which was      Sunday with James D. Crenshaw.
standing near by in a pasture, got                                                 Corlile Fort, of Louisville, spent
                                        Mrs. I. T. Houck, of Louisville,
scared at the report of the gun and                                                several days this week with B. L.
                                        spent Monday here.
ran against a fence and broke its                                                  Bowman Jr.
neck. The thieves got away with         N. J. Weller, of Pineville, spent from
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Crenshaw
their chickens.                         Saturday until Wednesday here.
                                                                                   entertained the following guests
Two nights later, thieves stole 100     Mr. Fletcher Swearingen,            of     Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Evert Adams
fine chickens from Mr. J. B. Myers.     Leaches, spent Saturday here.              and children, Maser Lenard Adams,
                                                                                   Miss Mary Florence and Cecile
***Lost - One pair of iron pulleys      Mrs. H. C. Bowman, of Louisville,
                                                                                   Adams of Louisville, Mr. and Mrs.
and 50 feet of rope on Blue Lick        spent Sunday here.
                                                                                   Calvin Crenshaw and children,
Pike and Grand Kelley’s Hill.           Wm. Howlett, of Pitts Point, spent         Master Lester Lee Crenshaw, Miss
Reward if returned to me. D. F.         Monday here.                               Amelia Rivers Crenshaw of
Schroll, Shepherdsville.                                                           Fairfield, Mr. Charles Ebering of
                                        Miss Christine Liggett and Mr.
***Notice - Tax Commissioners                                                      Louisville, Mr. and Mrs. Bedford
                                        Harry Liggett, who have been
office open now. Please call and be                                                Crenshaw and children, Misses
                                        spending their vacation in Bullitt left    Pauline and Ruth Crenshaw, Master
assessed. Must be done between July     last Sunday for Detroit. They fell in
1 and October 31. Don’t wait until                                                 Adrian and Thedora Crenshaw, of
                                        love with Kentucky and Kentucky
the last month if you can help it.                                                 Shepherdsville.
                                        hospitality, and those who were
Bert Shepherd, Tax Commissioner,                                                   ***A Card to the Public
                                        fortunate enough to meet them fell in
Bullitt County.
                                        love with them. While in Bullitt,          Last week I announced as a
***Lost - A Silver watch, July 26,      they were the guests of Miss Ethel         candidate for the office of
Gold on back and ??? gold, open         and Mr. Arthur Newman, at the              Representative from the district
face with ladies picture in back.       Pinetum, where they were royally           composed of Spencer and Bullitt

                                                      Page 397
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Counties. I made a mistake and wish        Barley Hall, Frank Porter or Barnes’      Mrs. D. J. Mothershead is spending
to admit same. I have made the             Store. The satchel was black.             this week with her daughter, Mrs.
statement more than once that I                                                      Lee Markwell at Fern Creek and her
                                           ***For Sale - Fine Holstein male
would not make the race against any                                                  sister, Mrs. Elmo (looks like)
                                           calf from registered stock. Born
man who had served his country as a                                                  Stickler, of Newburg.
                                           April 25. $70.00 H. C. Bohlson,
soldier in the war with Germany or                                                    Mrs. Tom Badgett and two children
against anyone who had volunteered                                                    of Cincinnati (looks like) are visiting
his service to the Government              ***Mt. Washington
                                                                                      Mrs. John Badgett and Mrs. Lee
whether called or not.                                                                Parrish.
                                           Mrs. Alice Collings and daughter,
I h a v e l a b o r ed u n d e r a         Miss Carrie (looks like), visited in
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Thurman and
misapprehension as have many               Louisville and New Albany a few
                                                                                      baby of Detroit, are visiting relatives
others as to the action of Dr. B. F.       days last week.
Shields, candidate for the above
                                           Mrs. A. E. Craig leaves for her home
named position, as to his actions                                                     R. L. McAfee, wife and children
                                           at Heber Springs, Ark. Tuesday after
during the period of strife. I find that                                              spent Sunday with T. H. Parrish and
                                           an extended visit with her relatives.
he did volunteer during that time.                                                    wife.
Hence, I am withdrawing from the           Miss Nell Grossman, of
                                                                                      Mrs. Emma Hopewell, of Louisville,
race and will support him earnestly.       Indianapolis, Mrs. Mary Hawkins
                                                                                      is visiting Mrs. E. S. Brookshier.
Thanking the many friends who              and son, Coleman, of Louisville,
desired to support me, I am Very           spent the weekend with Mr. and             Quarterly meeting was held at the
Sincerely, Albert Snider.                  Mrs. Cal Maddox.                           Methodist Church Saturday and
                                                                                      Sunday. Rev. W. F. Hogard
***Negro Father of 33 has 12 sons          Mr. and Mrs. Lee Markwell and two
                                                                                      preached Sunday and Communion
in Army.                                   children of Fern Creek were Sunday
                                                                                      was taken. After the service, Bro.
                                           guests of her mother, Mrs. D. T.
Talequah. Okla. July 57 (sic)                                                         Peak baptized Wanda Lee, little
                                                                                      baby girl of Mr. and Mrs. Sammy
Many (sic) Bruner’s twelve sons are                                                   Smith.
                                           Polk Herin spent last Saturday in
returning from war. Bruner is a 74
                                           Shepherdsville with her (sic) uncle,
year old Negro and the distinction of                                                 The funeral of Mrs. Jane Harris
                                           S. C. Bridwell, who is ill.
being the father of thirty-three living                                               Simpson was held at the home last
children. He had twelve sons in            Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hubbard and Mr.           Wednesday by Rev. D. R. Peak. The
military service ranging from 18 to        Robert Hubbard, of Louisville,             body was interred in the cemetery
28 years old.                              visited their sister, Mrs. Jonas           here by the side of her husband who
                                           Gentry and Mr. Gentry Sunday.              died a few years ago. She left no
Twenty of Bruner’s children are                                                       immediate family but a number of
boys and thirteen are girls. There         Miss Dorothy Lillian King is visiting
                                                                                      nieces and nephews.
were five sets of twins.                   her grandmother, Mrs. J. W.
                                           Markwell.                                  ***Sells fine calf - Mr. D. M.
One boy is names Jim and another                                                      Kelley, the hustling farmer and
James. One girl is named Annie and         Messrs and Mesdames Joe Owen
                                                                                      merchant of Mt. Eden, sold a fine
another Anna.                              and children, of Zoneton, O. E. Hall
                                                                                      calf last week. It weighed 180 lbs. At
                                           and Lewis Mothershead were all day
Bruner was born in the old Indian                                                     19-3/4 cents per pound, brought
                                           guests of Hal Hall and family.
Territory.                                                                            $34.65. Who can beat it?
                                           Mr. and Mrs. C. Swenbeck (sic), of         ***Mt. Washington Junior Epworth
***Lost - Between Mr. McAfee’s
                                           Louisville, spent Sunday with W. O.        League Program participants -
and Mr. Barley Hall’s, Mrs.
                                           Swearingen and wife.                       Vreeland McClure, Susie Long
Elizabeth Parrish lost her handbag
with two pairs of glasses and maybe        Fletcher Pearl, of Shepherdsville,         Swearingen, Anna May McClure,
three, just don’t know what was in         visited Lewis McGee Sunday.                Lydia Holloway.
the bag; one pair of gloves. The
finder will please returned to Mr.

                                                         Page 398
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Read - Look - If you want to sell      O. A. Lutes, Mary Carolyn Huber of        trustees are about to employ a young
your farm, list it with me at once. I     Shepherdsville, and Miss Gertrude         man from Bowling Green, Ky.
have buyers now, looking for places.      Holsclaw spent Thursday with Mrs.
                                                                                    Hardin County short about 25
                                          Margaret Foster and family.
I have town property in Taylorsville,                                               teachers, Jefferson County short
will trade on Bullitt County farm.        Misses Blanche Howlett and                about 20, most every county in the
Larkins Porter, Mt. Washington.           Margaret Foster and Chas. Holsclaw        State short 10 to 25.
                                          called on Mrs. J. B. Myers one
***For Sale - Some used farming                                                     Bullitt County is only short one
                                          evening last week.
implements, a buggy and cart. Mrs.                                                  teacher, and we hope to have that
Maggie Welch.                             Mrs. J. B. Myers spent Tuesday with       vacancy filed by Sept. 1, 1919.
                                          Mrs. O. P. Means.
***Public Sale - Of fine farm,                                                      The class from the Shepherdsville
Saturday, August 16. As agents for        Miss Margaret Hardesty, Robt.             school who took the June State
the heirs of J. W. McGrew,                Hardesty and Chas. Daniel, of             examination were all successful and
deceased, we shall sell on the            Shepherdsville, spent the week end        p a s s e d a v e r y c r e d i t a b le
premises the J. W. McGrew farm of         with Miss Nellie May Scott in the         examination.
180 acres, situated 1-1/2 miles west      Hebron neighborhood.
                                                                                    These papers are graded at Frankfort
of Waterford, on the Water and                                                      and only two such examinations are
                                          Miss Jane Holsclaw has accepted a
Floyd’s Fork Pike. Will be offered                                                  held during the year. The class was
                                          position in Louisville. Miss Jane is a
first in two tracts of thirty acres and                                             composed of Miss Sara Williams,
                                          charming girl and her many friends
150 acres, then will be offered as a                                                Zella Owens and Bertha F. Engle.
                                          hated to see her go.
whole. Baird & Schindler, Agents,
Taylorsville.                             Owen Snawder spent Sunday with             Mr. J. W. Barrall, president of the
                                          Mrs. Joe Foster.                           Bullitt County Fair Association has
***Mt. Eden                                                                          just delivered to the County
                                          Miss Mildred Foster and brother
Miss Josie Barrall is spending                                                       Superintendents office the children’s
                                          spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs.
several days with friends in                                                         tickets for the coming fair.
                                          Joe Foster and family.
Louisville.                                                                          The school at Bardstown Junction
                                          Mrs. W. P. Foster is on the sick list.
Mr. Chris Barrall and son spent                                                      opened Monday with Miss Thelma
several days with Mrs. Thos. Barrall.     Robt. Hardesty Jr is on the sick list.     Lee and Miss Fanny Bell Melton as
Mrs. Thomas Barrall called on Mrs.        Mrs. Sam Thurman is visiting her
Sharp Wednesday afternoon.                sister, Mrs. W. P. Foster.                 Miss Martha Riley, of Owensboro,
                                                                                     has been sent to Bullitt County for
Miss Margaret Hardesty, Miss              Misses Margaret Hardesty and
                                                                                     this year to act as rural school
Mildred Foster and brother, of            Miliel (sic) spent the week end in
                                                                                     supervisor and county illiteracy
Louisville, spent several days with       these parts with Mrs. Hester
                                                                                     agent. She is a very brilliant young
Miss Katherine Chambers.                  Rodgers, Chas. Daniel spent the
                                                                                     lady and will make her headquarters
                                          week end in these parts.
Miss Mildred Foster, Miss Katharine                                                  with Mr. and Mrs.            Lindsay
Chambers and Vernon spent the                     August 8, 1919                     Ridgway.
week end with Mrs. M. J. Foster and                                                  The following teachers have charge
family.                                   ***Nearly half page ad for the
                                                                                     of the Shepherdsville School this
                                          BULLITT COUNTY FAIR
Mrs. Maria Foster spent several days                                                 year: J. H. Sanders, Supt; Helen
with Mrs. M. J. Foster recently.          ***School News                             Burkholder, Mary Thompson, Pearl
                                                                                     Hickerson, Clara Duvall, Nadine
Miss Blanche Howlett spent a few          Miss Tea Hayes, who was recently
                                                                                     Melton and Bertie Monroe.
days with first of the week with Miss     elected to teach at Belmont as
Margaret Foster.                          principal of that school, has just         Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Harris
                                          resigned because of ill health and the     announce the marriage of their
Rev. W. J. Banks and wife, Mrs. S.                                                   daughter, Ruth, to Clifford Lithgow
B. Stephens, Miss Manye (sic), Mrs.

                                                        Page 399
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Pfau, United States Public Health       Petit Jury - Will Hecker, Rufus            ***First Load of Home Grown
Service, on Sunday the Eleventh day     Balee, Will Becker, S. B. Simmons,         Peaches
of June, 1919, Washington, DC. At       Gober Cochran, Duke Ferguson,              Mr. Ed. Rodgers, of near Mt. Eden,
home, Wilmington, N. C.                 Henry Dacon, Oscar Owen, Emerson           who is about the only man in Bullitt
                                        Welch, Dave Armstrong, Charles             County who has any peaches, was in
I. T. Mudd, trustee of Belmont
                                        Rogers, Henry Mathis, Newt Pearl,          Saturday with a load of the Elberta
Graded School with wife and two
                                        John Conniff, John Quick, J. A.            variety. They were very fine and
daughters, Varina, one of our
                                        Barrall, Robt. Ridgway, J. M.              sold at $3.00 per bushel. He will
prominent teachers, Mrs. Golden
                                        Masden, Richard Wathen, Tom                have about 600 bushels.
Masden, who was Miss Varina
                                        McCubbins, Lowell Hall, O. R.
Dawson, one of our former teachers,                                                ***O. A. Lutes & Co. Commercial
                                        Masden, James R. Crenshaw,
and Miss Bettie Cash, motored to                                                   fertilizers are cheaper. Use three
                                        Derwood Welch, Ed Mattingly, C.
Frankfort and other points last                                                    hundred pounds per acre and grow
                                        C. Lee, Chas. Applegate, Chas.
Sunday and report a splendid trip.                                                 bumper crops.
                                        Merker, Lee Bradbury, Lawrence
Mrs. Hallie Phelps Pauley, of           Roby, Clide Troutman.                      ***Arrives Home From Overseas
Weaver’s Run, died at her home
                                        The following case has been tried:         Private Lewis W. Hardy, who has
Monday and was buried at the old
                                        Commonwealth against Annie Muss,           been overseas for more than a year
Phelps homestead near here,
                                        one cent and cost.                         has safely arrived at home.
Tuesday. She was the wife of Mr.
Tom Pauley, a well known farmer of      ***Porter Bridwell                         He was with the Pioneer outfit.
that section, and an aunt of Miss
                                        One of the best pleased young men          Private Reed Engelbrecht, another
Sylvia Phelps, one our rural
                                        in Shepherdsville just now is our          Bullitt County boy, who has been
                                        esteemed friend, portly Porter             overseas, has been honorably
***Death of Mrs. Tom Pauley             Bridwell. Porter arrived on this side      discharged.
                                        of the big pond just a few weeks
Mrs. Tom Pauley died at her home        ago, but he has let not grass grow         ***Holstein Calves
on Weaver’s Run, Sunday, August 3.      under his shapely Trilbys, and when
She had been confined to her bed for                                               Will have about 30 Holstein cows to
                                        it comes to smiling those delicious
some time with cancer. Her remains                                                 freshen in September, are 3/4 to 7/8
                                        and delightful sunshiny smiles that
were brought to her former home                                                    Holstein and are heavy milkers.
                                        refuse to rub off, Porter is right there
Monday. She was laid to rest in the                                                These calves are sired by a high bred
                                        with four aces and a king. He talks
family burying ground on the Phelps                                                registered bull and will be sold at
                                        very interestingly and intelligently
place Tuesday. Mrs. Pauley, before                                                 $15 to $25 each, either sex to be
                                        about what he saw on the far side of
her marriage, was Miss Hallie                                                      taken at 1 week old. Geo. W.
                                        the ocean. He brought back some
Phelps. She leaves several sisters                                                 Maraman & Sons.
                                        splendid souvenirs. He is of the
and brothers, besides a host of other   opinion that the Germans are cleaner       ***Personal
relatives and friends to mourn her      housekeepers than the French. He
loss. No better Christian ever lived                                               Mrs. Mack Jones and son, Mack, left
                                        says the French girls are very pretty,
than this good woman. We extend                                                    last week to spend some time with
                                        but not so pretty as the girls here in
our heartfelt sympathy.                                                            her daughter at Pinkard,(sic) Ky.
                                        Bullitt County.
***Bullitt Circuit Court                                                           Miss Bessie Evans, of Louisville,
                                        He was sorry to learn that Pete
                                                                                   spent last week with Miss Nancye
Grand Jury - Joe Welch, Alvin           Smith had moved to the State of            and Pinkie Jones.
Viers, Wm. Lamb, M. H.                  Indiana. Porter made a good soldier,
Braithwaite, Wayne Harris, James        did his whole duty, and is back in         Miss Margaret Thornbury, of
Newman, Roy Masden, James               old Bullitt again for good and he          Louisville, was the guest of Miss
Griffin, Ewing Crenshaw, Geo.           richly deserves the hearty welcome         Nancye Jones Sunday.
Miller, Ed Rhea, Bev Brashear.          which he is receiving from his
                                        numerous friends and acquaintances.

                                                      Page 400
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Evelin (sic) Kunh (sic), of        Miss Margaret Foster is visitor Mrs.      Miss Ludie Deats has returned home
Buffalo, NY has arrived to spend        Geo. Shaffer in Memphis, Tenn.            after a week’s visit to relatives and
some time with relatives here.                                                    friends at Lebanon Junction.
                                        Miss Josie S. Barrall returned home
Judge S. E. Jones, of Glasgow, spent    from Louisville last Wednesday            ***Born to the wife of Mrs. Polk
Monday here.                            after a delightful visit with Mrs.        Johnson, July 24, of Louisville, a
                                        Elizabeth Herman and Mrs. Geo. T.         daughter. Mrs. Johnson is a daughter
H. H. Combs has returned from a ten                                               of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. White, of
days visit to French Lick.                                                        Hubers, KY.
                                        Misses Josie Barrall and Blanch
Miss Myrtle Adams, of Chapeze, has                                                **The Mt. Washington Road
                                        Howlett spent Wednesday with Miss
returned to her home after spending
                                        Maymee Stephens.
several weeks with her sister at                                                  Rev. D. R. Peak will begin a series
Newport, KY.                            William Lee, of Frankfort, is             of revival services at Bethel M. E.
                                        spending the summer with his aunt,        Church Monday night.
W. H. Logsdon, of Belmont, spent
                                        Mrs. J. T. Martin in the Knobs.
Monday evening here.                                                              Russell Hall purchased a cow and
                                        Rev. Martin Dyer and family are the       calf from Alfred Mothershead for
The BYPU will serve ice cream and                                                 which he paid $100.
                                        guests of O. W. Pearl and family this
cake on the church lawn Saturday.
Everyone invited.                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Lafe Gentry, S. B.
                                        Mrs. J. W. Barrall and two daughters      Owen, Mrs. Louis Sauter, Mr. and
Mrs. S. H. Stephens entertained at                                                Mrs. Albert Fisher attended the
                                        spent last week with Mr. and Mrs.
dinner Monday, Mrs. W. J. Banks,                                                  fourth quarterly conference at Mt.
                                        W. R. Greenwell.
Misses Ruth Banks and Blanche                                                     Washington Saturday and were
Howlett.                                Ewing Crenshaw was in town
                                                                                  dinner guests of Rev. and Mrs. D. R.
Born August 1 to the wife of Mr.                                                  Peak.
George Shaffer (nee Helen Lee) twin     Messrs Ben and Wayne Harris were
                                                                                   W. L. Gentry resigned as steward of
boys.                                   here Tuesday attending court.
                                                                                   Bethel M. E. Church on account of
Miss Ruth Banks, of Louisville, is      Mr. H. C. Beghtol was in town              failing health and B. D. Scott was
the guest of her parents, Rev. and      Tuesday.                                   elected to fill his place.
Mrs. Banks.                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. James King, Mr. and
                                        Wilson Daniel has gone to Muncie,
Don’t forget the ice cream supper at    Ind., to make his home.                    Mrs. W. Tom Hall spent Sunday
the Baptist Church Saturday                                                        with the latter’s sister, Mrs. Tena
                                        Frank Kelly has returned home from
evening.                                                                           Owen.
                                        overseas. Also Owen Roby after
Misses Mary Hardaway and Lillian        several months service overseas.           L. M. Gentry is very ill.
Howlett, Mrs. Phil Henderson, and                                                  Mrs. B. D. Scott and children spent
                                        These guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Messrs Russell and Robert                                                          Thursday with her mother, W.
                                        Arthur Stark at Pitts Point Thursday
Henderson, spent Sunday at Lincoln                                                 Gentry and family.
                                        were Miss Ludie Deats from
                                        Highland Park, Misses Willie
                                                                                   Mrs. John Lanyans and daughter,
I. T. Mudd (one of our                  Coreum (sic), Margery Redman and
                                                                                   Miss Evelyn, have entertained a
commissioners) with his wife and        Lenny Lutes, Frank Kelly and Willie
                                                                                   house party for the past two weeks
two daughters, Varina and Lucille,      Deats.
                                                                                   composed of the following, all from
Mr. Golden Masden and wife, and                                                    Louisville: Mesdames Carrie Eiler,
                                        Miss Lenny Lutes has returned home
Miss Bettie Cash motored to                                                        Theresa Eiler, Mr. and Mrs. Person,
                                        after a week’s visit to Miss Eva May
Frankfort last Sunday.                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Miller, Misses
                                        Bossic (sic) and other friends of
Lucille Mudd spent one day last         Louisville and Highland Park.              Roth Lovell (sic) and Albert Eiler,
week with Mrs. Maggie Welch.                                                       Messrs Frank Miller, Robert and
                                                                                   Edward Person. (sic)

                                                      Page 401
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Smith & Co. are boring a well for       Joseph Flood, of Louisville, is           Mrs. J. W. Owen, Clarence Owen,
Burr Gentry.                            visiting his brother, Samuel Flood.       Ollie Owen and family spent
                                                                                  Wednesday with Mrs. Mary S.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearl King spent           Robert Lanyans spent Monday in            Fisher.
Sunday with his sister, Mrs. Ida        Taylorsville on business.
Hecker.                                                                           ***Notice - Ferris White Leghorns
                                        Quite a number of guests were             and Cornish Indian gams, cockerels,
Mr. John J. Peacock has purchased a     entertained in the home of Mr. J. W.      March and April hatchings, $3.60 S.
new surrey and harness.                 Douglas Monday night to meet              T. Hornbeck, Shepherdsville.
                                        Litrell and William Wade who were
Misses Zella and Floyd (sic) Owen                                                 ***Cedar Creek
                                        their guests.
are at home with their father, S. G.
Owen.                                   Miss Erma Schweckendieck spent            Mr. and Mrs. James Roby spent
                                        Monday with Miss Evelyn Lanyans.          Sunday with their son. Ola Roby and
Bert Ridgway has purchased a new                                                  wife.
buggy and harness.                      W. Tom Hall is having a well bored
                                        by Smith & Co.                            Miss Bessie Grant spent last week in
Mrs. Lizzie Owen spent Tuesday                                                    Louisville visiting her sister, Mrs.
and Wednesday with Mrs. Albert          Mrs. George Douglas is suffering          Katie Bolton.
Fisher.                                 with a boil on her wrist.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lem Swearingen
Mrs. Samuel Borders and little girl     Messrs and Mesdames Gaines, of            spent Saturday with the latter’s
of Spokane, Mo., F. M. Perkins and      Bardstown, cousin of Rev. Peak,           mother, Mrs. Arp Harmon at Fancy.
family, Mrs. Minnie Borders of          attended services at Bethel Sunday
Louisville, Mrs. W. A. King and         morning and heard him preach.             Mrs. J. W. Barrall and daughters,
daughter, Audra Muriel, were                                                      Beulah and Anna spent last week
                                        Mesdames J. T. Rice, Dick Sales,          with her parents, W. R. Greenwell
Sunday visitors in the home of Mr.
                                        Mary Lou Tompkins and Miss Ethel
and Mrs. W. L. Hall.                                                              and wife.
                                        Rice of Waterford, spent Sunday
Theodore Gentry is on the sick list.    with Mrs. J. W. Douglas.                  Mr. Andy Schott, of Louisville,
                                                                                  spent a few days recently with his
Russell Hall and Miss Vivian Harris     H. Schweckendieck and sons were in
                                                                                  cousin, Mrs. J. A. Roby.
spent the week end with her father,     Louisville Tuesday on business.
J. Harris at Hayes Springs.                                                       Mrs. J. V. Jones spent Tuesday and
                                        Uncle Barley Hall celebrated his 81st
                                                                                  Wednesday with her mother-in-law,
Litrell Wade, of Winchester, KY,        birthday last Monday.
                                                                                  Mrs. J. H. Jones.
and Private William Wade of Camp
                                        Mr. and Mrs. H. Schweckendieck            Miss Edyth Clark, who is teaching
Grant, Ill., spent from Friday until    entertained twenty-two guests in
Thursday with their mother, Mrs.                                                  school at Chapeze, spent the week
                                        honor of the 16th birthday of their       end at home.
Lee Wade Douglass.
                                        daughter, Miss Erma. Each guest
Misses Hazel Hall and Floy Owen         reported a very pleasant day and are      Mr. Charles Troll spent Friday night
were guests of the Misses Harris        hoping that Miss Erma will celebrate      with her (sic) daughter, Mrs.
Sunday.                                 many more birthdays.                      Malcom Harmon.
Willard Person (sic) and Miss           Ollie Owen and family have moved          Mrs. H. P. Grant and son, Robert,
Geneva Smalley, of Louisville, spent    into W. S. Gentry’s cottage on the        spent part of last week at
the end of the week with Mr. John       New Cut Road.                             Jeffersontown visiting relatives.
Lanyans and family.                     Mrs. Will Schrogan (sic) is right         R. J. Clark purchased a Ford last
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glasgow, of          sick this week.                           week.
Louisville, and Mrs. Sallie Smith of    Frank Brashears, formerly of his          Mrs. J. A. Roby is spending this
Jeffersontown has been called here      county, died a few days ago at his        week with friends and relatives.
by the critical illness of L. M.        home in Nelson County. He was
Gentry.                                                                            Misses Edyth Clark, Mollie Roby,
                                        buried at New Salem.
                                                                                   Myrtle Farnsworth, Messrs Milton

                                                      Page 402
                            The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Clark, Willie Dacon, Orvan (sic)        S. O. Armstrong sent a calf and a         Maddox spent Thursday with Mrs.
Farmsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Henry          bunch of lambs to Louisville              Wm. B. Newkirk.
Jones, Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Clark         Thursday on the Settle McFarland          Mrs. W. B. Harris spent Tuesday
attended the ice cream supper at        truck.                                    with her sister-in-law, Mrs. R. E.
River View Saturday night.                                                        Newton.
                                        Mrs. Samuel Flood and little girl,
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Parker are            Laville (looks like) are at Hawesville    Miss Floy Owen is visiting her
entertaining the former’s sister and    visiting her mother.                      sister, Mrs. Elmer Jones, in the city
family from Louisville.                                                           this week.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gunterman
Mrs. Frank Kipp, of Louisville, is      spent Saturday in Louisville on           Theodore Gentry continues ill.
visiting her niece, Mrs. A. V.          business.
Greenwell.                                                                        Mrs. Ode Douglas spent Friday at
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shafer, of             Mt. Washington.
Ola Roby and H. T. Grant have           Jeffersonville, Ind. spent the end of
purchased new cream separators          the week with Mr. and Mrs. Louis          ***No Paper Next Week - Bullitt
from Maraman and Sons.                  Sauter.                                   County Fair Week. Count Teddy, the
                                                                                  smallest man in the world will be
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Jones and Miss       Francis Terry spent Thursday night        here.
Texia Swearingen motored to             with his mother, Mrs. James Sparks.
Taylorsville, Bloomfield, Fairfield,                                              ***Mt. Washington
                                        Claud Gentry spent one night last
and other places Thursday.                                                        Miss Pauline Holsclaw, of
                                        week with his sister, Mrs. Dorsey
Jess Roby is sinking a well for         Hall.                                     Taylorsville, is visiting Miss
himself.                                                                          Elizabeth Carlton.
                                        J. W. Warner is have a well bored by
Mc Roby purchased a new player          Smith & Co.                               Mrs. J. W. Herin, Miss Lydia Herin,
piano Saturday for his grandson,                                                  James and Virginia Herin spent
                                        Robert Holloway and family and Mr.        Monday with Mrs. R. J. Holloway.
Ralph Greenwell.
                                        and Mrs. Thomas McAfee attended
We understand the people of             the Spencer Count y fair at               Messrs and Mesdames Hoover and
Pleasant Hill district are going to     Taylorsville Thursday.                    Dots and Mrs. Porter, of Indiana,
give an ice cream and pie supper at                                               were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Larkin
                                        Miss Beatrice Foreman, of                 Porter.
the school building on the eve of
                                        Louisville, is spending the summer
August 16.                                                                        Miss Virginia Foreman, teacher at
                                        with her aunt, Mrs. E. T. McAfee.
       August 15, 1919                                                            Sugar Valley, spent the week end
                                        ?. M. Gentry still continues very ill     with her aunt, Mrs. L. S. Settle.
                                        and the attending physicians have
***On the Mt. Washington Road
                                        faint hope for his recovery.              Miss Dorothy Lillian King, of New
Mrs. Tena Owen spent Tuesday with                                                 York, is visiting her grandmother,
                                        Lurleen Owen, who has been ill, is
her sister, Mrs. Tom Hall.                                                        Mrs. J. W. Markwell.
Mrs. Bert Ridgway and children                                                    Mrs. Beam Wells and son, Glenn, of
                                        Mrs. Elizabeth Owen spent
s p e n t W e d n es d a y i n M t.                                               Cox’s Creek, and her mother, Mrs.
                                        Saturday night and Sunday with Mr.
Washington.                                                                       Mallie Smith, have returned from St.
                                        and Mrs. Albert Fisher.                   Louis where they visited the latter’s
Miss Ella Bleemel, of Louisville,
                                        Mr. James Foreman is on the sick          daughter, Mrs. J. H. Lloyd.
spent last week at home with her
                                        list at the home of his daughter, Mrs.
parents, Mr. and Mrs.      Peter                                                  Misses Susie May Parrish and Emma
                                        E. T. McAfee.
Bleemel.                                                                          Lee Gentry spent last week in
                                        Mesdames James King, Calvin               Jeffersontown with Mrs. Laura
Mesdames Louis Mothershead and
                                        Maddox, Charles King and Sue              Anderson and daughter.
Pearl King visited Mr. and Mrs. W.
                                        Simmons, Misses Nellie Agnes
L. Hall Wednesday.
                                        King, Lucille, Pauline and Marie

                                                      Page 403
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Frances McGee was a week           The children and grandchildren and        guests being Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
end guests of her uncle, Ed Barnes      some friends gathered at the home of      Bell, Mrs. C. P. Brooks, and two
and wife, in Jefferson County.          Mr. and Mrs. G. P. Wiggington to          daughters, Miss Irene Brooks,
                                        celebrate her birthday. This has been     masters Harry and Brooks Bell.
Mrs. Emma Buky, of Louisville,
                                        done every year for a number of           Misses Fannie Bell Melton and
who has been visiting her sister,
                                        years and is looked upon as a great       Mary Cynthia Holsclaw have gone
Mrs. Kate Rouse, of Waterford, is
                                        day by all interested parties. These      to their respective schools, the
now with her daughter, Mrs. M. A.
                                        family reunions are not held often        former to Bardstown Junction, the
                                        enough in most families and often         latter to Whitfield.
Misses Elizabeth Carlton, Cecil and     they grow apart and the ties of blood
Nora Bell Harp spent last week in       are not stronger than those of             Misses Nellie May Scott and Mary
Taylorsville and attended the           friendship. May this family have           Cynthia Holsclaw were overnight
Spencer County Fair.                    many more such reunions and year           guests of Miss Sue Vernon Brooks
                                        after year grow nearer and dearer.         last Monday.
Miss Lulie Swearingen visited Miss
Fee Cokendolpher at Bloomfield          Mrs. Katie Borders McArthur, wife          Misses Sallie McKenzie, Virgie
part of last week.                      of Nick McArthur, died at her home         Wright, Sue Godby and Mr. Douglas
                                        in Louisville last Friday after a          Wright, all of the city, spent Sunday
Miss Sara McGee spent Sunday in                                                    with Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McKenzie
                                        painful and lingering illness. Funeral
Louisville.                                                                        and family.
                                        services were held at the Baptist
Mesdames P. B. S. Parrish, Dave         Church here Sunday by Rev. D. R.           Miss Nellie May Scott spent
Armstrong, Tom Porter and T. H.         Peak with interment in the cemetery        Thursday night with Miss Mary
Parrish were all day guest of Mrs.      here. She was well known in this           Holsclaw.
James A. Harris Wednesday.              community as her girlhood home
                                        was here. She leaves her husband,          Misses Stella Hedges, Inez Kirk and
Misses Susan Settle, Essie and                                                     Mabel Brooks attended the
                                        one son, one sister, two brothers and
Bessie Gentry spent the week end in                                                Chautaqua (sic) at Lebanon Junction
                                        two half brothers and numerous
Jeffersontown with Mrs. Laura           other relatives.                           last week and were guests of Mrs. J.
Anderson.                                                                          T. Wickersham.
                                        Rev. D. R. Peak has gone to New
Walter Coyle and Miss Elma McGee        Haven to assist Rev. T. L. Crandall        The onion crop of this community
visited Miss Mary Murrell at                                                       brought a large sum of money here.
                                        in a revival at the Methodist Church.
Lebanon Saturday and Sunday.
                                        ***Junior Epworth League program           J. W. Brooks Jr was kicked in the
Mr. Arthur Proctor, of New Albany,                                                 face by a young mule and painfully,
                                        participants - Susie Long
visited Miss Carrie Collings                                                       tho not seriously hurt.
Saturday evening.
                                        ***Hebron                                  Miss Vivian Jenkins and Mrs. Geo.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Gentry and                                                      Heise have gone to Louisville to take
Harold Barnes spent Sunday at           Miss Margery Priest, of South Port,
                                                                                   a course at Business College.
Huber with Willard Bell and family.     Ind., is the guest of Mrs. W. J. Bell.
                                                                                   Mrs. J. R. Holsclaw, Miss Mary
Rev. and Mrs. D. R. Peak and little     Misses Margaret Spellman, Anna
                                                                                   Cynthia Holsclaw and Boone
girl, C. A. Porter, wife and children   Wiram and Mr. David Wiram have
                                                                                   Cooper spent last Wednesday with
and Miss Ruby Peak were Sunday          returned to their homes in the city
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Cooper.
guests of W. L. McGee and wife.         after a week’s visit with their aunt,
                                        Mrs. T. J. Brooks.                         Misses Mary Jeffries Imogne (sic)
Rev. H. B. Wilhoyte is assisting in a                                              have returned from the State Normal
revival at New Hope Baptist Church      Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Brooks spent
                                                                                   at Bowling Green. They certainly
in Washington County. During his        Sunday, July 27, with Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                   boost that school.
absence, Mrs. Wilhoyte is visiting      David Wiram, city.
her parents at Aberdeen, O.                                                        Rev. Farris preached two sermons at
                                        Mr. and Mrs.        T. J. Brooks           Little Flock Sunday. He was
                                        entertained one day last week, their

                                                      Page 404
                               The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                 Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

entertained by Mr.         and     Mrs.     Miss Bessie Grant is spending this        To be bigger and better, more horses
Anthony Prather.                            week with Mrs. B. D. Burch at Mt.         booked, more requests for rooms in
                                            Washington.                               the floral hall, more chickens
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Weller, of                                                        entered. Col. Morbach’s Greater
Fisherville, and their guests Rev. and      Mrs. Willie B. Collins spent the
                                                                                      Military Band, one of the best in the
Mrs. E. J. Weller, of Covington,            week end with her parents at Mt.
                                                                                      county to furnish the music.
motored here Friday and remained            Washington.
until Sunday with L. H. Holsclaw                                                      ***Personal
                                            Lem Swearingen is expecting his
and family.                                                                           Mrs. R. L. Harrison, daughter, Mary
                                            new Ford this week.
Born to the wife of Thos. Laethan,                                                    Elizabeth and son, Robert Jr, of
                                            Miss Hazel Trunnell is spending a
July 4, a son, Clarence Everet.                                                       Charlestown W. VA. spent last week
                                            few days with her aunt, Miss Fronie
                                                                                      with her sister, Mrs. J. D. Buckman.
Born to the wife of Roger Barger, a         James.
daughter.                                                                             Mrs. J. H. Sanders and children have
                                            Jess and Ola Roby spent Saturday in
                                                                                      returned from Campbellsville after
***Cedar Creek                              the city on business.
                                                                                      spending several days with friends
Rev. Burns will fill his reg                Mrs. Ollie Weller of Fla. spent           and relatives.
appointment at Victory Saturday             Saturday night and Sunday with her
                                                                                      Chas. Jasper, of Waterford, spent
night, Sunday and Sunday night.             niece, Mrs. J. V. Jones.
                                                                                      Monday here.
J. L. Trunnell, wife and daughter,          Mrs. Arp Harmon spent Monday
                                                                                      Pete Snellen, of Belmont, was over
Hazel, and Miss F. E. James spent a         with her daughter, Mrs. I. L. Jones.
                                                                                      Monday on business.
pleasant day with J. H. Jones and
                                            Mrs. O. P. Basham spent Monday
family Sunday.                                                                        T. D. McCalister, of Bardstown
                                            with her sister-in-law, Mrs. Annie
                                                                                      Junction, spent Monday here.
Mrs. Ella Shaw spent Friday with            Jones.
her sister-in-law, Mrs. Ida Ratliff, at                                               C. O. Parrish and Robert McAfee, of
                                            Blanchie (sic) Greenwell, we are
Smithville.                                                                           Mt. Washington, spent Monday
                                            sorry to say, has typhoid fever and
Several from here attended the sale         several others have malaria.
of Mrs. Simpson (deceased) at Mt.                                                     T. H. Wise and wife, of Pleasant
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Burch and
Washington.                                                                           Grove, spent Monday here.
                                            daughter, Kathryn, motored to
Miss Fronie James spent the week            Louisville Saturday and spent the         Mrs. S. H. Ridgway, Willie May
end with her sister in Shepherdsville.      day with relatives.                       Ridgway, Samuel Ridgway, Ruth
                                                                                      Dodds Smith, Martha Lee, Beulah
Mr. and Mrs. James Grant and                Mr. and Mrs.        O. P. Basham
                                                                                      Lee, Ursa Funk, Margery Walker,
children of Jeffersontown and Mrs.          attended church at Pleasant Grove
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Chappell and son
Nannie Grant and daughter, Miss             several night last week.
                                                                                      spent the week end at Mammoth
Bessie, spent Wednesday with H. F.                                                    Onyx Cave.
                                            Mrs. Elizabetht Beghtol is on the
Grant and wife.
                                            sick list.
                                                                                      C. H. Hill, of Belmont, was here
R. J. Clark, wife and nephew,                                                         Saturday.
                                            ***Pony show added to Fair
Marshall Lutes spent Sunday with
                                            program. Best pony to be driven to a
Frank Ratliff and wife.                                                               Several from here attended the
                                            suitable vehicle by person under 16
                                                                                      Spencer County fair last week.
Misses Mollie Roby and Edyth                years old, Prizes - $5, $3, and $2.
Clark, Messrs Milton Clark and W.                                                     Robert E. Lee spent Saturday in the
                                            Mr. H. W. Lee has given four special
E. Dacon and Mrs. Violetta                                                            city.
                                            premiums, 2 on Horses and 2 on
Thompson motored to Knob Creek                                                        Emmit Crenshaw and wife, of West
                                            Mules. See Program.
Sunday and spent the day with                                                         Point, spent last week with C. E.
Elmer Samuels and wife.                     ***The Big Fair
                                                                                      Crenshaw in Leaches.

                                                          Page 405
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Mr. Ed. Rogers brought a load of his     He is one of the oldest saw mill men      days furlough. He is the last Pleasant
fine peaches here Saturday where         in Bullitt County.                        Grove boy to get home.
they readily sold at $4.50 and $5.00                                               Miss Evelyn Bell was a recent guest
                                         ***Pleasant Grove
per bushel.                                                                        of her cousin, Miss Ruthie Owen.
                                         Miss Inez Bishop, of near Mt.
Robert Barger, of Leaches, spent last                                              Mrs. Will Jones spent Friday
                                         Washington, spent the past week
week at Taylorsville Fair and won                                                  afternoon with her daughter, Mrs.
                                         with her aunt, Mrs. J. W. Loyd (sic),
several blue ribbons.                    and attended services at Pleasant         Robert Grant.
We are glad to hear so many of our       Grove.                                    Mrs. Charlie Newton, of Victory,
boys have arrived home from over                                                   was guest of her brother, Elbert
                                         We are glad to say Mrs. Clay
seas.                                                                              Bass, Saturday night and Sunday and
                                         Whitledge, who was ill the past
Miss Linnie Lutes has arrived home       week, is better at this time. She was     attended church at Grove (sic)
after a two weeks visit in Louisville.   overcome by heat and poisoned from        Mrs. Joe Dickey was hurt in an auto
                                         eating blackberries from the bush.        accident about five weeks ago. We
Mr. Willie Deats has received his
discharge from the army.                 Little Miss Corene Ridgway spent          are glad to know she is improving
                                         the past week with her sister, Mrs.       and can take a few steps by holding
Mr. Walter Deats, wife and baby                                                    on to something.
                                         Roy Owen near Mt. Washington.
have returned to their home after a
long visit to Mr. W. W. Deats.           Mrs. Henry Bell, of Bell’s Mill,          Rudell King, of near Mt.
                                         spent one afternoon the past week         Washington, spent Friday night and
A big meeting is going on at             with Mrs. T. H. Wise.                     Saturday with Dorsey Hecker.
Belmont and a large crowd have
been attending.                          Mrs. Kate Hall spent Thursday ad          Walter Armstrong, wife and
                                         Friday with her sister-in-law, Mrs.       children, from near Salt River
Miss Evelyn Bates, of New York,          Joe Dickey, of Mt. Washington.            Station, were guests Sunday of
has arrived to spend some time with                                                Ernest Simmons and wife.
relatives and attend the Fair.           T. W. Wise sent a bunch of hogs to
                                         the city the past week, delivered by      Matison (sic) Gentry still remains ill.
J. B. Monroe spent Sunday here.
                                         the Proctor truck, also two calves,       Roy Stallings and wife, of
Squire Wooldridge and wife spent         one for Will Simmons and one for          Shepherdsville, visited the latter’s
Sunday here.                             Will Simpson.
                                                                                   mother, Mrs. Ida Hecker, Saturday
Fosket Barrall, who has been in          Revival meeting which has been            afternoon.
France for some time, returned home      ably conducted by the pastor and
                                                                                   Those entertained recently in the
Sunday.                                  assisted by a brother of his, Rev.
                                                                                   home of “Uncle” Barley Hall were;
                                         Burns, of Indiana, closed Sunday          Mrs. Minnie Borders, daughter and
L. M. Barrall and family spent           night with one addition. (Can’t
Sunday here.                                                                       son from the city, Will King, wife
                                         read) numbers were not taken into
                                                                                   and little daughter, Audrey, Mrs.
Otha Quick and wife, of                  the church, we feel like much good
                                                                                   Elizabeth Parrish, several relatives
Elizabethtown, spent Sunday with P.      has been done; meetings have been
                                                                                   from Missouri, Hal Hall and wife,
H. Quick and wife.                       spiritual food for the Christian. We
                                                                                   several of the Perkins family from
                                         had uplifting discourses, large
Bert Sanders and brother, of Brooks,                                               the city, and Mr. Cal Wiggington.
                                         congregations, good order and a
spent Monday here.                       collection of one hundred dollars.         We were glad to see Mr. Warner
Clarence Holsclaw and wife spent                                                    Bell, of Zoneton, in our midst
                                         Lyman Hall, wife and little son spent
Sunday with W. E. Ashby.                                                            Saturday night. He has a number of
                                         Saturday night with the former’s
                                                                                    friends in this neighborhood who are
***Sells Mill                            mother, Mrs. Kate Hall.
                                                                                    always glad to see him.
Mr. J. A. Barrall, who has been in       Sam Jackson, who was wounded in
                                                                                    Mr. Walter Armstrong, wife and
the Saw Mill business for over 40        a battle in France, is home on a few
                                                                                    little daughter from South Park spent
years, has sold his mill and retired.

                                                       Page 406
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

a few days here visiting G. W.           there, Harry met blonds and                          August 29, 1919
Armstrong, Albert and S. O.              brunettes, tall ones and others less
Armstrong.                               tall; girls from Posey and Rabbit         ****The Paper is Actually dated
                                         Hash, Indianapolis, Galipolis,            August 39, 1919****
Little Miss Lucille Newton, of the
                                         Metropolis, Birdseye, Concord             ***Base Ball - The local baseball
city, is visiting Mrs. Fannie Hall and
                                         Coners, Onion Flats, Bear Wallow,         team made a trip to Louisville Aug
other relatives near Mt. Washington.
                                         Whippoorwill Heights, Franklin,           24th and played the South Louisville
Joe Stallings and family, Mrs.           Muncie, LaFayette, Salem and many         team down at diamond No. 1 in
P r u d e n c e A r m s t r on g a n d   other places. All told, he hauled         Shawnee Park and altho losing the
granddaughter, Miss Martha               ninety seven of the irresistible          game, it was one of the best games
Armstrong, were guests Sunday of         beauties around in his car, told all of   ever played by amateur teams.
Albert Armstrong and wife.               them about the same story, and left
                                         them under the impression that he         The following players were on the
Theodore, sons of Mr. and Mrs.           should be turned out of the church        Shepherdsville team:
Will S. Gentry, is ill with fever        and excommunicated in stanter. (sic)
bordering on typhoid.                                                              Ralph Henderson, C.F.
                                         We have never been to French              Jas. Hagan, 1st B
Wilma Proctor is quite ill at this       Licks, but we are informed by our         Porter Bridwell, 2nd B
time caused by malaria.                  beloved friend, James, that it is a       Sam Ridgway, catcher
                                         place where the weak in heart have        Hilary Hardy, 3rd B
George Armstrong and family,             no business. If you are slow, – very
Walter Armstrong, wife and little                                                  Byron Viers, L.F.
                                         slow, go to some infirmary, but stay      Henry Houston, S.S.
daughter, of South park, were dinner     away from French Lick. The French
guests Sunday of S. O. Armstrong                                                   Arthur Cundiff, R.F.
                                         Lick tract (if we may use some            Albert Noe, Pitcher
and wife.                                racing parlance), is intended for fast
Robert Bridwell and family spent         horses. Or course, it is not quite as     The score, Louisville              2,
Sunday with Claud Stallings and          fast as Atlantic City where the           Shepherdsville 1.
wife.                                    fastest of the entire world congregate    ***BYPU Program - Miss Pauline
                                         and show their speed, but it is much      Crenshaw, leader. Dr. R. I. Kerr, Dr.
Ruby Dickey, of Mt. Washington,          faster than Grayson Springs or
spent Sunday with Paralee and Hazel                                                S. W. Bates
                                         Tatum Springs.
Lloyd.                                                                             ***Notice - At a special term of the
                                         ***For Sale                               Bullitt Fiscal Court, ordered that
Miss Glacye Orms entertained
several guests Sunday.                   Farm of 52-1/2 acres on Blue Lick         sealed bids be received for the
                                         Pike, 3 miles from Shepherdsville.        purchase of the tract of land known
***Bad Accident - Mr. Robert E.                                                    as the Slate Farm, containing about
Lee, who went to Hardin County last      Good little home, good barn and           6 acres. Lindsay Ridgway, Clerk.
Thursday on business, while passing      necessary outbuildings and good
Camp Knox, was hit by an army            tobacco shed. Running creek and           ***Bullitt County Fair
truck. The body of Mr. Lee’s Ford        about one half of place in fine blue      In the big speed contest, Ernest
was demolished, but very                 grass. All can be cultivated. A           Miller took the lion’s share of the
fortunately, Mr. Lee was not             bargain - C. L. Troutwine,                coin, while Hardy Cruise was
seriously hurt.                          Shepherdsville.                           second. In the show rings ,
***                                      ***Death                                  Thompson and Bivens were the
                                                                                   chief contenders, with Thompson
After sparking all the girls who         Lee Johnson Crigler, aged 2 years         usually wearing the blue ribbon.
visited French Lick Spring during        and 8 days, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.
the time he was there, Harry Combs       Crigler, died at his home near             Henry Bivens is a Bullitt County boy
has come home to (can’t read). He        Barrallton. His remains were laid to       who has come to the front in the past
went to French Lick to rest but there    rest in the family burying ground          two years, and today he owns a good
is no rest for the Sparker. While        Monday.                                    stable of show horses which he has

                                                       Page 407
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

shown at many fairs. At Taylorsville     Bridwell, at the St. Anthony’s            their sister, Mrs. Nat Jewell (looks
and Fern Creek, he took away almost      Infirmary Tuesday.                        like)
all the blue ribbons, but at our fair,   Mrs. Mary McFarland spent a few           J. H. McFarland, of Kansas City,
Thompson brought in some velvety         days in Louisville last week with her     motored through the country arriving
horse flesh and took away some first     daughters, Mesdames W. E. Kaye            here last week to visit his mother
prizes.                                  and S. M. Harris.                         and family.
Our fair was begun in 1895, and this     Rev. D. R. Peak was called to             Messrs Herman Kuykendall and J. P.
year’s exhibitions were the 25th.                                                  Colquitt motored from their home at
                                         Brooks Station Sunday to conduct
Since that first fair, the ceaseless     the funeral of a young man we have        Nashville, Tenn. and visited the
resistless tides of time have swept                                                former’s uncle, E. S. Brookshier, a
                                         not learned.
away almost all who were                                                           few days last week.
instrumental in creating it.             Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Harris, Mrs. T.
                                         H. Parrish, Messes Emma Lee               R. K. Hall, Misses Hazel Hall, Wava
Dr. D. M. Bates, W. Jeff Lee, J. M.                                                and Lola Dickey motored to
                                         Gentry and Susie May Parrish spent
Lee, James Cochrane, Lawrence                                                      Frankfort Sunday.
                                         last Wednesday with the former’s
Holsclaw, G. W. Simmons, Frank
                                         daughter, Mrs. R. E. McAfee and
Troutman, William Simmons, W. T.                                                   Messrs and Mesdames Sammy
                                         Mr. McAfee.
Lee, C. C. Martin and many others                                                  Smith and Alfred Stansbury spent
have passed beyond the mystic river,     Mr. and Mrs. Walter Porter, Mrs. F.       Sunday with the former’s brother,
while Judge Morrow, Thomp (sic)          C. Porter and Mrs. Elizabeth Parrish      Clint Smith in Indiana.
Martin and just a few others of the      spent Sunday with Tom Porter and
                                                                                   Mr. Will Simpson has sold his farm
many who organized the Fair are left     wife.
                                                                                   about five miles from here on the
on this side.                                                                      Shepherdsville Road for $10,000 to
                                         J. F. McClure and wife visited her
H. D. Shafer was re-elected              sister, Mis. C. O. Fisher and Mr.         Judge Cassell of High Grove; Mr.
president, Robert E. Lee, vice           Fisher at Fairmount Sunday.               Simpson immediately b ought
president, H. H. Combs, treasurer,                                                 Hampton Tyler’s farm, two and one
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Will Tyler and Mr.
and J. W. Barrall was re-elected                                                   half miles from the Manslick Road
                                         and Mrs. Fred Swearingen will
secretary.                                                                         for $6,700. Mr. Tyler is at present
                                         exchange homes this week; Mr.             without a location that we know of.
The Association is under many            Tyler coming from their farm to the
obligations to Mr. Robt. E. Lee and      house of Mr. Swearingen here in            Rev. Father Pike will hold special
Mr. Henry Mathis who worked hard         town, and Mr. Swearingen going to          services at the Catholic Church here
to make the Fair a success.              the farm.                                  the second Sunday in September.
(Highlights only)                                                                   At 2 p.m., he will instruct the
                                         Mrs. D. T. Mothershead spent last
***Publishers announce the new           week with her daughter, Mrs. Will          children in their catechism; at 4
book will not be ready for               Markwell, at Okolona.                      p.m., he will deliver his sermon and
distribution until September 15 or                                                  will remain part of the following
                                         Mrs. May Buky Smith, who has               week for night services.
later. Geo. W. Maraman & Sons.
                                         been visiting friends and relatives in
***Mt. Washington                        ths county and Spencer, has gone to        Work on the new Methodist Church
                                         Louisville to remain another week          and Baptist parsonage is progressing
Miss Austine Gell (sic), of Huber, is                                               rapidly. We hear Rev. H. B.
                                         with her mother, Mrs. Emma Buky
the guests of her sister, Mrs. J. C.                                                Wilhoyte has about $10,000.00 in
                                         and her sister, Mrs. Angeline
Gentry.                                                                             individual thousand dollar gifts
                                         Coolidge, before returning to her
Miss Olva Harp and brother, Gilbert,     home at Portland, Oregon.                  toward a new Baptist Church. With
of Norman, visited relatives here last                                              this fine beginning, we expect to
                                         Mesdames Sula Crenshaw, Theo               soon see another new building being
                                         Herdman and Nannie Cartwright              erected, adding one more
Mrs. R. J. Holloway and Miss Lydia       spent last week at London, Ky, with        improvement to our town.
Herin visited their uncle, S. C.

                                                       Page 408
                                  The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                                   Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Wanted - Man or woman to                    Shore, George Sidebottoms, Ella B.        And so it was that beautiful Sabbath
operate cream buying station in                Elliot, Ben Adle (sic), Della Shane,      afternoon with golden sunshine
Shepherdsville. Previous experience            Willard Sidebotoms, Ethel Mann,           everywhere, but in our hearts did she
not needed. Write Swift and                    Varner Duvall, Virgie Duvall and          depart from this life. She was a
Company, Lexington, KY.                        Willie Deats and all reported a good      member of the New Salem Baptist
                                               time.                                     Church where she was laid to rest on
***Wanted to Buy - A car load of                                                         Tuesday with floral tributes and
fat horses and mare for Southern               Born to the wife of Charlie Waters,       many tears attesting the grief of the
market. Clarence Dawson.                       of Lebanon Junction, a boy, Charlie       loved ones and the ones of the
                                               Jr.                                       community in which she lived. She
***Marriage - Mudd/Masden
                                               Little Bertha Ellen Shane has             leaves a husband and two little
Miss Alice Lucille Mudd and Mr.                                                          children besides her father and
                                               returned home after a two weeks
Marvin Henry Masden were quietly                                                         mother, brothers and sisters. She had
                                               visit with Miss Virgie Duvall.
m a r r i e d i n J e f f e r s o n v i l le                                             two brothers and six sisters, which
Wednesday, August 20th.                        Sam Shane, wife and sons spent            are all living to mourn her loss, C. R.
                                               Sunday with Mr. J. W. Tatum and           Evans, W. G. Evans, Mrs. Vesey
The bride is well known in this
                                               family.                                   Hatfield, Mrs. Mary Crenshaw, Mrs.
county, being the youngest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Mudd, of                 Miss Minnie and Della Shane and           J. A. Mudd, Mrs. John Warden, Mrs.
Belmont. She is quite an                       Ella B. Elliott spent Saturday with       Charlie French and Miss Frances
accomplished young lady. There is              Miss Birdie Brashear of Lebanon           Evans.
s o m e t h i n g d i st i n c t i v e a nd    Junction.                                 ***Mrs. George Wilcox
representative in her personality,
                                               Mrs. Laura Engle entertained a            Mrs. Geo. E. Wilcox died at her
which makes her greatly liked by all
                                               number of friends Thursday.               home in Louisville Tuesday evening.
who know her.
                                               ***Death of Mrs. Powers                   Mrs. Wilcox was the only daughter
The groom is the youngest son of R.                                                      of the late Wm. Brooks, of Brooks
N. Masden, a prosperous farmer of              On Sunday, August 3rd , the beloved       Sta. She leaves a husband and
near Boston, Nelson County.                    wife of Ben Powers departed this
                                                                                         several children.
                                               life, aged 35 years and 4 months.
Mr. and Mrs. Masden are at present                                                       ***Jas. Babbitt
                                               She was the oldest daughter of Mr.
residing with the groom’s parents.
                                               and Mrs. J. L. Evans and the wife of
                                                                                         Mr. Jas. Babbitt, who had been
The Pioneer News joins in wishing              Ben Powers. Her brief life was lived
                                                                                         operator at Brooks for several years,
them many happy prosperous years.              in Bullitt County. It was as open as a
                                                                                         died at his home there Saturday
                                               book and as pure and beautiful as a       morning, after being confined to his
***Marriage - Forrest/Arnold
                                               flower. We beheld her in her
                                                                                         bed with Typhoid fever for about six
Miss Alma Forrest, one of Bullitt’s            triumphant and nuptial hour when
                                                                                         weeks. He leaves a wife and one
most popular teachers of near                  life was rich in promises and             child. His remains were taken to
Zoneton and Mr. Henry Arnold, who              happiness mantled her cheeks, but         Smith’s Grove Sunday and laid to
has just returned from over seas               did not know, could not know, that        rest.
surprised their many friends by                brief hours marked the pallor of
crossing over to Jeffersonville and            death. Day by day, she faded and          ***Miss Nora Hardin
being married.                                 step by step drew near to the valley      Miss Nora Hardin, daughter of Mr.
                                               of death. Skill of physicians and love
Both are very popular and their                                                          and Mrs. Bud Hardin, died very
                                               of husband and parents could not
many friends joins the Pioneer News                                                      suddenly Wednesday morning at her
                                               avail. Two sweet little children, the     home near Cupio. She was about 15
in wishing them a long and happy
                                               strongest ties a mother can have,         years old.
married life.
                                               could not prolong her stay. She had
***Lebanon Junction                            been called from life to death, from      ***Sells Farm
                                               the busy scenes of this world to the
Those who attended the Moonlight                                                         Mr. J. E. Hagan has sold his farm
                                               rest and joy of the home beyond.
Thursday night were Miss Minnie                                                          near Cedar Grove to Mr. Sam

                                                            Page 409
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Bealmer. We hope Mr. Hagan will           Miss Hallie Wise, of Mt.                  went en masse to spend the day with
decide to buy again in this County as     Washington, recently opened school        her.
he is one of our best citizens.           at Mt. Elmira.
                                                                                    Each took some edible and the result
***Notice - We cordially invite the       Miss Anna Bell Crigler visited her        was a sumptuous dinner served a la
public to visit our store in the future   sister-in-law, Mrs. James Crigler,        picnic to the 80 guests. This is a
as in the past. We will carry out Mr.     recently.                                 beautiful way to honor a friend and
Buky’s low prices of every kind.                                                    was much appreciated by the
                                          Mr. Wm. Sweeney is very ill at this
Our motto will be quick sales and         writing.
low prices. Highest cash prices paid                                                The rock crusher is expected to
for your country produce. Dougherty                                                 arrive this week to prepare metal for
Bros., Shepherdsville.                    What became of the farmers in put         the proposed pike beginning at
                                          for this county? Why haven’t more         Cedar Creek bridge and running
***Democratic County Convention                                                     east.
                                          written about it?
to be held. S. B. Simmons,
Chairman, Democratic Committee.           ??? Hackney, who has typhoid fever,       Garry Thornberry is working
                                          is better as is his brother Tom, while    enthusiastically to make a success.
***Entertains:                            their mother is now ill and they fear
                                                                                    The recent marriage in Bardstown to
On August 17, Mr. and Mrs. D. M.          is developing the disease.
                                                                                    Mr. Alex Merrifield and Miss Nellie
Kelley, of near Mt. Eden entertained      Miss Margery Priest has returned to       Cisco is of local interest as both
a number of their friends. Those          her home after a visit to Misses          have numerous relatives here. Mr.
present were: R. C. Hardesty and                                                    Merrifield is a great grandson of the
                                          Mabel and Reca (sic) Simmons.
wife, Robert Peace, Lester Kelly and                                                late Rev. G. L. Rogers and his father
wife, Wm. Peace of Louisville,            Miss Meta Riley Cooper, who is
                                                                                    is a very wealthy merchant of
Chas. Daniels, Chas. Hardesty,            teaching at Harned, is ill of
                                                                                    Bloomfield, KY. Miss Cisco is a
Robert Hardesty Jr, Wm. Thurston,         appendicitis.
                                                                                    niece of the late Ben Bealmer.
Walker Clark and wife, D. M.
                                          Master Harry Bell is visiting
Kelley and wife, Misses Margaret                                                    Wilson Summers and sister, Mrs.
                                          relatives at Freelandville, Ind.
Hardesty, Bessie Clark, Lillian                                                     Davis, were called to Dyersburg,
Kelly, Messrs Delbert Kelley,             Master Boone Cooper is visiting his       Tenn. several weeks ago by the
Brooks Weller, Morris Foster, Robt.       uncle, H. G. Cooper of Okolona.           death of their only brother, Dr. Frank
Kelly, A. D. Kelly, Shelby Clark.                                                   Summers, pleasantly remembered
                                          Dr. Nutter and family, of Virginia,
                                                                                    here by the older people.
***In Loving Remembrance                  who are guests of Mrs. Nutter’s
                                          parents will return Thursday to their     ***Notice - Chicken dinner given
A poem in loving remembrance of                                                     for the benefit of the Church of Our
my dear Grandmother, Mrs. Mary                                                      Holy Redeemer in the Hall,
Elizabeth Engle, who died July 25,        W. J. Bell spent the week end with
                                                                                    Chapeze, Ky. Saturday, Sept. 18,
1 9 1 9 . F r o m h e r l o vi n g        friends at Pleasant Grove and
                                                                                    1919. All come a have a good time.
granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth             attended the revival there.
Cash.                                                                               ***Personal
                                          Misses Fannie and Catherine Melton
***Something doing at the Catholic        spent the week end at home.               Mrs. Dora Maraman and daughter,
Church, Mt. Washington. (Program                                                    Miss Wenonah, visited Horace
                                          Mr. Robert Lee Basket, of
outlined)                                                                           Maraman last week and attended the
                                          Indianapolis, Ind., is visiting his
***Mt. Elmira                             grandfather, John Gentry here.
                                                                                    Sr. Phillipa Henderson spent Sunday
(Cannot read most of column)              Dr. Allen Kirk and family are guests
                                                                                    with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phil
                                          of his parents.
Master Howard Zaring, who has                                                       Henderson.
been visiting his uncle ?? Matthews       The many friends of Mr. A. Kirk
has returned home.                        surprised her Tuesday when they

                                                        Page 410
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Miss Julie May King, of Louisville,     Rev. B. Alfred Owen, of San               attended and a nice little sum
spent Sunday with Mrs. Phil             Antonio, Texas, was the guests of         realized.
Henderson.                              friends here this week.
                                                                                  Mrs. J. B. Farris, of Cave City, spent
Mr. James Hickman, of Spencer           Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Masden, Miss           the week end with her aunt, Mrs. S.
County, spent Fair week here.           Eva Cundiff, Mr. Howard Masden            B. Stephens.
                                        and Mrs. N. J. Cundiff spent last
J. K. Ross, of Louisville, spent                                                  Rev. W. J. Banks, Lieut. Thos.
                                        Sunday at Lincoln Farm.
Thursday here.                                                                    McDonald, Misses Ruth Banks,
                                        Mr. Mike Marcum has returned              Maymee Stephens and Mrs. J. B.
The many friends of Irvine Snellen      home after spending a few days with       Farris motored to Mammoth Cave
are glad to see him home after          his father.                               Tuesday.
serving nearly two years with Uncle
Sam across the water.                   The guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mike           Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Stephens, Mrs.
                                        Marcum Sunday were Mr. and Mrs.           Maggie Howlett, Mrs. Maria Foster
Fosket Barrall, who has been            Ed. Marcum and daughter, Stella,          and Mrs. S. H. Ridgway motored to
overseas for over a year, spent Fair    and Mr. and Mrs. Claud Lutes.             Lincoln Farm Wednesday.
week here.
                                        Miss Lenny Lutes and friend               Jud Masden and wife and W. C.
Vern Jones and Oral Basham, of                                                    Herps, of Detroit, Mich, spent Fair
                                        accompanied by her cousins, Mr.
Leaches, spent Monday here.                                                       week with relatives here.
                                        and Mrs. Earl Kulmer, motored to
A large crowd was in town Saturday      Louisville Thursday afternoon where
                                                                                  Mr. Fred Hatzell, of Brooks, spent
attending court.                        she was their guest and returned
                                                                                  Wednesday here.
                                        home Sunday.
Taylor Mathis, of Lenora, spent                                                   ***Advertisement
Sunday with Henry Mathis.               Mr. Claud Lutes shipped a veal calf
                                        to Bob Jeffries, in Louisville, which     Oh! Such Pain! Dizzy - dragged
Geo. M. Barrall and wife, of Kansas                                               down? With dull headache,
                                        brought $33.15 at seven weeks old.
City, are visiting relatives here.                                                backache – racking with pain here
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Noah Smith and Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Stephens had as                                                and there – poor woman, she’s one
                                        and Mrs. J. E. Smith spent Sunday
their guests this week, Mr. and Mrs.                                              of many. On those days each month,
                                        with G. S. Patterson and family.
A. M. Johnson, and children, Mary,                                                when in other circumstances, she
Martha, James and Tom Johnston of       Lena Patterson is guest of relatives      would go to bed, she must still be at
Columbia City, Ind., and Miss           at Samuels, Ky.                           the desk or counter, or struggle
Margarete Farris, of Cave City, KY.                                               through the day as best she may with
                                        Mrs. Bettie Burch, of Louisville, is      her housework or her family cares.
(Note the two spellings, Johnson &
                                        spending some time with her               Usually, she who feels those
                                        children here.                            dragging-down or dizzy symptoms,
Miss Alice Ray Herring, of North                                                  and other pains caused by womanly
                                        Roy Shaw spent the week with his
Carolina, is visiting her aunt, Mrs.                                              disease, can be cured by Dr. Pierce’s
                                        cousin, Harris Shaw at Lotus and
W. J. Banks.                                                                      Favorite Prescription. It cures the
                                        attended the picnic at Samuels.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Foreman, of                                                    cause of those pains. Faded, jaded,
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Maraman,              tired, overworked, weak, nervous,
Louisville, are the guests of Mr. and
                                        Miss Dorothy Maraman and Miss             delicate woman are helped to
Mrs. S. A. Hornbeck this week.
                                        Edith Hancock and Tony spent              strength and health by Dr. Pierce’s
Misses Maymee Stephens and              Sunday at Fern Grove. A delightful        Favorite Prescription. It makes weak
Margarete Farris are visiting in        time was reported.                        women strong and sick women well.
Taylorsville, KY.                                                                 In liquid or tablets.
                                        Mrs. Nina Robards spent last week
The Woman’s Missionary Society          with Miss Maud O’Bryan.
                                                                                   ***For Sale - 10 ewes for sale at a
met with Mrs. Robert Mann this                                                     reasonable price. P. H. Henderson.
                                        The ice cream supper given by the
                                        BYPU Saturday evening was well

                                                      Page 411
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                             Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Advertisements for State Fair.       Lillian Thompson, Hallie Magruder,        Mrs. Sarah Hall and grandson,
Smashing, dashing, auto polo            Mayme Stephens, Mary Dawson,              Robert Hall, of Louisville, are
spectacular feature for fair. Prizes    Chas. Daniels, Blanche Engle, Ruby        spending several weeks with her
totaling $10,000 will lure World        Perry, Ida Greenwell, Martha Riley,       sister-in-law, Mrs. Fannie E. Hall.
Champion Horses to Fair. Cash           Maggie Wise, Lillian Monroe,
                                                                                  Misses Virginia and Lucile Cox, of
premiums of $40,000 is the              Elizabeth Cash, Pearl Lee, Willie M.
                                                                                  Louisville, spent a day or two last
guarantee fair banner beef show.        Ridgway, J. H. Sanders, Helen
                                                                                  week with their aunt, Mrs. Lizzie
                                        Burkholder, and perhaps a few
***Wanted                                                                         Owen.
To find the whereabouts of John W.                                                Henry Owen spent Thursday with
                                        The following bright young students
Smith, or Lucy Evelyn Smith,                                                      Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hall.
                                        were given county diplomas:
parents of Frank Smith, deceased                                                  William Simpson has sold his farm
soldier, who gave his emergency         Emily (looks like) Cravens, Herman
                                                                                  to “Judge” Castle, of High Grove,
address Box 3, Belmont, KY.             Johnson, Mary Bailey, Anna
                                                                                  for $10,000. Mr. Simpson has
                                        Kirkland, Ethel Graham, Stanley
     September 5, 1919                                                            purchased Hampton Tyler’s farm for
                                        Muire, Margaret Hughes, Kathryn
                                        Nusz, Crumbacker Jenkins, Francis
***School News
                                        Osborne, Kennith Bailey, Guyula           Mrs. Ode Douglas and little son, G.
The annual county teachers’ institute   Rexroat, Ruby Bowman, Dorothy             V. Douglass are at Sport Springs,
has been in session here this week      Samuels, Ada Buckman, Irene               KY visiting her mother, Mr. (sic)
with every teacher in attendance and    Stoghill, Lora Deacon, Kathryn            James McKinney.
a number of visitors have been here     Taylor, Ernest Doutaz, Ewell
                                                                                  Little Miss Doty Mildred Douglas,
from time to time.                      Weller, Fanny Essex, Hallie Wise,
                                                                                  of Shelbyville, is spending some
                                        Everitt Fisel, Clifford Wickersham,
The instructor, Prof. J. H. Sanders,                                              time with her father, A. V. Douglas.
                                        Thelma Hatfield.
in his usual earnest way, is leading
                                                                                  Russell and Dorsey Hall sent some
the work, while a number of             ***Baseball.
                                                                                  calves to the city Monday.
prominent speakers were here
                                        Two fine Louisville base ball teams
Tuesday and Wednesday.                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Albert Fisher spent
                                        came out and lined up against Dr.
                                                                                  Saturday in Louisville the guests of
The following teachers have been        Ridgway’s team of “Country Jakes”
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Fisher.
seen here during the week:              in which the locals lost the first 6 to
                                        10 and won the second game 9 to 10.       During a storm Wednesday night,
Lillian Spaulding, Christian
                                                                                  lightning struck a tree on the farm of
Armstrong, Lillian Wiggington,          Following players in Shepherdsville       H. C. Tyler and killed three calves
Mabel Sutton, Eula Funk, Bertha         uniforms: Henderson, Hagan,
                                                                                  that were under it.
Wallace, Mattie Funk, Hallie Wise,      Bridwell, Huston, Ridgway, Noe,
Edith H. Lee, Jennie Carpenter,         Cundiff, Viers, Hardy, Cundiff,           Misses Evelyn Lanyans, Ada and
Margaret Hardesty, Mary Bell,           Croan, Hardy, Buckman and                 Jessie Harris spent Sunday with Mr.
Grace Griffin, Katherine Griffin,       Mumford.                                  and Mrs. Everitt Newton.
Mary Thompson, Effie Johnson,
                                        ***On the Mt. Washington Road             Edward Owen purchased a cow and
Pearl Hickerson, Nellie Scott, Birdie
                                                                                  calf from J. A. Ridgway.
Monroe, Stella Brumley, Nadine          L. M. Gentry continues very ill.
Melton, Thelma Lee, Kate Melton,                                                  Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Nunnelley spent
                                        Mrs. J. W. Worner has tonsilitis.         Sunday with W. S. Gentry and
C. Hardesty, Mary Holsclaw, Edith
Wise, Katie Ball, A. A. Allison,        Theodore Gentry is very ill with          family.
Evelyn Sutton, Mrs. Allison, Bertha     Typhoid fever.
                                                                                  Orion Nunnelley and family spent
Engle, Lillie Mooney, Alleen
                                        Misses Helen and Henrietta Eggers         Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Swearingen, Clara Chambers, Ella
                                        have returned to their home in            Owen.
Stansbury, Grace Gabhert, Varina
                                        Louisville after a brief visit to their
Mudd, Anna Butler, Edyth Clark,
                                        aunt, Mrs. Louis Sauter.

                                                      Page 412
                           The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                            Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

Rev. W. H. Shaffer, Mrs. Shaffer       Mr. and Mrs. Lem Swearingen and           Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shaw spent
and Lin Shaffer, of Huntington, WV,    daughters, Misses Alleen and Texia        Saturday night and Sunday with his
visited Mrs. Shaffer’s aunt, Mrs.      and Alf Weller, motored to                parents, John Shaw and wife.
Louis Owen, the first of the week.     Bardstown Saturday and spent the
                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Skaggs, of Fla., Miss
                                       day with the former’s brother, Christ
Ira Flood, of Louisville, spent the                                              Margaret Leatherman of Louisville,
                                       Swearingen and wife.
week end with here with relatives                                                Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Hibbs and baby
and “a friend.”                        T. N. Adams spent Saturday night          of Louisville and others were
                                       with his sister, Mrs. Jesse Roby.         entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Edward Owen and family were                                                      Barger Sunday.
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.          Chas. Ratliff, wife and sons, Hugah
George Douglas.                        (sic) Noe, wife and children, Miss        Henry Biggs and wife and Willie
                                       Mary Shaw and others were all day         Dacon motored to Jeffersontown
Miss Evelyn Lanyans has returned                                                 Sunday to see Mrs. Biggs’ father
                                       guests of John Shaw and family
from a pleasant visit in Louisville                                              who was hurt in an automobile
with friends.                                                                    accident.
                                       Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jones, Mrs.
Mrs. J. O. Simmons and daughter                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ed Marcum and
                                       Amanda Love, of Indianapolis, and
spent Thursday with her mother,                                                  children, of Knob Creek, spent
                                       Mrs. Arp Harmon spent Sunday with
Mrs. J. D. Hough.                                                                Saturday night and Sunday with the
                                       Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Jones.
The stork came down this road last                                               latter’s brother, Jessie Parker and
                                       Miss Bessie Grant spent last week         family.
week and left a son at the home of
                                       the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Owen and a                                                   Lee Barger is having a well sunk in
                                       Roby at Solitude.
daughter with Mr. and Mrs. Richard                                               his yard by Roby Co.
Alcorn.                                Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jones attended
                                       Church at New Salem Sunday and            ***Cousin Clarence “Digs” Out
J. W. Douglas and family were
                                       took dinner with the former’s
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.                                                    Early last week, C. L. Croan and his
                                       brother, K. S. Jones and wife.
Richard Alcorn.                                                                  excellent family left for Louisville,
                                       Miss Mollie Roby spent the week           where they have purchased property
J. W. Douglas and family were                                                    and will reside.
                                       end with aunt Mrs. Mable Adams at
Sunday guests of Albert Fisher and
                                       Cedar Grove.
wife.                                                                            Bullitt County cannot afford to lose
                                       The Revival meeting which was             many Clarence Croans. He had his
T. J. Owen is building a new barn.                                               enemies, but he had his friends, and
                                       conducted by Rev. Wilhoit at
David Owen, of Highland Park,          Pleasant Hill school house closed         they are loyal as any man can boast
spent Sunday with his parents.         Sunday night with two additions for       of. Clarence Croan has pepper and
                                       New Salem Church.                         ginger, and get-up-an-go and all that
Work is progressing nicely on the                                                boundless energy and industry which
residence of Mrs. Bush on John         Miss Bessie Grant and Ray Walker
                                                                                 push men along to wealth and
Peacock’s farm.                        spent Sunday with Miss Texia
                                                                                 prominence. He was honest and
Miss Ruth Owen spent Monday in                                                   frank and fair. He was not afraid to
Louisville.                            Rena Shaw is spending the week            tell a man just what he had to say.
                                       with her aunt, Mrs. Ida Ratliff in        He was and is one of the truest
***Cedar Creek                                                                   friends who ever drew the breath of
Rev. Ben Cundiff, of Bardstown                                                   life. Beginning without a penny, he
                                       Mrs. Elmer Samuels, of Knob Creek,
Junction, filled Rev. Burns                                                      has by thrift and brain, amassed
                                       spent last week with her mother,
appointment at Victory Saturday                                                  enough wealth to allow him to live
                                       Mrs. W. R. Greenville (sic).
night and Sunday and was                                                         in comfort and even luxury if he so
                                       (Greenwell ?)
entertained in the home of Mr. and                                               desired. We regret to see him leave
Mrs. Chas. Newton.                     Mrs. James Roby spent Monday              Bullitt County and we repeat that we
                                       with Miss Frona James.

                                                     Page 413
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                               Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

cannot afford to lose many of his         ***Miller-Waters                          ***Family Reunion
kind.                                                                               The Fisher family held their sixth
                                          Miss Vira Inez Miller, formerly of
***Lebanon Junction                       this county, was married to Mr.           annual reunion in the home of Mr.
                                          Thurman Bernard Waters at                 and Mrs. Albert Fisher on Labor
Miss Ella B. Elliot, of Boston, is the                                              day, September 1, 1919. Sixteen of
                                          Brighton, Col., August 26.
guest of her friend, Miss Della                                                     the sixty-six descendants were
Shane.                                    The bride is the daughter of Edward       present. The illness of W. E. Fisher,
                                          Miller of Belmont, and taught music       of Seatonville, prevented his family
Mr. Cecil Salmon spent several days
                                          in this county for several years. She     from attending. The family of the
last week in Meade County and
                                          has been living in Colorado for           late George Fisher, living in New
reports a nice time.
                                          several years, where she has a music      Albany and Louisville, were unable
Mrs. W. P. Salmon and sister, Mrs.        class.                                    to be present owing to the car strike.
W. M. Lambe, motored to
                                          Mr. Waters is superintendent of the       A bountiful basket dinner was
Bardstown last week to see their
                                          Swift Box Co. in Denver and also a        served at 12 n. consisting of lots of
friend, Mrs. Lizzie Richey.
                                          returned soldier. They will remain        good eats.
Mrs. Sam Shane and family spent           near Denver.
Monday evening with Mrs. W. P.                                                      Music, pleasant conversation, ice
                                          ***Bank Cashiers Rusticate Among          cream, lemonade, and melons made
Salmon and family.
                                          the Elite at Swell Atlantic City.         the afternoon pass all too quickly.
Mrs. Owen Corbin, who has been
                                          Tiring of the ennui and monotony of       After singing “God be with you til
visiting friends in Martinsville, Ind.,
                                          dull old Shepherdsville, James            we meet again” they left for their
has returned home and reports a nice
                                          Hardaway and Bud Combs, two               homes to meet again on Labor Day,
                                          luminous financial luminaries hied        1920 in the home of Charles K.
Mrs. J. H. Ricketts, who has been to      themselves away to the golden sands       Fisher.
Martinsville Sanitarium for her           and gay haunts of Atlantic City last
health, has returned home not much        Sunday a week and from the meager         ***Notice
improved.                                 reports which have crept into our
                                                                                    A special meeting of Star of Hope
                                          town, the boys must be literally
Mr. Owen Corbin is spending the                                                     Chapter will be held at Masonic
                                          setting that ultra fashionable bathing
week with his mother in Columbia,                                                   Temple, Tues. evening, Sept. 9th, at
                                          resort on fire. It has been said by
KY.                                                                                 8 o’clock prompt, for the purpose of
                                          those who should know that they
                                                                                    initiation and installation. All
Mrs. Edlin, of Boston, spent the day      wear fewer clothes in Atlantic City
                                                                                    members are urged to be present. By
Sunday with Mrs. Sam Shane.               than any other place in existence         order of Ella Pope, W. M.; Ada
                                          except Borneo and the Fiji Islands.
Mr. W. M. Lambe and family                                                          Troutman, Sec.
                                          Jim and Bud are stopping at the
motored to Lincoln Farm Sunday.           Monticello Hotel, where you can            ***Notice
Mr. Esau Thurman and wife, of             obtain very good cheap board for
                                                                                     We cordially invite the public to
Illinois, has been visitor his sister,    sixteen dollars and thirty-four cents
                                                                                     visit our store in the future as in the
Mrs. Chas. Masden.                        per day. It is right on the board walk,
                                                                                     past. We will carry out Mr. Buky’s
                                          close to the beach and the boys can
Mr. James Ricketts spent last week                                                   low prices of every kind.
                                          look out of their windows and see
in Martinsville visiting relatives.       the girls dipping their shapely forms      Out motto will be quick sales and
Mr. Chester Newman, wife and son          into the murmuring waves of the            low prices.
spent Sunday with his mother.             vast ocean. The richest and most
                                                                                     Highest cash prices paid for your
                                          beautiful girls of the East visit
Mrs. Joe Burchel died at her home                                                    country produce.
                                          Atlantic City and you can rest
Wednesday. She leaves a husband,          assured that Jim and Bud will hold         Dougherty Bros., Shepherdsville.
son and daughter to mourn her loss.       their own up there.

                                                        Page 414
                             The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

***Advertisement                         The statement that not a single case      is not a person of her acquaintance
                                         of delirium tremors is found in the       who is not sorry to see her go, for
South Louisville Feed Store, T. R.       city hospital today for the first time    she is the quintessence of pure
Peak, Manager, Old Third Street,         in its history is sufficient              u n a f f e c t e d c l e v e r n e s s a nd
Louisville, KY.                          endorsement of prohibition and            sociability.
***Hebron                                justifies its adoption.
                                                                                   When the women vote, we expect to
Rev. McLaughlin, of Lexington, Ky,       Road working is the order of the day      see Miss Evelyn elected to just any
has just closed a successful meeting     here. Let’s have some first class         office she desires, for when it comes
at Hebron. He is a preacher of much      engineering for without this, the         to shaking hands and speaking to her
ability and a gifted orator. His         work will be in vain.                     acquaintances, she just about heads
sermons were much appreciated by                                                   the list.
                                         Mrs. W. H. Beeler entertained
all who heard him and we think           Sunday, Aug. 24th in honor of Mr          We wish for Dr. Bates and his
much good accomplished.                  Beeler’s birthday. A number of            splendid family success and
Dr. Allen Kirk and Mrs. Kirk, who        friends were present. Ice cream,          happiness in their new home and
have been with Dr. and Mrs. Geo.         sherbert and cake were served.            whenever they wish to come back to
Kirk since July have gone to their                                                 Bullitt, the latch strings will be
                                         Dr. Kelley is furnishing the
home in the city for the winter.                                                   found on the outside.
                                         community with choice beef every
Miss Lena Williams, of Taylorsville,     Saturday.                                 ***Personal
KY is with her aunt, Mrs. S. B.          ***Pie Supper and County Store to         Mrs. W. C. Boyd left Friday for New
Williams and Mr. Williams.               be given at Hays School House             York to join Mr. Boyd.
Miss Mammie McGonigal, city, is          Saturday night, Sept. 6th for benefit
                                                                                   Mrs. S. B. Simmons and Mrs. J. H.
the guest of her friend, Mrs. E. C.      of school. Everybody come and help        Ferris and Son spent Friday in the
Tyler.                                   a good cause. Ida May Greenwood,          city.
Mr. Jordan Blankenship and family                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Alex Ash and children
have moved into the residence            ***Will Locate in Louisville              spent the week end with their aunt,
recently purchased from W. J. Bell.      The friends and acquaintances of the      Mrs. Phil Henderson.
We welcome them in our midst.
                                         Bates family will regret to learn that    Mrs. E. P. Kelly, of Hawesville, is
J. D. Robards has built an addition      Dr. and Mrs. Bates have decided to        visiting Mrs. Horace Maraman this
to the barn of W. J. Bell.               locate in Louisville and will remove      week.
                                         there within a few days. While in the
Sam Bell, of Texas, is the guest of                                                Corporal Ernest F. Lutes is visiting
                                         army, Dr. Bates was under some of
his mother and other relatives here.                                               his aunt, Mrs. Phil Henderson. Corp.
                                         the best physicians in the United
Mr. Stith visited his parents in         States and had charge of many             Lutes’ many friends gladly welcome
Meade County last week.                  patients and his experience will be       him home after fifteen months
                                         invaluable to him when he re-enters       service in France and Germany.
Our teachers are attending the
                                         the practice. Before leaving New
institute this week in Shepherdsville.                                             Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Watkins, of
                                         York, he was made a captain in
May they receive much information                                                  Louisville, spent Saturday here.
                                         recognition of his loyalty and
and inspiration for their work. The                                                Marvin Roby spent Monday here.
                                         splendid service. Both Captain and
real teacher, like the poet is born,
                                         Mrs. Bates have lived here all their
but needs much development both                                                    Wilma Lee Hatzell, of Brooks, spent
                                         lives and have been prominent in
mentally and spiritually. Follow the                                               this week with relatives here.
                                         church, lodge and social circles, and
Great Teacher.                                                                     Rodger Whit (sic) is building Mr. R.
                                         their many friends regret to see them
Mrs. Anna Dearing and daughter,          go.                                       L. Simmons’ a new residence near
Mrs. Joe Blandford, spent the week                                                 Buffalo Run.
                                         As for Evelyn, the pride and hope of
end with Mrs. J. R. Bell. Mrs.
                                         the Bates household, we hope there
Dearing will remain out a few days.

                                                       Page 415
                              The Pioneer News, 1918 - 1919 - J. W. Barrall, Editor
                              Transcribed from microfilm by Edith Blissett in the year 2003

The town is full of pretty school        Mrs. Kate Hamington (sic) and             of the latter’s uncle, J. W. Loyd (sic)
teachers.                                children have returned home after         and wife.
                                         spending the week with her parents,
J. B. Buky and family, W. E. Ashby                                                 Sorry to say that Theodore Gentry is