Quality Education of Indonesia in World Currency by f4jarhudy


									                     Quality Education of Indonesia in World Currency

         Enjoying a dozen years of education in Indonesia makes me Sad. Assessment of
results-oriented, not process. Fostering ignore EQ and SQ. Rote content, how quickly cleared the
matter, and "science" that when the mind even more and make sure - no matter the emphasis of
critical thinking and positive mental attitude formation. Trilogy basic educational aspects of
cognitive-psychomotor-affective (intentionally?) Are ignored.

        In Indonesia, the quality of teachers in Indonesia is also still (sorry) of concern. High
school graduates who typically run to ace-sounding places: Medical Science, Engineering,
Economics, and so forth. Practically, those who enter Science Education is the "residual" which
failed to compete entered into the department's elite.

        Another example is the newly passed national exam some time ago. According to PP
19/2005, UAN is an indicator of graduation. But many are not useful for assessing the UAN
condition only abuses - for the sake of the students and the school raised its image. Teachers,
principals, and even local officials involved so successful teams. Passing grade set, but the
infrastructure, facilities, and resources has not been conditioned. Once the drop, all the way to
murid pass, not by introspection. We want to look good, but Did not want to be really good.

        Some deplore efforts three years only determined in three days. Many students are
intelligent diterima SPMB Admissions Selection, but failed in the exam. Murid actually
burdened mentally smart. Moreover, if not pass, they must repeat the package C, which lost
much prestige. Encouragement to learn in the end it raised difficult and impossible to obtain
maximum results.

        On the other hand, the quality of education is so low. With the passing grade is very low
compared to neighboring countries, still many who do not graduate. When there is a discourse to
raise standards, the protests here and there. The solution? Maybe just revert to the old Ebtanas
systems were deemed more "fair" and does not invite a lot of problems - while waiting for exam
format that really fit for this country.

        What is clear, if the CBC / SBC applied, we all got to be consistent. Evaluation should be
based on the process. UAN does not need imposed as a determinant of graduation. But the extent
of our readiness (especially in the area) to implement it? That's our homework together.

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