Epidemiology of Tumours

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					Epidemiology of Tumours

Cancer Incidence (Most common tumour)                       Nonhereditary Predisposing Conditions
               Male                                Female   Chronic inflammation, cancer
Lung                                Breast                  Ulcerative colitis
Prostate                            Cervix                  Crohn disease
Colorectal                          Colorectal              Helicobacter pylori gastritis
                                                            Chronic pancreatitis
Environmental Factors                                       Hepatocellular carcinoma
Alcohol abuse                                                    Hepatitis B, C
Oropharynx cancer                                                Chronic active/ progressive hepatitis
Larynx cancer                                                    Cirrhosis of liver
Esophagus cancer                                            Precancerous conditions
Liver cancer                                                Chronic atrophic gastritis of pernicious anaemia
Cigarette smoking                                           Solar keratosis of skin (SCC of skin)
Oropharynx cancer                                           Chronic ulcerative colitis
Larynx cancer                                               Leukoplakia of oral cavity, vulva, penis (SCC)
Lung cancer                                                 Rare in benign tumour (except villous adenoma of colon)
Cervical cancer                                             Fibrocystic disease of breast with atypical epithelial hyperplasia
Age of 1st intercourse                                      Atypical/ complex endometrial hyperplasia
No. of sex partners

Genetic Predisposition of Cancer (Autosomal Dominant)
RB – Retinoblastoma
P53 – Li-Fraumeni syndrome
P16INK4A – Melanoma
APC – Familial adenomatous polyposis/ colon cancer
NF1, NF2 – Neurofibromatosis
BRCA1, BRCA2 – Breast, Ovarian tumours
MEN1, RET – Multiple endocrine neoplasia 1, 2
MSH2, MLH1, MSH6 – Hereditary nonpolyposis colon cancer
PATCH – Nevoid basal cell ca syndrome

Familial Cancers
Breast cancer
Ovarian cancer
Colon cancer
Brain tumour

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