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									                                 APSCC Monthly Newsletter
                                                     MARCH 2011
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                           News in this issue has been collected from February 1 through February 28.


APSCC 2011 Satellite Conference and Exhibition
27 – 29 September, 2011 Bali, Indonesia
This year the annual conference of APSCC is heading towards South East Asia!

APSCC will hold its annual flagship Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications, Broadcasting and Space Conference
and Exhibition (APSCC 2011), an international festival of the satellite and the space-related industries, on
September 27 – 29, 2011. This time, APSCC 2011 will be held at the Island of God, Bali, Indonesia. It is the 14th
conference of APSCC and the first one taking place in Indonesia –triggering the attention of the satellite industry
for business activities to the Southeast-Asian region. The event will bring an outstanding insight into the satellite
industry of the South-East Asian region through CEO Roundtables, panel discussions and presentation sessions.
For exhibition and sponsorship inquiries, contact the APSCC Secretariat.

CommunicAsia2011 Satellite Communications Summit
21 June, 2011 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
APSCC co-presents Satellite Communications Summit at CommunicAsia 2011 this year on 21 June at Marina
Bay Sands, Singapore in partnership with talk Satellite and Singapore Exhibition Services. Theme under
“Broadband-Driven Trends” the Satellite Communications Summit this year will focus on various topics in the
industry. For further inquiries on the speaking slot or registration, please contact the APSCC Secretariat.

Globecomm Awarded US$2.6 Million Infrastructure Contract
February 1, 2011 - Globecomm Systems Inc. has been awarded an infrastructure contract valued at US$2.6
million. Under the terms set forth in the contract, Globecomm will provide a turnkey RF electronics install for
multipleTelemetry, Tracking & Control Earth stations. Globecomm anticipates the completion of this contract in
the Company's fiscal year 2012 third quarter ending March 31, 2012.

Gilat Selected to Provide Satellite Broadband Network for Military Communications
February 2, 2011 - Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. has been selected by a defense agency to provide a SkyEdge II
broadband network for military communications. The system will serve various military branches and units as part
of a single, unified multi-band communications network. Gilat's SkyEdge II hubs will be located in a geographically
redundant layout for improved survivability. Applications supported by the network include VoIP, high-speed data
and video applications for C4I (command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence), as well as
logistic applications. A variety of different Ku and Ka-band SkyEdge II terminals will be incorporated to connect
mission-critical applications at fixed sites as well as transportable and on-the-move communications which include
low-profile antennas installed on vehicles.

Hughes to Provide Ground Communications System and Core Technologies for MEXSAT Project
February 2, 2011 - Hughes Network Systems, LLC is selected by Boeing to provide the Ground Communications
Network (GCN) for the MEXSAT Satellite Based Network (SBN) system. The GCN is installed at two gateway
sites, comprising Satellite Base Stations, Core Cellular Network Switching and related equipment, Customer Care
and Billing Systems and reference user terminals. Hughes has already commenced work on the 33-month project,

APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                                          1                                                March 2011
and will supply system design and development engineering, fabrication and development of gateways, factory
integration, and test of all subsystems, as well as site installation and final delivery into service.

First Iridium Next Hosted Payload Agreement Signed
February 3, 2011 - Iridium Communications Inc. announced that Orbital Sciences Corporation has signed an
agreement with Iridium that reserves hosted payload capacity on Iridium’s next-generation satellite constellation,
Iridium NEXT. Under the terms of the agreement, Orbital will make several non-refundable deposits totaling
US$10 million in 2011 for a right-of-first refusal on 20 percent of the network’s capacity to host third-party
payloads. The parties also have agreed to the basic terms of Orbital purchasing this hosted payload capacity on
behalf of its customers.

Sky-Stream Launches New IP-TV Streaming Service Based on iDirect’s VSAT Platform
February 8, 2011 - VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect) announced that Sky-Stream FZ LLC, a Dubai-based provider of
connectivity and satellite service solutions, has launched a satellite IP-TV streaming service over the iDirect
platform. The recreational service, which utilizes the Apple TV platform, allows customers in the Middle East and
Africa to immediately access on-demand programs in remote locations where such services are not accessible.
Sky-Stream’s IP-TV service provides on-demand, high-quality streaming for movies as well as news and sports
shows offered through Apple TV. The new offering is an expansion of Sky-Stream’s standard Voice over IP (VoIP)
and Internet service that it provides to military and civil defense customers in Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of Africa.

Supernet Ltd. Serves Growing VSAT Market in Pakistan with SES WORLD SKIES
February 8, 2011 - SES WORLD SKIES has signed an agreement with Supernet Limited, Pakistan's satellite
service provider, for high powered Ku-band transponder capacity on the NSS-6 satellite at the orbital location of
95 degrees East. This capacity will support a large VSAT network for corporate customers in Pakistan. Supernet
is already a customer of SES WORLD SKIES for 52 MHz of C-Band transponder capacity on the NSS-12 satellite,
which supports a 60 site GSM backhaul network for one of the leading GSM operators in Pakistan. With over 16
years of experience, Supernet has deployed a number of satellite-based networks including four large GSM
backhaul networks operating in Pakistan. Supernet also operates multiple VSAT hubs on different satellites to
support corporate customers.

Yahsat Appoints Firms for Satellite Broadband Services
February 8, 2011 - Star Satellite Communications Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Al Yah Satellite
Communications Company (Yahsat), has appointed Axiom Telecom and Sky Stream to provide Yahsat’s satellite
broadband service, YahClick, in the UAE. YahClick will be the first satellite broadband system to service the
Middle East, Africa and South-West Asia and will be available through Y1B, Yahsat’s second satellite to be
launched in Q4 2011. The service will meet the growing connectivity needs of the region and bring reliable,
uninterrupted and affordable broadband internet to customers, offering cost-effective broadband service at to
consumers and enterprise customers.

SpeedCast Delivers Global Ku-band Coverage to Meet Customers' Global Mobility Needs
February 9, 2011 - SpeedCast Ltd. announced the extension of its Global Ku-band coverage to offer complete
coverage over Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. In parallel, SpeedCast announced new flexible service plans
under its FlyCast portfolio of rapid deployment products. SpeedCast pioneered the delivery of a global Ku-band
network, using multiple satellites and beams, specifically to support the needs of highly mobile customers with
rapid deployment requirements, such as media, disaster management, and maritime applications. Over the past
several years, SpeedCast has developed this extensive infrastructure for providing seamless connectivity over
Africa, the Middle East, and Asia for broadband communications services.

O3b Signs Global Framework Agreement with Etisalat Group
February 9, 2011 - O3b Networks Limited, the developer of a new global, high-speed, satellite-based internet
network for telecommunications operators and ISPs, has signed a global framework agreement with Etisalat
Group, headquartered in the UAE and with more than 100 million customers across the Middle East, Africa and
Asia. This framework agreement will enable any of Etisalat Group's Operating Companies (OpCos) to benefit from
O3b services under a separate bilateral agreement. The five year agreement will see O3b provide mobile
backhaul, trunking and next generation services to Etisalat Group OpCos. The deal establishes O3b as a qualified
global supplier that can meet the future growth demands of any of the Etisalat OpCos.

12 Transponder Ku-band Beam for India Contracted on SES-7
February 14, 2011 - SES WORLD SKIES announced that it had entered into a multi-year, multi-transponder
agreement that covers all 12 Ku-band transponders on the India beam of the SES-7 satellite. The capacity on
SES-7 will be used to support the growth and expansion of India's thriving DTH market.
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EchoStar Will Acquire Hughes Communications in a Deal Valued at US$2 Billion
February 14, 2011 - EchoStar Corp. announced it will acquire all of the outstanding equity of Hughes
Communications and its subsidiaries including its main operating subsidiary, Hughes Network Systems, LLC, in a
transaction valued at about US$2 billion. Under the terms of the transaction, Hughes' shareholders will receive
US$60.70 per share without interest, which is a 31% premium over the company's unaffected closing price of
U$46.42 on January 19, 2011. It is expected to close late in the year and is subject to certain closing conditions.

GeoDecisions Selects ORBCOMM for Global Data Communications
February 17, 2011 - ORBCOMM Inc., a global satellite data communications company focused on two-way
Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications, announced that GeoDecisions has selected ORBCOMM to provide
global satellite and cellular communications for GeoILS, its innovative, Web-based portal based on IRRIS
technology that supports transportation security and logistics for federal and state agencies as well as the private

Intellian Updates Global Satellite Antenna Range with DTH Content Support
February 17, 2011 - Intellian announced an upgrade to the only marine satellite TV antenna range compatible
with programming signals in all world markets, the w-Series. With a newly designed multi-band WorldViewTM
Low Noise Block-Down Converter (LNB) and receiver, the w-Series now provides DVB-S2 Digital TV reception
giving boaters the ability to enjoy their favorite Direct-To-Home (DTH) entertainment at sea just like on shore. The
highly stable, next generation WorldView LNB delivers one hundred times better accuracy and greater signal
sensitivity than other satellite antenna systems on the market. The new Intellian w-Series provides the ultimate in
convenience, connecting boaters to a virtually limitless selection of free and pay Standard Definition and High
Definition programming all over the world with one LNB module.

Inmarsat Awards Contract to iDirect for Global Xpress Service
February 18, 2011 - Inmarsat has awarded a contract to VT iDirect (iDirect) for Inmarsat's forthcoming Global
Xpress service. Under this contract iDirect will provide the ground network infrastructure and core module
technology for integration into the satellite terminals for Inmarsat's Global Xpress service. The network and core
modules supplied by iDirect will be consistent with the Global Xpress objective of delivering up to 50Mb/s
downlink speeds to 60cm aperture terminals.

SpaceCom and ABS Sign Multiple Transponder Deal on ABS-7
February 21, 2011 - Asia Broadcast Satellite (ABS) and SpaceCom International, LLC (SpaceCom) have signed a
long term, multi-transponder agreement for Ku-band capacity on ABS-7 to support SpaceCom’s rapid growth
throughout the Middle East and Asia. The Middle East Ku-band capacity will be used to support the Government,
Military, GSM/Cellular, Telecom and Oil & Gas requirements. The addition of this Ku-band capacity to their
inventory allows SpaceCom to deliver new solutions as well as expand many existing network requirements,
using the most advanced satellite technology available.

Boeing Forms Commercial Satellite Services Group to Sell Satellite Capacity
February 22, 2011 - Boeing has established Boeing Commercial Satellite Services to market commercial satellite
telecommunications services to the U.S. government and other satellite users. Headquartered in El Segundo, the
group is a part of Boeing Space & Intelligence Systems. Boeing Commercial Satellite Services will work with the
owners of satellite systems to market available bandwidth on active systems as well as to include hosted
payloads on their future spacecraft. The new division will market the payloads to prospective customers in
cooperation with the host satellites' owners.

Astrium to Provide Operations and Maintenance Solution to UAE’s Yahsat System
February 22, 2011 - Astrium Services has signed a five year contract for tens of millions euros with Yahsat to
provide comprehensive support to manage and control the operations, training and maintenance of the Civil
Ground and Management Segments of the UAE’s Armed Forces new, state-of-the-art, military satellite
communications system. Through its range of Paradigm services, Astrium will be prime contractor for the support
in Operations and Maintenance of the Yahsat system, and will use its unique expertise in network operations,
customer services, and logistical support to ensure that the system is successfully brought into service. The
system will then be capable of delivering state-of-the-art services to the UAE’s Armed Forces throughout its

Inmarsat’s New Fleetbroadband Service to Support Telemetry and Tracking
February 22, 2011 - Inmarsat will launch a new service for sending telemetry data via FleetBroadband later this
year. The Dynamic Telemetry Service (DTS) will allow cost-effective transmission of the constant low-data
communications (used by telemetry and tracking solutions) from all FleetBroadband terminals. It will support a
APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                               3                                        March 2011
range of applications - from engine management systems on deep-sea tankers sending real-time data to shore-
based specialists, to vessel monitoring systems for fisheries protection.

KT Partners with SpeedCast to Provide Global Maritime Communication Services
February 23, 2011 - KT has signed an alliance agreement with SpeedCast Limited to deliver global maritime
network services for its international maritime customers via SpeedCast's global Ku-band network. As part of the
alliance agreement, SpeedCast will provide access to its global Ku-band maritime network for KT's international
maritime customers. In return, KT will provide SpeedCast with access to its own Ku-band coverage along the
Korean coast line and beyond, using its Koreasat 5 satellite. Furthermore the two companies will link their
teleports and satellite hubs to offer their customers a more resilient and robust service.

Vizada Networks Implements iDirect-based VSAT Infrastructure in Europe for Large Civil Defense Agency
February 28, 2011 - VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect) announced that Vizada Networks, an independent satellite
communications provider, was recently awarded a contract by a large civil defense agency to provide satellite
infrastructure and training services. Vizada Networks has just completed installation of an iDirect hub at the
agency’s headquarters and trained the agency’s engineers to install iDirect remotes at each of its outposts. By
providing iDirect-based satellite infrastructure, Vizada Networks is helping establish a vital communications link
among thousands of staff of a large defense agency dispersed across several outposts. iDirect’s VSAT platform is
specifically designed to provide the heightened communications availability and reliability that international
defense and government organizations require.

ND SatCom Sale to Astrium Completed
February 28, 2011 - SES ASTRA and Astrium confirmed that the purchase of a 75.1 percent stake by Astrium in
the satellite equipment provider and ground system integrator ND SatCom, based in Friedrichshafen, Germany,
has been completed. SES ASTRA remains a minority shareholder with 24.9 per cent. The terms of the transaction
were not disclosed. SES ASTRA had acquired a first 10 per cent stake in ND SatCom in December 2000 and
increased this stake to 25 per cent in April 2005 and to 100 per cent in May 2006. The sale of a majority stake to
Astrium was announced on 22 October 2010.

DIRECTV International Launches DISHA India
February 2, 2011 - DIRECTV is now the exclusive provider of DISHA India in the U.S., offering spiritual, social
and cultural programming to uplift the spirit and stimulate the mind. This invigorating channel is now available in
all of DIRECTV's South Asian programming packages, as part of the DIRECTV International platform. The multi-
year agreement with DISHA India brings to viewers in the U.S. top-rated popular programs that have made
DISHA one of the fastest growing spiritual networks and a preferred network to Asian Indians. The DISHA lineup
features spiritual documentaries, "good news," health shows, live events, socio-spiritual programming, cultural
ceremonies, meditation, devotional music and astrology.

Capacity Deal on SES-6 Satellite to Facilitate HD and Channel Growth
February 3, 2011 - SES WORLD SKIES announced a capacity extension agreement with TIBA to enable the
distribution of an expanding channel lineup across Latin America through 2030. TIBA has agreed to extend its use
of more than five transponders aboard SES WORLD SKIES’ advanced SES-6 satellite for the entire life of the
spacecraft. SES-6 is scheduled to replace NSS-806 when it’s launched in early 2013 with more capacity in the
coveted 319.5 degrees East orbital slot. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the full-service satellite
communications provider relies on SES WORLD SKIES capacity and expertise to deliver premium, brand-name
television programming to thousands of cable operators serving more than 30 million households throughout the
entire region. Distribution services were initiated earlier this month as part of the capacity deal designed to
provide continuous coverage aboard NSS-806 and its advanced replacement SES-6.

ASBU, Arabsat and Newtec Enhance MENOS Newsgathering Service
February 9, 2011 - Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), Arabsat and Newtec are offering extended services
and products for fast news gathering (FNG) and HDTV contribution and exchange on the Multimedia Exchange
Network Over Satellite (MENOS™) platform for existing and new customers throughout the MENA region. FNG
on the MENOS platform offers a range of benefits that bring FNG within reach of any broadcaster or news agency.
MENOS FNG opens up the opportunity for any broadcaster to procure an FNG capability at a very attractive total
cost of ownership. MENOS FNG is also based on open standards, such as DVB-S2 and MPEG-4 AVC SD. Other

APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                              4                                         March 2011
mobile satellite system FNG solutions are based on unilateral (point-to-point) contributions from the news
reporters to the news room of the individual news agency or broadcaster.

Dish TV India Uses AsiaSat 5 to Expand DTH Offerings
February 10, 2011 - Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat) announced that Dish TV India Limited,
part of the Zee Group, will be utilizing four 54 MHz Ku-band transponders on AsiaSat 5 to enhance its HD and SD
DTH offerings in India. Dish TV is the largest DTH operator in India and serves over 9.5 million subscribers with
an expanding bouquet of some 270 channels and services. Additional transponder capacity on AsiaSat 5 will
enable Dish TV to significantly increase its DTH offerings to more than 30 HD and 320 SD channels.

MEASAT to Distribute 2 New GlobeCast Channels
February 11, 2011 - MEASAT Satellite Systems has announced an agreement with GlobeCast to distribute two
new channels, TV5Monde Asia and Travel Channel. The two new channels are being broadcasted across Asia,
Australia and the Middle East via the MEASAT-3 satellite. MEASAT-3 is collocated with the MEASAT-3a satellite
at 91.5 degrees East. The satellite’s neighborhood is able to bring these international channels to a wide
audience across the region.

New 12-Year Contract Inked Between Eutelsat and Mediaset to Expand Digital TV in Italy
February 15, 2011 - Elettronica Industriale, the network operator of Italy's Mediaset Group, and Eutelsat
Communications announced the signature of a 12-year contract for capacity at the HOT BIRD video
neighborhood. The new contract for one transponder further consolidates a 20-year relationship between the two
companies, increasing Mediaset's HOT BIRD resources to five transponders. It will support Italy's nationwide
transition into a fully digital broadcasting environment, particularly addressing Mediaset's requirement to deliver
channels to its network of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitters.

New Media Legend Picks Eutelsat to Launch 'Scene' TV Platform for Russian Satellite Homes
February 23, 2011 - New Media Legend, one of Russia's principal suppliers of uplink services for pay-TV
platforms and channels, has selected the 36 degrees East satellite neighborhood operated by Eutelsat
Communications for a new broadcasting platform providing Russian and international channels to complement
the NTV Plus and Tricolor TV platforms. Following the signature of a long-term contract with Eutelsat, the new
participation program, called Scene, is using two transponders at 36 degrees East. The launch of Scene adds
further impetus to the 36 degrees East neighborhood that New Media Legend describes as Russia's 'most
popular satellite TV position'. Over seven million homes in Russia as far as the Urals are already equipped with
antennas pointing to 36° East for DTH reception of the NTV Plus and Tricolor TV platforms. Scene is opening a
new opportunity for channels, that already include NHK World TV and Europa Plus TV, to reach into Russia's
vibrant TV market.

RRSat Providing 3D Delivery of Fashion TV Programming on Three Satellites
February 23, 2011 - RRsat Global Communications Network Ltd. announced that it is providing uplink, playout
and connectivity services for fashiontv H3, the 3D programming on the Fashion TV Paris HD channel. Beginning
February 18, 2011, for the duration of one week, fashiontv H3D began daily 3D broadcasts between 2pm and
11pm (local Paris, New York and Hong Kong time) in 10 minute programs, in order to collect feedback from
viewers and operators. As a result of the positive feedback, FTV has doubled the shows broadcast as part of the
FTV HD programming played out and distributed by RRsat on its DTH platforms on the Intelsat-805 satellite over
North, Central and South America, on the EUROBIRD-9A satellite to Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and on
the Asiasat-5 satellite to Asia and Australia.

Lockheed Martin Team Completes GOES-R Weather Satellite Preliminary Design Review
February 1, 2011 - The Lockheed Martin team designing NASA and NOAA's Geostationary Operational
Environmental Satellite R-series (GOES-R) weather satellite has successfully completed its system Preliminary
Design Review. GOES-R is the nation's next generation geostationary weather satellite. The GOES-R team will
now proceed with detailed design work for the spacecraft that will lead to the Critical Design Review scheduled for
early 2012. The GOES-R mission will improve forecasting quality and timeliness generating significant economic
benefits to the nation in the areas of climate monitoring, ecosystems management, commerce and transportation.

APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                              5                                         March 2011
Israel Signed a Cooperation Agreement with ESA
February 2, 2011 - Israel signed a Cooperation Agreement with ESA on January 30, 2011. The objective of this
agreement is to allow Israel and ESA to create the framework for more-intensive cooperation in ESA projects in
the future. Contacts and discussions regarding the Framework Agreement with ESA started in 2007. ESA experts
together with their Israeli counterparts will now jointly identify common areas of mutual interest, notably in the
area of space science and exploration.

NewSat Acquires Additional Satellite Space
February 2, 2011 - Australia’s NewSat has entered into an agreement to acquire valuable space assets in the
form of orbital slots for accommodating satellites. Currently licensed to AP Kypros Satellites Limited, a range of
frequency assignments at several orbital slots will be exclusively sublicensed to NewSat. The agreement covers
seven orbital slots in locations that cover all continents of the globe and are ideal for NewSat’s focus on high
value customers and growth markets. The slots will be used to accommodate a fleet of Jabiru satellites, providing
telecommunication services in the C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band spectrum.

Astrobotic Technology Announced Lunar Mission on SpaceX Falcon 9
February 6, 2011 - Astrobotic Technology Inc. has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch Astrobotic’s robotic
payload to the Moon on a Falcon 9. The expedition will search for water and deliver payloads, with the robot
narrating its adventure while sending 3D video. The mission could launch as soon as December 2013. The
Falcon 9 upper stage will sling Astrobotic on a four-day cruise to the Moon. Astrobotic will then orbit the moon to
align for landing. The spacecraft will land softly, precisely and safely using technologies pioneered by Carnegie
Mellon University for guiding autonomous cars. The rover will explore for three months, operate continuously
during the lunar days, and hibernate through the lunar nights. The lander will sustain payload operations with
generous power and communications.

Orbital Successfully Launches Minotaur I Rocket for U.S. Air Force
February 7, 2011 - Orbital Sciences Corporation has successfully launched a US Government payload aboard a
Minotaur I rocket in a mission that originated from Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB), California on February 5.
The launch was the 20th for the Minotaur family of launch vehicles since 2000. Of the 20 total missions, nine have
been carried out by the Minotaur I space launch vehicle configuration. Orbital's Minotaur product line was
developed under the US Air Force's Orbital/Suborbital Program (OSP). The initial five-year OSP contract was
awarded to Orbital in 1997, while the follow-on 10-year OSP-2 contract was received in 2003.

U.S. Navy Exercises Contract Option for Lockheed Martin to Build Fifth MUOS Satellite
February 7, 2011 - Lockheed Martin has received a US$339.6-million contract option from the U.S. Navy for the
fifth satellite in the Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) constellation. MUOS will replace the current Ultra High
Frequency Follow-On (UFO) system and provide assured communications, including simultaneous voice, video
and data, for mobile war-fighters. The first MUOS satellite is currently undergoing thermal vacuum testing at
Lockheed Martin’s facilities in Sunnyvale and along with the associated ground system, is scheduled for delivery
in mid-2011. The second satellite is also proceeding steadily in the production flow. The team is preparing to mate
the communications system module with the satellite’s propulsion core, allowing the team to begin environmental
testing of the fully integrated satellite in preparation for delivery in 2012.

Globalstar Announces Launch Schedule for New Satellites
February 9, 2011 - Globalstar, Inc. announced information regarding the launch of its new second-generation
satellites. Globalstar expects to conduct the next launch of six satellites in May plus two additional launches of six
satellites per launch within 60-90 days following the previous launch. All three launches will utilize the highly
reliable Soyuz launch vehicle and each will be conducted from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. In
October Globalstar successfully launched six new second-generation satellites using the Soyuz. Globalstar
contracted with Arianespace for a total of four launches of six satellites each using the Soyuz. Globalstar plans to
integrate the 24 new second-generation satellites with the eight first-generation satellites that were launched in
2007, to form a 32 satellite constellation. Globalstar signed a contract with Thales Alenia Space in late 2006 for
the design, manufacture and delivery of its second-generation constellation satellites.

Telenor Plans Hybrid Thor 7 Satellite
February 10, 2011 - The Telenor ASA Board has approved investment in a new expansion satellite. The satellite
will be named THOR 7 and is expected to be ready for launch towards the end of 2013 with a lifespan of 15-20
years. The satellite is intended to provide capacity for broadcasting requirements within Central and Eastern
Europe and additional capacity for maritime services. THOR 7 will join the established THOR fleet at the orbital
position of 1 degree West, which already serves nearly 17 million cable and satellite households throughout
Europe. The new satellite will also be equipped with additional capacity that allows Telenor Satellite Broadcasting
APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                                6                                         March 2011
(TSBc) to strengthen its maritime service proposition, providing data communication services in areas including
the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

Boeing to Study Commercial Space Capabilities for Military Use
February 10, 2011 - Boeing has received a US$900,000 study contract from the Military Satellite Communications
(MILSATCOM) Systems Directorate of the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. Under the
agreement, Boeing will explore ways to modify existing commercial satellite capabilities to meet MILSATCOM
needs. Boeing will focus on communications-on-the-move missions as well as connectivity for low-altitude
airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (AISR) platforms operating on Ka-band frequencies.
Boeing also will make recommendations about innovative and feasible acquisition alternatives, which will include
ways to apply commercial satellite procurement practices to the military acquisition process. The study
recommendations are scheduled to be delivered to the Air Force in July.

Mongolia Hopes to Launch Satellite by 2015
February 16, 2011 - Mongolia hopes to launch a space satellite by 2015 with help from Japan. A Japanese space
exploration team visited Mongolia and organized a two-day workshop at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
The workshop was attended by representatives of both countries' governments and a number of Japanese
companies, including Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi and Sumitomi. Mongolia now uses the "Ipstar-5" broadband
satellite for the delivery of TV and radio programs in rural areas. It uses the "Intelsat" satellite for
telecommunications and mobile phone services, and receives digital data on weather and natural disasters from
low-earth orbit satellites.

Orbital Awarded Contract for SES-8 by SES WORLD SKIES
February 17, 2011 - Orbital Sciences Corporation has placed a firm order for its sixth STAR communications
satellite for its worldwide network. The new satellite, SES-8, will provide Ku-band communication services to India
and the Southeast Asia region. SES-8 will feature 33 equivalent 36 MHz transponders and will generate
approximately 5.0 KW of payload power. It will be co-located at 95 degrees East Longitude with NSS-6 and will
enable SES to add capacity and new services to the market.

China Mars Probe Set for November Launch
February 21, 2011 - China's first Mars probe will be launched from a Russian rocket in November, two years later
than originally planned, state media reported Monday. China's Mars explorer, Yinghuo-1, marks the country's first
attempt at deep space exploration after sending a probe to the moon, the state-run China Daily reported, citing
comments from a China Academy of Space Technology official. The 110-kilogram micro-satellite was originally
due to blast off in October 2009 with Russia's "Phobos Explorer" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan
but the launch was postponed. The orbiter is due to probe the Martian space environment with a special focus on
what happened to the water that appears to have once been abundant on the planet's surface.

ATV Johannes Kepler Docked Automatically with the ISS
February 24, 2011 - After a flight of 4 million kilometres in space lasting almost a week, ATV-2 “Johannes Kepler”,
the second unmanned supply vehicle built by Astrium for the European Space Agency (ESA), has executed a
perfect manoeuvre to dock automatically with the International Space Station (ISS). The Automated Transfer
Vehicle (ATV) successfully attached to the ISS at 4.59 pm CET and is now on target to accomplish its ISS supply
and orbit-raising mission, where it will become an integral, inhabited part of the ISS.

Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM) en route to International Space Station
February 25, 2011 - The Permanent Multipurpose Module (PMM) developed by Thales Alenia Space was
successfully launched on February 24 from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. It was launched
by the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-133, and will be docked permanently to the International Space
Station. Derived from Leonardo, one of three Multipurpose Logistics Modules (MPLM), the new Permanent
Multipurpose Module (PMM) was developed on behalf of the Italian space agency (ASI), with Thales Alenia
Space Italy as the lead contractor. The development of the Permanent Multipurpose Module is the result of an
intensive effort at Thales Alenia Space’s Turin plant, involving both modifications and testing. The PMM will retain
its “logistics" role, but above all it will remain in orbit as an integral part of the International Space Station for ten
years, providing additional space for the crew and other uses.

Samer Halawi Appointed CEO of Thuraya

APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                                  7                                           March 2011
February 1, 2011 - Thuraya Telecommunications Company appointed Samer Halawi as Chief Executive Officer of
the company. Halawi assumed the office on 23rd January 2011 following the return of Yousuf Al Sayed to the
Etisalat Group. Halawi has held several leadership positions in major regional and international telecom firms.
Most importantly, he brings with him several years of experience in managing satellite telecom businesses and
major customers across the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Geoimage Appointed Wayne Middleton as CEO
February 1, 2011 - Geoimage has appointed Wayne Middleton to the role of Chief Executive Officer. He comes to
Geoimage from MWH Global where he was formerly the National Business Development and Strategy Manager –
Water. Wayne has more than 25 years experience in the water industry, including designing, managing and
delivering water resources projects in Australia and the UK. He will be based in Geoimage’s Brisbane office,
where he will be actively involved in seeking and assessing new business opportunities as well as managing the
company’s day-to-day operations.

Globalstar Elects John Kneuer to its Board of Directors
February 3, 2011 - Globalstar, Inc. announced the election of John Kneuer to its Board of Directors and Audit
Committee. John Kneuer is the founder and President of JKC Consulting LLC. In addition to his role at JKC,
Kneuer is a Senior Partner at Fairfax Media Partners. He is widely recognized as a leading expert on
telecommunications, Internet, and spectrum policy.

New Executive Director for the European GNSS Agency
February 4, 2011 - The new Executive Director of the GSA, Carlo des Dorides, is confident that Europe’s satellite
sector is entering an exciting new era. Having spent almost seven years directly involved with the Galileo and
EGNOS programs, three years in the air traffic management and thirteen years in the private aerospace sector,
the Italian brings with him a wealth of experience and an understanding of the complexities involved. The GSA, a
European Community agency, works with the European Commission on a range of market development activities
aimed at helping European entrepreneurs and businesses – especially high tech small- to medium-sized
enterprises (SMEs), business incubators and related networks – commercially exploit EGNOS and Galileo.

ILS Announces Vice President Sales, Marketing and Communications
February 15, 2011 - Johanne Lecomte has been hired as the new vice president of sales, marketing and
communications for International Launch Services (ILS). As a key member of the ILS executive team, Lecomte is
responsible for leading the implementation of sales, marketing strategy, customer relations and new business
development. Lecomte succeeds Wendy Mihalic, who has retired after a successful career in the commercial
launch industry.

O3b Networks Appoints Steve Collar as CEO
February 16, 2011 - Next-generation network developer O3b Networks Ltd. announced that it has appointed
Steve Collar as chief executive officer. Collar succeeds Mark Rigolle after the completion of O3b's latest financing
round in November 2010. After a handover period, he will formally take up his new position on 7 March 2011.
Collar joins O3b from SES, where he served as senior vice president of business and market development for
SES WORLD SKIES. In this role, he expanded the business' satellite and service portfolio, including the design of
new spacecraft and products.

Cisco Names Gary Moore Chief Operating Officer
February 22, 2011 - Cisco announced that Executive Vice President Gary Moore has been appointed Chief
Operating Officer, a new position within Cisco. Moore previously ran Cisco Services and will continue to report to
John Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco. Effective immediately, Moore will assume responsibility for
engineering, marketing, operations and services organizations. Moore will be responsible for the alignment and
prioritization of company investments and ensuring operational excellence across the company.

GE Satellite CEO Joins CASBAA Board
February 24, 2011 - CASBAA today announced that Andrew Jordan, President and CEO of GE Satellite, has
been elected to the Association’s Board of Directors to year end 2012. A member of the CASBAA Council of
Governors since 2005, Jordan is the co-chairman of the CASBAA Satellite Industry Committee (SIC), working
closely with Paul Brown-Kenyon, COO of MEASAT.

Yosi Albagli Joins ORBIT as President of Satellite Communications Business Unit
February 24, 2011 - ORBIT Communication Systems, Ltd., a Satellite Communications, Tracking & Telemetry,
and Communications Management Systems provider, announced that Yosi Albagli has been appointed to the
position of Executive VP and President, Satellite Communications (SatCom) Business Unit. Albagli brings to
APSCC Monthly e-Newsletter                               8                                         March 2011
ORBIT a wealth of leadership and management experience in the communications industry. In 1994, he founded
Tdsoft Communications, a leading provider of access telecom systems, and served as its President and CEO for
11 years. Following Tdsoft's reverse merger with VocalTec Communications in 2005, Albagli continued to serve
as President and CEO of VocalTec until 2008. Prior to joining ORBIT, Albagli was CEO of CTWARE Ltd., a
startup in the area of cloud-based contact center applications.

Inmarsat Appoints Frank Coles as Senior Director - Maritime Services for Global Xpress
February 25, 2011 - Inmarsat announced that Frank Coles has been appointed Senior Director - Maritime
Services for Inmarsat's Global Xpress programme. With 34 years in the maritime industry, Frank J. Coles has
been able to apply a wealth of knowledge and give the mariner and ship owner exactly what they need to do their
job and run their business. Coles was formerly the CEO and President of Globe Wireless, leading the
development of the innovative Globe iFusion solution, launched in 2010.

Futron Corporation Assesses the Isle of Man’s Global Space Competitiveness
February 1, 2011 - Futron’s analysis finds that the Isle of Man’s unique approach to space activity allows it to
punch above its weight in terms of global visibility in the space industry. The study benchmarks the Isle of Man’s
competitive position in space-related activities against five peer jurisdictions – Bermuda, Gibraltar, Hong Kong,
Singapore, and the United Kingdom. To assess competitiveness, the Isle is compared to its peers across four
broad areas of activity: Government Structure and Policy; Finance and Industry Activity; Human Capital
Development; and Visibility and Participation. The Isle has proactively created an innovative niche as a provider
of financial and administrative services that support global space commerce. Space-related finance activities in
the Isle, and the government’s approach to facilitating them, are advanced, especially given the relatively short
amount of time for which the Isle of Man has been operating in the space industry.

Market Value for Video Transmission Services over Satellite to Reach US$ 27 Billion by 2020
February 8, 2011 - Euroconsult forecasts that the market value for video transmission services over satellite
including video distribution services for TV channels and contribution services for permanent and occasional use
is expected to reach US$ 27 billion in 2020, up from US$ 15.8 billion in 2010.

ABU Digital Broadcasting Symposium 2011, March 8-11, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Satellite 2011, March 14-17, Washington DC, USA,

MSUA-8, March 15-16, Washington DC, USA,

CASBAA India Satellite Industry Forum, March 22, New Delhi, India,

Convergence India 2011, March 24-26, India,
Convergence India is recognized as South Asia’s largest event in the ICT sector. Future focused, the event
constitutes various elements which universally attract stakeholders from across the industry, at all levels of
organizations and from all over the world, for a truly global ICT platform. Convergence India is the only showcase
in South Asia to propagate the convergence of delivery systems as the preferred platform for vendors, operators,
service providers and IT companies.

Australasia Satellite Forum 2011, March 30, Sydney, Australia,

MilSatCom Asia, May 23-24, Singapore,

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