List of “Rogue” security programs Last updated 3-May-11 by xumiaomaio


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List of “Rogue” security programs          Last updated 3-May-11

Advanced Antivirus                    ProtejaseuDrive
Advanced Antivirus 2008-              Prt3ctionactiv3scan                Prtectionactivescan
Advanced XP Defender                  PSGuard
Advanced XP Fixer           
AdvancedAntivirus                     PyroAntiSpy
AdvancedAntivirus 2008                RaptorDefence
AdvancedXPDefender                    Razespyware-RAZESPYWARE.NET
AdvancedXPFixer                       Real AntiSpyware
Adware Delete 2.0                     Real Antivirus
Adware Deluxe                         RealAV RealAV
AlertSpy                              RegClean 2008
Anti –pro-scan                        Registry Doctor
Anti Spy Check                        Registry Doctor 2008
Anti virus 360                        Registry Great
AntiMalware Guard                     RegistryCare
AntiMalwareGuard                      RegistryCleanerXP
antimalware-pro-scan                  RegistryCleanFixer
AntiMalwareShield                     RegistryDefender
AntiSpy Check                         RegistryDoctor 2008
AntiSpyBoss                           Repair Registry Pro
AntiSpyControl                        RepairRegistry2008
AntiSpyKit                            SafePcTool
AntiSpyMaster                         SaferScan
AntispySpider                         ScanSpywarev3.8
AntiSpyStorm                          SchijfBewaker
AntiSpyStorm2008                      SearchAndDestroy
Antispyware 2008                      SecureExpertCleaner
Antispyware 2008 XP                   SecurePCCleaner
Antispyware PRO XP                    SecurityMaster AV
Antispyware Suite                     Securityscannersite
Antispyware2008                       SemErros
Antispyware2008XP                     SlimShield tied with Winhound Spyware Remover
Anti-spyware-2009                     Smartantivirus2009v2
AntiSpywareApp                        Smart-antivirus2009v2buy
AntiSpywareBot                        Smartantivirus-2009v2buy
AntiSpywareControl                    Smartantivirus2009v2-buy
AntiSpywareDeluxe                     Smartantivirusv2
Antispywareexpert                     Smitfraud
Antispyware-free-scanner              SpamBlockerUtility
AntiSpywareMaster                     Spy Guarder
AntispywareProXP                      Spy Trooper
AntiSpywareShield                     SpyAway
AntiSpywareUpdates                    SpyAxe

                           Adam the Computer Guy
                             Adam the Computer Guy 

AntispywareXp2009                       SpyBurner
AntiSpyZone                             SpyCrush
Antivermins                             SpyGuard
Antivir gear                            SpyGuarder
Antivir64                               SpyHeal
AntiVirGear                             SpyKillerPro
AntiVirProtect                          SpyLocked                           SpyMaxx
Antivirus 2008                          SpyOnThis
Antivirus 2008 XP                       Spy-Rid
Antivirus 2009                          SpySheriff
Antivirus 2010                          SpySheriff
Antivirus Gold                          SpyShield
AntiVirus Lab 2009                      SpySnipe
Antivirus Master                        Spyware Annihilator Pro
Antivirus Pro 2009                      SpyWare Bomber
Antivirus Security                      Spyware Destructor
Antivirus XP 2008                       Spyware Remover
AntiVirus2008                           Spyware Scanner 2008
Antivirus2008Pro                        Spyware Scrapper
Antivirus2008XP                         SpywareBomb
Antivirus2009                           SpywareDestructor
AntivirusDoc                            Spywarefighter
AntivirusForAll                         SpywareIsolator
Antivirusfulldefence                    SpywareNo
AntivirusGold                           SpywarePro
AntivirusGT                             SpywareQuake
AntivirusMaster                         SpywareQuake 2.4
AntivirusPro 2009                       Spyware-quickscan-2008
Antivirussecurity-solution              SPYwareRemover
AntivirusXP2008                         SpywareScanner2008
AntiVirXP08                             SpywareSecure
ANTIWORM 2008                           SpywareStop
Aprotectionhelp                         SpywareSweeperPro
AS-pro-xp-download                      SpyWatchE
AVDefender 2011                         StopingSpy
AV Master                               SuperSpywareKiller
AVproscan                               SwiftCleaner
Avproscan                               SysKontroller
AVsecurity suite                        System Antivirus
AVSystemCare                            System Antivirus 2008
Awola                                   System doctor
BestsellerAntivirus                     System Integrity Scan Wizard
BraveSentry                             System Live Protect
BugDokter                               SystemAntivirus 2008
BugsDestroyer                           SystemAntivirus2008
Centod                                  SystemDefender
CleanerMaster                           SystemDoctor 2006

                             Adam the Computer Guy 
                                      Adam the Computer Guy 

CrisystecSentry                                  SystemErrorFixer
CryptDrive                                       SystemGuard
DangerousVirus                                   SystemSecurity
DataHealer                                       SystemTool
DioCleaner                                       TheSpyBot
DisableSpyware                                   Total Antivirus
DiscErrorFree                                    Total Antivirus 3.11
Diskretter                                       Total Secure 2009
DisqudurProtection                               Total Secure 2009
Doctor Adware                                    Total Secure 2009-
Doctor Antivirus 2008                  
DoctorAdwarePro                                  TotalAntivirus
DoctorAntivirus2008                              Total-secure2009
DoctorVaccine                                    Trace Sweeper
Dr.AntiSpy                                       TrustedAntivirus
DriveCleaner                                     TrustedProtection
DriveCleaner 2006                                Ultimate Antivirus 2008
eAntivirusPro                                    Ultimate Antivirus 2008
EasySprinter                                     Ultimate Fixer 2007
ErrClean                                         UltimateAntivirus2008
ErrorDigger                                      UltimateCleaner
ErrorDoctor 2008                                 UltimateCleaner 2007
ErrorKiller                                      Ultimatefixer2007
ErrorProtector                                   UltraAV
Errorsafe                                        Unigray
ErrorSmart                                       VIPAntiSpyware
Festplattencleaner                               VirusEffaceur
Files Secure                                     Virusgarde
Files Secure 2.2                                 VirusHeal
Filterprogram                                    VirusHeat 4.4
Freeonlinescanner9 Gktxaspm Toolbar              VirusIsolator
HardDiskVakt                                     Viruslabs2009
HDrivesweeper                                    VirusLocker
IE Antivirus                                     VirusProtect Pro
IE Antivirus 3.2                                 VirusRanger
IEAntiSpyware                                    VirusRemover2008
IEAntiVirus 3.2                                  Virusschlacht
IEAntivirus 3.3                                  Vista Antivirus 2008
IEAntivirus 3.4                                  VistaAntivirus 2008
IEDefender InfeStop                              Vista Security 2011                              Vitae Antivirus
internet antivirus                               Vitae Antivirus 2008
internet antiviruspro                            VitaeAntivirus 2008
InternetSecurityDeluxe                           WebSpyShield Win
Internet Security 2010                           Antivir 2008 win
Kvm Secure                                       antivirus 2008
KvmSecure                                        Win Defender 2008
LastDefender                                     Winantispyware 2007

                                      Adam the Computer Guy 
                             Adam the Computer Guy 

LiveKill                                WinAntispyware 2008
LongLifePC                              WinAntiVir
MacroAV                                 WinAntiVirus its companion
Magicantispy                            WinAntiSpyware 2005
Malware Bell 3.2                        WinAntiVirus Pro
Malware Crush                           WinAntiVirus Pro 2006
MalwareAlarm                            Winantivirus pro 2007
MalwareBell                             WinAntivirusPro 3.7
MalwareBot                              WinDefender 2008
MalwareBurn                             WinDefender2008
MalwarePatrol Pro                       Windefender2009
MalwarePatrolPro                        Windows Antivirus
MalwarePro                              Windows Antivirus 2008
MalwareProtector 2008                   WinFixer
MalwareProtector2008                    WinFixMaster
MalwareScanner                          Winifixer
MalwareWar                              WinPerformance
MalwareWiped                            WinProtector 3.8
MalWarrior                              Winprotector 3.8
MalWarrior 2008                         winprotector 3.8
MasterAntivirus                         Winreanimator
MaxAntiSpy                              winsecureav
Menace Rescue                           WinSecureDisc
Micro Antivirus 2009                    WinSpyControl
MicroAntivirus2009                      WinSpyKiller
MS antispyware 2009.                    WinSpywareProtect
MS Antivirus                            WinX Security Center
MS Antivirus                            WinXDefender
MS Antivirus 2008                       Win-xp-antivir-hqscanner
msantispyware                           Winxp-antivir-on-line-scan
msantivirus 2009                        Winxprotector
MSAntivirus2008                         WistaAntivirus
MSantivirus-xp                          WorldAntiSpy
MS Removal Tool                         XLG Security Center
MSx Antivirus                           XLGuarder
My Security Shield                      XP Antispyware 2009
NadadeVirus                             XP Antivirus 2008
nano antivirus                          XP Internet Security
Neospace Internet Security              XP Protector 2009
NoWayVirus                              XP SecurityCenter                            XP Total Security 2011
Online-security-systems                 XP2008-protect
PC Protection Center 2008               XPAntivirus
PC-Antispy                              XPAntivirus 2009
PCClean                                 XPAntivirus2008
Pro PC-Cleaner                          XPAntivirus2009
PCCleaner 2008                          Xpburnerpro
PC-Cleaner 2008                         XPCleaner

                             Adam the Computer Guy 
                       Adam the Computer Guy

PCCleaner2008                     XPCleanerPro
PCCleanPro                        XPert Antivirus                   XPert Antivirus Enterprise
PCHealthKeeper                    XP-Guard
PCPrivacyCleaner                  XPonlinescanner
PCSecureSystem                    XPonlinescanner9
PCSegura                          XPprivacypro
PCSweeperPro                      XP-protections
PCTotalDefender                   XPprotectionsoftware
PCTurboPro                        XPprotector
PcVirusLess                       XPrepairpro
perfect defender                  XPSecurityCenter
PersonalAntiSpy Free              XPshield
Pestcapture                       XP-Shield
Pest-Patrol                       XP-shield
PestSweeper                       XP-vista
Power AntiVirus 2009              XP-vista-download
Power Antivirus 2009              Xscanner.malwarealarm
Privacy Warrior                   Xscanner.malwarealarms
PrivacyProtector                  Xscanner.shredderscan
PrivacyRedeemer                   Xscanner.shredder-scan
PrivacyWatcher                    Xscanner.shredder-scanner
ProAntiSpy                        Xscanner.spyshredderscanner
ProtectingTool                    Xscanner.xmalwarealarm
Protectnotice                     Xscanner.xspy-shredder
                                  Xspyware Xsremover
                                  Zinaps Anti-Spyware

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