crash by fdsinclair


									crash the body of his truck flipped over your pregnant belly his weight over you is drunk before my eyes and running away before i can catch his hand and drag him back straightjacket escapee running away from the fear of being caught not facing up to the fact of his wrong and i i am absorbing this transparency in slow motion trying to remember where i am in the world how to use the phone to call for help and my fingers are paralyzed because i can't remember how to dial the numbers recalling nine nine the number of emergence see what place is this budapest amsterdam no i'm in the land of the free i'm in albuquerque waiting for the line to answer and walking toward the white car with gasoline pouring over its middle thinking about cigarettes the gray truck hanging over you i see inside the door cracked and i touch the handle to open it and your arm drops down down to the ground your arm is severed it is slaughtered red red and dripping ripped and your eyes are dazed and still there is no answer no help is this war? where's the redcross? medical emergency sirens cops cars anything but all these people in all their cars staring at me like it's my fault that they can't get across the intersection

that they can't get to work on time that they are having an inconvenient day and then one of them gets out of their car and asks to use my phone so they can call in late and the operator comes on the line to tell me help is on the way as the blood forms rivulets in the tarmac and my chest heaves for you were about to give birth to a new life when you lost part of yours to miller time running through the backstreets from an unnecessary crime committed at my breakfast before my eyes to make us all guilty then later the burley officer takes down my details looking at me suspiciously checking out my house because it didn't fit with normal expectations and i talk funny and i'm supposed to remember the beginning but i could not see he just ran and left me 6/99

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