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					                                      J. Miguel Amaya-Mauser
                                                       PO Box 233
                                                 Gig Harbor, WA 98335
                                    C:253-255-2366 / O:253-853-9740 / H:253-265-6616

Multilingual professional with multinational management expertise in complex capital projects in construction, oil, gas,
water, power and infrastructure. Proven expertise in cost control, cash-flow projections, scheduling, budget analysis,
estimation, contracts, procurement, insurance & negotiations in multi-cultural fast-paced environments. Conscientious and
innovative team player with excellent organizational skills and the ability to manage complex tasks meeting critical
deadlines and exceeding contract expectations. Skilled leader and communicator with effective interpersonal ability to
train and lead junior employees.

                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Contracts & Procurement Manager (Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project, WA, USA), 2003-present
Managed complete commercial life cycle of contracts with the client, subcontractors, vendors and the insurance
   o Developed / implemented project procedures for formation and administration of more than 170 subcontracts.
   o Quadrupled expected participation of minority and women owned businesses.
   o Managed a $45 Million contractor controlled insurance program.
   o Managed industrial insurance claims to recover up to 30% of premiums paid under a retrospective program.
   o Purchased replacement materials in record time to satisfy project schedule needs.
   o Successfully negotiated change orders with the owner for over $5 Million on a lump sum job.
   o Successfully negotiated and/or countered claims from vendors and subcontractors for over $1 Million.

Contracts Manager (Connecticut Yankee Decommissioning Project, CT, USA), 2002-2003
Audited project field subcontracts administration and corrected found non-compliance to internal procedures.
   o Identified extensive procedural non-compliance in majority of 140 project subcontracts.
   o Implemented an exhaustive corrective plan in record time and established monitoring systems to avoid recurrence.
   o Provided continuous training on company standards and procedures for subcontract administration group.
   o Drove verification of remaining physical quantities and associated costs to complete.

Prime Contract Manager (UEG Araucaria plant, PR, Brazil; Mountainview Power plant, CA, USA) 2000-2002
Developed and implemented a Contract Management Program identifying contract baseline, highlighting areas of risk and
making recommendations for mitigation, monitoring and evaluation of changes, monitoring and supporting remedial
actions and recommending appropriate trade-offs.
    o Established and managed detailed contract baseline for two simultaneous projects constructed in different
        countries with overall revenue over $800 million.
    o Drove client to support completion three months ahead of schedule and several millions under budget.
    o Implemented a program for identification, tracking and documenting scope changes generating 7% additional
        revenue on a LSTK project.
    o Implemented an extensive backcharge program to recover $1.2 million from suppliers and subcontractors.
    o Integrated and automated main internal tools for contract / subcontract administration obtaining company
        recognition as best practices.
    o Identified and corrected deficiencies in site processes related to backcharges, document retention and warranty.


TECHINT, SAUDI ARABIA 1990-2000 Contracts Manager
  o Recaptured $25 million through extensive review and re-evaluation of change orders.
  o Identified and documented $96 million in claims on a $400 million project.

TECHINT, BRAZIL 1997-1998 PROJECT Controls Engineer
  o Improved software for prompt identification of cost deviations and facilitated decision making. Integrated payroll
     data into controls systems.
TECHINT, SAUDI ARABIA 1993-1997 Planning & Control Supervisor
  o Designed and implemented a cost control system that integrated accounting, payroll, scheduling, construction and
     finance monthly data and facilitated identification of potential sources of deviation and preparation of more
     accurate cash flow projections. System was used as basis for in-house project control software development.

CUELLAR SERRANO GOMEZ Y CIA LTD, Colombia, 1988-1990 - Engineer
   o Developed and improved tracking and budgeting software, maximizing project efficiency.

CONSTRUDATA LTD, Colombia, 1986-1987 - Systems Advisor
   o Designed and wrote software to integrate and optimize project resources and expenses.

                                          EDUCATION & DEVELOPMENT

                                           MBA, Washington University, 1999
                                         Certified Cost Engineer (AACE), 1999
                          Civil Engineer, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, 1988

                                       Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese

                                           Numerous professional courses in:
                    Negotiation, Leadership, Six Sigma, Business presentations, Technical writing,
                   Professional Listening, Cost Control, Contract Management, Project Management