Yealink SIP-T22P Vs Grandstream GXP1200 _V1.3 20090827_ by pengtt

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									Yealink SIP-T22P vs. Grandstream GXP1200


      Yealink SIP-T22P         Grandstream GXP1200

 Solution
 HD Voice
 Outlook
 User Account
 User interface
 Features


 Chipset features          SIP-T22P                  GXP1200

      Chipset            TI TITAN chipset          TI C55x DSP

                           CPU+DSP                 Only DSP
    Architecture                                   Mono-core
    Voice engine         TI voice engine          GS voice engine

    Voice quality            Excellent                Normal

 Graphics capability         Excellent                  Bad

 Cisco and Polycom adopt the TI dual-core chipset and TI voice
 engine solution as well, ensure the good voice quality.

                         TI Voice                           GS Voice
                          Engine                             Engine

  SIP-T22P:                            GXP1200:
  TI TITAN chipset and TI voice        DSP and GS voice engine can
  engine for excellent voice quality   only offer normal voice quality

        HD Voice
HD Voice

 Voice features         SIP-T22P                     GXP1200

  HD Codec                  √                           √

  HD Handset                √                           x

  HD Speaker                √                           x

                          Full-duplex               Full-duplex
 Speakerphone     Crystal-clear conferencing   conferencing only for
                       for 1~4 persons               1 person
Speaker structure

   SIP-T22P:                GXP1200:
   HD speaker with closed   Normal speaker without
   sound box                close sound box
Handset structure

   SIP-T22P:            GXP1200:
   HD handset speaker   Normal handset speaker
HD Voice bandwidth
   Yealink High definition speaker with closed sound box design and
    HD handset speaker, can provide wide frequency bandwidth up to
    50Hz~7KHz against the normal of 300Hz~3.4KHz

                                   Voice Bandwidth

    The benefits:
    With this improve, the HD IP phone offers the caller “true voice” conversation.
    Compared to narrowband telephony, wideband contributes a sense of presence,
    enabling natural and comfortable conversation.


 Outlook features    SIP-T22P        GXP1200

   Appearance          Good          Normal

    Structure          Good          Normal

     Crafts            Good          Normal

                     Flat, pitched
    Foot stand                       Only flat
                    on the desktop
SIP-T22P:           GXP1200:
Beautiful outlook   Normal outlook

        User Accounts
User Accounts

    Line features             SIP-T22P                GXP1200

     User accounts                 3                      2

       Line keys                   3                      2

 The benefits:
 More accounts to meet the enterprise and individual's needs of
 calling different areas for different accounts, to cut the phone
 bills for customers
              3 line keys             2 line keys

SIP-T22P:                   GXP1200:
3 line keys for 3 VoIP      2 line keys for 2 VoIP
accounts support            accounts support

        User Interface

       UI features            SIP-T22P               GXP1200

        Friendly UI            Excellent               Normal

        Easy to use            Excellent               Normal

         Soft keys                4                      3

      Navigation keys             6                      4

        Volume key                √                      x

The benefits:
Therefore, all of the above advantages ensure Yealink SIP-T22P to
provide the friendly UI and make the phone easy to use.
5-line 132x64 pixels     3-line 128x32 pixels

SIP-T22P:              GXP1200:
Large LCD with high-   Smaller LCD, only half of
resolution             SIP-T22P

   Description                  SIP-T22P                         GXP1200
        Chipset           TI TITAN dual-core chipset               TI DSP only
          LCD               5-line 132x64 graphic             3-line 128x32 graphic
     User Accounts                     3                                2
                                 HD Codec                           HD Codec
        HD Voice
                         HD Speaker and HD Handset                     x
     Speakerphone        Crystal-clear conferencing for
                                                          conferencing only for 1 person
                                  1~4 persons
   Broadsoft Validated                 √                                √
    XML Phonebook                      √                                √
   3-way Conference                    √                                √
    Multi-Language                     √                                √
       SRTP/TLS                        √                                √
       VLAN/QoS                        √                                √
     Auto-provision      FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP                 FTP/TFTP/HTTP
      PoE/Headset                      √                                √
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