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Surprise Happiness Fear Sadness Anger Disgust

Emotional Intelligence
the ability to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others skill to use your emotions to help you make choices effective control over yourself and your impact on others.

Emotional Intelligence Competencies
Intra-personal, invisible to others and occur inside of us
– Emotional Self-Awareness – Emotional Self-Regulation – Emotional Self-Motivation

Inter personal
– Empathy – Nurturing Relationships

Why Emotional Intelligence?
Enhance your career and success potential Improve your personal productivity Increase Job Satis-faction Work easily with demanding clients and team members Improve work/life balance so you can enjoy your personal life.

Why Emotional Intelligence?
Mental Clarity Higher Productivity MagnetizeTalent Inspire People Less Chaos

make decisions rely on more people accountable lead organizational change inspiring and energizing
anxiety, fear, caution, guilt & depression

Managers & Supervisors
behavior and treatment & turnover and retention influence attitudes, performance, and satisfaction of employees firm and caring at the same employees want a supportive, caring Supervisor or Manager

Team Leaders & Project Managers
accountable positive environment shorter time periods projects of greater magnitude eliminate roadblocks organizations can cause a lot of frustration, anxiety, suspicion, and resentment Teams may Collapse

Sales Professionals
difficult prospects and customers adversarial situations situations can generate anxiety, fear, frustration or even outright anger vicious negative emotional cycle can stay mentally focused Optimism leads to persistence strong positive relationships

to work smoothly with people Deadlines are tight, resources are scarce, technology advancing, team members changing a team member doesn't deliver resources are taken away still expected to meet tight deadlines

Customer Service Representatives
deal with angry, frustrated customers verbally abused nervous, mad, disgusted, and angry require the intervention Supervisor company to lose that customer customer tell friends about the poor treatment

Technical Professionals
pressure to do more with less work long hard hours to create and innovate interact with people of different functions do tasks, they would like to avoid "emotional hijacking" – a physiological response in the brain that literally keeps people from thinking clearly Communication hampered, mistakes & errors made, creativity blocked

Administrative Staff
volume of work New computer systems new requirements new policies and procedures interruptions are the norm overwhelmed, worried, dejected, confused, fearful, even guilty Procrastination evident, mistakes increase, depressive state, complaining and absenteeism Health, attitude, and morale suffer

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