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									Renaissance Life Company
About the company:

  Insurance company “Renaissance life” was founded in
   September 2004

  Basic activity: Life assurance

  Renaissance Life received a license № 4893 Д of
   Federal Service of Insurance Inspection, Russian
   Federation, on March 21, 2005.
About the company:

                                        • “Sputnik Group” (70% of share capital).
                                         Investments are carried out through
                                         “Renaissance Insurance” company
                                         European Bank for Reconstruction and
                                         Development (30% of share capital)

                                        • Total investment volume is 11 million USD.
  Size of Investment
                                          Total planned investments volume is 36
                                         million USD in the period of 2004-2009

  Organizational Structure             • Limited liability company (LLC)

  Initial size of authorized capital   • 86 941 142 RUR
Reasons for foundation of the company:

    Excellent Prospects for the life assurance market.

    Stability of economic and political situation (increase of GDP volume
     contributes to market development).

    Reliability and financial stability of investors.

    Independent research indicates that the total market volume will be
     increased from 660 million USD. up to 1,5 billion USD by 2008.

    A new group of consumers have been founded in Russia; families with
     the income that is 300 USD or more per capita.

     European bank for Reconstruction and Development

       Established in 1991
       Aggregate authorized capital – 20 billion Euro
       Total investments volume exceeds 25 billion Euro
       More than 1100 investment projects (30 of them are in
      The operations volume has reached 5,9 billion Euro
     in Russia since 1991
      The following ratings confirm the strength and reliability of
        the bank:
         ААА Standard & Poor's
         Ааа Moody's

  60 countries and 2 international organizations (European Union and
  European Investment Bank) are the owners of the European Bank
  for Reconstruction and Development

                                                      800 million Euro

                                                                         Japan 1,7 billion Euro

       2 billion Euro

                           France1,7 billion Euro
                           Germany 1,7 billion Euro
                           Italy 1,7 billion Euro
                           UK 1,7 billion Euro
                           ЕС 600 billion Euro

     LLC “Renaissance Insurance Group”
        Founded in 1997
        Licences for 60 classes of insurance
        The authorized capital of the company is 678 910 000 RUR
        It is one of the leading insurance companies in Russia
        The main shareholder of «Renaissance Insurance»:
            Sputnik Group; one of the largest and most stable investment groups in Russia.

                        Office locations

 LLC “Sputnik Group”
    Founded in 1998
    It is one of the largest investment companies in Russia

    The total investments volume into the Russian market during the period of 1995-2004 is
     more than 1 billion USD including the investment capital of companies such as Harvard
     University Endowment, Soros Fund Management, Morgan Stanley Asset Management
     amongst many others.

    Total assets in excess of $500m including “Renaissance Insurance“, the Publishing
     house “Аfisha”, National Timber Company, as well companies in the UK, Germany
     and the USA.

    More than 90% of investments of «Sputnik Group» are realized in projects in Russia,
     CIS, with 10% being realized in international projects.
Renaissance Life: aims and principles

   Strategic aims     • To be a leading professional company offering
                         products service and management of the
                         highest quality,
                       • To be one of the top 3 Life Insurance
                         companies by 2009

   Principles of      • High level of corporate culture
    Renaissance Life   • International management standards
                       • High level of services:
                              •   Profitable for clients
                              •   Developed on the basis of western
                                  best practice standards
Agency Infrastructure:

• Sale channels             • Affiliates and offices in major cities of RF
                            • Teams of professional consultants (agents) in cities of RF.


         Rostov                   Samara   Ufa

The People:

 Staff                • International team of managers
                         (involvement of best western specialists
                         and managers having successful
                         experience on Russian market).

                       • High international standards and orientation
                         to staff development.

 Board of Directors   • Representatives of the European Bank for
                         Reconstruction and Development, «Sputnik
                         Group» and «Renaissance Insurance».

        On February 6, 2006 Austin Kimm was appointed CEO of
        “Renaissance Life” company

                             •   Austin Kimm has worked more than 18 years in the
                                 offices of AVIVA company.

                             •   He was CEO of AVIVA’s life subsidiary in the Czech
                                 Republic from 2002 to 2006.

                             •   During the period of his leadership the company has
                                 become the profitable and prosperous one and its
                                 market share has doubled in size.

        Austin Kimm: «I think Renaissance Life has huge potential and
        by sticking to our principles of applying best western business
        practices, with the support of our shareholders I can see no
        reason why we can not achieve a top three position by the end
        of 2009

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