; Romero Britto (PowerPoint)
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Romero Britto (PowerPoint)

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By Mrs. Spillman
“Art is too important not to share.”
    Romero Britto
 Born 1963, Recife, Brazil.
 His family was poor.
 He was the 8th of 9 children.
 Painted on scraps of cardboard and
Mona Cat by Romero Britto   Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
         Commissioned By Major
   Absolut Vodka        IBM
   Disney               Apple Computers
   Evian                Pepsi-Cola
   Royal Carribean      Volvo
   BMW
Qualities of Britto’s Art
Colorful patterns
Vibrant colors
Bold black lines
Hard edges
Playful themes
Neo-Pop Cubism
His style often combines the artistic
techniques of Pop Art with the intricate
compositional qualities of Cubism.
    Collectors include:
 Arnold Schwarzenegger
 Michael Jordan
 Gloria Estefan
 Andre Agassi
 George Bush
"For me, art can reflect the
celebration of the simple and good
things in life. This is most important
to me!."                   ~Romero Britto

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