Recycled Aluminum Foil

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					 Aluminum Foil:
                Is Recycled Worth It?
Standard Pristine Foil:
• ~ $0.047/sq ft
• 3-4% strain at failure
• 60-80 MPa maximum stress
• Lower Young’s modulus

                                                Recycled Foil:
                          • Requires 88% less energy to make
                                              • ~ $0.085/sq ft
                                          • 2% strain at failure
                              • 100-120 MPa maximum stress
                                    • Higher Young’s modulus
                         Which Foil Wins?
   • Pristine Foil Wins:                       • Recycled Foil Wins:
      – Corrosion resistance                      – Oxidation resistance
      – Consumer cost                             – Tensile strength
      – Strain tolerance                          – Eco-friendliness
      – Availability                              – Fatigue resistance
    Unless you have a Sintech 20/G load frame in your kitchen, you’re unlikely to
    notice the difference in tensile strength.
    You may, however, notice the oxidation and corrosion resistance. If you use
    foil mainly for storage, pristine foil is better for its corrosion resistance. If
    you mostly cook at high temperatures with the foil, recycled wins with
    oxidation and fatigue resistance.
    And of course, you always notice the difference in your wallet. Recycled foil is
    usually around twice the cost of pristine foil, despite costing around 90% less
    to make!

It really just comes down to one issue: cost to you vs. cost to the environment

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