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					By Rebekah Messamore
        Who’s Idea Was It?
o Ferdinand Porsche had always want to
  created an affordable car that could be
  mass-produced for the average German
o However, Adolph Hitler also had the vision
  and in February 1933 Adolph announced
  his plans for a “people’s car.”
o Ferdinand was always the one that was
  going to design this car and when he got
  the plans he wasn’t convinced a car could
  be made on such a small budget but he
Where Did They Come From?
o These small economy cars came to
  America from over seas after we left after
  the Holocaust.

      Why Did They Thrive?

o We were content with our cars but some
  people started to realized that they wanted
  a low-priced utility car and that’s exactly
  what the Volkswagen Beetle brought to
  the table. It was one of the first economy
  cars in America.
    How Have They Changed
        Over the Years?

Late-1930s "KdF-Wagen"      Mid-to-late-1940s Beetle
prototype                Cabriolet (convertible) prototype

                                  1955 VW Beetle
   1949 VW Beetle

1960 VW Beetle Cabriolet          1975 VW

 1998 VW New Beetle        2003 VW New Beetle Cabriolet
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