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Bathroom Products 08.cdr


 1) 1 Shot
      Peroxide powered Non-Acid, Non-etching tile & grout cleaner and deodorizer.

 2) Bowl Buster
      9.5% Hydrochloric Acid bowl cleaner. Cherry Scented

 3) Germafec
      Phosphoric acid bowl cleaner and deodorizer with clinging properties.

 4) Mildew Stain Remover
      Mold and Mildew stain remover with special penetrating agents.

 5) New Tile
      Ready To Use tile & grout cleaner and rejuvenator. Acid based product.

 6) Newtra Bowl
      Non-Acid neutral pH lavatory and bowl cleaner. Mint Scented to freshen as it cleans.

 7) Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner
      Ready To Use bathroom cleaner and deodorizer that is excellent at removing all
      types of bathroom soils.

 8) Revive
      Enzymatic Bathroom Cleaner. 5 Strains of bacteria immediately attack and digest urine
      soaked grout, urinals, toilet bowls, etc. Wild Cherry scented product works even as it
      travels down drain pipes leaving pipes free of malodors.

 9) Sani-Bowl
      Ready to Use non-acid disinfectant / cleaner for all bathroom surfaces. It is pleasantly
      Scented to freshen as it cleans.

 10) SP - 411
      Total bathroom care. Cleans, deodorizes and removes soup scum, body oils, scale
      and rust from showers, bath tubs, urinals, fixtures, toilet bowls, drinking fountains, etc.
      Mild Acid based product.

 11) Sparkle
      Concentrated, bouquet scented non-acid bathroom cleaner and deodorizer that
      removes soap scum, body oils, light rust and general soils from showers, tubs, fixtures,
      bowls, drinking fountains, etc.

 12) White Lightening
      25% Hydrochloric Acid bowl cleaner with clinging action.

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