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					                                                          H aw t H o r N e                       Va l l e y                 s c H o o l

                                                           N e ws
  S E P T / O C T 2007

                                                          Wa   l d o r f   e d u c a t i o n   f o r   h e a d   ,   h e a rt   ,   a n d   h a n d s

                                 Autumn Activity
                                                                           through the Head,
                                                                           and Hands

                                                                           Autumn. As the growing cycle on the farm is ending, our
                                                                           school year begins anew and we sow the seeds of knowledge
                                                                           that with careful tending will flourish to enrich the spirit
                                                                           and intellect of the student, just as the farm’s bountiful
                                                          harvest nourishes the body. In this issue of Hawthorne Valley School News we
                                                          discuss how the school’s projects curriculum and school lunch program are
                                                          strengthening our students’ relationship to our farm and valley. We also
                                                          highlight “Practical Life in the Third Grade;” introduce our new program

                           Senior stained glass art       for parents of infants and very young children; welcome back teacher Stu
                                                          Summer, who is guiding the HVS class of 2019 on their academic journey;
                                                          and enjoy — albeit vicariously — the reunion of HVS’s class of 1997.

                         		i n s i d e                    Grade 3 Farming main lesson book, Sasha Morrow

	         From	Farm	to	School		 2
	New	early	childhood	program		 3
		 Practical	Life	in	Third	Grade		 4
	          projects	curriculum		 5
		    Farm	Aid	Visits	the	Valley	 8
	                faculty	profile	 9
	                   Alumni	News	 10
	             Development	News	 11

      Hawthorne Valley School News

      From Farm to School. . .                                                                      The core group who piloted this
                                                                                                 initiative is extremely grateful to all

      Wholesome                                                                                  who made it possible and are looking
                                                                                                 forward to another year of hot, fresh,

                                Food for
                                                                                                 delicious lunches for our students.
                                                                                                 The preparation of this year’s FLSP
                                                                                                 continues and the hope is that meals
                                                                                                 can be served in the upcoming months.
                                                                                                 Parents will have the opportunity to

                                Our Children
                                                                                                 sign up for the program and find out
                                                                                                 “what’s cooking” through the parent
                                                                                                 evenings. We are hoping to offer this
                                                                                                 program once a week for grades two
      By	Cecelia	Elinson,	Projects	Teacher
                                                                                                 through seven.
                                                                                                    To be fortunate enough to share our

      I   t has been a fervent dream of
          many people in our valley to see
          a further interweaving of the
      farming and educational aspects of
      the Hawthorne Valley Association.
                                                     weekly in the fall of 2006 to explore
                                                     initiating a school lunch program. By
                                                     January, with the help of HVS parent
                                                     and chef Carol Bonci as cook, the pilot
                                                     project FSLP took shape and became
                                                                                                 piece of Earth with a biodynamic farm

                                                                                                     Garden Minestrone
                                                                                                   recipe from the school lunch program
                                                                                                          (Use 6-quart kettle)
      To have our biodynamic farm supply             a reality for the fourth grade. The
      its vital produce for the school’s lunch       experience proved a fine pedagogical           3   leeks (or 1 onion)
      program, and to have our children              tool in bringing the class together,           3   cloves garlic
                                                                                                    3   tablespoons olive oil
      involved in the preparation as well as         eating the same food, cleaning up              8   cups vegetable stock
      the consumption of that food, will             together, and enjoying the camaraderie         2   cups cooked kidney beans
      further the integration of farm and            of a shared understanding about the            1   cup additional liquid
      school. The Farm and School Lunch              food and its origins. Meals were well          6   cups lightly sautéed vegetables
      Program (FSLP) came into existence             received with second and third portions            (potatoes, carrots, green beans, or
      in the fall of 2006 as a pilot project         often requested. Carol cooked 16 meals             whatever you have in the garden)
                                                                                                  ½-1   teaspoon each of dry basil,
      and was a concrete step towards                over the course of the winter and the              oregano, and rosemary
      realizing that dream. The fact that            spring for the fourth grade, and by            ¼   cup tomato paste or thick
      the Hawthorne Valley Farm’s location           spring both the third and seventh grades           tomato blend
      is directly across the street from the         were added to the program. The smells          ½   cup elbow macaroni
      school seems ideal.                            wafting from the teaching kitchen              2   cups finely shredded cabbage
                                                                                                        or kale
         A group of interested people includ-        on Wednesday mornings tantalized               ½   cup parmesan cheese
      ing farmers, parents, and teachers met         students and faculty alike as they passed
                                                     on their way to and from classes.           Saute leeks or onion and garlic, in the
                                                       This pilot project was carried with       olive oil; add the vegetable stock, and
                                                     the enthusiasm and kindness of Carol        the cooked kidney beans and up to 1
                                                     Bonci. The parents paid a modest sum        cup of additional liquid. Then add the
                                                     for the lunches and volunteered with        lightly sautéed vegetables and each of
                                                     food delivery and cleanup. Research on      the dry herbs. Cover and simmer for
                                                     what would be needed to expand the          30 minutes. Then stir in the tomato
                                                     program was undertaken during the           paste or (thick tomato blend) and
                                                     course of the summer. We are currently      the elbow macaroni and simmer 15
                                                     looking at cost analyses, equipment,        minutes. Add the cabbage (or kale),
                                                     and preparation areas needed. It will       cook for 5 minutes and season with
                                                     take more time to make this program         salt and pepper to taste. Serve with
Eighth graders work in the teaching kitchen to       a reality for the entire school, but the    parmesan cheese.
prepare food for their classmates.                   seeds have been planted.

                                                                                        Hawthorne Valley School News

                                            New Program                                 and the Parent-Child class. Jennie
                                                                                        Hindes, a fully trained Resources for
                                            for Parents of                              Infant Educarers (RIE) teacher (and
                                                                                        RIE baby herself!), is offering two
                                             Infants and                                classes, one for parents and infants
                                                                                        from three months to one year of
                                             Very Young                                 age, and the other for parents and
                                                                                        toddlers. The Friday morning Parent-
                                              Children                                  Child class will continue as usual.
                                                                                           Over the past 10 years, Waldorf
                                                By	Andree	Ward,	                        early childhood teachers have formed a
                                              Kindergarten	Teacher	                     warm connection with the RIE Institute
                                                                                        in meeting the needs of parents and
                                          M       ost of us remember our first
                                                  reaction to being a new parent
                                          as a complex blend of feelings that
                                                                                        young children. The RIE philosophy
                                                                                        is based on the work of Hungarian
                                                                                        pediatrician Dr. Emmi Pickler, who
                                          included not only love and relief, but
                                                                                        observed that gross motor development
 Mrs. Elinson and eighth graders by the   also anxiety and self-doubt. Parents
                                                                                        in infants followed a predictable, self-
            gardening shed.               today are constantly bombarded by
                                                                                        initiated sequence when infants had
                                          industry-driven messages that fan
                                                                                        the opportunity to move unhindered.
benefits the children in untold ways.     those normal fears, urging us to buy
                                                                                        She saw this early learning as the
The vitality of the farm, her cows,       this or that gadget, which supposedly
                                                                                        potential beginning of a life-long love
and other animals is an ongoing work      will give our child “advantages”
                                                                                        of learning. Have we not all observed
by the dedicated farmers, interns, and    in navigating the world. Yet our
producers of the Hawthorne Valley                                                       the child’s patience, persistence, joy
                                          common sense and parenting instincts          and satisfaction when s/he learns to
farm products. We at the school feel      whisper another message as this
honored to share this valley with                                                       walk? We can hardly overestimate the
                                          astonishing being, our child, displays        effect on children’s growing strength
the farmers, who are devoted to           a powerful urge to learn about the
the healing and rejuvenation of our                                                     and self-confidence when they are
                                          world from the first day of life. Is it       given the opportunity and time to
Earth.                                    possible that our children are born           experience the world around them as
 Fourth grader in the Hawthorne Valley    with an incredibly wise “system” for          competent self-learners.
  Farm barn with her cow of the year.     learning to walk, speak and think in             The new classes offer a unique
                                          their first three years?                      approach to parenting, based on
                                             An example of this clash of early          practicing observation of the infants’
                                          childhood education paradigms was             and toddlers’ movements, social
                                          seen recently in the news about the           interactions and play, with practical
                                          “Baby Einstein” DVDs. A thorough              advice on supporting movement
                                          study showed that the activity of             development and creating a warm
                                          watching these programs seems to              and respectful home environment.
                                          disrupt the normal language acquisition       Parents will gather together each week
                                          process. The “Baby Einstein” babies           with Jennie to observe their children
                                          had less vocabulary at the end of the         together and, through that observa-
                                          study than the control group who              tion, deepen their understanding of the
                                          learned the mother tongue in the              children’s needs and capacities. If you
                                          tried and true way, which has proven          (or your friends) are interested in any
                                          so effective over the millennia!              of these classes for your brilliant and
                                               The Early Childhood program is           mysterious babies or toddlers, please
                                          offering two new classes, in addition         call the Admissions Office, 672-7092,
                                          to the three mixed-age Kindergartens          x 111 for more information.

Hawthorne Valley School News

   Practical                                    for is an understanding of the deeper
                                                questions of “ Who am I?” and, “What
                                                is my place in the world?”
                                                                                             Grade Three I took up a number of
                                                                                             different projects. We went on a farm
                                                                                             visit, prepared the soil in the school
     Life in                                       The curriculum indications for
                                                the third grade can be used in a
                                                                                             garden and planted winter wheat.
                                                                                             Joyfully the children cleared the small

   the Third                                    beautiful way to support the child
                                                at this time. Lessons in practical life
                                                                                             field of stones and took turns with the
                                                                                             hand plough. Then they sowed the

                                                give the children a chance to connect        grain. We built a clay oven. The boys
                                                themselves consciously with their            graduated towards the masonry work
                                                surroundings. They learn why people          and the girls took over puddling the
        By	Paul	Murray,	                        need shelter and how to build shelters.      clay barefoot whilst singing.
      Third	Grade	Teacher                       They may build a small house or learn           Later in the year we built a brick
                                                how to mix mortar. They learn how            playhouse for the Kindergarten. The

A     round the time of the ninth year
      children become much more
aware of the world around them and
                                                to measure time, weight, distance,
                                                area and volume. They learn how to
                                                count money. The children should
                                                                                             children helped plan it, mark out
                                                                                             the site, clear the site and pour the
                                                                                             concrete for the foundation. They
more importantly, their place in it. A          learn how food is grown, how the soil        learned the difficult tasks of mixing
greater awareness of their own inner            is cared for, and how animals are cared      mortar and brick laying. There were
life awakens children to a conscious-           for by farmers. Practical work, a farm       problems with the floor, windows,
ness of their own individuality.                visit, or living and working on a farm       doors, and roof and the children
Realizing that your thoughts and                for a week provide great opportunities       helped to find solutions to all of these.
feelings are your own can be an                 for the children to become secure in         The winter wheat was ready to harvest
isolating experience for children, and          the wider world that has now become          at the start of Grade Four, and so the
it can bring a feeling of insecurity into       visible to them. Thus they become            children were able to see the full cycle
their lives. Mere intellectual facts will       ever more confident of their place           of crop growth on the land. The grain
not satisfy the child; what s/he yearns         within this world.                           was dried, ground and baked into a
                                                                 ...                         loaf, which was eaten with our own
                                                                                             hand-made butter. Of course the
                                                        Lessons in practical life give
                                                                                             loaf was baked in our clay oven! The
                                                        the children a chance to             children long maintained that it was
                                                        connect themselves consciously       the best bread and butter that they
                                                        with their surroundings.             had ever tasted. What I think is that it
                                                                 ...                         truly satisfied their need for security
                                                                                             in the world. They had followed a
                                                           Teachers may take up
                                                                                             process from beginning to end and
                                                        many different aspects of
                                                                                             made something with their own
                                                        this practical work. What
                                                                                             hands. They had experienced their
                                                        is done will depend on the
                                                                                             possibility to contribute something
                                                        local surroundings, the needs
                                                                                             essential towards what is needed for
                                                        of the class, and the insight
                                                                                             humanity to live on Earth.
                                                        of the individual teacher.
                                                                                                Overall we can see that at this stage
                                                        However, all will have the
                                                                                             in their lives it is essential that the
                                                        same aim in mind: how am
                                                                                             children experience not what they can
                                                        I to build the children’s
                                                                                             get from the earth or animals or plants,
                                                        confidence in themselves and
                                                                                             but the moral responsibility that the
                                                        a feeling of security in the
                                                                                             farmer and builder bear towards the
                                                        world at large? With my first
                                                                                             Earth and the animals. A feeling of
                                                        Grain poem expresses the path        thankfulness grows in the children as
                                                        traveled by the grain from seed to   they appreciate all that their fellow
                                                        bread, by Eva Herschler              man and the natural world brings.

                                                                                        Hawthorne Valley School News

Encountering                                                                                Q       How does the projects curriculum
                                                                                                    affect children’s development?

Hygeia in the                                                                               A       Children build their will by
                                                                                                    doing deeds from beginning to
                                                                                            end, from seed to loaf. Projects are
                                                                                            the work of the feeling will. It is a time

                   Projects                                                                 when children experience the world
                                                                                            directly. The unfolding feeling from
                                                                                            the child becomes: “I am connected

                                                                                            to this earth and her creatures. I am
                                                                                            able. I want to do my part. I want to
                                                                                            do meaningful work. I want to be of
                                                                                            service. I want to say ‘thank you’ for
An interview with Cecelia Elliston                                                          the abundance of gifts. Life may be a
                                                                                            struggle, but Mother Nature, in her
                                                                                            various moods, offers me a place to
Cecelia Elinson is the projects teacher and works with students in                          breath and re-create.”
grades two through high school. She has worked with students in                                Projects for grades six, seven,
cooking, farming, and health for more than 20 years.                                        and eight involve meeting the
                                                                                            resistance of the earth and thereby
                                                                                            strengthening their rapidly growing

Q       What is the purpose of the
        projects curriculum in a Waldorf
school and particularly at Hawthorne
                                            name was Hygiea. With amazement I
                                            pondered her, and I carried her back
                                            in my heart as a muse to help with my
                                            work with children. Balance, the art of
                                                                                            bodies. There is often an objective
                                                                                            standard built into our work. The
                                                                                            plant must be carefully transplanted
Valley?                                                                                     so it will thrive. The cow must be fed

                                            health, breathing: this is Hygiea.              and milked. Of course, the teacher is
        Waldorf education attempts             The projects curriculum provides             needed to help focus concentration.
        to educate and be educated by       training in working together, being             Everything in the projects curriculum
the whole child, and projects work is a     flexible, and sometimes putting aside           is imbued with rhythm. Kneading the
colorful thread in the rich tapestry. At    personal preferences for the sake of            bread and sawing the wood are often
Hawthorne Valley, through resources         a common goal (a bridge well built).            accompanied with song.

unique to our valley and her gifts, the     These, too, are some of the aspirations
projects curriculum helps children          of projects work, all done with the                     Does projects work raise the
develop a sense of ease and well being      help of Hygiea: not overworking, not                    consciousness of students about
                                                                                            environmental issues?

in their body, an ease that will further    slacking, just the right balance.
help them connect with our Earth.
Such an ease and well-being is the
                                            Q       How do children respond to the
                                                    projects curriculum?
                                                                                                    Yes. At younger ages, children
                                                                                                    directly experience the forces

legacy I carry forward from the work                                                        of the earth and what it means to keep
in the Kindergarten and from the love               In projects work, children              the earth in “good heart.” They see that
of the parents.                                     breathe the nourishment of the          if a crop, such as corn, feeds heavily
  Last summer during a trip to Crete,       senses – the smells of pinesap, the taste       from the soil, that we must have the
in the ancient walled city of Chania,       of a freshly picked tomato, the sound           love and will to give back nourishment
I chanced upon a tiny museum with           of trees cracking, and the sight of the         to the soil. They experience the natural
sculptures and a tree full of sweet-        sun-orange carrot where a tiny striped          recycling of the forests, an act we copy
smelling purple plums. One of the           seed had been planted three months              by making compost as a simple and
sculpted ladies looking down upon           before. Such nourishment is a training          deep example of sustainability.
me was of incomplete body but had a         in perception and feeling for the living           Older children are generally “aware”
loving penetrating gaze. She was lithe      world. It is also a strengthening of life       of global threats from the media. They
rather than robust, and the balance of      forces by living intimately with the            also begin to see the interconnectedness
her being spoke of the art of health. Her   season, the becoming and dying.                 of all life. They see how one small

Hawthorne Valley School News

change—for example, the spraying of a           into small groups in the garden or the      the building of special places. Hanukah
pesticide—might inadvertently kill the          kitchen. Often they get lost in the deed    brings the smell of latkes, potato
bacteria that cows need for digestion.          and forget about their differences.         pancakes. The wool from my sheep is
We further learn how our daily actions          They gain a new appreciation of an          patiently cleaned, carded, wrapped,
affect and improve the whole, locally           “old” classmate. In a different way,        and felted for Christmas gifts. Bulbs are
and globally. Recycling, biodiesel fuel,        children who suffer in the classroom        dug deeply into the earth, only to be
cover cropping, eating locally—these            because of too much energy can receive      awakened and dug three moons later as
are a few examples the children can             recognition as leaders for the “wisdom”     a Valentine’s Day present. Early spring
directly put into action.                       in their limbs. Their creative energy       brings the Maple Festival, the festival

Q       Does projects work enhance
                                                is rhythmically engaged in sawing,
                                                turning the soil, or mucking the barn.
                                                                                            of the rising sap in the valley. Some
                                                                                            children arrive at 6:00 am for a day of

        the relationship of students to
                                                                                            boiling 100 gallons of sap down to two
healthy eating?                                          What are some of the special

                                                                                            gallons of sweet syrup. Bread is baked
        What enhances the children’s                     opportunities for projects work
                                                                                            in Grade 4 from grain grown in Grade
        relationship to healthy eating          that come from location on a biodynamic
                                                                                            3. Cows are cared for in the winter.

is their own work in the garden.                                                            The children help compensate for the
What they grow and prepare they                         The students see the farmers        fact that cows cannot graze in winter
tend to eat. It is a natural widening                   milking the cows, morning           by currying and caring for our herd of
and accepting of food that is full of           and evening, feeding the animals, and       cows. Ice cream, hurrah, is made from
vitality. In the Grade 7 nutrition              staying up nights with newborn calves.      the milk of our cows, in honor of the
block, we keep a three-day food                 They learn that this piece of earth,        last day of school.

diary. The students look objectively            its flora and fauna, the domesticated
at what they eat and some make new              animals, the heavens above, and all                  Would you tell us about the
resolves. Their healthy instinct is still       the people of the valley make up one                 importance of the Michaelmas
a bit intact. Some of the students are          organism, one individuality. Grades         Festival?
also aware of the cost of not thinking
about diet, rest, and attitude, by
diseases in adults around them.
                                                three and nine each spend a week at
                                                the farm learning more intimately
                                                about the farm, bakery, dairy,
                                                                                            A       Michaelmas is a festive call to
                                                                                                    awake. The autumn equinox
                                                                                            will have passed and we are heading to

Q        What are some of the particular
         satisfactions for you of the
projects curriculum?
                                                and kraut cellar. In Grade 12, the
                                                farmer comes and speaks about new
                                                economic forms such as community-
                                                                                            the dark time of the year. Summer’s
                                                                                            outpouring of glorious nature is
                                                                                            brought deep into each of our souls.

                                                supported agriculture. With the             We must summon the will, to fight the
        There are very many, so the list        Farmscape Ecology program, we also          dragons of greed, materialism, self-
        is partial. Certain students who        have tremendous new resources.              absorption, and closed mindedness.

begin with very limited diets, begin                                                        Michael summons us to think and
to eat more broadly and healthfully.                    What are some of the ways in        observe with open-minded rigor,
Classes making gifts of food to other                   which you recognize the seasons     feel and develop our love for all
                                                and holidays through projects work?

classes. The deep and important bond                                                        varieties of people, and do the deeds
that forms between animal and child,                    The seasons are my teaching         of service that we can uniquely do,
which sometimes involves witnessing                     partner. They inform every-         no matter how small. In celebration
a birth and also death. When children           thing that we do in projects work. We       of St. Michael’s guiding spirit and
bring their new capacities home, like           celebrate Rosh Hashanah in the kitchen      his battle with the dragon, we have
tapping maple trees and cooking.                with traditional dishes like honey          an assembly to begin the Michaelmas

Q       Would you share examples of
        how projects work helps students
through social or other difficulties?
                                                cake. Passover is celebrated with a
                                                Seder. Acorns, the Native American’s
                                                celebrated nuts, are baked into cakes.
                                                                                            season. We also have a “mixed age
                                                                                            groups” work day. Some examples
                                                                                            of our work groups are making soups

                                                Full of iron, these are our Michaelmas      with local produce for sick people;
       Here are two examples. Child-            cakes. All Soul’s Day, the season of        visiting a nursing home and honoring
       ren who may not spend time               those who have left the earth, is honored   the elderly; and helping the farmers
together in a class are purposely put           by planting bulbs, remembrances, and        harvest and prepare for winter.

                                                                                       Hawthorne Valley School News

PROJECTS CURRICULUM FOR GRADES 2 TO 8                                                             GrAdE 6

         WHAT + WHY                                                                    In Grade 6, the gaze of young
                                                                                       people begins to move away from
                                                                                       the teacher as an authority. Logical
           GrAdE 2                       man and the world. Projects work              thinking and cause and effect
In Grade 2, children often have a        supports Grade 3 studies of farming,          become important. With bodies
natural religious sense toward nature.   arithmetic, and the Old Testament             growing rapidly, the children are
They feel at one with the world.         with activities such as growing grains,       ready for hard work. They meet
The sense of wonder is nurtured by       using multiplication skills in cooking,       the resistance of the earth and stone
getting to know our valley and her       and performing Hebrew blessings               and build their will by overcoming
many mysteries—discovering the           during the Passover and Seder.                this resistance. The lawfulness and
giant spotted salamander chewing                                                       rhythm of the work they have done
on birch sticks and listening to the                 GrAdE 4                           help to order their emotional life.
soul sounds of the coyote are among      By Grade 4, children fall away from           Grade 6 studies of geology and of
these offerings. The gifts of nature,    imaginative picturing and enter an            South American geography are
the direct experience of the seasons     observational understanding of the            enlivened by soil exploration, by
through mud and snow—all of              world. They learn to observe and love         making compost, and by preparing
these experiences give children the      the cows and all the farm animals. It         empanadas and other South
feeling of the unseen forces that        is often a time when the child feels          American dishes.
pour into creation. When children        alone in his soul. Criticalness toward
are learning animal fables, projects     the world colors their seeing. This                      GrAdE 7
work provides them with direct           is the perfect time for children to           In Grade 7, children begin to
experience of animals and their          have a special relationship with a            appreciate order and the support
sounds. By engaging in deeds of          trusted animal. Each child in Grade           that order can give them. Social
kindness such as preparing soup          4 “adopts” a cow and tends to this            relationships are all important. In
for the elderly, projects work           cow’s needs through the winter.               projects work, we study hygiene,
complements the study of saints.         They also begin to develop practical          nutrition, attitude, and rest, and
The counting of potatoes and             thinking in solving work problems             we cook and garden in groups. The
onions and other vegetables by           in the barn. In Grade 4, projects             Grade 7 curriculum in physiology
“2s” through “10s” supplements the       work presents opportunities to use            and in African and European
study of arithmetic.                     fractions in cooking. It also further         geography is enhanced by the
                                         studies in geography by our walks             nutrition and cooking projects
           GrAdE 3                       through the valley.                           block, which features cuisines from
When children reach Grade 3, they                                                      those cultures.
need to place their feet on earth                    GrAdE 5
and be given a chance to develop         Projects work in Grade 5 is brief                        GrAdE 8
trust in the world. They become          because of the schedule. Children             In Grade 8, the capacity for
junior farmers of the valley. They       gain confidence as they work in the           independent judgment is dawning.
are falling out of oneness with the      greenhouse and watch the lawful               Students create recipes and cook
world and now look to the farmer,        procession of the unfolding plant .The        from plots in the garden they have
a person with many abilities. They       cooking of Persian and Indian cuisine         planned. The cooking projects work
see that they, too, can sow seeds        and the identification of medicinal           incorporates the Grade 8 study
and help the animals. They feel the      and edible plants add to the Grade 5          of chemistry. It also supplements
lawfulness, the divine, in nature.       study of ancient civilizations, while         Grade 8 Asian studies by means of
They see man needs all of nature,        their greenhouse work supplements             the preparation of Asian cuisine.
and nature needs the cooperation of      studies in botany.

Hawthorne Valley School News                                            Mark Smith, Farm
                                                                            Aid campaign
                                                                              director and

FArM AId                                                                   Martin Ping in
                                                                           the VSP dining

                                                                         hall enjoying the
                                                                       bounty of the Farm
                                                                           two days before

                the Valley
                                                                            the concert on
                                                                         Randalls Island.
                                                                                             might have thought that people were
                                                                                             actually buying fresh produce to snack
                               BY MARTIN PING, HVA ExECUTIVE DIRECTOR                        on during the performance. Several
                                                                                             school teachers in the audience

O      n Friday, September 7, the
       folks from Farm Aid visited
Hawthorne Valley as part of their
                                                Derek Trucks, The Ditty Bops, and
                                                others, performed at Randalls Island
                                                on Sunday to a sellout crowd of
                                                                                             stated their interest in having such a
                                                                                             pedagogical tool for their classrooms
Upstate tour in advance of their annual         25,000. All of the food served at the        /foodmiles.htm). The New York Times
concert, this year held at Randalls             concession stands was locally sourced        singled out this particular information-
Island in New York City. The group              and organic. Hawthorne Valley Farm           al offering in its review of the concert
had a delicious lunch, catered by               donated yogurt and granola to be             in the Tuesday, September 11, edition.
Larry Lane and the Farm Store deli              served backstage to the workers and          (
staff and prepared with food grown              performers. Lunch backstage was              arts/music/11farm.html).
by our own farmers and apprentices,             a veritable feast with all the food,            At the request of our friends at
as well as by some neighboring farms.           organic of course, provided by New           Farm Aid, I made myself available
The seventh grade and Mrs. Elinson              York farmers.                                in the press tent for interviews
baked an apple crisp—made with                     At the invitation of Farm Aid, I          with various media outlets. Hands
apples from the tree near the bus               attended the concert and the press           down, the most memorable part of
stop—and a marvelous cake with a                briefing before the concert. Governor        this experience was doing a press
secret ingredient (beets). After lunch,         Elliot Spitzer and First Lady Silda          conference with Amanda Barret and
in the visiting students program (VSP)          Wall Spitzer accompanied the four            Abby DeWald, a.k.a. the Ditty Bops.
dining hall, we gave the visitors a brief       board members in a lively discussion         Imagine my surprise when I learned
presentation on Hawthorne Valley’s              in which the Governor expressed              that Abby worked at Hawthorne
work, which was followed by a tour              his commitment to organic farming.           Valley Farm’s Green Market stand in
of the farm. The Independent (www.              Hawthorne Valley Farm is pleased that        Union Square several years ago! The covered the visit in              the Governor’s Mansion is a member           Nation makes note of this in its review
a recent edition. On Saturday, Farm             of its CSA and a regular customer of         of the concert (
Aid organized an event at the Union             the Farm Store. In a conversation with       doc/20070924/fraser).
Square Green Market. Ben and Sara,              the Governor and First Lady after the           Most gratifying of all was to see
our amazing Greenmarket managers,               conference, I expressed our gratitude        the heroic and well-deserved respect
reported record sales on that day!              for their continued support.                 farmers were getting throughout the
   Founded in 1985 by musicians                    Drs. Conrad and Claudia Vispo,            day, and also to be on the receiving
Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John             founders of Hawthorne Valley’s               end of so many heart-felt accolades
Mellencamp, Farm Aid has raised                 Farmscape Ecology Program, had               from appreciative eaters who buy
over $30 million to help family farms           many visitors to their information           Hawthorne Valley products. I am
maintain their ability to contribute to         booth at the concert. The booth was          grateful to the good people at Farm
a sustainable food system. Messrs.              fashioned as a mock grocery store.           Aid, our friends at the Glynwood
Nelson, Young, and Mellencamp                   “Customers” filled their grocery             Center who helped arrange the visit
continue to serve on the board and              baskets with fruits and veggies and          to our farm, and all of the performers
have been joined by singer/songwriter           brought them to the checkout, where          who so generously donated their time
Dave Matthews. All four artists,                their total food miles were calculated.      and talent in support of sustainable
along with the Allman Brothers Band,            At times the lines were so long you          agriculture.

                                                                                            Hawthorne Valley School News

     F A C u L T Y                          P r O F I L E S                                 world beyond our community, he is
                                                                                            looking forward to once again being
            Stu Summer GoeS Back to the                                                     with young children—experiencing
                                                                                            their freshness and his own freshening
            Future with the ClaSS of 2019                                                   that will go along with it. He plans
                  By Indigo Ocean, First Grade Assistant,                                   on balancing classroom teaching
                   Playgroup Teacher and HVS Librarian                                      with educational experiences in the

I  t was just nine years ago that I began   toward anthroposophy, and in due                natural world, taking advantage of
   working alongside Stuart Summer          course, Waldorf education.                      our beautiful valley. Says Stu: “I’m
when he took his previous first grade            Stu began attending Sunbridge              ready to go from the more intellectual
on the beginning of their eight-year        College in Spring Valley, NY.                   pursuits of eighth grade, back to being
journey together. I was the playgroup       Teacher training in 1988 brought him            with the ‘gnomes’ again.”
teacher for Stu’s class that year, and      to Hawthorne Valley School, where
now I will have the pleasure once           he eventually ended up taking his
again of carrying that role for his new     first class in the autumn of 1989. His
first grade.                                second class, taken in 1997, is now in
   When I sat down with Stu to              the tenth grade.
interview him recently, I realized that        After a rejuvenating sabbatical for
I didn’t really know much about his         Stuart (which included a trip to Spain
background. He hails originally from        and whitewater canoeing adventures
Springfield, Missouri, and he says even     with his teenage son), September
as a youngster he’d always considered       marked the beginning of his third
the possibility of teaching one day.        journey with a class of children
He headed east for college, earning a       through the eight grades together,
bachelor’s degree in Human Ecology          and he is very much looking forward
from The College of the Atlantic in         to the experience. He recognizes that
Bar Harbor, Maine; it was during            each class is a different entity and asks
college that Stu got his feet wet, so       different things of its teacher. Stu            Stuart Summer, Class teacher class of ‘19
to speak, in education by teaching          feels that his experience helps him
environmental education.                    to be freer in his teaching and gives
   Then when he was 22 and fresh            him more of a chance to observe the
out of college, Stu met someone who         children and gear the lessons toward
would change his life and the path          what this particular group of students
that he would ultimately choose. A          really needs.
friend introduced Stu to Marjorie              Stu is excited about working with
Spock, sister of Dr. Benjamin               parents again and developing a shared
Spock and a celebrity in her own            depth of understanding about Waldorf
right in the Waldorf education and          education. He feels that parents
anthroposophical movements. Still           are more on their own as to how
alive today at 102 years old, Marjorie      to parent these days, which can be
is the last living person to have known     simultaneously freeing and difficult.                    Tales of Spells
Rudolf Steiner. Stu was enthralled by       Stu hopes to be a helpful resource for                   & Enchantment
                                                                                                  Wednesday, October 31st
Marjorie’s demeanor, and says she           parents with questions and concerns
was –and is—the happiest person he’s                                                                       shows at
                                            regarding their children.
ever met. She presented new ideas to           While Stu loved working with                          6:00 pm & 7:00 pm
Stu regarding how we relate to the          the teenagers of his last class,                      at the Hawthorne Valley
world -- ideas that were outlandish to      appreciating their energy and the way                    Halloween Festival
him at first, but actually steered him      they were looking out into the big

Hawthorne Valley School News

               A L u M N I                             N E W S
                       OLd FrIENdS                                                                I am pursuing a Master’s degree in
                                                                                                  Conflict Transformation through the

                          SHArE                                                                   School for International Training, and
                                                                                                  in October I will begin an internship
                       NEW STOrIES                                                                at the Austin, Texas, office of the
                                                                                                  American Friends Service Committee.
      By Simona Cohen and diana Haber, HVS Class of 1997                                          Sthea Mason ‘97
                                                                                                  Gabrielle Erbacher Chamberlain

F    ormer Hawthorne Valley School-
     mates from the class of 1997
met this past July for an evening
                                                 DC; Katrina Ruegg, from Laguna
                                                 Beach, CA, with friend Rose Carlson
                                                 (Class of ’01) and Rose’s daughter
                                                                                                  ’97 was married on June 15, 2007,
                                                                                                  in Florence, Italy. She works for
                                                                                                  Imagination in New York City and
                                                                                                  was recently elected to the Board of
of festivities at Zvi and Beatrice               Athena; Michael Stover from                      Directors.
Cohen’s home to celebrate the 10-                Kingston, NY; and Elijah Vanaver
year anniversary of their high school            from his travels. Mr. William Ward,              Olivia Keetch Singleton ’02 com-
                                                                                                  pleted a BFA in May 2006 from Ohio
graduation. Pond side, on a beautiful,           former teacher to the class of 1997              Wesleyan University. She is currently
cool night, the friends shared a casual          from first through eighth grade, made            living in Brooklyn, continuing her
meal and new stories, laughed over               a special guest appearance with wife,            art studies, and learning how to train
old photos, played touch football and            Andy Ward, and started the meal                  dogs.
party games, and enjoyed drinks and              with a speech and a toast to life with           At 95+ this ancient dinosaur still carries
toasting marshmallows over a bonfire             the words “L’chaim!”                             Hawthorne Valley and the School close
under the stars into early the next                The following morning, a smaller               to his heart! Thanks for the truly
morning.                                         group met at Hawthorne Valley                    beautiful calendar. Henry Barnes
   In attendance were: Tobias (Hasse)            School for a light brunch and a tour
Ackerman from Maryland with wife                 of the school.
Cheryl Ackerman and two- year-old
son Rowan, Jade Snow-Carroll from
Brooklyn with friend Ian Rasch (class
of ‘95); Simona Cohen from New
York City with husband Bill Parsons
and four-month-old daughter Mischa
Parsons; Simone Chezar from San
Diego, CA; Peter Debye-Saxinger
from Portland, OR; Jeremy DeGeyter
from Omi, with wife Julie Wright
(class ’98) and their sons, the oldest of
whom is starting HVS Kindergarten
this September; Honore Depew from
Portland, OR; Diana Haber from
Brooklyn, NY; Robin Kaufman from
Boston, MA; Lindsay Keyes-Valpatic,
from Indianapolis, IN with husband
Drew Valpatic and year-old son; Ella
May Kibler from Chatham, MA; Ben
Madey from Long Island, NY, with
fiancé Veronica Poiss (also class of
’97), Sthea Mason from Brattleboro,                       Former class teacher, Wiliiam Ward with members of the class of 1997 and their families.
VT; Chris Root from Washington,

                                                                                              Hawthorne Valley School News

                 dE V E LOPM E N T N E WS
          FALL                                                                                COPPLE MADE
       FESTIVALS                                                                                A LASTING
        EVENTS                                                                                 IMPRESSION
      By Caroline Geisler,                                                                         ON
     development director
O      ur fall is filled with celebration
       at Hawthorne Valley, beginning
with Michaelmas on September 28
when our whole school branches out
onto the Farm and the community                  upcoming on December 8 and is a
to perform community service                     large fund-raiser for the school. It will
tasks ranging from repairs, harvest              be a magical day with delicious food,
clean-up on the farm, to baking                  puppet shows, crafters, children’s
and distributing the bounty to our               activities, and general family fun. This
neighbors. In October we have                    is so important as our goal is to raise
the Fall Farm Festival and School                $15,000 from this event. These funds
Open House, which is a wonderful                 go straight into supporting the school,
opportunity to thank our community               as all the organization of this event is a
for all they do for us with a great              gift from our amazing parents. Please
harvest celebration. Halloween                   enjoy these events and stop by the
sees the community engaged in a                  Development table at the Yuletide
festival of pumpkins, lights, stories,           Fair and consider making an extra gift
and puppet shows for the youngest                to celebrate the season and support
to the oldest. Our Yuletide Fair is              our school.

                                                                                               not	only	on	his	students,	
                                                                                               but	on	the	generations	to	
                                                                                               come	through	his	planned	
                                                                                                gift	to	the	Scholarship	
                                                                                                   Endowment	Fund.	
                                                                                               For more information on making
                                                                                                 a planned gift, please contact
                                                                                                  the Development Office at
                                                                                                518 672-7092 x 105 or email

Hawthorne Valley School News

                                KNOLL                  In the free resolve
                                                       of your heart,
                                HOUSE                  take your own life in hand.
                                THERAPY                ~Rudolf Steiner

                                	 Jeanne	Simon-macDonalD	 (518) 329-5722
                                             DiPL. EUR.; DiPL.TH. EUR

                                          Therapeutic Eurythmy
                                           Movement Coaching

                                	GreGor	Simon-macDonalD	 (518) 329-5723
                                                      M.PHiL; LMSW


                                                 Sliding Fee Scale

                                   Appointments in Copake and
                                   Harlemville … Give us a call!

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 or lost mailings!

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                                           Birth Services
                                Sarah Proechel  Hillsdale, NY  (518) 672-4576

                                     Professional Childbirth Support
                                         Home or Hospital Birth

                    Hawthorne Valley School News

  We are proud to announce
                         This technology provides
                         the highest quality dental
                         diagnostics while reduc-
  ing your family’s exposure to radiation by up to
  90%. Another addition to our quality care.
                        New patieNts
                        & emergeNcies

             1078 Route 217, Philmont, NY 12565

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