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					        Welcome to the Book Review Bistro. I am Cody with Brock, and we are

reviewing Extreme BMX by Bobbie Kalman and Amanda Bishop. This book tells about

how BMX racing started and explains amazing tricks. This book has great, colorful


        Safety is one interesting main point in this book. The authors, Kalman and

Bishop, write about how the racers put all their gear on every time they race or compete

in a competition.

        The four styles of racing, street, vert, flatland and dirt, are explained by Kalman

and Bishop. They tell what the racers have to go through and how they do it.

        In one passage in Extreme BMX, Kalman and Bishop explain how BMX really

started by saying, “BMX started in the late 1960s when some kids in California got this

idea to imitate motocross racers. They used a new type of bicycle, Schwinn Sting Ray.

The compact Sting Ray was low-slung, or close to the ground which made it much

sturdier than the original road bike. Before long, kids started racing their Sting Rays on

bumpy dirt tracks. Their version of racing became known as BMX, short for, „bicycle


        The book is easy to read, and you can easily understand the author‟s message. The

author clearly explains what BMX racers go through and the tricks they make up.

        The weakness in this book was the organization in the part about the tricks. The

author could have organized it from easiest tricks to the hardest tricks. We feel that if

you don‟t know much about BMX, you will have a clear understanding after reading this

book. However, if you already have an interest in BMX, it is not that great of a book. It is

good, but a bit simple for a BMX enthusiast.
      We rate Extreme BMX by Bobbie Kalman and Amanda Bishop three spoons for

our Book Review Bistro.