; 6 Essential Tips For Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions
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6 Essential Tips For Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions


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									6 Essential Tips For Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions

Some affiliates are very successful in earning commissions while others fail to make
money online. What separates winners from losers in earning huge affiliate commissions?

This article presents ten important tips that any affiliate can use to earn huge

1. Build your own mini site where you promote several affiliate programs for your
   niche. By focusing your site on one niche, you can offer several affiliate products that
   you can hand pick from that niche. This gives your website visitors options to buy
   any of your products, and this also boosts the sales you can make and the
   commissions you earn.
2. Publish your own e-zine and build a big list of subscribers. By doing this, you can
   then promote your affiliate products to your list on a regular basis.
3. Establish a marketing budget and the tools you will use to advertise your affiliate
   products. It is also important for you to test and track your ads and promotions for
   your affiliate programs to see which ones are the most effective.
4. Carry out product reviews of the affiliate products you promote, indicating which
   programs have paid you most, and outline their attractive features. This will inform
   your customers about your products, and will also help to drive traffic to your
   website. You can also recommend your affiliate programs on your website or in your
   e-zine, or on your blog. You can also recommend your affiliate programs to your
   visitors by having a section on your website and you list your favorite affiliate
   programs along with descriptions of their products or services. It is important that you
   make sure that your affiliate product reviews honest.
5. Give away freebies that have your affiliate links in them. This can involve giving
   away short reports, e-books or an e-course with your affiliate links in them. You can
   also invite your website visitors to give away your reports and e-books to their own
   friends or distribute to their lists.
6. Create a directory, and this directory can be for articles, e-zines, e-books or affiliate
   programs. You can add your affiliate links in your directories, which will in turn
   boost your commissions.

These six steps can help you dramatically increase your affiliate cheques. Follow them
and you will soon see a major boost to your affiliate commissions!

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