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									Mission Statements - 1


Mission Statements Week Four Eric Brooks, Lupita Guzman, Anita Miller, and Jacklyn Roberts 9/31/07 David Mims

Mission Statements - 2 Abstract The following paper contains the mission statement, one and five year plans for four schools. The differences and similarities and other topics are discussed in regards to the mission statements and school plans.

Mission Statements - 3 Mission Statements A mission statement “defines the core purpose of the organization - why it exists” (Google, 2007. p.1). It is “a brief statement indicating who a group is, what it does, and how it serves. It is oriented to present reality and generally is reviewed every three to five years” (Google, 2007, p.8). Mission statements can vary among schools, districts, and states. Four school mission statements and one and five year plans were looked at and the differences and similarities are discussed, as well as if the statements provided guidance, is appropriate, fits the one and five year plans, grabs attention, and reflects the culture of the school.

School #1: Marble Elementary Marble Elementary‟s Mission Plan: The Marble Elementary Community will provide a caring, stimulating and safe environment where all children can learn. Marble Elementary‟s One Year Plan: Marble Elementary‟s Five Year Plan:

School #2: Olive Crest Olive Crest‟s Mission Plan: Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating and educating at risk children, and to preserving the family - one life at a time. Olive Crest‟s One Year Plan: We are here to address the A,B,C‟s of learning. „A‟ to complete the student‟s academic goals according to their IEP‟s. „B‟ to address the student‟s behavioral goals so they may return to the mainstream class environment, and

Mission Statements - 4 „C‟ to teach character skills so the students may be successful in and out of the classroom. Olive Crest‟s Five Year Plan: Olive Crest does not have a five year plan. They are a behavioral school where students are sent on a short term basis for student‟s to learn how to control their behavioral needs so they may be sent back into the mainstream classroom.

School #3: Our school will provide a safe learning environment that provides the means and opportunities for all students to reach their highest educational potential.

Similarities and Differences: Marble Elementary and **** has a similarity in that the mission statement tries to create an environment where students can learn. The mission statements are different in that Marble Elementary and ***** is more broad in scope whereas Olive Crest narrows the mission statement to the area of students and needs that the school is dealing with. All mission statements mention education and learning as a goal for the children

Evaluation and Guidance: All the mission statements do reflect the goals of the school and provide a form of guidance for the instruction that will take place.

Cultural Reflection:

Mission Statements - 5 The mission statements and one and five year plans reflect the culture and the students that the schools are working with. This is particularly true with Olive Crest‟s School‟s mission statement and one year plan which reflects the type of students that attend the school.

Appropriateness and Attention: The mission statements were appropriate for the type of school they reflected. Olive Crest‟s mission statement had the attention grabber of “one life at a time”.

Group four has developed a mission statement for a new school to consider. It is:

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Mission Statements - 6

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