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Statement of the Problem Jacklyn Roberts Grand Canyon University EDA 570 September 6, 2008

Statement of the Problem Abstract


This essay contains the first three steps in an action research study. It includes the introduction of the problem, statement of the problem and the purpose behind the study. The current problem being explored is the lack of communication amongst teachers in the school being examined. Isolation of teachers in the school and lack of communication seems to negatively affect student performance. In the following essay this issue will be researched to see what changes need to be implemented in order to bring effective communication back into the picture.

Statement of the Problem Statement of the Problem Introduction The problem being explored in this study is the lack of communication occurring in an elementary school between staff members and administration. This lack of communication allows for the isolation of teachers and students. Due to this lack of communication and togetherness, motivation is low as well as academic achievement levels. As a new administrator starts her career at this school that is in need of motivation and teamwork, action research needs to occur to find out what the problem truly is regarding the broken link of communication. The barriers need to be broken down to increase school spirit as well as student achievement. This topic is very important to the success of students as well as the emotional well being of staff members. According to the Center of Comprehensive School Reform and Improvement (2005)


paying close attention to what is being termed a leader's emotional intelligence—his or her ability and willingness to be "tuned in" to employees as people is imperative. Recent evidence suggests that emotional intelligence displayed, for example, through a leader's personal attention to an employee and through the utilization of the employee's capacities, increases the employee's enthusiasm and optimism, reduces frustration, transmits a sense of mission and indirectly increases performance (McColl-Kennedy & Anderson, 2002). With a focus being on how to create unity and a school vision for the school through communication, teacher’s performances should increase when they are respected and are considered a key players for a school team of educators. According to Sagor (2000), schools should be exciting places where children want to learn and teachers want to be there. After a survey completed last year at Tilley Elementary

Statement of the Problem


School, the majority of staff members felt as though communication and morale was the number one problem for low school achievement. According to Wiles and Bondi (2007), a shared philosophy reached by effective communication is the framework for effective curriculum design and student achievement. After considering these factors, the focus remains clear that action research should be completed to see what can be done to increase communication and morale and make this school an exciting place to learn. Statement of Problem The main point of this study is to increase communication and create motivation and morale amongst staff members to increase student learning and staff satisfaction. This school currently is a school of concern by the state due to low test scores and poor academic achievement. Teachers have spoken out regarding the lack of communication and motivation they feel as an employee of the school. While the impact of the lack of effective communication is not known, variables that will be explored during this study include the communication process between the administrator and staff members and motivation techniques that lead to teacher satisfaction and student success. Problems such as teacher isolation, teacher dissatisfaction, and low morale amongst students and teachers will be explored. An emotionally unhealthy environment is not a conducive place for students to learn and thrive. Purpose of the Study The purpose of this study is to increase effective communication and morale in the school. Due to the requests of teachers in quantitative research such as surveys, the need for communication is crucial to the success of the school. This study will provide both qualitative and quantitative research to determine the current problem and explore what action can be implemented to solve the problem. This study will contain quantitative research such as

Statement of the Problem interviews to determine the feelings of teachers and students in the school regarding the communication and morale levels at the school. Qualitative research will be conducted as well involving narratives, case studies and grounded case work to determine the best way to implement a system of effective communication into the school. Due to the complexity of this issue both of these types of research will be needed to fulfill the purpose of this study.


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