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                                                           the                                             Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth, Inc.                                     Spring 2006

The Gift of
By Jess Fitzgerald
     Between iPod’s and video games,
today’s teens still find time to connect with
their community. One example is Bradford
Randall who donated his time and effort

                                                                                                                                                                 Photo by Charlene Flaherty
to Habitat for Humanity to build a utility
shed at the Cole Street construction site in
Rocky Nook, Kingston. Bradford spent
several weeks organizing volunteers and
building the shed. During this time, his
                                                    (L to R) Bradford Randall with the help of Russ Garland raise the final wall for the utility shed that was
father, Dennis Randall, Russ Garland and            built through the donation of volunteer time and materials for Habitat for Humanity’s Kingston build.
at least a dozen friends and students from
Wellesley College assisted him.                                                                               This gives today’s youth an outlet for
                                                   church, local youth group, school and
     The statistics of youth volunteerism is       even sometimes right at home. More                         becoming involved; many who don’t
staggering. Many of these youngsters are           than half of the high schools in the                       know where to start will start with a group
exposed to community service in different          United States offer community service                      associated with their school or church
aspects of their lives, whether it be at their     oriented groups as an after-school activity.               organization.
                                                                                                                  Bradford’s volunteer involvement fits
                                                                                                              a pattern documented by the Education

                            Volunteer Spotlight                                                               Research Institute at UCLA which
                                                                                                              conducted a study which found more than
                            Dottie Kelley                                                                     83 percent of incoming college freshmen
                                                                                                              volunteered in their last year of high
                            Vice President of HFHGP and                                                       school. The study highlighted an obvious
                            Chair of the Family Selection Committee                                           but frequently overlooked point, all that is
                            By Nancy Emerson                                                                  necessary to get teens involved is a simple
                                 Dottie Kelley, Vice President of HFHGP and Chair of                          invitation and opportunity to help.
        Dottie Kelley
                             the Gala for the third consecutive year, is also Chairman of the                     Scores of kids in our local towns are
  Family Selection Committee which chooses one family from the 60-70 applying for each                        involved in community service for the
  new house constructed. “The hardest part of this whole process is the people we can’t                       simple reason that they have been asked to
  help,” days Dottie. “There are three or four other families we’re seeing in the final round                 help. So, if you know a teen with free time
  that we can’t help. It’s the toughest thing.”                                                               and energy to burn, take a moment and
       Each family must be unable to secure a conventional mortgage, must fit the income                      ask for their help. Bradford was asked and
  guidelines, so they’ll have the ability to pay the no-interest mortgage, and “the Number                    he donated his time and efforts to help
  One Thing,” says Dottie, must be living in inadequate housing. Their homes might be                         Habitat for Humanity of Greater
  too small for the number of people residing there, the conditions might be poor, and/                       Plymouth. If you, or a neighbor would
  or they might be paying more than 50% of their income for housing. In addition to                           like to become a volunteer with the
  paying the mortgage, each adult who will live in the house must give 200 hours of                           Greater Plymouth Affiliate please contact
  sweat equity in its production. (Those who are physically unable to work on the house                       our office at 508-866-4188. As the
  itself may do alternate work in the office, etc.) Also, applicants must have lived or                       American Red Cross says, “consider
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                                                                                                              yourself asked!”
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                                    The President’s Perspective

                                                              Why          area meets the requirement. In           there.
  38 North Main Street
  P.O. Box 346
                                                          affordable       Plymouth, for example, only                   There are no easy solutions
  Carver, MA 02330                                        housing?         4.1% of the 27,000 homes are             to the problem of affordable
  (508) 866-4188                                          Some people considered affordable. As more                housing, but most Habitat
  Email:                             have a           houses are built, the 10% figure         people agree that it is our
  Website:                            difficult time increases the number of afford-            challenge as people of faith to
                                                          understand-      able units required.                     help those in need. We are
  OFFICERS                                                ing the               Some opposition to the statute working hard to help those who
                                         Nancy Morse      economics
  President: Nancy Morse                                                   stems from the perception that           fall below even the state level of
                                    of needing affordable homes.           more homes being built in a              affordability. The income
  Vice President: Dottie Kelley
                                    One only has to drive by new           smaller area cause more traffic          requirement for qualifying for an
  Secretary Donna Fernandes
  Secretary:                        developments in the local                                                              affordable home according
  Treasurer: Doug Raymond
                                    area with massive homes on
                                    multiple acres of land to
                                                                         “   There are no easy solutions to to the state is 80% of the
                                                                                                                           median income, currently in
  BOARD OF DIRECTORS                believe that there is no            the problem of affordable hous-                    Plymouth County, about
  Bob Beane                         problem with housing.              ing, but most Habitat people agree $59,000 for a family of two.
  George “Bo” Muckle                Indeed, there is a housing          that it is our challenge as people                 Habitat’s requirement is
                                    boom going on in South-
                                                                                                                  ”        50% of median income or
  Reverend Dick Coleman
  Father Richard Crowley            eastern Massachusetts and          of faith to help those in need....                  around $29,500 thus giving
  Donna Fernandes                   many new homes are sold                                                                the opportunity to those
  Eleanor Hanford                   soon after they are built.             problems, more children in the           who cannot afford an ‘affordable’
  Ann Heiser
                                         However, all one needs to do schools, as well as a strain on               home. Habitat for Humanity of
  Joan Hoye
                                    is look at the newspaper ads for       resources needed for sewage and          Greater Plymouth is currently
  Dottie Kelley
                                    homes and see the prices of            water. Although these are certainly      working on multiple projects,
  Steve Lunetta
                                    decent homes to know how bad areas of concern, the plus is that it              and we plan, with God’s help, to
  Donna Martin
                                    the situation is. For example,         allows more working people to            continue to grow and help more
  Nancy Morse
  Diane Phinney
                                    one of our Board members has           realize the dream of home                and more families to live in
  Judy Randall
                                    a daughter who moved to North ownership, as well as giving                      decent, affordable homes.
  Doug Raymond                      Carolina because she couldn’t          stability to the children who live
  Robert Stuart                     afford to live in Massachusetts.
  Arnie Thorell                     A recent article in the ‘Plymouth
                                    Bulletin’ featured a young school
                                    teacher who has been forced to            A Gift of Remembrance
  Church Relations                  live with her parents because she               Is there a special someone in your life who you would like to
  Arnie Thorell
                                    can’t afford a house in the
                                                                               honor? Or, perhaps there is someone who has passed away and
  Construction Co-Chairs            community where she teaches. A
  Robert Stuart and Steve Lunetta                                              you would like to make a donation in their memory. If so,
                                    young family with a 2-year-old
                                                                               consider making a donation to Habitat by visiting the donation
  Family Partnership                daughter lives in a small
  Carol Johnson                     apartment because they can’t               page of our website at
  Family Selection                  afford a house. These are average
  Dottie Kelley                     folks who just want a decent,
                                    affordable home.
  Doug Raymond                           The Massachusetts 40B
  Fund Development                  statute is helping some of these
  Joan Hoye                         families, but it’s not easy. It is
  Public Relations
                                    quite controversial since it allows
  Diane Phinney                     developers to bypass the zoning
                                    permitting process and go
  Site Selection
  Eleanor Hanford                   directly to the Zoning Board of
                                    Appeals for development
  Special Projects
  Reverend Richard Coleman
                                    approval in towns with less than
                                    10% of the homes considered                     If you let us know who you would like to honor or
  Newsletter Editor,
                                    affordable. If the ZBA turns               remember an individual, we will send a small card to the recipient
  Graphic Designer and
  Web Mistress                      them down, they can appeal to              individual or their family and notify them of your donation.
  Judy Randall                      the state Housing Appeals                       On that note, we’d like to thank the faculty and staff of
                                    Committee which can override               Plymouth South High School who, through their Sunshine Club,
  OFFICE MANAGER                    the ZBA. Most towns are forced             recently, donated $25 to HFHGP in memory of Ab Marzelli of
  Bill Slater                       to comply since none in the local          Middleboro.

PAGE 2                                              
                            Who, What, Whys                                   that many committed individuals, led by Board Member and
                                                                              Construction Co-Chair, Steve Lunetta, have given countless hours of
                            of the “Road Show”                                their time, in all kinds of weather, over the past year to make this
                                                                              happen. Maybe you’d like to join in and help out?
                                Arnie Thorell, Chair of Church                    If you are or you know of someone who is a professional or
                            Relations and Joan Hoye, Fundraising              experienced plasterer or a finish carpenter, please call us. Also needed are
                            Chair, have teamed up to do one of their          material donations of sheetrock, finish lumber and plumbing materials.
                            favorite things - talk about Habitat. Using
                                                                                  Happy New Year Karen! This is the year you and your children
                            a 30 minute Power Point presentation and
                                                                              will be able to leave your cramped subsidized housing unit and step
                            then following up with a Q&A session,
                                                                              over the threshold of your own home!!
they will tell you why this organization is dear to their hearts. You
will learn about Habitat for Humanity International, how this affiliate
started, about the families we have housed and about our current and
future building plans. The program is geared to the needs of the              Volunteer Spotlight:
listeners and is often presented to civic organizations, men’s groups,
women’s groups, schools, churches and businesses. There is no cost
                                                                              Peg Merritt
and they bring their own equipment. They can present to churches              By Diane Phinney
on a Sunday morning or evening and combine it with a message                       Minister’s wives are often the “unsung
from the Bible. Arnie says, “All we need is electricity and a willing         heroes”, we concluded after talking recently
group with open hearts. We’ll be right out to tell you how Habitat            with Peg Merritt, wife of one of our affiliate’s
helps those in our communities reach the dream of home owner-                 founders. She, along with her husband Bob,
ship, which in turn, provides a path to self-sufficiency.” If you’d like      former minister of United Parish in Carver,
to know more about us, please call our office at 508 866-4188 and             have a long history with Habitat. They first began working with
schedule a speaker for your group.                                            South Shore Habitat in the early 1990’s and about 4 years later, they and
                                                                              others, decided to start our affiliate. Peg served on the committee that

                                       Loring Center to
                                                                              was then formed and was instrumental in completing all the required
                                                                              paperwork. “There was lots of it and the process took about 3 years to
                                       Hold Habitat Gala                      complete”, she remembered. Once completed, Peg served on the
                                                                              Board for another 3 years as Volunteer Coordinator. “We were a very
                                            Mark your calendars for           grassroots organization then”, Peg stated, “the Habitat ‘office’ was in
                                       HFHGP’s biggest fundraiser of          our home!” She had her hands very full answering the multitude of
                                       the year!! Our Seventh Annual          phone calls, getting volunteers for the worksites, making and delivering
                                       Warm Hearts, Warm Homes                lunches and contacting churches to enlist help. This was in addition to
                                       Gala, will be held at 7 pm on Sat.,    helping to raise 9 children, be grandmother to 21 grandchildren and
                                       March 25 at The Loring Center on       teach 2nd grade at Carver Elementary School for 21 years!
  2005 Gala Caterer “Simply Divine.”
                                       Rte. 3A in North Plymouth.                  Though all this might wear any normal person out, Peg contin-
Ticket cost is $60 per person. A pianist will provide the background to       ued to stay involved with us after her Board term was finished. For
an evening of fun including both live and silent auctions hosted by local     the past 5 years, she and volunteers she recruits from her neighbor-
political figures. Sumptuous fare will be provided by many of our finest      hood have helped prepare our newsletter for mailing. This has been a
area restaurants. Items auctioned off will include timeshare vacations,       huge task as we send out over 3000 newsletters! “The process has
tickets to sports games and cultural events, artwork, gift baskets and gift   gotten a lot easier now that the Cardinal Cushing students have
certificates. Come, have fun, meet our Habitat families and enjoy a           started to help,” she remarked gratefully.
wonderful evening out for a great cause!                                           The Merritt family was touched personally this year when Katrina
                                                                              hit. Their daughter, Judy and her husband, Marc lived in Long Beach,
Happy New Year!!                                                              MS. Due to the early warning, they were able to evacuate before the
                                                                              storm hit. They took along their cat, Sassy, and only what they thought
    Happy New Year, to our Habitat Partners, Karen Wood and her               they’d need for a few days. Their condo, 3 blocks from the shore, was
family! Due to many complicating issues, Karen and her children have          totally washed away. Nothing was left but rubble – they lost every-
been waiting patiently for two years since they were chosen for their         thing. Fortunately, they had their families to turn to. Some people
promised home. Now in 2006, their dream home will become a reality!           didn’t. Peg expressed her gratitude for all that Habitat International is
    With the help of many invaluable community volunteers,                    doing for those victims of the hurricane who are less fortunate.
donations from generous businesses, individuals and churches, a                    Peg often expresses her appreciation for being able to volunteer
transformation has occurred at #2 Cole Street, Kingston. From a               for Habitat. “It is such a worthwhile and wonderful organization
brush and bramble ridden empty lot, a house has risen! Though still           filled with such great and special people. There is no other organiza-
in process, it now has a roof, is almost completely sided, water and          tion I would rather work for than Habitat for Humanity,” Peg stated.
sewer have been connected, all the doors and windows are in and               “Because we are world-wide, a small amount of effort gets magnified
rough grading of the yard will be happening soon. A new Site
                                                                              a thousand fold”.
Supervisor, Joe Casna, has come on board and we expect to enter the
next phase, the interior, with vigor.                                              In our opinion, Peg, herself, is one of those “special” people she
                                                                              talks about. She not only volunteers her time, but she gives from her
    To those of us who haven’t been involved in the process
                                                                              heart. We thank YOU “a thousand fold”, Peg!!
continually, it may seem like it happened overnight. But the reality is
                                                                                                                    PAGE 3
                                           Behind the Scenes of our Newsletter
   Happenings In                           By Diane Phinney

   Greater Plymouth
                                                       id you ever think about how the newsletter you are holding in your hands right
                                                       now came to be? How it evolved? Where it came from and how it got there? Well, it
                                                       has a history, starting from the story ideas of the PR Committee, the articles
   Public Relations:                       generated by Habitat Board members and committee heads, to the printer and your hands.
   This committee is working hard to            With the help of many … this is how it happens. Over about a month’s period of time,
   keep the community abreast of           articles are written and sent to the PR Chair, Diane Phinney. She edits them and sends them by
   what’s happening in Habitat for         email to Judy Randall, our Graphic Designer. Here it is “born” - given shape and form. This
   Humanity of Greater Plymouth.           takes about a week. After many proofers check it out, the finished product is sent to
   Three PSA’s are being sent out to the   Powderhorn Press in Plymouth where it spends about another week being printed and copied.
   media to promote our Gala and           While all this is going on, Bill Slater, our Office Manager, is preparing the labels from our
   another to announce our Annual          distribution list and making up the zip code roster.
   Meeting. Carol King, Site                    Meanwhile, Peg Merritt, (Volunteer Extraordinaire, see her Spotlight on page 3) gets in touch
   Committee member, appeared on           with friend, Sally Negathon who assembles a band of hardy souls at South Meadow Village.
   Representative Tom O’Brien’s show       This group has been doing this for us for the past five years!! Led by Peg, and Mary DeGrenier,
   on Feb. 17th on PACTV.                  they are ready and waiting for delivery of your newsletter. Sometimes they get help from other
                                           groups, such as the students at Cardinal Cushing School who do some prep work like folding,
                                           labeling and tabbing which usually takes a couple of weeks. “If we have this help, our job is a
   Fund Development:                       WHOLE lot easier,” says Peg.
   Our Annual Golf Tournament is
                                                Once the newsletters are delivered to Peg, the ladies begin their task with vigor. Each
   scheduled for Sat., May 20 at
                                           newsletter is put in exact order in post office trays according to zip code and in compliance
   Souther’s Marsh in Plymouth.
                                           with postal requirements. With the large number of newsletters we mail out, this sometimes
   Players and volunteers are needed.
                                           takes a couple of days. But the ladies persevere until they are all finished and YOUR newslet-
   Only 100 golfers can be                 ter is delivered to the post office in Carver.
   accommodated, so sign up early!!
                                                Quite a journey your newsletter took! And thanks to many dedicated people like those
   Call Joan Hoye at 508 946-1354.
                                           mentioned above, you are now holding it in your hands!
   Come out and see what HFHGP is
   all about. Look for us at the                Now, you might think that’s it…. everyone can relax. Not exactly. With the deadline for
                                           the next newsletter only about six weeks away, the PR Committee again has visions of articles
   Waterfront Festival in Plymouth
                                           dancing in their heads and Peg and her volunteers are planning their vacations around the next
   Harbor and other local events this
                                           issue. It may be cliché, but we couldn’t do it without them!

   Special Projects:
   Rev. Dick Coleman, Chair of
   Special Projects, reports that
   volunteers doing the re-hab of the
                                                                          Cars for Homes
   Farley home in Middleboro are                                               Maybe you don’t have land to donate, are unable to swing a
   now working on the interior. Still                                      hammer or don’t have time to volunteer on a committee. But,
   needed is help from a plumber and                                       here is a way you can help!
   a heating contractor. This                                                  HFHGP is now participating in Habitat International’s
   committee is also working on            Cars For Homes program. We will use the money from the sale of donated vehicles to
   building another handicapped            generate income to help us build homes for low-income families in our area.
   ramp in Carver. Completion of               Donated cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles are sold and the funds
   this ramp will mark the 26th            raised help build simple, decent homes in partnership with low-income families. Donors
   project finished by this committee      receive an acknowledgment letter for their vehicle donation they may use for tax purposes if
   since 1996. Well done, guys!!!          they itemize deductions. Vehicle, title and contact information is collected, and upon accep-
                                           tance of the vehicle, arrangements are made for the vehicle, keys and title to be picked up.
                                               “The Cars for HomesTM program provides a great opportunity to donate a vehicle as an
   Site Selection:
                                           additional way to help families in our communities who are living in substandard conditions
   Eleanor Hanford, Chair, Bob Beane,
                                           and simply need a hand up, not a hand out,” said Barry Kurland, general manager of Habitat
   Past Chair, report that the Site        for Humanity’s Cars for HomesTM program.
   Selection Committee is currently
                                               If you have a used car, truck, boat or other vehicle that you’d consider donating to us,
   working on the possibility of more
                                           please please go to the website Just by providing your zip
   land in Kingston and Plymouth. An
                                           code, they know you are donating to benefit HFH of Greater Plymouth”.
   energy efficient home in partnership
                                               The money raised from the sale of two vehicles recently donated has enabled us to
   with UMass Dartmouth is being
                                           purchase needed materials for the home we are building in Kingston.
   planned for the Plymouth site.
                                               Please consider participating in this program. You will be helping provide a hand up for
                                           those in need….. right here in your own community!
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Volunteering …. what it really means                                                                                                                                                  By Diane Phinney

          ur liability regulations state                                                                           imagine how much the workers
          that you have to be 18 years                                                                             appreciate it. It is just so great to be part

                                                                                                              Photo by Cindy Dow. Used with permission from the Middleboro Gazette.
          old to use power tools and 16                                                                            of something so wonderful for the
to be on build sites. Given this, one                                                                              community.”
might wonder exactly how younger
                                                                                                                        In order to raise the money to
people might be able to help Habitat in
                                                                                                                   purchase the groceries, the three girls
our effort to build homes for families
                                                                                                                   held meetings to tell their classmates
in need. Three students from Freetown
                                                                                                                   about their project and many wanted
Lakeville Middle School recently came
                                                                                                                   to help. “ Our classmates have been all
up with a great solution and learned
                                                                                                                   for it,” said Ms. Donnelly. “Kids have
some valuable lessons in the process.
                                                                                                                   come up to us and put that extra few
     While helping at the Lakeville                                                                                cents into our fund. It may not seem
Library Bake Sale last October and on                                                                              like a lot but at one meeting, we made
the look out for a way to fulfill their                                                                            about $20 in pocket change!”
community service requirement for the
                                              Freetown Lakeville Middle School eighth grade students Kelsey            All in all, the girls raised the
National Junior Honor Society, Kelsey
                                              Donnelly, Kelsey Hopkins and Mariah Nolan prepare hot lunches        money, made up the menus, did the
Donnelly, Kelsey Hopkins and Mariah
                                              for volunteers at the Middleboro construction site.                  grocery shopping, prepared the food
Nolan spotted the Habitat booth
                                                                                                                   and delivered 5 meals to the workers
which was also there being manned by                 said, “I have to admit that some Saturday
                                                                                                            in Middleboro. Not only has this been a
volunteers. They thought that they were too          mornings it was hard to roll out of bed and
                                                                                                            lesson in how much time, effort and money
young to build houses but decided to ask if          make the food but then when you think about
                                                                                                            go into preparing a meal, they have learned
there was anything else they could do to help. the workers who have been out in the
                                                                                                            the true meaning of volunteering…. how
When they learned that there was a rehab             cold….there’s that little push you need to get
                                                                                                            wonderful it feels to help others.
project at the home of a Veteran with                up and help. It is so worth it. You can’t
disabilities going on right in Middleboro and
that the workers volunteering at it were in
need of meals, they were thrilled. “Making
lunches was something that we knew eighth
                                                      Spotlight: Dottie Kelley
                                                     Continued from page 1
graders could do!” said Kelsey Hopkins.
     So, they went right to work. “On                worked for at least one year in one of the member towns of Plymouth, Carver, Kingston,
Wednesdays, someone would email us                   Plympton, Middleboro, or Lakeville.
telling us how many people were going to be               The Family Selection Committee screens coded applications, visits homes, uses a point
working that Saturday. Then on Friday or             system to narrow the list, revisits and does credit checks on the final four or five applicants. The
Saturday morning we would make the                   top two, still coded, are presented in detail to the Board of Directors for a vote.
food,” explained Kelsey Donnelly. “It was                 For more than two years, Dottie has also been on the Affordable Housing Committee
so fun to work with my friends and to help a for the Town of Plymouth, so she knows how little affordable housing is available. She also
good cause,” added Mariah. “I loved                  knows how tough it is to move because finding a month’s rent in advance, plus a security
working with everyone there! They were very          deposit is impossible for many low-income families. Thus she works very hard on the Gala,
nice. I would definitely do something like           a huge fundraising event for this affiliate.
that again. It was such a good experience and
                                                          This year, the Gala on March 25 will be held at the restored Loring Building in Plymouth.
I can’t thank Habitat enough for giving us
                                                     Once again, local restaurants will serve a fascinating variety of foods and a piano player will
this opportunity,” she continued.
                                                     entertain. Those willing to volunteer either prior to or the evening of the Gala who wish to
     Even after the girls had finished working       donate funds, auction items, or items for baskets for the silent auction, may download a form
the hours required for their community               from the website.
service, they continued to help out. As
                                                          Retired from the Irish gift shop which she and her husband owned at the Independence
Kelsey Hopkins explained, “Once our hours
                                                     Mall, Dottie does find time for hobbies. She’s been creating quilts for about fifteen years, one of
were done, we kept making lunches because
                                                     her favorites being a double wedding ring design with more than 1200 pieces. She spent about
we liked it! I loved helping. It was an
                                                     two years creating it for her daughter as a wedding gift. Recently her son who lives in Montana
amazing experience. Just being around caring
                                                     was just married so she is now hard at work on another.
people was incredible. I loved the people.
They were so friendly and kind. I loved the               To relax, Dottie gardens. In addition, she and her husband Danny, to whom she has been
atmosphere of everyone working together to           married for 37 years, together enjoy caring for two of their four grandchildren several days a week.
help families. The feeling of being able to help          An important aspect of working with Habitat is the friendships she has made. “I enjoy the
people is incredible. Making lunches might not       people I’ve met,” she says. “Everyone is very friendly. I’d known about Habitat and always
seem like much, but the volunteers were very         thought it would be interesting to work with the organization. I just didn’t know how involved
appreciative.” Kelsey Donnelly concurred. She        I’d get!” she says with a laugh.
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A Gift That Keeps On Giving                                                                                          By Diane Phinney

                                                                                     and water to the
                                                                                                          myself on returning calls right away, always
                                                                                     people who live
                                                                                                          following through and I truly care about each
                                                                                     at the town
                                                                                                          of my customers. The process of buying and
                                                                                     dump. As she
                                                                                                          selling Real Estate is the same for each Realtor
                                                                                     stood there deep
                                                                                                          but what separates us is the uniqueness of the
                                                                                     in the jungle, in
                                                                                                          individual. What sets everyone in this world
                                                                                     100 degree heat,
                                                                                                          apart is what we give, not what we have.”
                                                                                     watching this
                                                                                     transpire, she was        If you visit,
                                                                                     filled with          Debbie’s website, you will find a link to
                                                                                     emotions. She        HFHGP and the picture that inspired her to
                                                                                     felt compassion      a personal decision to make a gift that keeps
                                                                                     for the people,      on giving.
                                                                                     guilt for having          Also on her desk in her office is a quote
                                                                                     so much herself      from Missionary, Jim Elliot. It reads, “ He is
                                                                                     and wonder at        no fool who gives what he cannot keep to
                                                                                     why God had          gain what he cannot lose.” YOU and your
                                                                                     brought her          husband are gifts, Debbie, and your compas-
                                                                                     there. “God uses     sion, commitment and generosity is felt by
                                                                                     things in our        all those whose lives you touch.
                                                                                     lives to bring us
                                                                                                          Homes Under
            diaper-less little boy, probably         to what He wants us to do,” she explained.
            about 2 years of age, clothed in a       After returning home, she related that, “I woke
            shirt that’s way too big, sitting on a   up at 2 AM one morning not able to sleep,            Construction Break
                                                     feeling so blessed yet full of a burden for those
garbage dump, eating donated food ….. this
is the picture that is above her desk, that is       people without. Every day I sell homes to            the 100 Mark
on her website and that inspired her to make         people. A home is an integral part of who we              As affiliates along the Gulf Coast and in
a decision that has changed the lives of many,       are but there are many people who have no            the affected areas have worked to get back up
including her own.                                   roof over their heads,” she said. She wanted to      to speed and as more and more construction
     Debbie Glass, owner for 10 years of             help but couldn’t figure out how. Then she           plans have been finalized, home construction
Century 21 Classic Gold Realty in Carver,            read “The Treasure Principle” by Randy               has steadily increased. As of February 1, 2006,
personally tithes 10% of her income to               Alcorn. This book is about tithing as a way to       there are 106 houses under construction in all
charities each year! In addition, her husband        give back. Now she had her answer as to what         four hurricane-affected states!
David, a computer expert for Perot Systems,          to do. After talking with David about it, they
                                                                                                               To have more than 100 homes under
joins in this effort by tithing 10% of his           decided together to make this personal
                                                                                                          construction is certainly a milestone to
salary to their church! Habitat For Humanity         commitment. “At first it was hard to give 10%
                                                                                                          celebrate. The Operation Home Delivery
of Greater Plymouth is grateful to be one of         of your salary away. But once I started, I
                                                                                                          (OHD) management office congratulates all
four Christian organizations Debbie has              wished I had done it sooner. I felt ashamed. If
                                                                                                          of the affiliates for their hard work and
chosen as recipients. After each sale, her           I had done it when I couldn’t have afforded it,
                                                                                                          appreciates the help and support of our entire
buyers and sellers are given the option of           it would have meant more. It would have
                                                                                                          affiliate family, corporate partners, donors and
choosing which of the four charities they            been more of a sacrifice,” Debbie said with
                                                                                                          volunteers who have helped make this
would like the money to go to. Because of            tears in her eyes.
                                                                                                          possible. It is a true testament to our resilience
Debbie’s generosity, this affiliate has received          As Treasurer of the Mission Committee           as an organization and to the dedicated people
nearly $8,500 since 2004.                            of Mayflower Congregational Church in                who make this their life’s work.
     Why do they do this? You see, Debbie and        Kingston for the past 17 years, she has always
                                                     had “a heart” for different ministries. She
David were among those individuals feeding
that child, other young children, women and          chose Habitat as one of her charities because,          Habitat Current Needs
old men in Mexico that day. Owners of a              “I liked being able to help in my own backyard
                                                     and it was a good opportunity to start                  SKILLED PROFESSIONALS NEEDED:
timeshare, the Glasses do quite a bit of
                                                     someone out in that fairy tale of owning their          Plasterer        Finished Carpenters
traveling. While on a trip to Mexico they
happened across a woman reading a Bible,             first home,” she explained.                             Plumbers         Heating Contractor
struck up a conversation and were invited to              When asked about her professional life,
                                                     Debbie said, “The most important thing a                MATERIAL DONATIONS NEEDED:
her church. There they met and subsequently
joined a group that regularly feed rice, bread       Realtor can bring to the table is herself. I pride      Sheetrock        Finish lumber
                                                                                                             Plumbing materials

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         T                                                                                                        HO
     GES                                                                                                             LE
                                                                                                                  ON IN
  LON RIVE                                                                                                          E!

                      Habitat for Humanity

                                      of Greater Plymouth, Inc.
                                                       9th Annual

                         Golf Tournament
                              Saturday, May 20, 2006
                                     Shotgun start at 7:30 AM
                                                  Scramble format

                          Southers Marsh Golf Club
                     Federal Furnace Road, Plymouth, MA
                                   Greens Fees $100 Each
                              Preferred golfers discount $90 if registered by May 8th.

                                          cart, lunch, and prizes!


                       of building simple decent housing in partnership with families in need.
                                                                                                                       ON EEN
    ES N


                                              REGISTRATION FORM

    NAME                                                    TELEPHONE                         COMPANY NAME

    YOUR ADDRESS                                            CITY                              STATE          ZIPCODE


                                                                          NUMBER OF GOLFERS

                                                                   LUNCH GUESTS ONLY, $15 EA.
                                                                               TOTAL ENCLOSED
                                                                                                                   y    ou!

                         Please make checks payable to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth.
                                           Send payment and registration to:
                   Habitat for Humanity, C/O Joan Hoye, 100 South Main St., Middleboro, MA 02346
                              For more information or additional forms please call 508-946-1354

                                                                                           PAGE 7
                                                                                                                                               U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                               PERMIT NO. 14

                    38 North Main Street
                    P.O.. Box 346
                    Carver, MA 02330

     Watch for Upcoming News
       of your chance to hear
        motivational speaker
    Norm Bossio and help Habitat
          at the same time
       on Friday, June 16th.

                                                        Address Service Requested

         1-508-866-4188     ~    Building Homes in the Heart of Cranberry Country                    ~
                   Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plymouth, Inc. is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International

          Many Thanks to our Donors & Volunteers
     Individuals                           Emily Messier                   Maritza Campos                         Lakeville Friendly Seniors
     Jr. Youth Group Vineyard Christian    Karen Kelley                    Ismael Campos                          L. Knife and Son, Inc.
        Fellowship Church, Kingston        Randy Hays                      Debbie Glass                           South Carver Lion’s Club
     The Inn at Silver Lake, Kingston      Charles Pina                    Joe Casna                              Sparkle Clean
     Brownie Troop #641, Whitman           Jerry Antoine                   Stonehill College                      Powderhorn Press
     Girl Scout Troop 10, Kingston         William O’Neil                                                         Brook Contractors Supply Co.
     Mary Dever                            Bill O’Dell                     Bridgewater State College
                                                                                                                  Storage King
     Marilda Machado                       Christian Petrangelo            Diane Bell, Coordinator
                                                                                                                  Uncle Bob’s Storage
     Julie Moore                           Caron Ried
                                                                           Volunteers Wellesley College           Victory Supermarkets
     Patti Mullee                          Aline Rodrigues
                                                                           Hannah Kang, Coordinator               Ocean Spray
     Eunie McCarron                        Eric Resodo
                                                                           Naomi Kim                              Stop & Shop Supermarkets
     Melissa Hass                          Roxane Sousa
                                                                           Grace Cho                              Shaw’s Supermarkets
     Brendan Hass                          Joe Schliff
     Kelsey Donnelly                       Meredith Shaw                   Seong Eun Kim
                                                                                                                  Grants and Trusts
     Kelsey Hopkins                        Ryan Sheridan                   Kimmy Puccetti
                                                                                                                  Bay State Federal Savings
     Mariah Nolan                          Eileen Sullivan                 Megan Briggs
                                                                                                                  E. Joseph Evans Trust
     David Drain                           Michael Tubin                   Evelyn Ooi
                                                                                                                  Land America Trust
     Jessica Fitzgerald                    Melissa Schortmann -Quinn       Jae-Yonng Paek
                                                                                                                  Verizon Foundation
     Kevin Hemphill                        Brittany Walsh                  Terry Kim
                                                                                                                  Walmart Foundation
     Britany Gale                          Priscilla Jesse                 Joe Azevedo
     Jordan Gibson                         Karl Lekburg and Ginny Davis                                           Congregations
                                                                           Umass - Dartmouth College
     Catherine Giusti                      Rev. Anthony Medairos                                                  Central United Methodist Church
                                                                           Jon Hayward
     Preston Joyce                         Ellen and Ellwood Nix                                                  Chiltonville Congregational Church
                                                                           Elisabeth Lariviere
     Barbara Keefe                         Mary Alice Post                                                        Cranberry Council of Churches
     John Licoski                          B.R. Sawdye                     Businesses / Organizations             First Baptist Church of Middleboro
     Laurie Killeen                        Diane Skoog                     Buyer’s Edge Realty                    First Parish of Plymouth
     Daniel Karpowicz                      Shauna Stone                    Catania Hospitality Group              Saint Andrew’s TPEC
     Sean Lamb                             Pat and Jerry Swimm             Caton Connector Corp.                  Saint Francis of Assisi Parish
     Brittany Martin                       Vincent Walsh                   Dave’s Auto Body                       St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church
     Ashley Moran                          Pam Slot                        Eastern Bank                           St. Joseph’s Church of Kingston
     Debra Moran                           Samuel Bickel                   Entergy Services, Inc.                 Sacred Heart Church of Middleboro
     Karen O’leary                         Marty Crowe                     Fidelity Investments                   Second Church of Plymouth
     Nick Bessey                           Joseph Cummings                 People in Business Care                United Methodist Church of Plymouth
     Jim Simpson,                          Ann Dienhart                    Snow and Jones                         United Parish of Carver
     Chris Meta                                                            Pine Hills, LLC                        St. David’s Church, Halifax
     Paul Leary                                                                                                   Church of the Pilgrimage, Plymouth
                                                                           South Shore Community Action Council

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