Journal Entry 1 Law by buddasak


									Journal Entry 1 Chapter 1 was enlightening and very interesting to me. I learned about the historical development of the US Constitution while in high school, but definitely needed this refresher course. This chapter allowed me to gain a better understanding of the history of the Constitution and other vital components of law such as statutes, school board policies and the US system of courts. As an educator and future administrator, understanding the law is vital in being a successful leader in the classroom or school. I learned many new concepts that I wasn’t aware of before such as the importance of statutes regarding the development or changing of old laws and the Federal Circuits Courts of Appeal. I found this chapter to be very informative and beneficial to my understanding of the legal framework that affects Public Schools. Based on my experience as an educator, I can apply content from this reading to my classroom and teaching by being knowledgeable of the legal framework that affects schools. I can also teach my students about the importance of understanding our country’s laws and becoming respectful citizens of the United States. This chapter also provided a great description of the history of the United States Constitution and the branches of government that are the backbones of our legal system. I could use this information as a resource to teach my students about the constitution and the branches of government. This week’s reading provided insight into this week’s topic by presenting key factors in the reading to enhance understanding of each topic discussed in the chapter. The reading expressed the importance of an administrator’s knowledge of the legal system. Knowledge gives an administrator the courage to face issues and complaints that have become common in today’s schools. The reading also provided a list of Supreme Court cases that have shaped the education system into what it is today. I think this was an essential part of the lesson that peaked my interest. I am glad I know what happened

legally to change the education system and the people who made it happen. The reading also allowed me to become familiar with VAKTIDS documentation process. It is crucial to document as many incidents as you can to be ready for any issues that may occur in the future. Class discussion influenced my thinking on this topic by the diversity in answers and similarities. By reading my colleagues documentation incident reports, I realized there were several ways to complete the VAKTIDS documentation report. By reading my classmates responses to the incident report, I realized that as teachers we have similar issues we deal with everyday and how we must take the time to document incidents due to possible future concerns. I realized there are several ways to respond to a situation and how important it is to tell your supervisor about the complaint and be knowledgeable of the legal system that affects public education.

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