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					         Plate-forme de Biophysique des Macromolécules et de leurs Interactions
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                                         Project Submission

Date :
Laboratory name (ou de l'organisme) :
Project leader :
Contact :
Phone :                                              e-mail :
Other implicated entities (within Institut Pasteur and other) :

1- Context and objectives :

2- Project status (obtained results, publications, …) :

3- Asked questions :

4- Availability of samples (quantity, purity, …) :

5- Technologies required :
          Circular dichroism                            Surface plasmon resonance
          Dynamic light scattering                      Fluorescence spectroscopy steady state

          Static light scattering and viscometry        Fluorescence spectroscopy
          Microcalorimetry DSC                          Infra-red spectroscopy
          Microcalorimetry ITC                          Analytical ultracentrifugation
          ne sait pas

6- Modes of access to the PFBMI PFBMI:
           Instrument allocation after user training. Name of the trained people being
            autonomous or whishing to acquire autonomy :

           Service provision (routine experiments performed in standard conditions)

           Scientific collaboration. Name of the wished contact within the PFBMI :