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					                  DRAFT Fulbright Grants Application Timetable for 2011-2012 Competition (Yale College Seniors only)
                       *Watch for updated information after the official Fulbright website is updated on about May 1, 2011.*
Feb – May ‘11:      Attend information session(s) at OFP or in residential colleges to learn more about the Fulbright program and the
                    Yale application process (calendar at www.yale.edu/ofp ). Attendance at an info session is required before booking
                    a one-on-one appointment with an adviser; see
                    http://www.yale.edu/yalecollege/academics/fellowships/appointment/index.html .
                    Explore the Fulbright website, noting the country summaries for specific requirements
                    (http://us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html ), and also the Yale application information on the OFP website
                    (http://www.yale.edu/yalecollege/academics/fellowships/competitions/list/fulbright/index.html ). New Fulbright
                    details are usually posted after May 1 by the Institute of International Education (IIE); new Yale details and forms
                    usually appear shortly thereafter: watch our website for updates.
                    Research affiliations abroad, including NGOs, research institutes/other appropriate organizations, possible
                    advisers, universities and courses of study/degree programs (if applicable). Consult with Yale faculty about suitable
                    organizations/programs and make initial contacts abroad.
                    Meet with the three referees you have selected (OFP will be glad to advise on strategy for this); acquire summer
                    contact information for those who will write letters on your behalf. If applicable, contact a Yale language instructor
                    to complete your Foreign Language Report (Form 8 of the online application). *Make sure to register your
                    recommenders and language evaluator in the official application system early enough to give them plenty of time to
                    complete their parts of your application by the campus application deadline on September 7 . Begin work on a
                    personal statement and a study proposal. (See OFP’s calendar for essay workshops: www.yale.edu/ofp .)
June – August:      Consult faculty and OFP staff (off campus? OFP does appointments via Skype and telephone). Send a draft of your
                    personal statement and study proposal to referees. Register your referees and language evaluator in the official
                    online Fulbright application system so that they will receive instructions for the submission of their
Aug. 17, 2011       Draft deadline: deadline by which to submit drafts of essays to OFP for feedback before the campus application
                    deadline. Email drafts to ofp.applications@yale.edu and book an appointment to discuss them (the appointment
                    may be after Aug. 17 , as long as your drafts are in by this deadline).
Aug. 31, 2011       Campus registration: register by this date in both the official Fulbright application system and (after July 1) the Yale
                    Student Grants Database (http://studentgrants.yale.edu/ ). Do not leave registration too late: if nothing else, give
                    your recommenders and language evaluator plenty of time to complete their parts of your official application!
Wed., Sept. 7, 2011: CAMPUS DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS (11:59 a.m.) By this deadline, the following must be received
                   by the Yale College Fulbright Grants Committee via the Yale Student Grants Database: a copy of the Yale application
                   form, a pdf of the official online application form, personal statement, study proposal, and any transcripts from
                   schools other than Yale. In addition: *Please request that your Foreign Language Report (if applicable) and three
                   confidential letters of support from faculty are uploaded into the official online Fulbright application system by this
                   date. And click to submit your official online application to OFP. Transcripts: Request official transcripts from
                   institutions other than Yale, and order your official Yale College transcript at OFP.
Mid-September:      Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship Grant applicants are informed by e-mail of date and time of their
                   interview with the Yale Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Committee.
Mid-Sept.-early Oct.: Fulbright Full Grant applicants are informed by e-mail of the name of their campus faculty interviewers. Full
                   Grant applicants are responsible for contacting their assigned faculty interviewers and scheduling a date and time
                   for their own interview in timely fashion.
                   The Yale College Fulbright Grants Committee meets twice to evaluate applications.
Mon., Oct. 17, 2011: NATIONAL DEADLINE for receipt of applications: the Yale Committee forwards campus evaluations, applications,
                   and all supporting materials to the Institute of International Education (IIE) in electronic form.
Oct. - Nov.:        Candidates apply directly for admission to universities abroad (if applicable).
Jan. 31, 2012:      Preliminary screening results announced. IIE informs candidates via email if they have been recommended for
                    further consideration in the final stage of competition.
Mar. - June, 2012: Winners are notified. Notification deadlines vary greatly by country…

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