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					Jim Wendler's 5/3/1
2.5 Current Max Reps (<12) 60 1 180 1 100 1 140 1

Smallest Weight Increment: Mil. Press Deadlift Bench Press Squat

1RM 65 185 108 150

Day One Mil. Press

Week 1 Warmup 5x37.5 5x45 >5x50 Warmup 5x107.5 5x125 >5x142.5 Warmup 5x62.5 5x72.5 >5x82.5 Warmup 5x87.5 5x102.5 >5x115

Week 2 Warmup 3x40 3x47.5 >3x52.5 Warmup 3x117.5 3x132.5 >3x150 Warmup 3x67.5 3x77.5 >3x87.5 Warmup 3x95 3x107.5 >3x122.5

Week 3 Warmup 5x45 3x50 >1x55 Warmup 5x125 3x142.5 >1x157.5 Warmup 5x72.5 3x82.5 >1x92.5 Warmup 5x102.5 3x115 >1x127.5

Week 4 Warmup 5x22.5 5x30 5x35 Warmup 5x67.5 5x82.5 5x100 Warmup 5x37.5 5x47.5 5x57.5 Warmup 5x55 5x67.5 5x80

Day Two Deadlift

Day Three Bench Press

Day Four Squat

er's 5/3/1

5RM 58 165 95 133

5/3/1 Max 59 167 97 135

Assistance exercises:

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Description: 5/3/1 routine. Simple easy to follow routine. Enter your max lifts (military, bench, squat, deadlift) and the monthly program will be generated.