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					                                        Hong Kong Baptist University
                             International Exchange Partner Information Updates

Name of Institution                 Baylor University

Website of Institution    

Student Exchange Information:

Beginning and end of Semesters      Semester 1                        Semester 2
(including examination dates)       Starts: August 20, 2007           Starts: January 7, 2008
                                    Ends: December 12, 2007           Ends: May 14, 2008
                                    Semester 3 (if applicable)        Semester 4 (if applicable)
                                    Starts:                           Starts:
                                    Ends:                             Ends:
Application deadlines               No official deadline, however students should submit info. no later than
                                    June 1 for semester 1 entry
Application procedures

Availability of application         All procedures and forms are located online;
forms (e.g. website)      
Supporting documents required       Students must submit the following documents with their application;
for application                     Official transcript, Health Form, Visa Authorization Form,
                                    Confirmation of Financial Resources
Visa requirements                   All students must obtain an F-1 visa at the U.S. embassy in their home

Expected arrival dates for          Semester 1: Aug. 15, 2007          Semester 2: Jan. 3, 2008
exchange students                   Semester 3 (if applicable):        Semester 4 (if applicable):
Orientation dates                   Semester 1: Aug. 17, 2007           Semester 2: Jan. 4, 2008
                                    Semester 3 (if applicable):         Semester 4 (if applicable):
Are there any courses                Yes / □ No
conducted in English?               (If yes, please kindly provide course list.)

Courses available to exchange       All undergraduate courses are available to exchange students. A
students (please kindly provide     complete list of courses can be found online;
course list)              

Restricted courses (not open to     Courses at the Law School, Nursing School, and many graduate-level
exchange students)                  courses

Minimum and maximum                 Minimum number of credits: 12 (4 courses)
number of units/credits that a      Maximum number of credits: 18 (6 courses)
full-time exchange student can
study each semester
Compulsory language                 TOEFL score is not required for exchange students
requirements for exchange
students                            (All degree seeking international students are required to meet the
(e.g. TOEFL score required)         following requirements; an official TOEFL score of 540 on the paper-
                                    based test, a 207 on the computer-based test, or a 76 on the internet-
                                    based TOEFL (iBT))

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When will student receive the      3-4 weeks after the application has been received
acceptance package?
When will transcript be            Students must request a transcript at the end of the semester from the
released?                          Academic Records Office on campus.

Health insurance requirements      All international students are required to either purchase the Baylor
                                   Health Insurance Policy or have a comparable foreign policy. For more
                                   information, please email Ruth Tucker at


Do you provide on-campus           Yes (If yes, what kind of housing is available to exchange students?)
                                   On campus residences, dorms or apartments
                                   □ No (If no, what are the options of off-campus housing?)

Application procedure for          Students may apply online by downloading the following forms;

Housing application deadline       All forms must be received by July 1st for semester 1 entry

Fees and Others:

Do students need to pay any        No
other fees? (e.g. administration
fee to your office)
Monthly costs                      (1) Housing: $1,759 - $3,000
                                   (2) Meals: $400
                                   (3) Transportation: $55 shuttle to Dallas airport (one-way)
                                   (4) Textbook/course materials: $250 - $400
                                   (5) Insurance: $588 per semester
                                   (6) Others:
Is arrival pick-up service         Arrival assistance is provided to students arriving in Waco (via the
provided to exchange students?     Waco airport or shuttle from the Dallas airport). Students are requested
If yes, how do they apply?         to submit an arrival form online;

Additional Information:

   Thank you so much for your input! Please return this information sheet to us by 31 August 2006.

                            International Office, Hong Kong Baptist University
                             Fax: (852) 3411 5568 Email:

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