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					                                                 Name ______________________________ Block _____
Cell Analogy Exercise

Example - The nucleus is analogous to our school’s office, because it controls or
coordinates the rest of the school’s function.

My cell analogy is based on ______Star Trek (more specifically the Enterprise)____.

Nucleus - The nucleus of the cell controls the cell and gives out orders, much like the

Captain of the Enterprise.

Nucleolus – The nucleolus is an area of dense chromatin in the Nucleus, like the

Captain of the ship who is usually pretty stupid, but nonetheless the center of the ship

and the bridge.

Chromatin – Chromatin is protein and fibers and stuff throughout the cell, I said this is

like the crew of the ship.

Nuclear membrane – The nuclear membrane surrounds and houses the Nucleus, like the

saucer section of the ship.

Nuclear pore – The nuclear pore allows RNA and Ribosomes to exit the Nucleus, like

the door to the bridge.

Cytoplasm – The cytoplasm is where all the organelles are and fills most of the cell, this

is like the inside of the enterprise other than the organelles that I mention.

Central vacuole/Vacuole – The vacuoles of a cell are where raw materials are stored,

like the cargo bay on the Enterprise.

Ribosomes – Ribosomes produce proteins. Some are attatched to the Endoplasmic

Reticulum and others are scattered throughout the Cytoplasm. These are like the
                                                  Name ______________________________ Block _____
replicators in Star Trek, because they’re all over the place and there’s always one

wherever you need it.

Proteins – The proteins are the product of the cell and are also used throughout the cell.

They are produced by the ribosomes. Therefore whatever the replicators produce

(which can be just about anything) is considered the protein. (this analogy kind of


Endoplasmic reticulum – The endoplasmic Reticulum is where work goes on in the cell

and membranes are made. This is also similar to the ribosomes (or replicators

throughout the ship.)

Golgi apparatus – Moves things throughout the cell, like the transporter on the ship.

Vessel – don’t really remember what these are.

Lysosomes – Lysosomes digest waste and clean up the cell. This is never explained on

Star Trek, and things seem to be miraculously cleaned up without any problems. I’m

going to assume they have some futuristic system, perhaps some sort of robot custodian.

Mitochondria – The Mitochondria gives off energy like the warp core in the enterprise.

Chloroplast – The chloroplast is in plant cells and uses sunlight to produce energy. This

does not relate to Star Trek at all. Sorry.

Plasma membrane – This protects the cell like the force field.

Cell wall – The cell wall is the outside layer of the cell, like the hull of the ship.

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