Soaring to new heights with iPods_ ESL iPod Initiative by liuhongmei


									Soaring to new heights with iPods!
        ESL iPod Initiative
Program Goals
 Accelerate the English  acquisition of 
  immigrant students
 Improve student’s academic language of 
 math, science,  social studies, and
 language arts
 Improve communication between school 
 and home
 iPod Research Studies
“Although iPod use with ELLs is a fairly new teaching tool, some
research is now available supporting the idea that iPods can
improve English vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.
Craig and Paraiso (2007) conducted four action research studies
that focused on ELLs' iPod use to improve writing, reading, and
listening skills. These researchers studied two middle schools
and two elementary schools in rural and urban locations. Their
findings indicate that writing skills and vocabulary development
improved in three of their studies, and an additional study found
a significant increase in comprehension skills.”
Lacina, Jan "Learning English With iPods". Childhood Education. 02 Apr, 2009.
Students:               Teacher:
  3rd Generation iPod     iPod Classic (30GB)
  Nano (4GB)              Headphones
  Headphones              Laptop with iTunes
  iPod charger            Projector
  USB Cable               Computer with iTunes
                          & Quicktime
  Nano skin               USB Hub Port
                          iPod Recorders (5)
Planning Process

 Determine funding source
 Order equipment
 Determine campus and participant
 Create implementation plan
 Monitor and adjust
 Analyze data
Implementation Action Plan
Participation Selection
 Selection determined by:
   TELPAS scores
   Beginner or intermediate level in the ESL
   United States residency for three years or
iPod Content
 2-3 podcasts related to content area or enhancing
 language skills
 Differentiated lessons based on student level of
 learning updated daily
 Discovery Streaming videos related to core content
 areas (4 videos per week in each content area)
 Textbook Chapters
 Teacher-Made PowerPoint presentations
iPod Content Examples
 General English and sequencing purposes: 
   how to make origami figures
   language development content
 Core Content areas:
   Educational podcasts from NASA and Sea World for future 
   Discovery Streaming videos related to specific content
   PBS and NOVA podcasts to provide different perspectives 
   on career paths science, math and technology and their 
iPod Classroom Management

 Students required to pick up iPod at the
 end of each day
 Student required to drop off iPod in the
 Student signs iPod in/out using a log
 Parents are notified if iPod not dropped
 off or picked up
iPod Implementation Highlights
 Listening Average:
    Weekdays‐2.25 hours per day
    Weekends‐7.75 hours
 Diagnostic Results Average:
 No iPod has been lost, stolen, or broken!
Resources for Content

iTunes has many helpful podcasts as well.
Contact Information
            Laura Michelle Medone
                   ESL Teacher
               Kirby Middle School
                 (210) 661-1140

                 Patricia Gutierrez
        English Language Learners Specialist
           Educational Resource Center
                  (210) 945-5221

                Anita Hernandez
        Instructional Technology Specialist
          Educational Resource Center
                  (210) 945-5554

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